that is the ugliest decoration

I need a NoiAo AU where they meet through streetpassing each other every day and exchanging messages that way.

Shadow(xAurora) Headcanon

It’s late and I can’t sleep so I’ll tell you all more of the stories that I have in my head that I’ll never get around to drawing.

I have a headcanon that, since Shadow has never really had a place to call home other than when he was on Space Colony ARK with Maria, he never really settles down anywhere for too long. When he finally returns to Mobius after his travels, he eventually gets a small studio apartment but never fills it with furniture or knick knacks or photos or anything. It’s pretty much an empty apartment with maybe a bed and a fridge and that’s about it. 

It isn’t until after he meets Aurora and their relationship really develops that he starts to see her as his “home” and starts to kind of toy with the idea of staying rooted somewhere. So eventually, he buys some random thing (maybe it’s a really weird painting, or some really obscure sculpture or something) to put in his apartment. Aurora thinks it’s the ugliest piece of decor ever, but the fact that Shadow has consciously made an effort to make his place seem like home is a huge step that warms her heart and she makes sure he never gets rid of it.

Ok, I need to rant.

To those of us in the Big Hero 6 fandom, it’s become pretty damn clear that Disney is refusing to push/advertize BH6 merch. We can hardly find anything in stores, despite it performing well at the box office and having a huge fanbase. You would think that the big-name stores would have a simple Baymax plushie, at the very least? Nope. I had to have my brother order one online for me.

And it’s not like they haven’t come up with any great merchandise, based on what has been released in Japan. The problem is that Disney is not pushing this same great merch in the states. Which is a huge problem, especially when you consider…[braces herself for inbox full of hate mail]the overwhelming amount of Frozen merchandise in these same stores.

It’s obvious at this point that Frozen is Disney’s cash cow, and that they are going to keep milking it until it literally dies from exhaustion. My only issue with this is that a newer Disney movie that is just as worthy of acclaim (some would even argue more worthy, but that’s not the point of this post), is getting shafted due to Disney playing extreme favorites, and essentially not giving BH6 a chance.

I was at both Target and Walmart today, and I thought they might as well just rename the Disney Princess isle the “Frozen Department.” I actually said this out loud to my grandmother. She asked me if I saw the movie and if I liked it, so as usual I replied ‘yes’ followed with an uneasy 'not really’, because usually this admission sets off any Frozen fan within a 1-mile radius. A young mother nearby overheard me, and at first I thought she was going to be mad (yes, this has happened to me before for simply admitting that I didn’t like the movie). But she said, “Hey, you’re talking about Frozen? Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. My kids are obsessed with it, but I have no clue why. It’s nowhere close to being the best Disney movie ever, and they’re really overdoing it.”

She was in no way exaggerating about them overdoing it. Frozen merch was around almost EVERY corner in these two big-box stores. There was absolutely no avoiding it. Meanwhile, BH6 had a total of like 5 items, all in the section for “boys” toys, mixed in haphazardly with other unrelated merchandise:

(…I am going to save my rant about Baymax only being in the “boys” toy area for another time, otherwise this post will be a mile long.)

Meanwhile, over in the Frozen Department, you can buy the fucking creepiest Elsa doll ever made, owing to the fact that she looks like she has lost her god damn mind and is plotting to murder your child in some terrifying sacrificial ritual to summon Satan’s army from the seven layers of hell:

Over near menswear, you can find a sizable selection of book bags in the center isle (back-to-school overstock they can’t sell? idk), most which are just the exact same fucking image of the characters over and over again in a different area with a different pattern:

Venturing over to the medicine isle? Don’t worry, there are plenty of Frozen band-aids in stock:

Did your car break down? Do you have an excess supply of 6-volt batteries? Well, you’re in luck, thanks to the Frozen motor scooter:

Over in the women’s department, you’ll see the seemingly endless supply of Frozen t-shirts:

Want to decorate your entire bathroom with the ugliest, most obnoxious snowman in animation history? Don’t worry, you’re covered:

Now let me set one thing straight before this post gets bombarded by Frozen fans who are missing my point: I don’t care that there is a ton of Frozen merch. I really, really don’t care. Regardless of my feelings about the movie, I know that people did enjoy it and I support the merch being available to you. They can continue to sell Frozen merch for the next 200 years, and I won’t give a fuck.

The problem here is that there is clear favoritism at play, and Disney’s continued focus on promoting Frozen is taking away from the further success of BH6, a newer Disney movie that is loved by a large fanbase, a fanbase which is mostly going INSANE due to lack of merchandise.

The Frozen merch itself isn’t a problem. The amount of Frozen merch isn’t even a problem. The problem is that Disney’s newest movie, Big Hero 6, an absolutely amazing story and one of the best things to come out of the neo-renaissance era, is not getting the promotion and marketing it needs as a result of favoritism. And that is a problem.

winter with luke would be so precious because first of all you know you guys just HAVE to have matching sweaters, christmas tree shopping would waaaaay longer than necessary because you both are indecisive as heck, and he would always buy you hot chocolate or some peppermint coffee you love when you two go out gift shopping. You would probably find him cooking breakfast early in the morning, in nothing but candy cane socks and boxers, while loudly belting out the lyrics of his favorite christmas jams. Then decorating your home would be a whole lot of you forcing him to pick you up so you can put that one decoration in the highest most unreasonable spot in the house and him picking out the ugliest decorations at target because who doesn’t need a tinsel dog with a santa hat on their front porch, am I right? 

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I snapped up at three in the morning with this idea: Kageyama and Shirabu being flatmates in collage and competing over EVERYTHING. So when it comes to the Christmas season both try to out-do the other by insanely decorating their rooms and getting the ugliest Christmas sweaters known to man. It starts December 1st and ends the 25th. The following week would be a nightmare when it comes to taking down the decorations and such

YES omg I love this ahhHH

concept: obianidala trying to decorate their first house. anakin keeps picking out THE UGLIEST furniture and the other two can’t tell if he’s doing it on purpose to be an annoying little shit or if his taste is just genuinely that bad. obi wan’s in a tizzy about how excessive it all is and How Could That Many Throw Pillows Possibly Fit On One Bed Anyway? meanwhile padme is going all out and buying a ton of ridiculously expensive things because Honestly, Obi-Wan, It’s Not Like Money’s A Problem, And Besides, This Is Our Home And Only The Best Will Do.

needless to say, padme gets her way in every single decorating debate™, the house ends up looking impeccable as a result, and anakin and obi wan are forced to admit that maybe letting her take charge WAS for the best. “i still think there’s too many throw pillows,” grumbles obi wan.

Reita and Uruha decorating a Christmas tree. They picked the ugliest one bc they felt bad for it. Reita has prepared a star with Aoi’s face on it for the top of the tree. They keep getting tangled up in the Christmas lights. Ruki is standing off to the side with his hands on his hips critiquing the tree like “that ornament looks terrible” “no don’t put that there” “that colour looks really bad against the tree.” Kai is stealing shit off the tree while they’re not looking and they’re both genuinely confused about it. Aoi is sitting on the floor drinking eggnog out the carton and live-tweeting everything.