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PSA: Glitter is Bad for the Environment

Hello, folks!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs where people incorporate glitter into their spellwork. And glitter is 100% magickal, but it is also 100% MADE OF PLASTIC. Plastic, as you may know, takes 100s to 1,000s of years to decompose.

The cheap glitter you buy in those little tubes? It’s made of tiny pieces of plastic.

- Mica glitter is made of crushed up rocks! That’s right, ROCKS! What could be better for spellwork! You know what’s even better, depending on where you live? Mica can easily be found outside and it is super easy to MAKE YOUR OWN MICA GLITTER FOR FREE! Ever wonder what makes makeup so shimmery? It’s mica powder.
- Edible Glitter is made from plant starches and plant material. Meaning, it’s great for the environment. Bonus: YOU CAN EAN IT! Great for kitchen witchcraft!!

So, before you buy a tiny, sparkly tube of cheap, plastic glitter, please think about where it came from. And, also, think about where all of that glitter is going to end up.

I used to love glitter before I found out it was made of plastic. Now, I collect mica and make my own mica glitter! When the weather warms and there isn’t a blizzard going on, maybe I can do a tutorial to show what I do. It’s super easy and fun!

So far, more than half of all U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and eight (plus the District of Columbia) have legalized the drug for recreational use. Varieties of cannabis available today are more potent than ever and come in many forms, including oils and leaves that can be vaped, and lots of edibles, from brownies and cookies to candies — even cannabis gummy bears.

A report published Thursday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine analyzed more than 10,000 studies to see what could conclusively be said about the health effects of all this marijuana. And despite the drug’s increasing popularity — a recent survey suggests about 22 million American adults have used the drug in the last month — conclusive evidence about its positive and negative medical effects is hard to come by, the researchers say.

Marijuana’s Health Effects? Top Scientists Weigh In

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Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.

My floor did a White Elephant gift exchange after a meeting today and I walked away with a very Mabel Pines gift….


Have a couple of old-ish sketches while I’m on a temporary hiatus. AU in which Carmilla Karnstein is a Shoot love child; here you can see Carm’s tiny gay nerd of a girlfriend get along with Root. 


Edibles hit everybody a little bit differently. Most people would say it’s more of a body high especially since I usually use Indica to make my oil or butter. THC binds to fat cells so to get the best effect from your edible you should eat a small meal high in fat 45 min to an hour before you eat your edible. Some fatty foods include: avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, nuts and full fat yogurt. With edibles, the cannabinoids are metabolized in your liver instead of going immediately into your bloodstream and straight to your brain like smoking so they can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in but the high is stronger than when you smoke. You can compare it to alcohol consumption in the sense that people who are smaller tend to feel it sooner and sometimes harder so they would need less of a dosage then a larger person. How much you need to take at a time depends also on your tolerance. How often do you smoke? Do you need to smoke a lot to get high? For the first few times trying edibles (especially with a new company) it’s always better to start off with a low dosage. The standard dose according to Colorado’s edibles dosing guidelines is 10 milligrams. Now the following is what I have experienced through my own clients: Those who don’t smoke or very rarely ever smoke should only need about 10 to 15mg at a time. Those who smoke moderately need about 30mg and frequent stoners tend to eat about 50mg or more although its actually not necessary. Most people are just too impatient to wait for the effects of the edible to kick in or they don’t know how to get the most out of their edible. Over-medicating isn’t dangerous per se but I would advise you eat them in a safe place with people you trust in case you do “over indulge” because I have heard stories of people hallucinating although its never happened to me and I’ve eaten quite a lot of edibles in my day. You will most likely get severe munchies, a case of the giggles and take a long nap if you eat too much. Once you get the hang of how much you need to eat on average you can eat them more freely. My personal favorite dosage is 65mg. I get petty blasted but not so much that I have to go to sleep. And I personally prefer to eat edibles when I know I’m not going to smoke for a while like I’m going to a wedding or something for example or a few hours before bed. It’s typically a strong pain reliever even for those with really serious pains such as arthritis. My grandma who has arthritis and cancer uses my edibles as pain medication and a sleep aid. My mother also uses them for those reasons because of her mild scoliosis, sciatica and insomnia. All in all you have to test it for your self. Eat a fatty meal and wait an hour then eat your edible. Start small! If you don’t ever smoke start with 10 mg. If you smoke moderately you could try 30mg. Give it time (at least 45 mins) to kick in before you eat more and if you do eat more only take 10mg more. And remember these guidelines are for beginners or people who I’m not familiar with eating edibles. If you know you can eat 100mg at a time and be chill then do you boss 💚✨

Fact 11

The Irish are literally not lucky. The Irish are the least lucky people aside from the Jews, in literally all of history. The Irish get taken over by England. They get oppressed by England. The English slaughter the Catholic Irish. They demand harsh mercantilism. The Irish potato famine! So many Irish died because all the edible not potato crop went to England. The Irish came to America. The immigrants already in American didn’t like them. Stores wouldn’t hire them. There was literally ‘if Irish. Don’t apply’ signs. So if someone wishes you luck of the Irish, throat punch them and educate them.