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it’s! arospec awareness week so guess who’s gonna be spammy and do the challenge, it’s me

i’m a day late to the party, so i’m gonna do days 1 and 2 here. sorry it gets kind of long ‘~’

personal prompt, day 1

write about what your aromantic / aro spec identity means to you

my aromanticism is kinda weird for me because a lot of it is influenced by my last relationship? like i’ve stopped really considering myself demiromantic because of it, and i’ve started just using the aro label. and i’m okay with that, because i love that part of myself and who i am even though it’s so unusual to the majority of people.

i still struggle with accepting it fully, and i’m still dealing with the aftermath of a relationship that was abusive primarily due to my orientation, but i’m trying to learn to love myself for who i am even with an entire world against me.

for me, my aromanticism is both a “fuck you” to an allonormative and sexualized society, and a huge insecurity in my life, because i still struggle with feeling incomplete and broken. i have a lot of external pressure around me to conform to heteronormative society, and it’s impossible for me to do so, which leaves me feeling like i’ve let people down. i carry a lot of guilt around with me because of it, but i’m trying to learn how to let that guilt go and be happy with who i am ^^

fandom prompt, day 1

a character you headcanon as aromantic and on the asexual spectrum

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pidge!!! i love the aroace headcanon for her, and since i relate to her in so many ways, it makes even more sense to me for her to be aspec :) and her love for technology and robots is so much purer than any allo headcanon could dream of, lbr

personal prompt, day 2

write about some of the complications you’ve come across as identifiying or existing on the aromantic spectrum

the obvious problem i’ve had is trying to explain the SAM to people. it’s amazing how much people can’t seem to understand the difference between romantic and sexual feelings and behaviors lol.

the other complications i’ve had is when people want to get romantically involved with me. at least once a semester, i have some guy try something on me, and i don’t know how to deal with it. i’m incredibly romance-repulsed, to the point that even hugs or other semi-platonic affections make me super uncomfortable, and yet very few people actually take this into account and continually overstep their boundaries with me. and since allos i guess find it hard to believe there are people without romantic attraction, they just can’t fathom that i wouldn’t want to engage in this kind of behavior, or that i wouldn’t want to date people, etc. it’s…. very frustrating and uncomfortable.

fandom prompt, day 2

a character you headcanon as aromantic and allosexual

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i know the tales series isn’t too popular, but i’m convinced that vesperia’s yuri lowell is totally aromantic and bisexual! his lack of interest in anything romantic, but his deep care for his friends (flynn), really makes this headcanon work for me.

My mom visited a Sherlock Cafe -- Jealousy ensues

Okay so– my mom (who is a pretty big BBC Sherlock fan even though she tries to stay low-key about it) is in China right now for work purposes and she happened upon a BBC Sherlock cafe and I just??

What –


Holy shit?? She sent me so many photos of the place and I am in LITERAL agony

LOTS more under the cut because ho boy….there is a lot. 

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*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc

Weak- Cassian Andor

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Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Prompt: #47: “How am I supposed to do anything when you’re looking at me like that”

Warnings: None, just kissing and angst. My usual MO. 

A/N: Okay so I know this has primarily been a Percivan Graves content blog for a while now, but I couldn’t resist. And I had a lot of encouragement so thank you xD I hope this turned out alright…he’s a difficult character to capture but I really, really loved writing this! Let me know what you think!

I heard footsteps coming up the ramp and turned to look over my shoulder. I smiled as Cassian poked his head around the corner. I should’ve expected him to turn up at some point. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I’d gone to the ship in an attempt to be alone, to gather my thoughts before tomorrow. Sleep was evading me, the way it always did before a big battle. Only this time it was different. I had a feeling about this particular battle, though it was a feeling I didn’t want to dwell on for too long. Cassian was about the only person I wanted to see right now anyways.

“Shouldn’t you be resting, Captain?” I asked, going back to cleaning my gun.

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An Introduction to Karmic Astrology

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Karmic astrology is a type of astrology that doesn’t aim to know what you are, but why you are. Whether it is true or not, it aims to answer this question: “Why am I the way I am?” When people delve into karmic astrology, they usually have a good understanding of themselves first. People primarily study karmic astrology to find an explanation for their lives. This can vary from why they were born into circumstances, and why they were born with certain gifts and weaknesses. People also study karmic astrology to see why people suffer from different things. An obvious answer is that people study karmic astrology simply because they believe in karma and past lives.

In karmic astrology, there is the belief that everybody has a soul and that we go through multiple lifetimes to achieve certain life tasks, and to balance any karmic debt we may create in our lifetimes. Saturn, 12th House, and problematic placements in a birth chart is one of many indicators of karmic debt in a birth chart. Your life task and purpose can primarily be seen through the North Node.

With your birth chart yourself, you have a mix of problematic and harmonious placements. Your problematic placements may be placements that you’ve had due to a karmic debt and/or due to the fact that is a placement that you will aim to master in this lifetime. On the flip side, your harmonious placements may be placements that show mastery from past lifetimes, or placements that can help you achieve your life purpose.

When you are born into the world, your soul will pick various placements for the specific lesson, task, and karmic debt they would like to balance or accomplish. With this, your soul will use various signs and planets to make sure they can achieve a goal. With this being said, the goal people can have is completely unique. With every unique natal chart, there is a unique soul purpose.

There are also many types of souls mentioned in karmic astrology. There are infant, young, mature, and old souls. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find your soul age from a single birth chart because it shows a single lifetime. The chart can give clues to one’s soul age, but there is never a set, technical way to be sure.

With this in mind, the soul can use various signs to achieve their purposes. Although all the signs can be used in the cycles, there are some signs that are most likely to be used in mature lifetimes compared to younger lifetimes. Young souls are the most likely to use earth and water signs while older souls are more likely to use fire and air signs. However, I will repeat and say that any of the signs can be used in any kind of lifetime, because essentially, the signs are chosen for specific purposes.

The study of karmic astrology is very intricate for there are other deeper matters that goes into it. It is a study that involves a lot of intuition and sense rather than technicality and logic. Regardless if you believe in karma or past lives or not, karmic astrology is a subject that attempts to discover a world that is not physical.

Source: Symbols of the Soul by Gina Lake

and like Here’s The Thing about the staggering lack queer rep in Harry Potter.

I understand if JKR wasn’t in a position to include explicitly queer characters in the original books, honestly. I know she gets a lot of gripe for not making Dumbledore’s sexuality clear in the books, or god forbid including any queer students, but I get it. the books weren’t published at an ideal time to be putting explicit queerness in books that were primarily advertised as being for children. like honestly, I get it. I, a queer, am willing to forgive J.K. Rowling for not including any overt gayness in the original HP books.

BUT. but. here’s the thing. the franchise, has stretched sooooooo far beyond the original series now. for better or worse, JKR’s world is going to stay around and keep being relevant for the foreseeable future. 

and the franchise hasn’t adapted, at all. like say what you will about Rick Riordan and his books, but the series has expanded waaaay beyond the original books, because Rick Riordan gives a shit about letting kids see themselves in the books they read. JKR has has SO. MUCH. TIME. to add any shred of queerness to the series. she could have gotten Albus and Scorpius together. she could have sent out a damn tweet about Lavender and Parvati getting married, or Dean and Seamus, or ANYONE. anything. and she’s passed that up every time.

you know that post that talks about Joss Whedon’s brand of feminism not keeping up with the times AT ALL, so that what seemed really exciting once it just pitiful now? the same applies to JKR’s ability to represent anyone who isn’t straight. or white. or any other variation from the perceived “norm”, honestly.

Kookmin Terms and Definitions For Fans by Fans
  • Jikook: The general, catch-all International name for the JK x JM pairing. Used primarily outside of East Asia.
  • 국민 (Kookmin): Korean name for the JK x JM couple. It strictly means top Jungkook, bottom Jimin. Used in Korea, Japan, and many other East Asian countries. It’s the most well-known, widely used name by Koreans including casual fans and fan sites.
  • 국짐 (Kookjim): The alternative name for Kookmin.
  • 지정 (Jijung): Korean name for top Min, bottom Kook.

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orugomagno  asked:

I write to inquire about tuiton fees and financial aid at Elsewhere University. I would be very grateful for any information on the cost of enrollment for incoming students and any form of funding available to students with a low income and/or outstanding academic record? I would also like to now, if I am unable to afford tuition, would it be acceptable for me to Make A Deal? Thank you very much for your time.

Elsewhere University has phenomenal financial aid, primarily merit-based (and what constitutes as merit is shifty, at best) - this has something to do with a deal struck a long time ago, a game won by some philanthropist. It also has a lot to do with the fact that Elsewhere University can recognise that if it intends to carry on being a university, it’s got to have most of the students be clever enough to make it through four years.

It wouldn’t be unacceptable to strike a deal, in the sense that something would certainly accept it; it might not, however, be advisable.

Hi! I need some more witch oriented blogs to follow. I’m primarily looking for:

- kitchen witchcraft
- hedge witchcraft
- divination blogs
- sigil blogs
- astrology blogs
- blogs about herbs and plants and their properties (not necessarily magical)
- blogs about crystals, minerals, and different types of rocks (also, not necessarily magical)
- mythology blogs, any type
- general “witchy” aesthetic

*as a side note, I am not a Wiccan. Though I don’t mind following blogs run by Wiccans, the Wiccan religion is not what I’m looking for.

If you could like or reblog this post, or just give me recommendations, that would be great. Also, this is a side blog, so I’ll be following from my main. Thanks!

Here’s a thought experiment to give an example of how nationalism is a reactionary ideology which reinforces capitalism:

Kāi Tahu, one of the most prosperous tribes, own a number of businesses. I have friends who work for some of them, including cleaners and service-industry workers. These people are working class, and the corporates who extract millions of dollars from their labour are bourgeois. If the workers, who come from a variety of ethnicities but are primarily Pākehā, decide that their material situation sucks, that they work long hours for little pay, that their conditions are unsafe, that they want and deserve better, and form a union, what am I to do?

If I’m a Māori nationalist, the clear response is to side with the Māori bosses, against the (primarily) Pākehā workers.

If I’m an internationalist socialist, the clear response is to side with the workers, because the salient political distinction is not the ethnonational identity of groups of people but their material relationship to power.

Which is the right thing to do? The nationalist response? Or the internationalist response? Don’t let your identitarian politics interfere with your ability to side with the exploited against the exploiters - don’t let the fantasy of left, postcolonial nationalism trap you into being a reactionary.

You do not “have to” respect any office, tradition, symbol, process, nation, or person. It is entirely up to you to decide what or who has earned your respect. It is up to you to revoke that respect at any time. Respect is something that comes from inside of yourself, only you can choose where it goes, it’s not governed by any law.

Obviously I am referring primarily, in the current context, to authority, to the office of president, to elements of our current process such as the electoral college - and I’ll point out that respect and acceptance and obedience are all different things, though they overlap in important ways. Whether any legal authority or constitutionally enshrined process is something we “have to” accept or obey is a different question (and I would still say the answer is “no” but there are different consequences). But its one thing to say that a process should be legally followed, or acknowledge that an office was filled in a legal manner, it’s entirely another to say that we “have to” respect it. We don’t.


FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

together they are a hot mess.


under cut there’s 3 things: 1. the reasons they fuse into glass rather than quartz 2. predictions on the relationship between jasper and ame and what’s going to happen with it (the possible amethyst arc?) and 3. just some stuff on the design itself + bonus old versions

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anonymous asked:

i was thinking about the scene where Magnus gives Alec back his bow & quiver &is all 'idk how to use these' & i was thinking that Magnus is old af he definitely has been around since the bow &arrow was a commonly used weapon & i know he primarily uses magic but what if he's still trained with weapons? Like, can you imagine how many cute as heck archery competitions Malec would have if Magnus was good with a bow, they would get so competitive and flirty omg i didnt know i needed that til now

Wow, thanks, Anon, for making me all emo again. Because duh…. if this is not canon, I don’t know what is. Let’s be real, Magnus lived for centuries, so of course he knows how to use a bow. I am also pretty sure that, even though he might use magic when it comes to fighting on the battle field and all, he knows how to use other weapons as all. I mean, just look at him, being all bad ass, fierce eyes and body strained, but on the other hand those fluid movements? The elegant way when being deadly precise with that weapon of his choice?

Damn, give me bamf!Magnus all the time. The content I am here for.

But well, yeah, Magnus again trying to convince Alec that he has no idea how to use that bow like he did when they both played pool? So Alec leaning in, his chest against Magnus’ back, warm breath caressing Magnus’ ear while he helps Magnus to steady his posture and teach him how to hold that bow. While Magnus is trying very hard not to smile that fondly smile. Or grab Alec and throw him on the ground and kiss him senseless.

So he really tries to put on an unfazed expression, playing the oh so eager student who just wants to do it right. When Magnus finally shots that arrow and it hits right into the yellow ring. “Not that bad.”

Alec just stares, arms crossed. He shakes his head. “You did it again.” He tries to sound grimmly but Magnus sees that he is fighting back a grin.

“What are you talking about, my dear, Alexander?”

Alec huffs. “Shut up. I am going to get you another bow and then I wil teach you how to shot an arrow.”

Magnus beams. “Oh, Alexander. I didn’t know that you can play dirty.” He wiggles his brows.

Alec tilts his head. “You know, you are going to lose against me, right?”

Magnus’ lips curl into a sly smile. “Wanna bet?”

Alec rolls his eyes but he laughs. “Game on.”

Which leads to these two competitive shits shooting arrows until dawn comes. Neither wanna lose or declare defeat. Not until Magnus may or may not start to get Alec distracted with accidentally touching his arm and leaning into him and placing a soft kiss onto his neck. Alec may or may not miss but he grabs Magnus by his wrist and may or may not kiss him in the middle of the archery field. After some passionate kisses, they both agree to continue this tomorrow.

“I am still better at this, you know?” Alec says with so much pride and a gleeful smirk while tugging Magnus back into the institute.

Magnus chuckles. “Whatever you say, darling.”

Oh, he will teach that cheeky nephilim a lesson. Later. Tonight. In the bedroom. And Alec will be begging. This is gonna be so much fun. Magnus grins while entwining this fingers with Alec’s. Alexander Gideon Lightwood. The best thing that ever happened to him.

D-Views OFF TOPIC!: The Prince of Egypt

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another installment of D-Views Off-Topic! As stated previously, D-Views is a series primarily focusing on Disney-produced and/or owned films, but from time to time, we go “off topic” to discuss films that are sometimes mistaken for and/or were influenced by Disney projects, and that’s what we’re doing today.

I am super excited about today’s subject – it has been one of my favorite films since I was a child, and it is, in my opinion, the single best non-Disney-produced animated film ever made. This is The Prince of Egypt!

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missoperahouse  asked:

Alright but can we just imagine like a One Piece School AU with the Strawhats along with a few other characters, and each falling for someone of their polar opposite or some sort. Like I imagine Zoro being one of the stars on the football team falling for the Field Commander for the band or another band member in general??? Like I am just trash for stuff like this.

I LOVE THIS.  So I have a lot of ideas for this.  To stop myself from writing the Aeneid, I’m going to focus primarily on the Strawhat Pirates.  If you want more, please feel free to message me again.  I just have too many ideas!!

High school AU

  • Law and Chopper are competing for valedictorian with Nami right behind their heels
  • Vivi is the class president.  She’s always talking to her classmates always asking what she can do to help.  She loves baking cookies with Sanji for school events.
  • Vivi has a huge crush on a certain Junior who keeps breaking rules and vandalizing the school hallways.  She has had many mental dilemmas about it.  
  • Franky is the star of the football team, and judging from his size everyone thinks he’s a huge dumb jock
  • But that couldn’t be further from the truth, he fell in love with engineering ever since he joined the robotics club  
  • He has a MAJOR crush on a quiet book nerd in his history class
  • (So maybe he tries to sneak into the library to spend time with them.  Sue him.)
  • Zoro’s captain of the Tae Kwon Do team.  (Zoro, TKD doesn’t involve swords…)
  • He’s doing pretty decent in classes, (best subjects are history and English).
  • Is labeled as a bad egg constantly, and accused of breaking the rules, aggravating him even further
  • Isn’t really looking for a relationship or anything (wayyyyy too much work)…but hey, that clarinet player is kinda cute
  • Sanji has asked every.single.girl. to the school dance in extravagant and elaborate ways
  • He is V sensitive about his love of Home Education classes.  It’s not girly to love cooking, Marimo.  
  • Sanji is KING of bake sales.  Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, mousse, desserts.  He has that COVERED.
  • He falls in love with every girl, but he sure as hell falls in love with a certain hapless student who ALWAYS ends up setting their stove on fire.
  • Law is unfortunately, the most popular boy in school.  He is (to his and Sanji’s displeasure) surrounded by a gaggle of girls
  • All he wants to do is study and go to med school
  • Is unfortunately, also Luffy’s math, reading, writing, and everything tutor.
  • Hancock is the captain of the cheerleading squad who has a huge crush on the school clown
  • She’s also the best at getting away with blatantly rule-breaking activities
  • Kidd is the school’s bad boy.  The one smoking cigs behind the dumpster, the one with the leather jacket, no homework, and the spiked up hair
  • He’s the one always dragging Killer into detention with him.  The one standing up to the unjust teachers and fighting the system.
  • Usopp is the school artist, everyone asks him to design their club T-shirt.
  • He also tried out for the school football team (has had yet to make it.)
  • Brook is in every single band ever.  Marching band.  Pit Band.  Jazz Band.  Wind ensemble.  Orchestra.  His own band.  Wants to make a rock band, but school won’t let him.
Antivan Languages: Part 1 of Project Antiva

Through lots of thought, introspection and research I’ve come to a conclusion on Antiva. While I still am not sure what language Rivain speaks, I think that I can speak with certainty that Antiva has two native languages:

Lengua Antivaño (real world: Spanish) - Commonly referred to as “Antivan,” this language primarily originated in the north-east of Antiva, and is spoken primarily on the easter coast of Antiva. It is the most common language in Antiva City, The Drylands, Treviso, and Rialto.

Lingua Antigliano (real world: Italian) - Commonly referred to “Antilian.” This language primarily originated in the west of Antiva, and is much more heavily influenced by Ancient Tevene than Antivan is. Sometimes called “High Antivan,” it is considered a much more “noble” language. Therefore, it is usually taught to the nobility, even in cities like Antiva City or Treviso where Antivan is much more common. Antilian is the most common in places like Seleny, Salle, Brynnlaw, and the Green Dales.

There will be no major Language Project conlangs for either of these languages. They are both real world Spanish and Italian, respectively. 


I’ve just worked out why I can never find true love. Why’s that? English girls. They’re stuck-up, you see, and I am primarily attracted to girls who are, you know, cooler, game for a laugh… like American girls. So I should just go to America. I would get a girlfriend there instantly. What do you think? I think it’s crap, Colin. Ahh no, that’s where you’re wrong.

anonymous asked:

I've had sexual relations only with girls and mostly only been attracted to other girls, but I can't see myself marrying a woman, what do you think, am i bisexual?

There’s no rulebook for being bi or gay. They’re just labels we use to best explain our experience and feelings of attraction. The feelings and experience come first, and we shouldn’t let the labels determine how we decide to act and what makes us happy. You don’t want to marry a woman? Cool, don’t marry one. You can still have sexual experiences with girls, you can still be primarily attracted to women. Hell, even if you end up marrying a guy and never sleeping with another woman ever again, you can still be bi.

Most bi people aren’t equally attracted to both genders, or aren’t attracted to them in the same way. Some bi people want to have a relationship with one gender, but only have sex with another gender. Some want to have sex with all the genders, and never have a relationship with any. Some don’t want to have sex with anyone, but want to have serious relationships with everyone. Some loathe the institution of marriage and wouldn’t go near it with a ten-foot-pole, but they’ll happily live in a monogamous LTR. That’s totally OK! No one is going to take away their bi card for not doing it right.

And look, tumblr might fall down on my head for saying this, but you can also be a lesbian and still sleep with dudes sometimes. (Some lesbos even marry dudes, and not just as beards, but because they genuinely love them, in a wanting to have sex with them way). The point is: the label does not dictate who you are or what choices you make in your life. You use the label to explain how you feel inside, to yourself and to other people.

Your feelings about marriage might change some day. Or they might not. The label that you use might change some day. Or it might not. Just pick the label that feels right for you, right now. Bi, queer, lesbian, questioning, beautiful homoflexible aromantic swan, no label at all, they’re all OK. As long as your label works for you.

Charlie vs Miss Quill or a lesson in differing morality

I’ll begin by openly admitting that I am primarily a Miss Quill fan and there is a chance that my interpretation is coloured by that fact. Consider yourselves warned.

Brave-ish heart was a fantastic episode in so many ways, but especially in illustrating the differences in the way Charlie and Miss Quill think, perceive the world and act, this is what I intend to try to analyze here.

The first main difference between them lies in Charlie not being able to or flat out refusing to see or even consider things from Miss Quill’s point of view. A perfect example of that is his offhanded: “I care very little about your opinion of my actions, Quill.”, but you can also see it in how he constantly corrects her by insisting she’s a prisoner instead of a slave or that she killed Rhodians in terrorist acts instead of war. What cut me the most personally was his: “You’re heartless. Like all Quill.” The way he said it, the way he said all the things I mention, did not leave any room for arguments or other possible interpretations. For him only his way of thinking (or should I say the way he’s been taught to think) is the right one and that’s that. The feeling I get when I listen to him talk about the Quill as a race or Miss Quill in particular is that both they and she are beneath him, not worth much, I would even go as far as to add - not real enough. He does not care about them or her. In fact the only time he cares about her feelings is when he thinks she sounds happy on the phone. And that worries him! If she’s happy, then she must be up to something bad because as far as he’s concerned that’s all she is - a terrorist, a prisoner slave!, a villain. She is heartless like all Quill, she’s not capable of being truly happy. I’m not claiming that she’s blameless or innocent at all here, I’m only pointing out the way he perceives her and how that affects his judgment and actions towards her.

What really drives the whole Charlie is not capable of seeing things from Miss Quill’s point of view home for me, though, was his speech about how he would be lost if he used the Cabinet of Souls. The entire time he talks about losing hope, having lost everything and losing it again we have Quill in the background watching silently with the most heartbreaking look on her face. Because she has lost everything already and unlike him she does not even have anything else that she could lose. What he’s describing and so afraid of - it’s already happened to her. And since he’s also the last of his species he should be the one who is able to see and understand that, but it never even crosses his mind that “Oh, my enemy might have feelings too!”. Charlie likes to think of himself as just and moral (which is what Dorothea appeals to as well by the way and she knows what to go for), but when it comes to Miss Quill he is anything but that. He may insist that she’s only a prisoner, but at the same time he says “You will do as I say” as if that’s the most natural thing in the world and as if taking someone’s free will is totally fine and dandy and this, the way he does it so offhandedly, this cuts me deeply and turns my stomach. I don’t argue that Quill maybe deserves punishment for the people she’s killed as a freedom fighter, but I will go to my grave claiming that she does not deserve the way he treats her or thinks of her.

As strange as it is, the way I see it, it’s Miss Quill who is better at putting herself in Charlie’s position or in fact in other people’s position in general. It’s her who agrees with Matteusz that it’s not the time for arguments, not Charlie. Charlie strikes me as someone who would like to think they are moral and taking other people and their feelings into account but can be so blinded by what they believe in that they sometimes lose sight of things. He’s not malicious, but he’s definitely misguided and closed-minded (at least when it comes to the Quill and Miss Quill).

Something else that makes these two and the way they view the world very different is the emphasis they put on themselves as persons. The whole time Charlie tries to persuade Miss Quill that they shouldn’t use the Cabinet of Souls to kill the Shadow Kin, he keeps ending his arguments with “What about yourself? You’ll die too.” What I take away from that is that for him that is the most important thing (or what he feels should be most important for her at least). On the other hand we have Miss Quill who openly states that the life she’s currently living doesn’t make her weep at the prospect of death (this statement, however, makes me want to weep) and who advocates for putting duty before the personal. It’s her who says: “All war is sacrifice, but you can end the one they wage on the universe forever and to what better purpose can a life and death be put?”. That is beautiful by the way. And I’m aware that she’s trying to convince him to kill the Shadow Kin because she wants revenge, but I also think that two other things are important to note here - she is actually taking into account the lives that the Shadow Kin will inevitably take as well as revenge and she is ready to sacrifice herself in order to achieve that goal. The way I see it, for Charlie his life means everything, for her - her life at the moment is both devoid of meaning and not as important as the countless universes that could be saved by destroying the Shadow Kin. I’m not for genocide, but I must admit that her way of thinking - putting others before yourself - makes more sense to me in this scenario. Both logically and strategically. Feel free to judge me on this if you want.

After all of this, I would just like to add that if I, personally, had to choose between the “heartless” Quill and the “cultured and learned” Rhodians based on what I know about them so far from this show, Charlie and Miss Quill, I would go with the Quill with no hesitation. They might be aggressive, but they’re honest and I could never sympathize with a culture that goes around teaching their children that the people of another culture are all heartless. If anyone is heartless, it’s NOT Miss Quill. She showed plenty of heart in this episode and i would fight anyone who suggests that this isn’t true.