that just...guh


I walked out of [Jurassic Park] with what I thought was a full understanding of genetics. Basically, I knew that if I found my own chunk of amber with a mosquito in it, the likelihood is I could go up in my room and whip out a T-Rex. 

I just cannot get over both Kurt’s and Jane’s faces when he shows up in her tent… It’s just… GUH! There’s so much pain and longing and love in both of them. They look at each other at first like they cannot believe the other person is actually there, it’s like they’ve dreamed about this moment for long but they have given up hope that it will ever happen. For a moment they both just stand in their place unable to move, like they’re scared that if they do move the spell will break and the other person will disappear.

And then, almost at the same moment, they both let out a breath you know they have been holding the moment they parted, and god knows how long that has been. For the whole time they’ve been separated, they have not been able to breathe and now that they’re finally there, face to face, they finally can. 

And then Kurt just drops the bag on the floor and Jane is all but sprinting towards him. She collides into him and hugs him so tight, so so tight, she can’t get enough of this contact, and they both close their eyes and breathe each other in and it is like their hearts and breaking and becoming whole at the same time. And then he says that he cannot believe he has finally found her, and she knows that he has been looking for her since the moment she disappears, not that she ever had any doubts, but just hearing it from him, it makes her fall in love with him all over again in that fraction of a second. 

And she is blinking fast, holding back the tears, and he has this sad, heart broken smile because she’s there and she’s real and she’s alive and she’s safe and it is more than he could have ever wished for. And all that had happened over these past months don’t matter anymore because she’s finally back in his arms where she belongs. He can finally hold her again, feel her against him, and touch her. And all the other emotions he is feeling don’t exist in that moment. All he can feel is the love he has for her, the love that rages through him and that has kept him going all these months.

And there will be time later for everything else, but in this very moment there can only be their love and their longing. And it might not be all resolved with this one hug, there will be so much more to do to get back to where they once were, but they know they can work through it all because he just came back to bring her home and in that moment, all the things that have kept her away from home just seem to disappear all at once.

Because he is home.

Y'all at 11:59pm: “omg the asexuals are so cringey its a fandom, with the whole embarassing cake thing, "frick frack” and stealing all the dragons from precious straw-children yadda yadda yadda so guh-roosss just a fandom, not real I Am Very Smart[tm]“


Y'all at 12:10am: “fuck, MOGAI tumblr is just obnoxious aren’t they? Helloooo your sexuality is TMI! Reel it in, buddy! Ugh.”

Warriors of the Sassigumi: Hijikata Toshizo

Saito: Their commander must be exceptionally clever. We can’t guess at what his plan might be.
Harada: They’ve got us in a bad spot… What do you want to do, Hijikata?
Hijikata: Find their commander and see how clever he is with a sword in his gut.

Hijikata: You’re the commander? Too scared to face us like a man?
Katsura: Not too familiar with the concept of strategy, are you?
Hijikata: So being a dishonest snake is “strategy”?

Kodo: I come from demon blood. I will eradicate this human filth and create a new nation of demons!
Hijikata: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Hijikata: Found you, Kodo.
Kodo: Didn’t learn your lesson the first time? Ah, what a fool you are.
Hijikata: Yeah? Well, you ran away from this fool. What’s that say about you?
Kodo: Ran away?
Hijikata: Yeah, that’s what they call it when you leave a fight you’re losing.

Hijikata: Just give it up.
Kodo: Guh… Not bad… But not good enough to beat me!
Hijikata: Oh for the love of—

guh i just want to write fics and draw but i lost the will to can

starting third cold in a row =_= 

got fic ideas guys

the one where mama bittle and coach have a discussion about bitty being gay and try to get through their southern catholic conditioning and understand, and mama bittle crying because she’s JUST come to terms that her grandchildren might have black hair because she was sure bitty’s sweetheart was lardo

the one where a pic of jack and parse finds its way to the internet and jack gets outed and bitty is immediately flying from georgia - and also appalled at the idea that anyone could think that jack is STILL dating parson, bless his heart-

the one where jack kinda tells bitty he likes him, but before bitty realises his feelings himself, and jack refuses to do anything about it because he’d spend the relationship being anxious that he’s being unfair- and then cue a whole year of awkwardness, longing glances, we-shouldn’t-kiss, extremely long silences

the one where jack was outed during his OD so he’s already out and he starts a friends-with-benefits thing with bitty that lasts a year until one day bitty learns that jack is demi so that means he needs to have feelings? to feel attracted? and wait, what-

the one where there is magic and at some point bitty feels so much unrequited love that he falls under a sleeping beauty spell, falls asleep at home in georgia, his house covered in those spiky plants from the movie, and his parents knowing they need to kind his one true love to wake him up so they go interview his friends- and they end up trying to convince jack zimmermann that yes, maybe he could be the one to lift the spell- just grab that weed eater and come with us to wake our son.

the one where bitty is a coherent drunk because at some point you learn how to drink and not to make a complete fool of yourself, seriously i’m starting to think no fic writer ever got drunk on the regular here, you end up knowing yourself. and bitty, well, bitty has one rule: don’t tell jack zimmermann you’re in love with him. but try to make jack understand that you can’t TELL him the rule- no it doesn’t concern you- telling you the rule goes against the rule!

the a/b/o one where bitty starts showing symptoms at some point and john johnson is at the kitchen table trying to drink coffee in peace and is like “WHAT- a heat?!? We’re in an a/b/o fic? It’s way too fucking early for this- I’m leaving, not coming back this week, no you may NOT use my room, eric bittle, i still have half a year to go in there before you inherit it!”

the one where bitty hides in jack’s room to flee from ransom and holster because shenanigans, and jack is studying on his bed under the covers because cold, and he’s like, okay make yourself tiny and hide between me and the wall i’ll just stack pillows on you- and it works five minutes but then shitty walks in, looking for bits, and he stays to speak to jack and, well, it gets kinda hot under the covers if you catch my meaning and yes this one ends up in porn (shitty leaves at SOME POINT) 

i think those are pretty much the ones running in my head right now? i need to note them down, and i don’t even know if i’m gonna write them, but at least they’re somewhere. 

i’m gonna go sleep that cold away. night night.

Reasons Why Leo RULES OOTS:
  • That fiending grin as he snatches the pizza box from Mikey. Whaddya mean he’s got no playful side??
  • Chilling with his bros to watch a Nicks game. Leo, it’s all the times you are the leader that makes the times you’re not so beautiful <3
  • Actually, that whole from-the-top-of-empire-state city run, what was that about? Was that Leo’s idea? Why did they have to go to the top of the Chrysler in order to get to the stadium? Was this Leo’s way of sneaking in some training? Or did he just want to show off? I think he just wanted to show off. 
  • “We got the best seats in the house right here, anyone can sit down there” - Leo’s gonna do everything he can to convince his bros they got it sweet. You just know he’s been doing it since they were five: “But this Peaches N Cream Barbie has a missing arm!” “Hey Mikey, you’re the only kid in the world with a one-armed Peaches N Cream Barbie! Your Barbie is totally unique! Your Barbie is the special one!”
  • The brief look that passes his face when Raph talks about how they saved the city. Nice try, Leo, but you can’t hide everything.
  • Mr. Portrait of Sensible Responsibility is right there cheering his pea-shooting bros on, not to mention flapping his arms and chirping like a goon. We saw you, Leo. You’re too goddamn cute.
  • He makes the ‘F’ sound with his lips when Mikey drops the pizza. Don’t go judging your little bro, Fearless Leader, you were all set to drop a goddamn F-Bomb!
  • “We’re ninjas, we live in the shadows! Let’s go!” Yeah, you tried so hard to make that sound more fun than it is when you don’t have a choice, Leo. E for Effort.
  • Trying desperately to get control over Mikey. Leo, you’re so cute when your authority is being undermined. <3 <3
  • His smile when Splinter says “go get him!”
  • “Thanks Dad!”
    that! Stop! You’re killing us, Leo! You’re killing us with your adorable cuteness! We’re dying, on the floor, like dying flowers.
  • Leo the Sass Master #1: “which button, there are a million buttons!”
  • Barking orders in the truck like a Boss. *fans self*
  • The dirty he gives Raph when he leaps back into the truck. “Fuck you, and your showing off, and your disobeying me, and your recklessness and fuck you generally Raph because, fuck you.”
  • “Wuuuuhere’d he go?” I just really love the way he delivers that line.
  • His crushing, consuming guilt and shame that he ‘failed’ to prevent Shredder’s escape. And notice - he says “I” failed. NOT “we”. “I”. That’s so important to understand. Leo really sees this wholeheartedly as HIS failure. He did not lead the team effectively, because if he had, they would’ve stopped Shredder. It’s his fault. He was responsible and so he failed. He believes he failed his brothers and betrayed his sensei and father’s trust in appointing him in charge, and that this is unforgiveable. This is Lpo. This is what twists at the heart of him and explains so much about the decision he consequently makes. He will not fail again.
  • Just standing there. Arms folded. Like a tower of muscle and don’t-fuck-with-meness. Silent. But deadly. Do you feel it, Casey?
  • Leo the Sass Master #2: “are you done?”
  • “Sorry we’re late, April. Wanna walk me through what’s going on here?” He’s just so nonchalantly authoritative, and it gives me butterflies.
  • Leo the Sass Master #3: “ - grab Friday the 13th here - “ And the up and down he gives Casey, ooooohhhhhhhhhhh!  That should probably count as #4, right?
  • Trying to shut down his bro’s shennaningans, but in the end he can’t stop himself cracking a smile.  Leeeeooo! <3 <3
  • Polishing his sword. I mean, he’s just so attentive
  • How he walks away from Donnie so his bro can’t see the struggle he’s going through at Don’s revelation about the ooze. I mean, this is IT. This is THE thing. That’s gonna risk the unity of the family. He knows it. Yet - it’s also a fucking miracle. But he can’t show any feeling that might compromise his authority. He can’t show any weakness. He can’t show any indecision, or excitement, or wonder or conflict. He has to be strong, no matter how he feels inside.
  • The way he looks down after he breaks Donnie’s heart. Leo. You’re FUCKING KILLING ME.
  • He’s giving Don an order, but his eyes are begging him to obey.
  • Practicing. Guh. Just. GUH.
  • Goddamn that smug little grin that sidles up his face before he launches into his practical demonstration of the most important traits of the ninja. Oh, you’re a bad ass, Raph? Are you a bad ass WITH SWORDS?
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about” - holy shit, you can fucking hear he’s ashamed of himself. But he can’t back down. He can’t concede. He made a decision and he’s gotta stick by it. Otherwise he’s a weak leader as well as a failed one. 
  • “MINE”. Guuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. Why are you so sexy when you’re an ass, Leo?
  • Leo the Sass Master #5: “No. I don’t, Donnie.” squeeeeeeee!
  • The way Leo looks when he hears Mikey’s heartbreak at being called a monster. He wants to break some cops, BIG TIME. This is what he’s been trying to protect you from, Mikey, goddamn it, why wouldn’t you just listen to mama Leo!?!?!
  • “You’re a mess”. Fucking CALL IT, Leo. Raph did a fucking reckless thing and their best friend - and hogosha - is in jail.
  • His frustration and turmoil at Mikey’s pain is so immense all he can do is walk away. He couldn’t protect his little bro. *cries*
  • Leo covering his anguish for his brothers with bullheaded self-righteousness. Oh, Leo, you choose such a hard path for yourself. <3
  • Fearless Leader panicking mid-plummet: “I’m off! I’m off! I’M OFF-TARGET!!!!!” You goon, Leo!
  • Saving Raph. (*o*)
  • Actually fighting Bebop instead of just brawling like the others. Look, he’s got ninjitsu skills and he’s damn well going to use them! He doesn’t do all that practice so no one ever gets to see him okay! Sssspin-KICK!
  • Leo the Sass Master #6: “Thanks guys. Real team effort.” LEO, YOU FUCK.
  • “Fair enough”. He’s the only one none of the others defends. He waits. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. OH MY GOODDDDDD! And because he never lets it show just how much it fucking hurts to always be so fucking alone, he just hits them back. GODDAMN IT LEO YOU’RE BREAKING MY FUCKING HEART STOP IT.
  • Handing the decision over to his brothers and trusting them with it. SEE, you CAN learn new tricks, Leo. <3 <3
  • Handing out orders so fast and sure he blows the panties right off Chief Vincent. Whoooooosh, there they go!
  • If Leo ever looked at me like that, I’d be a puddle of goo. guh.
  • Checking in on Raph. “You got this?” That’s just fucking sweet.
  • Leo the Sass Master #7: “Let’s send this jacked-up disco ball back where it came from.”
  • Leo the Sass Master #8: “Hey Bubbalicious! Let’s see what you got.”
  • “Turtles BITE!” *zing* Yay, Leo got to use his swords!
  • “Hang on, little bro!” awwwwwwwwwwmmmyyyyyygooooddddddddddddd! <3
  • “Yeah. I knew that would work”. God bless you, Leo. After how hard you were on your bros, and you KNOW they all look up to you even if they try not to (lookinatchu Raph!), being all casual we’re-the-rockingest-team ever and giving them all a surprise boost of supreme self-confidence and pride, you’re making up for your assery and being a damn awesome leader and brother at the same time.  You really are the leader of our hearts. <3
  • HIS GODDAMN GOOFY SMILE AS HE STANDS THERE PLAYING WITH HIS KEY TO THE CITY!!! He can’t get over it! He can’t even stop touching that thing! He’s just turning it over in his hands and being all “holy shit I got a key to the city, hee hee hee!” He’s so proud and happy and Leo you’re just so pretty when you let your feelings show! <3
  • Fortunately, the still-pantyless Chief Vincent is there to exchange a meaningful look with him and save his dignity. 
  • “You ever need us - “ *suggestive eyes* 
  • Leo is the prettiest.
  • Leo is also the one who makes the hardest decisions for what he truly believes is for the good of the family, regardless of whether or not the others appreciate him for it. And yeah, he can be an ass. He can be a prideful, arrogant, stubborn jerk who can’t admit when he’s wrong. But he’s gonna protect his bros and keep them together no matter what, and if that makes him unpopular so be it. Because he loves them more than anything else in the whole damn world and if that means keeping his inner heart under lock and key, then he’ll do it, because that’s how much they’re worth to him.
  • And that just makes it all the sweeter when he comes around. LEO WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 

anonymous asked:

Oh my god i can relate about your worries over the acecourse. I'm writing a story made up of lgbt characters, tho one is aroace (and nb). I'm so terrified of the ace community twisting them into some 'uwu cake is good sex havers are inferior and gross uwu'.

gosh yeah. i’m also worried about people getting pissed for the inclusion of an ace/aro character at all. people can be so nasty over ace/aro headcanons that having an actual canon ace/aro character makes me just… guh.

I think you deserve the berry and so do lots of people,, I’m sorry I’m spamming you with trying to make you feel better and stuff- especially with all the drawings and …guh  I just,, really want you to feel better and if I have to spam you with motivational blueberries I will. I’m sorry I’m not really good with words or art but art’s all I can do right now.


thecloudyenby  asked:

As a ghost who was able to text and blog without a corp form, might I just point out that if your phone isn't magic compatible, then you might wanna try possessing something. You got gloves, your Papyrus prolly has toys. Even if you don't want to send an actual message, because that'd pretty much means tap dancing for you, you could just make a phone call. Even while unmanifested, folks can still hear you, as you mighta guessed. 0P0

“…Wow I’m an idiot. I mean, I guess I was panicking for a while, and I was invisible when I started out today, but ‘possessing’ my gloves is what I do every day and just… guh… ”

“I’ll be right back. Thanks for pointing that out. But next time I upgrade or replace my phone, I’m definitely putting up the extra G for a Blue Magic compatible touchscreen… ”