that jonghyuns hair is black

Heavy Breathing 1/1

Pairing: Jongkey

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Summary: Kibum wants it. Jonghyun’s afraid of it, but together they come to terms with the love in their eyes and the desire in their bodies. 

“Let’s have sex.” The proposition comes as a bit of a shock, but nothing Jonghyun isn’t expecting. They’ve been dating for almost six years being that they had a bit of a late start, but to hear those words coming from Kibum’s lips causes Jonghyun’s cheeks to flush and his eyes to widen.


Kibum fiddles with the torn end of his pants and shrugs. “I just thought about it…”

Jonghyun gazes at him from his spot in the living room. “I mean…I’ve thought about it as well, but,” Jonghyun clutches his hands together. “I was fine with skinship and getting away with patting your butt on stage…”

Kibum looks up to meet his gaze. “But you’ve thought about it too.”

“Yeah…isn’t that normal in a relationship?” Jonghyun questions as he muses his black hair. Kibum studies him and then gives in with a sigh.

“Sorry if it seemed sudden…I’ve just been thinking.” Kibum licks his lips as his gaze drifts across Jonghyun’s body. Today he’s wearing shorts and one of Kibum’s t-shirt’s since he spent the night at Kibum’s place. They watched movies together and had a glass of wine or two, but that was all. His eyes come to a stop at Jonghyun’s crotch. “Jjong…”

Jonghyun notices his gaze. “What?”

“Let’s try it.” Kibum rises up to his feet and walks over to Jonghyun, he sits on the arm of the chair. Jonghyun leans back to look at him.

“Now? Don’t you have a schedule?”

“It isn’t until two.”

Jonghyun nibbles on his bottom lip and then mutters regrettably. “I’m not in the mood…”

Kibum laughs darkly as he settles himself on Jonghyun’s lap. “Then I’ll get you in the mood.” Kibum slides a hand up Jonghyun’s shirt which causes him to shudder. Jonghyun’s eyebrows furrow as he grips Kibum’s wrist.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Kibum shrinks away from Jonghyun and looks steadily into his eyes. “Then what did you mean?”

Jonghyun sighs and slides his arms around Kibum’s waist, he pulls him close so that he doesn’t have to look into his eyes as he says, “I never mentioned sex because we’re always so busy…” Kibum nestles his nose against the side of Jonghyun’s neck and kisses his skin. “Stop it and listen to me for a second.”

“I’m listening,” Kibum hums. “But your body doesn’t seem like it’s obeying your words.” Kibum laughs as he presses his hand against the bulge pressing against Jonghyun’s zipper. Jonghyun squirms beneath his touch, his breathing suddenly ragged.

“Kibum,” he moans. “When I think of sex with you…nngh…I picture it to be long and sweet.”

“Like your little friend right now?” Kibum whispers.

Jonghyun’s cheeks flush and he shoves Kibum away, Kibum stumbles back and ends up falling butt first onto the floor. He winces from the pain and looks up at Jonghyun with a glare. Jonghyun’s sitting in the chair with a hand to his chest, Kibum takes note of the way his chest rises and falls as he tries to calm himself down. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to push you off…”

“No…” Kibum shoves a hand through his frizzy hair. “I understand.”

“You really, really caught me off guard when you said that.”

Kibum laughs lightly, he falls onto his back against the carpet and looks up to the spinning fan. Round and round it goes with his thoughts. He sighs and places an arm over his eyes. “Are you scared?” he asks, his voice a falling pen in the silence. Jonghyun shifts from his spot in the arm chair—he doesn’t speak. “Six years, Jjong, but nine years of torment. You don’t—I don’t think you understand what I went through those few years.” Jonghyun listens intently, his lip sucked in between his teeth. “I watched you, I loved you, I waited for you to feel the same and I was scared.”

Kibum turns on his side and stares idly at the carpet fibers, he begins to pick at them. “I was scared because I was thinking these weird things about one of my band members; I wanted to hug and kiss you, touch you in places fanservice would never allow for…but I get it…sex is special. You want it to be special.” Kibum pulls out one of the fibers and twirls it between his fingers. “I get it.”

Jonghyun stares down at his figure, unsure of what to do and afraid to move his body because his hands think on their own. And right now they’re screaming to touch Kibum, to run each finger up his smooth skin—past his ankles, over his calves and then stop at his thighs. But his mind, his mind wants him to think this through, he wants to speak, but he can’t articulate his thoughts. Sex, he wants it too and maybe that’s what he needs to say.

“I…I…” he swallows thickly. “I want it too.” He says in a single breath. Kibum’s fingers loosen from around the carpet fiber, his legs unfold and he slowly sits up. He brings his knees to his chest as he stares into Jonghyun’s brown eyes.

“Want what?” he asks and his voice is low as he speaks.

Jonghyun leans forward and eases his way down onto the floor. He places his hands to Kibum’s knees and he begins to slowly ease them apart as he clarifies his previous words. “I…want…you.” Jonghyun looks between Kibum’s spread legs hungrily before gently pushing him back onto the ground. Kibum stares up at Jonghyun with unwavering eyes. Jonghyun swallows thickly as his hands on Kibum’s knees go to slide up his thighs; his skin, each burning sensation it leaves against his fingers and the palm of his hands. Kibum watches him as he does this and the slightest smile quirks his lips. Jonghyun then leans down and kisses Kibum. It’s a soft, coaxing kiss as though he’s asking: is this okay? Jonghyun’s mouth moves in synch with Kibum’s, he slides a hand against the back of his head to pull him closer. His tongue eases its way between Kibum’s lips where then the kiss ignites like fireworks. Jonghyun’s body tingles and he knows that if he doesn’t stop soon, he’ll go too far. But isn’t that what Kibum wants?

Jonghyun pulls back to regain his breath, he roughly squeezes Kibum’s thigh eliciting a shaky groan from the other. Jonghyun stares down at Kibum with heated eyes, the hardness between his legs throbs and Jonnghyun bites his bottom lip. He then looks around the brightly lit living room and takes a glance at the clock. He grits his teeth and goes to move from off of Kibum, but Kibum pulls him down by his arm until they’re pressed chest to chest, hip to hip. “Don’t.” he huffs, his eyes glittering in the sunlight. Jonghyun tries to escape, but it only causes their groins to rub together, his eyebrows twitch.

“Kibum, let me go.”

“You were almost there. You want me, but why don’t you want to go all the way?” Kibum’s grip on Jonghyun’s arm loosens; Jonghyun sits atop him with a faraway look in his eyes.

“You’re right…I’m afraid.” Jonghyun’s fingers dazedly slide up and down Kibum’s stomach. “Afraid of hurting you, wanting you so much I won’t stop. All these years…I watched you too.” Jonghyun’s hands then slide to the side of Kibum’s body, they fold to the shape of his hips where they settle.  “I watched you dance and fell in love all over again. Your smile, your nose, the scar on your eyebrow, the way you say my name when you’re mad.” Jonghyun breathes through his nose as he adds. “I am scared.”

Kibum lets the words sink in before he reaches up to touch the side of Jonghyun’s face. He strokes along his cheek and then slides his hand down to his shoulder and then over the planes of his chest. Jonghyun’s breathing catches, but he allows for Kibum to touch him, he bites his bottom lip when Kibum’s hand slips between his boxers. Kibum’s wrist begins to flick, Jonghyun has a hard time controlling his voice as his body becomes flushed with intense heat and his mind with raging lust. “My mother,” Kibum begins, his voice calm despite the desire glazing his brown eyes. “Once told me that sex isn’t always about pleasure or procreation.” Jonghyun moans, he places his hands to Kibum’s chest to keep himself steady. “It’s about love, connection…unity.” Kibum’s voice hitches as he says this. “You’re so hard.” He gasps when Jonghyun twitches in his palm.

Jonghyun swallows and then grips Kibum’s hands, he pins them above his head. “You…made me this way.” He huffs.

“Good,” Kibum stares steadily into Jonghyun’s eyes. “Now fuck me.”

Jonghyun blinks and then outright laughs, his eyes bright and his expression dancing. “So vulgar.”

“It doesn’t turn you on?” Kibum questions, his almod eyes shaped with curiousity.

Jonghyun shakes his head. “It makes me laugh.”

“Well…” Kibum turns his head away from Jonghyun. “I tried.”

Jonghyun laughs again, then he leans towards the side of Kibum’s neck. He kisses him lightly once, twice—the third time he sucks on his skin. With a low voice, he whispers. “Try saying,” he uses his teeth to pull at Kibum’s earlobe. “Make love to me…Jonghyun.”

Kibum shudders violently at such a thought, his heart beating loudly; he’s pretty sure Jonghyun hears it by now. With a fading groan, he rolls his hips to meet Jonghyun’s. “Make….” He pauses allowing his body to feel the heat between them and to feel Jonghyun pressed so close against him. “Make love to me,” he meets Jonghyun’s intense gaze with a crooked smile. “Jonghyun.”

They kiss on it, sealing Kibum’s pleas between their lips.