that is the greatest audition ever

Moving On

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: alcohol. swearing. SADNESS.

summary: TEN moments in the journey of moving on

I rose from the dead to bring you all some PAIN. It took me a while to get this done because I wanted to get it right. A big thanks to @l-nmanuel for being my sunshine, @linslovelylocks for helping me out with the Pain, and @gratitudejoyandsorrow for making me read Love & Misadventure (which inspired this fic). (@imkindapassionate-kindasoulless)

words: 2,592

ONE (play is all it takes for her to fall in love)

You remember seeing him for the first time in a school play, all untidy black hair and dark wild eye. He was confident, almost arrogant in the way he commanded presence onstage. You ran to him after the play to congratulate him on his excellent performance.

You expected a haughty smirk from the lead actor, but instead he grinned bashfully and admitted that your pieces in the school magazine was always the highlight of his Tuesday.

“If only I was as good a writer as you are, I could write the greatest play in the history of ever,” he had said.

Just for a moment there, you saw the bleeding edge of insecurity underneath his sunny exterior. All it took was an exchange of numbers, a series of texts overnight, and by the next day, the two of you were already best friends.

TWO (people play acting. or are they?)

Lin is pacing the length of his bedroom, looking absolutely terrified for his audition tomorrow.

“I wish I could help,” you say absently, editing your article on your laptop. His head immediately snaps to you.

“Help me act out some scenes?”

You raise your eyebrows at him. He grins, pulling on his ‘but-I’m-your-best-friend’ face. You’ve never been able to say no to that smile. He grabs your laptop from you and types something, then shows you a list of prompts. So you spend 5 hours switching between at least 20 different characters, ranging from an angry grandmother to a hot girl he meets at a bar. You both turn to your laptop to see the final prompt.

‘A and B are best friends. A’s reaction to B getting married. ’

“Congrats,” you say, turning to him, already in character.

“That’s a lie.” He gives a mirthless laugh.

“I’m not! Congratulations,” you repeat, wondering where he was trying to steer the script.

“You’re lying! Why aren’t you happy for me? What are you trying to say?” he said fiercely, his black eyes boring into you.

“I’m trying to say that I’m in love with you!” you yell.

Right after the words leave your mouth, your heart stops. That isn’t part of the prompt. Your feelings aren’t supposed to get tangled with your improvisation. Wait, your feelings? For him?

“You have no right to say that just before I’m getting married,” Lin hisses.

“I’ve tried, you idiot. You think I want this?” you snap.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do anything about it,” he says, looking down. Your heart drums against your chest, and then you grin.

“Aaaand, scene.”

THREE (times he rewrote the script and it was still rejected)

He slumps down in the seat next to you, everything in his movement looking drained. You ask him if anything is wrong, but he just shakes his head mutely. You try again, taking his hand in yours. And for some reason, he tells you.

“My script was rejected,” he says quietly. “I thought I already knew rejection, but not this. I put everything into this. I rewrote the entire thing 3 times.”

You squeeze his hand. “Keep rewriting. You have all the time in the world.”

His smile is sad, and grateful, and something in your heart tightens. You smile back at him, hoping that he can’t see the butterflies in your stomach. You stare at his brown eyes. They aren’t the colour of the ocean, but you can drown in them anyway.

“Mi corazón,” he says, smiling at you.

“My nerd,” you reply affectionately.

(at) FOUR (a.m. he decides to get a tattoo because he can’t stop thinking about someone)

Lin gets paired up with Natalie, the future valedictorian, for a project. You see them and the first thing that you feel is a loud, stinging pang of jealousy, but in the back of your mind, there’s a click that tells you they’re meant to be. You ignore it and keep it to yourself, because that’s what you do best.

He texts you. ‘hey i’m getting a tattoo of a mic, come with?’

You accompany him to the tattoo parlor as he gets the mic. He’s over the moon as you drive home.

“What do you think?” he asks, trying to catch a glimpse of his tattoo for the first time.

“Personally, I wouldn’t get a tattoo that says daddy in cursive, but-”

“What the fuck?” he yells, wheeling around to try to see his back in the mirror.

“I’m kidding! Who inspired you to get a mic anyway?”

His face transforms into a wide, carefree smile, and his entire being relaxes. “Natalie.”

You turn up the volume of the radio so he doesn’t hear your heart breaking.

FIVE (Gordon Ramsay insults. technically, the last one isn’t an insult.)

You’re there when Lin finally kisses her.

It’s her birthday, and she tries to pass it off as low-key by calling it ‘just a barbeque’, but the truth is that it’s a very expensive beach party. You and Lin are piling food into your plate, trying to fit in with the rich kids by shouting Gordon Ramsay-esque insults.

“The pork is so raw it’s still singing Hakuna Matata!” you yell, stabbing it and taking a big bite.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t fucking cook it!” He says in a terrible British accent.

“Maybe you should give this piece of meat to the gods; I hear they like burnt offerings.”

He puts both hands on your cheeks. “What are you?”

“An idiot sandwich,” you say, faux tearfully. The two of you cackle in amusement, stealing bits of food of each other’s plate. Lin is about to launch into Ramsay mode again when Natalie approaches the two of you.

“Hey, guys,” she says happily.

“Hello, linda,” Lin interjects quickly, taking her hand. It’s a joke he always uses when trying to pick up girls - calling them linda so they’d say “my name isn’t Linda” and he can reply “linda means beautiful in Spanish” and watch them turn red.

Instead, a dusty pink blush spreads across her cheeks. “Quiet, you,” she laughs. Lin’s eyes light up in disbelief, like ‘holy shit, this amazing girl knows Spanish, she just got even hotter’. His eyes flit to you for permission, and you give him a big thumbs up.

You watch as Lin walk Natalie to the edge of the water, and they sit down. Gently, he puts his hands on her cheeks and says: “What are you?”

Natalie grins. “The love of your life?”

Even from a distance, you can hear Lin’s warm laugh, fading away as he leans in to kiss her. Everyone ceases their conversation to cheer and whistle at them. When Lin pulls away, he’s wearing a smile similar to a Cheshire cat’s.

Daniel, Lin’s roommate, lunges forward and pushes Lin towards the water. Natalie’s friends catch on to the idea and push her towards the water until the two of them are knee deep in water. You laugh along with everyone, until the crowd starts to dissipate. You return to your room.

It’s past midnight when Lin tiptoes into your room to grab fresh clothes that he keeps in your drawer. “Good night, Lin,” you whisper as he passes your bed.

He gasps. “Shut up, (Y/N).”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Shut. Up.” You can’t see his face in the dark, but you’re pretty sure he’s smiling as he leaves the room.

SIX (songs that aren’t even dedicated to her)

The worst thing about being in love with your best friend is that you can’t tell your best friend about it.

Your heart skips a beat when Lin texts you. ‘heya i’m making you a mixtape! it’s cute and adorable and fluffy (like me)’

You reply within seconds. ‘hm, what’s it about?’

‘SHIT sorry that message was for natalie!! actually, since you are a fellow pretentious fuck when it comes to music, can you help me out with the mix?’

‘sure. tell me about it.’

‘okay so i already have Perfect by Ed Sheeran, for obvious reasons, and Don’t You Forget About Me. what else?”

‘Ignition (Remix)!!!!’

‘are you fucking kidding no way’

‘come on, dude.’

‘fine. I’m also feeling The Fray. How To Save A Life?’

‘no wtf that song is mainstream and irrelevant. Heartbeat.’

‘good one. 505?’

‘YES. also. Cherry Wine.’

‘It’s done! It’s a mini-mix, i’m putting together a longer and better one for her birthday. THANK YOU, wingwoman.’

‘send it to me for prooflistening!!’

My Only Sunshine, by Lin-Manuel

Heartbeat - The Fray
505 - Arctic Monkeys
Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly
Perfect - Ed Sheeran
Cherry Wine - Hozier
Don’t You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

‘nice job, cabrón.’

SEVEN (billion people in the world and she chose to fall in love with the one who doesn’t love her back)

“Natalie’s parents are thinking of saying no if Lin proposes to her,” Chris announces, placing a plate of eggs in front of you.

“What?” you splutter, dropping your spoon. “No. The wedding has to happen.”

Chris gives you a long, measured look. “I thought their wedding being cancelled would save you from a great deal of pain.”

“It doesn’t matter if I tear my own heart in two. Because if Lin is happy, then it is worth it-”

“God!” Chris’ eyes narrows. “What could possibly be worth it?”

“Everything that I have lost!” you shout. “Lin!”

Chris breathes in and out slowly, and there’s something like pity in his eyes when he looks at you. “7.5 billion people in the world and you had to choose the one who doesn’t love you back.”

EIGHT (bottles of beer and she still misses him)

“What’s up, big shot?” you slur, holding the phone in one hand and a bottle of cheap beer in the other.

“Fuck,” he exhales, realising you were drunk. “I’ll be at your place in 5 to make sure you’re okay.”

“You’re so far away, Lin,” you complain. “Souls don’t understand the notion of distance, you know that? They only know how right it feels to be with one another. I miss you even when you’re just a room away, because my soul only feels the absence of yours.”

He laughs, and through the haze of alcohol you feel warmth spread through you, like a sun peeking from behind the clouds. “You only miss me when you’re drunk.”

“I’m drunk because I miss you,” you say softly. A beat of silence passes, and time stands still. You wonder if he hung up.

“Natalie’s calling.” The sound of her name shatters the moment like glass. You can’t find it in you to reply.

“Don’t do anything stupid until I get there,” he jokes. His voice is rough, scratchy, and he mutters a goodbye before hanging up.

True to his word, he appears 5 minutes later in your doorstep. He notices the empty bottles of beer on the floor and sees you lying down on the couch. Without hesitation, he gently pushes you to make space for him and lies down next to you.

You grin sleepily up at him. “Thanks for coming, but I’d rather sleep.”

“Sleep, mi corazón,” he whispers softly, pulling you closer to him. You know that he isn’t going to stay the night, but it’s still a slap to your face when he’s gone in the morning leaving nothing but a note taped to a glass of water.

For the first time, you feel white-hot jealousy flare up in you. All you wake up to is a hastily scrawled note, while Natalie gets to wake up to the life-sized, walking, talking Lin: to the sizzle of him cooking bacon, to his raspy humming, to his brown eyes half-lidded with sleep, to him.

(he’s on cloud) NINE

“(Y/N). You should fall in love. It’s amazing.”

He sounds drunk, but he actually isn’t. Drunk on love, maybe. It’s a joy for you to see your best friend like this, but it hurts like hell to see him like this because of another girl. It’s like he can’t stop talking about her, he always slides her name into every single sentence, twisting every conversation to relate it back to her.

You become so worried about losing your best friend that you check his phone to see what your name is in his contacts. You breathe a sigh of relief when it’s still mi corazón. You look for Natalie’s contact. Mi alma.

Mi corazón, my heart. You’re his heart; you know what he likes, what he hates, you see all his dark and you love his light.

Mi alma, my soul. She is his soul; he lives and breathes her, she sees the stars in his smile, everything he does is either with her, because of her, or for her.

TEN (years after meeting him and she finally lets him go)

Lin appears in your house with two cups of coffee. “I’m thinking of proposing to Natalie,” he says, after taking a long sip from his cup.

“Do it,” you cheered, grinning. He looks at you, searching for any kind of falseness, but there is none.

“I- Are you sure?”

“Yes. When I met you, I thought you hung all the stars and the moon in the sky. But I came to realise that you are just like me. You know the shape of my soul and the words of my heart. You’re my first love, Lin, and you always will be. But I deserve someone who loves me back, so I can be the poem instead of the poet I’ve always been. I’ve been stuck in your orbit for years, and this is me breaking free.”

He bites his lip and stares at the ground. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you say softly, pulling him into a hug. You savor the moment, drawing it out for as long as possible, and then you pull away. The smile that he gives you afterwards is worth everything.

The next day, you’re out at dinner with Natalie, and you can tell that she has something to say by the way she cuts her chicken into smaller pieces than is necessary. “I think Lin’s going to propose to me.”

“Really?” you enthuse. “That’s great!”

“Any words from his best friend?” she asks.

You’re silent for a long moment, trying to find the words. “Take care of him. He looks like he has enough love to give to everyone, but sometimes he needs love as well. Be honest about his work. He enjoys criticism. He’ll sometimes think he’s the dullest of the bunch, when in reality he’s the brightest. With every word, pen stroke, and touch, you’re going to fall deeper in love with him. Please, just love him with everything you have.”

She holds your gaze, and between the two of you, there was some kind of resolve; an understanding. She knows. And she knows you’re moving on.

“Oh, and Natalie?” you ask, just before the moment fades.

“Yeah?” she says, with a smile that eases your mind. Not many people deserve Lin, but she definitely does.

“Don’t you fucking dare break his heart.”

‘Drunk History’: How Lin-Manuel Miranda Got Hammered In The Name Of Culture

Commissioned for a fifth season in January, Drunk History has covered a lot of territory in the ten years since. Season 1 saw Jenny Slate narrating the invention of Coca-Cola; in Season 2, Johnny Knoxville played Johnny Cash; Season 3 featured an appearance from Ryan Philippe in a mini-biography of movie-star canine Rin Tin Tin; while a highlight of the fourth season — which aired last September — was, once again, the story of Alexander Hamilton, this time told by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. Konner explained the sketch’s genesis: “In the case of Hamilton,” he recalled. “I’d gone to see Lin in Hamilton and went backstage. He came up and said, ‘That was my two-and-a-half-hour-long audition for you guys.’ Which is the greatest thing anyone has ever said to me.”


This time on Gorillaz Fucks With Everyone:
  • 2-D eating not only dog food, but now his own clothes.
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • 2-D dressing up as a fox (oh boy here comes the 2-Fox fan art).
  • Murdoc’s only pro according to 2-D is that he wouldn’t hurt any animal.
  • Cooking whale with the sun with a sand seasoning.
  • Murdoc crying, smoking, eating strawberries and complaining about his life tragedies.
  • Murdoc and 2-D hugging.
  • 2-D’s top three fears: Sharknados, Global Warming and Gok Wan.
  • 2-D auditioning for Dragon’s Den and then catching his product on fire.

okay but au where louis, liam, and niall are in a punk band, think early 90s green day, and all they do is smoke weed all day and talk about writing songs that stick it to the man, and by the man i mean, like, the government, dude. louis dyed his hair red to symbolize the blood of the innocents on the hands of politicians but also, like, ‘cause it looks cool, and niall doesn’t own a single piece of clothing that doesn’t have a dozen holes in it, and liam has a septum ring that his tattoo artist pierced for him, but he was high so it’s a little crooked. 

louis is the in-your-face, talk-shit-get-hit, outspoken undereducated but overenthusiastic voice of the band and the lead singer, and he’s also working on learning how to play the bass guitar but he’s not that good at pouring all his emotions into the lyrics and also thumbing the g-string like a heartbeat at the same time, so he mostly doesn’t bother. liam is the drummer, niall is on lead guitar. 

they book a gig at the biggest punk bar in oakland and are pumped, at least until they celebrate by going to another band’s show that night and realize that they can’t perform and get the same kind of reactions if they don’t have a real bassist, someone who lives up to their expectations and will also somehow take them as they are, scruffy and skinny and loud, and make them into the greatest band that ever was. 

they put up flyers all around town and hold auditions in the tiny living room of their apartment, and it goes terribly: the first guy doesn’t even know who Sid Vicious is, like, what the fuck dude, the second girl is hot (and louis has to clap his hand over liam’s mouth to keep him from saying immediately she’s in the band) but doesn’t own her own bass and probably can’t make their daily band practice and also doesn’t even know if she’ll be free for the Big Gig, the third guy sucks, the fourth guy sucks, the fifth guy is, like, fifty, and would probably break a hip in the mosh pit. 

louis is about to give up. his throat hurts from singing all day, his buzz wore off ages ago, they’re out of beer and don’t have money for more, and they’re going to be pathetically mediocre at the show on saturday. 

and then in walks one more person to audition. 

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18 music question tag



OK LETS DO THIS (TAGGED BY @fricklefrackthensnicklesnack )

1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
Panic! At the Disco

2. What was the last song you listened to?
What a Catch Donnie

3. What’s in your CD/Record player right now?
A fever you Can’t sweat out (i have the whole album on a separate tab for safe use when there is no panic available)

4. What was the last show you attended?

5. What was the greatest show you’ve been to?

6. What was the worst show you’ve ever been to?


7. What is the most musically involved you have ever been?
Ok i am going to do a bullet point list:


Middle Years Wind Ensemble

Concert Band

Cello Lessons

Flute Ensumble

Chamber Choir (you audition for this shit)

Flute Choir 



lol this was long

8. What show are you looking forward to?
Well it’s not really a show but i am really looking forward to Future Problem Solving Internationals. I was invited to perform my writing, because it one the national comp. 

9. What is your favorite band shirt?
Probs this white shirt with the panic logo on my boob. 

10. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Brendon and Ryan Ross (because they are dating and go everywhere together)

11. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?

12. Who is one band/ artist you’ve never seen live but always want to?

Panic at the disco, Fall out Boy, The young Veins and MCR. 

13. Name four or more flawless albums:
Save Rock and Roll, AFYCSO, Danger Days, Vessel

14. How many concerts have you been to, total?

15. Who have you seen the most live?

16. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

and low key trolls. That shit gets me pumped up 

17. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wisened up?

The Pop diva, now the emo diva

18. What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ that you hate to admit liking?

um i tag @blueglittersele @actualbrendonurie and @limerentt

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> You know, Niall Horan is the greatest and most amazing person I know.<p/><b>Person:</b> But you've never even met-<p/><b>Me:</b> Yeah, that Niall. Coolest guy you'll ever meet. Glad to have met him when he was just a little lad at 16.<p/></p>

Amber Riley’s “Let It Shine” Judges Profile

Bringing a touch of Glee to the panel

Let It Shine’s very own dream girl Amber Riley will be adding a touch of glee to the judging panel as she joins the fun for the first four shows of the series.

Amber’s set to bring to Let It Shine, her extensive experience of performing, having starred as Mercedes Jones in the hit American musical drama Glee.

She also won the American remake of Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With The Stars, so she knows what it takes to be an all-rounder, and that’s exactly what she’s looking for on Let It Shine. “A big voice isn’t the only thing we’re after,” she tells us. “It’s about being able to move, it’s about personality, it’s about being able to get along with others.” It’s clear Amber means business when it comes to finding talent – so what will it take for her to give our hopefuls the green light?

Importantly Amber’s experience also extends to musical theatre, both onscreen and onstage. In 2015, she played the part of Addaperle, the Good Witch of the North, in NBC’s The Wiz Live! In 2016, Amber took to the stage once again for the first ever London production of Dreamgirls playing the lead role of Effie White in the Tony and Oscar winning musical.

When it comes to auditions, Amber has very fond memories of her audition for Glee. “I didn’t really know what I was auditioning for, and then it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life, if not the greatest experience of my life.”

We hope that in years to come, our contestants say the same thing! Bring on the boys!

Maxwell’s World voice acting auditions

Maxwell’s World needs your help in bringing characters to life! If you’ve got a voice, and a microphone, we could use your help!
Pick any number of characters, and read off the lines below. Send your audition files in any format to Contributors get advanced access to the mod, their name in the credits, and a shipment of dire bees mailed to the address of their choice!

EDIT: Voice auditions are now REOPENED, but only for Andy and Gale! With well over 400 hundred applicants, the turnout was glorious in how insane it was. Thanks to all for participating!

EDIT: Auditions closed once again.

The characters are:

Paladin Wallace
As heavily clad in bureacratic bullshit as he is in power armor, Collin Wallace likes rules. The last survivor of a Brotherhood of Steel recon team, Wallace takes refuge in rationality and paperwork to deal with the fact that he’s trapped in what is basically hell. Still, once you sign his forms and agree to his contracts, Wallace is the kind of man who will stand by your side and burn down entire buildings while screaming scripture to comfort himself.
Looking for a male VA who can play an humorless, paranoid warrior.
Wallace’s Audition:
“Please be aware that, according to the Brotherhood Codex, section 6, subsection b, article 2.3, that by assisting any Brotherhood endeavors you agree to the forfeit of any and all items deemed “higher technology”, the specifics of which are detailed in article 5, somewhere… here, yeah there. You also acknowledge that you are under an official nondisclosure agreement and the operations of all Brotherhood contingencies are to be kept secret under pain of legal action and any and all fallen members at or over the rank of Paladin are not to be “looted” as defined in the first contract. Any questions? No? Good. Let’s go laser something.”

A carefree treasure hunter, Jenna came to the park seeking the fabeled treasures that Maxwell hid away, but now just wants to get out. Highly opinionated and highly energetic, Jenna is a planner, a do-er, and is the kind of person who hates not being busy. Despite this, Jenna has a strong moral backbone, and will stand fast to help out people even if she doesn’t like them, or finds them boring.
Looking for a female VA, sounds mid-twenties-to-thirties, who can play a rough, fast-talking Indiana Jones style character.
Jenna’s Audition:
“I chided them; told them that if they didn’t seen this coming, as smart as they were, that they were a bunch of fools. Well, actually the exact words I use were “God damned fucking morons who when it comes to foresight are as blind a bat with its head up its own ass and probably should be eating just as much shit”. They didn’t appreciate those commentaries.”

Jenna’s sister, and the woman who hires you to find Jenna in the first place. Gale, like her sibling, is a planner to an almost meticulous degree. She’s no preconceptions about the wasteland, and prefers bribery and straightforward coercion to any sort of diplomacy. Still, it makes her honest, and as long as you’re willing to abide by the unspoken rules, she’s happy to help you.
Looking for a female VA, who can play a calculating genius with no qualms about shooting you in the face if you try and double-cross her.
Gale’s Audition:
“There are 17 turrets currently pointed at you, all primed, all armed. Seven of them are missile turrets, five are laser turrets, and the other five are… Well honestly I don’t know. If you try to shoot me, know that the glass I am standing behind can withstand several rockets. I tested it. So, you can either leave peacefully, and you will leave with your life. Or, you can try something really stupid.”

An ancient, almost skeletal ghoul; Stoat was a teenage janitor at the park, just trying to get some money, when everything went to hell. Fast forward two hundred and ten years, Stoat is no longer the caretaker of Maxwell’s World, but its greatest enemy. Having survived for centuries dodging zombie clowns and malicious rides, Stoat is so completely insane that he’s entered a sort of supersanity, and he uses his knowledge of the park to help people try and escape, while mercifully killing those who don’t. Stoat sees things, and he’s more than a little unstable. But he’s ultimately got your best interests at heart.
Looking for a male VA who can play a wacky ghoul.
Stoat’s Audition:
“I went insane! I went totally insane! Look at me, I’m wearing the uniform of the same things that are trying to kill me! That’s so crazy! But crazy, ahhh, I found out that crazy is like an ocean. There are islands, little oasises of sanity that you can cling to. That’s you. I can’t escape the park, but you can. Or you’ll get eaten by a monorail. No wait, I think that asshole crashed. We’re doing good then.”


Two happy protectrons, that server as vendors in the park. Every vendor. Really. It’s hard to tell if they’re AI that jumps from robot to robot, or if they’re following you.
Either way, Andy and Andrea are here to sell you all the food, candy, and ammunition you can eat! Doesn’t matter if you don’t want it or not, they’ll happily shove it down your throat while telling you what a stupidly useless fuck you are.
Looking for a male VA and a female VA who can play cheerful, but vulgar and aggressive robots.
Andy’s Audition:
“You’re also going to die. You’re underequipped, you need help! But we’ve got what you need! Cotton candy and hot dogs to heal you! Soda to get away some of that nasty radiation! You’ll love it! Go ahead and buy some! Take some! It’s free! No cost, no need to buy! Just eat the food! Eat the food! Shove this food into your stupid fucking face you giant god damned asshole! Eat the food! You really should! You’re going to die!”

Andrea’s Audition:
“Those guns are fucking shit, like you! You need better guns! Why not have Captain Cosmos’s raygun, if you’re enough of a fucking idiot to use energy weapons! Or if you’re a dumbass who is into explosives why not get this firework gun. You definitely need it. You let your family die! After all, you’re such a pathetic waste of space, you really think you can escape without our help? Give in, buy some ammunition! You don’t stand a chance! Come on and buy! You couldn’t protect them! Buy!”

Mister Maxwell
Mister Maxwell was the Walt Disney of Fallout. Kind of literally. The owner of Maxwell Enterprises (itself the owner of Hubris Comics and just about every other entertainment company in the USA), Maxwell was a joyous fellow of unlimited imagination, whose goal in life was to bring happiness as many people as possible. Maxwell’s World was his greatest project, his magnum opus. Unfortunately, the apocalypse happened. Maxwell might be a nuclear puddle, but something else lives on in the park. It wears his face, talks like him, and is still dedicated to bringing joy. But “joy” under Maxwell’s definition now means trapping souls in the park forever, to become part of his army of the dead.
Looking for a male VA who can put on their best Walt Disney impression, or can play a kindly, soul-stealing evil demigod entertainment mogul.
Maxwell’s Audition:
“Why do you persist? Are you afraid of death? Why? I haven’t killed you, not ever. I don’t want to. All I want is the same thing you want. For you to be filled with joy.  I really wouldn’t escape if I were you. The world, out beyond the gates, it’s radiation filled, raider filled, there’s nothing but pain and pointless struggle. Stay! Give into temptation. The preachers act like that’s a bad thing, but I promise you food, I promise you shelter, I promise you fun!”

I MADE A TON OF PENTATONIX ASKS! These are largely in chronological order. I didn't do the new album because I know someone just made a post with questions for that. Have fun with it!
  • PTX : What's an internet acronym it took you a long time to understand?
  • Scott : Who is your idol?
  • Mitch : What is your favorite item of clothing? OR what's your aesthetic?
  • Superfruit : What's your weekly obsession?
  • Scomiche : What's your favorite fictional ship?
  • Kirstie : What's your favorite Disney movie?
  • Trio : How'd you meet your best friend?
  • Avi : What's your favorite mythical creature?
  • Kevin : If you could be renowned forever for being the best at one thing, what would it be?
  • Meat and Potatoes : What's your favorite meal?
  • Ben : Talk about a time you worked behind the scenes.
  • Esther : Ever played a prank?
  • Wyatt : What color is your hair?
  • Olaf : What's worth melting for?
  • Todrick Hall : Have you ever seen/been in a flash mob?
  • Lindsey Stirling : Do you play any instruments?
  • Sing-Off : Talk about a time you took a chance and it paid off.
  • Ben Folds : What do you nerd out about?
  • Sara Bareilles : Talk about a time you got hella tongue-tied.
  • Shawn Stockman : What gets you psyched every time?
  • Telephone : Have you ever auditioned for anything?
  • ET : Do you believe in aliens?
  • Your Love is My Drug : Have you ever done drugs?
  • Piece of My Heart : Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Video Killed the Radio Star : How did you first realize your passion for whatever means the most to you?
  • Love Lockdown : What makes you angry?
  • Britney Spears Medley : What mistake do you make a lot?
  • Born to be Wild : What's the greatest adventure you've ever been on?
  • Stuck Like Glue : What can't you give up?
  • OMG : Talk about a time you made a compromise.
  • Let's Get it On : What have you never lived down? OR who's your celebrity crush?
  • Forget You/Since U Been Gone : Have you ever gotten a toxic person out of your life?
  • Dog Days are Over : Talk about a time you put your all into something, even if you were scared.
  • Without You : Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Una Noche : Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
  • Eye of the Tiger : Talk about a time you won something.
  • Moves Like Jagger : What's the first internet video you remember watching?
  • Edge of Glory : Do you live in the moment?
  • How Will I Know : Are you good at "reading" people?
  • You Da One : What do you daydream about?
  • We Are Young : What's your power song?
  • End of Time : How do you think the universe will end?
  • When Love Takes Over : If you took over the world, what would be your first action as ruler?
  • As Long as You Love Me/Wide Awake : What time do you wake up?
  • The Wizard of Ahhs: What trait would you ask the Wizard for?
  • PTX Vol. I : What's something you made long ago that you're still proud of?
  • Starships : Talk about a time no one believed in you, but you succeeded and proved them wrong. OR would you ever go to space if you had the chance?
  • The Baddest Girl : What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
  • Somebody That I Used to Know : Have you ever drifted from someone you used to be close with?
  • Aha! : Talk about a time you were caught red-handed.
  • Show You How to Love : Do you like going out to clubs?
  • Love You Long Time : What do you consider irreplacable?
  • The Chicken Song : What cracks you up every time?
  • PTXMas : How long did you believe in Santa?
  • Angels We Have Heard on High : Have you ever sung in a choir?
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel : Are you religious?
  • Carol of the Bells : What do you have set as your ringtone?
  • The Christmas Song : Do you have a fireplace?
  • O Holy Night : Have you ever gone stargazing?
  • This Christmas : Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
  • Little Drummer Boy : Talk about a time you had to improvise.
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain : Have you ever spread a rumor?
  • Payphone : How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
  • Gangnam Style : Do you speak any languages other than English?
  • NSYNC Medley : What makes you nostalgic?
  • Save the World/Don't You Worry Child : Where were you on Dec 21, 2012 (the day the world was supposed to end(again))?
  • Thrift Shop : What's the coolest thing you've gotten at a Thrift Shop?
  • Radioactive : Do you like dystopian fiction?
  • Evolution of Music : What is your favorite song from before the 21st century?
  • Oreos : What's your favorite cookie?
  • Pusher Love Girl : What's your silliest nickname?
  • PTX Vol. II : What constructive critique has stayed with you?
  • Can't Hold Us : What "clique" do you feel you identify most with?
  • Natural Disaster : Have you ever been in an earthquake?
  • Love Again : Have you ever been to a rave?
  • Valentine : What do you think is cute?
  • Hey Momma/Hit the Road Jack : What's the worst pickup line you know?
  • I Need Your Love : Have you ever had to do someone else's job?
  • Run to You : Who do you miss right now?
  • Daft Punk : If you could have one robot/cybernetic enhancement, what would it be?
  • PTXPerience : Do you keep a diary? Have you ever read someone else's diary?
  • Royals : If you could be royalty, with all the good and bad things that entails, would you want to?
  • Evolution of Beyonce : What's the most dramatic thing you've done to get the attention of someone you like or admire?
  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin' : Have you ever been in a fight?
  • Sesame Street : What's your happiest childhood memory?
  • Say Something : Go on, say something. Get it off your chest.
  • Happy : What makes you happy?
  • We Are Ninjas : What Ninja Turtle are you most like? OR what's your favorite pizza topping?
  • PTX Vol. III : How have you improved in the past year?
  • Problem : What's the biggest problem you have right now?
  • On My Way Home : How far from home have you been?
  • La La Latch : Is there any object you're particularly attached to?
  • Rather Be : Where would you rather be right now?
  • See Through : What's the closest see-through thing to you right now?
  • Papaoutai : What creeps you out? OR what's your favorite toy?
  • Standing By : What are you waiting for?
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing : Do you believe in miracles?
  • White Winter Hymnal : Have you ever built a snowman?
  • Sleigh Ride : Have you ever ridden a horse?
  • Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy : What helps you stop worrying?
  • That's Christmas to Me : What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  • Mary Did You Know : What's an interesting trivium you know?
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy : What is your favorite Christmas story?
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year : What's your favorite season?
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town : What do you want for Christmas, and what bad habit would you give up for it?
  • Silent Night : Quick, turn off your music--what's the very first noise you hear?
  • Let it Go : Do you have any deep dark secrets?
  • Pitch Perfect : Have you ever met a celebrity? (Other than PTX.)
  • Grammy : What do you consider your greatest achievement?
  • Documentary : What's your favorite movie?
  • Evolution of Michael Jackson : What's your favorite classic Halloween monster?
  • Pentatonix : What are your hopes for the future?

happy birthday to exo’s flower boy maknae, oh sehun!

"and then my soul saw you and it kind of went 'oh there you are. i've been looking for you.'"

the pacific ocean is the largest ocean on earth, stretching from the top of the world, all the way to the bottom. it is 165.25 million square kilometres in area and is almost 50% of the water on this planet. boston is the capital of the state of massachusetts in the united states of america, and seoul is the capital of south korea. the distance from boston to seoul is 10933 kilometers.

you are an ocean away from me, yet i couldn’t feel closer to you.

oh sehun, i cannot fathom how much i love you. i could never count up how many times i have laughed because of you, how many times i have cried, smiled, scoffed kiddingly, felt so loved by you.

how many times you have made me feel like i am the happiest person in any given place and time, in any universe, in any existing dimension.

oh sehun, you are my angel and there is nothing i would never do for you. you are the most loveliest soul i have ever laid my eyes on, despite the fact that your soul has never been in front of my eyes ever. there is something to be said about love that is somewhere along the lines of the insanely absolute bliss and ecstasy you feel when you have fallen in it. how much can i possibly stress how perfect you are? how could i ever possibly give all the love i have ever received from you? because you radiate so much love. you have so much love.

love is something so strange and artificial but so natural and strong at the same time. some declare that they don’t need it, that they’re too good for it, but the truth is love is everywhere. love moves us forward and love makes us better people because where would we be if all there was in this universe was hate? and oh sehun, you have given me so much love, i have suffocated.

do you see where i’m going? because i can’t. sehun, there are so many people in this world and the next who love you. and you always say you love us back, which i believe you truly genuinely do, so where does that put each individual fan, where does that put me? i am literally just going nowhere with this, i’m just spitting words out, but sehun, there could no truer statement about you from me other than i love you

it’s madness, i swear. i’ve never met you before! i’ve never met you before. and you have no idea i exist. you have no idea who i am, my age, where i live, my family and friends, my interests or my favorite foods. you don’t know what my guilty pleasure movies are, or tv shows. the books i love read and all the nostalgia in my life. you don’t that i’ve spent countless hours in my room just staring at posters of you, just listening to the albums i buy that when i receive i hope it’s your photocard. that so many of the tears i shed are for you. how you make my heart feel love as endless as space.

you have no clue i am a living breathing soul just like you are yet you have saved me in any which way possible a person can be saved.

"if i could give you one thing in life, i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me."

eyes are something so unpredictable, aren’t they? i can see something one way but you can see it a completely opposite way. except it is the same exact thing. i suppose many people how their own ways of seeing you, sehun. i know other people love you, sehun. other fans love you so much… but as cliché as this sounds, i truly believe no one loves you… like i love you. i have no clue how i came to see you like this. because i swear, you are one of the best things in my life in this crazy, love-filled, forward new modern world we live in.

you are the best parts of all my favorite songs, oh sehun. that is a poem from a book of poems i keep by my bed. it is filled with so beautiful poems that when you read it, it is like the words are reading themselves to you and like they are speaking to you as the voice of the one you are attached to. i’m rambling, i know. but i don’t know how else i could ever tell you i love you. oh sehun, if you were a book, you would be the most beautiful story ever written.

the red string of fate originates from east asian, used in chinese and japanese legends. it is a belief that two people are tied to each end of the string and that they are destined to be together, that it is their fate to end up together. that the red string of fate, if one person were to walk forward, the one on the other end would fall towards them. is it insane to pray that you are on the end of my string?

oh sehun, even if i was ever able to meet you, to watch exo in concert or go to kcon (i wish), i would be so confused as to what to do because i would want to cry and bawl and sob and have you sit there for hours listening to me explaining to you how much i love you and how i had only ever seen you, this angel, on a computer screen, or a phone or television screen, and only hear your voice in songs and on shows and radios, and how i thought we could be soulmates but that that rationale is so dumb and how i have spent hours just staring at posters and crying so ugly about you and exo and listening to albums and having my heart break at the point of nostalgia and wishing how i could meet the 12 angels who have shaped me into my soul and how i finally did and how i have spent countless nights laying in bed in complete darkness and silence thinking of how i am 100% sure you and exo are angels sent to us from heaven or how you are angels regardless and how you are the best parts of my favorite songs.

honestly, i would cry so fucking hard in front of you, in front of exo. unfortunately, i am not so strong of a person, but please understand, sehun, that i love you so much.

it’s incredible, the simple power of human love. i truly believe that it is the strongest force on earth, able to move the tallest of mountains and the cruelest of people. and to love you is something i cherish so much. you are our sweethearts and i couldn’t ever speak for everybody but oh sehun, we love you so much with all our hearts.

i don’t know who came up with the concepts of angels, and time, and love. maybe the angels came from the bible, and time came from scientists, and love came naturally but oh sehun, you are the most beautiful angel ever. and you made me fall so hard in love with you i think you broke my heart while doing so.

if i ever lost you, i think i would die.

maybe not literally die, but i don’t know who i would be anymore. and i don’t know how i would lose you, but i don’t ever want to.

aside from the sad, oh sehun, you are such an amazing dancer. i swear you were born from the ocean. i swear you are so beautiful. i swear i love you the way the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.

at any given time, i swear i will love you. i will love you because loving you is so easy, so natural. because falling in love with you was like falling asleep; slowly bit by bit and then all at once. (i don’t even like that book at all though!)

i know i could never write out my soul to you in some amateur letter i typed out while listening to sad love songs, but i want you to know, oh sehun, that i love you. i love you so much. i love you so much with all my heart. and that today, april 12 2014 is 20 years after the day you were born, a day i am so thankful for. i thank your parents for having you, and i thank them for keeping you healthy while growing up. i thank you, sehun, for going out to eat ddeokbokki with your friends after school and i thank the sm agent who chased after you because they wanted you to audition. i thank you for auditioning and sm for debuting you in exo, one of the greatest gifts to anybody ever. i thank you, oh sehun, for all your unconditional love you have given us. i thank my parents for having me, for keeping me healthy so that i could be here today. i thank god and buddah and jesus and allah and brahman and heaven oh my gosh i don’t know but i thank them for bringing you to me. because where have you been all my life? because i swear i have loved you since the start of time. and i will love you until the end of time.

happy birthday, oh sehun. i pray everyday that i will always love you, and that one day, you will know that. i pray everyday that maybe in another universe, you love me as much as i love you, and that you’ll always be healthy and happy. i pray for so much hahah. ♡ i love you so much with all my heart, my hoonie my goonie, my angel! ♡ happy birthday. :D ♡

"and i'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, i'd find you and i'd choose you."
Doctor Who and me

Ever since I was little, I mean tiny, the TV has been my best friend. Growing up as a queer kid in rural Lancashire in the early 80’s That and my Commodore 64 were my only escape. I watched everything, but especially Doctor Who. My earliest TV memory was Peter Davison in Doctor Who in Four to Doomsday, I remember running into the lounge, running away from the music, running back in and hiding behind the couch, leaving when it got too much. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan ever since. The first time I remember seeing someone I wanted to be when I grew up it was Sophie Aldred as Ace. And I was heart broken when it was cancelled. As time went on I was a casual fan, I’d watch anything Doctor Who related when it came on the TV, whether it was BBC four showing old episodes, or the BBC’s “Doctor Who Night” with sketches by the members of the League of Gentlemen.

When it came back my passion was fired up again, stronger than when I was a kid, and my friendship with Toby Hadoke, who is one of the most knowledgeable Doctor Who fan I’ve ever met really cemented that. About ten years ago he was just starting an Edinburgh fringe run of his show “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf” a show all about growing up as a Doctor Who fan, and how it helped him build a relationship with his kids. It’s an amazing show, and I suggest you find yourselves a copy of it on CD or something, it’s ace. I was fortunate enough to drive Toby on the tour that followed and saw his show over 40 times.

Driving up and down the country I got to fill out the gaps in my knowledge. The excitement when Toby got help with the show from Russell T Davies, and then David Tennant recorded some bits for the show was immense, like touching a world of dreams that had seemed to perfect and out of reach, and now it wasn’t, it was a tangible thing. And that’s as close as I thought I’d get to it.

Then last year, I accidentally ended up with an acting career. Honestly, I’d not thought about acting since I quit my performing arts A-level in 1996, I was having a tough time, I was skint, I’d broken my leg and couldn’t work and suddenly someone passed me on an open casting call for Banana; Russell T Davies new series. I honestly never thought I’d get it. And then I did. And then two days later I was walking through the offices of the production company with Andy Pryor, the casting director of Doctor Who, when former show runner Russell T Davies came bounding out of his office and greeted me, my head was spinning, then I got sat in a room waiting to go into the read through with Andrew Hayden Smith, who’d been in David Tennant’s first Cybermen story. I thought how lucky I was to be alive and to get to do this. It was an honour and a privilege.

Anyway cut forward a year. I’m kind of thinking “well acting was fun, maybe I’ll never get cast in anything else though.” When my agent sent me a message that I’d got an audition for Doctor Who.

I got it. I got the job. I had to keep it silent. But I GOT THE JOB!

When I went down for the read through and saw my name on the table next to Jenna Coleman’s it suddenly started to feel real.

It is genuinely the greatest job I could ever have imagined getting. Everything about it is magical. I’m enjoying every day of filming and cherishing it, because you never know if you’ll ever get to do anything like this again. I only hope that I do the role and the show justice, and that you all enjoy it. For me it’s the gig of a lifetime.

I’ve got a great project I’m going to be working on with Squid and in order to do it I’m gonna need voice actors! Last time I did a project like this it fell apart due to a bad situation that was out of my control but this time I’m determined not to let this fail! Mainly because this is probably one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever had.

So what is this project you ask? Well, we are going to be making an ask blog featuring a homestuck au that is completely off the wall ridiculous.

So what we want are the most silly and unfitting voices you can possibly come up with.

This means you can audition for anyone. Like literally anyone. It doesnt matter if you have the most butch manly voice or the tiniest little girl voice.

We are looking for at least decent mic quality though so keep that in mind.

We kind of have ideas for what we want with certain characters but if you think you have a better idea by all means do whatever you want for them.

Here are the characters you can audition for:

















You can send in auditions by emailing us at

If you have any questions feel free to message us on either of our tumblrs! uou

How would you describe the ride you’ve been on with your career, for the last few years?
  • JENNIFER: It’s a hard thing to sum up. Really honestly, it’s a job. I really love acting. I really do. I really just think of myself as a working woman, and I just go from set to set and work. You have to promote a movie and work, and people are going to have opinions, but it’s weirdly very easy to block out the world. There’s just a few years of getting used to it. Your entire world changes. Now, it’s very easy for me because I’m isolated. I have a new normal now. I feel very stable and normal and happy, but it took a few years to get used to being looked at differently. It’s a very alienating feeling because you don’t feel different, but everybody reacts to you differently. But you can’t think about the pressure, or it will just keep you up. So, there was a few years of getting used to it, and then I got used to it and was like, “Okay, let’s get back to work.” People react and can do whatever they want, and that’s fine. That’s on them. I just have a job. That’s how I think of it.
  • Q: Actors can often struggle to find success, after completing a big film franchise.
  • JENNIFER: You think I’m doomed. I’m fucked, aren’t I?
  • Q: Why do you think you’ve been able to continue to find success?
  • JOSH: She’s a damn good actress!
  • JENNIFER: I’ve been really fortunate. I shot the first Hunger Games movie, and then I auditioned for David O. Russell for Silver Linings about two weeks after we wrapped. So, he had no idea what was about to happen. I remember there have been a few times where I would have really loved time off, but I was very aware of how overwhelming these movies and this character was, and that was a big fear of mine, signing onto the movies. I want people to lose themselves when they’re watching a movie, and not see the same character. This character, however, is remarkable. I think she’s the greatest female character, ever, so I wasn’t too mad at that. I just tried to keep working, so that people could see other characters and other things that I could do, instead of taking vacation time. Now, I’m aging like a President.

get to know me meme: [2/10] current celebrity crushes: John Krasinski“I was insane enough to think that I was gonna play basketball in college. And when I got to college, I came in a semester late because I was accepted mid-year. Went up to the gym, saw that they were both too tall for me, and too good for me to play, and had a reality check. And literally as I was walking across campus back to my dorm that day, I ripped off a flyer that said, ‘audition for the sketch comedy group,’ and I thought, 'that’ll be a good way to spend my time.’ And it ended up being one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. ”

onaga236  asked:

Hi i'll be auditioning for the role of skittle-skattle and I'll be trying to organize a nerf war with dangerously over modified nerf guns that should probably be labeled as registered weapons that includes everyone in the town/city while "I wont back down" by johnny cash plays throughout the entire city followed by "Eye of the tiger" as I stand over the burning city and declared the winner of the greatest and most dangerous nerf war ever


As requested by anonymous, a simple guide (more accurately, a list of important plot points, so not too in depth), broken down by episode, to remember when auditioning/playing out a canon season five Rachel Berry!

Please keep in mind that this does reference both Finn Hudson and The Quarterback, and I skipped Previously Unaired Christmas as it’s not ‘canon’ for this timeframe. 

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