that kawaii bastard

can people like. not draw pennywise as “uwu cute!!!”
im not saying u have to make it look extremely disgusting, just dont make it look like a fucking anime boy with cutesy chibi eyes.


I think we all have that one reeeeeaally unorthodox OTP. THIS IS MY TERRIBLE SECRET.

JK, I know there are worse things on the interwebs. And my headcanon for them is like…when they’re older. I can’t do the shipping little kids thing hahaha

Anyway, I love South Park with all my heart and soul, I’d go so far as to say it’s my favorite thing on television ever. How could I not find this a perfect rivalry to ship, I mean come on guys.

So yeah, enjoy genderbent Kyle KYLIE??? and Eric…a. Erica is good yeah. I basically recreated this cute ass scene

If you guys like this I may post more of my bastardized kawaii South Park art :3