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summary: you and steve have been friends for a while. after the party at tina’s , you’re worried that the veil of friendship might not be so strong, after all

pairing: steve x reader (fluff + a lil bit of angst)

word count: 1k

A/N: hello kids! this is my first fic ever and im super nervous abt it! let me know what u think! also this goes out to @sanjariti bc steve is our boy 

You looked up at the front of the house with wary eyes, then back down to the smashed party goers who were milling about the lawn. There were definitely at least three people passed out in the bushes, and you had a second thought to just turn tail and get out of there.

However, you reasoned with the situation. This could be your token party for the rest of the year. You could use it as an excuse the next time Harrington was slumped against your locker practically begging for you to make an appearance.

Okay, so he didn’t really beg but, he would ferociously bother you until you gave in.

You liked Harrington, you did. You became friends over a shared hatred of Math in the eighth grade and tried to stay friends throughout highschool. But, things lead to other things. He was busy with swim and basketball, and his shitty friends that you really didn’t care for. And you had your job at the diner, and the extracurriculars that you had hoped would get you into a decent college.

Then came Nancy. You loved Nancy. She was everything that you secretly wished you could be. She was so sweet and so good for Steve. Also, she absolutely floored you with her style.

Steve had been practically in love with Nancy since sophomore year, a fact that he told you at least three times a week. And you were so happy that he finally was able to date the girl of his dreams. But sometimes you wished that was your hand he held, that he looked at you with stars in his eyes.

You sighed, suddenly overly conscious about the last minute cat ears situated on your head and the lowcut bodysuit that really didn’t hide much. Out front the new kid -Benny? - was shirtless, chugging out of a keg, with fans already cheering him on.


Sure, this would be fun.

Pushing into the throng of people, you search desperately for someone - anyone - that you knew. After a few minutes, you decide to wander into the kitchen, where you finally spy Nancy in a white top - or what looked to be a white top. The front was now a deep red, almost as red as her face.

“Woah there champ, let’s get you home, okay?” Consoling her was fine, but you needed to find someone who knew where she lived. You and her had only spoken a couple of times, but you couldn’t just leave her there.

Making sure she was awake and drinking water, you push through the crowd, searching for Steve or - boom! There was that kid Jonathan that she always hung out with, who coincidentally, also looked like he was looking for Nancy. You point toward the kitchen, encouraging him to take her home.

Jonathan walks to the kitchen and you’re relieved that she’d be getting home with someone she knew. After that, you maneuver out the back door, wanting to be anywhere but that crowded room. Hopping down to the back porch, you see the back of a familiar head of floppy hair.

Instinctively, your heart skips a beat. You tell yourself it’s nothing, act casual. Pulling your jacket closer, you take a seat next to him. He’s smoking, which you’ve never seen before. He makes a surprised noise at your appearance, but doesn’t take his eyes off his shoes.

“Yanno, that stuff will kill ya.” You chide, nudging him with a forced smile. Steve snorts, flicking the ash off and snuffing it with his boot.

He takes a hit, then hands it to you. “Didn’t think you liked parties that much.”

You take it, holding it before taking a drag, too. “I don’t, not usually. But what about you? Why aren’t ya in there with Na-”

Steve cuts you off, holding out a hand, “I’ll stop ya there.” You raise your eyebrows, glancing at how his sunglasses are slipping on his nose, and the way his lips form into a grim line. SIghing, you stand up, holding out your hand.

He had been your friend for almost five years, you couldn’t leave him to sulk on the footsteps of a party by himself. “Come on, Harrington. It’s weird not seeing you smile.”

You wonder what had happened, you figure it was something with Nancy. Putting the red shirt together and the streaks of tears on both of their faces, it wasn’t hard to figure out. But now wasn’t the time to ask. Not when you can see how red his eyes are - whether they’re red from the drug or crying you’re not sure.

You can tell he’s debating whether or not to grab your hand, because Steve was strong. He didn’t need pity. But, he needs something right now. RIght now he needs some reassurance that someone wants to be around him. He takes your hand, pulling himself up on wobbly legs.

“There we go. Look at you! You look like a fuckin tool. But, I kinda dig it.” You laugh, gesturing to his costume.

Steve scoffs good naturedly, brushing off his shoulders. He was honestly, the biggest dork you had ever seen. You two begin walking toward the street, your hands shoved in your pockets.

“What do you mean? I was the coolest guy in there!” Steve exclaims, to your amusement.

You glance up at him, squinting your eyes. “Oh yeah, for sure! Because all the cool guys wear their sunglasses at night!”

Shaking his head, Steve looks at you for a second too long to be constituted as just friends. Coughing, you break the eye contact.

Deciding on some middle ground, you stick out your hand again. Steve takes it, giving it a squeeze for good measure. You feel something change in your friendship at that moment. But it was good, for now. The buzz off the night’s delinquencies might have been dying down, but the feeling of Steve’s skin was electric.

“Come on Steve. Let’s walk home.”

Spill Your Guts

A/N: I really wanted to write an LGBT reader so I came up with this little one shot, enjoy! Reader is Bi (or Pan!)

Word Count: 962

Warnings: overall grossness if you’ve ever watched the Spill Your Guts segment on The Late Late Show.

Dedicate this to my bisexual queen and fellow Cara lover @harry-writings 🌈

“…And for the last two, we have bird saliva and bull penis.” You can hear the crowd around you making shocked and disgusted sounds. You cover your mouth with your hands trying to hide the growing smile but also disgusted look that crosses your face. You honestly have no idea how you ended up in this situation.

You were absolutely flabbergasted when your manager told you that James Corden wanted you on the show to help promote your new movie. It would be your first time on the hit talk show and to say you were nervous, would be an understatement.

It’d be fun, they said. It’s a great marketing experience, they said.

But now here you were, staring down at the lazy Susan that was littered with products that would make even the strongest stomach queasy.

The first question was given to James. You were relatively a new and up and coming actress and didn’t really have anything to hide or be embarrassed about but you’re stomach still flipped with nerves at what he might ask.

“Alright…let’s start off with…” James turned the table around trying to land on the most disgusting thing. If you were being honest with yourself, there wasn’t anything on the table you would ever want to eat or drink before answering a personal question.

“Ah yes, a salmon smoothie. My personal favorite.” You couldn’t help the way your face contorted as you looked at the chunky smoothie that radiated an overwhelming scent into your nostrils. You laugh along with James as you just shake your head and wait for his question.

“You have been connected to both Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne.” James pauses his reading as he looks up to see you reaction. You can feel your cheeks starting to heat up as the crowd woos around you.

You had met Cara while filming the movie you were currently promoting and things had sort of moved pretty quickly between the two of you. You weren’t expecting the media frenzy that came along with dating one of the world’s most beautiful woman. It was a fast romance that had ended along with filming. Luckily, there were no bad feelings between the two of you and promoting the film together had not been awkward at all, no matter how much interviewers try to choke you both up.

You placed your hands on the table and leaned forward as you waited for him to continue.

“So my question is…Who is better in bed?” You try to stop your eyes from widening because you know the camera is trying to get the best close up of your reaction. The crowd’s hollering is almost deafening as you rack your brain for some answer that will get you out of this without saying too much about you ex girlfriend and your current, and still new relationship with Harry.

You look down at the salmon smoothie, which had chunks floating around the top, then back at James who has a smirk on his face that you want so badly to slap off.

“Okay so we’re getting right into this.” You whisper to yourself which causes James and the audience to laugh. ”You know…I actually just became a vegan so…” Your voice gets lost in the sound of the crowds shouting.

“No, no, no, I asked you if this was okay and you said yes!” You mentally slapped your past self, who only thirty minutes ago, agreed to do this segment.

“Well, I don’t—They’re both—I don’t know!” You hid your face in your hands as you stumbled over your words. You didn’t want to reveal too much information about Cara or Harry but you also didn’t want to drink the smoothie. You were still trying to come up with a way out when you’re mouth opened and began spouting out words before you could second guess them.

“I mean, um, they’re both good at—they’re both good at different things and—“ You were caught off guard again by the sound of the crowd screaming.

“Good?! You describe sex with Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne as only good?” You see the producers in the corner of your eyes raising and lowering their hands in an effort to quiet down the crowd.

“No! They’re both great it’s just—I don’t know! Oh my god!” You wish you never opened your mouth because know you were just saying things you would regret.

“Answer the question or drink the smoothie.” James replies smugly.

“Okay, my answer is,” The studio is suddenly eerily quiet. “They are both great in bed but—“ You get cut off again by the sound of the audience.

“But!” You raise your voice to be heard over all the noise. “But, they are both good—amazing, in different areas.”

Again, it takes a few moments for the crowd to settle down. Worry washes over you as you wonder how Harry will react to your revelation about your sex life with him. You knew Cara well enough to know she would think this was all hilarious but you weren’t quite sure how Harry would respond given that he was always such a secretive person, especially when it came to relationships.

“That wasn’t the question, so I’ll have to repeat myself.” James tried to keep a straight face but you could see a smile peeking through. “Who is better in bed?” He repeated.

“Fuck it.” You say as you lift the glass up to your lips, holding your nose so you don’t accidentally inhale the scent.

Laughter fills the room as you fill the chunky content go down your throat. You quickly spit it back up into the bucket next to the table before chugging down a glass of water as the crowd cheers around you.

Thank you for reading! I may do a little snippet of Cara’s and Harry’s reactions so let me know if you’d be interested!


Karaoke Night

“…But I can’t help…Falling in love…with…you…” Logan sang, looking over the lyrics on his phone another time. Why was this so hard? It was just one song, one hundred and twelve words, twenty one lines. And Thomas was a singer, and he was a part of Thomas, so this shouldn’t be so hard. But his voice sounded robotic, his syllables ran together, and he was so nervous he kept fumbling with his phone. This was going to take a lot of time to learn, and he only had until tomorrow night.

They were holding a karaoke night in the Mind Palace tomorrow evening, and everyone was required to sing at least one song. Roman would probably take over the night in a matter of minutes once everyone else was done, but Logan supposed he didn’t mind. What he did mind was that the one song he wanted to sing to dedicate to the person he was crushing on hard for a couple months now and reveal his feelings to, was so difficult.

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a helping hand

Originally posted by wonuflake

pairing: jeon wonwoo
genre: fuff, angst; dad!au
word count: 1500 +
admin: jun
a/n: god, i love wonwoo’s laugh. sorry for the giant gif, i love it too much. i hope this is what you were looking for, anon~

When Wonwoo’s wife left him in this world, all alone… there wasn’t much that could make Wonwoo happy.

Well, that didn’t include his son.

They named their son Sejun, and that was the last thing said by his wife before she passed away from childbirth. The guilt of his wife’s passing ate at Wonwoo everyday, but it would go away for the few minutes his son was trying to cheer him up.

Whenever Sejun noticed Wonwoo was sad, he would run up to him and give him a hug or he would sing a song for Wonwoo. The efforts put in by his little boy were never underappreciated. Wonwoo could always feel himself tear up a bit when he sang, since his voice always sounded so similar to his wife’s.

The days seemed to be longer and longer each passing week without his wife by his side. Even five years laters, each day passed by as if it was a century and his heart still sunk to the point where he felt sick to his stomach. He tried to swallow down his sadness for the day, seeing the excitement on Sejun’s face for his first parent-teacher night. Only a few days ago, when Wonwoo was informed about this day, he had agreed, since he had a pretty wonderful day. Now, after those few days passed, Wonwoo became sad all over again.

“Come on, daddy! Hurry!” Sejun yelled into his and Wonwoo’s one bedroom apartment, jumping up and down excitedly. Wonwoo laughed with his deep voice, hurrying out of the bedroom and pushing up his glasses.

“Okay, okay…” He mumbled, sitting down on the little bench at their front entrance and pulling on his shoes. “Look at you, already dressed up without daddy’s help.” He said, patting his son the head and giving him a soft smile. He could see that his son was a little flustered, since he was usually very baby-ish and complained about getting ready in the morning without Wonwoo’s help.

“Yeah, I’m a big boy now! I can even go to the bathroom without your help.” Sejun said, jumping up and down again excitedly. He definitely got his energy from Wonwoo’s wife.

“That’s right. You can. Good job,” Wonwoo cheered encouragingly. He quickly finished tying his other lace and stood up, shoving his phone into his pocket and patting Sejun’s back so they could leave.

The drive there was short and pleasant, since Sejun was singing along to whatever song was playing on the radio. Sejun was amazing at memorizing lyrics. Within two times of hearing the song, he could memorize half of the lyrics, which was impressive for a four year old.

When they reached, Sejun had no patience and practically ripped the belt of his booster seat off and jumped out of the car, running to the other side and bouncing while Wonwoo came out of the car and offered his hand to the young boy. He took Wonwoo’s hand and almost literally dragged him to his classroom.

“Sejun-ah, slow down buddy.” Wonwoo cautioned as they made their way to the very first classroom on the right, right after they entered the school. Sejun left go of his hand and went off to play with his classmates who had come with their parents.

The group of parents huddled together, away from the designated table where the teacher was, was huge. Wonwoo put his hands in his pockets and made his way over to the large group, standing outside of it awkwardly.

“Excuse me, is this the lineup to see the teacher?” He asked one of the mothers standing in front of him. The lady nodded while smiling kindly, and then going back to her conversation with another mom, who also smiled kindly at Wonwoo. He felt his heart warm a bit at how kind they were, then looking over to where Sejun was playing with his friends. His heart melted at the sight of his kid laughing his face off with his friends, playing with the toy scattered around the carpet.

Although the lineup was big, Wonwoo wasn’t very bored or irritated, since he rarely ever got to see Sejun in this sort of environment with other kids his age to play with. Because of this, the cue disappeared a lot quicker than he thought it would, and there were only a couple kids left from the few parents waiting in the line behind Wonwoo.

He watched as the mother he had asking about the lineup earlier thanked the teacher and stood up, walking over and taking her daughter out of the classroom. Wonwoo blinked, looking to the teacher who stood up to greet. He felt himself blush softly. She was clearly on the younger side, which was odd because he remembered his kindergarten teacher being an old lady. Wonwoo bowed to the teacher, coming and sitting across from them on the table and looking back to Sejun.

“So, you’re the much talked about Sejun’s father?”

Wonwoo’s head whipped back to the teacher and he smiled softly. “Much talked about?” He asked, chuckling softly at the teacher’s words. “I’m Wonwoo, it’s nice to meet you.” He introduced himself and then held out a hand for her to shake.

“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you as well. You son seems to take a lot of interest in learning. He has a passion for reading, but also for singing. He’s a very fast learner.” She said, folding her hands on the table and smiling fondly at Sejun as well.

“Yes… he gets that from my wife.” Wonwoo mumbled, his smile widening a bit at the thought of his true love.

“I have a desire to teach him more than the kindergarten curriculum sometimes, because I feel like his potential is up here,” she said, holding her hand up to a height above her head. “But we’re teaching him down here,” she continued, moving her hand to a level below her head. Wonwoo nodded in understanding.

“I wouldn’t mind him getting an early start on grade one, but I’m afraid he’s going to grow up too fast…” Wonwoo explained. “I mean, wouldn’t every parent worry about that?”

“Have you discussed it with your wife?” She asked, tilting her head at him.

Wonwoo’s eyes widened for a second, and then he looked down to the soft yellow table, frowning a bit.

“She isn’t here to discuss this kind of stuff with anymore…” He whispered, looking up to the teacher and trying to keep his composure. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her head.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. That was incredibly insensitive of me.” She said, shaking his head frantically. “I shouldn’t ask questions like that.”

“No, no… it’s fine, really.” Wonwoo said reassuringly, patting her hand. “It’s something I need to get use to.”

She smiled gently and nodded in some sort of understanding.

“I lost my husband as well, so I know what you’re going through… probably more difficult for you though, considering you have a child with her.” She nodded her head in Sejun’s direction, but Wonwoo didn’t turn to look there. His eyes were trained on Y/N. Suddenly he felt as if they had this connection… understanding between the two of them because of what they experienced.

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” he mumbled. She shook her head at him.

“We learn to get by, right?” She exclaimed with a hearty laugh to lighten the mood. Wonwoo noticed just by observing that they had a lot more common than she had originally let on. “Anyways, your son is doing just amazingly. Why don’t you take your time on thinking about getting him extra work?” She asked, smiling and standing up to send him off with Sejun. Wonwoo stood up as well, nodding at her idea.

Seeing his father stand up, Sejun was already saying goodbye to his friends and running over.

“I will definitely get back to you on that. Thank you for the idea.” Wonwoo said, bowing to her. She bowed as well, smiling widely and looking to Sejun.

“Hello, Sejun-ah,” she greeted kindly, causing Sejun to giggle. He ran around the table to give her a hug, to which she returned the best she could since she was quite a bit taller than him.

“See you tomorrow, Ms. L/N!” He practically cheered, clearly happy to see his father and teacher smiling at each other. The two adults said their goodbyes, and Wonwoo took Sejun’s hand, leading him out of the classroom.

So not only was she beautiful, incredible, and understanding on his situation, but his kid loves her, clearly. That only made her all the more attractive. As they walked out, he only then noticed his heart beating a little quicker than when he first greeted her, which he couldn’t tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

The one thing he hoped for with this was it wasn’t just him wanting something to take his mind off of his wife. He hoped for something real again, and he knew that it would come with time.

Time to heal, physically and mentally. To finish the nights he spent crying himself to sleep, although he knew those nights would never go away…

He knew he could appreciate a helping hand though, and that it was almost worth going through all this mourning to have someone by his side once again.

So he waited.

Suddenly - Park Jihoon

Title: Suddenly
Member: Park Jihoon
Genre: fluff
Summary: When Wanna One had discovered Jihoon  likes you, They formed a small plan on how Jihoon may confess to you.
Words: 2455
Requested: yes 

Song reference: Paris in the rain by Lauv (such a great song by Lauv, please if you have time try listening to the song.)

“Y/N!” You were walking to your locker when you heard your name being called out by a familiar voice. You looked at the direction of the voice and saw your bestfriend Woojin running towards you. “Oy! Park Woojin!” When he arrived in-front of you, he was panting so bad while clutching his rib cage.

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A Nightmare to Remember

A friend requested angst, and I did NOT hold back.  Enjoy :)

AO3 link:

Word Count: 1,649

Pairings: Prinxiety

Warnings: blood, sword injury, nightmares, brief anxiety attack

Virgil felt his breath knocked out of him as his back made solid contact with the wall.  He scrabbled at the hand pinning his throat, struggling to put oxygen back into his body.  The familiar hazel eyes looked alien to him, filled with rage and disgust as they were.

“Pathetic,” Roman spat, as he dropped a coughing, gasping Virgil to the ground.  “I pretended to love you for so long, and you were desperate and stupid enough to believe me.  Well, now I’m bored.  You disgust me.”  Virgil shook as Roman raised his sword with a twisted smile.  “You will always be the villain, Anxiety.”

Fight or flight, fight or flight…

He froze.  Virgil froze, looking up at Roman, the man he loved, bringing the sword down…

And suddenly he was in his bed, drenched in sweat, his mouth open in a scream that had torn his voice to shreds.

There were hands on his shoulders, and a voice, but he couldn’t make sense of what it was saying, and he looked up to see those hazel eyes.  He jerked away, still caught up in his nightmare, not registering that those eyes were filled with concern rather than hatred.

He couldn’t breathe, all he could feel was a hand at his neck, squeezing, squeezing mercilessly.  His clothes suddenly felt restricting, and he clawed off his soaked pajamas desperately.

He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t breathe, then Roman was beside him, not daring to touch him again, but holding his hands up.  Virgil still couldn’t process Roman’s voice, and he shook his head, scrabbling at his ears.  Roman held up four fingers, then seven, then eight.  4, 7, 8… 4, 7, 8…

Virgil repeated the numbers to himself, counting out his breathing, failing, and starting over, until he had completed the pattern a few times.  He could breathe again, he could hear again.  Unfortunately, that included the nightmare echoing in his ears, “You’ll always be the villain, Anxiety.”

“Virgil,” Roman whispered.  “Virgil, please.  Please, my love, tell me what’s wrong.”  Virgil just shook his head.  “Let me get you some water.  Will you be ok?”  Virgil gave a stiff nod, and Roman left quickly.

Roman returned with a glass of water, and Virgil drank it all in one gulp.  “Careful, love,” Roman cautioned.  When Virgil had set the glass aside, he ventured, “Can you tell me what the nightmare was about?”

Virgil shook his head.


He shook his head again.


No answer.

Roman sighed, sitting back on his heels.  “Virgil, you haven’t slept properly in weeks because of these nightmares.  Please, let me try to help you.”

Virgil shook his head again and promptly stood, pulling on his hoodie and some sweats, and walked to the kitchen, leaving Roman to sigh behind him.

It was just a dream.  It wasn’t Roman, it wasn’t.  Roman loved him…

He paced for several minutes, before Patton walked in.  He jumped at the sight of Virgil, before laughing off his nervousness.  “Oh, hey, Virgil.  What are you doing up at this hour?”  He frowned as he stepped closer.  “You alright there, kiddo?”

Virgil hesitated, then shook his head.  He couldn’t stand it, couldn’t stand seeing the man he loved try to kill him every night.  He had to tell somebody.  So he did.

He told Patton everything, the nightmares he had been having and for how long.  “…And I know, I know he loves me, but it just feels so real, Patton.  I can’t stand it, I don’t know why–”

He was cut off by a puffy-eyed Roman entering the kitchen.  “So that’s why…that’s why you’ve been so scared of me.”  Virgil couldn’t speak.  Roman wasn’t supposed to hear.  It wasn’t his fault, it was Virgil’s.  “I didn’t want to bring it up, but did you think I didn’t notice how you flinch away from me?  How you stiffen up if I touch you at all?”

Virgil finally took a step towards him.  “Roman…”

Roman started stepping back, “N-no.  Do you really believe I’d ever hurt you?  How many ways do I have to show my love for you before you actually believe me?”

“No! Of course I don’t believe that! They’re just dreams! I can’t help them!”  But Roman was already gone, the slam shut of his door echoing through Virgil’s bones, chilling him.

Virgil froze, his breathing shallow, then whirled around to face Patton, who had been watching silently.  “What do I do?!”

Patton took a shaky breath, wiping away the tears that had gathered in his eyes.  He moved forward to hug Virgil, whispering calmly, “First, we’re gonna get you to calm down.  Breathe with me, buddy.”

Virgil struggled to maintain some deep breaths, scrabbling to push away his frenzied thoughts.  He had ruined everything, he had hurt Roman, he had to find Roman.  He had to…  He sobbed heavily, sagging into Patton’s arms, who held and rocked him.

He finally managed to calm down, evening out his breathing, hiccupping some final shallow gasps.  He pulled away from Patton, who smiled reassuringly at him.  “Everything will be ok, kiddo.”

Virgil didn’t quite believe it, but forced himself to nod.  He stood, steeling himself to find Roman, who had likely conjured some monsters to fight to vent his frustrations.

Virgil approached Roman’s room, turning the knob slowly, preparing himself for whatever dreamscape the other side had conjured.  He stepped through to find…nothing.

There was an empty expanse all around him.  “R-Roman?” he whispered.  No response.

“Roman!” he called louder.  Still nothing.  Then…a chuckle.

The darkness seemed to shift, gathering around a form, then falling away to reveal Roman.  Roman…but not his Roman, the real one.  It couldn’t be.

This Roman was the same as the one in his nightmares, eyes burning with hatred and disgust.  It gave Virgil a twisted smile, purring, “Aw, Hot Topic came looking for me.”

“Y-You’re not Roman.”

“Really?  You’re having a hard time convincing yourself of that.”

“Sh-shut up!  What have you done to Roman?”

“I haven’t done anything to him.  He created me, presumably to fight me, but he underestimated the power of your fears, Virgil.  If anyone’s done anything to him, it’s you.  Once again, you’re the villain.”

Virgil’s heart dropped.  Not-Roman took a step towards Virgil, who stepped back.  Another step.  And another.  Until Virgil found himself backed against a wall.  No.  Not again.

A low, dark chuckle, “Looks like you have nowhere to go, Anxiety.”  A sword raised.

Virgil closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks.  He didn’t want this Roman to be the last thing he saw.  He braced himself for the end.

A clang burst against his ears, and his eyes flew open to see Roman, his Roman, the real Roman, struggling to keep his sword held steady against the other’s blade.

With an immense shove, Roman sent the doppelganger staggering backward.  But the nightmare didn’t slow, it spun, bringing its sword down, as Roman parried, blocked, fainted left and right, until they moved so fast that Virgil couldn’t tell which was which.

Finally, Not-Roman fell, appearing unmoving, and Roman turned to Virgil with concern.

Virgil didn’t have time to say a word or even smile, as a silver blade suddenly drove itself through Roman, dark red blooming outwards from the wound, staining his white tunic.

“N-n-no!”  Virgil released a choked scream as Roman fell to reveal the monster standing behind him.  It was no longer smiling, just sneering down at Roman.

“You’re insufferable.”  It kicked Roman once in the side for good measure, causing him to gasp out in pain.

Virgil ran forward, dropping down beside Roman, taking off his hoodie and using it to desperately press down on the wound.

“V-Virgil, you shouldn’t have c-come…” he tried to speak, but Virgil shushed him.

“Don’t talk, Roman, don’t talk.  What were you thinking?!”  Tears gathered, but Virgil furiously blinked them away.  He had to help Roman.

Weakly, Roman reached up to cup his cheek.  “I will always protect you, my love.”

Virgil watched as the last of the life drained from Roman’s eyes, felt his hand drop from his cheek, heard his last faint breath.  “No,” he squeaked, “No, please, Roman, I love you.”

Above them, the monster snorted.  “You’re both pitiful.  And you’ll both die together.”

It raised its sword again, but froze as Virgil looked up at it.  There was nothing less than pure rage in his eyes.  “You’re gonna regret being created.”

Virgil grabbed Roman’s fallen sword, and stood.  He had no idea how to use it, but he didn’t care.  Adrenaline and anger spurred him on, carefully stepping around Roman before swinging furiously.  He wasn’t strong, but he was fast, faster than Roman had been, faster than this monster was.  He moved like lightning, and finally he struck, and it froze, glaring at him for a second before crumbling into dust.

Virgil ran back to Roman’s side, finally letting the tears fall.  Around him, the darkness began fading away, and they were soon back in Roman’s room, any evidence of the dreamscape gone.

Roman gasped out as his wound closed and the blood faded from his tunic.  He groaned, “I hate dying.”  Virgil gave a stunned, teary laugh, hugging Roman so tightly, Roman thought he’d suffocate.  “Can’t…Virge, gotta breathe.”

Virgil let him go instantly, mumbling, “Sorry.”

Roman’s eyes softened, “No, I’m sorry.  It was stupid to blame you for something that wasn’t your fault.  Will you forgive me?”

Virgil rolled his eyes, kissing him fiercely instead of answering.  Roman gasped in surprise into the kiss, but returned it.

When they pulled away, Virgil said firmly, “Just don’t be so stupid to manifest my nightmares ever again, ok?”

Roman nodded, allowing Virgil to help him up onto the bed.  Exhausted as they were, they fell asleep quickly, holding each other.

And for the first time in weeks, Virgil did not dream.

Nightwing x Reader: Worthy

Anon: 16. “I’m the one you want, not him/her!”
+ 41. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.”
w/ Nightwing (angst to fluff). Probs s/o was feeling insecure with their relationship ever since Dick became leader but he assures her he still loves her? 🌸 congrats on reaching 300! I honestly believe you deserve more because your writing is just beautiful 😭👌

16. “I’m the one you want, not him/her!”
41. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.”

Word Count: 3151 (I got carried away again…)

Warnings: Very heated moment, sexual references, description of injures, blood, angst, and the like.

A/n: Aww, thank you sweetie! I hope this is what you were looking for! By the way, your alias as a vigilante is Blitz; suggested by a lovely anon!

You sat alone in the kitchen in the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, Dick Grayson. The light above the island was dim, and occasionally flickered. There were so many different emotions whirling around inside you and you felt like crying, but you couldn’t. You refused. It was a long mission and Dick had to finish some things up, being the leader of the team and all, and he made you go home without him. He said it was because you were tired and deserved to rest, but ever since he became leader, you felt horrible inadequate.

    Was he ashamed to be seen with you? You often got hurt on missions when you did what you thought was best, but wasn’t a good fighter supposed to come out with only a few injuries? Maybe you weren’t a good fighter; that’s what you told yourself on the reg.

    You constantly asked yourself if you were even good enough to be his girlfriend. You thought he would look better if he was with a cooler, more beautiful woman instead of you. It was one of those dark moments you had, and they were becoming more frequent. You rarely had times when you didn’t feel good enough for Dick.

    The door opened and closed, and you ran your hand through your hair and wiped away any possible tears to look presentable. You relaxed when you felt Dick wrap his arms around your waist. “Hey, babe,” he murmured in your ear and yawned. “You looked amazing out there, you know that?”

    You couldn’t help but giggle. “So did you… but you always do.” You kissed his cheek and he chuckled.

    “I’m flattered, but you missed.” He said and put two fingers on your chin, turning your head to face him. Dick kissed you with all of the love and passion he had and it warmed you to your toes. You turned around and kissed back with just as much vigor, wrapped your arms around his shoulders. He pulled away for only a second to catch his breath before slanting his mouth over yours.

    You shuddered when Dick quietly groaned and he pulled you closer by your belt loops. The material of his Nightwing suit usually didn’t bother you, but you wanted it off; you needed to feel his skin.

    He pulled away again, and sweat ran down his neck. “I’ve been waiting to do that all day.” Dick quickly took off his mask and threw it into the living room. The gorgeous blue of his eyes was almost completely taken over by his dialated pupils. “If we were alone and not in front of them…” He whispered in your ear and trailed off to leave you to your imagination.

    “Sounds like you had a frustrating day, then.” You smirked. “I can’t say the same for me; I know how to control my urges and hormones-!” Dick suddenly lifted you up and put you on the counter, moving to stand between your legs.

    “You know I can take away that control in just a few minutes, (Y/n).” Dick slowly slipped his hands up your shirt and they rested on your waist.

     “We are not doing this in the kitchen; we eat out here!” You exclaimed, but you didn’t push him away.

     “We eat in the bedroom, too.” He winked at you.

     “Wha- Damn it, Richard!”

     Dick just laughed while moving you off the counter, and he carried you to your shared bedroom for obvious intentions.

You stood in the bio ship on the way to Santa Prisca with a professional stature and a serious face. Nightwing was a few feet away, and he occasionally shot you some flirty glances. 

     But you avoided them. He only recently started noticing your sudden great lack of affection in front of the team- or anyone, for that matter. While he saw no problem with your relationship, you felt more self conscious on this mission than most. He was the leader of the team, and you were just a normal plain hero among extraordinary individuals. That’s how you saw it, anyway.

     You briefly took your mind off of your insecurities and focused on the mission. Santa Prisca was by far one of your least favorite places to be. You had a bone to pick with Bane, and his second attempt at making Kobra “venom” made your jaw clench. You were assigned to lead Beta squad while Nightwing was going to lead Alpha Squad, which was normal. He didn’t put you on the same squad as him solely because he had to evenly spread out the skill levels and you were his girlfriend; that’d be making it personal and could be seen as playing favorites. That was one thing you were sure of and okay with.

     “Beta, here’s your drop point. You know the drill.” Nightwing said. 

     Beta Squad consisted of you, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl. You were good friends with the two of them, so working with them wasn’t going to be a problem, but your history with Bane was most likely going to be quite the obstacle.The hatch opened and Batgirl and Wonder Girl jumped out and you were about the do the same.

     Nightwing looked at you again and told you, “Be careful out there, Blitz.” All you did was nod once, and you leaped out of the bio ship with no hesitation. Your black expression that conveyed no sentiment and affection left Nightwing a little hurt and concerned. He didn’t know if you were unhappy with him or if something bigger was bothering you.

     The rest of the team teased him for a moment, but he sat there and worried.

How you got yourself roped, or in your case, chained into this position, you didn’t have a clue. Being separated from your squad wasn’t on the mission criteria, and being caught and chained to the ceiling by Bane definitely wasn’t. Your feet dangled above the floor and you sighed dramatically. It was a tough situation to get out of and you didn’t have enough time to free yourself of your restraints.

     The metal door slammed open and light filled the dark room immediately after. The loud and obnoxious screeching of a chair made you cringe as Bane dragged one in, and it had another person strapped to it. You almost paled when you saw it was Nightwing in the chair and there was a loud bang when Bane roughly put his chair next to you. 

     “Just curious, what are your intentions of having us here?” You asked Bane directly. “I torture usually isn’t your style…”

     The sharp glare Nightwing told you to stop provoking him, but you couldn’t help it. Bane was your archenemy; all you wanted to do was push his buttons.

     You rolled your eyes when Bane let out a loud laugh. “Still haven’t lost your spark, Blitz.” His Hispanic accent sent unpleasant chills down your spine. “You’re right; torture isn’t my deal. I have to test out the new Kobra-Venom, and you two are the perfect candidates.”

     You and Nightwing didn’t like the sound of that. “You’re going to inject us with that mierda? I didn’t think even you would go that low.” You scoffed, but you were terrified inside.

     He laughed again, and you felt a tiny bit relieved. “No, chica. You’ll be fighting them.”

     You didn’t know about your boyfriend, but you suddenly felt like vomiting. You saw what happened to the people who were forced to fight criminals that were injected with the Kobra-Venom, and it wasn’t pretty. No matter how big and bad or skilled they were, no one came out alive.

     Bane grabbed Nightwing by the hair, which made him grunt, and forced him to look him in the eye. “And you’re first!” 

     The loud rattling of chains startled Nightwing and both men looked at you. You were violently struggling to get out as you shouted, “Don’t you do a damn thing to him! I’m the one you want, not him!” Your past with Bane was something you seldom spoke about and very, very few people knew only some of the details. You knew a lot about what Bane could do and cause; you had the scars and mental trauma to prove it.

     “He is the leader, si?” Bane smirked tauntingly and raised an eyebrow. “What is a team without a leader?”

     “What is a leader without a team?” You countered without missing a beat. You prayed that he didn’t take it as you saying to kill the rest of your team on the spot. “Take me first, instead. Your quarrel is with me. I’m the one who has been causing trouble and raising hell for you for years now; this has nothing to do with Nightwing.”

     Bane contemplated it before letting go of Nightwing’s hair. “…If either of you even attempt to escape, both of you die. Comprende?” Nightwing nodded, while you responded in Spanish. “I will be back shortly, but just to let you know… He will be watching you.”

     Bane slammed the door shut and it was Nightwing’s turn to feel sick. His gaze snapped over to you and he hissed, “Why would you say that!? Why would you just give yourself up like that!?”

     “For the same reason you would!” You growled back. “No one has ever made it out of that arena alive. I love you and I-”

     “If the team doesn’t find us in time, then you’ll die, too!” He felt so conflicted; he understood what you were saying but he felt like he was being more rational. “What’s been your deal lately? I try to hold your hand and kiss you and even hug you, but you flat out refuse! And now you have a death wish!?”

     You confessed through gritted teeth, “Because I’m not good enough for you. Look at me! I’m nothing compared to you or any of the girls here. You’re the leader of this team; I’m not even close to what a leader should have.” You didn’t dare to look at him. “I’m not worthy enough to be seen as your lover.”

     “(Y/n), I-”

     Nightwing couldn’t say what he wanted to, for Bane burst in again and ripped your chain from the ceiling. He dragged you away from Nightwing and two other men carried him down a separate corridor.

     Bane took the honors of placing an iron collar around your neck that was attached to another chain and you snarled at him, “What the hell is this!?”

     “Your challenge. Like you said, chica, you are the one I’m after.”

A henchman you didn’t recognize roughly pulled you by your chain into the caged arena and attached the chain to the wall.

‘This is bullshit…’

     Bane was outside the cage nearby with his arms crossed, standing next to Nightwing who was still tied to a chair. He could easily get out, but he wasn’t going to risk getting you both killed. You quickly gave him a sympathetic look before you focused on the other side of the cage, preparing to meet your opponent.

     The man who brought you in scampered to get out of the arena, and you found out why. In walked an insanely tall, muscular, and horribly disfigured criminal who was turned into a disgusting beast. The muddy green skin, vein-y body, and sharp teeth were very off-putting.

     You got into a fighting stance and you were barely succeeding at not shaking in your shoes. For a fight to end, one contestant had to die and it was surely going to be you. You didn’t doubt that one bit.

     There were several different chants and sneers spoken in Spanish, but you paid no mind to them; they were the least of your problems. Your current problem could very well be unsolvable.

“I think we’ve all been waiting for this moment for a very long time, chica.” Bane rumbled, and cheers erupted in response. Nightwing watched in despair as the tall villain nodded at the inhuman beast.

With a roar, it ran at you and you barely ducked in time. You tried to move further away, but you gagged when you reached the end of the chain. That iron collar was no joke. You received a brutal punch to the gut and you hit the wall with a cry.

You fought back as well as you could and you were doing much better than any former human fighters in the arena. You hoped to make it out, unlike them. You kicked the beast in the face in a quick smooth move, and it snarled when it fell back a few feet. You weren’t prepared for it to grab your arm and throw you against the floor with almost deadly force. An average civilian would easily be dead by now. You painfully pulled yourself up from the floor and continued where you left off.

The iron collar around your neck was making you angrier and angrier, and you kept pulling on the chain with more and more strength. You used more of that strength to push through the pain in order to keep fighting, and to save the love of your life from suffering your fate. You glanced at him and you never saw him so ragged with stress before. If he didn’t know better, he would be screaming and fighting for them to stop.

It hurt so bad when you took another two hits to the head, and another few to your torso. You wondered how you were still alive, but you weren’t complaining. If you weren’t dying in here, you had a hunch that you would die in the hospital or before anyone could reach you. You just sensed death. It was highly likely to be yours and you wished it wouldn’t be.

With an enraged yell, you pulled on the chain one more time and it snapped from the wall. It shocked your “audience” and you took advantage of your new weapon almost immediately. You swung the chain forward like a whip and it wrapped around the beast’s neck, effectively choking it. You knew it was heavily frowned upon to kill, but in this situation, you had no choice.

You jumped up and planted your feet on its back, using it as leverage to pull the chain even tighter. You were growling and quietly wailing in pain. Your entire body was hurting so, so bad. You heard it choking, and it weakly clawed at the chain, but the life eventually drained from the hideous creature and you got back on your feet before it could topple down on you.

The dead beast on the floor made you feel horribly guilty, and you put your hand on the back wall to steady yourself. “Is that all you-” You spat a bit of your blood from your mouth. “Is that all you got?” You were out of breath and your body was quaking, but you were still going to be forced to fight.

Bane looked surprised, but was pleased. “You are stronger than I thought, but I guarantee you won’t survive you next opponent.”

The blood drained from Nightwing’s face and he started to struggle. “No!” He growled, but Bane punched him to keep him quiet. Nightwing couldn’t stand seeing you with so many injuries, and the amount of your blood on the floor was sickening.

Suddenly, gunfire echoed around the facility, as did angry and surprise shouts in Spanish. Bane took that as his cue to run, and he did just that. “They’re here!” A criminal yelled before you heard a loud bang. You smiled lightly; that would be Conner’s work. You flinched when you moved just a bit; the pain was becoming almost unbearable. There was blood coming from a wound on your forehead, nose, and some from your mouth. You felt your broken ribs and you were eternally thankful that they didn’t pierce a lung. But you didn’t have much time left. You desperately needed medical attention, or else you would never make it home.

You saw Wonder Girl untying Nightwing and she asked, “Where’s Blitz? Is she-” Cass turned and saw you inside the large, caged arena. She gasped when she saw how injured you were, and you suddenly landed on your hands and knees.

Your chest was heaving and you dug your nails into the floor, clenching your eyes shut as tears escaped. Cass immediately punched through the caged and rushed to you, catching and lifting you into her arms before you fell on your side.

You weakly reached your hand out to Nightwing, who was quickly by your side. The last thing you saw and felt was your boyfriend grabbing and holding your hand, before everything went black. 

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dick growled the moment you opened your eyes. The hospital bed you were in was surprisingly comfortable, but the way he was looking at you was not.

You looked up at the ceiling and sighed in irritation. “I believed we already went over this, Dick.”

“Yeah, but I’d like to hear a logical explanation this time.”

You glared back at him. “You’re more important to this team than I am; you all know that!” Your had curled into a fist and your nails dug into your palm. “I know what happens in that ‘arena’. I didn’t want you to suffer the same fate as the previous victims. I did it because I love you, damn it.” You gritted your teeth and looked away from him. “I’d never hesitate to give my life up for yours.”

Dick took off his sunglasses and his glare turn to an expression of sadness, but with love. “I often ask myself if I deserve you, and I usually feel like I don’t.” His statement surprised you. “You’ve already done so much for me… But you were willing to die for me, even though you think you’re nothing and aren’t worthy to be with me.” He grabbed your hand and held it as if there was no tomorrow. “Babe, you are worthy. You’re more than worthy. There’s not a single reason for you not to be. There’s not a single reason that would deter me from loving you. Remember that.”

It brought tears to your eyes. No one had ever loved you as much as he did. You lightly squeezed his hand and gave him a grin. “I love you.” The words left your mouth almost everyday, but for some reason, they had more meaning in this moment.

“I love you, too, babe.”

I can’t write about Bane, the ending is disgustingly cheesy, and just… eh. Thanks for reading!


missbrainsb4beauty  asked:

What I love bout this reunion is that ambrollins has a whole new side to them. I mean after Seth's betrayal and their hellacious feud this reunion has bought a complete different side of Seth's attitude towards dean. He's been more protective of dean, extremely caring and lord every time he looks at dean is just "heart eyes" like he missed him more than anything. And for Dean it looks like he never fell out of love with Seth. I mean it's overwhelming watching them like this. What you think?

What can I tell you other than I second every word you said? :)
We could say actually that both them were definitely waiting for it, given the way they look so happy to be fighting side by side. Outside of the Shield (where they weren’t this close given that Seth’s tag team partner was Roman), all their interactions had been a matter of rivalry, since the developmental days. Seth is acting like being Dean’s partner is the most precious accomplishment of his life, as if he was scared af to lose him again, that’s why he’s being so touchy and cuddly since they started to be a tag team, imho. It’s like… you know, he needs to feel, skin to skin, that Dean is there with him, that it’s not just a dream that they are finally on the same page, and this makes it even more special.
Dean, he is different from Seth. Seth is all about emotions and feelings, while Dean isn’t a guy who’s used to show affection that way. But since they got together again, you could read in his eyes that he was almost happier than Seth to leave all their resentments behind his back: he wanted to move on (a transformation that had actually started during their feud in 2016), but he needed some time to process it all. Day by day, he acknowledged it more, and that beautiful, unexpected hug he gave him during the first Shield reunion on Raw (the one that I have in my avatar ♡) is the final proof.
Yes, they are beautiful like none else together, and tbh I wasn’t able to imagine them like this even in my craziest and most delirious fangirl dreams if you had asked me about it one year ago… the Ambrollins crew has definitely been blessed :)

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northjayhawk  asked:

OK, I just finished looking through the full set, and all I have to say is this: Mark, Unstable is one of the greatest sets I've ever seen in terms of potential fun regardless of silver or black border. I haven't been this excited about a set in a very long time. You should be proud of yourself as a game designer for this accomplishment, congratulations.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m very proud of what we were able to make.

Cam’s Best Friend

Requested ? yes: gray likes cam’s friend but they don’t think the other likes them

word count: 2,620

warning: swearing, yelling and kissing

“You’re Graybay so what does that make me?”

“You’re… my chubby bunny best friend” 

Stepping off the terminal of the plane, I looked around hesitantly and make my way to the baggage claim. Picking up my bags, I turn to find Cam. I hadn’t seen Cam since last summer when she flew out to California to meet me. Cam and I had grown up together, our parents only living two minutes away from each other. Her and I were crazy kids, always getting ourselves and her twin brothers Ethan and Grayson in trouble. The twins were two years younger than us, but that never seemed to matter. Between the sleepovers, exploration trips we made, and the endless amounts of visits to the ER throughout the years, we were almost inseparable. I wasn’t a skinny kid, and had acquired many nicknames about my weight as a child. Even Grayson, who was almost as close to me as Cam was, had a nickname for me. Grayson wasn’t like other kids though. He never called me names, he never pushed me away. In fact one day when we were about 10, I happened to be crying about my pet bunny Snow who had just passed away. Grayson pulled me into a hug and promised me that it would all be okay. Despite being two years older, I could never seem to shake the fatal attraction I felt towards him.

I heard my name being called in the distance. Turning around, I was immediately pulled into a hug by the one person I knew would always be there for me.

“Tyler you need to come home more often this isn’t fair” Cam whined at me, dragging me to the nearest Starbucks Cafe in the airport. I giggled at her and shook my head disapprovingly.

“Just because you’re smarty pants got accepted to Stanford and got to graduate a year early does not mean you are too good for a pink drink. It’s been three years since we last had one.” Nodding my head, I sit down at a far booth and pull my phone out.

7 iMessages: CamDam 

i miss you hurry up

god can’t these planes fly any quicker

i’m hungry, I wonder if there’s pizza


how long does it take to fly a plane damn

God the boys are on my ass right now about seeing you

esp grayson ;))))))

I totally forgot about Grayson. Oh boy, I wonder how awkward this is going to be. I wonder how him and-


“What sorry” I said shaking the thoughts out of my head. Not this time anxiety,  not this time.

Cam chuckles and stands up slowly. “Let’s get going. Grayson hasn’t stopped texting me since I left the house and I swear to god if I get one more text i’m throwing that boy off of a trampoline again.”

Pulling up to my house, I was immediately greeted with both of my parents. My father grabbed my bags out of the car and walked inside. My mother on the other hand almost broke Cam’s door handle she pulled on it so hard. I opened the door and stepped out, turning back to bring my head to the car’s height.

“You can come in if you want, I just have to get changed really quickly-”

“Tyler Dustyn Bell get out of that car and hug your mother before she dies of an anxiety attack” My father shouts from the living room window. I giggle and turn to my mom, giving her a big hug.

“I can’t believe you’ve been gone three years. My babygirl is finally home!!” My mom shouts and she jumps up and down. 

“Mom it’s not like I was gone THAT long. But I do have to go, Lisa is expecting me and I have to find my bathing suit in this mess of things”

She lets go and allows me and Cam to walk in. Running up the stairs, I sigh approvingly as I walk into my old room. 

“Man I missed it here” I mumble. Cam walks up behind me and bends down to the suitcases below.

“Mom said hurry up, so lets find what we’re looking for and skidaddle”

“Alright damn i’ve never met a family so impatient before as you Dolan’s” I joke, picking up the bikini that was at the bottom of the suitcase. This would be the first time i’ve seen him since before I left and I wanted to make a good impression. I walked into the bathroom and slipped on the skimpy two piece, turning to Cam to ask for her opinion.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve gotten even hotter since I last saw you” she said, throwing a romper at me. Slipping that on, along with a pair of sneakers I grab my phone and follow Cam outside and to her car. She makes the 2 minute drive up the road and parks the car. I step outside and not a second later, Ethan runs as fast as he can towards me, engulfing me in a hug and spins around.

“You’re a douche you know that?” He mumbles into my collarbone. I giggle at the vibration it sent through me and tried to squirm my way out of his grasp. Ethan and Grayson were not small guys, and Ethan himself was about 5′10. I was 5′ even, and not very strong might I add. He finally sets me down and I give him a proper hug. 

“How am I a douche?” I chuckle asking the muscular boy. He just looks at me, and I look down at my feet.

“I had to Ethan. I couldn’t take it. We’ve talked about this a million times”

“Yes Ty I know but he litera-”

“Come on Tyler, lets go take a swim before Mom realizes we have no food in the house and makes one of us go shopping” Cam says and pulls me inside.

We had been swimming for what felt like hours, when Cam came out to tell me she was heading out. If she’s leaving, I’m probably gonna head inside. I haven’t seen their mom all day and I was dying to spend some one on one time with her. I stepped out of the pool and grabbed my romper. Not seconds later, I felt my body being thrown through the air and into the warm water. As I came up and gasped for air, I see a smirking Ethan above me. I grab his ankle and try to bring him in the water with me, but he is too heavy. I look up at him and just whisper “run”. He starts laughing until I get up out of the pool and bolt towards him. He turns and runs inside and up the stairs to his room. I was so close to catching him but he was just a little faster and slammed and locked his door so I couldn’t make it in. I grunt in frustration and turn around to be met with the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen before. He was wearing black joggers and my FAVORITE grey sweatshirt of his. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was stunning. He’s always been fairly attractive but it’s like God took those extra 20 minutes between him and Ethan’s birth and just made him perfect. His jawline was even more prominent, his hair kept down in a messy toss to the side of his head. He looked so much buffer than the last time I had seen him. 

“Tyler. Tyler. Tyler!!” I turned to see Lisa, Grayson’s mom.

“Huh yeah? Sorry I was uhh… lost in thought” I said snapping my head away from Grayson’s intense gaze. She looked at me confused, and I realize she must be wondering why I was soaking wet, dripping pool water around her house.

“Oh so Ethan freaking pushed me in the pool with my clothes and now I don’t have anything to wear. My parents aren’t home until tomorrow afternoon”

“Oh it’s alright honey, Grayson can lend you some clothes, right Gray?” she says. He sighs and turns back into his room, his door opening up for us to see.

Above his door, he has a pull-up bar and a few exercise bands on the handles. His bed is across from the door, and his white sheets that he has had since he was a child are spread across the bed in a messy attempt to make the bed. His bedside table is next to it and he has a photo of his household at Christmas time. He’s had that picture there since he was a kid and it will probably stay there forever. A piano is placed on the adjacent wall with some sheet music on the top. His dresser is next to it, where he is scrambling through the clothes trying to find something that will fit. I am a lot smaller than him, and probably more so now that I had lost a lot of weight. He comes back with a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and hands them to me. I turn and smile at Lisa apologetically.

“Hey can you and Grayson run to the store and grab some stuff for me? I need to make dinner but I don’t have everything I need” she says after a moment. I turn to Grayson who I knew looked uncomfortable but I couldn’t figure out why. Before I could interject, he shook his head softly.

“Yeah mom, make a list.” He turned back into his room and shut the door. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed my purse, which I had placed a matching pair of bra and panties so discreetly underneath. Changing, I took in Grayson’s scent. His clothes smelled just like him, cologne with a mix of mint, like the toothpaste he uses every morning. As a child he would not brush his teeth unless he had a certain type of toothpaste, because he believed it would give him super powers. I stepped out of the bathroom and slip my sneakers on quickly. I run downstairs and shove my phone in my pocket, when Grayson walks down the stairs as well. Completely ignoring my presence, he walks outside and gets in his car. I take the note Lisa left on the door and join him in the car. He pulls out of the driveway, his jaw clenched and eyes focused on the road. I look down at my phone before speaking quietly.

“Do you hate me?” I whisper, barely audible

“What?” he says after a moment

“For leaving? Do you hate me?” I say a little louder this time, but still very quietly. He just looks down for a moment before speaking again.

“I did. I still do to a degree. You were my best friend. And you literally just up and left, no explanation”

“Grayson it was a little more complicated than that”

“Was it? Then tell me Tyler. What did I do to make you hate me so much? I texted you for months afterwards. I missed you so much. I was so hurt. Why’d you leave me?” He yells, a tear slipping from his right eye. I look down and take a deep breath.

“I wasn’t planning on leaving. I went to your house to talk to you about it because I was scared. I was terrified. And I saw you. I saw you… kissing her”

“You did?” he says after a moment, taking a deep breath.

“Yes I did. And I didn’t know what to do. I never told you because you were my best friend. But I was madly in love with you, and seeing you kiss another girl. Not just any girl. But the one girl who was bad news. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stay and be that girl. You never saw me as anything more than a friend anyways Grayson and I needed to get over that. I needed to leave. So I called Cam and Ethan and hopped on an earlier fight there” I spoke, my breath shaky and frantically trying to level itself out. I had tears spilling from my eyes and I didn’t even care anymore. He puts his hand on my upper thigh again before speaking softly.

“You like me?” 

“Yes Grayson. I was in love with you.”

“Then why the fuck did you leave without saying goodbye? or answer any of my texts? For fucks sake Tyler I fucking loved you. I was with Amanda because I knew I couldn’t have you and I needed to distract myself. It wasn’t fair to me!” He yelled, his hands going back and gripping the steering wheel tighter than ever. He pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. I grabbed the list and ran towards him. Walking down a random isle, he turns back to look at me, his hazel eyes gazing into mine. 

“Wasn’t even worth the heartbreak” he says before turning around and continuing to walk.

“Excuse me? I wasn’t worth it? What about you? You were fucking kissing another bitch while you were in love with me. I fucking ran away because I loved you so much and your fucking response to that is ‘wasn’t even worth it’? Are you fucking kidding me Grayson?” I scream at him, causing a small crowd to gather. He takes my hand and pulls me into two swinging doors, the smell of steak and fish infiltrated my nostrils. I began to speak again, when I was cut off by his lips on top of mine. It was only a split second, but I swear I had never felt more alive than I did in that moment. But it didn’t last long because he ran back out, fists clenched. He grabbed a shopping basket and headed down an isle, throwing the ingredients in the basket. I hauled after him and headed to the self check out. He comes over a moment later and pays for his things, taking the bags and walking out. Placing the bags in the trunk, we got in the car and drove off. His fists clenched to the steering wheel, he sped home as fast as I had ever seen him before. Pulling into his house, he grabs the bags and runs in, setting them on the counter. 

“Gray you can’t just ignore me the entire ti-” I was cut off once again by his lips against mine. This time, they moved against mine in a perfect sync. Pulling him closer to me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He pulls away after a moment and walks to the hallway.

“Grayson for the love of god you can’t keep kissing me and walking away without saying anything” I start in again, quite annoyed now. He turns to look at me and pushes my body against the wall, his pelvis dangerously close to my stomach. I look up to speak again and his hands go around my backside, lifting me up by the butt.

“Nobody’s home” he whispers, his hot breath tickling my neck. I push his head deeper into my neck as his mouth goes to work making love bites all over my neck. 

“God do I want to fuck you so hard right now” he mumbled pulling his lips away. I whine at the loss of contact and look at him pleadingly.

“Do it then.”


Unexpected - Part 7 (NSFW)

Chapter: 7/?
Word Counting: 1.5k words
Warnings: light Tension/Discomfort, Smut, fluff, first time. One NSFW gif that is from Mr Google

Unexpected - Masterlist

Originally posted by rayne-pans-babygirl

The room was filled with dead silence while you ate. You and Willas had arrived just a minute before Joffrey and you cursed yourself for not being even later. Margaery didn’t stop looking at you, as well as Garlan and his wife, Leonette. Sat by their side, Mace and Alerie were eating with smiles; Cersei and Tywin were in front of them and Joffrey was at the end of the table.

“So.” Your brother in law cleared his throat. “I see you’re feeling better, Y/N.”

You tensed instantly and Joffrey burst in laughter.

“You are not as frigid as I thought you would be, sister.” He affirmed, cleaning his face with a napkin. “Maybe Robb Stark wasn’t your best fit anyway, after all.”

Tywin and Cersei exchanged heavy looks and your grandfather turned to you.

“We are happy you’re feeling better.” He assured you. “Willas, do you plan to stay in King’s Landing?”

Your husband relaxed clearly at the question.

“Actually,” He held your hand under the table. “We intend to leave the day after tomorrow.”

Your mother’s arms widened instantly.

“So soon? You just got married.” She exclaimed. “Won’t you be here for Joffrey’s wedding?”

He didn’t even flinch but only smiled at your brother and his sister.

“We will be back in time. I want Y/N to feel comfortable in the Reach. It is her home now and she deserves to meet it as soon as possible.”

“I’m sure you will love Highgarden,” Margaery affirmed with a gentle smile. “The castle is beautiful, the gardens are huge and the people… You’re gonna love it.”

You smiled at her, feeling calmer.

“There’s a waterfall close to the Rose’s Road in the way.” Garlan brought up with a boyish smile and his wife instantly blushed. “Brother, make sure to bring her there. Leonette loved it.”

“Of course, brother.” Your husband said dismissively.

The rest of the meal was long and silent and you could feel each time someone looked at you. Your mother was furious, your brother was intrigued, and each member of Willas’ family seemed amused by something, probably the rumours of your fake-first night.

Back to your room, you couldn’t stop watching your husband read the book in his hands while he was sat on the bed, walking to him and pulling it away from him.

“Is there something wrong?” He questioned with a frown.

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Dustin x reader with 175?

Characters: Reader x Dustin Henderson

Warnings: season 2 spoilers ish

Prompts: “You can’t sit on the sidelines your entire life!”

Word Count: 335

A/N: so obviously this is pretending you’re the same age as the stranger things kids i guess?


Dustin almost dropped the large stack of books he was carrying. It was only five books, yet there were incredibly thick. He made his way to the library counter when he noticed you sitting at one of the tables, alone. Dustin knew he should get back home straight away, but he found himself walking over to you. Dumping the books on the desk, he greeted, “Hey, y/n.”

“Oh, hey Dustin.” you looked up from the book you were reading, and Dustin grinned at you. You were in his class, and Dustin had a bit of a crush on you, even though you were relatively quiet. You kept mostly to yourself, even thought Dustin had tried countless times to try and talk to you. 

“What are you reading?” Dustin asked, trying to appear casual as he leaned up against the desk. You lifted the book, showing off the title. “Cool.” 

“Reptiles, huh?” you jerked your chin at Dustin’s books, and he nodded proudly. “What, is this for a science project?”

“Uh, yeah, a project.” Dustin nodded, and you narrowed your eyes. An idea suddenly popped into Dustin’s head, and he said, “Hey, I can show you my project if you want. I could use some help anyway.”

“That sounds suspicious.” you rested your elbows on the desk, and Dustin shrugged. He knew he probably shouldn’t show you Dart, but any chance to show off, right? 

“Come on, it’s super cool.” Dustin insisted, but you leaned back in your chair, shaking your head.

“Uh, no thanks.” you said awkwardly. “I’d rather just stay here, you know?”

“Come on, y/n!” Dustin urged, ignoring the glares from the librarian for raising his voice. “I’m about to make a scientific discovery, and you can be a part of it! You can’t sit on the sidelines your entire life!”

You wrinkled your nose, not exactly understanding why Dustin was so excited over a stupid science project, but you finally sighed and nodded. “Alright, fine. But this better be interesting.”

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24m and 26f one day I seen this pregnant woman she looked scared I asked if she was okay she got dumped recently and looked stressed so I started talking to her and weeks later we were best friends I was there for her for the birth plus after one day her daughter called me daddy we looked at each other with no words later that night me and her kissed then fucked all night during she asked me will I be her bf I said yes then came in her so much now a year later we now have 2 kids together

Thank you for sharing 💋


Pairing: Min Yoongi & Reader (y/n)

Genre: Smut


A/N: Hellooo hope everybody is doing well heres a quick Yoongi smut enjoy!

You were currently laying on the couch in Yoongis studio bored out of your mind. He had invited you over saying “It’ll only take an hour at most”. That was two and a half hours ago. “Yoongi?” You said “hmm?” He said not taking his eyes off the computer screen. “Are you almost done?” You said sitting up “mmhmm” he said still not taking his eyes off the screen. You sighed quietly and leaned back. You looked around the room until your eyes landed on Yoongi. You never realized how attractive he looked while concentrating.

 You got up and came behind his chair. You leaned down to his ear and quietly said “Yoongi~ im bored” “mmhmm” he said. You spun his chair a little and came in front of it. He looked at you as you straddled his lap. “I said I’m bored” you said “what should we do about that?” he said grabbing you hips. “I dont know” you said as he leaned forward to kiss your neck “but this is pretty fun” you said. He looked up at you and kissed you. Your lips moved in sync and soon you felt his member growing hard beneath you. He bucked his hips up and you slightly moaned in his mouth.He broke the kiss and said “go to the couch”.

 You did as you were told and laid on the couch. he got on top of you and kissed your neck while he started to remove your pants. He didn’t even bother with your shirt as he wanted it to be quick incase anyone were to catch you guys. He began to lick fast up and down your folds. You reached down and ran your fingers through his hair. he insterted two fingers and began to pump fast. You moaned loud as he curled his fingers inside of you. He removed his fingers andoved his hands under your thighs and held your hips down. you felt a tightening in your stomach as you knew you were close. “Yoongi-ah I’m close” you said. He didnt stop and just went faster you moaned loudly as you felt you orgasm come over you. 

As you came off your high you got down in your knees in from of him. He undid his belt and he took off his pants and underwear. You wrapped your hand around his length and gave it a couple strokes. You licked his tip and he inhaled sharply. “Dont tease me (y/n)” he said. He ran hus fangers through your hair and gathered it into a ponytail. You then took his length into your mouth and he moaned loudly. You bobbed your head up and down as hell threw his head back in pleasure. Every so often he bucked his hips up into your mouth. “(Y/n) im gonna cum” he said you kept sucking until he came in your mouth. You swalloed it all and got up. He kissed you and said “maybe i should invite you over more often” you just laughed and slapped shoulder as he pulled you into a hug kissed your forehead.

Masterlist // Request

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Could you write a Javi x Reader oneshot where the Reader gets shot and has to go into surgery and Javi is really nervous and in the end it's all fluffy?🤷‍♀️❤️

Summary: Javier hates the idea of you getting hurt, so when it happens, he’s terrified. 
Pairing: Reader x Javier Peña.
Fandom: Narcos.
Warnings: Gunshot wounds, blood references.
Word Count: 1166

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Drabble where someone is teasing Zarya's tiny s/o, but before she can step in, the s/o punches the guy square in the jaw. I love your writing, by the way! Give Harvey some attention for me, please 😍

Lmao, he’s with sister at moment but I will in the morning.

Her muscles twitched as she saw someone step too close to you, teasing smile on his face as you just looked a bit awkwardly. From what she could hear some of his words were unintentionally rude.

She stood up, about to waltz over there to scold the man. There were still limits to what people should put up with. People need to respect others despite everything.

Except you did it before she could, hand whipping out and connecting with their face with a sick crunch. Your eyebrows scrunched together as you scolded them, letting them know they crossed a line.

Zarya gave a smile at you, large hand resting on her hip as she respected your space. You smiled up at her, walking forward with a motion as the two of you went for food.

Seventeen One Shot: Hoshi - “Find a Beat”

 Anon: Boom boom and lipstick with Hoshi please!

HEY!! Here you go honey! Hope you like it <33

Theme: fluff, hoshi x reader 

Words: 513

*Note! I do not own any lyrics mentioned! And as always - this is just a reaction, it is in no way real, meant to offend, or to be taken seriously! I do own this gif!!*

Hoshi was stood in the doorway, a slight arch to his back as he smirked to himself. Just watching you. Even though you were standing right in front of him, and literally moments before he had cuddled you, he missed it.

“Stop staring,” you mumbled, with a sly grin on your lips as you looked at him. “It’s distracting.”

Hoshi couldn’t help it as his whole face lit up. A cheeky grin that spread from ear to ear, one that hardly disappeared when you were around. That was just how much he loved you, and he would never dare to hide it. 

“Can you do me up?” you asked, pulling the familiar red lipstick from your bag. 

Hoshi stepped forward, a sideways grin on his lips as he slipped further inside. His heart was beating too quick. Too out of tune. He wanted to find the beat to his own heart and create a dance specifically for the way you made him feel. But, for once it was too difficult. 

His hands were cold as they fumbled with the zip. That was until you felt his lips against your back, trailing between the fold of the fabrics until he reached your neck. “Your so beautiful Y/N,” he breathed against your skin. 

Your breath caught in your throat. Catching the sly twinkle in his eyes as you nibbled at the inside of your lip. “I have to go Soonyoung,” you managed to stammer, gathering your thoughts and opening the lipstick. 

Hoshi smirked to himself as he continued to pepper kisses on your neck and shoulders. “It’s only her birthday Y/N, surely you can skip?” 

“It’s only my best friends birthday?” you laughed almost smearing the lipstick as he caught your sides. “It’s not my fault you can’t come with me.”

He pouted slightly resting his chin against your shoulder, hugging you closer. “Isn’t that the lipstick you wore to the first concert?” First concert. You could remember it vividly. The buzz, the electricity, the lift of the fans as they cheered. You still got goosebumps.

“Yep, I always wear it when you’re not around.” The words left your mouth quickly. You couldn’t help the embarrassment that appeared on your cheeks in one quick flush. 


You could feel your cheeks burning brighter and brighter. Your heart thumping out of your chest. “Yeah, um…whenever I’m not with you, and I want to remember you I wear this lipstick.” 

You spun on your heels, wrapping your arms around his neck. “And, why is that?” he purred, catching your hips and lifting you onto the sink.

You pulled him closer, planting one deep kiss on his lips. A smile appearing on both of your lips as your heartbeats merged into one uncontrollable beat. Then, as you pulled away, you giggled to yourself.

“Because, I will always remember the lipstick marks on your face every time you went back on stage.” Moving ever so slightly to the side, Hoshi caught the red smear all over his lips. 

“Red suits me,” he teased pulling your lips back to his.  


“Why do you think being with someone is the answer to everything?”

Though the words were whisperd into Avery’s ear he strugled to even hear himself think, how had a two day affair messed him up this much?