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Can you do Anakin for the Hogwarts house thing?

okay so anakin is a hufflepuff, although this is gonna be less…..organized…..than some of the other ones


  • dedication
  • hard work
  • fair play
  • patience
  • kindness/tolerance
  • loyalty
  • Unafraid of toil 

so you’re looking at this and you’re like…uh…hayley…’re full of shit….maybe like two of these apply to him to which i say HAVE FAITH 

so he’s not your typical hufflepuff. whatevs. pettigrew wasn’t your typical gryffindor, slughorn wasn’t your typical slytherin. doesn’t mean they don’t belong there.


  • anakin’s desperation to be on the council/made a master isn’t necessarily ambition or drive, in my opinion. it’s more about what he thinks is fair, and what he thinks he’s earned. anakin whines about what’s fair all the time, which is very puff-like
  • everything anakin does is out of loyalty. obsessively so. 
    • in phantom menace, he’s willing to give up his freedom to be with his mom, until she tells him to go. but that’s how loyal he is to her, how much he loves her. 
    • in attack of the clones he fuckin abandons his mission to go to his mom. 
      • i know what you’re thinking. but he abandoned his mission! that’s not very dedicated. BINCH he’s dedicated to the ones he loves
    • and of course he fuckin burns coruscant to the ground when he believes padme is gonna die. he’d do anything for her, including turning his back on an order that, in his eyes, never treated him fairly.
      • the jedi didn’t give him what he needed emotionally/socially, so he gravitated toward the people who encouraged him, i.e. palpatine and padme
    • and then later on when he realizes he has a son he fuckin…changes his world view??? i mean slowly but in the end his love for padme and through her his children is what redeems him which tbh???? hufflepuff
  • this is a dark interpretation of “unafraid of toil” but the fact that he’d do the most horrible violent things for the ones he loves…
    • for example….murdering a whole village…..murdering a bunch of kids….killing mace windu….he’s unafraid of toil, alright….

anyway while arguments could be made for gryffindor or slytherin, i feel like it’s his loyalty to the people he loves more than anything else that defines him as a character, which is why he’s a hufflepuff

send me a sw character and i’ll sort them and tell you why!

Real talk though

Nowadays, i prefer showing my romantic feelings through jokes so in case i’ll be rejected, it wouldn’t look as devastating as how it feels inside and there is still a chance i could redeem myself by acting like nothing serious happened because i only lowkey express the deepest of my emotions and when you just happen to ignore the fxcking shit out of it, i can still pretend that it was all for hype and nothing more and that we’re still good and there won’t be any awkward moments between us. So it’d still be sort of a win-win situation.

But i’m seriously hoping that we’re in the same sane frequency and if in some cosmic design you’d admit first that you have deep feelings for me, i’d be the happiest woman on earth.

But then again, a semi-proclaimed virgin can do nothing only but to hope and say a lot of Hail Mary’s.

I hate Juvia

And now, when you paid your attention at this post and before you’ll run into my askbox with your indignation “how can you not love such a cutie?!!” and etc…

You know, I just can’t be silent anymore. I’m too tired of all this shit.

No, I don’t hate whole Juvia. I hate her current character which is only Gray-centric. I hate her “self-sacrifice” because Gray had lost almost all dear to him people and you commit suicide? Are you seriously?! You are saying you love him and doing all of these “sweet” (which are, tbh, kinda creepy) things and then you just kill yourself?..

I hate current Juvia. Only good thing in her current appreance is her outfit.

I liked her at Phantom Lord arc (before her fight with Gray) ‘cause she was amazing.

I really wanna see Juvia with current outfit and her Phantom Lord’s behavior.

That’s all

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*NOT directed at you or your followers just ranting* But am I the only one who thinks people/therapists don't take Trauma Bonding (aka Stockholm Syndrome) seriously? I developed it as a child shorty after being abused and it was the main reason I never came forward until years later. People don't think it's real because they automatically assume a victim would do anything to get his/her abuser(s) arrested but that's not always the case. It is a very real and very damaging illness.

Some really dont take it seriously at all. I had such a huge trauma bond to my abuser that I repressed everything he did and saw him as the best person ever and it’s shattering to have that taken away 

Therapists can be shit when it comes to that but I have met a couple who take it seriously

my friend lucas, who has only watched the latest clip of skam, upon seeing a gif-set of sana being pure sunshine from said clip: 

“that’s some high-grade shit, yo. you gotta cut that shit with something softer or you’ll die when you look at her.”


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Clearly, a favorite assistant.

(A note: gay bars of this particular type (”okama bars”) in Japan are pretty popular with straight people, and sometimes even called “tourist bars” (where straight people come to be entertained by gay people). They are staffed by gay men, cross-dressing gay men, and sometimes transgender women (that’s… rare though), and don’t necessarily cater to a gay clientele. This type of bar often functions same as a host club.)

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Well the age of consent in Japan is 13. That doesn't mean it's morally ok. But by bandying about the 'consent laws of that country make it okay' you've just allied yourself to pedophilia. Congrats. Creep.

woo it’s like the first time I posted something Otayuri and already my first anti!

ooh boy, let’s go then, shall we?

  • pfft I’m a 22 yo girl from Russia and believe me, I know far better than you (whoever the fuck you are you coward) what’s okay and not okay in my culture. 15-16 year olds dating people of 18-19 years is pretty common. some may disapprove but unless someone gets knocked up, people generally don’t care.
  • both of them being guys would gather much more shit than 3 year freaking “age gap” (lol)
  • we seriously need to stop pretending that people under 18 don’t do anything sexual. like how stupid and ridiculous and divorced from reality do you need to be???
  • I was not so into everybody’s business so I can’t be sure but judging by people dating, at least ¼-1/3 of my year did something sexual before 18
  • age of consent in Russia is 16. in Kazakhstan too.
  • “paedophilia” lol. people just love throwing that word around nowadays. do you even know what that means? “Paedophilia is when a person sixteen years of age or older is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not begun puberty (generally eleven years old or less)” who the hell is supposed to be under 11 here? I don’t think we even have those characters in YOI except for the triplets. and no one’s shipping them as far as I can see
  • I know our culture is super obsessed with sex but since when dating = sex, especially when you’re a teen??? I know plenty of people who dated and then split up all without doing more than making out occasionally
  • you being anon and not even trying to defend your ridiculous notions to my face just discredits what you said by like 50%
  • why do I even argue? it’s pointless. I can write 50 more points and it won’t make a difference to someone like you.  if you ship hate then have the balls to admit it. no need to try and justify your shitty  treatment of others in the fandom by taking an imaginary “high ground”

MJ out :)


my… my god. never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that there would come a day when jyushi would actually look 100x worse than even kara. like that… that thing can’t be practical. his suit is patterned like a baseball. his feet are bare. there is no balance to his outfit whatsoever.

anyway um. there’s a new tabimatsu event called “the ambition of the NEETs of the milky way” beginning on april 15th at 15:00 JST, and it’s going to be about six space pilot matsus who venture out to discover a new planet, and I swear if it’s anything like the last event we got I’m going to flip a damn table

I’m going to expect this event to be good. I feel like kinniku’s outfits alone filled up the entire capacity for awfulness in a single event already.

(Same group)

Rogue (ooc): I go to the shiftiest looking group of merchants that look like they could smuggle us out of the city.

DM: Okay. You go to a merchant who is advertising their elven rugs, and you notice that through the way they speak and move that they are using thieves cant.

Merchant: “Elven rugs! We sell nice elven rugs here!”

Rogue: (through thieves cant) “Do you offer travel as well?”

DM: *writes and hands rogue a note* Through thieves cant, this is what you can deduce.

NOTE: “They are smugglers, and also sell some ‘dank herbs’”

Rogue (ooc): *screams for a few moments* i’m so fucking glad. This is what my training has been for. Years of learning this secret language. All to learn this.

Players to this day will not take the notes seriously anymore.


I’m so tired of elitism in the witchcraft community.

Don’t believe in emoji spells? Don’t use them.

Don’t believe in jar spells? Don’t use them.

Don’t believe in modern witchcraft? Don’t use it.

But you have no right to say what is real and what isn’t real. If modern witchcraft works for people, you don’t have a right to tell them they’re wrong because they weren’t friends with Aleister Crowley in a past life or some shit. You don’t see modern witches bitching at traditional witches because “omg it’s so outdated!! that book is dusty!!”

Seriously, just live and let live. It’s not that hard of a concept.

a lil comic i did of one of my favorite moments in @terusmom ‘s freaking amazing, well written mp100 fanfic, “A Kick in the Teeth is Good For Some”