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Except for the first one - that I decided to post in a single canvas now -, here are some new sketches of Auror!Potter that I did - because I’m still inspired and when I’m inspired, I can’t stop. Dark and angst, just how I like him. This time, full body and sillhouettes too.

[More sketches]

[ behold my tacky gemsona from 2015: veszelyite ]

his official reference is here but.. don’t go looking at that. that art is old.

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  • Jasper: hey man you can die with us if you want ... i mean, just in case you thought you weren't welcome you totally are dude don't even worry - dying's a team sport
  • Bellamy: aw man i wish i could but i got a wife now and she thinks she's going to see me again so
  • Bellamy: *shrugs*
  • Bellamy: besides ... i already packed my chem tent and i need to show off my bangin' new backpack to clarkey
  • Bellamy: see you around sometime tho??? hell maybe???
  • Jasper: nah bitch i'm reincarnating as a weed plant lol u thought-

okay, not gonna get into analysis mode just yet (i need to collect myself) but jaha “seeing” wells when he looks at jasper is so fucking important to me. there is so much history in this single shot. not only that, but it literally brings back so many memories, because wells’s reflection is from the exact same scene in 2x02 where jaha hallucinated his son on the ark (before he gets down to earth with the missile) and wells told his father that he can choose to live.

so, the interplay between jaha’s decisions, the way bellamy reminds him of certain things (especially free will) and how they are connected to his son but also the boy who wants to stay in arkadia (jasper) and not follow him into that bunker are pretty damn significant for all characters involved.