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That apartment has become a home to them. Every corner is overflowing with knock-knacks or memorabilia, and it give that flat such a Dan and Phil vibe. It’s grown with them over these five years, from vacant rooms to a lively place that they could truly call a home. They’ve gone through so much in these past five years: starting and finishing a radio show, starting a gaming channel, developing an app, finishing The Super Amazing Project, doing four Krave challenges, five phil is not on fire videos, voicing two characters in a Disney movie, two characters in a Disney show, going to Japan and traveling the world, writing two books together, doing an entire world tour, and so, so much more. They’ve made so many memories together that will always stay with them, and I’m so happy to have been along for the ride.

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Number 45 . Any of the pairing from the love square :)

“Tell me a secret.” 

Marinette stared at her hands, holding them up against the clear, starry sky, and considered.

She could tell Adrien she was Ladybug… and then she’d reap the consequences on all sides.

She could tell Adrien she was in love with him… and then he’d never look at her the same way again.

She could tell Adrien how much she’d dreamed of a moment just like this…

She dropped her hands back to her stomach.

“Once I got someone akumatized by I accidentally stealing their phone.”

…That was too heavy for the moment, probably.

Laying beside her on the cool, damp grass, Adrien let out a long, loud snort. “Oh my god.”

Marinette covered her too-warm face and mumbled, “I didn’t mean to, but…”

Adrien had tumbled into full-on laughter by then, bright and scandalized and delighted, and Marinette relaxed into her choice, no matter how embarrassing it was.

Worth it, she thought as Adrien’s warmth settled something deep inside her. So totally worth it.