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i just simply HATE the fact that they make kara acknowledge how mon-el’s a shitty person and how he LED a country where slavery was a thing and he BENEFITED his whole life from it - like, she literally said those words to him, called him out on that - but still chooses to be with him. i HATE that so much bc it seems like kara can overlook something as serious as slavery and that is a no no. that’s not who she is. that’s not who supergirl is. she would never. kara-zor-el is a character with a strong moral compass. they are making it seem like she can overlook fucking slavery for some dick. are you kidding me? the fuck is that? is2g DC should be whooping cw’s ass bc what they are doing to their amazing character is some serious gross disrespectful shit


After “Sucker for Pain” got reported and forced to remove from Tapastic, and some questions related the first picture, I think I should share my point of view about Saeran. 

From the prologue and many bad endings where Saeran as Unknown in it, I think we can all agree that he doesnt see MC as a woman, more like a tool so he can get his revenge on RFA, or on Saeyoung to be precise. He can sound very convincing and charming, but it doesn’t hide the fact that his behavior is very close to that of a maniac. Surely, when you’re being brain-washed and tortured almost everyday with drug, you cant be sane anymore. There’s a root to why he acted like that, as a rapist and torturer (you can see it in 707 1st bad ending) but it’s still inexcusable. That’s what I can see about his character as Unknown, and I don’t intend to write him differently. I always try to write it that MC enjoyed every moment of it as being fucked by him, but I know to some it can be disturbing. I would advise you to blacklist the tag “mystic messenger unknown” or “Unknown” on my blog if you feel that it’s too much, because no I won’t change my mind. 

As the after ending show, Saeran got a little stable and his shyness side came back. But honestly I dont think something has been imprinted in one’s mind for so long can just being cleaned spotless overnight, so in No hope No fear I potray him as an emo-teen because I saw it is the closet personality he can develop after being stable enough. Honestly I found it quite strange that Saeyoung alone can handle Saeran by just dragging him home like it was nothing, without some medical help. I want to put something like Saeran went to many therapists until he found the right one in No hope no fear, because people was trained in psychological field for a reason, so that they can help patient with psychological problem. So that Saeran can be stable with great manners and understanding, like was shown in The choi family 2. But nah, I don’t think he’s that SHY.

I still like Saeran both as unknown and as after ending Saeran, just some thoughts I think I should share though. Thanks for reading.


get to know me: [3/?] actresses ☰ natalie dormer

for me, it’s not necessarily interesting to play a strong, fearless woman. it’s interesting to play a woman who is terrified and then overcomes that fear. it’s about the journey. courage is not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it. 


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco

no like really narrative wise? finn’s arc mirrors luke’s. luke had wanted to leave tatooine and wanted that freedom, like finn wanted to leave the first order. they both wind up getting roped into a mess with a droid that ends with them tagging along with a plucky, rough around the edges pilot/scavenger/smuggler trope character on the falcon. their refusal of the call moment is very similar as well and lasts an incredibly brief time bc as soon as more serious shit happens, they immediately run back into the fray to help. obviously there’s the stuff with han and finn going to rescue rey from starkiller vs han and luke rescuing leia. then of course there’s the whole him with the lightsaber ect.


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OHMAIGOSH! IM FAQING DONE!!! But now.. I gotta colour it and trace it later on… Help me from my suffering…! ;-; so, here’s ALL MY TUMBLR friends.. So if people follow me and say that they wanna be friends.. Imma put it in a another poster paper in my school and stuff.. So here’s the front and back,s Rory if you can’t see it really well but I’m going list the people now..

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