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“ Jon Snow is not in love with me.”

Iain Glen on 7x06

Q: Jorah and Jon Snow enjoy some time along together, in which Jorah rejects Jon when he offers back Longclaw. He mentions how he hopes to see Longclaw passed down to Jon’s children. Does he know Jon and Daenerys are becoming close in that way, and is this his way of offering his approval?

IG: I think so. I don’t know, but I do think in some way, emotionally, Jorah has moved on from hoping, really, for any physical reciprocation. His love for her and his adoration of her and her abilities and capabilities remain undiminished entirely. But I think having gone through the nightmare of her rejection, and then having gotten very dangerously ill, for her to offer her forgiveness and plead with him to find a cure for himself so he could be back by her side, I think having gone through that whole traumatic emotional revolution, he’s at a point where he’s just glad to be in the fold and back where he feels he belongs: beside her. I think there’s an element of him feeling, “You’re the man to be guiding us forward. You’re going to be a part of the plan.” But I think it’s also a family thing. He was rejected by his father because of what he had done, and why he was exiled right at the beginning of the story. Fundamentally, he’s a very honest man. He doesn’t feel it’s right, that he should be gifted this back by Jon, who was gifted it by Jorah’s father who he had lost favor with. He’s being very honest about it. He’s tacitly showing his appreciation of Jon, that he believes he’s a leader. He’s admired him. They’re getting to know each other. I think there are many things happening, but I do think it’s at least connected to a physical acquiescence.



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Homecoming - A Jonerys Oneshot

Hey guys, here is a new little Fic of mine. Set after 7x06. I already wrote one where they’re having sex for the first time. You can find it here. But after the last ep I was inspired again. So here’s another one. Hope you enjoy :-)

Genre: Drama / Romance . Rated: E. Chapter: 1/1. Also on:

The night was starting to ascend over Dragonstone and Daenerys stood at the window in the Chamber of the Painted Table and watched her dragons. They had anchored yesterday after a long week on sea of which Jon had slept most of the time. But to her relief he had looked better with every day. He was recovering in his old room right now Daenerys was hopeful that he would be completely healed in no time. She was alone in the chamber, Tyrion was back in Kings Landing planning their upcoming meeting with Cersei, making her fretful mind her only companion.

Within a few weeks her whole world had been turned upside down. It happened to her before, but this time was different, even more momentous. She had lost one of her children and it’s loss left a non -fillable void inside her heart. But she meant what she had said to Jon. As much as it hurt, she had now been able to see the white walkers for herself and knew why Jon had been so persistent about the threat they represented.

Jon Snow was the reason her world became so unlike the one she knew. Not just because he was the messenger who told her about the dangerous creatures that walked towards the kingdom she longed to rule over, but also because he, himself, changed it. Simply by entering it.

They’d just been acquaintances for a short time but she already couldn’t fathom how her life would look if he wasn’t in it anymore. She got a glimpse of that, when she had thought his life had been claimed by the icy waters that swallowed him. And she didn’t like the feeling at all. It has hit her then with full force, how much she really cared about him. Much more than what would be appropriate for an acquaintance or an ally. All this week’s in Westeros she had been so engrossed with her fight against Cersei and her demand towards him to bend the knee, that she hadn’t noticed that she and Jon had already got past that. They formed a bond way stronger than any bent knee would be.

It scared her how much her heart wanted him. She hadn’t felt anything like it in forever and even then it were the feelings of a young girl not that of a grown woman. In the years since Khal Drogo she had made so many life-experiences they had shaped her, hardened her in a way, so that she hadn’t known if she was still capable to love someone romantically.

But now she knew.

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