that is such a weird way to kiss someone but ok hoon

My fan account of Seoul birthday party 2015 (13 Sept 2015)

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As some of you might know, I did not manage to go to Seoul FM last year, and then I missed HK one because of previous travel plans. This is the second FM I have joined and this is way better than my previous experience.

I had a great time with dramafan100 hitoritabi sobaniitezutto in Seoul (singing in noraebang for the first time for 다 줄거야 and JS’ drama OST), and also got to meet some other people on tumblr for the first time before the FM.

We had plans to go to a certain restaurant before the FM for a late lunch but unfortunately it was closed and then we reached the FM venue before 4pm, there was already a long queue lining up for souvenir purchase. By the time it was our turn, mostly T-shirts are left, and some large size sweaters and hoody (limited colours). The quality of the the clothings are good this year ^^ and we saw Jong Suk’s high school friend there selling the clothes himself. Hitoritabi​ even talked to him.

It was after 5pm by the time we got our souvenirs, after some photo taking, we queued up to get inside the FM venue. My seat was in the second last row, but it was surprisingly not that far, I can actually see Jong Suk’s face with my own eyes without relying on the screen. (well, the screen’s colour was a bit off anyway, his face looked much nicer compared to the screen.) MC said the venue was like that because he wanted to see his fans’ face more clearly.

(Note: My Korean listening is not that good, I think I managed to get maybe only 50% of what is going on in the FM only, I only posted what I think I am pretty sure I understand, but I can be wrong.)

Before the FM, the CFs of Sunkist, Lock n Lock and photographs from Millet were looped while we waited for it to start. It started like 10-15 mins after 6pm I think.

The FM started with a video of Jong Suk with us in a date, it was shot in the way that made it looked like we were the girl he was staring at, talking to and touching. (The behind the scene clip played during the break showed that he actually hold on to the photographer’s hand during the shooting when he pretended to be holding our hands LOL)

Then he appeared wearing a suit. (SUIT! And i have a weakness for suit.) The he sang Pinocchio.

After that, the MC from midnight entertainment started a section called initial talk with him where they chatted about different topics about JS. (These are all from my memory, and they are not according to the actual sequence nor included all the topics.)

A) Fav drama/movie
1. My Love Eun-Dong (He particularly likes a kiss scene, I forgot the details as I haven’t watched the drama myself, then the MC asked about his own kiss scene, how to do it, he got embarrassed.)
2. Maundy Thursday (starring Lee Na Young, MC asked if he likes the actress herself or the movie, he said he watched because of the actress and then found the movie to be good. And then he seemed to have attended 4 stage greetings in a day, and then the MC asked him if he is a sasaeng fan, he said no, then MC asked if he has a new movie, how can his fans get 4 stage greeting tickets (LOL). MC asked if he has met the two actors of the movie, he said no, and he wanted to work with them. Kang Dong Won, he doesn’t know what kind of work he wanted to be in with him, but when he was asked about Lee Na Young, he said romance immediately)   

3. I’m Sorry, I Love You (He started rewatching this recently after Eun Tong, because they are of similar genres, and he was thinking So Ji Sub was same age as he is now when So did this work, so how would he do that if he was in that role? The MC asked him to do a line from the drama and then he could not do it in front of the audience.)
4. Black Swan
5. One Piece (A scene from the anime was played where someone died, sorry I have never watched so I didn’t know the characters’ names, JS said that scene is so sad, and he said when he did the Park Hoon scene where his dad died, he thought about that scene in the anime while he did it.)

B) His phone wallpaper is from DS the scene where there was cherry blossoms, so he hasn’t changed wallpaper for a long time.

C) His regular pattern is sleeping when the sun starts to rise and then waking up for lunch, feeding his dog, going to do exercises etc.

D)  When he was talking about his usual pose at home, he talked about being careful not to bend his neck to avoid wrinkles in his neck. And he bought neck cream in duty free shop.

E) He was asked if he still wanted to get married right now, he said it is no longer his most beautiful time, MC said it is, he said no. MC asked, if so when he wants to get married, he said people around him are getting married, his stylist also will get married soon.

F) Aegyo- He did the buing buing, puing puing and another aeygo thing which i have never seen, he looked so embarrassed while doing it, it was so funny. (it is interesting, last time when he was in Guangzhou, he was embarrassed too when he was asked to do stuff, and I felt uncomfortable when I saw him being so uncomfortable, this time I felt ok. He looked like he enjoyed it. I didn’t feel as if he was as reluctant.) And then he couldn’t even do half of it. And then MC asked the fans to do it, many fans couldn’t either, and he was like even you couldn’t do it, haha. (According to leecheahwoon, it was 기싱꿍꼬또, you can watch the original version here.)

Then there was a Q & A time from fan questions who were prepared before.

Not many screamed during the FM and fans who went on stage didn’t talk much. MC kept teasing, they are really Lee Jong Suk’s fans, even their personality is like JS, not talking much.

JS had to make a supposedly “healthy” drink, by mixing various ingredients according to the numbers the fans drawn, and it included a weird mix of stuff like wasabi, vinegar, sunkist juice (and finally put in a lock n lock bottle LOL). He just added very little wasabi. He tasted it before other fans did, and he said it was better than what he imagined. And then he comforted the fans who were kinda scared about drinking it, saying it is better than what they think. The last bottle of “juice” was like twice the volume for others because he poured all the remaining juice into it, so he volunteered to drink half for that fan. I was kinda surprised when I saw him being really careful in cleaning up during the juice making, like he would wipe his hands on a piece of cloth after picking up the microphone, wiping the juice off the outside of the bottle. And he was obviously not used to using a knife, haha, how he cut the tomato so unskilfully.

He had to play games with some fans, if the fans won, they would get a wish fulfilled. JS looked cute when he played the games, like being hit on his head by the plastic hammer held by the fan, but when he hit the fan with the hammer, he did it very gently, and then the MC played with him as well and hit him haha poor JS. There was also a couple rope jumping. For the last fan, he didn’t play with her, and just let her get her wish fulfilled. One girl asked him to repeat that last aeygo thing, he looked so embarrassed, it’s funny.

And then lucky draws for fan goods and Millet coats, people who were got the gifts also got a hug from him.

And then the last song Present, it was the first time he ever sang this in the FM! And then the really touching letter was shown on the screen when the FM ended (The letter was already translated by hitoritabi.)

I remembered when I looked at my watch during the break, it was already way past 8pm, I actually expected it to end at 8pm and it ended after 9pm!

I think JS talked a lot (in his standard LOL) in the FM, and he did prepare a lot for the FM, the second time he appeared after he changed his clothes, MC said it was really good looking and asked if he has spent a lot of time choosing the clothes, he said yes. And even though he got up very early for CF shooting on Saturday, he practised the songs in noraebang the day before after CF shooting. And how he chose a small venue for the FM. From all these things, you can feel his sincerity. And the lyrics for that very last song, I kinda think that’s his own feelings towards us when I heard it. Feeling his own inadequacy and getting comfort from us. (leecheahwoon told me she read somewhere that he mentioned that song is one of his favourite song in an interview before.)

Even though this time I didn’t get to get up close with him, somehow I like this more than my previous FM experience, I enjoy seeing a bit of his own true self in real life, rather than just a series of boring fan games (for most of the people who can’t get on stage anyway, this time there was only a relatively short section of fan games) and not really meaningful Q & A.

And that is the reason why I like him, because I can see part of him. Not just a character or a facade of a star.