that is some white nonsense

you know what people should do is stop sending me invites with some white nonsense like “cocktail attire” “semi formal” “dress casual” just send me “wear that mauve dress with the straps and those stella pumps” or “velvet citizens, the white blouse with frills and blazer” just send me my outfit. i realzie after typing this that i need a stylist

Bilquis is a dark skinned black woman who is the goddess of love. She devours men and women with her vagina and feeds on the devotion they give her. Laura Moon is an unapologetic asshole who is most likely depressed. Yes, Laura os is complex and well written. But to treat her like she’s the height of female representation is some white nonsense™ .

Bilquis is revolutionary because dark skinned black women are not allowed nor be sexual or are shamed for being sexual. And because she’s a woman that’s doing whatever the hell she wants with her body. And she’s embracing her sexuality.

And also, stop defending Laura. She’s horrible for a reason. You can like her but defending her and justifying her actions is unnecessary.

The idea that the battle with Nazis is some sort of debate over ideas is the whitest White Nonsense™ floating around in this toilet year of white-ass White Nonsense™.

I know he’s doing this as a joke, but he needs to delete this immediately and apologize. It’s incredibly insensitive to both the peaceful protestors in the NFL and Nacy Kerrigan (the woman who had her kneecaps busted in the 90s which is probably going to be part of the plot of the movie he’s going to be in). This is in poor taste, using such a serious issue/situation to promote a damn movie.

*scrolling through Supernatural’s IMDB page, to find out who wrote tomorrow’s ep, so I know what bullshit to prepare myself for*

*sighs disappointedly when I see that the Funny Hitler Lady and the Episode-With-The-Most-Rape Dude have decided to team up*

*looks at cast list*

*looks again*

Who the fuck is Paul Barton, and why is this white boy playing Joshua?

Joshua, the black angel who actually spoke to God? This guy (from his one and only, but extremely important appearance in Dark Side of The Moon):

Hey, thanks for the whitewashing, Supernatural. And here I thought you were doing something good, bringing back an interesting black character who had a major significance in the mythology, and whose been forgotten for too long. And you did, but not before recasting him as a young, attractive white guys.

How did you screw this up? All you had to do was bring Joshua back, and have him played by a black person. And yet You just can’t stop yourself from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, can you?

So this season you’ve

  • killed Billie the Reaper, a black woman and an awesome character, for no reason
  • recast a black man with a white boy
  • almost all your new characters are white, save for Dagon, an evil demon, and Kelvin, an angel of uncertain trustworthiness and who was in one episode
  • had a “funny” Hitler episode
  • Actual for real Hitler
  • rewrote the history of your world so Obama never got a second term and was replaced by some generic white dude, because for some reason you thought that having Lucifer possess the POTUS so he can rape his girlfriend and fill her full of antichrist fetus, was a plot that had to happen

Stay gold white, Trashnatural.

(I swear to heck, if any of you even TRY to defend this “Well, Angels can change human vessels so there’s nothing wrong with blah blah blah” I will drag you into the street and shame you in front of your mother for so completely missing the point. That goes for you too “But they did the opposite with Hannah! Did you have a problem then?” because again, missing the point. It is not the same thing to put a formally white-vesseled angel into a PoC-vessel. It’s the difference between adding representation, and taking it away. I’d also like to point out that when Hannah turned from a white lady, where she was depicted as awkward and weird and earnest, to a Middle Eastern dude, they also turned her into a betrayer and torturer, shortly before killing her. So you know, that was kinda laden with some bullshit white nonsense too.)

one time i asked a waitress if the cafe had a wifi code and she rubbed my shoulder for an uncomfortably long period of time and was like “oh, no sweetie! just get up and talk to someone” and i was so…confused…because people literally don’t even do that??

like no one just goes up to someone in a coffee shop or restaurant and just…sits down next to them or strikes up a conversation without knowing them? that’s some like, lvl 9 extrovert shit or some creepy white man nonsense

The incomplete Lovecraft content warning list.

.H.P. Lovecraft is considered a father of the modern horror genre and his works considered classics. Unfortunately, he was also, just, ridiculously racist, even by the standards of the time. Because I actually like him as an author in spite of hating him as a human being, I decided to make a list of his stories in pretty much random order with the relevant warnings so people who want to experience these classics without being triggered/taken out of the story/annoyed by his shitty attitudes on pretty much every subject can do so. This list will be updated whenever I feel like it and at completely random intervals.

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people who think that being blocked on Twitter or Tumblr or w/e is a violation of their free speech rights are pathetic and baffling

do y'all just not have anything else to complain about? is the biggest problem is your life really a random women on the internet not wanting to listen to your poorly thought-out nonsense? is said woman deciding she doesn’t want to listen to you really some affront to your personal liberty? shut up and grow the fuck up

literally no one ever is obligated to listen to your stupid bullshit. ever! and it’s not like you’re being thrown in prison, it’s just someone deciding you’re obnoxious! and you probably are!

jesus christ.

Hmmmm – well, now, we ALL know that whom ever or whatever it was – one damn thing for sure is that it wasn’t a “white” man… Here we are in the 21st century and Black/Africans still worshiping that “white” cracker image the slave master gave us during slavery… And, Black folks/Africans always got some ignorant and illogical nonsense rhetoric to defend using that “white” image… smh

And, FYI – all indigenous people globally had very intricate Spiritual belief systems, that served and embraced their entire communities, thousands of years before the organized religions of Christianity/Islam/Judaism…

anonymous asked:

Hey KG I just saw the new FTWD sneak peak and it really bothers me that they are filming in Mexico and the show is filled with white people. Especially the new characters they added. You mean to tell me that Jake, Otto, and Jeremiah could possibly know how to survive in Mexico but my fellow Mexicans can't?? I don't know maybe it's just me but I do not like the vibe at all of it. What are your thoughts? I'm curious and am not trying to start anything honest.

I already railed them for this. That’s some White Nonsense right there. It’s really fucking problematic that they’re shooting in Mexico and that every single one of their new characters is whiter than the next. It’s bullshit and they need to check themselves. Honestly, if I do watch it, I’m only going to watch Alicia scenes because I want to see how much more they can fuck up their character with most potential or I’m just going to hate watch it and side eye as they sink the show even further.

One day after Jack comes out, a misguided news source pushes some white nonsense article about the “new B and JZ of the hockey world” implying that Bitty and Jack are new Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Of course there’s a lot outrage, memes, and angry fans. Then sometime just after it happens Bitty tweets something along the lines of:

“Y’all need to stop scaring me, I thought something happened.Thank you but no thank you. There will only ever be one Beyoncé and Jay-Z.” 

Then Bitty and Jack go ahead and mass like and retweet a bunch of angry memes and tweets detailing why the comparison is flat out inappropriate.

This is the original Joshua:

And after 7 years they’re finally bringing Joshua back, and this is the new Joshua:

I don’t know if you noticed it, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Here, let me give you a hint: its some white nonsense.

Netflix keeps advertising a show called “”””””””Girlboss””””’ to me and i straight up don’t even have to look at the synopsis to know that that is some hot white feminism terfy ass nonsense that I will not be touching with a ten foot pole okay now