that it's not about main stars co-stars etc THEY ARE SUCH A COMPLETE TEAM

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With the weird timing of the release of the show and the story he's telling, part of me really wonders if D and Ryan organised it together so him coming out would happen as they were doing press for the show? I mean, it gives him extra time to organise everything, get certain people out of his life, sell the PR house, get out of the contract etc PLUS the benefit of the show getting some extra buzz. The thought crossed my mind, and I feel like it makes sense.

Anon, clearly only time will tell and we do not know how they are going to try and market Darren.  And I am still not completely confident Team Beard won’t try to continue with the stunts and lies.

But again, the more I think about it, the more I am inclined to agree.

Fact, Ryan and Fox’s reputations stand to be greatly tarnished the moment Darren walks out of the closet and reveals not only is he not straight, but in fact he has been in love with and living with his male co-star, the very one they implied he hated, for the past 6+ years.  As I have said many, many times, they looks like hypocrites and bullies.  Glee was a show about acceptance. The one thing it has and that continues to be talked about, is how the relationship with Kurt and Blaine was one of the first stories on TV about a young, gay couple.  Glee told us how they met, showed us their passionate first kiss, let them declare their love, lose their virginity, a story line that was shown in parallel to the straight couple, move in together, get engaged, married, and have a baby. 

Yet, in reality, Glee made the actor playing this role, and as a result, his openly gay co-star, repress themselves and hide and create a whole PR story built on lies, so they could make more money.  Because Teenage Dream Darren sold more songs on iTunes and was more marketable than heart eyes, head over heals in love with Chris, whose only fault was that he was male, Darren,

And here we sit, 6 years later and Darren is restless,   It is clear he is on the brink of walking out of that closet, the one Fox and Murphy threw him in, at any moment. He barely tries to sell his PR relationship and has been going out of his way to destroy it.  I do believe Darren could choose to tell the truth at any moment.

So what do they do?  It is damage control at its finest. They offer him literally the role of his life time. One that is interesting, that will challenge him, that will require him to go places he has never gone before, and that if done well, will give him universal attention and praise.  A role that so happens to be a gay character.

The price for accepting the role, Darren now has to play nice. He has to present awards to Ryan. He has tweets on his account calling Ryan his good friend.  There will be photos and Red Carpets together. 

But no one who is watching believes there is any type of friendship.  The relationship with Ryan diminished many, many years ago. Ryan chose Chris as his protegee,  He wanted to mold him and teach him. And Darren came along and destroyed everything.  It is no secret that Ryan and Chris hate each other. Both have implied it strongly.  One of the main reasons for that is that Ryan actively sought to destroy Chris and Darren’s relationship.  I think there is a lot of jealousy and resentment.  And Ryan is the number one tormentor of Darren. 

Fast forward to today.  Darren and Chris have a choice, They can actively avoid Ryan and any project he is a part of. Or they can embrace their past, learn from it, and courageously accept an opportunity that will change the trajectory of Darren’s career. But agree that in doing so,  that for now, they will portray Ryan as Darren’s friend and supporter.

The result, sort of a win for all.  Ryan and Fox salvage their reputations. To the public they will be praised for giving Darren this role. And encouraging him to embrace his true self.

But honestly, the biggest winner, may be Darren.  He has been given the opportunity of his career.  a game changer.  . He will be playing a role that will be seen by millions and that will force him to grow and learn as an actor.  But at the same time. Maybe, just maybe, this is the opportunity for him to walk into the light.  To finally overcome years and years of suppression.  To tell  his truth. 

Again, time will tell.  But honestly, nothing else makes sense.