that is pretty freaking cool

There’s been a lot of negativity on this blog lately so here’s a list of things I LIKE about 2k12
  • The turtles are all visually distinct and it suits their personalities!
  • Mikey is adorable
  • Leo is adorable
  • Donnie is adorable
  • Raph is adorable
  • Raph and Mikey have pets and it’s??? so sweet?? Love them
  • Metalhead (rip sweet prince)
  • Slash and Destroy was freaking GREAT
  • April is a pretty cool character
  • April getting ninja training is rad!!
  • Getting to see April’s skills develop is even RADDER
  • The animation has gotten so nice? The environments are really nice looking too
  • The choreography of the early fight scenes was really good if a little slow due to budget restraints i’m guessing
  • The combat is still really good at present tbh
  • The show is almost always entertaining to watch
  • Cheese phone
  • Splinter getting some more focus in the story
  • Shinigami has a lot of potential to be awesome
  • C h e e s e   p h o n e
  • Mikey being the family cook
  • A lot of cool horror-esque story concepts
  • Splinter is a massive d  or k
  • Shredder is a whiny baby and I love it
  • A lot of the family moments we got were pretty sweet, but we did need more lbr
  • Space Heroes and Leo’s obsession with it
  • The opening is awesome
  • C H E E S E   P H O N E 

I give this show a lot of flak but it’s honestly just because I care so much about it. I’ve met a lot of awesome friends through this show and honestly my life wouldn’t be the same without them. 2k12 still has a lot going for it and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that!

so on thursday at school i found this big butterfly and when i went to release it all the boys were freaking out saying that it was so cool and pretty and for me to take a picture before it flys away and they also petted it and then watched it fly away and a few said that it was really cool and you don’t understand how happy i felt

I might be crying because of how beautiful this is??? @wrexie did this WONDERFUL commission of my self insert and my favorite flame husband because I am getting so freaking excited about my upcoming Grillby/Reader fic and I just needed this in my life. I love my tiny skeleton but MAN there’s something about Grillby that warms my heart :D 


I gotta say that when it comes to naming your anti-tyrannical resistance movement that reclaiming an insult from your overlords about being “gallows bait” is pretty freaking cool.

On a Really Basic Itty-Bitty Level

Fandom: Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides

Pairing: Logicality/PTA Sanders (Logan-centric)

Summary: “ No matter how long you’ll live, you’ll never touch another human being.”  Based on @the-prince-and-the-emo‘s post, Logan struggles with the weight knowledge can bring, and Morality comforts him with his own weird perspective.

Warnings: angst (with a happy ending), existentialism(?), dubious science

Hi there! So this is my first Sander’s Sides fic, and the first thing I’ve written in like three months, lol. I’m trying to get back into it. I really hope you enjoy, let me know what you think and if i should write more :)

@sanders-sideblog​ asked me to tag, so here you go, thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m going to go ahead and tag @prinxietys​ and @dan-yuna​ because they’re also cool inspirational writers (hope you don’t mind) 

Now that that small novel is done, let’s get to the actual fic!

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Harry's rebranding is what the band needs.  It seems like a paradox, but Harry needs to distance himself from the band *now* for the band to be taken seriously in the future. Willingly or not, Harry is the face of the band. If he becomes respected as an artist and gets rid of the "pretty boybander" reputation, the band as a whole will be respected more when they reunite. So yeah, his rebranding means nothing for the future of the band with Sony. When 1d comes back, it will be a different band.

I totally agree.  It’s sad, but true.  And there’s so many reasons for it that dive deep into misogyny that i’m not gonna bother to unpack at the moment, but yeah,  when they come back they’ll all appeal to an older, more mature audience and be taken more seriously.  And i’ve said it before, but quite frankly, I’m excited for it! With all of them out their spreading their wings in different genres and learning new things and meeting new people, they’ll bring in all those experiences (as well as new fans that would have never given One Direction a second glance before) and share them with each other.   It’ll be pretty freaking cool to watch it all unfold.


So in other news my headcanon about Papyrus not sleeping is actually confirmed in canon

As is my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t sleep is because he doesn’t want to lose time being productive

So…that’s pretty cool

Also, I hope it’s okay to tag @papyrus-knows in this? I know this blog hasn’t interacted with you but I follow you on my main and I feel like if you haven’t seen this it might be interesting to you?

Because I need more Harry and Thomas being bros…

“Hells bells, man. Why’d you never tell me you could do magic?”
Thomas shrugged. He was painstakingly winding a tuft of dark hair around his pentacle amulet. “Because I suck at it. And because I guess I figured you’d be all smug about it. Or worse, encouraging.”
Harry folded his arms and approached, looking at the misshapen, for-want-of-a-better-word ‘circle’ Thomas had roughly chalked out on the floor. It was almost enough to make him wince. “You ever take lessons?”
“Nah. Just read a couple of my dad’s old books. Now shut up for a second, and stand back. I can’t focus with you staring at me.”
“I’m not staring, I’m taking a professional interest.”
”Damn it, Harry, just let me do this!“
"Fine.” Harry raised his palms and obediently stepped back.
“By the way,” Thomas said. “If I mess up and accidentally turn you into a frog or a four horse carriage or something, I just want to apologise in advance.”
“That would literally never happen!”
“Or burn down the building.”
Harry took another, bigger step back, muttering something about annoying brothers and smarmy vampires.
Thomas shook his head and closed his eyes, then he took a deep, calming breath. His method of spell casting was about as sleek and efficient as the Blue Beetle on a bad day, and Harry knew he could have managed the same thing himself more quickly and with much less effort, but damn it, seeing his brother do magic was pretty freaking cool. It was one more thing the two of them shared in common. One more thing to remind him of the legacy Margaret LeFay had left to them both. It was also one of the only times Harry had ever seen Thomas look so human. Magic wasn’t something that came easily to him, and it showed in the way his jaw clenched and his brow furrowed, his usually flawless face screwed up in concentration. For once, he lacked the graceful confidence that was part and parcel of his vampiric nature, and while ordinarily Thomas’s presence felt cold, subtle, and restrained, Harry could feel hot, raw power crackle in the air around them.
After a few minutes, Thomas released the energy with a word Harry couldn’t quite make out, then the vampire’s eyes flickered open and he broke the circle with the sole of one boot. He held the amulet’s chain in one hand, letting the pendant fall between his fingers so it swung freely, but instead of coming to a rest after a few seconds, it continued to swing hypnotically back and forth in the same direction. Thomas turned to follow it.
“Bad guys thisaway,” he said, pointing.
“Good job, Rincewind.”
Thomas scowled. “Don’t give me that. And stop grinning.”
“Sorry.“ Harry did his best to reign in his glee. “It’s just…”
Thomas sighed, though his own lip was twitching now, too. “I know.“
“It’s so awesome.”
“If you say so, man.”
Harry was overcome with a sudden urge to hug his brother, but knowing Thomas’s issues with physical affection, he settled for slapping him on the back instead. “Just so you know, I kind of love you a lot right now.”
Thomas rolled his eyes, finally unable to hold back a wide grin of his own. “Idiot. Love you too. Now, are we gonna get a move on, or is all this effort I put in a total waste of time?”
“Fine,” Harry said. He held up his staff. “Let’s go kick some monster ass.”

It’s Okay to be a Disney Princess

I think Auli’i Cravalho seems like a great person based on what we’ve seen of her since she was announced as Moana’s voice actress. So, I’m not trying to antagonize her with this post. But I just want to say, “Why can’t Moana be both?” Disney Princesses have shown plenty of heroism in the different films that feature them. A heroine can be a Disney Princess and a Disney Princess can be a heroine.

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Snow White escaped the Queen after the huntsman spared her and the princess’ kindness helped her enlist the help of woodland creatures who helped her find the cottage of the dwarves. When she got there, she convinced them to let her stay by earning her keep. And, even though she was cooking and cleaning for them, she still had those men wrapped around her finger. When she first met them and said “How do you do?” and they didn’t respond, she enunciated, “I said, how do you do?” Yeah, Snow White could be a little sassy. And she was assertive with the dwarves and only let them eat dinner after they all cleaned up and even got Grumpy to do it. So, yes, she fell for the witch’s trick (but she was only 14 and very sheltered in the castle as a scullery maid) and then fell asleep for the last part of the film, so the dwarves and animals had to confront the queen and she could only be woken up the kiss of the prince she liked. But people always seem to forget some of the cool stuff that she did.

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Cinderella spent most of her childhood abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She retained her kindness and never stooped to the mean and petty levels of her family. But that does not mean she just gleefully put up with their crap. She had a little bit sass and had a few sarcastic quips about her stepfamily and their cat Lucifer under her belt. Take this quote, for instance,

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day. Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Also, the primary lesson Cinderella teaches us is to never give up on our dreams. That as long we believe in them, they can come true. That is a beautiful moral that not just little girls, but everyone can take something away from. 

And I’ve explained in another post how there is more to Cinderella than just marrying the prince.

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Aurora may have spent most of her film asleep, but she was a little sassy, like with her fairy guardians (she was raised by three women, that’s pretty cool, right?) And she at least had some knowledge about stranger danger when first meeting the prince. It didn’t take long for him to charm her, but she did turn away and dismiss him at first. Also, she left Phillip when she needed to and set the terms for their next meeting. I think she deserves a little credit. 

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And let’s not forget Princess Eilonwy. She maneuvered through the Horned King’s castle and allowed Taran to team up with her so that they could escape. Also, when Taran made a sexist comment about girls, “what does a girl know about swords, anyway”, oh, boy Eilonwy set him straight.

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I also talked about Ariel in that other post which I actually do recommend. But I’ll add a few points here, too. She went all kinds of adventures, including exploring sunken ships and escaping sharks. Many of these exploits of hers are shown in her prequel movie and in the 90′s TV show (and this was long before she met Eric, proving that he as her love interest, does not exclude her from being a capable heroine). Also, she is the one who saved Eric from drowning. And though she made a not entirely wise decision to run away from home and be on land, you at least have to give Ariel props for going after what she wanted, which is something the film makers made a full intent on making apparent (there was an interview from when the movie came out where this was mentioned, but I’m not quite sure where, but I’m sure the peeps that read this could find it if you’re interested :D). 

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Belle enjoys reading, even though that’s not what women usually did in her time period. She rejects the sexist, egotistical Gaston when he tries to flirt with her, insults her father (then later tries to incarcerate him if she doesn’t marry him) and tries to make her his “little wife”. She dreams of bigger and better things. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her father and later goes out to save him when he becomes ill. Belle does not take the Beast’s crap and even tries to leave when he explodes on her. When she gets attacked by wolves, she does defend herself and when the Beast saves her, she helps him back to the castle after he falls unconscious. She treats his wounds and sets him straight about his anger issues. Her patience and open-minded personality helps Beast slowly regain his humanity. And her love for him helps break the curse over him, his servants and the castle.

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Jasmine also took charge. She refused to be forced into an arranged marriage and preferred to marry who she wanted and when she wanted. She did not like being stuck in the castle, and though, like Ariel, she wasn’t that wise in running away, she still took it upon herself to get somewhere. She did not put up with the men in the story deciding her future and called Aladdin out on his lies. Also, she has a pet tiger! That’s pretty freaking cool. Sure, she had to dress up for Jafar and kissed him as a distraction. But she used her beauty against the piggish (actually he’s rather horse-like) Jafar. And Jasmine has also displayed her resolve in the extended Aladdin media, too.

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Pocahontas was just as adventurous as the last Disney princesses. She wanted more than to marry the stoic Kocoum. And, though wary, she managed to befriend John Smith and help open his mind to the beauty of the world and accepting people who aren’t the same as you. Colors of the Wind is a perfect summary of what Pocahontas teaches. Her wise, humanitarian ways stopped a conflict between her people and the Europeans. And although she cared very much about John, Pocahontas chose to stay and look after her family, friends and other peers. 

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Mulan knew that her father was too weak from a previous war injury to be drafted, so she took his place and became a soldier in the Chinese army. Yes, she had to pretend to be a man, but that’s just how it was in her time. Mulan trained and became a skilled fighter. With some help from her friends, she saved her country from invading Huns. ‘Nuff said.

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Kida kicked some serious butt in her film (including punching Mole when he said some… things… in her ear) and she took responsibility for the sake of her people, like Pocahontas did.

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Tiana worked very hard for what she dreamed of. She did not put up with Naveen’s selfish, narcissistic ways and taught him of what it meant to strive for something truly important in life (while he showed her that there is more to life than work, work, work). Though she could get down on herself, Tiana tried her hardest to obtain her dreams and in the end, refused to let people stop her (like those realtor guys). She become the owner of her own restaurant, just like she always wanted, and helped her late father’s dream become realized as well. 

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Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire childhood. The reason why she didn’t try to escape is because Gothel pretended to be her mother and insisted that staying in there was for her own good. And being as sheltered as she was, Rapunzel believed her. But when she got her chance, Rapunzel made the decision to leave. She knocked Flynn out and tied him up and didn’t let him go until he agreed to help her see the floating lights like she always wanted to. On their journey, she faced pub thugs and a very intense horse and helped them reveal their better sides. She also did this with Flynn, bringing out Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel used her extremely long hair as a valuable asset on her adventure with Eugene. She stood up to Gothel and was willing to sacrifice her freedom so that he would not have to die. And a tear, her care for him and sorrow over his death combined, brought Eugene back. And it appears that Rapunzel will go on many more adventures in Tangled: Before Ever After in 2017!

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Merida loves archery, sword-wielding and horseback riding. She also is very good at those things. She’s very active and goes out to explore, even climbing a tall rock structure at the beginning of the film. Merida is a very capable Disney princess. She also, like Jasmine, does not like her future being chosen for, especially when it comes to marriage. She does make unwise decisions, like trying to give her mother a spell that will make her see things Merida’s way. And it takes her a while to take responsibility for her actions. But she learns to understand her mother better (and so does her mother with her), the two bond, and she does her best to break the curse she set and make everything right again. She learns to be diplomatic and maturely express her thoughts to the men at her castle. She defends her mother and bests her father in a sword match. All the while, Merida still retains her adventurous spirit. 

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Sofia is a wonderful role model for young girls and older audiences, as well. She helps those in need, even those who have done her wrong (though she doesn’t always forgive people that easily, like when Amber took her amulet and brought a curse on their home- though that was an accident, and Amber, too, is a testament to a character learning to be more responsible and open-minded). She changes the status quo and becomes the first female member of her school’s flying derby team. Sofia makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She goes on many adventures where she and her friends learn important lessons. She’s saved her family and friends numerous times, as well. Also, the film princesses appear every now and again to help bring the moral of the episode home. 

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Anna is just as adventurous as many of the others I’ve mentioned. And she certainly has good reason, spending her entire childhood behind castle walls, similar to Rapunzel in the tower. She is very brave, going after her sister in harsh winter weather, despite their estranged status. She enlists the help of Kristoff and Sven, treks up the mountain and also confronts the giant snow creature, Marshmallow. And she gave her life to save Elsa. Sure, she took things too far, too fast with Hans, but she was desperate for affection after all those years alone and like some of the other princesses, grew up sheltered from the world. Anna’s parents were dead and she believed that the only other family she had abandoned her. She learned her lesson with Hans, though. And, well, he got what he deserved. 

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Elsa isn’t a princess, she becomes a queen early on in her film, but Pocahontas and Mulan aren’t technical princesses, either (but they are in the official lineup). So, yeah, I’m going to include her, too. I can’t just have Anna and not Elsa. Elsa dealt with many problems after growing up thinking that her powers were a curse. But after she had some time to herself, she realized that her abilities were actually capable of wonderful feats. She bested Weselton’s goons and almost killed them before Hans intervened. And with Anna’s help, she overcame her fears and brought happiness to her kingdom. And she has been a great ruler ever since. 

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Elena is a princess learning to rule her kingdom as queen. She defended her family from a wicked sorceress and was stuck in Sofia’s amulet for a few decades. Once she was freed, she defeated the villain and now is becoming a capable monarch while also going on several daring adventures with her family and friends.

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So, there is nothing wrong with considering Moana as a Disney princess (I also think it makes sense because she is a chief’s daughter like Pocahontas). She will display brave, empowering traits just like the other royalty before her. A princess can be a heroine just as much as a heroine can be princess. Those two things do not have to or need to be mutually exclusive. Disney has been proving that for decades and with the arrival of Moana this fall, I think we can see that it will continue on for many more years to come.

Was I the only one who thought that Tyler was making a hit list out of photos at the end of 13rw? I mean, he looked at the picture of Alex, and he remembered Alex being nice to him, so he took it down. That’s also very upsetting because Alex already shot himself in the head so I guess it’s the show still going off of the whole “some things can’t be avoided no matter what you do” theme.
And also, a hit list out of large black and white photos is pretty freaking cool.

Fate | Tom Holland x Reader | fangirlingisajob

Request: I was wondering if I could make a small request, if that was ok? With Tom Holland x reader where reader is new to London and she’s out exploring where she, comes across Tess and Monty who have run off together and Tom and Harrison are chasing them? You can use your amazing imagination to finish the rest :)

A/N: I know this is fairly short but I hope it’s okay!

You stepped out of the tightly packed train and into the serene town.  The people were actually kind to you and would apologize if they bumped into you, unlike New York.  The bright yellow arrows pointed you into the direction of a park you had been meaning to go to.  People talked about how beautiful it was constantly.  

The roads were very confusing though, you admit that, but the park made up for it.  The lush green plants with blooming flowers always in your sight. And the pond! The pond had the loveliest blue water with ducks swimming all around in it.  The blue sky added the perfect touch to create a gorgeous day-well along with the weather of course.  It looked like you had stepped into a painting.

You pulled up the sleeves of your maroon hoodie as you wandered around the green landscape.  There weren’t many people to make it crowded, but there certainly wasn’t a small amount.  The air was crisp and fresh with every step you took.  A sparkling blue fountain caught your eye, and you decided to go to the lavishing water.

A voice in the distance was yelling after someone, but you shook it off.  The fountain had a nice bench almost built into it, which was a perfect was for you to sit.  You took out your book from the black bag you carried and began to read.  Well, that was until you heard another voice yelling.

‘Tessa! Come back here!”

“Monty! Come here!” another one shouted as you saw what was happening.  Two dogs were on the loose and their owners were after them.

You set your stuff down as you saw a grey dog running towards you with a bigger brown and white dog following behind.  You stood up,walking a few steps towards the running animals, and then bent down,”Come here!”

“Tess! Monty!”

Suddenly, you were on the cement getting slobbered on by both dogs.  Their tongues licked your face without warning.  “Alright, alright.  That’s enough kisses,” you said, sitting up as you gently held onto their collars so they couldn’t run away.

The two owners were quickly near you.  They clipped the dogs’ leashes on and you stood up.

“Oh my god, I’m terribly sorry they slobbered all over you!  But thank you very much for getting them to stay i thought they would never stop,” a brunette boy joked.  

You smiled,”It was no big deal.  I have my own two dogs back in New York and I always get slobbered on.”

The tall blonde crouched down towards his dog,”You really owe this Miss here a thank you, Monty.”  And as if on cue, Monty turned around and panted at you.  

“And so I’m guessing this little lion is Tessa then?” you said, kneeling down to pet the grey dog.  She happily let you pet her back as she flopped onto the cool cement.

“Yes, this is Tessa.  And I’m Tom by the way!” the brunette said, sticking his hand out. You pulled away from Tessa and stood up, shaking Tom’s hand.

“I’m Harrison,” the blonde waved from the ground.  

“Y/n, nice to meet you both,” you said as you stared at Tom. You swore you recognized him from something.  Memories raced in your head until you figured it out.  “Wait, aren’t you the guy who plays Spider-man?”

He laughed and Harrison stood up, still holding onto Monty.  You tried not to get too caught up in his chocolate brown eyes and the way his eyes wrinkled when he smiled.

“Yup, that’s me,” he admitted with a slight blush on his face.

“That’s pretty cool,” you said trying not to externally freak out that freaking Spider-man was talking to you.  

“Yeah, it’s a pretty cool job and Haz is my assistant so I always get to be with him,” he chuckled.

“Mmph, always having to get you your Starbucks,” Haz mumbled, causing you to giggle.

There was an awkward silence in the fresh air.  You all awkwardly stood there as the dogs continued to pant.

“Do you want to get some coffee with us? I mean, we can bring the dogs to my house and then go,” Tom spoke as he looked into your eyes.  You graciously smiled at both boys.

“I would love too.  I’m visiting here for a little actually and I’d love to see some places.”

“That’s funny, we are leaving here next Wednesday!” Haz laughed.

“Hm, this is becoming a little weird because I’m leaving that day too,” you awkwardly smiled, realizing this has to be some sort of weird faith stuff.

“Well then, it must have been fate that we all met.”