that is really impressive

I just realized that because I’m playing intramural basketball this semester, when people ask me if I play basketball because I’m tall I have to answer in the affirmative. on a side note, my team won in overtime tonight and I scored 7 points and I fooled a guy by dribbling behind my back is this real life

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Wow did Ryeowook actually write the letter in English? That's pretty impressive

We can’t guess which talents Wookie really has, that smol man is full of surprises anon-nom :) 

But as Wookie wrote in the first chapter of his letter he wrote the letter and asked his friend named Kun Woo to translate it to English. And Ryeowook wrote it again with his beautiful handwriting ^^

He did it because he received so many letters written in English from international fans. So he gave this letter as a gift to all of his fans, ELF :’)

Someone can be any cuter? I think NO

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23. do you really need all that candy? would be great :)

Scott is impressed honestly. There’s a small part of him that’s a little grossed out, but really it’s such a small part that it’s easily ignored. Really, he is just impressed.

There are heart-shaped chocolate candy boxes everywhere. There are at least ten, and from what Scott can tell six of them are empty. 

“Do you really need all that candy?” Scott asks the lump on the bed.

Stiles sticks his head out and nods. “The store was having a sale on Valentine’s Day candy. I had to, Scott. Had to.”

“Of course,” Scott agrees, nudging Stiles slightly so he can fit on the bed. 

Stiles immediately put his head on Scott’s chest. “My stomach hurts.”

“I’ll bet,” Scott snorts.

Stiles bites his shoulder softly. “You’re supposed to kiss it better, boyfriend.”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to be biting; I’m the werewolf.”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Just kiss me.”

Scott does, and he tastes like chocolate, and like every single one of their other kisses, it’s the best kiss ever.

send me a ship and a number! 

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I've never really come to thank you for this, but thank you for not assuming that Tsuyu has a crush on Aizawa. Like, really, thank you SO much. I am really tired of people thinking she has a crush on him. Like, I can see her respecting him, and caring about him like all the kids do, yeah, but just because she's asked how he was doing and was happy that he wasn't fired from his job doesn't mean she has a crush on him. Thank you, Sai.

oh haha, no problem dude!!

tbh, i never really got that impression. he got hurt while risking his life to save her from Shigaraki, so of course she’d be worried about him. plus, he’s her teacher. of course she cares, even if she doesn’t really know him personally

and she’s a natural caretaker; she cares for her siblings while her parents are out. she probably worries about them often and is used to asking if they’re okay, and i’m sure this behavior gets transferred onto other people too, b/c she’s just used to it

i mean. the crush angle is kinda cute, and it’s not unusual for kids to have crushes on their teachers. but it’s just not something i really got from the manga. Tsuyu is just a naturally caring person, and Aizawa risked his life to save her from a super dangerous villain, even when he was being beaten and captured by the enemy. i’m sure something like that would stick with her

so yeah, no problem dude, haha

(plus, i view both characters as ace/aro, haha. i like to imagine a cute scenario where they bond over that)


@vampirouette and I made star wars intern OCs ok here we go

mine is the one on top she is an Omwati and she’s Thrawn’s intern. Her name is Naira. She worked alongside Tarkin to kill off like 90% of her species and she thought that would really impress Thrawn because it would make her a collectible but unfortunately.. not so much.  Don’t let her awesome bone structure fool you, she’s not cool, she’s the worst, she’s really pathetic. She’s not really an Imperial Officer, she basically just gets coffee, maintains the holograms in Thrawn’s gallery, and services the snow cone machine. She ombres her hair with space kool aid. In this picture, she’s thinking about corn chips. 

Jackie says her intern’s story goes… Following his separation from General Organa, Han Solo was approached by eight students from the New Republic, and was persuaded to allow them on board his ship as interns in exchange for school credit. The eight interns had one blaster that they all shared, and none were initially aware that they were engaged in smuggling activities. Seven died. The eighth was Ket Pelnat, who hated the other seven (especially Sydney) and the blaster is now hers. She has since dropped out of school and after several years as Han’s secondary mechanic now pilots her own smuggling freighter, The Lower Crust.

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So! Would you say there were any benefits to eating an entire raw zucchini?

i guess it’s pretty filling so if ur looking for a quick easy meal, just eat a whole raw zucchini. also makes a great story. really impressive to prospective love interests.

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Mod Lili, I had a dream that I met you in real life (don't remember how I imagined you to look like) and you were trying to encourage me not to look so down on myself. You really left an impression on me, so thank you!

(You are welcome ! ^^

And I do encourage you to not look down on yourself ! So just listen to my dream-self and smile, you are beautiful, you are strong and you deserve the best ! :D

-mod lili)

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Hello you two! Lots of love from SoCal (it's a place in the natural realm). Eren, what were your first impressions when meeting Levi's friends?

They were really friendly and offered to show me around next time we visited!


Don’t Make Me Wear That - A Killian Jones One-Shot

Request: 74 Killian Jones
74 - “I’m not wearing a tie.”
Title: Don’t Make Me Wear That
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader
Warning: Language

Killian Jones wasn’t one to dress up for basically any occasion. He would make a few small exceptions if it were for the greater good, or if he really wanted to impress someone, but even then it was never really fancy. Maybe just a nice shirt and jeans, but nothing too terribly good. Oh, and a leather jacket, of course! Without the jacket then he wouldn’t have any of the swag and good looks, and that’s how he was actually able to get his women. But this time was different. He was getting married to (Y/N) (L/N) tonight. And he was absolutely ecstatic… Aside from the fact that he needed to dress up- and not like he would for any other date. He had to wear a dress shirt, tux, formal pants and shoes; and the worst part of all: 

The Tie. 

Killian didn’t like the feeling of being partially choked, and that was exactly what ties did to him. It sucked. So badly. 

“I’m not wearing a tie.” Killian said to his fiance with a straight face. 
“Excuse me?” (Y/N) said suddenly. 
“I’m not wearing a tie.” Killian repeated himself. 
“Killian Jones, you are going to wear that tie, like it or not!” (Y/N) hissed. “You need to look nice! I have to go in a few minutes to get ready, but I’m not getting ready until I know that you’re wearing that tie.” 
“Well then looks like you’re stuck here then.” He smirked. 
(Y/N) narrowed her eyes. 
“Killian Hook Jones, you are wearing that tie or god help me-”
“You’ll what? You’ll kill me?” 
(Y/N) suddenly grabbed the tie on the dresser, and tackled her fiance to the ground. He was already half-dressed with his shirt and pants on, so that was a bit of an odd coincidence. 

-A few hours later- 

(Y/N) had a small yet smug smirk on her face as finishing touches were put on her makeup. 
“(Y/N) are you alright? You don’t seem as nervous as brides should on their wedding day…” Snow said somewhat concerned. 
“Oh, yes, I’m fine! Just thinking about things…” (Y/N) said with a somewhat dreamy sigh. 
“Alright, if you say so…” Snow says, not really believing her, but deciding not to pry.” 
Moments later, (Y/N)’s arm was looped with David’s as she walked down the aisle, a smile unable to leave her face, for two reasons. 
1. It was her wedding day, obviously. 
2. Killian Jones. Was wearing a tie. 
Finally, she was at the altar, and she couldn’t help but whisper: “I see you’re wearing that tie…” 
“Oh, shut up.” 

<3 Elizabeth

Saw a screening of Newsies today and oh my Lord it was so incredible and I’m now obsessed!!!! The whole cast were amazing and I was SERIOUSLY impressed with the dancing!! Really really hope it comes to the West End or they at least release the recording on DVD/blu-ray!

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Could you explain a little more how James and Zilpha = sexist? I absolutely didn't see it like that as I really didn't get the impression it was because she killed her husband he doesn't want her anymore. I saw it More as either 1: he's pushing here away because she is becoming more like him, he's trying to protect her? 2: perhaps she reminded him of his mother in some way? He seemed to have a fascination with his mother but after finding out she tried to drown him he now also dislikes Zilpha?

It could be he is trying to protect her because he doesn’t have a boat anymore and now everything is at high stakes. Maybe he didn’t want her to act out when he went to prison. Maybe he realizes he has corrupted her and doesn’t want her to be in the hell he is. I wish I could believe that but I try to look at the facts that have been showed objectively and not with my shipper goggles.

He told her he thought they were the same person but he was wrong. How they could be the same person before she killed Thorne? James has killed many people and has done horrible things. He has also acted crazy and has heard voices. Who does he think he is to judge Zilpha like that? Now that she is closer to be his truly equal he doesn’t want her anymore? When he told her “you don’t think” it’s because she killed Thorne without thinking about the consequences when James has done impulsive things too. It just sends a horrible message that the lead character who is pretty much a villain can judge a woman for killing her abusive husband and that she is suddenly tainted because she stopped being submissive and decided enough was enough. That scene came out of the blue and it was so cruel. I really want a twist to happen but I’m not keeping my hopes up. James rejection seemed final and he paid her with a diamond like she was a whore and not the woman he has been claiming to love since the first episode.

My other theory is that he saw his mother because Anna is Zilpha’s mother too. She could have been pregnant when she was sent to the asylum or she could have been raped at the asylum. Before he left James couldn’t control his gift so now that he controls it he could have seen the truth while he was having sex with Zilpha. When the show started everybody said she looked more biracial than James (Oona’s father is mixed) and they could have done this on purpose. It would be awesome if she has power like him but I doubt they want anyone to be at James level.

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Adding to what Silentrio said is that Papyrus's screenname is coolskeleton95 possibly in reference to room 95 which is related to Gaster. Also both of them despite very different personalities share blue attacks. And although not very well he is able to construct elaborate but simple puzzles showing a sign of intellect.

Gaster’s room is room 95? If nothing else, I’m learning so much about some of the things I didn’t notice, yet. I also agree on that bit about the puzzle. Some of his puzzles fell a bit short (like the color tile puzzle, though that could have been faulty by design), but I also get this impression that he still wants his puzzles to be solvable. I sort of get this impression that Papyrus really enjoys creating puzzles that are a fun challenge. Fun to make, and fun to solve. Taking pride is designing a puzzle in such a way didn’t catch him a human, but receiving friendship (and possibly a date) isn’t a bad trade-off, if you ask me. ^^

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I can really relate to "isn't that just like ryan" being extremely impressive. If anything, I find it more impressive than wyk or even "noice werk, bbboyyoooo"

You can hear his real voice smoothing coming through and it’s…just RAW. Fontaine is an amazing actor I will give him that. 

Wyk and “noice werk bbboyyooo” yeah they impacted you because well you just got tricked by this guy, the betrayal is extremely impacting.