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Scientists have discovered six more bursts of radio signals coming from a place in deep space outside our galaxy from where similar signals were detected earlier this year.

A total of 17 such radio signals have been received from this location in space, and given their nature, speculation has already begun on whether we are being hailed by extra-terrestrial life forms. What’s special about these signals is that even though they exist for only a short durations, they tend to generate so much energy that it could parallel the amount of energy generated by our Sun for a whole day! It is this aspect of the signals – as well as the fact that now a total of 17 such signals have been detected so far from the same region in deep space well beyond our galaxy – that is leading to speculation that there may be a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial civilisation behind them.

The amount of energy in these signals cannot be produced by any conventional means known to man, but could be emitted by an artificial source from a civilisation that has harnessed the power of an entire star, these signals that are being received from well beyond our own galaxy, the Milky Way came six at a time, putting a big question mark on their origin. [the truth is out there]

honestly,, i love how softhearted raita is. there’s been so many moments where he’s been genuinely kind but when he held sekizan’s arm and told him not to resent matsuo it felt so fragile and earnest. he’s a small boy with the biggest heart and my heart is broken because of it 💁🏻

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In your opinion, what would you say have been the top 3 anime's per year for the last several years? :D

Ooh, though question. I only really started watching seasonal anime in 2010. Prior to that, I’d just have a set thing I watched and that was it. Like, I’d firstly get introduced to an anime, I’d like it, and I’d watch it, but I never really explored to see what else was airing. But that changed when I took my gap year in 2010, and began to really delve deep into what was beyond the horizon, so I suppose I’ll go back as far as 2010. In which case…


Special mentions to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Bakemonogatari, both of which finished airing in 2010, and would have both made the top 3, but they both started airing in 2009 :)

Honourable mention: Seitokai Yakuindomo

Top 3:

  • 3. Shiki
  • 2. High School of the Dead
  • 1. Nodame Cantabile Finale


Honourable mentions: Ano Hana, Haganai: I don’t Have Many Friends, and Shakugan no Shana III.

Top 3:

  • 3. Fate/Zero
  • 2. Mirai Nikki
  • 1. Steins;Gate


Honourable mentions: Ano Natsu de Matteru, Another, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!, Hyouka, Nisemonogatari, Psycho-Pass, and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

Top 3:

  • 3. Fate/Zero 2nd Season
  • 2. Kokoro Connect
  • 1. Zetsuen no Tempest


Honourable mentions: Haganai: I don’t Have Many Friends NEXT, Hataraku Maou-sama, Suisei no Gargantia, and Tokyo Ravens.

Top 3:

  • 3. The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Chapter
  • 2. Monogatari Series: 2nd Season
  • 1. Attack on Titan


Honourable mentions: Fate/Stay Night: UBW, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Grisaia no Kaijutsu, No Game No Life, Ookami Shoujo, Seitokai Yakuindomo 2nd Season, Knights of Sidonia, and Witch Craft Works.

Top 3:

  • 3. Akame ga Kill
  • 2. Your Lie in April
  • 1. Parasyte -The Maxim-


Honourable mentions: Grisaia no Rakuen, Monster Musume, One Punch Man, Owarimonogatari, Prison School, Shokugeki no Souma, and Knights of Sidonia 2nd Season.

Top 3:

  • 3. Fate/Stay Night: UBW 2nd Season
  • 2. Death Parade
  • 1. Ore Monogatari


Honourable mention: Shokugeki no Souma 2nd Season.

Top 3:

  • 3. ReLIFE
  • 2. Boku Dake/Erased
  • 1. Re Zero

As for 2017?

Well, I’m hoping that Attack on Titan lives up to expectations after the 4 year wait, and also that the new series of Code Geass will at least begin airing this year, but I highly doubt that’ll happen. Yet, one can always hope ^_^

The Barman

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles got a new job as a barman to work his way through college. (Y/N) has just turned 21; as soon as her eyes landed on Stiles, she became fascinated by him.

A/N: Little makeout scene, arse squeezing; nothing that people don’t know about. Requests are open!

Originally posted by hothothotgg

There were two dresses to choose from; where you going to go with the sexy black dress or the red dress that made you look ten years older? “(Y/N), I think the black one.” Your best friend, Isadora, muttered before going back to curling her hair. You had your hair curled, and make up done to perfection – you loved doing make up and now that you were twenty-one, you were excited to go out to the bar on the college campus.

“The black one it is,” You mused, slipping out of your nightie and squeezing into the dress. “Damn, girl. I’m going to have to beat the lads off you tonight.” You giggled slightly, blushing as she complimented you; you couldn’t deny it but you did look great – the dress made all your assets stick out perfectly.

Isadora was a natural beauty, she had the perfect blonde hair that always had volume, straight pearl white teeth and a tan. She still did her make-up and she looked more stunning than ever. “Says the one,” You replied, teasing her as she shimmied into a gold jumpsuit pairing it with a pair of black heels. You had red heels on that matched your lipstick, “Let’s get going,” You cheered making your way to the taxi; not before double checking your appearance.

“I’ll go and get drinks,” You shouted over the loud music inside the bar, which was more of a night club. Izzie nodded, before you separated – her going to get a booth. You leaned over the bar, trying to get the barman’s attention who was an extremely handsome looking man. Tall; check. Brown eyes; check. Brown hair; check. You looked at him with admiration and you knew if he was on the other side of the bar, you’d start chatting him up. “How can I help you?” A massive grin covered your face as his eyes met yours, “Two vodkas, one red bull and one sprite.” The order fell off your tongue with ease; you and Izzie have been best friends since high school and it was always the same alcohol that you drank together. “Coming right up,” He winked, causing your heart to melt.

As he walked away, you tried to fixed your dress and made sure that your twins were the perfect shape. You looked down the long bar to see that all the females were doing the same, their eyes following ever move that this man made – some even had, what you assumed, were their boyfriends with them. “Here you go, love.” He smiled, placing the drinks in front of you. You shoved the twenty dollars note in his direction but he declined, “On the house.” You blushed and muttered a thank you before grabbing the drinks and finding Isadora who was in the company of two men.

“(Y/N),” She squealed grabbing her vodka and sprite, “This is Cameron and Jason – they’re both studying medicine.” You raised your eyebrow impressed by their studies but not by their looks. Cameron was bleached blonde, obviously dyed with a horrific tan line. Jason was on the prettier side reaching about 6’4, muscular and bright blue eyes. “Nice to meet you,” You shouted over the music, taking a sip of the drink through the straw.

Jason was chatting in your ear about the college and the party life but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the stranger behind the bar. “Do you know him?” You suddenly cut Jason off before nodding over to the barman. He laughed and nodded, “Stiles Stilinski, he’s been working here for a few months now.” Stiles… You couldn’t help but fascinate over the name, it was odd but it suited him. “Do you want a drink?” You asked Izzie who had a full glass sitting in front of her, she shot you a weird look before turning her attention back to Cameron. Your shoulders shrunk as you downed the rest of your drink – it was your fourth one. This will be your fifth time going back up to the bar, you were too tipsy to even be embarrassed. “I’ll be back,” You muttered to no one in particular.

You took a seat on a vacant stool, waiting to get Stiles attention. There were two other barmaids working but you chose the seat closer to where he was cleaning down the counter. It was getting late, probably around one am. The bar was slowly emptying so there wasn’t much of a line. “What can I get you?” He asked, before looking up and pausing. “Vodka and red bull?” He asked chuckling slightly, your cheeks reddened as you nodded, “Please.” You shouted after him, as he went to the fridge to get a can of red bull. He placed the drink in front of you, taking the note you handed him and putting it in the till. You didn’t want to move from your spot, you looked back at your friend to see her enjoying the company of Cameron - Jason nowhere to be seen.

“Stiles,” The brown eyed beauty yelled over the music, his hand coming towards you and you shook it without hesitation, “(Y/N).” He nodded, a smile on his face. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I just turned twenty-one.” You grinned with excitement, your leg bouncing on the foot rest. You didn’t want to say anything stupid, so you were beyond nervous. “Can I get a beer?” A deep voice yelled from beside you, Stiles nodded before smiling at you apologetically and getting back to work. You sighed as you stood up from the stool and began your way back to Izzie.

A song by Drake came on causing you to squeal and pull your best friend to the dance floor – Cameron and Jason following. Jason placed his hands on your hip as you grinded against him, not caring that you barely knew him. You sang the lyrics at the top of your vocals, raising your hands in the air. Peeking at the bar, you spotted Stiles looking in your direction – his elbows resting on the counter top. You smiled at him before tearing yourself away from Jason’s hold, walking towards the bar.

“Fancy seeing you here,” You teased, sitting on the stool in front of Stiles. “You’ve had about eight vodkas (Y/N), how are you not vomiting?” He laughed, wiping down the counter one last time before peeling off his apron. You blushed and looked away embarrassed, not wanting to admit that you’ve only drank three of the vodkas that you purchased from him – the rest laying untouched on the table.

“I’m a heavy weight,” You laughed, “Are you finished?” He nodded and waved goodbye to the girls who were continuing their shift. “Do you want a lift home?” You looked at him with wide eyes, “I’m not a serial killer,” He found it ironic since he was doing criminal justice. You glanced back at Izzie, who was making out with Cameron on the dance floor before nodding. “Please.”

You texted Isadora quickly, knowing that she would be safe and she hasn’t drunk as much tonight before following Stiles out the backdoor. “Have a good night?” He asked, you shrugged, “The best part was meeting you.” You flirted, cringing as soon as the words left your mouth. “I did notice that you were awfully fond of me.” He chuckled, you liked how he had a sense of confidence about himself but it wasn’t too overloaded like Jason. “Well, you are gorgeous.” You mused, leaning against his car door.

His eyebrows raised as he stood in front of you, one hand resting beside your head. He was taller than you but not too tall and he had blatantly obvious muscles that girls must fawn over. “Tell me, (Y/N), how many drinks did you actually have tonight?” He bit his lip, looking down at your red stained ones before meeting your eyes. “Three,” You replied honestly and he laughed, the sound was like music to your ears. “Cute,” He mumbled, leaning closer to you.

Your heart rate picked up and your eyes fluttered closed just as his lips met yours. The kiss was soft at first, him pulling away after one second but you pulled him closer by wrapping your arms around his neck. He licked your bottom lip, begging for an entrance which you granted. You’ve been waiting all night to feel this sensation, and you never wanted it to stop. You pulled him down closer, causing him to let out a moan of pleasure.

He moved his hand down the fabric of your dress, before reaching the hem of the skirt just below your arse. He squeezed the cheeks before resting them on the back of your thigh, lifting you up with ease. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he walked over to the bonnet of the car, resting out on top of it. He kissed down your neck, you let your head fall back giving him more access.

The back door of the bar opened, a young man coming out with garbage bags which causing Stiles to pull away from you. “Should we take this somewhere?” You asked, sitting up on the bonnet, still close to his body. He nodded and helped you down, opening the passenger side door for you. “Thank you.”

You gave him directions to your shared apartment which was only a five-minute drive away. The drive was quiet with a slightly awkward aura floating around in the car. He pulled up outside the building before turning to face you, “I don’t think I should come in.” He muttered, not looking you in the eye. Your shoulders faltered and a frown covered your face. “I’m not that type of guy,” He continued, you nodded understanding where he was coming from. “How about I give you my number? I’d love to meet up for a coffee or a drink.” You said to him, grabbing a pen from the glove box and asking for his hand, where you wrote digits down. “Definitely.” He mumbled, trying to keep calm. Y

ou leaned in and pecked him on the lips, “Goodnight Stiles,” You left his car and began walking up to the front of the building.Turning to face him, you let out a laugh as you saw he fist bumped the air. His eyes widened when he seen that you saw that and he gave an embarrassed wave in which you replied with blowing a kiss in his direction.


I’m die hard for Bamon and such a Bonnie Stan. So you don’t have to like my optimism. But my opinion is Bonnie is immortal now, like Cade. Carrying his similar power AND having her magic back.

BONNIE has no idea how magical or special she is. The relationship with Enzo locked her into relying on him for love and protection and forgetting who she was in the first place. This is not Anti-Enzo Bc despite getting annoyed by his ghost, I appreciate he let her go to live her life and made her promise to LIVE HER FULL LIFE🌻 Then the moment where he let her go, to Damon… I respect him for finally letting her have peace. With that said…

This moment up top Parallels 6.05 and also Parallels 7.21 In 6.05 Bonnie saved Damon and in 7.21 Damon saved Bonnie. But… in this episode, they both tried saving each other. Bonnie came to fight for Damons soul and Damon begged her to let him go, Bc he didn’t want her to kill herself saving him. Also remind you of 7.14 when a stubborn Bonnie wouldn’t leave his side saying, “I’m not gonna let you die in there.” Then he told her “This is my mess. GO. GO!”

What about how 8.14 paralleled with 7.14 when she fought Cade for this man.

Damon: He’s right Bon. You gotta let me go.

Bon: Not… Gonna… Happen!

Damon: Please, let go Bon. Or I will.

Bon: Damon! Don’t you dare.

Don’t even get me started on when Kai made Damon make the choice. They don’t know how to NOT save each other anymore. You get it. Anyways, my point they fight for each other not realizing why they do it. It’s natural for them to want to protect and save each other. It’s not like with Elena or Enzo where they have to constantly remind each other that this is what we have to do.

They are naturally inside of one another gravity. I honestly believe that even as two individuals Bonnie and Damon are one and the same mind sometimes. And with that, they don’t even realize they’re two different people sometimes. That’s a SOULMATE👫.

Soulmates who have potential to be lovers, don’t think or calculate like typical lovers. A typical lover you have to remind yourself of their importance. You have to make sure they are aware every second. Which is why Bonnie and Damon keep talking about Enzo and Elena. But a soulmate just knows or should know. Which is why when Damon desiccated, he just assumed Bonnie understood. He knew she’d be mad but she’s eventually get it. Hints in 8.10 in the letter, the line “I’d rather let you down once than for the rest of your life.” And when Bonnie chose Enzo in 8.03 she told Damon “You’re too stubborn to let this defeat you. I know you’re in there deep down.” She just assumed he’d really knew she believed in him. Soulmates, are wired to always know… they’ll always have each other. They’ll meet again. This isn’t the last time I’ll see you. It’s unspoken and probably not even something they think about. It’s wired inside of them to be drawn back to each other no matter who and what comes between them.

It’s not always romantically gestured between them. Soulmates are such a deep connection it’s beyond just romantic love. It’s so much deeper. Doesn’t mean romance doesn’t exist. They just haven’t had the time to even think about romance with each other with all the ass kicking and life saving they do when they’re together.

So my teeny tiny, maybe far off theory. After Julie Plec saying Bonnie’s ending is unpredictable and Happy, I believe…Bonnie is an Immortal witch now. She accessed that immortality when she reached her psychic potential. Which she always had. Hell, I bet all Bennetts probably had the ability but Bonnie was the first and only to access that great power behind her psychic ability. Bennett witches are known for being and dying rather lonely. Not having people really, besides each other, to fight for. Bonnie had this, and because of it she tested the limits of her magic beyond the realm of her own dimensions. Bonnie’s always been fighting for the people she loves testing her magic and forcing her to constantly discover what new potential is always inside her, but what she has to believe she is capable of doing. She discovers her magic through her love for the people she is protecting.

Bonnie’s mind was so powerful, she has created another reality. And so, I believe she is an Immortal witch. I also believe she will live her full life with Vampire Damon by her side. Ultimately it will turn to into a romantic relationship. I have no idea how the show will end them. As friends or more. But my theory is it they will end as an open-ended romance. Bamon lives an eternity together. Happily. A witch and her vampire. A vampire and his witch. Two soulmates.

They end up together, in the end. Their love story will remain untold, so the writers can’t ruin them.

This was supposed to be a paragraph. Damnit. My bad. And you don’t have to share my thoughts or even like them. Hell, if you read this much I’m surprised. I believe in Bamon, and you can’t tell me or my shipper heart shit! ⭐️

MYSME Headcannons: ‘Sleeping with MC (as in just sleeping)’

A/N: I was thinking of what would the RFA’s reaction would be if MC turned out to be a really cuddly/pillow-stealing/blanket-hogging/push you to the edge of the bed person when they’re sleeping. (includes V, Unknown, & Vanderwood under the cut. Forgive me if Vanderwood isn’t completely in character, I haven’t played 707′s route yet.)

Yoosung Kim:

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

  • HE WOULD LOVE IT! Like seriously LOVE IT!
  • Yoosung is a really cuddly person too when he sleeps, so MC clinging to him wouldn’t bother him one bit.
  • It would also help when she tries to steal the blankets b/c they wouldn’t go far & he could always keep warm.
  • The only time he gets kind of annoyed is when she rips his pillow out from under him & snuggles w/ that instead b/c she usually rolls away to the other side of the bed & takes the blankets with her.
  • But he’ll just roll over to her side of the bed & snuggle up to her again. 
  • They usually wake up with a tangled mess of blankets w/ crazy bedhead & all the pillows would somehow wind up on the floor.

Hyun Ryu (Zen):

Originally posted by beachfreaaakk

  • He loves how affectionate MC gets in her sleep. Especially considering that’s she usually too embarrassed to cuddle up to him in public.
  • He thinks it’s adorable how she clings to his shirt, more often than not falling asleep directly on top of him.
  • There was a little issue w/ her stealing his pillow, but after he got her a giant stuffed rabbit to snuggle w/ that problem disappeared.
  • Fun thing is, he ends up sleeping that stuffed rabbit more often than not b/c MC still steals his pillow.

Jaehee Kang:

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

  • The first time night they shared a bed, MC ended up stealing all the blankets away from her. 
  • That didn’t really bother her though & she just got up, went to the closet & took a stack to blankets back to bed with her. 
  • Each time MC stole another blanket, she would simply pick up one from the pile on the floor and go back to sleep. 
  • In the morning, though, she woke up buried under a massive pile of blankets that MC had kicked off in the middle of the night. She had to claw her way out so she could see MC, who had commandeered all the pillows and covered herself with them.
  • Still MC was exceptionally cute sleeping under a pile of pillows…

Jumin Han:

Originally posted by namelessmasha

  • He didn’t mind that MC clung to him in her sleep nor the fact that she drooled. He actually found it pretty endearing. 
  • What bothered him was that MC would somehow always get the edge of the blanket & roll herself up into a blanket burrito at the other side of the bed.
  • If MC didn’t wiggled her way back over within a couple seconds and drape herself over him, blanket burrito & all, he would get up & grab another blanket that he kept in the closet. But more often than not she would trap him before he had the chance.
  • He would often be left cold b/c of that. And he never had the heart to move her for fear of waking her up. 
  • The mornings made it all worth it, though. B/c MC would apologize and shower him with kisses & those kisses turned into morning sex.

Luciel Choi (707/Saeyoung):

Originally posted by astrologyexplained

  • Okay this boy is not the person you want to wake up when he’s sleeping. Seriously, do not do it! He is the crankiest person ever b/c he doesn’t get the much sleep normally so he does not appreciated being woken up b/c MC had pushed him off the bed & onto the floor.
  • The cuddling he can handle. That he actually likes. But when MC steals the blankets & rips away his pillow & pushes him off the bed…that is the last straw!
  • If he can’t sleep, she ain’t gonna sleep either.
  • It usual ends with him waking up a very confused and a startled MC…”THAT’S IT I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! THAT WAS THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK!!!!” “…Sae-Saeyoung, what are you…?” “I’m gonna go sleep on the couch!”
  • MC watched him go, still very confused… until she sees all the blankets on her side of the bed w/ all the pillows & she instantly knows what’s got him all wound up.
  • “Saeyoung…Saeyoung, come back to bed. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again, please…” Despite how ticked off he is, he can’t find it in him to be mad when MC comes out of his bedroom wearing on of his shirts w/ messy hair and sleepy eyes. She just looks to cute that moment that even though he knows she’s going to do it again, he comes back to bed anyways.

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I love your Riverdale Harry Potter AUs Can your write about Betty and Jughead go in the the Forbidden Forest for an article they are writing and they get separated from each other? And the aftermath of them getting caught and stuck in detention?

Hi! Okay, so I absolutely loved this idea with all my heart :) Thank you so much for asking me, I love it when people request things. I hope you like this <3

“Betty!” Jughead called. “Betty! Where are you?”

Jughead Jones swallowed, pulling on his beanie nervously. The forbidden forest moaned quietly around him, the trees creaking in the wind. He ran through the mist that curled around the ground, his feet throwing up stray leaves. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Stupid, he cursed himself. It was all his fault; he was the one who has insisted they sneak out of the school and go exploring through the forest for an article in their school paper. They’d stuck together until Betty suggested they split up to cover more ground. She had let go of his hand and slipt away, like a ghost. Why hadn’t he stopped her? It would have been so easy to just hold her hand tighter, or even stay inside the castle, where it was warm and safe.

What if Betty was hurt?

Stupid, he thought. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

“Betty!” he shouted. “C’mon, Betts! Please!”

Jughead pushed deeper into the forest, the light on the tip of his wand the only thing peircing the veil of darkness over the trees. Every now and again he would hear something far away howl or roar or growl and would speed up, yelling even more frantically.

He stumbled into a clearing where the trees didn’t completely block the sky. From where he stood, he could see the stars and the faintest touches of pink bleeding into the black. Almost morning.

“Betty,” Jughead groaned, sitting down heavily. “Where are you?”

“Where are you?” a deep voice said from beyond the trees. “So far away from your gilded tower, wizard.”

Jughead sprang to his feet, wand at the ready.

“Who’s there?”

“Steady,” another voice said. “Put your stick down, boy.”

“Why should I?” Jughead asked, not moving.

“Stupid wizard. Crashing around the forest, drawing all kinds of beasts to you. We have something you want,” the first voice said snidely.  

“What are you talking about?” he said, raising his wand even higher. “This is all I have. You can’t tell me to-”

“Do as he says, Jughead!” a softer voice said, hardly loud enough. “Please.”

“Betty?” Jughead gasped. He took a step towards the voices, quickly stuffing his wand into his pocket, but before he could, two men on horseback rode into the clearing. Except, Jughead realized, they weren’t on horseback; they were part of the horse. Centaurs. One had a pale grey coat, speckled with flecks of white, and hair of the same color tied loosely back, and the other was a deep chestnut, with eyes a cold, dark brown.

Between them they held a girl, each by one arm. A girl with hair like sunflowers, usually tied tightly into a ponytail, now in tangles around her shoulders.

Betty Cooper.

“Betty!” Jughead cried, sprinting forward. Her head hung low, her feet barely touching the ground. No no no no no no no -

The chestnut centaur held a callused hand out. “Halt, wizard,” he commanded. His voice was the first one, deep and unkind.

“What did you do to her?” Jughead hissed. “Is she okay? Did you touch her?”

“A few of our fouls found her in the woods,” the grey one said. “We teach them things about your kind… They did hurt her. She did not fight back. Did not want to harm them. She will be fine.”

“Stupid girl,” the chestnut smirked. “What do you wizards expect? You’re not welcome here. If you enter our forest you will pay the price.”

The grey looked sideways at his companion. “Calm yourself. The girl did not deserve this.”

“Let go of her!” Jughead said, growing impatient.

“Gladly,” the chestnut said in disgust, dropping her arm as if it were white hot. Now she was half supporting herself, her knees slightly buckling, her arm still held aloft by the grey. He looked uncomfortable at having a human girl leaning on him but held her until Jughead wrapped his own arms around Betty, fully taking her weight.

Jughead looked closely at her face. There was bruises all over her jaw and several gashes around her cheeks. He could feel a bump on her head, and when he lay her down at looked at her legs found that her ankle was either broken or twisted.

He glared at the Centaurs.

“I can’t believe your children would do something like this,” he snarled. “What are we supposed to do?”

“We have made your superiors aware of where you are,” the grey said. “They will be looking for you. Just make yourself known with your stick.”

“And never enter here again, wizard,” the chestnut said. “Your kind…” he trailed off, scowling at Betty’s bruised face. Without another word he turned and galloped in the other direction.

The grey hesitated. “I apologize, boy,” he said gently, before following his friend.

Jughead gathered Betty into his arms and sat against a nearby tree. He rocked her back and forth, pushing the hair out of her closed eyes. Quickly, he sent up a shower of red sparks into the night sky, a signal to the teachers.

“I’m so sorry, Betty,” he whispered. Her eyelids twitched but didn’t open. He sighed, and pressed his lips to her temple. “So sorry.”

Betty Cooper woke up in a hospital bed. Sunshine poured through the windows, making the room feel hazy and comfortable warm. She blinked and pushed herself up. Madam Pomfrey stood beside her, fussing over her breakfast. Her head throbbed dully and her hair was in snarls around her head.

Also, there was shouting.

“- to see her!” someone cried.

“Mr. Jones, no.”

“Why not? I need to know if she’s alright!”

“She’s fine. Besides you are supposed to be confined to the Ravenclaw common room, are you not?”

“But, Weatherbee -”


“Sorry, Professor Weatherbee. It’s my fault she’s hurt -”

“Then you understand our logic.”


“No, now get back to your dorm, or so help me, Merlin -”

Suddenly, everything from the night before came flooding back into Betty’s mind: sneaking out of the castle, the cold of the forest, leaving Jughead, wandering deeper and deeper into the woods, and blinding pain as she was clobbered on all sides. She remembered how scared she was, how dark the night had been. She shivered despite the warm room.

“I just want to talk to Betty -”

She couldn’t take it anyway. Betty ripped the curtain that surrounded her bed space away and stumbled out of her bed, ducking under Madam Pomfrey’s outstretched hand. She could see Jughead standing in the entrance to the hospital wing, brow furrowed, with Professor Weatherbee in his way.  

“Juggie!” she said, making them both turn around. Jughead’s face instantly melted into relief. He pushed past Weatherbee and ran to Betty, but slowed before he could get to her. Cautiously, he held his hands out, afraid of how she’d react.

“Betty, I-I’m really sorry. It was so stupid and dumb and you got hurt and what if you died? And I know you’re mad and I’m sorry -”

“It was dumb,” Betty said. “Very, very dumb. Are you okay?”

“Are you serious?” Jughead choked.

She grinned as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging him tightly back. Yes, she had been terrified last night. But not anymore.

“Why didn’t you fight back?” Jughead asked into her shoulder.

“I didn’t want to hurt them,” she whispered back. Betty could feel rather than hear him chuckle.

“Alright, alright, break it up,” Weatherbee ordered, stepping forward. “Miss Cooper, I’m glad you’ve recovered, but I hope you both know how serious an offense that little stunt was. It was insane and dangerous, and, frankly, could have gotten you both expelled. But in light of the attack made upon Miss Cooper, it has been decided that a kinder punishment will be administered. Fifty points will be taken from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, each.”

Jughead squeezed her hand.

“And you’ll both be receiving detention for four weeks,” Weatherbee continued. “Although not together. Very far apart. Now, Mr. Jones, get back to your dorm and leave Miss Cooper in peace, or there will be hell to pay. I trust Madam Pomfrey can see to your removal?” When the matron nodded, Weatherbee turned on his heel and swept from the wing.

Jughead glanced at Pomfrey.

“Out,” she said firmly, turning around back to brewing her medicine. “Once you’ve said goodbye.”

Betty grinned. She kissed his cheek lightly.

“You don’t have to be so worried, you know?” she laughed.

His face turned serious. “Betty… I am sorry. When the centaurs brought you back to me… I was terrified you were dead.”

“I know,” she said, holding his hand tightly. “I know.”

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Positive,” she confirmed, smiling.

“Alright,” Pomfrey called. “Out, Jones.”

Quickly, he leaned in and kissed Betty full on the mouth.

“I saw that!” Pomfrey said.

Jughead laughed and ran towards the doors, gave Betty one last look, and was gone.  

  Betty touched her lips. Today was a good day.

Okay, so I really hope you enjoyed that! Please message me or send requests, I really do love them :) And thank you soo much. This was such an excellent idea.

198cm-of-vetra-nyx  asked:

Here you go I will send you a proper ask: you should write their proposal *cough* (unless you're saving that for something else because in that case you should imagine them reading terrible poetry to each other or something) Basically I love your headcanons and they need to be fics :)

aaaa THANK U!!!!!! i’m gonna do their proposal cause…….. i’m gay

disclaimer: there is no way to save macen in canon. this is an au.

Avitus couldn’t take his eyes off Macen as he ate. He’d gotten stronger quickly, even in just the few short weeks since he’d woken up. His arms no longer quaked as he picked up his food, and the snaps of his jaws as he choked it down were just as powerful as ever. There was a light back in his eyes, a jovial tilt back to his mandibles.

This was the man Avitus had fallen in love with. The weak, rasping shell he’d been those first few days had broken his heart to see, and he’d sworn to himself right there Macen would never be so injured again. A former Spectre could ensure that much, surely.

Not only a former Spectre, whispered a niggling thought in the back of his brain. Any old Spectre can protect a civilian. But his mate should be the one to protect Macen Barro.

He swallowed. It had been bothering him since long before the Natanus had set off. The other Spectres had teased him for it. Saren, Nihlus, Ezekian, Vasir, Isalienus, they all knew. “Did you ask Barro yet?” had been Saren’s perennial greeting for him. But he simply couldn’t. Macen Barro was perfect. He deserved someone better than Avitus Rix.

But still, Macen had stayed, for fourteen long, blissful years. And when they’d been packing their things to travel to Andromeda, Avitus had made up his mind that he’d ask in Andromeda. A new beginning for them both.

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Perwaine Fanfic Rec List

I noticed its hard to scroll through AO3 Percival/Gwaine tag because a lot of times its Merlin/Arthur with the dreaded ‘mention of Percival/Gwaine.’ So since Perwaine really is a rare-pair, I decided to compile a very short list of Perwaine fics.

Concussion by bunnysworld

Word Count: 461

Summary: Canon Era. Percival has a little accident.

Unwinding by EffervescentAardvark

Word Count: 981

Summary: Canon Era. If you asked most people, they’d say that Sir Percival never got angry and that his patience never ran out. But Gwaine wasn’t most people.

Help me be Quiet by remyllian_fire

Word Count: 2,040

Summary: Modern AU. Sometimes, even after years together, Gwaine finds he still doesn’t understand Percy.

A Shot at Something by viennajones

Word Count: 3,046

Summary:  Modern AU. If there is one thing Gwaine always picks up on, it’s a chance to get laid.

Imperfect Plans by eurydice72

Word Count: 3,452

Summary: Modern AU. For too many years, Percival has been Gwaine’s wingman. This Valentine’s Day, he plans for that to change.

Out of my Depth by sapphirescribe

Word Count: 5,700

Summary: Modern AU. Gwaine’s sister is on the Olympic diving team. He should be watching her, but instead he’s taken by her teammate on the men’s squad. Pure fluffity fluff.

The Color of Love by EffervescentAardvark

Word Count: 6,081

Summary: Canon Era. It was beyond dark. A pitch black that was so deep it allowed no hint of colour. He hurt. He had no idea where he was or how he’d got there. Gwaine realised the small, scared sound came from his own throat as he woke enough to reach out, trying to find out what was wrong with his eyes. Gwaine’s been rescued by his friends, but has he escaped unscathed from his ordeal? Luckily he has Percival to help him through the aftemath.

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend by Magnolia822

Word Count: 8,447

Summary: Modern AU. Percy has been in love with Gwaine since they were friends at uni: the trouble is Gwaine isn’t the type to settle down, and Percy won’t settle for a one-off. When Percy agrees to attend Gwaine’s family reunion as his pretend boyfriend, things get complicated.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I get this is weird, I'm not sure you even write, but I loved the little thing you wrote about Ciel and love, was that you taking prompts? I would love to read a Sebaciel emotional sex scene, pretty please??

Hello anon! I don’t really have long Sebaciel stories posted, so no I’m not a writer, but I don’t mind writing short ficlets, and you’re so nice, I can’t say no to that

It’s their first time like this, Sebastian’s cock sliding into him, connecting them as close as they can be without merging together and still, Ciel feels like he’s been waiting for this for thousands of years and he’s missed this so bad he aches with it down to his bone. It hurts, his chest, his soul, his hole where he’s stretched open; all the places Sebastian is claiming as his and crawling inside.

There’s too much inside of him, building up with each snap of Sebastian’s hips, and it’s beyond pleasure, something ancient and deep and so fundamental he can’t help but wonder how did he breathe before this, how will he breathe again when it’s over?

It’s overwhelming, overflowing with the tears down his cheeks, with the pounding of his heart and he wants to get the feeling out, scream it so loud everyone  in London would hear him. And he doesn’t want to say love, it feels small, inadequate and so utterly lacking.

“You’re everything, Sebastian. Everything,” It sounds right, everything. Sebastian is everything. He’s the sea and the shore, he’s the exile and he’s home and he’s the violence and the peace, Ciel’s sunny storm, his salvation, destruction and the sweetest contradiction ever.

He feels it in the way Sebastian crushes their lips together - tongue instantly slipping in to dominate, to take another part of Ciel he’s all too willing to give up- Sebastian feels it, too. The maddening desire to get closer, closer, closer, so they can’t know who is who anymore.

Everything, my lord, everything,”

I went too much emotions… hope you like it!



You are divine
Your beauty is unmatched
Your love ages like fine wine
Your strength shows in those you carry upon your back
You have eyes that can light up a city block
A complexion that truly glows
With so much confidence you walk
Your beauty is way beyond skin deep and it shows
Your drive is one filled with passion
You are the sun that feeds this earth
You excel at being you in every fashion
I finally understand my woman’s worth

INFJ Confession #949

There is so much that I want to let out that just can’t be formed into words. It’s like I can feel the infinity and hear the music of a soul that moves you beyond human comprehension. It fills you with something so powerful and deep, so sad and yet so beautiful, that you can’t even begin to describe it. It’s hard to write now! I used to think that I was going crazy. Now, not so much. Whenever I try to describe it to people, they usually laugh. If they could feel it too, they might understand.


Science fiction needs more strong women characters – I’m always saying that.

yes, okay, there aren’t enough kay eaton graphics in the world. you’re welcome. (I worked very hard on this; I love this episode a lot)