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"Cas is in love with humanity" - but what it really means is "Cas is in love with Dean." --- One could say I am "in love with queer" but what it really means is "I am in love with my girlfriend." --- It just sounds like Cas's awkward family trying to find the most awkward way to explain that Cas is now part of the 'humanity+ community' without actually acknowledging his human boyfriend or his own 'human-ness.'

I’ll be honest I stumbled a bit with this ask. But I think I get it. the homophobic family trying to create a disconnect between the actual person, and the idea as a whole. Its like when people describe their queer family member as having a “lifestyle choice” rather than actually accepting them as a queer person who was born queer. 

This fits in with something I was discussing with @godshipsit not too long ago. We talked about how the way the angels treat Cas and his “love for humanity/Dean” is a giant metaphor for homophobia and the struggle that LGBTQ+ people have with coming out to their own homophobic families. 

Check out this post for a nice summary of this metaphor with some very obvious examples. 

This has been in place since the beginning of Cas’s story arc though, with his “considering disobedience” and referring to Anna for advice (Anna the angel who choose to fall, rejected her family for “human things” such as sex), being his decision to come out of the closet and break away from the controlling family he belonged to.

Other moments such as this great line: “You’re the famous spanner in the works. Honestly, I think you came off the line with a crack in your chassis. You have never done what you were told. Not completely.” can easily be seen as a homophobic person talking about how they always thought their queer family member was ‘different’. It has only become more prominent since Cas and the angels truly parted ways in season 10, with the angels forcing Cas to choose between them and Dean each time, threatening violence against him when he chose Dean, and going so far as to try to “cure” him. 

We have often mused about how exactly the other angels see Cas and Dean’s relationship. With it being pretty clear in the subtext that they feel there is a sexual relationship there (11x02 demonstrated this quite clearly as did 12x10). So progressing on from this thought to seeing the metaphor of a homophobic family trying to “cure” the queer relative is suddenly really obvious and it makes Cas’s entire relationship with his angelic siblings all the more sinister… especially now that he has gone back to heaven to face them in 12x15.

It is even clearer when you look at how the other angels treat Dean in the later seasons. They are always threatening him or using him as a means to manipulate Cas. It is never Sam that they threaten to kill, because the angels don’t see Sam as the same kind of threat as they see Dean. In their eyes, Dean is the human whose “touch corrupts” and who is responsibly for Castiel going down this path to disgrace. Naomi, Metatron, Ishim, they all went after Dean in order to “cure” Cas in their own way. Thinking that by getting Dean out of the picture, Cas would go back to the way he was before he “fell”. 

Basically, you barely have to scratch the surface to find this metaphor, but once you see it, its impossible to un-see. Cas is the queer man, trying to find happiness with his lover, but who is constantly threatened by his homophobic and powerful family, who will seemingly stop at nothing to get him back in the closet… going so far as to torture him, brainwash him (conversion therapy much?), kill his lover and even try genital mutilation. 

Its pretty fucking grim. But its right there in the subtext. 

Favorite writing advice
  • Read. Read. Read. (Literally every author/writer says this. And it’s true.)
  • Protect your writing time and space. Make it sacred.
  • Keep a notebook on hand (could be the sticky notes on your phone, which is where I keep all my notes for when I think of future ideas, quotes, characters, etc.)
  • Read it out loud to yourself. (This is actually true for ANY type of writing. It just helps you hear the “flow” and if anything sounds awkward)
  •  “The main rule of writing is that if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you’re allowed to do whatever you like. (That may be a rule for life as well as for writing. But it’s definitely true for writing.) So write your story as it needs to be written. Write it honestly, and tell it as best you can. I’m not sure that there are any other rules. Not ones that matter.” — Neil Gaiman
  • “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” –Jack London

okay y’all might think i’m nitpicking at this point BUT the fact that even put a period at the end of that sentence shows how serious he was when he was saying it?? like you know when you text you don’t put periods at the end of sentences because it’s just awkward and it makes everything you say sound SO SERIOUS AND OFFICIAL AND NOT CHILL but like that’s exactly what even was going for here??? SERIOUS AND OFFICIAL AND NOT CHILL AT ALL 

i cant believe there are ppl defending memeufacturing’s weird rape kink as just “sounding like any normal teenagers horny awkward fantasy”


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Why is the friend girlfriend thing hard in German?

because if you wanna say ‘my friend’ it’s: “mein Freund / meine Freundin”
if you wanna say 'my boyfriend/girlfriend’ it’s: “mein freund / meine Freundin”
so. the exact same phrase. we do not have a word for girl/boyfriend it’s just “friend”. unless you say “fester Freund / feste Freundin” which is basically bf/gf but literally means 'solid friend’ but idk if this is just me but that sounds really awkward in german and english so. nah.
the struggle is especially real if ur in a gay relationship cuz when a guy says 'mein Freund’ (as in “my bf”) ppl usually assume he means his platonic friend. same with girls. so. it kinda really sucks lmao

Matchmaker - Tim Drake x Reader

Prompt: could you write something where reader likes tim, and tim likes her back, but they are both super clueless to the crush but its super obvious to everyone else? Cue Dick trying to play matchmaker

“So …” Dick trailed off sitting between you and Tim on the couch. He wrapped his arms around both of your shoulders and brought you two closer to each other. “You two kids behaving? We wouldn’t want any scandals starting now would we?” Dick asked elbowing Tim in the side. Tim narrowed his eyes at his meddling brother. He knew exactly what his angle was and he didn’t appreciate it.

“No scandal here.” You reassured with an awkward laugh. “Just pizza and a movie.”

“Sounds like a date to me.” Dick said with knowing lift to his eyebrow.

“We do this every Saturday night.” Tim argued, not necessarily disagreeing with him. Tim wanted to believe that one day nights like this would mean more to you than ‘just pizza and a movie’. But for now he was just happy to spend time with you in whatever capacity he could. What he didn’t need was Dick waltzing in and potentially ruining his friendship with you.

“Oh so it’s date night! How cute! So domestic!” Dick cooed, ruffling the couple’s hair. You blushed a deep scarlet when your eyes met.

“Go away.” Tim ground out between his teeth.

“Fine, fine. I can take a hint.” Dick laughed raising his arms in defeat. He got up from the couch and walked towards the door, intent on leaving the couple to enjoy their night. Dick stopped at the door frame and turned around to address them one last time.

“Be sure to use protection, lovebirds.” Dick winked. “I’m not ready to be an uncle just yet.”

Get. Out.” Tim growled throwing one of the decorative pillows at Dick’s head. He dodged the pillow and finally made his exit, his light laughter echoing from down the hall.


Big thanks to all who came to the stream!  Today I finished cleaning Splickedy’s sketches for this part of the songset!  The crops on our previews aren’t exactly the same, but you will just have to deal with that.  U_U

We are both pretty excited for this even though she wouldn’t let me put “a noble porpoise” on Fef’s tiara.

Tbh I think it’s actually unreasonable to expect society to actively make significant and clunky, awkward language changes for a population as small as trans people.

I don’t mean like using singular they pronouns, moreso, “People with uteruses” and “People who can become pregnant” and “people who experience erections” and etc, etc, etc. It’s just so awkward and sounds bad. Idk.

Ok so when people bump into me and say sorry to me I tend to say back “you’re fine” which kinda sounds awkward and I just had this thought which turned into a headcanon so..

imagine Keith and Lance have never met before and one day Lance bumps into Keith and Lance says “oh sorry” and Keith just says “you’re fine” and Lance just turns to him quickly and says with finger guns “thanks, but I already knew that.”

Sorry for this trash

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"I really am going to try my hardest to finish off Inmate" <3 Just seeing you mention Inmate makes me hyperventilate. Thank you so much for that story. Wish I could show you my gratitude with a hot stone massage and a dinner party in your honor with guest list including all your favorite people, including favorite fictional characters. <3

How did you know that I’ve been obsessing over massages lately?? I’ve never had one before so I’ve been doing all this research into day spas and massage methods and whether I can handle deep tissue and etc. But anyway, writing Inmate was my pleasure and I’m just glad you’ve enjoyed the first three parts. Thanks for your patience and sticking with me, and it’s nice people like you that help motivate me! So thanks again.


“What the- EREN!!” Levi shuffles through the crumpled up candy wrappers, struggling to find the remote. He must’ve had a whole feast, that little brat.

“Wha- shit.” Eren stops in the doorframe, his pillow in hand and hair still frazzled from bed. Before even glancing at Levi’s face, he already turns on his heel and prepares to flee down the hallway to lock himself in the bedroom.

But his dreams get cut short when Levi grabs the back of his pants and yanks him back.

With a huff, Eren allows himself to be dragged to the kitchen, trying to think of an excuse or any other way of getting out of this mess.

“Eren.” Levi lets go of Eren’s pj pants and crosses his arms, standing in the center of the kitchen to prevent Eren from attempting escape. Realizing this, Eren resigns himself to his fate and drops his shoulders.

“Levi, I’m-”

“Eren.” Levi intensifies his voice, forcing Eren into silence. “I told you to stay out of the candy, and what did you do? Eat all of it.” Levi smirks, noting Eren’s defeated expression.

A moment of silence falls over the kitchen, allowing Eren to think. I’m gonna have to bring it out, aren’t I…

Levi watches Eren closely, paying attention to his little bodily shifts and the gears spinning in his brain. Due to his observations, Levi’s able to prepare himself for what comes next.

“But Leviiii…” Eren looks up with his signature pouty face, massive puppy eyes staring Levi down. Thankful for the time to prepare his defensive wall, Levi manages to hold out.

“No excuses, you know what to do.”

When Eren had asked if he could at least get a shirt on, Levi said no. Boy, was he pleased with his decision.

Levi sits at the kitchen counter sipping his tea, eyes glued to Eren’s golden body busy wiping down the windows. When he reaches the bottom, Levi has the pleasure of seeing Eren’s pj pants slip just below the waist to send him a glimpse of what lay beneath in wonderland.

Just as Eren stands up to move to the next window, Levi calls out mischievously “you missed a spot.” Eren shoots him a glare and returns to the bottom of the window to do another thorough cleaning.

Levi can’t help but lick his lips longingly when Eren reaches to the top of the next window after finishing the previous, his back muscles rippling just below the skin. Mmmm…

Eren may be punished for his bad eating habits, but Levi happily gets rewarded with his own feast of eye candy.

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Hii, sorry, I don't mean to pry but I was just wondering if you're alright (considering your last post)? Have you.. Lost someone or anything like it? Or feeling some of the other things he described..? I realise how awkward this maybe sound but I just wanted to make sure you're okay :)

Hey anon, thank you so much for caring! 
Everything’s fine, but I really appreciate that you asked. 
My smutling-family <3 *tears up*

My only problem right now is, that my muse is a bitch the last couple of days. And a weird bitch at that. It’s not like I don’t have any ideas - the problem is, I have TONS of them, but every idea has plotholes en masse! I got fanfiction ideas for World of Warcraft, League of Legends, TMNT, prose, Borderlands, etc, but none of them sticks with me and allows me to develop them. It is nerve wrecking, I tell you! 

It feels … it feels like this: 

They know they are the turtles, they play the turtles, they somehow look like them but the last ingredient is not there yet! 
That’s the feeling I have the last couple days and it’s … MEH! 

//ok guys legit ok listen

please figure out the difference between me and @shenpaidoodles

Like im not mad or anything but ive been getting some inboxes and messages complimenting me on comics that i haven’t done, shenpai’s done them :^)


Cons of playing the bassoon:

  • you can’t march with it
  • it’s too heavy to carry around regularly
  • neck straps are impossible
  • it bonks you in the head sometimes
  • reeds are expensive
  • trying to get it on/off the bus is ridiculous
  • it takes forever to take out/put away so you’re always late
  • trying to find a good solo is like trying to find Waldo at a candy cane convention
  • when you finally find a good reed, it chips after playing on it like twice
  • trying to make your own reeds -_-
  • everybody calls it an oboe
  • ohmygod they’re so expensive why
  • nobody else plays the bassoon
  • like nobody
  • it’s so lonely

Pros of playing the bassoon:

  • it kinda sounds like a cruise ship and a duck discussing politics
  • you can use your reed as a noise maker at parties (except you don’t go to parties because your bassoon is your only friend)
  • you always play 1st chair because yOU’RE LITERALLY THE ONLY BASSOON PLAYER IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL
  • you can hide behind it when the band director’s yelling at other sections