that is some fine looking cashmere

A Detrimental Passion

Part 1

Summary:  Waking up next to a beautiful blonde boy would be any girls dream… But for a grown, soon to be divorced woman, its all but… Until he reminds you why you should allow yourself back into the dream.

The strong smell of lemons gripped your mind and pulled you out of your subconscious. Slowly your senses began to flood all over you. It began with the pleasing smell, and then a warmth moved throughout your body as you shifted underneath your covers. You sighed as an unknown bliss continued to buzz through your body. When was the last time you had felt like this? It had to have been the last time your husband and you had-

“Oh shit!” You bolted upright in bed as you realized the events that had taken forth the night before. Covering your eyes, you groaned at your stupidity. A soft snore was released at your right, and you glanced over through the small cracks in your fingers to find your most recent mistake. Sighing you pulled the covers off of his head and looked down at the younger man sleeping beside you. His attractiveness took you aback for a second and you were almost tempted to jump him like a puppy getting its bone; but you were a matured woman and you refused to entertain this sexcapade any longer.

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You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch. 2

Pairings: Clexa, Octaven, Minty
Rating: M (for now)
Words: 7k+
Part: 2/?  

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

[Ch. 1]

Clarke took Raven’s advice too late. She didn’t run until after she’d set a date with Lexa for her own funeral.

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Spanish: Soryu Oh Oneshot

Tengo la camisa negra, ya tu amor no me interesa, lo que ayer me supo a gloria, hoy me sabe a pura…

Soryu hadn’t quite managed to hide his smile when he entered the hotel room. His eyes immediately sought you out; unsurprisingly, you was singing along with the music and brandishing a spatula while dancing along to the beat.

“I’m home,” he said, not raising his voice.

The music stopped playing a second later. You would be able to pinpoint your boyfriend’s voice over a mountain; Juanes didn’t stand a chance.

He began walking over to you. Your smile was so wide, it almost hurt looking directly at it, but Soryu persevered and he was welcomed home with your loving embrace.

“You’re back early! Is everything okay? I didn’t even start on the omurice, you know, just got the rice and some veggies ready.”

“Everything’s fine, Faye.” Soryu kissed your forehead and then took a moment to give more attention to your lips. When he pulled away, your breathing was slightly ragged and there was an upwards tilt to his lips.

He took a shower and dressed in more comfortable clothing. While he originally wore dark cotton or cashmere, a shopping trip with you resulted in pastel blues and bright oranges…which meant he looked more like an adolescent and less like a mafia heir.

But you liked the color scheme, so he wore it without protest.

By the time he sat down with you for dinner—omurice was the middle ground, fluffy omelet for him and actual food for you—you were buzzing with news about Eisuke’s new hotel in Dubai and the art piece of Ota’s that was stolen.

“…then he tried to get Mamoru to find it and Mamoru was all, ‘What am I, your personal policíaco?’ so Ota was trying to stab him with a paintbrush while Baba egged them on. Anyway, Ota had to do some paperwork but he was threatening to burn all cigarettes in the city, so we’ll see how that goes. Oh, and since Eisuke was still celebrating el hotel opening in Dubai, he got champagne and vino and stuff and wouldn’t stop celebrating despite Ota’s complaining.”

That makes three words, thought Soryu, taking a moment to spear a mushroom.

You had started learning Spanish a while back. This meant lessons everyday with a female teacher, who had recommended you to start slipping Spanish words in daily conversations.

And so all week Soryu was told the news in Japanese with random foreign words thrown in. He thought it was cute; you were so passionate and pleased that he had to stop himself from taking you into his arms and squeezing you tightly.


Which didn’t stop him from squeezing you later that night in bed.

“Soryu,” you whispered, flushing lightly when he gently bit your ear.

He lowered his voice. “Te amoMi tesoro. Mi todo. Mi melaó. Te amo. Te amo. Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de ti.”

Well, he had been taking lessons too.


A/N: WHAAAAT? A oneshot that isn’t long enough to swim in???

Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de ti is supposed to mean something like “I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

No, I don’t even know where this came from except it would probably sound super sexy in bed what.

The song was La Camisa Negra by Juanes. No, I can’t really see an average Japanese girl speaking Spanish but hey, she’s with Soryu, so she’s not that average after all. melodramatic-wallflower I hope you like it!