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Netflix’s ‘The Legend of Monkey’ is the latest adaptation of Asian literature to be accused of whitewashing

  • We may have yet another case of whitewashing on our hands.
  • Netflix, TVNZ and ABC Australia are teaming up to create The Legend of Monkey, a television adaptation based on Journey to the West, a famed Chinese piece of literature that dates back to the 16th century. 
  • And while this would appear to be a great opportunity to cast some young and upcoming Chinese actors, it seems this will go down as a missed opportunity.
  • the announced cast of The Legend of Monkey seems to be inexplicably non-Chinese.
  • According to Deadline, the series cast will include Chai Hansen as Monkey, Luciane Buchanan as Tripitaka, Josh Thomson as Pigsy and Emilie Cocquerel as Sandy.
  • Nextshark points out that the only main cast member of Asian descent is Chai Hansen, who is half Thai. Read more (4/25/17)

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now that i’ve begun working more with energy, i wanted to share my methods of casting circles! when i first started working with energy, it was really hard to find references for casting circles, especially ones not dealing with the traditional Wiccan god/goddess. here are some methods and uses of casting circles!

Why Cast a Circle?

the primary reason i cast circles is to protect me from outside energy influences. most people associate circles to protection from ‘malevolent’ spirits, however, it’s just a great barrier in general!

here are some following scenarios i cast circles:

  • divination- to protect me from energies that might influence my cards or my interpretation o the cards
  • spellwork- pretty self-explanatory. i cast circles to protect from energies i don’t want in my spells, or from potential spirit attraction.
  • meditation- again, for energy use and to also not be disturbed from anything spiritual.

Methods of Casting

1 - Invoking Elements

a very basic way, if not the go-to way, of casting is to place each of the four elements at each of the cardinal directions. Earth at the north, Air in the east, Fire at the south, and Water in the west.




  • stones or crystals (this is what i love to use! just be wary that some stones are aligned with other elements. clear quartz is a go-to.)
  • salt
  • dirt (from your backyard or specific, such as hospital or graveyard. make sure to cleanse it.)
  • herbs (especially roots)
  • brown or black colored items


alternatively, any of these could be replaced with a tarot card of the corresponding suit! (wands for fire, cups for water, pentacles for earth, and swords for air).

to close the circle, walk clockwise starting in the east (air) and complete a full walk around the circle. do this as many times as you feel needed to envision a complete circle! after your use for it is done, unwind it by walking the same number of times counter-clockwise.

note: if you live in the southern hemisphere, you may want to reverse fire and earth in your directions and walk counter-clockwise to close the circle, and clockwise to end it.

2 - Envisioning

this is a very, very simple way to cast a circle! if you have very little time, simply imagine a ring of light around your workspace. you could align color to purpose as well.

the only downsides to this method include the fact that it may not be as strong as a physical circle for beginners especially, as i have learned many times over as i find energy that i don’t want in the circle. on top of this, to make it very successful, you may have to keep this image in your head throughout your spell or energy work, which may distract or hurt your concentration.

however, like i said before, it’s very easy, discreet, and requires no clean up! with practice, it could be very easy to maintain.

3 - Salt Circle

by simply spreading salt in a circle clockwise (or counter-clockwise depending on your location), you can create a strong barrier. as you walk around, envision your purpose of protection and safety.

if you are working outside, do not use salt. it will kill plant life! instead, consider alternatives such as: egg shells, diluted salt water, crushed herbs, flower petals, etc.

if working inside, consider setting out foil, cloth, or a tarp for easy cleanup. 

4 - Cleansing the Room Itself

if you find that you for some reason cannot cast a circle, or maybe are just starting out, consider cleansing the entire room instead!

some methods include:

  • smoke cleansing (NOT smudging. please do not call this action smudging unless it is part of YOUR culture.)
  • salt or protective mixture
  • dance/song
  • salt/water spray
  • incense and candles

for smoke cleansing, light your bundle and start facing eastward, spreading the smoke and asking for protection from either the corresponding element or any deities/spirits/etc. you worship. move clockwise or counterclockwise.

for salt or protection mixtures, simply place a small pile in each corner of the room or at the cardinal directions.

dance and song can celanse the room when accompanied with smoke especially. 

the salt water spray can be used similar to the protection mixture – spray a little in each corner or at the cardinal directions.

incense and candles can be placed in corners, the directions, or just throughout the room to act as protective energy.

Final Notes

  • make sure to remove your circle after you’re done!! leaving it up isn’t safe and could be draining on your energy or health.
  • try not to leave the circle in the middle of your work, if it can be avoided. ive had to do it before and nothing bad happened, but sometimes it ocould break the circle, or bring unwanted energy or precense in.
  • do your absolute best to have all your materials in the circle before you cast it. bringing items that were not in the circle before could carry energy that you just do not want in your circle. i’ve messed up plenty spells because of it already. if it is really necessary, cleanse the item as thoroughly as you can (quickly if you need to), and enter the circle from the east.

if these methods don’t work right away, don’t worry! these take lots of practice. some easy ways to try casting daily include:

  • cast a circle before you meditate
  • cleanse your room before you do homework for a safe space to work
  • if you have a form of divination, cast a circle before drawing a daily reading (i do this in the morning to see how the day will go or seek advice for the day!).

good luck!

“But he won’t discover that he’s dead TILL CHAPTER 3~~”

hey @akutagawaprize so the new beauty and the beast movie’s been out for a week I was wondering about giving this an update???  

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@chloebennet: Febreez series part two. For bookings and inquiries please call my agents. (And if someone could find me some more unflattering jeans that would be great as well.) (x)


Let’s talk about AfroPop, how did you come to be the host for the 9th season? Did they reach out to you?

Nikki Beharie: Yeah, you know what’s funny? They reached out and our director for the show reached out and was sort of filling me in about what the show is. I was just like, “Hold up, stop for a second because I have been watching this program on and off for years.” I seen it in Atlanta, when I sort of like visit my family. As I would travel you can actually find it in different countries. Of course, they’re on different stations but I happen to just really love what it stood for. I didn’t know specifically they were all documentaries about the diaspora, I just felt like it was a really good documentary program.
The minute that they brought it up to me, I was like, “I’m game, lets do it.” I’ve told her, “Lets do this!”

What does that entail, being a host? Introducing it to fans and giving background in terms of the stories?

Nikki Beharie: I think it’s just amazing, I get to watch all these amazing documentaries and get insight. Personal insight from the filmmakers and the people who selected the films. The whole idea is just to sort of bridge the gap from, I guess we want to say the american viewing audience. Really, sort of bridge the gap of the diaspora, realize that there are so many untold vastly different stories. That don’t tend to get a lot of attention on the main stream media or even as narrative. These stories, I don’t even know if some of them would work. In terms of narrative or people would be bold enough.
We have a few in this season that are really difficult to stomach. I’ll at least throw this in there, they have like positive turns at the end but really difficult hard-hitting stories. I just don’t think anyone else would be brave enough to tell. Stories about, whether it’s like tribal warfare or issues with children, environmentalism. I just really get to dig in and learn as much as I possibly can about each individual episode or documentary. Then I just introduce them, which is the easiest part but really I feel like I was getting that education by being a part of this whole thing.

We’ve seen a lot of documentaries this year getting a lot of spotlight. It’s hard to tell which stories are going to catch an audience. Do you think showing it on TV is a better way to do it than theaters?

Nikki Beharie: Yeah. It’s kind of a small group of people that are making this thing happen and it’s really beautiful. These are filmmakers and people that don’t necessarily find the platforms all the time. To highlight the work in it. It’s really good work, beautiful, thought provoking, and life affirming work. If not life affirming just like being aware of what it’s like being a human being on a planet in all these different ways. I just feel like it was really grounding and extremely refreshing to get different takes on having brown skin and being on planet earth. There’s a lot of different versions of that, we just tend to just feel maybe like four or five versions of it.

You got a slew of stuff happening this year, including Jacob’s Ladder. It’s good to see you back on the big screen. Do you know when that’s coming out?

Nikki Beharie: Thank you. I don’t know exactly when it’s coming out, I think we actually have to go in for some re-shoots. To clear up some things and hangout more with those beautiful talented actors I get to work with. I have a few things that are cooking right now too, also in the film and then in theater but I haven’t signed on anything. So I really shouldn’t talk about it but yeah, I’m really excited about this year. It’s looking like a good busy year, I feel like I’m back on track.

Your fans will miss you on Sleepy Hollow. Was it a mutual decision not to come back or is it a different direction that the show wanted to go into?

Nikki Beharie: There’s a whole history behind that, that goes back to the very first year. It’s kind of one of those hieroglyphic, look at the puzzle pieces kind of thing. You know? Diehard fans know what’s been going on, I’ll say it was mutual, sure.

It’s always tough, obviously you’re not the first actor of a series to leave. When there’s a fan base there that they love your character, it’s hard for them to stomach your absence.

Nikki Beharie: Yeah, it was a really a wonderful opportunity and I really loved playing that character. I can not tell you how much I loved those fans, and I did have some really good times on the show. Sometimes things just take a turn. I haven’t seen the show this year because I’ve really been away and working on other things. I really do hope that it’s doing well and that people are still enjoying what they’ve been coming up with. There’s some really great crew and cast there, and some great creative thinkers on that production. I wish everybody well but I do think that my time there was up. I don’t think they were able to do anything else with my character, or couldn’t imagine it. 

Last year had lots of women of color break through in different areas from behind the scenes, on stage, and on television. What direction do you want to be seen more in? Is it being more of a film actress? Are you entertaining to go back on TV?

Nikki Beharie: Really the focus is just, in these times with what’s going on today. Different rights and people realizing there are a lot of issues that have gone, on both sides un-communicated. There is so much of a undercurrent of fear and just lack of identification of the humanity of people on both sides. I think it’s important to do anything that kind of speaks to that, anything.
Anything that’s well written and that’s kind of about something. Not hitting you over the head with it but anything that speaks to that. Asks you, doesn’t preach, but asks you to sort of see what part you’re playing in it. Whether it’s a play or a musical or whatever. I’m really open to just really great material. I’m really excited to be free and doing the things that I love to be completely honest.

What’s a good reason to start tuning in now to AfroPop?

Nikki Beharie: Well, a lot of what’s on television is for ratings and advertising. I’m not knocking that but there’s a lot of information that’s like “The revolution will not be televised” kind of thing. It actually will but as public media. If you want to go a little bit deeper, dig a little bit deeper. Just be a little bit more aware about some things. It’s important to see these things (at AfroPop), if you don’t happen to have the subscription to IFC, or you can’t fly to Sundance, or go to Cannes or whatever. You really want to see some really great hard hitting documentaries and support the arts, and support the community. That’s kind of that but that goes to say, I’m doing writing now. Working with people and also working for other people as an actor but going into being more of a behind the camera type person. I realized that there is lots of stories that people don’t really understand or that they see for a woman, a woman of color, young black woman. They don’t understand sometimes nuance or corks. There are just certain stories that people can’t imagine telling with someone that looks like me. We have to sort of be a part of that tipping point.


Maisie Williams 

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“I’ve never sat up and thought about my sexuality for hours. It’s like what Shailene Woodley said: ‘I fall in love with personalities and not people or genders.’ I have no problem with anyone who would want to be labeled, but I also think that it is no one’s business. Do what you want.”

Can we please stop making everything political? Ugh

The disappointment isn’t because a “straight white cis man” died, people are frustrated because a smart, generous, intriguing character that had a lot going on in his life and was in one of the few healthy romantic relationships on TV was killed off. Not to mention the great co-parenting dynamic he had with Jane and Rafael. How often do you get to see that? A happy, healthy, loyal, supportive, communicative couple who are extremely open and honest with each other, always make decisions together, work their problems out quickly and calmly without letting it become a time bomb, and, that, no matter what, are still completely in love with one another?

I think the only other time I had the privilege of seeing this kind of relationship happening was on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’ve personally only seen this kind of couple twice and one of them was thrown away with all of its potential like it was nothing. This is hurtful, no matter if it were warned or not, because they didn’t write Michael to be a character the public would like to see dying. They wrote him to be a character that would raise people’s interest to see him as an individual, professional, husband, stepfather, son-in-law.

Yes, if he were a person of color, or if it had been one of Jane’s relatives, it would’ve been worse because of representation and the importance of the Villanueva family. However, even if Michael weren’t her biological family, he was her family, the one she chose to be her family. I won’t try to compare or hierarchize Jane’s relationships, but Mateo, the Villanuevas, Rogelio and Michael are the most important people to her. It will still be heartbreaking to see her grieve the one and only person she wished to spend the rest of her life with and lose part of her innocence and hope because of it. And I am not even sure if they will respectfully cover her grief because currently the show has skipped three years, but on that little clip you could see she simply wasn’t the same anymore.

And if people want to quit the show because of that, they have the right to. Stop telling them not to do this, because they’re allowed to react and decide. It is not because a “straight white cis man” died, it is because a good character with a lot of potential was wasted and taken away from us in the most disgusting aspects. If it had been characters like Anezka, Scott, Magda or Rose, people may would’ve felt sad and that their potential was wasted, but they are still minor characters and some of them have killed/abused people, so it wouldn’t have been as hurtful as seeing someone who was just doing the best for himself and his family to be simply killed off. I’ve seen the same happen to great people of color and/or women before and I felt the same way, maybe worse and I also dropped those shows. And I’m pretty sure most of the fandom feels the same way, because most of us are women of color who got interested in it because of its creativity, representation and positivity. Probably people who’d been let down by other tv shows and were happy to finally see an apparently intriguing and light-hearted comedy. However, it ended up repeating one of the cheapest and most unnecessary tv tropes (along with annoying repetitions and total negligence of women and queer women like Petra and Luisa and underdevelopment of important issues such as post-partum depression, PTSD, alcoholism and psychological treatment, not to mention more). Michael’s death may not even be the only reason to drop the show, just the decisive one since they will never be able to repair this.

And please, stop comparing this to villadero fans criticizing jafael shippers for saying they’d stop watching if the couple didn’t get back together. A ship not happening and a character DYING are two different things. People kept watching the show despite their hopes on season 1 and season 2 because Michael was still there, he was still used as a detective and friend and people were willing to still support it because as much as they loved villadero, they loved him as an individual first. These are two completely separate things.

Anyway, I’m currently willing to give one chance to the next episode because I love the cast with all my heart and want to support them, but I’m not enthusiastic and am likely to drop it right afterwards. So I’m looking for new stuff to watch instead of it, hopefully with as good/better representation than Jane The Virgin. I still haven’t made a decision, but if you’re looking for names to try out, there are The Fosters, Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I’m not caught up with The Fosters, but besides one annoying relationship, the episodes I’ve seen were amazing and explored countless important issues in one season: homophobia, racism, sexism, work ethic, domestic violence, immigration, addiction and many more. It has an interracial lesbian couple starring the show, alongside a gay and two Hispanic teenagers. Two of its recurring roles are some of the few transgender people on television.

Superstore has a great cast with a Honduran American woman, a paraplegic  African American man, a gay Filipino man and a Japanese American woman. It mentions some important problems, although it does have some problematic lines. Due to the tone of them, I am not entirely sure if they are satirical or not (the show itself is extremely satirical, by the way), so you may watch it and make your own opinion.

I have only watched two Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, but it’s filled with Hispanic, African American (including a gay African American man) men and women in positions of power and is a light-hearted sitcom according to what I’ve read.

Anyway, just be sensitive to the people’s feelings even if you don’t share them. And if anyone would like to add something and/or exchange recommendations, feel free to do so. :)

hurricane bianca may be cheesy but it’s adorable and we need movies like that, we need movies with trans characters played by trans actors, we need movies made by lgbt people and full of lgbt characters who are all alive and happy by the end, movies like that are important


Terence: How did you research the early years of Lucky?
Vincent: Well, there wasn’t much documented about his early years…


I can’t help but wonder if some of the hubbub about Matt Damon’s casting in The Great Wall is a little misplaced.

There’s a thing that crops up in a lot of East Asian cinema - mostly B-movies, true, but you see the occasional A-list -production do it as well - where they want to court the international audience, but conventional wisdom has it that Americans won’t watch a movie unless it stars a white guy.

So what they do is they cast a well-known white guy in a prominent role, then cut deliberately misleading trailers and poster art for the North American promotions that make that guy out to be some sort of edgy “ONE MAN”-type protagonist. In reality, he’s basically the real hero’s Generically Ethnic Sidekick, and most of the time he dies partway through the final act in order to furnish drama or motivation - not that you could ever tell from the ads.

Anybody remember Double Vision? Taiwanese police-procedural-slash-horror film that came out back in 2002. The American promos totally made it look like David Morse’s character was the hero, but in the actual film he’s strictly second banana, and - spoiler alert - ends up being the killer’s final victim.

Of course, I don’t know for a fact that this is what’s going on with The Great Wall. I’m just sayin’, you know, it’s a thing that happens.

Voltron Season 3 small prediction

So I found out lately that Voltron season 3 is coming to Netflix in September. During an interview with the producers and cast I read online, Jeremy Shada, Lance’s VA, said: ”all the cast members have some great drama points. I mean like, Lance dies so that was a fun moment.”

Based on that and Lance’s brief moment of self doubt in season 2, as well as his personality as a whole, I’m gonna go ahead and speculate that in the mid-season or the season finale, Lance musters up courage and his desire to be useful to the team drives him to sacrifice himself to stop Lotor’s master plan. Later on, Lotor finds his critically injured body, nurses him back to life with maybe some cyber implants and turns him into a Vader-esque type of Villain who fights the other Paladins in his own Robeast/Experimental Mech.

Because who doesn’t like Lance with Angst, am I right?