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Hey, if you live in the US and are unsure if something's legal or not in your workplace, going to a [state abbreviation]legislature(.)gov site is a great resource! Stay safe at work, everyone! ❤️

<3 <3 <3 Thank you anon! This is so useful! I’m tagging this as #retaillaw and adding this as a tag for submissions so anyone else with knowledge on subjects that can help others can help out and have an easy to find tag for it. Just please try not to abuse this and ensure that your facts are straight. I will delete anything that anyone points out and disproves so we can keep true info in the tag. -Abby

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Armory? It's make me sad with this poor PR because we know Sam, Cait, the cast and crew are working their ass off to give us a good show. But there is no promo to support this. People are losing interest very fast after every shameful PR attempt.. It's just sad because i want so much better for this show i love.

Poor Leanne… she wanted to give us something and I appreciate it. There is nothing she can do if Starz won’t let her release her better footage. 

Starz wants some PR but without Leanne releasing any of the more exciting stuff and spoilers… SMH…what do you want her to do, conjure up miracles?

Starz is totally banking on the shipper/anti-shipper obsessable discussion to continue to indirectly drive interest in the show, but I would say that is less and less effective.

Besides a handful of accounts, I would say most shippers are feeling fatigue (some have been forced to close down) and have stopped discussing the SamCait relationship to the degree and with the enthusiasm they used to.

If we are silent, the Antis (whose only goal in life is not Sam and Cait, but rather to see us proven wrong) are also fairly silent and soon all interest in the show driven indirectly by an interest in Sam and Cait will die off as well.

and September is still a ways away……………….

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regarding your analysis of C&L: you mentioned that you don't connect with it as much because it is a more general account of grief, while ACL@M has it's own explicit narrative. comparing Twin Fantasy and Teens of Denial, could you say that your own art has moved in the direction of C&L? TF has a very clear narrative that is relatable in a much deeper way than ToD because it tells a specific, personal story. i love both albums, but your analysis aligns with my feelings about your project.

I’ve seen the term “relatability” thrown around a lot in conversations where people compare, usually in a disappointed tone of voice, ToD with TF. I can’t say I really know what it means. I wrote Denial in the same way that I’ve written every album I’ve made since Twin Fantasy: I’ve started with personal experiences, and attempted to tie them together with more universal sentiments, to create a work with a coherent conceptual arc that stands as something larger than myself. I’ve never written an album like ACL@M. Twin Fantasy was every bit an attempt to create something universal as Denial was; I specifically remember writing Bodys to be an anthem, something people could sing along to with no knowledge of me or my “story”. This was mixed with more diaristic elements elsewhere, obviously, but only inasmuch as it serviced the record as an independent object for it to be diaristic. I’ve never felt that the most important thing on a record is to “tell my story”. That’s not what art is about to me; that’s not how the art that is important to me has affected me. I think every record I’ve made does tell a story, but it is only mine in the sense that my name is on the credits. 

Denial is created in the exact same manner, to the exact same proposed end; it’s a diaristic work of art. Songs like “Drugs With Friends” are specific and personal in a way that I shouldn’t really have to point out. The album tells a story just as TF does, propelled by its musical and conceptual structure, and by repeated motifs and images. The mirroring of song titles, the splitting of sides into “Hometown Hero” and “Cosmic Hero”, the recurring image of being “split in two” - these are not random upcroppings any more than the images and patterns on Twin Fantasy are random. I structured them in a very specific way, to create a specific unfolding of meaning. 

The real difference between these two albums is content. Twin Fantasy is a romance; Teens of Denial is a bildungsroman. Most people will prefer a romance over a bildungsroman, as it speaks to a more essential aspect of humanity. I can’t protest this, and I feel the same way - I think romance is inherently a stronger genre, being (presumably) about two people instead of one. Denial is by no means one of my favorite records. I wrote it during a period in my life where I was not feeling a lot of love. Its tone and content reflect that. I made it because that’s what I do - records have always marked the various phases of my life, and I needed to get out of this one, so I needed to make a record. I think it is what it is, and it’s good for what it is, and other people without a lot of love in their lives might relate to it more strongly than anything else I could have created. If you can’t relate, then consider yourself lucky, and consider checking out one of my many other albums on other subjects.

I think, though, that the reason that a vague term like “relatability” has been selected as appropriate in driving this discourse is that the discourse is based more on how the album was promoted than what the album actually is, when you sit down and listen to it. When we’d wrapped up the record and I was discussing with our publicist what the best approach would be for promoting it, I sent her a track-by-track breakdown of the album, explaining the overarching narrative, and how each song fit in context. Ultimately, we decided to leave this aspect of the record unspoken in promotional material, and focus instead on the strength of the songs as individual works. Thus, the narrative that subsequently built up around the album was about its songs, their accessibility, their potential as works of mass consumption. I had assumed, perhaps blithely, that people who preferred concept records to pop songs, who sought meaning through the building of ideas through a record rather than an immediate emotional release provided by an explicit turn of phrase, would encounter the album on their own time, listen to it while reading the lyrics, and discover that it did, in fact, function on this level as well. I underestimated the power of promotional narrative to influence people’s beliefs about what a thing actually is. This is an idea that has always haunted me, because I don’t speak through press releases, I speak through my art. Most artists do. A press release is something designed to get people to look at art - it should, under no circumstances, be able to replace the art, to override its meaning through memetic repetition. (This is also a large part of what bothered me with C&L; I was tired of seeing people trying to interpret lines like “You checked your texts while I masturbated” under an unshakeable assumption that it must be about his mother’s death.) You must not allow the world to convince you to consume art like this. Art so rarely falls into your lap unannounced, but you must make the effort to pretend as such each time you enter a work; forget what you know about the artist, what you’ve heard other people say about the work, and try to experience it as direct communication. That is the only way you will be able to understand the art as it was intended to be understood.

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hey i'm 14 (legal working age) and may try to get my first job during the summer, any pointers / info??? thanks so much

Just beware that while 14 year olds can and do find jobs, it is really tough to find one at that age. Most companies want you to be 16 now and even more would rather you be more like 17 or 18. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find something right away. Don’t give up. -Mandie

life update; hi hello my friends I’m so sorry for being mia but I’m currently very busy and I have to admit I chose to focus on my work as a psychologist trainee (right now my patients are a priority) so I barely have time for tumblr. BUT I wanted to tell you things are going great, I’m getting better and doing things I never thought I could do (cptsd who lmao b*tch) and your support definitely had an impact, a positive impact, on my life. thank you for everything I love you.

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I just read an article on E! Online (Latinoamérica) about Camren, because of Lauren tweets, and at the end of the article says something like: Lauren came out, she has dated Lucy and even she has share sexy pictures with her ex girlfriend, so if Camren were real she wouldn't mind to publicly accept it... So Laucy also works to say to the medias that Lauren doesn't have reasons to lie about this.

The media is going to sell the narrative they are being given. Lauren can’t “publicly” accept Camren, and she has every reason to lie. That reason is Camila Cabello. Camila is not out of the “public” closet, therefore Camren can not be anything but publicly denied, at this point.

The John Riepenhoff Experience is like a miniature gallery that’s mounted in small box on the wall. The only way to access it is to climb up on a ladder and inside that box is a miniature world that I give over control to another artist’s ideas and artwork. The John Riepenhoff Experience in some ways was a way to invite people all the way from children up to art historians to think about the institution as something that’s not small, but malleable. Decisions can be made about it from anyone. If you have any opinion, step up and participate. So in some ways, that smallness creates this feeling of bigness for the viewer.”—John Riepenhoff

The exhibitions on view in the John Riepenhoff Experience will change over the course of the 2017 Biennial and will feature works by Milwaukee-based artist Nicholas Frank, Los Angeles–based artist Martine Syms, and finally an anonymous work from the Whitney’s collection.

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TalesFromRetail: Not your average retail store

Hi everybody. I’m a long time lurker and this is my first post here.

So I work retail, but not in the same sense a lot of you guys do. I still put out stock, make and arrange product displays, count inventory, and sell product.

I work in a gun store.

I really like my job and my co-workers and I have a lot of fun at work. I’m also passionate about guns as a hobby so i basically get paid (not very much) to enjoy my hobby.

So anyway we are subject to a pretty strict set of laws that dictate who we can sell guns and how we do it. One of the big no-no’s in our industry is something called a “straw purchase.” A straw purchase is where someone who cannot legally own a gun gets someone who can to purchase the gun for them. This is punishable by a large fine and a hefty jail term. I do not mess around when it comes to this kind of stuff. My bosses also back me up 100%. If my sketchometer even flickers I won’t make a sale.

So enter Sir Sweatpants (SS) and Lady Sweatpants (LS). I’m calling them this because they came in wearing matching sweatsuits. Sir Sweatpants was excited and looking at everything. Lady Sweatpants was ambivalent. Sir Sweatpants had been talking to me about a particular AR15. We had been talking for about 15 minutes when this happens

SS: So man I’m looking at getting this gun for my girl.

Me: glances over at LS who is halfway across the store playing on her phone like she has been for about half an hour

Me: It’s a nice rifle man I’m sure she’ll enjoy it

SS: Yeah man so I really like it and I think I’m gonna get it.

Me: Cool. I need your drivers license and a concealed carry permit if you have one.

SS:Yo baby come here

LS walked up to the counter still playing with her phone.

SS: Give the man your license.

Me: Hold up. I can’t take hers I need yours.

SS:Nah man it’s for her, she’s gonna do the paperwork. I’m just gonna pay for it.

Me: Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. You came in asking questions, you handled the rifle, you expressed interest in it, you said you want to buy it. That means you fill out the paperwork. You get a background check and if you pass you can take it home and give it to her.

SS: It’s for her though.

Me: Alright hang on here real quick. Ma'am will you follow me?

LS follows me to another part of the store out of earshot (hehe) of SS.

Me: Alright ma'am so you’re interested in this rifle?

LS: Not really. He wants a gun for around the house and said I could use it.

Me: Ok. Is there a reason why he didn’t just come in and buy it himself?

LS: Yeah. He got a couple felonies a while back and got out last year. He said he needed me to get it so his PO wouldn’t take the gun if he found it

Me(inside my head):Of fucking course.

Me: Did he also tell you that it’s illegal?

LS: I know he’s not supposed to have guns that’s why it’s gonna be mine.

Me: No what he is asking you to do is illegal. You can go to jail for ten years for buying him a gun. He’ll go to jail too, but you will as well.

LS:Is that really a crime?

Me: hands her a pamphlet and points to a giant poster on the wall which all state the law and penalty for breaking it.

LS immediately stormed over to SS and started yelling at him. Like bad yelling. The word motherfucker was tossed around a lot. She stormed out and he went running after her. We got his license plate and reported it to the local cops. I haven’t seen either of them come in since then.

By: Bringbacktheblackout

One thing I hate about peer evaluations is when you’re partnered with someone at a very different level than you. This is probably more difficult for the person who is at the higher level, though. Do you grade someone well just for trying as hard as they seemingly can? Or do you knock them for the quality of their work, especially if you are forced to redo the work they did because it’s not of quality? What do those people actually deserve?

It becomes an ethical question. But on a more functional level, I suppose it depends on whether or not I want to be a bitch that day, and how much extra time I had to spend correcting that other person’s lackluster work.

I imagine that, to some extent, this matters less in the real world in situations outside of where something like author rank (i.e., credibility) would be especially relevant. Picking up someone else’s slack for the sake of making your group’s work better quality just seems like something someone with a meticulous eye would want to do. Be silent of minor deficiencies and let people know you’re better by the quality of your work. It speaks for itself.

Regarding that last ask I got

Yes this is a public account, yes the things I write you can share, you can send your friends even use on your pinterest, instagram whatever.
But if you use them without sharing the post owners’ url, what are you doing with your life stealing other people’s works? How dare you take away something that is part of it’s creator? We don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit because I for one just want to share my ideas with you but how fucking dare you exploit that to get more followers? That is genuinely disgusting.

Edit: oh and I know there are people who repost my posts on tumblr, if I come across one again, well we’ll all see what happens. If I could get enough people there are a few accounts I would shut down by just reporting them because they have no respect whatsoever for the people who try their best to do something memorable. Don’t make me hate Tumblr.

How to deal with troublesome tarot cards:

1. Get a box, it doesn’t have to be a huge box it just needs to be big enough to fit the deck,

2. (Optional) Label it something like “Deck Jail” (if the penal imagery makes you uncomfortable, you can name it “The Bench” or “The Penalty Box”)

3. Put your deck in the box. It is now in deck jail.

4. Leave your deck in deck jail for a day or two (I usually bench my decks for a few days) then try using it again.

This also works for dice.

okay so Pat because he’s an asshole, took away my really good internet connected computer so now I got a shitty one that runs really slow so I don’t think I’ll manage to get things posted AT work but I can get things written at work so that’s something. eyyy.

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

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Reading your comic like "Pssst Viktor don't get discouraged the plan can still work USE THAT CHARM AND GET SUM BOI". (In other news, the cute little cuddling panel from the last part is my favorite thing in the entire universe jlskdgjdkljaljgslkg)

Hahahaha, very true! XD
And awwwww, I’m glad you like that panel ;A;
Snuggling naked chibis, certainly not something I thought I’d be drawing X3

this is just a quick ramble about that “just waiting for the mcelroy culture to go sour” post and like
im not going to sugar coat it, i would be dead right now if it werent for mcelroy content. its helped establish a routine for me and the fact that it’s consistent and always here every week at roughly the same times? works wonders for my friendless, depressed BPD ass like. i need something to look forward to because i hate every aspect of my irl life and like just let me enjoy this content without making me feel guilty about it???
this isnt to say the mcelroys are infallible godlike beings who can never be wrong–hell, i cant even listen to the old MBMBAMs–but like at least they’re trying?? theyre genuine people and theyre NICE and they listen to people and adjust their content to fit needs and to be more inclusive and understanding and like??? just let me have this

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Confession time. Usually, I feel like crying because of the things that Sangwhoop does. Like, I know that this has already been said but he literally found some crutches beside a dumpster and lured in a girl who was already this 👌 infatuated with him. Yet, he's all like, "Bum, I s2g. I put in so much effort for u." Like, help my poor bean. I just...? None of this stuff is fazing him? He's acting 100% of the time to try to trick Bum. Yet, he's still like, "Bum, please don't waste this? Rude." ?!

I love it!! Sangwoo-woo is so wild and it’s great.  I have a lot of feelings about how egotistical Sangwoo is and like, how his brain works, but yeah, at the end of the day it’s something you can chuckle at as well as analyze because he IS so earnest about it (BUM PLZ WEAR UR SEATBELT U R SO SPECIAL TO ME IGNORE THE FACT THAT I BROKE YOUR LEGS AND LITERALLY KEEP YOU IN MY HOUSE AS A PRISONER)

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“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” Jimon

“Jace! Hey, hey. Stay with me,” Simon says, a pleading to his voice. There’s the sound of seraph blades clashing behind him, and a burst of magic suddenly surrounds the space where he and Jace are.

Simon hears Magnus yell something, but he’s too busy cradling Jace’s head, watching as he activates his iratze rune. “I’m right here,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

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