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request; “hi! could you please do a draco x reader with the prompts 18 and 20, like where draco and reader broke up and they’re both doing quite bad about it but reader is bitter towards him :) hope this isn’t too much, feel free to change it up a bit if you want :) PS i love ur writing” — by anon

a/n: thank you! hope you like this :-) also, i don’t really think draco is the type to cheat on his girlfriend or something but i needed something so

18. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.”
20. “You’re as pale as a ghost.”


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    No one dared to talk to Y/N and Draco for the following week after the rumor spread that they have broken up. Rumors indeed spread fast, and it was said that Y/N ended their relationship after finding out that Pansy managed to lure Draco to her trap, thus almost making him kiss her if it weren’t for Y/N arriving at the scene.

    Every student in Hogwarts had heard it all as they yelled and spoke sentences that were intended to hurt one another, even going as far as drawing out their wands in deep hatred — Y/N completely furious by his actions while Draco was defending himself, saying that he wasn’t cheating on her and that Pansy made him drink something that tasted funny.

    It was only when Professor McGonagall came that finally did the trick and stopped them from arguing further more, taking points from each of their houses’ for their ‘ridiculous behavior’ before commanding them to go back to their respective common rooms.

    “Y/N, you’re as pale as a ghost, you should eat something.” her friend urged, placing two bacon strips on Y/N’s plate as she stares blankly off into space, unaware that someone was also gazing at her from the Slytherin table.

    Draco Malfoy was clenching his hands into a fist at the sight of the girl he loved, angry that he knew he was the reason behind her frown and blank expression. Not in a million years would he think that he could intentionally try to inflict pain upon Y/N, but like many of the things he thought he wouldn’t do, he had done so.

    Pansy was scowling beside him, knowing that he had his eyes steady on his ex-lover, causing her to place a hand on his arm.

    “Come on, Draco. Quit mopping around that silly girl and just —”

    “Get your filthy hand off me, Parkinson.” snarled Draco. “I told you to never talk to me again, right? You’re no longer part of my peers or my life.”

    Pansy rolled her eyes. “Oh, you’re so melodramatic sometimes.” she glanced at Y/N, a smirk forming on her lips when she saw her shake her head at the girl in front of her, pushing her plate away. “Well, she’s being melodramatic too.”

    Draco gritted his teeth, finally flickering his attention towards her. “Stay away from me, Parkinson. I mean it.”

    “Don’t be too hard on Pansy, Malfoy.” Blaise suddenly intervened, munching on his toast.

    “Don’t tell me what to do.” answered Draco with raised eyebrows. “Are you even aware of what she did? Why are you siding with this — this —” he let out an exhausted sigh, not even bothering on finishing his sentence.

     Pansy sneered at him. “You know, Draco, you might even thank me for this. Y/N’s useless, she’s no match for you, she doesn’t deserve you —”

    Draco laughed sarcastically. “Oh, and you do?”

    “In a matter of fact, yes.”

    “Rubbish!” he unintentionally slammed his fist on the table loudly, drawing a lot of attention from their housemates. “If you think that you can replace Y/N or that I can ever love you, then you’re very mistaken. I will never see you more than just a delusional and desperate girl because of what you’ve done to me.”

     Pansy’s face was red from anger and humiliation as they have now all of the student’s eyes on them, and when she looked across their long table, she could see Y/N staring at their direction. Judging from her mouth that was slightly open, it was obvious that she had heard what Draco stated.

     Before anyone could have the chance to mind their own business once again and pretend that they didn’t hear anything, Y/N stood up from her spot and rushed out of the Great Hall, Draco noticing it that led him to do the same and follow after her, a worried expression on his face while Pansy partially screamed.

      Y/N didn’t want to hear anymore about what he had to say. She didn’t want to see him — she didn’t want to deal with him anymore, even if what he said earlier was proof that he indeed didn’t cheat on her. She just needed space to clear her head.

     "Wait, Y/N,“ Draco held onto her arm when he managed to catch up on her but the second their skin made contact, she pulled away. "Y/N, hear me out. Why can’t you just see that I didn’t cheat on you with Parkinson —”

    “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.” she sighed. “Please, Draco, I’m not in the mood to listen. I really need to go.”

    “I still love you and I know you still love me too.” he stopped her from walking away again.

     Y/N frowned.

     He took a deep breath. “Everything you saw that night. It wasn’t me. I know it’s my fault because I should have been more cautious around her but you got to understand that she was my friend. I-I will never think of doing that to you. You know exactly how much you really mean to me, Y/N.”

    “I know.” she nodded, trying to look at anywhere else but his eyes. “That’s why I know you’ll understand if I tell you that I still need to be alone for the meanwhile. You didn’t see what I saw that night; it might not mean anything to you but knowing how every person I cared for in the past has always left me, it’s not easy to erase and ignore the thoughts that you might do too.” she admitted, her lower lip trembling from what she just said.

    “Y/N …” Draco tried to approach her but she quickly backed away.

    She gulped. “Just one month, Draco. That’s all I’m asking. After that, we’ll see where it takes us, but for now …”

    He completely understood and he did nothing but nod his head.

    “Can I hold you one more time?” asked Draco after a few seconds of silence.

    Y/N didn’t speak but Draco knew that she was letting him. He quickly walked towards her and hugged her rigid body, contented even though she wasn’t returning his embrace. He just wanted to hold her before it was too late for their relationship, and as Y/N hesitantly leans her head against his shoulder, he believed that this struggle they were currently facing would soon be overcame with a little bit more faith and love, sure that he was willing to do everything in his power to make everything fall back to place.

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Hi Sabrecmc, I love your stories and have read them multiple times. I love your characterizations and have spent many hours reading and rereading them. Your stories have been my sanity the last few days since my step dad passed and I have been helping with the fallout with my mom and 15 year old brother. I hate to ask but would you be able to write a short scene about when Rhodey, Tony, and Steve all met for the first time in CN? Thanks either way for the wonderful stories.

I’m so sorry for the loss of your step dad and all that comes with dealing with a death in the family.  It is hard on everyone.  I’m glad if the fics were able to give you a bit of distraction.  Here’s a little CN drabble, which I hope makes you smile:

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Rafael Barba / Control

Part Two

As requested by anon: 

Prompt: An imagine where Barba jumps to your defense after an opposing attorney makes a crude/inappropriate comment about you. 

Sometimes I start writing something and it comes out waaaay differently than how I thought it would. And this was one of those times. I MIGHT make a second part to this, I’m not so sure. I kind of like where I left this off, but i do have some ideas for a second part. 

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Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 12.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you 

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

 Demon AU. Featuring all BTS.

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 13 

You weren’t surprised when after appearing you found yourself in the middle of a forest, you didn’t know where you were, the only thing you could assume was that it shouldn’t be too far away since the sensation of dizziness wasn’t as strong and somehow being in a forest seemed logical for some reason, maybe in your head you had formed the idea of witches and warlocks not living in the city. You started walking, following Taehyung and Jungkook who were at the front as they shared few words, Yoongi, Jin and you were a bit behind, walking quietly, so much the only sound you heard were your boots with each step you took as all of them moved with absolute sigil. You were the only girl but suddenly you didn’t feel that graceful.

-They will hear us from miles with me walking like this, sorry- you murmured.

Yoongi shook his head giving you a look that meant that didn’t matter.

-Don’t pay attention to it Y/N- Jin said with ease but as you turned to look at him you saw a bit of tension in him, was he nervous? why would Jin be nervous?

You gave Yoongi a questioning look but he just kept walking without saying anything, or giving anything away with his expression, as usual. Yoongi had a pretty cold face, not very expressive unless he was angry which you could tell when it was too late to not get in his bad side.
You were in between both of them not really knowing if you should talk and ask things as you would usually do or if you should keep your mouth shut, judging by their faces you decided for the latter, now that you observed them well they all were tense, even Taehyung and Jungkook walking in the front were pretty alert, they talked but you saw how they were constantly looking around, or how Taehyung graced the grip of one of his swords a bit too often. You looked at Yoongi too who had eyes on the front but you also saw the shadows starting to slid from him, slithering to the ground and you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t aware of them already.
You heard a whistle and your heart skipped and your stomach dropped with adrenaline, Taehyung halted in the front whilst Jungkook, Jin and Yoongi closed around you.

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Maybe a Connor drabble in which he tries to ask out the reader out, but the setting is just like in his room and he tries to sound chill but is actually rlly nervous as he asks them and it's just rlly cute.

(This is a cute one!)
Warnings: None
Words: 393


Connor knew that this was a stupid thing to be stressing over. He knew it but that didn’t stop him from feeling so… well, stressed. There you were, sitting across from him on his bed, reading over the chapter that had been assigned to you both in English. All he had to do was open his mouth, say how he felt. But for whatever reason he just… couldn’t.

“Connor?” Your voice cut through his thoughts, eyes focusing on your face, your brow was furrowed in concern, eyes scanning his face.
“Something wrong?” You placed down the book and edged closer, and he cursed at himself inwardly as he felt his face bloom.

“Nah.” He shrugged, trying to brush it off, looking back down at the open book in his lap. He knew you weren’t convinced, but he had to at least try to get you off his back.
“Are you sure?” You asked, reaching over and taking the book from his hands, placing it down and staring into his eyes.
“Because if there’s something wrong, and it’s about me, you can tell me.” You gave him a reassuring smile and he felt his heart ache. God this was frustrating.

“It’s nothing.” He cringed at himself, even he didn;t believe the words that came out of his mouth, and judging by the look on your face, neither did you. He heaved a sigh, brushing back his hair.

“I was just… I wondered if…” You watched him curiously as he sucked in a deep breath. 
“There is… a concert… with bands and… stuff.” Christ, he sounded like that awkward Evan kid. You bit your lip, clearly trying to hide your smile.
“Mhm?” You nodded, prompting him to continue.
“And I was wondering if you would like to… maybe… go. W-with me!” Connor fought the urge to slip under his blankets and disappear, feeling his heart drop as you laughed.

“A-Are you asking me on a date?” You giggled, grinning as he nodded. Moving a hand forward you rested it on his shoulder, giving him a gentle look.
“I’d love to.” You answered honestly, almost bursting into laughter again as his eyes lit up.
“Seriously.” He relaxed and let himself calm down, looking to the side and running a hand through his hair.
“Cool…” He mumbled, going back into his reserved self. “That’s… that’s cool…”

Best friends ~ Smut

So here is the first smut I have written and tried to make good. 

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Isaac Lahey. The perfect human being. His eyes, His lips, His personality, His humor, His kindness, Everything. The only issue. I’m his best friend. Nothing more than a best friend he sees as nothing more than a shoulder to cry on and someone to tell a funny joke to.

Isaac hasn’t actually told me about his dad but I knew. Isaac and I had met in the library when I was sitting and reading like I always. I heard him taking on the phone with some guy named Stiles.

“STILES I CAN’T FUCKING FIND IT OKAY” he yelled into the phone. He continued “Stiles I really don’t understand why I have to get your book” he whisper yelled into the phone. I wasn’t really a person to talk to many but it looked like he needed help.

“What are you looking for,” I asked when I had reached him. He looked up from the book shelves and met my eyes.

“My friend was dumb enough to tell a girl that he read her favorite book when he didn’t and now he needs it.” He sighed loudly. I chuckled at his story and crossed my arms.

“Which book are you looking for,” I asked looking around the shelves he was by. He smirked a little before opening his mouth.

“Don’t judge” he laughed and I shook my head. “The fault in our stars” he laughed and so did I.

“This friend must really like this girl,” I said and he let out a little “like you couldn’t believe” with a chuckled “well this is the totally wrong place come with me,” I said and walked to the shelves where all the girly books are.

“Do you work here” I heard from behind me. I turned around and the second I did I realized how tall he actually was. He towered over me and made me feel so small but I didn’t feel scared.

“No, I just spend a lot of time in here. Reading and writing and stuff like that” I whispered.

After that moment Isaac and I never stopped talking after that. At first, I was sure he would never speak to me again but he for some reason did and we became close. Isaac and I were a weird type of best friend couple. He would hug for a little too long, cuddle when nobody else was, we even had a few kisses along the way. But we never actually became a couple. It was all meaningless. Until one day Isaac came to my door at 3 am.

“Can I stay here for a little while?” He asked looking down at the floor. I couldn’t see his face but his body hang low and his voice was shaking. I instantly became concerned I knew about his father even though he hadn’t told me I had guessed. He never wanted to hang out at his place and that mixed with the rumors about his dad helped me come to the conclusion: Isaac’s dad was abusive.  
“Yeah of course. Are you okay” I asked him and placed my hand on his cheek but he flinched away before I had the chance to even touch him? That’s when I saw. He had a big blue bruise on his cheek the size of a fist. “Oh god, Isaac what happened” I pulled him inside so he didn’t have to stand in the cold.

“He-he h-hit me again” He sobbed into my arms. His eyes started watering at the thought of Isaac being hit by his father. My heart broke at the thought of someone so amazing being treated in the most horrific way possible.

“Isaac I’m so sorry” I cried and wrapped my arms tighter around him.

“I-I need you. Y/N I need y-you.” He whispered. I kissed his forehead and sat us down on the couch.

“I’m here baby” I whispered into his hair.

“No… not like that. Y/N I need you” He whispered when he lifted his head from my chest. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his light blue ones. Before we knew it his lips connected with mine. It wasn’t a big deal before but this time it felt like there was more to it. Isaac moved his hands to my hips and squeeze a little. The kissed turned into a makeout when our tongues met and fought for dominance which he easily won. Isaac lifted me up and carried me to my bedroom while I placed small kisses on his neck.

“Are you sure Isaac?” I asked him when he put me on the bed. He only nodded in return and started undressing me. I only had a big oversized t-shirt on so it didn’t take much from him to get me naked. He left me in only my underwear but before he could do anything else I covered myself with my arms the self-conscious feeling taking over.

“Hey now. None of that. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” He said before taking my hand and moving them from in front of my chest. “Where are your parents” He questioned in between kisses.

“Out of town.” I smiled and left out a little giggle when he moved his lips to a ticklish spot on my neck. Isaac lifted his lips from my neck and flashed me his signature smirk. His lips moved back to my body but this time to my chest. He circled his tongue around my nipple. “Isaac please” I gasped. I pushed him away quickly to pull his shirt off and open his pants. He chuckled slightly at my eagerness. “Have you ever?” I asked him when I felt his bulge through his boxers.

“Yeah. Have you” I nodded again and pulled him down. Isaac moved his hands down to my underwear and pulled it down. Right as he was about to move down again I lifted his head back up. “Not tonight. I just want you tonight” I whispered against his lips. He only nodded and kissed me again.

“Do you have condoms?” He asked. Without saying anything I just pointed to the top drawer of my bedside table. He grabbed one and opened it but before he could put it on I grabbed it out of his hand and pulled his underwear down.

“Damn Isaac,” I said under my breath but I guess he caught it since I heard a little laugh coming from him. I rolled it on him and leaned back on the bed. “Are you sure?” He asked me looking deep into my eyes. “Yeah. You?”

“Yeah” and before either of us could speak up again he pushed in slowly. I let out a gasp I had had sex before but never with someone as big as Isaac. When he was fully in he stopped to look at me. “You okay,” he asked.

“Yeah just give me a few seconds” I whispered out of breath he nodded and kissed me again. After a few second I told him to move again. He started thrusting slowly. “Please Isaac faster” I moaned. He did as I told him and let go of my hand that he had grabbed earlier to place beside my head. His thrust became quicker and finally, he hit a spot inside of me causing me to scream.

“You like that baby,” Isaac whispered in my ear but I couldn’t answer him. I only moaned in response. I felt my orgasm building up.

“Isaac I’m gonna” I couldn’t even finish my sentence since I came right after the last word. Isaac came right after me and fell next to me on the bed.

“I love you. I have for a while now” he told me and brushed my hair away from my face.

“I love you too” I smiled and leaned in to kiss him

Imagine dean finds a case at the National Pie Championships  and goes undercover as a judge 

Warnings: near death experience, mentions of death, happy dean, sad dean, annoyed sam… are these warnings?
AN: I used this gif more as an inspiration for Dean’s feelings, hope that’s okay. Also this is Unbeta’d, please excuse the mistakes and poorly typed structure.

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“I found something!” Dean yelled, triumphantly slapping the paper down on the table between Sam and I. Sam swiped it as I gave Dean an unsure look, he was never this excited about a case.
“What is it?” I asked, looking between Sam and Dean. Sam slid the paper across the table, his bitch-face game strong as he glared at Dean.
“Of course you think this is a case.” Sam chided, I tilted my head towards the paper, still surveying the boys two faces.
“Death at the National Pie Championships,” I looked up at Dean, he was nodding, the smile growing ever wider on his face. “Ruled suspicious as witnesses come forward. Contestant, Bill, from Kentucky, explains death as He just started choking outta nowhere, he wasn’t even tasting anything… Organiser, Kate, said he just started struggling to breathe, he was fine then he wasn’t, then he was… dead.” I finished reading.
It didn’t sound like our kind of thing at all, but the eagerness on Dean’s face was hard to refuse.
“It’s probably just a prank,” Sam explained it away, but looked to me to back him up.
“How’s that?” Dean asked, “All those witnesses?” Dean’s smile had faded, he was properly annoyed Sam wasn’t letting him have his fun.
“Clearly someone’s laced a pie…”
“Come on, Sam. It’s worth checking out, not like we have anything else to do.” I smacked Sam’s shoulder with the paper, his stubborn jaw finally giving way to a hint of a smile.
“I saw that, we’re going!” Dean almost clicked his heels as he jumped the steps from the library.

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He and the guys would be waiting in your living room since all of you had decided to go out today.
Clubbing at that.
Sighing slightly at your reflection in the mirror, you tried tugging your dress a little more. You felt extremely self conscious with how short the dress was and wanted nothing more than to put a bag over yourself and call it a day.
Sighing once more you let it go and decide to step out of your room into the living room, which had become oddly quiet.
Looking up from the floor all the guys stared at you, one of them stared more intensely. 
Clearing his throat Namjoon strides over to you and pulls you back into the bedroom, door slamming with a bang.
Looking over you once more he shakes his head, your heart hammering in your chest thinking that he thought you looked ugly.
Pushing you slightly against the wall, he stares into your eyes as a smirk emerges from his lips.
“Baby girl, you’re going to catch all the guys attention tonight. It makes me kinda jealous, just remember all of you belongs to me”

You were getting ready because Jimin would arrive at your door any minute.
Frantically you’d search your room for something to wear, something comfortable since all you guys were doing was watching a movie here.
Literally all the clothes you liked to wear at home were in the laundry so you only had a couple of choices. 
All too revealing.
Looking at the deep v tank top and super short shorts a deep frustrated sigh escaped your lips. You hoped Jimin wouldn’t say anything. Maybe you can just hide under a blanket?
Finishing up you looked yourself up and down before cocooning yourself in a blanket and just as you were done your doorbell rang.
Wobbling towards the door you opened it to come face to face with your beautiful boyfriend, a bright smile already adorning his face as he held up the food excitedly. Letting him in he set the food down and looked at you once more. He questioned why you had the blanket on and playfully pulled it off of you.
Immediately his cheeks became pink and his eyes couldn’t tear away from you.
Trying to cover yourself you could feel your cheeks becoming hot and felt Jimin bring you in close.
“Princess…I’m not sure if I can control myself tonight…you’re beautiful.”

This was your first time ever sleeping over Hoseoks place, literally the first time in your relationship. 
Standing in his room you looked at his bed nervously and down at your bag.
Of course the first time you sleepover his place you couldn’t find anything modest, anything suitable that would cover your overly curvaceous body. 
Feeling insecure you look over at Hoseok who’s sitting in his chair, momentarily distracted by his phone. 
Maybe you’d ask if you could borrow some of his clothes? No but then he’d question why and ask why you had a bad of clothes with you anyways.
It would just make things worse. 
Internally sighing you excused yourself and went into the bathroom to change.
You felt as if your boobs would squeeze out of your top or maybe your shorts would ride up and expose your butt.
You felt so exposed and so insecure.
Walking back into his room in shame you stood there and waited for him to look at you, waited for the worst and then he finally did.
His eyes raked over you rapidly, trying to take in your figure, trying to ingrain it into his mind. 
He’d notice your shyness and how you were trying to cover yourself slightly. Standing up he took your hands into his and tucked you and himself under the covers.
Bringing you close to him, enough so your skin was touching his he whispered how beautiful you were to him.
“Baby, you don’t understand how many women would kill to have your body.”

Here you were dreading your whole existence as Tae dragged you towards the clothes store. The smile on the boys face never once leaving as he looked back at you with the excitement a kid going to a toy store would have.
Taehyung had always wanted to see you try on clothes, he begged whenever he could if you would do it.
It was like a dream of his to this or something like that. Somehow he finally managed to drag you into this damn store.
You felt like running away every time he pulled out a dress or a romper or anything that yelled tight.
You weren’t into these clothes because they showed too much, at least too much according to the shape of your body. Ample bosom and peach like butt made it so that everything fit somewhat too snug. 
You almost suspected that Tae just wanted to see how your body fit in this but quickly shook the thought because even though your boyfriend could be a big of a perv, it wasn’t that bad.
Handing off the articles of clothing to you, you sighed and closed the changing room. Deciding to just start with the plunging romper that exposed too much chest, back and legs. 
Looking at yourself once more in the mirror you tugged at the material. 
Tae was already calling you out, he wanted to see his adorable girlfriend. 
Opening the door to face the music you stood there on display for Tae to judge. 
He stood there mouth open, eyes widening and quickly took you back inside the changing room, locking himself in there as well. Bringing his lips to your ear, his breath slightly hitched.
“Jagiya…so many people could have seen you, only I can see you like this…you’re perfect.”

You knew Yoongi was waiting for you in bed, he was extremely exhausted from the last tour they had and literally had gotten home minutes ago.
All he wanted was to cuddle you and fall into a deep sleep, he said he always slept better knowing you were next to him. 
You loved sleeping knowing Yoongi was getting the rest he deserved but tonight you were a bit nervous. 
You never really did anything like this, you always wore you child like pajamas but something inside you made you buy a tank top + short short combo. 
Now looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror you wanted to remove it and send it back. You thought you looked too provocative for sleep, you didn’t want to send the wrong message and you certainly weren’t comfortable in this. 
Sometimes you wish you had less to show, clothes always seemed to hug your curves to the extreme. 
Trying to calm yourself you walked out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom and slid into bed next to a half asleep Yoongi.
Immediately his arms encircled your waist and brought you close to him, so close you were flush against him. 
A strange noise escaped his throat as he opened one eye and looked at you.
You already knew he knew what you were wearing was different since there was a lot of skin contact. Especially with how much he could feel right now.
Raising his brow a soft smile came to his lips as he kissed the tip of your nose.
“Baby, I love seeing you like this. You don’t know the effect your beautiful body has on me.”

You were laying around on your bed, legs flailing off the side as you watched tv. Jin was in the kitchen preparing some food for the both of you to eat.
He always insisted on making you a meal and sometimes you hate it. 
All the food was too delicious and with how much you ate it you thought it would make your curvy figure even more curvy. 
Pushing yourself off the bed you went to check in on Jin and see if you could be of any help. 
Walking towards your focused and oh so handsome boyfriend you smiled and called out to him. 
Maybe he had been to focused or didn’t hear when you called his name so you called it again, nothing. 
Becoming impatient you poked him on the side, a horrible mistake because once you did not only did you scare Jin but you also made him spill the liquid in the pot.
Not on the floor but all over you.
Your shirt, your pants, everything clung close to your body for dear life.
You were mortified and you could see Jins sorry expression take over him.
He apologized profusely and began to set things down to pay attention to you.
That was until he realized the state your body was in.
Bringing your hands up to cover as much as you could, you laughed nervously as he smiled gently.
“Come on sweetheart, lets get you cleaned up…your body is too enticing. I love the way it looks”

Kookie had barged into your apartment, excitement filling him as he threw himself on your couch. 
He demanded that the two of you went on a date because he missed you even though you saw each other yesterday.
But who were you to say no to this cutie.
You retreated into your room to get ready as he channel surfed the tv.
You wanted to look nice today, something comfortable but also something cute yet not too flashy.
Laying out some outfits choices, you removed your clothes leaving you only in your bra and panties.
As you looked over the outfits you caught sight of your exposed figure in the mirror and frowned slightly, why did you have too much of your assets. 
Why couldn’t they be average sized and why couldn’t you legs look like the ones models have. 
Glancing down at your body, you traced the way your thighs touched, even looking down was hard because your breasts were in the way.
Sighing loudly you bit your lip and tried not to think about it.
Looking back at the clothes you made your decision and just as you were about to pick it up your bedroom door burst open, a bouncy Kookie jumping on you.
Except he didn’t see you weren’t dressed at first, he didn’t see the look of horror that came across your face.
Pulling back he realized his mistake, cheeks instantly reddening as he looked everywhere but you. Which made you feel worse about your body as your eyes became watery. You asked him if your body was so bad that he had to look away.
Immediately he looked into your eyes, sincerity shining brightly as he took your hands in his. Biting his lip he shook his head, brows set with determination to make you think otherwise.
“Jagiya! No! Your body is beautiful!! I love you the way you are, you’re gorgeous, I’m sorry it’s just that if I keep looking our date won’t happen tonight”