that kawaii bastard


I think we all have that one reeeeeaally unorthodox OTP. THIS IS MY TERRIBLE SECRET.

JK, I know there are worse things on the interwebs. And my headcanon for them is like…when they’re older. I can’t do the shipping little kids thing hahaha

Anyway, I love South Park with all my heart and soul, I’d go so far as to say it’s my favorite thing on television ever. How could I not find this a perfect rivalry to ship, I mean come on guys.

So yeah, enjoy genderbent Kyle KYLIE??? and Eric…a. Erica is good yeah. I basically recreated this cute ass scene

If you guys like this I may post more of my bastardized kawaii South Park art :3


Avril Lavigne’s racist “Hello Kitty” video has been pulled from YouTube

Every time the beat drops in Avril Lavigne’s new music video for “Hello Kitty,” she shouts “Kawaii!” like it’s a battle cry. A really racist battle cry.

On Tuesday, Lavigne released the video (since pulled from YouTube) for her new song “Hello Kitty.” The song is offensively bad. The video is offensively racist. In it, Lavigne — like Gwen Stefani before her — bastardizes Japanese Kawaii culture. And she, of course, has a troupe of unsmiling Japanese dancers behind her.

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