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I’ve been crying about this all day. 

Credit to Haruhi Fujioka 

fun fact: because of my ever-watchful strict folks and my inability to receive the materials, ive never been able to do a lot of the important parts of communicating and worshipping the gods. but i’ll tell you a secret right now, one that is very important and that i’d like to tell all baby hellenic polytheists or otherwise religion-stifled god lovers like me - it’s okay.

when i introduced myself to dionysus and apollo, i wrote letters. i had a little notebook with a pretty lady on it so i opened it up and i wrote letters to them, said hello and i love you and i made little sticker pages devoted to them where id put stickers and drawings and other odd things that reminded me of them. things i wanted them to see and have. i knew very little of hellenic polytheism, but what i knew of it, i was unable to do at home or anywhere. so i put a lot of love into that little notebook, because i still wanted to worship them as best as i was able. if you can’t even have that much just yet, that’s okay too.

the most important part of religion will always be worship. the most important thing to me is love. i dont want to wait until im out of this place to love them. i dont want to wait to worship - if that makes me a bad worshipper to some people, then that’s okay. because being a hellenic polytheist isnt about your relationships with other hellenic polytheists, its about your relationships with the gods. pray to them in whispers or even hard thought, do things for them or in their name, give your love to them - if you cannot do certain things because you simply cannot, then dont put off worshipping altogether until you can do those things.

ive seen other people say this, and i think its a beautiful thing to remember: the gods are already perfect, you dont have to be. give them what you have, give your best, and thats all you need. one day, when (or if) you are able to bring in all the important elements and get your worship on hardcore, then it will mean all the more.

thats just my 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5-) cents 😁 may ares, athena, and apollo bless you with strength, good sense, and victory and may hermes guide you down safe roads


This is the best thing I’ve seen all day

title: maybe
fandom: skam
pairing: yousef x sana
part: i , ii , iii , iv , v

last chapter before the end! thank you so much for all the sweet comments. i read all of them (including tags in reblogs) and they really and truly make my day. the final part is ready to post so i’ll finish revising it and have it up later today. comments, advice and criticism (please don’t be afraid to be harsh, i’m trying really hard to improve) are very much appreciated. 

p.s. did anyone else catch tarjei’s interview on nrk p3 radio literally the best thing i’ve seen/heard ever (because week/month/year does not truly reflect my feelings)

iv. (2018-07-02 21:57)

“…to us, and to our futures, wherever the hell we end up!” Eva cheered.

“Skål!” chorused the crowd of teenagers, toasting their glasses with one another. Sana raised her can of Fanta, clinking it with Even’s, who was probably the only other sober person at the event, and Chris’s beer bottle that was on the verge of slipping from her fingers. Sana pried it gently out of her hands, setting it down on the table in front of them. Leaving her friend and drink under Even’s supervision, she went to use the bathroom, kicking out the boys smoking weed in the bathtub and locking the door behind her.

Eva’s parties were known to get wild. With her mother barely being around for the majority of the year, hers was the default house for whatever bash the girls planned on throwing throughout their time at Nissen. Their graduation party was no exception. The ceremony belonged to the parents, but this was for them. Three years of what seemed like endless projects, assignments and exams came to an abrupt close all too soon, their respective complaints reduced to nostalgic feelings of a time where the worries associated with them now seemed so much less important than what they had. On the precipice of adulthood, it was fitting that they transitioned with one final extravagant bash, trumping every single one they had attended before it. Sana, despite not getting as shitfaced as the rest of the partygoers for obvious reasons, savoured these moments. She knew that within the following months, save for Isak and Noora who would be attending the same university as her, these were faces she’d probably never see again, at the very least not as often as she did now.

Adjusting her scarf, shoving the wisps of hair that had fallen out around the sides, she returned to her spot by the couch where she left her drink and friends, now replaced by a snapback clad figure she knew all too well.

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Victor: prepare for trouble
Yuri: and make it double
Victor: to protect the world from devastation
Yuri: to unite all peoples within our nation
Victor: to denounce the evils of truth and love
Yuri: to extend our reach to the stars above
Victor: Victor!
Yuri: Yuri!
Victor: team rocket traveling at the speed of light!
Yuri: surrender now or prepare to fight!
Yurio: Meowth! That’s right!

if this isnt the best thing ive seen all day lmao

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well Yuuri is not laughing.
He wanted toast for breakfast.


this is genuinely the best thing ive seen all day

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To Michael, once I drank like, a huge cup of slushy and then I got sick and vomited slushy and my bro, Randall, didn't think that it was cool so I'm trying to prove him wrong.

M: this is the best thing ive seen all day

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I'd love to get into it by seeing it, but I am but a sad teen living in America... But I've heard talk of a movie, so maybe I can see that! How do you feel about it?

im always so sad more people can’t see the london production, it really is one of the best things ive ever seen and i want to see it all day every day but it shuts next month and thats even sadder D: (also and im whispering now so that the lin manuel police dont find me talking bout bootlegs - its not the most bootleg-able production because the layout of the stage (which i could talk about FOR DAYS) is unconventional — if im wrong and there is one please tell me id be so happy)

I AM SO PUMPED FOR A MOVIE THOUGH like sure itll be different and the cast will probably take some adjusting to but a high quality version of in the heights that i can watch whenever I want???? sign me UP