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All The Teasing

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,688

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’Don’t you remember?’’

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Lightning Court ⚡️

My absolutely gorgeous wife, Ellie @mayhemories was inspired by @fiery-feyre and @darlingfireheart‘s Sky Court (which I am happy to be Emissary for) and we have decided to make our own.

The Lightning Court is open for all who want to join so send either me or El a message or comment what role you would like to fulfill in our Court.

Positions already taken:

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre aka Gustel aka September and August ;)

Third: @fiery-feyre 

Positions available:

  • First
  • Second
  • Emissary
  • Ambassador
  • Spymaster
  • General
  • Healer
  • and if you have another idea for a role in our court, let us know!

(just as a clarification, I did check with Katie first, so I am not stepping on any toes by making a post a lot like hers, in case anyone was wondering)

tagging some people who might be interested: @rowanismybae @rhysand-and-rowan @sugarcoated44 @2-bookmaster-2 @destiny14444 

Me in the HTTYD Fandom
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *Watching HTTYD* Okay, obviously not like real vikings, but pretty spot on in regards to stereotypical vikings. Also, Dragons.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Watching RoB* Still viking, even more dragons.<p/><b>Me:</b> *Watching RTTE* This isn't even pseudo viking anymore...<p/><b>Me:</b> *Watching defenders of the wing* Wait what? We were in Norway 2 seconds ago, when the fuck did we get to Japan?!<p/><b>Me:</b> *Watching Season 5 teasers* What is this? Fucking tinkerbell?!<p/></p>

Klance??? nah I’m not usually a big shipper like it’s cute but— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of klance doodles spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen theyre just warmups ok [thousands of klance doodles scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

Songs Suga has written and/or produced


  • 518-062
  • Diss
  • Swagger
  • All I Do Is Win
  • A Typical Trainee’s Christmas (흔한 연습생의 크리스마스)
  • School of Tears (학교의눈물) 
  • Dream Money 
  • Adult Child (어른아이)


  • No More Dream
  • We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
  • Skit: Circle Room Talk
  • I Like It (좋아요)
  • Outro: Circle Room Cypher
  • Road/Path (길)
  • Born Singer 
  • N.O
  • We On
  • If I Ruled the World
  • Coffee
  • Cypher Pt. 1
  • The Rise of Bangtan
  • Satoori Rap (팔도강산)  
  • A Typical Idol’s Christmas (흔한 아이돌의 크리스마스)


  • It Doesn’t Matter (상관없어) Mix Final - January 19, 2014
  • Intro: Skool Luv Affair
  • Boy in Luv (상남자) 
  • Where Did You Come From (어디에서 왔는지)
  • Just One Day (하루만)
  • Tomorrow
  • Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych
  • Spine Breaker (등골브레이커)
  • Jump
  • Miss Right
  • So 4 More
  • Danger
  • War Of Hormone
  • Hip Hop Lover (힙합성애자)
  • Let Me Know
  • Rain
  • Cypher Pt. 3: Killer
  • Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone? (핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래?)
  • Blanket Kick/Embarrassed (이불킥)
  • 24/7=heaven
  • Look here (여기 봐)
  • Second Grade (2 학년)
  • The Stars
  • I Like It Pt.2 (いいね!Pt.2)
  • Wake Up


  • Intro: 화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
  • I Need U
  • Hold Me Tight (잡아줘)
  • Dope (쩔어)
  • Boyz With Fun (흥탄소년단)
  • Converse High
  • Moving On (이사)
  • For You
  • Intro: Nevermind
  • Run
  • Butterfly
  • Whalien 52
  • Ma City
  • Autumn/Dead Leaves (고엽)


  • Fire (불타오르네) 
  • Save Me
  • Epilogue: Young Forever
  • Love Is Not Over (Full Length Edition) 
  • Intro; Dt sugA (Ft. DJ Friz)
  • Agust D 
  • Give It To Me 
  • Skit 
  •  724148 (치리사일사팔)
  • 140503 At Dawn (140503 새벽에)
  • The Last (마지막)
  • Tony Montana
  • Interlude; Dream, Reality
  • So Far Away
  • Introduction: Youth
  • Good Day
  • Wishing on a Star 
  • Blood Sweat & Tears  (피 땀 눈) 
  • First Love
  • Cypher Pt. 4
  • Two! Three! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)
  • Interlude: Wings 


  • Spring Day (봄날)
  • Outro: Wings 
  • A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone
  • So Far Away (Suga, Jin, Jungkook Ver.) 
  • Wine (오늘 취하면) 




ot3 feelings….


Small story behind this!

This comic idea came to me when I thought that Genji would find troublesome walking in public again, not feeling like his old self anymore. They all struggled and tried to convince him to go out, but found himself one day taken downtown by Mercy, who needed an extra hand to help her with some grocery shopping. She used as excuse the fact that many of those at the base were either resting after missions, away in missions or just home, enjoying some free days. (everyone needs to relax once in a while XD) Genji always appreciated her care for him, how much time she always spent making sure he did his daily exercises during the recovery period (McCree also helped, and Gabe whenever he had time to spare), and of course the very fact that she made him “exist” again, so he couldn’t refuse her small wish, even if this meant going outside the base. (he was still fresh after recovery.. no missions or such things yet)


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

I like large hoodies! One of my weak points XD

Made this one quick, before leaving work.


Soooo… Loki seems to be wearing the exact same costume but in different colours in Thor: Ragnarok.

First one, very dark, black and green, with a cape. And second one blueish and green, much more colourful and lighter.

Playtime with Daddy 3 😙

“Whatcha doing little girl?” Daddy asks “Hehe nothing Daddy” I say as I twirl around trying to get his attention. I’m wearing my favourite pink princess costume. I love playing dress up.
“Daddy I wanna play a game”
Daddy’s working at his desk. He turns around in his chair and faces me.
“look at my little princess”
I do a little twirl for Daddy.
“I can think of a game we can play.”
Daddy has that look in his eyes.
“What is it Daddy?”
“It’s like Simon says princess, but we also gonna do playtime. Daddy’s been under a lot of stress because of work, and he needs his princess to make him feel better”
I pout a bit. I wanna play a different game but Daddy makes the rules.
“Okay but only if Daddy is the king”
“Daddy is always the king sweetie. Now come sit on Daddy’s lap.”
“Okay Daddy”
I gleefully sit on Daddy’s lap. It’s my favourite place to sit. He rubs my backs and trails kisses from my shoulder all the way up to my neck leaving little bites in between. I squirm a bit, Daddy knows kissing my neck makes me go crazy. He grabs my hair hard “Be good princess stay still.”
“Okay Daddy”
Daddy goes for my neck again but I squirm some more.
“Princess what did I say?”
I’m feeling bratty today
Daddy gives me a look “nothing?”
I jump off Daddy’s lap. Hide and seek is much more fun game. I run to my room and hide in my bed. I hear Daddy go into his room first and then mine.
I pop out from under the covers.
“Come here little girl” Daddy’s voice is slightly stern.
I hide back under the covers.
Daddy waits.
“Don’t make me count to three Angel your not gonna like it”
I hold my position.
I stay under the covers
I hold for a second but I know Im gonna be in big trouble. I come out from under the covers and go to Daddy. Thankfully he doesn’t look super mad yet.
“You disobeyed me Princess. Sometimes you have to play the games Daddy wants to play. Do you understand?”
I nod my head
“Do you have anything you want to say?”
I hesitate. I’m feeling really bratty today, and Daddy doesn’t seem to care.
“What’d you say?”
Daddy stares at me for a second.
“Knees now.” Daddy says sternly.
“I don’t wanna…”
“Dont make me count again.”
I hesitate. Daddy comes closer.
“If you’re gonna behave like a bad girl you’re going to get treated like a bad girl. Now get on your knees.”
I start to go down to my knees. Daddy takes his belt off.
“Don’t move.” Daddy puts his belt around my neck like a leash, he usually only does that when I’m really bad. “Come on” Daddy tugs on his belt.
“Daddy where are we going?”
“Your timeout corner”
I don’t like my timeout corner.

Daddy walks me to his bedroom first. He grabs my butt plug and kneels down to me.
“Why am I doing this?” Daddy asks.
“Because I was bad and didn’t listen and said a bad word.”
Daddy nods his head and spits on the butt plug.
“No lube for bad girls” holding the belt so I don’t move, Daddy reaches over and slowly takes off my panties. Then all at once drives the butt plug in me. I wince in pain but I know that I was a bad girl and deserve it.
“Open your mouth” Daddy commands.
I do as I’m told.
Daddy turns to his drawer and pulls out my ball gag. I keep my mouth open for Daddy to put it in. It’s so big I can barely fit it all.
“Let’s go”
Daddy walks me downstairs to my timeout corner. It’s a little chair in the corner by his desk.
“On your knees upright” Daddy commands. I do what he says. Daddy takes the leash off and begins unzipping my princess costume.
“You’ve been bad, bad girls don’t get to be princesses do they?”
I shake my head as Daddy strips me.
“Now crawl to your corner and sit there” I do as Daddy commands.
Daddy makes me sit there for what seems like an eternity. The butt plug hurts as I squirm from having to sit still for so long. Daddy looks at over to me. I try not to move to much while he’s watching.
“Come here princess” Daddy calls over. I crawl to Daddy and show I’m a good girl. I assume position, on my knees, upright, head looking down.
“You’ve been a bad girl today and Daddy has to discipline bad behaviour. Do you understand?”
I nod my head, my ball gag still in my mouth. Daddy stands up and starts moving things off his desk.
“Lay on the desk. Legs apart, facing me.”
I do what Daddy says. The desk is cold on my already naked body. Daddy begins stripping down. He takes his shirt off, his pants and his boxers. He sits back down in his chair and put his face in between my legs.
“This time princess, when I say don’t move, I expect you not to move.”
Daddy trails his tongue along the edges of my pussy. He gives me little kisses and tickles. I try my best to stay still but it’s really hard.
Daddy tugs on my butt plug.
“Stay. Still. I won’t say it again” I tense up. Daddy begins to jerk himself, while simultaneously eating my pussy. I stay still while his tongue trails up and down me. He swirls his tongue on my clit and pulsing in my hole. Daddy reaches up and starts to fondle my tits. Squeezing my nipples, and running them through his fingers. I start to go crazy and squirm by accident. This makes Daddy mad. He moves his hands to my throat and starts to tug on my butt plug more.
“What a bad little girl” Daddy says
“Come here.” Daddy effortlessly picks me up and turns me over so that I’m bent over the desk.
“If you won’t stay still on your own I’m going to have to make you”
Daddy grabs my hands and puts them behind my back holding me down. My mouth’s beginning to slobber with the ball gag inside it and my butt hurts from the jerking motions.
“Are you going to be good little girl?”
I nodd my head
Daddy puts his big cock in my little pussy. The thrusts intensify with the addition of the butt plug. Everything feels tighter then usually. Daddy begins ramming me. I start to moan through my ball gag. Daddy’s fucking me harder then usual today. He pulls on my hair tightly as he thrusts deeper and deeper. Daddy’s fucking me so hard I begin to worry I’ll cum without permission. Daddy reaches over and takes my ball gag out of my mouth. I sigh in relief. He continues to rail me hard.
“You like when daddy fucks your holes princess”
I moan “yessss daddy”
“Are you daddy’s little sex toy?”
Daddy’s cock feels so good. I moan louder.
“Yes please daddy”
“Are you going to listen from now on??”
“Yes daddy!”
Come here. Daddy pulls me up by my hair and moves me down back to my knees. He begins jerking his cock off while he holds my face in one hand.
“Open that bad mouth of yours”
I do as I’m told. Daddy spits in it and I swallow.
“Thank you daddy”
Daddy holds my hair tightly, and I leave my mouth open for daddy’s load. I love daddy’s cum and I’m lucky he still wants to share it with me.
“That a good girl”
My heart melts. I’m definitely happier being a good girl rather then a bad one.
Daddy finishes on me. He sprays my chest, tummy, face and hair. I rub it on my body just like Daddy likes so I’m covered.
“Good girl” Daddy says. I smile.
“Do you want daddy to clean you?”
“No Daddy! I wanna wear it all day!”
Daddy laughs and gives me a little kiss on my forehead.
“Daddy only disciplines you because he loves you. You know that right?”
I hug Daddy with my naked body and give Daddy kisses.
“Yes Daddy!”
I’m so lucky to have a good Daddy.❤️

  • It is not BTS FM if they are not being savage, so they start by blaming rapmon for wearing yellow (Eggmon)
  • JK wearing glasses (too much overwatch man …)
  • They had to make a wish before blowing the candle, BTS being BTS they forgot. (4 years of beings dorks)
  • They finally taste the cake on camera !!!
  • They achieved ALL the goals they wished for last year (Hard work never fails you - Aren’t you all proud ARMY)
  • Jk blowing kisses (Jin’s virus got to him) then Rapmon too (that virus is no joke)
  • What seemed like a joke and expressed as a dream became reality (Little did they know they will win an award at the BBMAs and be the talk of the night too)
  •  Jimin who used to not want to share jungkook is now offering us his artwork (We really came a long way)
  • There is a probability of them doing a guerilla date or something similar in korea to thank ARMYs (again international ARMYs will never relate)
  • BTS the saints are planning busking now
  • Jin’s choregraphy debut getting all the praise it deserves
  • Jhope and Jimin reading fans comment (FROM NOW ON gotta comment on every post religiously)
  • BTS complaining about other members bad habits and ending it everytime by a song so no one gets mad
  • Jin defending his dad jokes by saying it is his personal talent. Savage Jimin coming at him all day “You need to stop winking”
  • Jhope “sorry” Jk “ok” = End of argument
  • Jungkook ONLY bought a gift for Jimin. BTS asked for the reason behind it, Jk kept looking at the floor and gave them NONE (Yes Jikook shippers are at the club celebrating) 
  • Jin and Rapmon are still in the honey moon phase after 4 yaers: blowing kisses to one another, sitting next to one another in flights and Jin even taking care of RM’s luggage.
  • V gets ride of old stuff by giving it to Jin
  • Rapmon give JK the clothes that are too big for him (the irony of this)
  • BTS telepathy game is sooo strong. Bying the same gifts to one another (RM and JH)
  • BTS always resolves their problems by getting together and talking it out (Take notes from them, that’s how you keep EVERY relationship going)
  • BTS feets under the table are so distracting (Hobi stroking Jimin’s shoes with his bare feets is a new concept)
  • BTS holding hands when facing a conflict and singing “we love bts/eachother”
  • BTS shaking hands every 2  seconds (Maybe it is a new habit?)
  • Spending good time thanking ARMYs from the bottom of their hearts.

okeedokees  asked:

I've just discovered you and I love your work! Would you mind sharing your approach to composition and thought process on it? Are there any artists you reference? Thank you!

Hey! you found me! Thanks!  

 I reference from photos for stuff I can’t visualize on my own, and artists like bouguereau, rockwell, leyendecker, mucha for mind fuel


Whenever I do a piece, the objective I have in mind is to not get bored, because once I lose interest, I lose the piece.

So for me, the composition has to be distinct enough to avoid echoing an early piece, and to immediately be recognized due to its layout. It’s gotta be new for me, and new things are fun and exciting, right? (yes they are) 

I think about the subject, the action, the actual format (whether it’s allegorical, objective, subjective, i.e. is it a symbolization, a certain scene, would you find it in real life? I tend to avoid the latter, because I find it dull and uninteresting and I hhhhhhhate that) I place priority on the human form, it’s versatile and expressive more than anything else, in my opinion. 

Here’s an example. Normally I don’t post my sketches since they’re just glorified chicken scratch, but this is the best example I could think of at the moment. It’s St. George (for my series sanctus), and normally, you’d see him like this 

(Saint George and the Dragon by gustave moreau, 1889-1890 )


(Saint George and the Dragon by raphael, 1504-1506) 


It’s a pretty common depiction, since it goes back to medieval times. The similarities are that he’s on a horse, he has a spear/lance, there’s a dragon, and he’s attacking it.

The big picture (haha pun) is that I wanted to also have my subject be st george (side note, it’s kind of the theme of the series), but different enough from past artworks where I’d know it wasn’t enormously reminiscent of the traditional depiction. So I aim to keep the basic idea, and see what goes on from there. 

This is the first sketch I did, it was okay, I knew I’d never drawn anything like that, which is good, but composition was lacking. I wasn’t so hot about this, so I dropped it. I kinda like it so I might revisit it .  Additionally, though, it strayed a little too far from the main idea. 

Above was the second sketch, after I’d finished roughing it out, I knew immediately it wouldn’t do. I was satisfied for about 2 seconds, then I got disappointed and stayed that way.. If I put it side by side with the other million or so paintings of st george, I doubt I could tell it was mine. It was practically the same: horse, lance, dragon. The action was too similar to other portrayals.  


It’s not as similar as the previous one was, but I didn’t like it. That’s a good indicator too, whether you like it or not. I’d tried to fuse the first and second sketch because I did like the first one somewhat, but it didn’t really work for me. It’s just so awkward … 

So I left the piece for a while, and came back and did this. It was different, simpler (which can improve a piece more often than not), and I liked it. After I did most of the sketch, I said great job u idiot it only took you a week to come up with a sketch the hell is wrong with u, went to bed, and woke up happy, and normally it doesn’t take me 3 actual sketches or something to come up with a good piece, and I was getting pretty fed up before the last sketch, but good thing I didn’t give up (this time. hah) This is basically how I go about my pieces for now.

tl;dr Don’t give up! (haha I lied, go back and read)

Draco’s Soulmate

so I saw this au where there was a countdown on someone’s wrist to the moment they meet their soulmate and I’m a sucker for soulmate and muggle au’s so I decided to write one! I might do one in Harry’s POV if y’all want me to. Enjoy!

3 minutes and 34 seconds. The nerves were growing inside him. Draco had always strived to look his best, however this morning nothing seemed right. Even though his hair was perfectly styled and he tried to look casual but not too casual (even though the man almost always wore a suit). Today he wore a white button up under a black blazer and black skinny jeans. Draco didn’t think it was possible for someone to feel overdressed and underdressed at the same time, but that’s what he was feeling.

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Okay, so, I’m in this super boring meeting about something, I don’t know, wasn’t paying attention and then BOOM. It was like an ugly contest were everyone was the winner. This one does all ROAR! so I shot him PEW! then I shot these other one PEW! Shot a couple of extra guys just to be safe. PEW! PEW! PEW! I did a lot of shooting if I’m being totally honest. And then PEEW! They destroyed my favorite store. Second favorite. There’s that spicy ramen shop- I’m getting sidetracked. Look, long story short, I get busy.

10 Podcasts I Love Described In One Sentance

1. My Favorite Murder - Two hilarious women talk about murder, among (a lot of) other things. (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)
2. The Strange Case Of The Starship Isis - What if Firefly, but everyone was queer? (Fiction, ongoing?)
3. Can I Pet Your Dog - A Dog Haver and A Dog Wanter talk about dogs, often to really cool people. (Non-Fiction, Weekly ongoing)
4. The Bright Sessions - Therapy for people with superpowers; what could go wrong? (Fiction, currently in the second season)
5. The Dollop - A dude who did research tells a dude who didn’t about history. (Non-Fiction, weekly)
6. Limetown - The best/creepiest/most amazing podcast about an entire town that disappeared. (Fiction, only 1 season, likely dead, but so well done it is worth a listen)
7. My Brother, My Brother, And Me - Good, good, goof boys give bad, bad, hilarious advice (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)(be warned the early stuff can be problematic, but honestly who wasn’t shittier 7 years ago?)
8. Welcome To Night Vale/Alice Isn’t Dead - Beautiful Gay Protagonist talks about the creepy shit that happens to them. (Fiction, WTNV weekly ongoing, AID in its second season)
9. How Did This Get Made - The best Bad Movie Podcast with amazing guests and Jason Mantzoukas who I’m not sure if I love or hate. (Non-Fiction, bi-weekly with minis in between) (It’s love)
10. The Adventure Zone - The most talented DM I have ever heard wrangles three family members while creating some of my fave gay characters. (Fiction-ish, bi-weekly)

Out of all the characters Pharah is the best to take over as strike commander. The narrative is even pushing for it. She has the motive, the connections, a legacy to carry on, and the skills.

1) She’s the head of security for Helix which was holding Doomfist. She’ll be pushed into action by the company sooner or later. To take down Akande she will be forced to take on Talon as well. Meaning that she will likely have to fight Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra as well.

2) Widowmaker shot her mother and Ana was presumed dead for about 7 years. So Fareeha is going to have a major grudge. That’s going to get personal.

3) She knew Reaper. He was, presumably, like an uncle to her or family of some sort. It’s going to hit her hard when she finds out that not only did Gabe break Akande out, but that he’s been experimented on and used by/working with Talon.

4) She will want to make her mother proud. Ana was one of the founding members of overwatch and later became the second in command. Also, Fareeha grew up in Overwatch and, likely, has fond memories of growing up on base. This brings us to point 5.

5) We are constantly reminded that Fareeha wanted to be part of Overwatch when she was a child. Being an agent of Overwatch used to be her dream. If given the chance, of course she would jump to join.

6) She is the security chief of Helix and part of the Raptora squad, a state of the art mecha suit division. She was also part of the Egyptian army and she has a commendation of ‘distinguished service’. 

The only Talon character she isn’t connected with is Sombra other than Sombra doing research on her. I’m still waiting to see how that pans out because if Blizzard really wanted to push this they would give us a more concrete connection between the two.

None of the other characters we can assume join the new Overwatch have quite the narrative background suiting them to be the strike commander. Hell, if anyone should be the poster child for Overwatch it should be Fareeha.