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I’m so sick of some Destiel shippers hating on Jensen when he doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Jensen doesn’t see Dean and Cas’s relationship as anything other than them being friends/brothers and that’s fine, in fact that’s how it has been written. Ship whoever you like but don’t hate on an actor who works damn hard for this show just because he doesn’t share the same views of his character’s sexuality as you and then go on to accuse him of not understanding that character, which he has been playing for about 12 years! Jensen is one of the biggest reasons that Dean is such an interesting multi-layered character to watch in the first place and that’s because he understands Dean’s character so well.

Jensen does not deserve all of the stupid hate just because he gave his opinion.

Jensen does not deserve all of the stupid hate just because he doesn’t like what you ship.

Jensen does not deserve to be called “homophofic” for something as stupid that honestly does not define whether you support gay people or not.

Get over it already and stop hating him for being honest to himself. And instead support him and understand for a goddamn time that he doesn’t like to be talked about some topics. He said it himself, respect him

About Supernatural Conventions...

With recently hearing about everyone bashing on Jensen at the conventiom, it sparked some anger in me.

1. That question has been asked far too many times. Its old, you’ve gotten the same answer every time. Lay off.

2. Respect him and any member at the con. They are miles away from their home and families and did not come to hear you whine or complain about a ship that is completely fictional. They took away precious time for them to be home and resting ti see you guys. F**king respect them.

3. Don’t you dare call Jensen out, say he doesn’t know his character. He knows his character more than anyone. You don’t know his character.

4. Just because someone does not “ship” a LGBTQ relationship does not mean that they are homophobic.

5. This pertains to any question. Do not ask the same question that has been asked at every convention. Do not ask an overly fictional question. Do not ask stupid questions.


You have no idea how annoying it was at Nashcon 2016, when someone, against the rules, asked Misha to post a selfie with her on instagram. Took him 10 minutes to try and figure out how. It was very annoying when someone asked Misha about lima beans. It was annoying as hell that a fan bothered to come and ask a question that clearly stated that he/she/they had not seen an episode past Metafiction. It was SUPER annoying watching a fan ask an overly fictional question to Mark S. who clearly didn’t want to answer. That fan proceeded for 10+ minutes to keep asking and rudely talking over him. That man is tired at that time, his wife was at the hospital, about to give birth. He didn’t not have time for that fan’s BS.

Be considerate to others when attenting conventions. Don’t be rude. And by god don’t complain when someone spent maybe half a paycheck worth to come and see them.

That is all thank you.

On The Ropes

Written for @dancingalone21‘s 2K follower AU Funny Quote Challenge. I picked the quote: “Are we gonna fight or make out, cause I’m gettin’ some real mixed signals here.” The quote is bolded.

Word Count: 2360

Warnings: Mentions of injury; getting shot on the job

Summary:  Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  She is drawn to the elder brother when Dean starts working with her on moving, coordination and finally hitting. Once they get in the ring, things don’t go as planned.

A/N: unbeta’d, all mistakes are mine. Feedback and comments are welcome!   

Your entire body protested as you rolled out of bed. The last couple of months had been physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Since being shot in the line of duty over 8 weeks ago, recovery had been slow, to say the least. After completing out-patient physical therapy, your therapist had suggested something a little tougher for you, considering your job and attitude. So he gave you the name and address of a place he had sent patients before.

You found yourself outside the building, looking up at the sign that read “On The Ropes.” That is exactly how you felt. You couldn’t return to work for at least another month and felt like you were going stir crazy just sitting in your empty house. It’s now or never, you thought as you hiked your bag over your shoulder and pushed the door open.

The place was a lot bigger than outward appearances led you to believe. There were two separate rings and three workout areas on just the first floor alone, although you could see stairs, so you could only guess there was more upstairs. What you considered ‘workout’ music was pumping throughout the space. A man with shaggy brown hair walked over, welcoming you.

“Hi, I am Sam Winchester, co-owner and trainer. What can I do for you today?” His voice was kind, he was incredibly tall and built like a Greek God, Hercules maybe. He was also quite attractive, his eyes swimming with color.

“Hi, Sam. Y/N Y/L/N. I was referred to you guys by my PT. This place is huge.” You told Sam, hiking your bag back up.

“Yeah, thanks. Pete called said you would be by. I am booked today, but my brother, Dean, is going to be your trainer. He is upstairs in his office, why don’t you follow me and we will get you set up. Sound good?” Sam was rather cheerful and you just were not really in the mood today.

“Lead the way.” You said, trying to keep your voice even. You didn’t want to have to do this. You just wanted back on the job.

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You were sat at the back of the convention hall, your daughter on your knee, while Misha was doing his solo panel. You were going to be waiting in your room for him, but Annie insisted on watching her daddy on stage. You just prayed that he didn’t say anything that would scar her.

“Thanks for answering,” the fan at the mic said. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” your husband said into his mic, and your daughter took a deep breath.

“I love you most!” she called out, causing everyone around you to ‘awww’.

It’s something the three of you often said to one another, so her calling it to her father shouldn’t have surprised you as much as it did.

Misha’s eyes scanned the crowd as everyone continued to fawn over your four-year-old.

“Who is more cute than me?” he accused, causing you to laugh, getting to your feet with Annie on your hip.

“Your daughter,” you called back, making your way to the stage as his face lit up.

“I thought you were in the room?”

He grabbed Annie and she clung to him like a monkey, hanging from his side as he readjusted how to hold his mic.

“She wanted to see her daddy,” you shrugged, “And so did I.”

“Well get up on stage then,” he grinned, and you did as you were told, sitting in Misha’s chair. “Okay, now who has a question for my wife?”

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Jensen Ross Ackles

This man has played dean winchester for over 10 years . he has continued filming for all these years because of us. He has done all of this for us.
I heard that he has said that destiel isn’t Canon at a con and it’s blowing up my dash so I had to post something about it
The way I see it people is Jensen doesn’t ship destiel. Yes he was blunt about the fact to a fan but he has had destiel practically shoved down His throat by shippers since season 4 so obviously he is going to get annoyed at some point
If someone were to force their views on me hearly every day for around 7 years I would get annoyed too .
Jensen is a kind man who has just become a father again to two wonderful twins and yet he has left his family to come and meet you guys . to meet us . he didn’t have to do that . he could have easily said no but he didn’t
Jensen isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t believe the same thing we do and if you can’t accept that then can you really call yourself a Jensen fan??
Would a Jensen fan cause him upset because of him having different beliefs to them??because I sure as hell wouldn’t

Okay I’m done now