that is something i can work with

Ever since I told my father I do art commissions he keeps bugging me to make him art…for free. He’s like, but I’m your dad! And I’m like, yeah, and as my father you know should that commissions bring in a little extra (and much needed) money, and I deserve to be paid for the work I do.

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Hey. I have followed your blog for several years. I have just finished your book and I felt I needed to message you. I knew you could write but wow.. Your book was so well written, compassionate, gripping and thrilling. I cried like a baby & have never cried from a book. You let us see how the children were before being cruelly taken. I felt the fear from the child and the anguish from the parent. I won't spoil it but the last sentence in "The Boy in The Box" chapter made me an emotional wreck.

Wow, thanks so much. It’s honestly so wonderful to know that my book is coming across exactly how I wanted it to come across. I wanted people to feel compassion for the victims by the writing and see them as actual people, not just statistics. It makes all the hard work and heartbreak worthwhile. Let’s just hope something positive can come from it. It is said that public knowledge is the key to solving cold cases so here’s to hoping!

The “Boy in the Box” chapter is arguably one of the most poignant. Not only was he murdered and his murder unsolved, but he was never even identified… Not one person in the world realised he was gone. As I am sure you discovered after reading that chapter, at least there were people that loved him, even if just after his death. He was more cherished after death than in his short life and that is truly soul destroying…

Thank you so much for getting a copy and reading it!

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Simon, I dunno what the deal is with me today. I have depression and usually manage it well but today I am going to and from crying and being a lump. I don't feel like doing anything, but I WANT to want to do things, like my hobbies. I remember you having a remedy, something like eat something and then make your brain do logic? But I can't quite remember. Could you remind me?

The “eat exercise logic” process works best for sadness and anger. Depression can be something else entirely.

Reverse the order a bit. Force yourself to exercise. Cardio is best, because it depletes resources swiftly. Then eat something you love very much. Hopefully there will be a combined endorphin response. Logic helps the brain offset turbulent feelings. This is because the brain cannot process very rational thinking as one does with math, and emotions simultaneously.

However, if you have clinical, chemical depression, this is not always the case. You must take your meds and you must seek out things that offset these emotions. I always recommend doing truly silly things, like… put on music to which you love to sing or dance. Dress up. Lock yourself in a room and pretend you’re on stage performing. Or do something brave, that might normally make you feel “giggly”.

I am not an expert in human feelings. I can only discuss my own, and discuss what I think might work or what I have seen people do.

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what was vegas 2014?

Hi anon,

I got it wrong - it was Chicago - Vegas was Niall’s birthday.

Here - (in case the timestamp doesn’t work - it’s at 23.55)

I can find one of the articles still here 

and then also another mention of them being at that place here

Was it the renovations? The Underground, which opened in 2006, seems to be enjoying a resurgence following last year’s remodeling. Miley Cyrus, Dave Chappelle, Usher, Upton, Henry Cavill and One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Liam Payne all walked down the entrance staircase this year.  (2014)

I’m sure there was something on ILYSM about an article being deleted but I may have mixed it up with another article at some point.

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How does a trans dude thats a top fuck a dude? Like im really NOT trying to offend anyone i just cant find anything. A strap on would make me too dysphoric and i want to be pleasured myself tok. Can you link me to something to educate me cuz im really stuck with how a top fucks someone else. I promise i meant no harm im sorry if i did im just really struggling with a lot lately and this ive been stressing about. Im sorry. Im going through a lot please be easy on me

ur all good bro, check out reelmagik or freetom. it’s not gonna work unless you’ve got maybe an inch or two of growth tho

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You do an amazing job running what many thought could not be done or was a joke. But you make it one of the best places to RP, and You personally are just a wonderful person and I love everytime I see you in game because I know something amazing and perfect is going to happen

Honey, I cannot take the credit you’re tryna offer me. I am flattered, fret not, but there is so much more to the inner workings of this guild. And it includes not only the patient and thoughtful officers, but the members themselves. There would be very small events if we didn’t have the helpful souls who often get on and put on their work caps to interact and mingle with the crowds, to make the events we host memorable!

And even then, I can’t take credit for what “many thought could not be done”. There are BUNCHES of successful and wonderful performance guilds– and most of them are brothels/bordellos/whore houses/ strip joints! Such as @theredmoon!

I can say, however… That your support and kindness to reach out in these times is an amazing show to the humanity this rp community possesses. Beautiful souls such as yourself are capable of wonderful feats, and all it takes is  these moments. Anonymously, or otherwise, just… Reaching out to someone. To let them know that they’re not failures, that they are more worthy than they let themselves believe (after all, we are all our own worst enemies).

So thank you, Anon.

You’re loved and appreciated. <3

Now… Have some Anthrel and cubs!

Young Love

Part 1

A/n: Told you I’ll make a part 2!


Erik, Charles, Kurt and (Y/n) all sat in the room. (Y/n) and Kurt decided to tell Professor Charles as well since she wouldn’t be able to tend classes when she gets bigger. “Dad, Charles me and Kurt have something to tell you both.” (Y/n) says. Erik looked confused at the couple while Charles nods with a small smile, “Continue child.” Charles says. “I’m pregnant.” (Y/n) says, both men freeze up. “I understand that this is a big deal but me and Kurt we’ll love this child and take care of it, I’ve decided I’ll still go to classes just until I get bigger later on in the months.” (Y/n) explains. “While she is out of later on I’ve decided that I will bring her her lessons that way she can still get her work done and still be able to relax with the baby.” Kurt says. Charles smiles and nods, “I understand children and best of luck to parenthood for you both.” Charles says before facing Erik, “Erik is there anything you wish to say?” Erik snapped from out of his thoughts glaring at Kurt he shaped the metal trophy of Charles into a spare and throws it at Kurt’s head who yelps and poofs away in time, “I’m going to kill you Wagner!” Erik screams out in anger.

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I need tips for dealing with disphoria please help???

the most thing you have to do is work on internalized transphobia. when you assure yourself that you’re a guy no matter what you look like, you’ll start to believe it (because its true!) and you’ll feel more comfortable with yourself.

if you’re out, you can obviously try binding and packing. if not, you can try a shorter haircut + more masculine clothes!

if anyone else has tips feel free to comment or send an ask!❣️

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you know what's sad? when you love the art you made so you post it but it flops

welcome to the “you’re good but not that good & if you post something it took you ten minutes to make people will reblog it but if you post something you actually worked on for a whole day people will ignore it” club.

but wait. ignore me being salty.
if you love making art, post it. no matter how many people will reblog it, you should always be proud of your work. i know it’s hard, i know people don’t give enough respect to small artists and it’s hard to grow when you can barely get notes, but don’t ever give up. if this is something you’re really passionate about, don’t stop.

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……

how to look innocent but act like a sinnamon roll in front of ur #whipped fiancé: by yuuri katsuki (insp + redbubble)

Here have two gays guys being dudes