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Lucky Star

Word Count: ~1800

Pairing: Sehun/Reader

Notes: ceo! au // strong language

don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes, baby don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened

You stumble out of the bar, dragging your heels and bag behind you. Your disheveled hair reeks of vodka and mixed cocktails, the smell making you gag every second. It’s 2am on a Tuesday night, and you’re wasted on the empty streets, jobless and abandoned.

The alcohol-suppressed memories dance around your hazy mind, and any recollection of the atrocity that happened this afternoon makes you sick. You wobble through the dark, empty path only lit by a flickering yellow street lamp near the end. Somewhere down the line, your legs give in, and you collapse onto the cold graphite road, making your exposed thighs shiver. You wince and groan, pulling yourself onto the wall of a nearby store, which closed hours ago.

“Just my fucking luck,” you curse at your phone, whose screen remain lifeless. You throw your head back onto the wall and stare at the swirling buildings. How can someone lose everything in one night?

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Unrequited // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request : can u do a onesided kolxreader where she has a crush on kol but he is with readers sister? Whether kol n sister know of your feeling or not is up to u. Thanks. 

Sorry for the long wait!!! This has been in my ask for like a month lol.

Requests are closed. xx

Pairing : KolxReadersSister

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s/n - sisters name

I stood on the other side of the bar, watching as he danced with my sister. I could see why he chose her. She’s beautiful, smart, and everything I’m not. I’m just the stupid sister with a third grade crush. But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. They look so happy.. I just wish I was the one who made him that happy.

Love is a terrible thing. It’s even worse when it’s unrequited. You know almost every detail of this person, you know how to talk to them and how to make them feel better. Yet… no matter how hard you try they only want that other person. When I couldn’t watch anymore I quickly turned on my heel and left the building.

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mafia!EXO reaction when they get overprotective & jealous

(requested by anon: Could you do a mafia!au with exo when they get overprotective just like you did with bts?)

BTS version

warnings: smut, violence, swearing, dominant-submissive behaviour

You’re new to the gang and you’re already great with everyone except the leader. You didn’t talk to him much because you were scared of him as he was very short-tempered and dangerous. That’s why you were sort of submissive towards him and he adored it.. secretly. You would continue to be scared of him and not talk to him if a guy didn’t approach you today and if that didn’t trigger the leader..


He leaned against the wall, staring at you two. As your eyes met Sehun’s dark ones, Sehun lost it. He walked furiously over and punched the guy couple of times. You got up and moved Sehun away calming him down, as the guy went away. „Oppa please don't“ you whispered as you hugged him while he tried pushing past you. That finally calmed him down so he hugged you but he was still glaring at the guy. „Nobody touches you or comes near you except me. No. One.“ he growled into your ear.


His anger was rising but he managed to control it and just glare at you two. The guy went away so you got up and as you turned you almost kissed Chanyeol how close he was. „Is it fun to piss me off?“ he said as you gave him a puzzled look. He grabbed your wrist roughly and pulled you into his „office“. He placed you on the table so that he was between your legs. He grabbed your neck softly and pulled you closer. „Let me show you what else is fun“ he said while rubbing his dick against your jeans.


As you started talking to the guy he stopped all of his actions and focused only on you. You felt his gaze on you and it sent a shiver down your spine. You excused yourself from the guy and went over to Baek. Since he was sitting on the sofa looking at the guy with a creepy, killer look you knew it was best to calm him down before he really kills someone. You sat on him so that you straddled him and you hugged him playing with the end of his hair. He eventually stopped staring and hugged you back tightly.


He was super irritated and he didn’t mind showing it. „Yah, move away from her before I lose my damn temper“ he yelled at the guy who was dumbfounded. But since the words came from the leader he went away immediately. You walked over to Kai who was looking deeply into your eyes. You placed your hands on his chest and fixed his some-sort-of-a-suits collar. „I’d like it more if you took that off in my bedroom rather than fix it right now“ he said with an amused, dark expression.


You knew one of his „signs“ which showed he was on the edge. And that sign happened, he wiped his lips and his pupils became larger, darker. „I think you should go now“ you whispered to the boy who listened to you and went away. You reached Lay and moved your look away from his because that was the best thing to do now. „He was so cute even I wanted to bite him.. and tear his limbs off“ he spitted it out almost. „But I don’t wanna do that.. Instead I want to bite you. In my bed with you naked“


He was having a calm posture but he was far from calm. He didn’t want you to see his bad side. He went back to his „office“ and sat patiently waiting for you to show up. You entered a few minutes after and turned around to close the doors. Just as you were about to turn around he pressed you against the door, pressing his dick roughly against you. „I promised myself I won’t show you my bad, dangerous side.. but you won’t escape it now“


As he started biting his inner lip you knew it wasn’t good. Plus he’s been staring for a few minutes now with his famous i-will-fucking-kill-you look. „Sorry I have to go to oppa“ you said startling the guy. You came up to him and stood in front of him while he just sat and watched you angrily. He pulled your arm fiercely so you were on his level. „You don’t know how close I was to taking you to my office and spanking your bratty ass a million and one fucking time“


He gave the guy an obviously unamused look so he went away. He pulled you into his „office“. „You really have a terrible taste in men you know?“ you were unamused so you were your cocky self. „That’s right. That’s why I fell for your stupidass“ Instantly his posture changed and his eye colour got darker. „What did you just say to me?“ his breathing got low. „Better apologise now and I might go easy on you“ he grabbed your ass really hard making you cry out. „Suppose you like it rough. How lucky, me too“


You noticed his deadly look a bit too late. He got to him already and started punching him. „You know she’s mine you brat“ he yelled at him. You were shook but you had to calm him down. „Chen“ you said as you moved him away but with almost no success, he was so god damn strong. „Chen!“ you yelled while burying yourself into his chest to distract him. His breathing and death glares have gradually faded and he hugged you back, kissing your forehead.


He lost it the second the guy came up to you. „Aish you bastard“ he was walking furiously towards him. He was almost unstoppable. He punched him so many times the guys had to move him away as well as the other guy. You were angry at him but you had to calm him down now. You came up to him and touched his hands which were stained with a bit of blood. „I’m gonna lose my god damn mind because of you“ he said complaining. „Yah you’re the one who is guilty for this mess“ you said angrily. He came to you inches apart from you face. „One more time have a bratty attitude, you won’t be able to walk for a fucking week“


He was just glaring intensely. It became quite uncomfortable so you wanted to leave. „I will leave now. Talk to you later“ you nodded and left towards the angry leader. You weren’t the type to provoke people but Kris got quite on your nerves. Lately he has been so cold to you but now no one can approach you. „If you really cared about me so much you’d be nicer to me“ „Do you want me to show you how nice and good I can be?“ he said just a bit above the whisper with an amused, dark look.


He’d just stare and glare until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He came up to you and led you out on the fresh, cold air. „Tao it’s cold, I wanna go in“ you said trembling. „No. You’re not going amongst any guys. You’ll be only with me“ As he saw you trembling he opened his arms and unzipped his jacket. „Come here“ You hesitated but there was no such thing with Tao. He pulled you into a hug covering you with his jacket. „When I say come here I want you to listen to me. That goes for anything I say“

xx sorry for the long wait this turned out long af lol.. hope anon is satisfied, keep requesting; im writing all the other requests too dont worry ❤️  xx

24 HOURS | Jungkook

Genre: Fluff | Angst

Characters: Reader, Jungkook, Hoseok, Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung

Plot: It was your birthday, the one day you waited for a long time after your relationship with Jungkook became official. You had everything planned, but it seemed like it was not going to go your way.

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Word count: 3,850

A/N: This was meant to be a drabble for ‘The Last Dance’ and a gift for my dear @taeminsgirl159​, but it turned out really long so I guess it’s more of a bonus chapter. huhuhuhu~ And also I decided to give it a name, one of its own, I felt it deserved it. ^^ I am dead tired rn so I’ll most probably go to sleep right after posting it. Hope you like it!~ 

1:35 AM

You kept staring at the clock on your phone as if waiting for a sign from him. It was exhausting, but you could not fall asleep either. You would put your phone down and bury your face in the pillow, then pick it up again only to see that not even 5 minutes passed.

Everything felt like a dream after the dance show in which you and Jungkook made everyone’s mouth drop, people were showering you with compliments, more offers came your way, and definitely more recognition. Messages and calls coming from every direction, rumors, headlines, news, pictures, they were almost overwhelming for you, a person not used to the spotlight. There were times when your relationship was on the brink of being discovered, and that put you both under great pressure. But a month or two after the heat died out and things went back to normal.

It had already been half a year since you started dating, a time filled with good and bad things, just like in any other relationship. The only thing making it harder for you was time, or better said lack of it…Meeting was hard, and most of the time it was in the studio, practicing for some event. At times he would crash at your place, making your problems shrink to almost nothing as the everything around you faded to black. In those precious moments it was just you and him. Missing him was something you were used to, but now a special day was just around the corner -your birthday- and you wanted to spend every second of it with the person you loved most. You could not stand it anymore, you had to talk to him, to hear his voice at least, so you called him. The phone kept ringing and ringing with no answer, but just as you were about to give up, he picked up.

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Chez Nous

wordcount: 5204

genre: angst/fluff

warnings: swearing, anxiety, panic attack mention, if there’s anything else /please/ tell me

summary: He supposed he was luckier than most, what with a boyfriend halfway across town, but that didn’t make much of a difference when he was alone at midnight in a barren prison cell room. Yeah, there was laughter and Madonna down the hall, and Call of Duty explosions next door, but it felt like he was the only person left in the world. Just him and the hum of his laptop and the hum of the radiator and the hum of the city.

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Seventeen Personality Traits in real life: Vernon Edition (My Opinion)

Due to high demand and being one of my biases.

1. Personality wise overall, he’s hyperactive all the time. This is one thing that makes Vernon and DK similar by birthday that they are both the hyperactive energetic aquirions. BUT you must have noticed, Vernon is a lot quieter. But when he speaks, he’s just as stupid-sounding and funny as DK (lol), which kinda breaks his image cause none of us expected him to be this way from his face. He’s one of those chill guys. He doesn’t worry much and if in school there would be a bunch of kids who don’t like him, he probably wouldn’t let that affect him even a bit. It’s a natural trait of his. We can see this on SMTM as well because he’s hardly bothered even if he got insulted on camera. He just isn’t bothered about what people think of him. IMO, that’s something we all should learn from him.

2. Encountering a pretty girl. Now we don’t exactly know his ideal girl cause he refrains from mentioning, but I guess he knows he doesn’t want girls to change themselves because of traits he mentions. Have you noticed he almost NEVER picks specific traits unlike other members? One thing that comes from being half american (because staying with his mom, quite a lot of her ideas must have caused his schema to be shaped in that way even if he hasn’t lived in America) that an image of ‘ideal type’ isn’t a prominent feature on which you will judge a girl. Joshua’s explanations on ideal type is pretty much the same. But for real, if he does come across a pretty girl on his taste, I don’t suppose he will approach her. But rather if they hang out in a group, he will most likely laugh at her jokes more, try to make her laugh but not make it obvious. He wouldn’t devote all of his attention to her even if he’s thinking about her all the time cause it’ll just let it blow. 

3. In a relationship. Personally, he will not be demanding. I guess he’s pretty understanding about things. If you’re busy and can’t meet him today, ah that’s okay. If you keep saying this for an entire week, he will joke about it with something like: Do you ever have time with me or do I need to make an appointment with you? *laughs* (or smth like that). He’s not going to get angry at all and the relationship between you guys is also going to be chill and spacious. He wouldn’t want to cling to you all the time but wouldn’t mind either. I also think he’s appreciative about whatever you do. Any gift you get him, he’ll smile the same, thank you and be happy no matter what you got him. Also another thing I know about Vernon is that he can be conservative at times so don’t expect him to tell you every bit of details about him cause 1) He himself forgets what happens on a day to day basis to him and 2) He just wouldn’t consider it something important enough to talk about (Because he has that ‘yeah whatever’ attitude about majority of petty, superficial things that most of us waste our time on). He’s not the kind to cry or get upset about things so in case you plan to break up, he’ll not protest so much and will eventually go with it. When it comes to love, he’ll be unexpressive about it, but he might inspire raps from his thoughts about you. He’ll also find it hard to admit that you’re his weakness. He’ll also keep you in mind at a lot of things. LIKE, “oh, a quatz necklace? I think she’ll like that” if he goes shopping with his hyungs or something. So he is considerate, but not openly.

4. Getting jealous. I don’t think Vernon is the kind to get jealous at all. If you hang out with some dude for a month in front of him, chances are he still wouldn’t ask you who the guy is. But if you cheat on Vernon and he finds out, he’ll probably be internally disappointed and be like, uh? but you’re not supposed to do this? and I don’t think he’ll know how to handle the situation.

5. Getting intimate. Looking at him on OFD and V live, he isn’t the kind to get intimate first but if you plan on getting intimate he wouldn’t mind. He needs that assurance from your side that you want to do it too or else he’s gonna be uncomfortable. But if you give a little bit of a hint while dating him, eg taking him to a quiet place and holding his hand and leaning in, chances are he’ll be the one to kiss you. OH and to make it better to imagine, I know he’s an ass guy (Isn’t that his favourite part of Seungkwan?) so umm if you’re making out there’s gonna be tons of ass grabbing from Vernon’s side. He’s also the kind to smile after kissing (that gorgeous smile of his) and while sex, he’s gonna be loud. LOL. Those moans during his rapping are normally louder than his actual rapping. Also, I guess the guy also enjoys sexting while you guys are away and would love a strip tease once in a while. Don’t you wanna be able to look at his expressions while watching you strip?

Let me know if you want me to give his personality under any other category than the 5 mentioned and also let me know any other member or group’s you’d like to know.

-Oppa’s Ideal girl

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lol ok then how about yuuri being minami's coach and viktor being both proud and so jealous but he knows the kid has talent so he encourages yuuri and minami but inside he's also dying pls and thank

“Isn’t Yurio looking for you?”

Viktor smiles that calm, utterly unabashed smile he often wears whenever he thinks Yuuri is saying or doing anything unreasonable. Yuuri breathes out his fond exasperation in a sigh, because while Viktor is acting strangely, Yuuri can’t deny that he likes being able to see him without having to explicitly ask that he come by.


“He’s going to be really angry at you,” Yuuri says, turning away from Viktor to return his focus on his student- and what a thought that was, having his own student-, who has managed to land a toe loop the moment Yuuri’s gaze finds him. “You know he doesn’t like it when you don’t take your coaching seriously,” he adds, offering a smile at Minami, who pauses in his figure-eights in the middle of the rink to wave an enthusiastic greeting at him.

“Shouldn’t he be happy that I feel he doesn’t need my supervision? It implies that I trust him to do well without me having to look into every detail of his program,” Viktor asks, sidling up to Yuuri and bumping their shoulders together in a quite plea for affection.

Yuuri immediately puts a halt to that by stepping aside, the tiny action giving them enough space that Yuuri can breathe without having to smell Viktor’s (very, very) expensive cologne. (Viktor is immensely hurt by this, because why? What kind of husband would deny him his touch like this? He was just trying to be sweet!) Yuuri says, “He would be, if he didn’t know that you were just wasting your time with me.”

“Every hour with you-”

“-is not a waste, I know, you have told me this so many times now,” Yuuri says, sighing under his breath before raising a hand and waving it to catch Minami’s attention. Minami halts in his skating and Yuuri gestures at his own leg while raising it, mouthing “sloppy”, which Minami quickly understands going by his determined expression and his return to doing his step sequence.

“But you don’t always seem to believe it, so I thought the idea bore repeating,” Viktor says matter-of-factly, completely ignoring Yuuri’s half-hearted rebuffs and swiftly swinging an arm up and around Yuuri’s back. His warmth is a welcome thing in the cool temperature of the ice rink, but Yuuri really, really, does not want to be that guy who readily melts into his partner’s touch just because he’s in love. It’s too sappy, isn’t it? Too lame?

And yet.

He melts anyway, leaning back into Viktor’s touch and tilting his head so it’s bumping against Viktor’s temple, which brings out an expression so pleased on Viktor’s face that Yuuri can’t help from feeling a flutter of pride in his chest at getting such a reaction without even having to actually do anything.

But all good things can only last for so long, and Yurio has never been the type to patiently wait for anything or anyone.


Yuuri exhales, holding back a laugh when he notices the annoyed look flittering briefly on Viktor’s face before disappearing completely. Placid smile on his pink lips, Viktor says as Yurio approaches them from across the rink, “Ah, Yura, it seems you’ve found me-”

“Don’t mess with me!” Yurio yells back, clearly bent on screaming their eardrums off as he points a finger in Viktor’s direction, “You promised you’d coach me, so fucking do it! Don’t mess around with katsudon just because he’s not always there anymore!”

“I only wanted to talk to him for a little bit-”

“What, and you’re completely ignoring that he has his own student to teach? How pathetic are you?”


“It’s surprising,” Minami’s voice suddenly chips in behind Yuuri, jolting him back into attention and away from the scene Yurio and Viktor are playing out like a cliché drama.

He turns away from the arguing pair once he figures they won’t be stopping any time soon, instead putting his attention on Minami who (oddly enough) looks like he’s entertained by the argument growing into full bloom as Yurio waves his hands in an attempt to fully express his frustration with Viktor. “What is?” he asks, his own gaze returning to the pair when he notices the contemplative look on Minami’s face.

“That Viktor Nikiforov knows how to be jealous at all,” Minami answers, rousing a laugh from Yuuri at the sheer ridiculousness of his idea. Viktor? Jealous? “It’s true!” Minami insists, fists clenched in a show of determination as he leans over the rink barrier to better explain himself. “That’s why he came over here, even when he was supposed to be training Russian Yuri. You should have seen the look on his face when you ignored him for me, Coach!”

What look on his face?

“That one!” Minami suddenly exclaims as though he were capable of reading Yuuri’s mind (which is enough of a scary thought that he consciously reroutes all of his previous thoughts on safer, plainer paths), pointing eagerly that Yuuri can’t help himself from looking at where he’s pointing.

And there, standing at the end of Minami’s pointed index finger, is Viktor: placid smile gone on his face as he looks at Minami, then Yuuri, then to the space where they’re barely separated by the rink barrier.

Oh, he thinks, swallowing- and swallowing nervously again when Viktor’s eyes trace the bob of his adam’s apple with all the intensity of a man possessed by- by- something.

So there is a look, he thinks vaguely, feeling the heat of embarrassment at being so oblivious rise up on his cheeks.

Maybe Minami wasn’t so wrong after all.

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I'm not sure if your requests are still open but is it okay if I could ask for a one shot of a mage reader that heals ignis's blind eyes? ;-;

Sorry for the delay- hopefully this makes up for the wait! <3 It got a little longer than I had initially intended but hey, you wanted really long for this so the longer the better! Beware the angst fest before the fluff riiiiight at the end LOL!

Tagging: @blindbae, @stunninglyignis, @the-lucian-archives, @itshaejinju, @rubyphilomela and @sylleblossompetals :D


A Priceless Gift (Ignis x Mage!Reader SFW)

Your intensive studies in the art of magic had not prepared you for the task at hand. Your rival, Ignis Scientia, was lying motionless on a hospital gurney with angry, fresh pink scarring splayed across his face. His usually sharp features were swollen to the point that Ignis was almost unrecognizable at first. The only thing that gave him away was his bloodied Crownsguard attire and his matted and bloodied tawny hair. You had never even imagined to see Ignis in such a state- he was the strategist. The one who was supposed to have had a plan for preventing things like this from happening. If anything, you were expecting to be dealing with massive injuries from Prompto- not Ignis.

Gladio cleared his throat at gestured at Ignis, who was still laying there unmoving, before turning to you with pained yet inquisitive amber eyes.

“Can you fix him?”

It was a simple question. Unfortunately, you didn’t have an answer for your friend and travel companion. You sighed and shook your head, feeling frustrated at your lack of experience. You were only twenty-one years old. Just a single year younger than Ignis. You couldn’t possibly have had enough knowledge and experience to heal such grievous wounds. Especially wounds inflicted to the delicate tissue of the face and eyes.

Gladio groaned lightly and ran a large hand down his face in exasperation. You felt absolutely horrible, even though you knew that his reaction wasn’t directed at you, but at the situation.

“If it was anyone but Ignis, you probably would have tried something by now…”

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Preference "How they react to you catching them pleasuring themselves" (NSFW)

(More NSFW preferences! Lol for reader always being shook XD and yay for faves being NAAAASSSTYYY FOR US 😏😆,getting THIRSTY and just WANTING TO GET IT ON WITH US!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 I tried my best to make them all different :D PS. I didn’t put the too young characters cause it’s too weird for me…sorry..and YESSS SIMON… Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d slowly look up at you with a devilish grin and feel all smug about it. You were walking in the hall to your room and suddenly heard your name being called from a familiar voice in a low groan. Out of reflex, you thought he was angry and you ran to open the door quickly, only to see him sitting up on your bed naked with the blanket barely covering anything and his hand stroking his cock. As you’d stare at him, he’d chuckle and start to tease you just to get you hot and bothered. “Oh no…Y/N…You caught me fucking red handed…I should be punished for this…So come…Over…Here…and teach me a lesson…or even better…let me fuck your brains out!”

Daryl-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get frustrated and just somehow find a way to deny it. You were supposed to be out on a run for the day but you had come back earlier only to find him in your room and on your bed with his pants barely on. He had his eyes closed and everything but as soon as he heard you walk in, he looked over at you and got angry. He had spent the day thinking you wouldn’t be home so soon that seeing you just there frustrated him more than anything. “Damn it, Y/N! What the hell are you doing here?! Weren’t you supposed to be out?! How can you just walk in like that?! No I-I wasn’t doing anything…It’s not like I needed your help…”

Rick-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get a little shy and try to explain as to why he was doing so. You were both asleep in bed at night, when suddenly you felt the covers shift up and down. It woke you up a little and as you heard your name along with a few curses, you had a little idea of what was happening. You decided to turn to face him and when he felt you shift, he instantly stopped and looking over at you, he’d start to whisper his excuses. “Euh…Y/N…I-I’m sorry, I woke you up…It’s just…I had a…I had a wet dream about you…and it woke me up…and I had to relieve myself…Yeah…”

Merle-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d slow down his pace and practically give you a show before calling you over. You got busy talking to someone for a little while that as Merle waited for you, he got impatient and started to stroke himself. He made it his point to moan out your name so that you just had to cut the conversation short and check out on him. As you did, you only saw him on the couch with his pants around his ankles and a smirk on his face. “Y/N, baby…I need you…Do you like what you see? You want this? If you do then…You’ll have to get closer and help me…I don’t think I can do this on my own…”

Glenn-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d stop and just get all awkward from you seeing him this way. He was thinking about you all day that he just had to touch himself before you’d come back from the run. As he did, never once had the thought of you coming back earlier crossed his mind until he heard the door opening and saw you with a hand over your mouth. Seeing you like that, just made him want to hide and he get his pants back up. “Euh…Y/N…I didn’t think you’d be back this early…I thought you were out with everyone else…So yeah…I was just thinking about you…”

The Governor-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d look back at you lustfully and beg you to help. You were walking to your room and as you heard your name and saw the door almost closed, you simply peered through the crack thinking he was talking to someone until you realized he was alone. You tried to get a closer look but you stumbled on your feet and ended up opening it wide. As he saw you, he just signaled you to closed the door. “Y/N, you’re here…Good…C-close the door…and come closer to me…I need you…Now…”

Abraham-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d chuckle and start to tease you on your reaction. You were walking to go downstairs, when you the heard your name coming from your room. You being oblivious, just answered naturally and opened the door to the room, asking him what was wrong and only then seeing him on the bed with his hand under the blanket. Seeing your expression and thinking about the whole situation, just made him laugh. “Y/N! It’s not the first time you’ve seen me stroke my dick! Come on, I do this when we have sex and you do it to me too, don’t act surprise!”

Eugene-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get embarrassed and try to hide under the blanket. He had spent the day looking at you and seeing the way you were dressed, just made him want you. However, instead of being upfront to you and seeing you spend the day outside being busy, he just decided to take care of himself and walked to his room, not even thinking once you would ever walk to come and get something. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here?! I thought you’d stay outside…Wh-what? No, i’m not doing anything…I-I was about to take a nap…that’s why my pants are off…”

Jesus-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d be surprised but try to recover by acting all innocent. Knowing how polite you were, he thought he was safe in his room and that you wouldn’t ever just barge in. However, as his fun got a little too intense, you heard your name being said repeatedly that you just got worried. You walked over to his room and did exactly the unexpected by opening his door as quickly as you could and surprising him in the process. “Y/N?! H-How can you just walk in like that?! I thought you had manners…Me? I-I wasn’t doing anything…I-I didn’t say your name…why would you think all of that?”

Dwight-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he wouldn’t even have realize you had seen him. He thought you were out for the day and as his mind was running wild on thoughts of doing you, he just had to get in your room. He had decided to get comfortable on your bed and started to stroke himself, all while in reality you were simply brushing your teeth in your bathroom. As you walked back out, you saw him and just gasp, as it took him quite some time before realizing you were there. “Y/N?! How long have you been standing there? Wh-what did you see?…Everything? Then why didn’t you say a word?…You know…I still need your help…”

Morgan-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, you’d both just freeze and look at one another, wide eyed. He had thoughts of doing you early in the morning but as you weren’t there, since you left to go on a run, he just decided to take care of himself. So it was just unexpected for him to see you come back so soon not to mention the fact that you didn’t knock before entering the room. So as he saw you standing by the door, he just didn’t knew what to do. “Y/N? Why…are you back so early…I-I didn’t expect this…Euh…I-I just had other plans but you left earlier…So here I am…”

Shane-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d smirk and just laugh it off. He had thought about you all day that as he came back from the run, he just wanted to fuck you. However, you fell asleep before him and as he didn’t wanted to bother you, he decided to take care of himself while thinking about all the dirty things you did together just to get off even better. Eventually, you heard your name and sleepily turned over to see and as he realized, he just shrugged at you. “Y/N…Did I wake you up? Sorry about that…I wanted you but you fell asleep…So i’m doing it myself…So now you can either keep watching…or you can help…You’re call!”

Milton-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get all flustered and try to hide. He had wanted to do you earlier in the morning but he had been too shy to ask it of you and just let you leave. Feeling frustrated, he just took care of himself not thinking you would ever just walk back. So the instant you did, he nervously and quickly tried to get his pants back up while keeping his gaze away from you. “Y/N?! Wh-why are you back? D-did you forget something? I-I wasn’t doing anything…I’m serious! No…It’s better for you to just stay over there…I’ll get it for you…”

Aaron-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d be shocked and slowly cover himself. It was late at night and he thought you were asleep in your room, he just decided to take care of himself while being as quiet as he could. As he did, you tossed and turned in your bed until you heard your name being called repeatedly. You then decided to run over to his room opening the door in a panic, only to see him pulling the blanket over. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here at this hour? Sh-shouldn’t you be in bed…in your room…Don’t tell me I woke you up…I am so sorry about that…”

Gabriel-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d panic and try to get you out of the room. You were looking for something in his room but as you heard footsteps, you decided to hide in the closet and wait for him to leave. However, instead he just laid on the bed thinking about you and the last time you were together and started to touch himself. You looked at him and figuring out what was happening you gasp, waking him up from his daydream. “Y/N?! What are you doing in here?! Oh god…Wh-what did you see or hear? Don’t tell me a lot!…I’m sorry b-but you have to leave for a moment!”

The Wolf-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d just tell you to come over. He didn’t really care if you’d walk in on him or not, he just felt the need to do it and so he did. He was laying in a sleeping bag in your tent and was just thinking about you the while time. As you walked back in and saw him, he just got happier and signaled you to get closer to him and close the door. “Y/N, finally you’re here! I’ve been waiting for a while…I’m gonna need you’re help here…and you’ll be here for a while…so close the door…”

Noah-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d stop and get nervous trying to explain. As you were asleep, he thought of being discreet and decided to take care of himself in the bathroom. However, as you heard your name being called you woke up and looked for him all over only to finally open the bathroom door to see him there. “Y/N…euh…I-I was thinking about you…but you were asleep…so I just thought of…doing it myself…Sorry…You weren’t supposed to see this…”

Simon-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d show himself to you even more and ask you to help. It was late at night and you still weren’t back, so he just decided to have his fun before getting it on with you. He got in your bed and sliding into your blanket, he started to touch himself. However, as he did, you came back in time and opened the door, only for you to see each other and him starting to tease you by slowly removing the blanket. “Y/N…Have you been staring at me this whole time?…You like what you see? I can show you more if you want to…but you’ll have to come over here…”

Ezekiel-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d nervously chuckle and try to explain the situation. He had never been caught before and was confident in himself enough to do it again, as you were away handling some business outside. However, you had finished earlier and being excited to spend the rest of the day with him, you went over to your room and hadn’t even register him saying your name until you opened the door, making him having to explain. “My dear Y/N! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you’d get here before so…I had decided to just handle my man problem on my own…Sorry you had to catch me like this…”

Benjamin-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get all awkward and deny what was happening. He had liked you fro a while but was just too shy to confess to you. As it was late at night, he just had the urge to touch himself while thinking about you and as he did he let out your name as well. Walking pass his room, you heard him and being curious, you just opened the door making him panic. “Y/N?! Oh…What are you doing here?…I-I called you? No…No I didn’t…I didn’t say anything…Why would you think that…No i’m not doing anything…”

Caesar-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d keep going at it and just tease you. He didn’t mind if you saw him, besides he was in your room and all. He was just waiting for you as you were still out with friends, in the meanwhile he started to touch himself while thinking about you. As you finally got back, you ended up being more shy than him, making him tease you even more. “Y/N…Oh good you’re back…I missed you Muñeca…Are you blushing? Come on, you’re the one doing the eavesdropping, how can you act all shy…Don’t just stand there…”

Spencer-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get embarrassed and probably get a drink afterwards. He had his eyes on you for a while but just didn’t knew if he should go for it. So as it was late at night, he decided to get some drinks and as he sat on the couch he started to touch himself while thinking about you. As he did, you wanted to tell him something and just walked into his house without knocking, surprising him. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here?! Shouldn’t you be in your house? C-can you please leave…I-I’m going to need some time…”

Michonne-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d be surprised and would get you to leave the room. She wanted to be with you but as you left for the morning, she had decided to take care of herself while in bed. However, she never expected for you to come back so early from the run and just walk in, that when she saw you she grabbed the blanket to cover herself and walked over to push you out of the room. “Y/N?! You shouldn’t be here! You should be on that run! I’m sorry sweetheart but get out…I’m serious…and next time knock on the door…”

Maggie-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d want to tease you even more and try to get you to help her. She was waiting for to come back from the run the whole day and as it got late, she just got frustrated and went to bed. Unable to sleep and thinking about you, she started to touch herself and as you came back you heard your name and quickly opened the door, asking what was wrong. She chuckled and started to tease you. “Y/N? Oh…There’s nothing wrong…It’s just you weren’t here earlier…but now that you are…you can change all that…”

Andrea-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d look over at you and entice you over. She had a long day and when she came back still not seeing you, she decided to take care of herself. You eventually made your way back and hearing your name, you decided to run to open the door quickly and asked what was wrong, surprising her but later making her chuckle. “Y/N? What? Nothing is wrong with me…Gosh…Don’t stand there and gawk…come over here and help me…”

Jessie-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get embarrassed and try to find an excuse. She wanted you to do her earlier that day but you had left to help the others with their work. As she was left alone, she decided to take care of herself before getting up. However, you decided to go back to her room as you forgot something and as you did, you saw her. In a panic, she tried to explain. “Y/N! I-I was just thinking…thinking about you…and how…I missed you…I’m so sorry…I didn’t think you’d be back so soon…”

Beth-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d panic and hide herself under the blanket. As she waited for you to come back, she decided to take care of herself while in your bed and just thought about you. However, she didn’t ever heard your footsteps coming back and just went on for a while before realizing you were just standing there. As she finally did, she yelped and pulled the blanket up and got nervous. “Y/N?! Wh-why are you here?! I-I thought you were going to be out longer…I didn’t think you’d be back…”

Sasha-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d just freeze and slowly just pull her pants back up. She didn’t want to bother late at night and thought it was safe to stay in her room, she just decided to take care of herself. However, being nosy you listened closely when you heard your name and ended up in front of her room. Forgetting yourself, you just opened the door and she froze. “Euh…Y/N? What…What are you doing? You’re supposed to be in your own room…not here…”

Rosita-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get even more frustrated and just ask you to help her. She thought she wasn’t going to see you until the next morning, as you were put so late and had decided to please herself. However, you came back earlier and just wanted to surprise her, so you walked up quietly and opened the door to your room widely and yelled out “Surprise”, making her frustrated. “Oh my god! Y/N?! What is wrong with you?! Oh you thought you were being funny? Well you’re not, i’m just…Let it go…Come over here…”

Tara-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get all shy and admit it embarrassingly. She didn’t thought of you coming back earlier than usual and just decided to take care of herself. However, you had never actually left the house and were just downstair when suddenly you heard your name. You ran up to your room and opening the door, she started to stutter. “Y-Y/N? You’re here…I-I don’t know how else to put it…I-I was…Doing exactly what it looks like…”

Take Me Back--Imagine #22

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine where reader and her crush get into there first fight? It would mean a lot

A/N: ANGST! ahead lol. Hope I did this right and it’s to your liking! <3 Keep dreaming!~Logan

I was sitting sullenly on my bed staring at the wall. I didn’t understand why c/n was being so difficult lately. Why was he so distant? I had tried to figure out why he seemed to be pulling away from me but none of it made any sense. And the more I thought about it the more anxious and angry I became. What if he was cheating on me? C/n had never given me a reason to doubt his loyalty to me before and he always told me that I was the only girl he had eyes for, but my mind couldn’t help fleeing to that possibility, grasping for some explanation as to why he was acting so cold lately. 

And especially so close to my birthday, only three days away. 

As I sat staring at the rain coming down in sheets against my window, a knock sounded at the front door. I pulled my blankets over my head, wanting to block out the world and sit in frustration at my boyfriend. All of our conversations lately had been short and to the point. Anytime I would suggest going on a date the past week he’d shrug me off, saying he was too tired or had too much homework or needed errands to run. 

The doorbell sounded and I rolled my eyes in the darkness of the blanket resting over my head and body. Someone else would have to get the door for once. Faintly, I heard my mom open it and slumped, knowing I wouldn’t have to go and let a stranger see me in this state. I didn’t remember us expecting anyone. But as I sat there, I heard footsteps climbing the stairs two at a time and nearing my door. 

“I’ve come to see my princess!” C/n’s voice shouted, before he body-slammed me to the bed.

I rolled my eyes and scowled, the expressions hidden under my blanket as he hadn’t pulled them off. His body was lying half on mine and I was nothing but a lump in a quilt cocoon. His scent floated through the material and I couldn’t stop the flutter of wings I felt in my stomach. Damn him and his good smells. 

“What’re you doing, babe? I thought you’d be excited to see me! We haven’t seen each other in a couple weeks outside of school,” I could hear his chuckle in his voice and felt his finger gently poke where my nose protruded under the material. 

“And who’s fault is that?” I asked, my voice sarcastic.

“Mine. But I’m gonna take you out, now!” He said, excitement in his voice. After a few moments of us laying there, me almost suffocating under the blanket, he spoke up. “Why are you under a blanket?” He asked, and I could hear an amused smile in his voice. 

I only frowned more under the blanket. “Because I’m mad at you.”

“Is that because we haven’t had any time for ourselves lately?” 

“I don’t know, genius, you tell me,” I retorted. 

“Y/n, I really am sorry I’ve been so busy lately. I swear I’ll make it up to you, though. You just have to trust me.”

“How am I supposed to trust you when you don’t even have the time to talk to me?” I asked, wincing at how vulnerable I sounded. 

I was probably over-reacting but I felt neglected and forgotten and I hated that my boyfriend was the cause of it. 

He squeezed me closer to him, his voice in that low, sexy tone he knew drove me crazy in the best way. “Because there’s a reason I haven’t been able to. I haven’t been trying to ignore you, babe.”

Instead of his voice and words soothing me it had the opposite effect. I pushed him off me abruptly, flinging the blanket off my head, probably revealing a head of frizz. I didn’t care if I looked ridiculous though, his words had enraged me. 

“Oh, so now you’ve been lying to me this whole time. When you text me you come up with all these reasons and now you’re telling me there’s only one reason you haven’t been able to see me. Why can’t you just be fucking honest and tell me exactly what the hell’s been going on that you’re too busy to say hello in the halls at school or answer me when I’m waiting on your reply to whether we’re going out only to be bailed on again?” My voice had raised to a near shout. 

He reached forward to brush some of my unruly hair away from my face, but I pulled away and his face dropped any remaining smile he had on before. 

“Don’t touch me. I just want you to answer me straight,” I said, my lip trembling, my voice low and hoarse. 

“Y/n, babe, please I can’t answer that right now but I swear in a few days–”

“That’s it! I’ve had it! If you can’t be straight with me and tell me honestly in detail why you’ve been avoiding me then leave,” I shouted, standing up and pointing towards the door.


“I said leave, c/n,” I commanded, voice and lower lip trembling, eyes stinging with tears. 

“Please, y/n, just give me–”

“No, c/n, leave. Leave me alone,” I almost pleaded. 

He looked so forlorn and sorrowful, his eyes looking at me with so much longing I almost gave in. But I stood my ground and waited until he passed through the door before banging it shut. 


Today was my birthday. I had cried myself to sleep every night since my fight with c/n. I know I was being stupid about it, but I couldn’t bring myself to talk with him. Now, after our fight, I was more sure that he’d cheated on me. But of course I didn’t know because I hadn’t let him talk to me or defend himself. Part of me was still angry at me but the other part of me knew that I was wrong to have shut him out and not listen to him. 

I had actually showered and gotten dressed in a nice outfit today, since my family was planning on taking me out to dinner for my brithday. 

I dragged my ass into the car, a frown set deep on my features still. 

“Honey, we’re going to put a blindfold on you because we’re taking you to a really nice new restaurant, okay?” My mom said to me. 

“Okay…? You may proceed,” I said, still not smiling, my body drained from the past few nights of sleeplessness. 

After about twenty minutes, my family guided me out of the car and led me to the restaurant. 

“Can’t I take this thing off? We’re here already,” I complained. 

“Just hold on a bit longer,” My mom said, a smile in her voice. 

Once they took off the blindfold, I saw nothing but two wooden double doors. 

And then they opened from the other side, revealing first my boyfriend. I was about to get angry but behind him people popped up in the large room and all yelled in unison, “Surprise!”

I covered mouth with my hands, stepping into c/n’s embrace. My body seemed to heave a sigh. I was home. 

“Happy Birthday, y/n, baby. The secret’s out. Will you take me back?” He grinned hopefully down at me. 

I crushed my lips to his in answer as clapping and hollers from relatives and friends filled the room. 

anonymous asked:

Hi hun~ hope you're doing wonderful! So, I always wanted to know why Amy boom doesn't show her feelings to sonic, so I have this little head canon that there was a moment when she decided to stop following Sonic around and start acting more grown up, but, Sonic not necessarily likes the change. I would like to see you write something with that. sorry if is not clear enough :P but you can do whatever you want with it, I just want to read some Sonamy boom. You are an incredible writer <3

I have my own theories on that, where Amy figures Sonic’s ‘cool-guy attitude’ means he’s not interested, when he may actually just be doing his version of ‘flirting’.

But I like this idea and I’ll go with it ;) I think Modern Sonic would get a bit suspicious if Amy stopped being so ‘doting’ on him and wonder if he upset her. So this kind of ‘worry/concern’ or ‘did I do something wrong?’ (supposing he noticed, lol!) could transfer over in hilarious ways to Boom!Sonic. Since… he’s technically a ‘chibi’ version of Sonic, as in he emotes WAY MORE than Modern Sonic usually allows for his emotions to be expressed.

(x) this is so cute xD


Sonic was snoozing off in his hammock, not really stressing as it was a warm day and some light was hitting his body just right while the rest of his face was laid in shadow.

Jumping into his dreams, we find him having more of a ‘replayed memory’ type of dream, where Amy, looking very nerdy with glasses, was doting on Sonic as he posed and seemed to arrogantly be looking over his bandages.

“There gonna be the new sensation.” he turned his hand back and forth, admiring his fashion sense, before frowning to her as she fawned.

“You’re so cool, Mr. Sonic~” she lifted a leg up, blinking her big eyes as he looked away, looking less than interested.

“Right, well. Of course, I’m Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“Right! And I’m-”

He put a finger to her mouth.

“Not important. Look, you gotta go… what? Study something, right?”

“U-uh,… archaeology, Mr. Sonic.” She pushed her dorky glasses up.

“Heh, sounds neat. PFft. Anyway, catch ya later!”

She frowned as he raced off, before looking angry and taking her glasses off.

“I’ll show him! Hah!” she threw her glasses down and smashed them, storming off as Sonic passed Tails, also having braces and looking very dorkish.

“Wow! It’s Sonic!”

“Ugh, I’d rather be caught dead than have nerds as friends!” He rolled his eyes.

Sonic woke up, in a bit of a shock, before rubbing his eyes and looking down.

“Wow, I really was a jerk back then!” he moved his feet off the hammock, and let his hands and head hang down a moment. “…I really shot her down… didn’t I?” He scratched the back of his head.

Then an idea popped back into his head. “Hang on…” he tilted his head up, perking his ears slightly. “If she doted on me once…” he looked to the window, before darting over to a scrapbook and opening it up, “Good thing Amy randomly makes these things for us.” He looked at a page she organized and saw a picture of them younger, her having drooped eyes up at him while he made an epic pose and tried to be the center of the picture.

He tightened his mouth’s line, and then smirked, closing the book.

“You can never get over your first love…~” he turned to bounce his eyelids and then took off.

Sprucing himself up, he thought he looked pretty good, but Amy would just walk passed him, under the impression he was just being a little weirder today, and continued her chores and other such things.

He tried to first help her fetch water from a well, but while trying to impress her, fell in and had to have Sticks bark to Amy that he was stuck.

The next time he tried helping with groceries, but he had carried too many and the bags all broke, causing Knuckles to follow the trail of food and eat all that she had bought.

The last straw was when Amy was trying to sunbathe, and he was so bored just laying down that he tried to entertain her, but ended up kicking sand all over her. To make matters worst, he brought out a boombox and started dancing, trying to show off that way and get Amy to fawn on him again. But according to Sticks, Sonic’s ‘ancient rain dance’ had sparked the storm of a century, and the gang all huddled in Amy’s home, as Tails freaked out with thunder and would crawl deeper into the huddled bunch, shivering.

“This is all my fault.” Sonic looked away, admitting it for once.

“Sonic? Are you okay? For one, you don’t admit you’re mistakes THAT easily, and two, you’ve been trying to do nice things for me, which is CLEARLY against the natural order unless you’re naturally in trouble. So what gives? Why have you been tormenting me all day?!” Amy was on the other side of him, across from Knuckles, Tails’s twin tails since his head was pushed further into the couch, and Sticks.

“I.. I just missed the old days, alright?!”  he looked away, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Old days? What are you talking about?” Amy blinked in confusion, as Knuckles laughed.

“Old days? Haven’t we always been this age?”

One of Tails’s tails whacked him on the side of his face.

“Ouch! Hey..”

“I don’t understand.” Amy looked more concerned now.

Sonic sighed, growing frustrated under the blanket that they were all using to dry off and keep warm.

“You… you thought I was so cool back then! Everything I did had no flaw, no blemish… all of a sudden, all you ever do is point out my flaws, where I trip up at, where I don’t measure up to your ‘perfect’ image or whatever.” he looked away, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, before looking…. kinda hurt.

“I just wanted to be liked again.”

Everyone but Tails looked over at him, but Tails’s tails did turn as if heads, as all eyes looked perplexed by his confession.

“Oh, Sonic.” Amy smiled, bending her own eyelids back to show more fondness in them, a tender look of love. “We barely knew each other back then. There are way more things I like about you now!”

“There are?” he turned back, before getting freaked out by everyone staring at him.

“Oi! Get your own conversation!”

Everyone immediately turned to one tail of Tails’s, and started conversing and talking about odd and in things to them, as they also pretended to move around and speak as well.

Then thunder hit and Knuckles, Tails’s tails, and Sticks all ducked under the blanket, leaving Amy and Sonic having some privacy.

“Well, now that we’re alone.” Amy sarcastically stated, making a funny face. She giggled, “I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Sonic. I usually don’t. But You’re much more caring about your friends then you were before. You accept us the way we are, and you always do your best to keep us safe and happy.” she beamed, and Sonic felt pretty good about himself for a second, even closing his eyes to motion his head up, taking in the praise.

But then his eyes blinked and he looked away, “But you… um…” he shifted his eyes to her, and then back away.

Eyes peeked up from the blanket.


They ducked under.

“Sheesh.” Sonic shook his head, looking upset by their ‘rudeness’ before clearing his throat and gesturing to her, still being a bit shy.

“You don’t act like you used too… still.” he looked away, folding his arms and ducking his head, a bit insecure on asking why that was.

“…Oh, um.” Amy turned nervous, giggling slightly and twiddling her fingers. “W-well, I’ve grown up, Sonic… I… I may not always show it as much as I ‘regrettably’ used too but I… I still… well,-”

The team all peeked up again.


The gang ducked their heads as Knuckles’s fists came up and bonked Tails on the head from underneath the blanket.

“I told you that was less than 5!”

“Sticks bumped it and it was reset! I had to start it up again from my best estimate!”

The thunder strikes again.


Tails dug up cushions and hid under them as the two sighed beside him.

“Go on.” Sticks stated from under the blanket. “Our apologies.”

Amy and Sonic looked back up to each other, and then away as Sonic folded his arms, looking nervous as Amy played with one of her quills, stroking it down and sucking her lips in.

“…Alright, I kinda… I feel bad about how I treated you back then.”

“How you treated us all..” Tails muttered, as Sonic glared.



“Thank you.” he looked back to Amy, “But I honestly don’t want you acting any way, shape, or form out of who you naturally are! I’m sorry for making you feel you had to ‘grow up’ but I just want you to know that-”

Amy suddenly placed a hand on his mouth, smiling, “…Not important.” she winked, “Thank you, Sonic. But it wasn’t completely you that made me want to change. I grew up without you influencing it. Haha!” she laughed and then lowered her finger, pushing against his chest playfully.

“I wanted to change. And I’m glad I did.”

“..But..” Sonic pouted, looking away. “You don’t … react the same way around me as you used too.”

“Hehe, why? Want me to start cuddling up to you again?” Amy teased, moving closer and blinking her eyes a lot.

He scooted back, “N-not a chance!”

She laughed, leaning back. “Then I think I’ll stay just the way I am!”

He sighed, before giving in and nodding, scratching the back of his head. “But I think… I may want to change now… just a bit. You know,… for even more untapped levels of awesomeness to be expressed.” he chilled back, going back to his usual self as Amy wondered what that could mean.

Was he going to change for her?


The three all threw the blanket off, gasping for air.

“Oh boy.” Tails tapped out, leaning back with his stopwatch. “I didn’t know how long I could take the heat anymore.”

“Your tails are too hot!” Sticks kicked them away, growing as they flopped around before Tails withdrew them back around him.

“Eh-heh. Sorry.” he looked apologetic before the rain dissipated.

“Hey! It’s sunny again!”

The gang turned around, but as everyone looked outside, Sonic looked to Amy, who felt eyes on her and turned to look at him.

The two smiled.

why a percabeth lesbian au is the greatest thing in the entire world:

  • they meet when they’re just on the edge of society forcing girls to start liking boys, so they’ve both been influenced by compulsory heterosexuality but not as much yet, since they’re only 12 
  • their sexualities are just beginning to develop and they really don’t understand them yet
  • they share bathrooms and hotel rooms on quests and stuff, and are used to changing in front of each other, because, like, they’re both girls, right? so it’s totally normal lol why would this be weird
  • instead of getting the message that “men and women can’t be friends” from society, they’re getting the message that girls need to be best friends with girls, and that girls don’t have relevant sexualities without the presence of a boy, so they end up being extremely close friends
  • percy knows she’s gay. she’s always known, and she literally has the most awesome, understanding and supportive mother on the face of the planet, so she has a relatively easy time figuring out her sexuality, and is pretty confident in herself by the time she’s 14. she assumes annabeth knows because, like, she’s really fucking gay and how could annabeth not notice
  • annabeth does not know that percy is gay
  • annabeth assumes she’s straight because she definitely knows that she likes boys, and she doesn’t ever really stop and think about whether or not she likes girls, because if she likes boys then she must be straight, right?
  • they do fun “girly” stuff together because like, percy likes being girly, and she gets so excited about it and it’s really cute and so it makes annabeth want to join in?? so they paint each others nails and do each others hair and makeup and trade clothes and it’s super adorable and fun and gay
  • percy and annabeth go to boarding school with thalia, because they’re all girls, and it’s tons of fun. thalia is also a lesbian and knows instantly that percy is, too, so they start hanging out more and more and going to queer clubs together and finding other queer girls in their school. they assume that annabeth knows this already, because how could she not know, it’s not like they’re subtle about it, and annabeth is straight, right, so it’s not like they would extend the invitation to her, so she’ll understand
  • annabeth gets jealous, except she’s not really sure why. she tells herself it’s just the frustration of introducing two of your friends, and then they become best friends and leave you out of things. truthfully, though, she just likes having percy’s attention
  • percy and annabeth both almost join the hunters, but decide that it isn’t really what they want
  • annabeth transfers to school in san francisco, and percy stays in new york. they stay in touch, because they miss each other a lot, but percy starts drifting because it hurts
  • the summer of the labyrinth is a messy and confusing trainwreck, although annabeth can’t, for the life of her, figure out why
  • it suddenly feels really weird to share bathrooms and hotel rooms and change in the same room????? almost like it’s sexually charged or something???????
  • there is something about rachel elizabeth dare that makes annabeth want to punch her in the face, and that’s not normal, is it?
  • percy won’t talk about calypso at all, and it makes annabeth feel cold all over and a little sick, and she cannot explain why
  • percy is absolutely certain by this point that she is head over fucking heels for annabeth, and annabeth is straight, which is literally the worst feeling in the world. and even if annabeth did like girls, she probably wouldn’t like percy, and even if she did, then it would still be complicated because of athena and luke. it sucks and it’s so painful that percy can hardly stand to be in the same room with annabeth anymore
  • annabeth takes this completely the wrong way, and gets angry. she thinks maybe percy’s just mad at her about luke (which is also true), and gets defensive
  • annabeth is a little bit more willing to talk about luke with percy, because they’re both girls, and that’s something that girls are supposed to talk about, right? percy has a little bit more leeway when talking about luke because it’s pretty common for girls to trash other girl’s crushes. but they still mostly avoid the topic because annabeth gets to tetchy and percy feels jealous and weird and overall uncomfortable
  • they’re known for being the best of friends around camp, and because they’re both girls, nobody assumes that they would have feelings for each other, so it becomes sort of a camp-wide event when they start fighting
  • annabeth is not really sure why they’re fighting
  • percy is absolutely miserable, and starts internalizing a lot of homophobia and wishing she could just be straight because this literally fucking sucks
  • rachel and percy start spending a lot of time together. rachel is pan, and percy is just so relieved to have someone she can talk to. rachel inspires her, and helps her to find pride in her sexuality again
  • they go to pride events together and make tons of new queer friends, and have a generally awesome time
  • percy starts dating girls and speaking up and comes out publicly, although she was never necessarily closeted
  • annabeth hears about this and is like what??????? the fuck?????????
  • she probably shouldn’t be so dumbfounded, because it really does make sense; she’s never seen percy express feelings for a boy in her whole life, and has always been totally uninterested in the topic, and pays much more attention to other girls. like she probably should have figured it out the time that annabeth made some comment about how weird it is that boys are obsessed with boobs and percy was like, “i love boobs, too, don’t you?” still, annabeth is totally and completely shocked, and feels guilty and embarrassed and, honestly, very uncomfortable
  • percy picks up on this, and is completely unimpressed by annabeth’s bullshit. she doesn’t have the patience to be treated like some kind of rare lesbian specimen and is sick to death of dealing with homophobia
  • there’s also the entire mess with luke, which just complicates everything even more. it makes percy nauseous that annabeth gives him so much power over her, especially when it always leads to her getting hurt
  • annabeth’s vague feelings of jealousy toward rachel and the other girls that percy dates become full fledged. she is absolutely raging and feels like she could kill something all the time
  • annabeth has put percy through a lot of shit, so while she notices annabeth being jealous, she doesn’t have mercy on her and instead starts spending even more time with girls
  • percy eventually gets tired of playing this game because, like, she could be dead by the end of the summer, and she really just feels weary and heartbroken, and although annabeth might be unusually jealous, it’s not like she could ever love percy the way percy loves her
  • it’s not a game to percy. this is her life
  • as the titan war starts to gear up, their relationship loses all semblance of fun and playful and turns into Deep and Meaningful. annabeth is terrified of acknowledging what might be there, because that would mean having to acknowledge her own identity, and she just doesn’t know if she’s ready for that
  • sometime during the war, thalia sits annabeth down and gives her a talk that she should have gotten years ago, the same talk that percy has been trying to get through to her since they were 12, except annabeth is finally ready to hear it. thalia is bascially like, listen, if you’re gonna cling to gross cishet boys then you’re going to lose this amazing girl who is perfect for you, and like, what the fuck are you doing, luke is abusive and nasty and he treats you like dirt under his sneakers, and it’s okay that you loved who he was but he is not that person anymore and you have got to let him go already
  • thalia also gives annabeth a very stern talking to about how being confused about her own sexuality does not give her leeway to string along a young lesbian who is also trying to figure herself out
  • weirdly, it’s rachel who helps annabeth the most? because rachel has a sick bi-dar and knows that annabeth is bi right off the bat, and is like, listen, honey, you’re bi
  • and then they kiss underwater and it’s gay and adorable and perfect
  • they become an awesome queer power couple that doesn’t take anyone’s shit and they’re literally the happiest girls on earth
Under the Mistletoe (Underfell Poth)

Because I love Underfell Poth

So here’s this short story for Christmas haha cringe material 

Also I saw this writing prompt: “Person A hanging 3 pieces of mistletoe in literally every room of their house because they need excuses to kiss Person B.” And I thought it was cute and because Fell!Palette is a sly bastard 

The originals won’t appear here so me and my lazy butt decided to call Fell!Goth Goth and Fell!Palette Palette because adding in the ‘Fell!’ part takes too much time

You’re welcome

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm re-submitting this with Akashi, Midorima, Kuroko, Himuro and Kagami being looked after by their s/o when they're ill. (I'm so sorry about last time my tumblr glitched and said your ask box was still open gomennasai *covers face*)

Lol you’re okay anon! I’m glad you could catch the box when it was open ^^ but I do think it might’ve been my fault as well because I sometimes forget to change both the ask box message as well as in my blog. Anyways, here you go! And, as always, I must apologize for being so late >.<

Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko was sound asleep when you walked into the room. The poor boy was coughing up a storm when you left earlier to go prepare some soup for him. You walked up to his bedside and sat down next to him, holding onto his warm hand.

“Please get better soon, Kuroko…” you whispered to him.

Kuroko shifted in his bed, letting out very soft noises. His eyes and cheeks twitched briefly until he settled down.

“_______….” he said, half asleep and half awake. He coughed a couple of times.

“Yes, Kuroko…?” you asked, leaning forward.

“…it’s cold without you,” he said with a troubled expression.

You frowned, contemplating what to do with that statement. You sighed and got up, walked around the bed to the side that was vacant, and slipped inside the covers. You knew this was a bad idea because he was extremely sick but Kuroko’s vulnerable and concerned expression when he said that made your heart melt.

Kuroko turned, his eyes fluttering open slightly in order to locate where you were, and he put his arm on your waist, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“Thank you.”

Kagami Taiga - “Say ahhh…” you gestured to Kagami while holding the thermometer. He looked at you with your mouth open for sake of demonstration, and reluctantly opened his own. You placed the thermometer underneath his tongue and then ruffled his hair. “Good boy.”

Kagami scowled at your actions. “Why are you treating me like a child?”

“Because you look just as vulnerable as any child right now~” You cooed, smiling brightly at him.

When the thermometer beeped, you took it out of his mouth and looked at the temperature, frowning. “You’re heating up…” You pulled off his blankets, surprising him. Your hands went to the buttons on his shirt and began to undo them.

“What they hell are you doing?!” A very flustered Kagami yelled at you.

“You’re dressed to the toe with such a high fever…you need to cool down a bit,” you said as you unbuttoned the last button and pulled apart his shirt, gazing down on his sweat-glistening abdomen and chest. “Oh wow, this is actually more erotic than I had anticipated…”

“T-That’s why-” Kagami pulled the blanket over him again, “you shouldn’t do things like that! Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean you can do whatever the heck you want with me!”

You frowned and got up from the side of his bed. “Oh really? Then let’s see how you manage to take care of yourself alone.” You walked out of his room and shut the door behind you, just to spite him. Kagami, thinking you were joking, pouted to himself. However, when you hadn’t come back after five minutes, he grew uncomfortable.


Midorima Shintarou - “Shintarou!” you yelled at the green-haired boy when you saw him up out of bed and watching the TV from inside the kitchen. “What are you doing here?!”

Midorima sniffled and pushed his glasses upwards, attempting to ignore you. When you yelled his name out once more, he sighed. “Can’t you see? Oha-asa is broadcasting today’s fortunes.”

You walked up to him and whacked his arm with a book. “You’re supposed to be in bed getting rest. You’re sick, remember?”

Midorima scowled and turned away from your angry face. “I’ve told you already, _____-chan. I am not sick. At least, not enough to disable me to a bed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go out and buy clothespins,” Midorima said as he viewed his lucky item on the screen.

When Midorima began to walk away from you, you grabbed his arm, causing him to jerk backwards. He glared at you. “You’re not leaving this house. No. Not until you’re better.”

“For the last time, _____-chan, I’m not sic-” On cue, he sneezed twice in a row. You raised an eyebrow at him with an amused look on your face. “That is insufficient evidence to say I am si-” He sneezed again.

You pulled on his arm. He stumbled the first few steps but then reluctantly followed you. “I’ll go out and get you whatever the hell it is you want but you have to promise me you’ll stay in bed, alright?”

Midorima felt somewhat nostalgic because you reminded him of his mother who used to take care of him when he was sick as a little kid. Of course, he never told you this, but instead just grudgingly agreed.


Himuro Tatsuya - Only the lords could explain as to why your boyfriend, even when down with a nasty cold, looked so irresistibly attractive. You smiled while setting down the hot bowl of chicken noodle soup when you saw him sleeping soundly. Leaning over, you brushed his silky black hair from his face, watching as some strands slivered from between your fingers.

Himuro groaned softly and opened his eyes, looking directly at you. You withdrew your hand and smiled at him. “Are you awake now?”

Himuro attempted to sit up when you urged for him to lie down. He protested and sat up anyway. “I made you soup,” you said while reaching for the tray on the bedside table and putting the bowl on it. You set the tray on his lap. Himuro smiled from the warmth radiating from the warm food. He smiled at you and mouthed a “thank you” (the poor boy had lost his voice too). Himuro winced from body pains as he moved his arm and you quickly got up to ask if he was okay. Obviously, he would nod and give you a considerate look.

You tied your hair back in a ponytail and took the soup spoon from his hand gently. He tilted his head at you like a little puppy being curious of something it’s seen for the first time. You dipped the spoon in the soup, blew on it to cool it down, then carefully brought it to Himuro’s lips. He was hesitant and confused at first, but eventually gulped it down. Your face was close to his because you were wary of spilling. Himuro leaned forward slightly and gave you a peck on the lips, causing you to blush.

“What if I get sick?!” You whacked his arm, causing him to groan in response.

He frowned at you as if to say “after just one little kiss?”

Akashi Seijuro - Akashi, cheeks as red as his crimson hair, reached for the glass on the bedside table while shivering like a newborn lamb. The expression on his face was so naive and vulnerable. He seemed like a child struggling to take care of himself on his own. When he finally lifted the glass of water and attempted to bring it to his lips, he sneezed, spilling almost all the water onto his bed sheets. He let out an exasperated sigh and shot you a glare when he heard you giggling on the chair next to his bed.

“Sei, you are very sick, no matter what you say,” you said while pulling out multiple tissues from the tissue box and handing them to your boyfriend.

He pressed the tissues down onto the damp blankets and then used one to blow his nose, “I am not sick. It’s just…a slight cold. I will recover almost immediately, as I always have,” he said, sniffling.

You got up out of your chair and pressed your hand against his forehead. He looked up at you with those striking eyes, almost as if to distract you from all the concerns you had. Biting your lip, you nodded. “Yeah, no… you’re staying in bed today. Don’t even think about getting up,” you said, throwing a blanket over his head.

Akashi pulled the blanket down his face so that only his eyes could be seen. He grabbed your wrist and you could sense he was smirking. “Then, will you warm me up by climbing in here with me? I might leave if there’s no one to supervise me.”

You blushed at his words and tried to shake off the grasp he had on your wrist. “Then you would get me sick too!”

The next morning, he was the one taking care of you.

Suicide Squad Imagine #1

Their reaction to you kissing them suddenly for the first time


Originally posted by dcfilms

At first he’d be completely surprised, eyes wide open like you punched him.


Then he’d hide his blush and embarrassment by acting angry, the little tsundere, and drill you suspiciously on why in the world did you do that and of course not he didn’t extremely love you back, and would you like to go out for a bite some time?


Originally posted by negctiable

“That…that was a kiss. Damn. Did you seriously just kiss me ? I think you’ve had one too many drinks today, honey. Maybe catch a train to sanityville next time then we can chat, k?”

Sass, sass, sass with a capital S.

When he’d finally realize you were serious though, his tough guy act would soften a bit and he’d scoff, smirking. “Hah. Come here, idiot.”


Originally posted by fatalitum

She instantly brightens, jumping onto you when you try to run away, flustered. “Ah, puddin, I had no idea!”

She eyes you before licking her lips sassily. “Not bad, not bad.” Your little lip lock was to her liking you suppose.

Tapping her cheek mischievously, she bites her lip. “Though you could do a lot betta’. Let me help you with that.”

Captain Boomerang:

Originally posted by ericscissorhands

The man gapes for only a second before a cocky grin overtakes the expression. He laughs, grabbing your hips to bring you closer.

The pervert.

“Ahaha! I knew you couldn’t resist me!”

El Diablo:

Originally posted by luksmodric

There isn’t much of a reaction after the action, you fiddling nervously while his surprised face fades into one of contemplation, his eyebrows furrowing. You pinch your arm, going off into a ramble. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I know with your wife and kids and what happened but I just, I just c-couldn’t holditbackanymore-”

He cuts you off by pressing a finger to your lips, the skin rough and calloused from the flames he often controls. He smells like ashes and incense, something spicy and pleasing and stinging that you can’t decipher as he steps closer. The frown deepens before he sighs, resigned, as if letting go of a long held burden, and his lips raise slowly.

“Do it again.”


He’s a bit too dead for kisses, but I’m sure if he wasn’t, it would be very appreciated.

Killer Croc:

Originally posted by toloveakiwi

He growls, confused but hostile as you lay a peck on his nose.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

His voice reads ‘how dare you’, and his eyes read ‘you better back up right now’, but you know better. He wouldn’t have even let you get that close if he didn’t trust you.

Any other sane person would be scared at his intimidating form as he towered over you but you just smiled, patting his arm. “What do you think?” It was worth the satisfaction when he turned away, still growling, but left you in your close position.


Originally posted by acrossthestvrs

She’d take the mask off and you’d gasp, surprised at the normally composed woman looking near to tears.

She’d hug you to her so tight it’d squeeze the air right out of your lungs. “Please, please don’t leave me. You can’t, not after that.”

Not like he did, were the unsaid words that ran on the wind.

You’d simply return the embrace, not saying anything because silence was what she needed, added to the fact that you still really couldn’t breathe, seriously, help.


Originally posted by pinkquinn

You’d barely even let your lips press to his yet before he responded immediately, and ferociously, as if he’d been waiting for you to act, a mad laugh burning through his lips to yours.

You were confused and utterly flabbergasted because hold on, weren’t you kissing him and how the heck did that fact change so quickly but all your thoughts melted at the way his mouth molded to yours as he backed you into the wall.


Supernatural (Team Free Will) Preference: How You Meet

Dean Winchester:

I groaned as I rubbed my face with my hands, and I got out of my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. I sighed before stretching my arms widely, and I squinted as the sun glared into my (e/c) mercilessly. I had driven 9 hours to California because Bobby told me there was a vampire nest, and I scowled at the thought of the old, cranky man. If he was wrong, I was going to kick him in the damn nuts.

I glared at a woman who stared at me, and I quickly made sure my gun, a Smith and Wesson model 4006, was safely tucked in the back of my pants. I shoved on a leather jacket before walking into a breakfast diner, and I checked my phone for the time; it was 9:38 A.M.

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Josh Dun x Reader : The Problematic Proposal

A/N: holy smokes! guys thanks so much for all the attention that “a big question” got! you are the best :)
sorry with school starting i’m getting kind of busy but don’t worry, as soon as this weekend hits i’m gonna be writing like crazy (or so i hope, as long as crazy family and stupid school allows it) as always, requests are loved and so are comments, so feel free to do that if you’re in the mood. so here it is, love you all, thank you again… sorry if it’s a little intense, if you read the first one you know that some real shit went down and it was kinda a cliff hanger ending. so be concerned ;) lol too cheesy?


infinite-exist-ence asked:
Helloooo :) I was wondering if there was a part two to a big question (the josh dun one)? If not, would it be okay if you write a second part? Also I love your writing. Okay bye :)

*for anyone who might’ve missed out
here’s the link to part one:

As soon as Josh stepped through the door and sensed what was going on, his eyes grew wide. You just stared at him, unsure of what the hell to say honestly, and Tyler seemed like the only one who actually was able to function. “Okay guys,” he gave a weak laugh. “Um, let’s have a talk Josh.”

“Y/n-” Josh spoke your name and you just stared at him with that blank expression on your face, still paralyzed and confused.

“Um, well uh…” you stammered, trying to fumble to the right words to say but it was as if someone had stolen your vocabulary and you were just left with blank pages of a dictionary.

“Look,” Tyler sighed, going over to you and putting both hands on your shoulders. “I’ll talk to Josh, you just calm down. It’s okay.” He walked you over to the door, leaving Josh bewildered in the dressing room, and showed you where to sit down in the hallway. “I’ll be back soon, okay? It’s going to be fine. Just stay here. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Thanks,” you let out a shaky breath and watched as Tyler left. What was he going to say to Josh? What if Josh didn’t want to marry you anymore? What if Tyler was lying and it really was actually a secret after all? Isn’t this going to push back their performance time? Questions swirled around in your mind and you instantly felt struck with guilt, knowing this was all mainly your fault. If you weren’t snooping around or going through his stuff or didn’t walk through that goddamn dressing room door then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Way to fuck things up, y/n. You groaned and buried your face in your hands, trying to regain composure.

You didn’t know how long it was. You actually started to contemplate whether or not the boys would even return back until you finally saw Tyler round the corner, and you stood up, ready to face Josh, but he wasn’t there. “Uh, hey y/n,” Tyler gave a faint smile.

“Where’s Josh?” you wondered.

“He’s um, he’s okay. Don’t worry. I just needed to talk to him for a little bit,” Tyler reassured. “Please, he’s just sort of uh, making new plans.”

“What?” your face fell. “I didn’t mean to-”

“No, gosh, that’s not what I meant,” Tyler shook his head. “Sorry, geez. That came out wrong, didn’t it? I meant like, he’s just frazzled. He’s still going to marry you, don’t worry. He loves you more than anything, y/n. He’s just trying to still surprise you.”

“So what does that mean?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Well I’m not supposed to give away any major details,” Tyler admitted. “However, I think I’m allowed to tell you that it won’t happen tonight.”

“I didn’t want to ruin it,” you frowned. “I’m sorry. He must’ve worked so hard to plan it all. I feel terrible.”

“No, don’t feel bad,” he shook his head. “Please, you’re fine. Josh actually sort of planned this.”

“Huh?” you asked.

“He had some backup plans incase things went wrong. I just think he didn’t actually plan on you figuring out the whole scheme. I guess I sort of let the cat out of the bag,” he cringed. “But anyways, don’t worry. Just, he told me to make sure you weren’t nervous or scared. He wants to make sure you know he loves you, and he’s sorry he kept stuff from you, but it was just him trying to be sweet and failing.”

“He doesn’t need to try to be sweet,” you rolled your eyes. “He just is.”

“I know. It’s because he’s compromised mainly of sugar,” Tyler laughed. “Red Bull and cereal and Oreos and junk food and he still looks like a freaking body builder.”

“I love him,” you sighed. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t you break a sweat over him,” he told you. “He’s doing fine.”

“Am I allowed to talk to him or is that prohibited?” you teased.

“I think so,” Tyler nodded. “I know he wants to see you.”

“I want to see him too,” you agreed.

“Well come on,” Tyler extended a hand and lifted you up off the ground. “Let’s go take you to your Prince Charming.”

You walked down the hallway and looked for Josh with Tyler, but he was nowhere to be found. You called him, because you knew for sure he wouldn’t go anywhere without his phone, but surprisingly he didn’t pick up. You both checked the rooms and hallways and even sent some people outside. That’s when you both heard the noise. “Drums!” you both exclaimed at the same time, running towards the stage where Josh was loudly hitting his drumsticks against the cymbals and working up a sweat. You were about to go get him, but Tyler kept you back.

“Just watch him play for a little bit,” he whispered. “He’s letting out his emotions you know. About you.”

“He kind of looks a little angry,” you chuckled.

“Nah, it’s passion,” Tyler argued. “He’s passionate about you. More than you could ever know.”

“Yeah but I think he’s still angry,” your laughter died down, letting Tyler know you weren’t actually joking. “I’m sort of afraid to talk to him. I don’t really know what to say.”

“Maybe you don’t need to say anything,” Tyler shrugged.

“Stop, we’re not going to start kissing all of a sudden on the stage,” you rolled your eyes, thinking he intended it to mean some cheesy joke.

“Really?” Tyler narrowed his eyes. “I did not mean it that way, goodness. I meant like, just give him a hug or something.”

“Oh,” you realized. “I guess that works too.” Josh stopped playing the drums, throwing his drumsticks on the floor and putting his head in his hands.

“I don’t know,” Tyler sighed. “I mean, you know the boy as well as I do. Just work your charm.”

“Thanks Tyler,” you smiled. “You’re the best.”

“I know I am,” he beamed.

“Whatever,” you giggled, shaking your head and watching as Josh met your eyes as you walked towards him. The intense look in his eyes dimmed, turning soft and gentle, and he looked at you and took a deep breath as you approached. “Hey.”

“Hey,” he responded. “So uh-”

You raced towards him, wrapping him in your arms and holding onto him tight, pressing your heart to his bare chest and listening to the beat, and you slowly felt his arms wrap around you and hold you. You closed your eyes tight and then released the hug, looking up at him. “I’m sorry,” you sighed. “I love you.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he shook his head. “I love you too.”

“Look…” your voice trailed off. “You know, how about we start over? Pretend it didn’t happen, okay? No explanations, no excuses, no having to be embarrassed or confused or anticipating something to come.”

“Well that’s the thing,” Josh rearranged the cap on his head. “It did happen. And we can’t rewrite the past, and we can’t unremember something, and we can’t have awkward moments like this is our relationship. So I actually just want to talk about it, even if it’s just for a little bit. Just a second or two. Because I need to let you know something. It’s important.”

“Okay,” you nodded.

“So Tyler said he already told you, but I intend on marrying you, y/n. I love you so much, more than you will ever know, and I intend on loving you until the day I die. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, like something out of a love poem or a romantic comedy movie, but it’s true. I absolutely love you, and I want to love you every single day of my life as long as you’ll let me,” Josh explained. “This wasn’t exactly how I intended you find out, but everything happens for a reason, and I guess this happened for a reason, so be it. I’m not proposing to you right now, but know that I’m ready, and don’t be nervous or scared or anxious, because you’ll know. It’s not going to be a secret anymore. I’ll let you know when the time comes. Okay? I just, I love you. So much.”

“Josh,” you closed your eyes and hugged him again. “I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you. And I’ll always love you. It’s not going to change. So don’t worry. You don’t need to warn me or give me a hint, I’m ready. I’ve been ready and I always will be ready. I love you, and I want you to know that whatever plans you have made, it’s perfect and it’s fine and it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need confetti or a special song or a crowd of people or a candlelit dinner. As long as I have you, and as long as you ask that question, it’s the perfect proposal. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing or who we’re with or why we’re there, it’s just you. You’re all that matters to me. And I really hope that one day you’ll realize that.”

“You’re going to make me cry y/n,” Josh laughed. “Stop making me have feelings.”

“Look who’s talking,” you chuckled, rubbing your eyes and staring up at him.

“Goodness,” Josh took a deep breath. “That was… That was good to get off my chest.”

“Yeah,” you nodded and smiled.

“How about we get some tacos? You, me, and Tyler too?” he suggested. “Kind of a celebration thing?”

“Tacos?” you put your hands on your hips. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about food,” Josh whined.

“You just ate not too long ago,” you chuckled.

“But don’t you feel Taco Bell whispering your name, y/n?” he insisted with a grin. “I think I do.”

“It might be calling my name, but it sure isn’t calling yours,” you crossed your arms over your chest. “Joshua, you’ve got a show to play soon.”

“But-” he began but you shushed him with a quick kiss on the lips.

“Play your heart out and maybe there will be Taco Bell waiting in the dressing room when you get back,” you winked.

“I like the sound of that,” he agreed.

Little did he know at Taco Bell you spent about ten minutes searching through the hot sauce packets to find the perfect one. Sure, it was kind of cheesy, but it was a joke. And you thought Josh would appreciate it. It was the one he had given to you the first time you two went on a date, and it had been a joke at the time, and you hadn’t given it much thought, but now after the events of today, you decided it was appropriate and perfect. You got back just in time for them to start playing, and you stood on the side stage exchanging winks and smiles with Josh the entire time. When the show was over and Josh came off stage, you handed him his Taco Bell bag full of food. “Here’s a little something extra for you,” you winked and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Best part,” he grinned. You handed him the sauce packet from your pocket and he looked at it and smirked.

“Marry me?” you read it aloud and he looked at you and rolled his eyes.

“Of course,” he responded. “How could I ever say no?”

lightundone  asked:

If you could and it hasn't already been done already could you add our radiant descendant Priam to the bathing tent mishap?

[I think I got like…seven for my big blue hubby– bless his heart :”D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It wasn’t hard for Priam to tell when you were upset. You became quieter, more reserved; you frowned a dozen times more than usual. Your expressions were rife with discourse, and you never wanted to do anything about it.

He alway waited to see if you would come to him about it before he asked you any questions about the situation. He knew you preferred to get to things at your own pace. But you certainly weren’t making it easy for him, this time.

Priam was in the middle of training when he spotted you walking by, your expression a mixture of embarrassment and seriousness, for some reason. His blade faltered, prompting the end of the practice session.

“Give me a second.” Priam told his partner gruffly, before starting after you. You were headed off to handle some errand, he was sure. But he wasn’t about to let you do anything until you told him what was wrong.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I had a dream today and I thought it would be cool if you could write a drablle about it lol it goes like this, Melody kissing Nathaniel for surprise even though she knows that he has a girlfriend, plus Candy sees them without knowing the entire context of the situation. (I love drama can you tell? lol) thank you for your time <3

I am sooooo sorry this took so long. I finally found time to write it up. I hope I did it justice. Please enjoy!

MCL: Melody’s Mistake

Nathaniel and Melody were going through some paperwork and reorganizing files per the principal’s request. They had stayed after school to complete the project, and it had been over two hours since the rest of the school cleared out. Nathaniel wanted to finish so he go home and feed White before talking to Candy on the phone. He would have liked to walk her home, but duty calls.

Melody was more than happy to spend time alone with Nathaniel, but she was still unnerved around him. Especially after the news came out of him and Candy dating. Melody was heart broken and angry and didn’t understand. It was eating away at her as they spent more time together, even though they weren’t talking much.

At this point they were nearing finishing the files and Melody took a deep breath and decided to ask him what she wanted know….what she needed to know.

Melody: “Nathaniel….”

Nathaniel: “Hmmm?”

He didn’t raise his head to look at her, staying focused as he rearranged papers in a stack.

Melody: “I need to know something…..why Candy?”

He stopped at this and looked up at her, somewhat confused.

Nathaniel: “What? What do you mean why Candy?”

Melody: “You’ve rejected me, but you chose Candy. Why?”

He gave her a somber look.

Nathaniel: “Melody….”

Her face contorted into something between annoyance and sadness.

Melody: “I need to know. Why do you like her? Is it her looks? How she gets so involved in other people’s business? What is it you like so much? I…I need to know! Why her and not me?”

Nathaniel: “Melody, I like everything about Candy. And this conversation is making me rather uncomfortable. You and I are friends…or at least we’re supposed to be…”

She kept looking at him, waiting for more. He sighed and gave in when he realized she wanted him to continue.

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anonymous asked:

Lance-anon here again. Lets get back to where we left off. You are correct. Lance does bait Keith into competitive fighting but this is because of his insecurities towards that character. There's no doubt in my mind that lance got compared to Keith constantly when they were at the garrison. So he's going to grow bitter at the better pilot, get jealous because Keith has the qualities that he lacks. As shown however, when Lance gets serious he is a great pilot and teammate. Now moving onto what(1)

makes him a better pilot than Keith. Funny enough, Lance actually is always there to call Keith out and keep him check. Since you’re a sheith fan and I’m klance I won’t go into shippy territory. I will say I find it hilarious how Keith is supposed to be leader and yet Lance has been pulling him back by the collar. Lance shows compassion towards his teammates and those around him. He’s a lot more level-headed than Keith and a lot more smarter than he thinks. See the leaked episode 2 of s2. 

The creators have also expressed that Lance would be next in line for becoming the black lion. At this point Lance seems more like a main character than Keith imo. Lance has shown me that he would be a better leader but that’s why I’m here. I want you to school me on what little I know about Keith’s leadership. Cause to me he’s simply no Shiro, no Allura, and definitely no Lance. 

Welcome back, Lance-anon. 

I actually talked about this topic with @captainshirogane​ a few days ago so I actually have a lot to say. I’ll be honest here, I rewrote this several times mainly because I kept going off-topic and I really didn’t want to nitpick at your words but ended up doing so anyways. Oops. Sorry.

Mostly, this was just to get my point across. This is going to be a pretty long read (?) followed up with some screenshots I personally took. o7 

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