that is only volume 1

“Story Time! Once a guy tried out an app and it changed his life. Thank you, Vine”

Yes, Vine. Thank you for bringing Thomas Sanders into my life! And can I just wanna say that I’m incredibly thankful that Vine was a thing!? And since I’ve done so many I felt the need to do one last Vine related drawing since it ended today!

Thomas, thank you so much for being the stupendous individual that you are and continue to be! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow over these past 4 years!! I’m so freakin proud of you! And with Vine ending I feel we just finished the most recent chapter, that was just volume 1! Your story has only begun, Thomas! And honestly I can’t wait to see where it goes! I love you to the moon and back! ✌🏾️💜💚


Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.


DC Challenge 52|| Week 15: A character you’d want to be

 ↳ Wonder Woman (because who doesn’t want to be wonder woman?)

stormears  asked:

Will Scavenger's Hoard ever discuss the TFA comic adaptation? I've only read volume 1 and seen scattered screenshots online, but I know it has a few differences from the movie (Hux's manic grin comes to mind) and I wondered those differences were most just tiny, cosmetic changes to speed things along or any of them actually had meaning that was worth talking about.

Hi there,

We might! I haven’t read the whole thing, but we’ve discussed little bits of it here and there in previous episodes. This panel, in particular, comes to mind…

The Planets

Each planet is strong in the sign that it rules; this is the sign of its dignity. When a planet is in the sign it rules, it is dignified. This strengthens our response to it.

Every planet also has one sign, apart from the one it rules, where it expresses itself harmoniously; this is the sign of its exaltation. The complementary forces are increased and the virtues magnified. 

When a planet is in the sign opposite to the one it rules, it is the sign of its detrimentIt does not operate at full power and takes on more of the sign’s than the planet’s coloration.

When a planet is in the sign opposite to its exaltation, it is in the sign of its fall. Here it has difficulty expressing its real nature.

When visualizing the travel of these planets through the twelve signs of the zodiac, please keep in mind that we are referring to the movement of the planets around the Sun, calculated in Earth time, with the exception of the Moon which travels around the Earth . The Moon is not a planet .

The discovery of new planets does not upset the principles of astrology . Astrologers from ancient times have known that there were more planets influencing our life on Earth than they were aware of . The trans-uranium metals did not upset chemistry when they were first discovered . In like fashion astrology was not upset with the discovery of Uranus in 1781 coincidental with the industrial revolution and the harnessing of electricity, nor by the discovery of Neptune in 1846, heralding a time of metaphysics and the birth of psychoanalysis, nor by the discovery of Pluto in 1930, just prior to the beginning of the atomic age, the rise of dictatorships and the rebirth of under-world crime .  Keep the possible discovery of newer planets in mind while studying the planets discovered thus far .  

If you know the descriptions of the signs, you know that both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury . Originally, when only the Sun, Moon and five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, were known, each was given the rulership over two signs . While the Sun and Moon are technically known as luminaries, they are commonly referred to as planets . The Sun ruled only Leo, and the Moon ruled only Cancer . However, Mars ruled both Aries and Scorpio; Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces; and Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius .

As the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) were discovered, they were given the rulership of Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio respectively after careful observation and study . However, to this day, Jupiter is considered to be a sub-ruler of Pisces, Saturn a sub-ruler of Aquarius, and Mars a co-ruler of Scorpio . In the future, if astronomers discover two more planets (as many astrologers predict they will), we will probably have a planetary ruler for each sign . There is a school of thought that says Earth is the ruler of Taurus . Keep this in mind as a possibility to be explored further .

Over time, these descriptions will become more and more precise .

Moon  ☽

Rules (Dignity): Cancer  ♋
Exaltation: Taurus  ♉
Detriment: Capricorn  ♑
Fall: Scorpio  ♏
Glyph: Moon in first quarter
Represents: Domestic, nurturing urge
Keyword: Emotions
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach, fluid balance of the body, digestion, glandular secretions, left eye of male, right eye of female

Takes 28 days to complete one cycle .

The Moon’s influence in the chart is very important because it is the closest planet to the Earth and moves through the zodiac rapidly . It represents the female principle: mother, wife, and women generally . Instincts, moods, tides, phases, receptivity, fluctuations, feelings, habit patterns, reflex actions. Its action fluctuates and changes . Governs personal interests, desires, needs, magnetism, growth and fertility, the need to touch, impressionability and consciousness . It rules liquids, commodities, sailing, brewing, nursing, trades-people and the public in general . Where you find the Moon in the chart shows where you are subject to emotional ups and downs .

Mercury  ☿

Rules: Gemini ♊,  Virgo  ♍
Exaltation: Aquarius  ♒
Detriment: Sagittarius  ♐, Pisces  ♓
Fall: Leo  ♌
Glyph: Winged cap of god Mercury
Represents: Intellectual urge, the avenue of expression
Keyword: Reasoning ability
Anatomy: Nervous system, brain, sight, mouth, tongue, respiratory system, hands and arms, general ruler of all hormones

Takes 88 days to complete one orbit of the Sun .

Never located more than 28 degrees distant from the Sun . Considered neuter . Rules reason, ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion and sensory perceptions . Its action is quick, uncertain, volatile . Deals with travel (especially short trips), brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighborhood activities, letters and mailings, means of transportation, trade, emotional capacity and technique . Where you find Mercury in the chart shows where and how you communicate the best .

Venus  ♀

Rules: Taurus ♉, Libra ♎
Exaltation: Pisces ♓
Detriment: Scorpio ♏ , Aries ♈
Fall: Virgo ♍
Glyph: Mirror of vanity of the goddess Venus
Represents: Social urge, sense of value
Keyword: Affection
Anatomy: Throat, chin, cheeks, sense of taste, kidneys, ovaries, internal reproductive organs, venous blood circulation, sensory organs of skin

Takes 224.5 days for one orbit of the Sun .

Never located more than 46 degrees distant from the Sun . Venus is the planet of love; in early times it was called the lesser benefic . Rules art, culture, aesthetics, possessions, partners, beauty, charm, good taste, sentimentality, sweets and sugar, color, harmony, poetry, paintings, jewelry, singing, drama and music . Venus’s action is gentle and harmonious . Governs emotional contacts, tenderness, moral character, marriage and unions of all kinds . Also, sociability, disposition, luxuries, pleasure and appreciation . Venus is the planet of love and sensuality, not sex . Where you find Venus in the chart shows what you really enjoy .  

Sun ☉

Rules: Leo  ♌
Exaltation: Aries ♈
Detriment: Aquarius ♒
Fall: Libra ♎
Glyph: Shield of Helios, or circle of infinity (the dot represents the person within)
Represents: Power urge, personality, ego
Keyword: Inner self
Anatomy: The heart, upper back, spleen, circulatory system, the sperm, right eye of male and left eye of female 

Takes one year to complete the cycle of the zodiac .

The Main expression of the individual . Shows the qualities of leadership and success . It represents the masculine principle, the father, husband and men in general . The Sun rules health, vital principles, authority and bosses, rank, title, high office, progress, dignity, energy, sense of identity and capacity for experience . Its action is fortifying and vitalizing . Where you find the Sun in the chart is the life and heart of the horoscope; this is where you want to shine .

Mars  ♂

Rules: Aries ♈
Co-Rules: Scorpio ♏
Exaltation: Capricorn ♑
Detriment: Libra ♎ , Taurus ♉
Fall: Cancer ♋
Glyph: Shield and spear of Mars, the god of War
Represents: Action, aggressive urge, initiative
Keyword: Energy
Anatomy: The muscular system, external reproductive organs, head and face, red blood corpuscles, motor nerves, bladder, adrenal glands

Takes 22 months, almost 2 years to complete one cycle of the zodiac

Deals with your animal nature, desire and sexual energies . Shows ambition, force, power, construction, work, strife, competition and death . Governs surgery and operations, weapons, war, accidents, inflammation, wounds and cuts, burns, scalds, violence, tools, iron and steel . In earlier times it was known as the lesser malefic . Mars’s action is sudden, self-assertive and disruptive . Mars can be used destructively and angrily, in a fighting way, or with courage and strength . Where you find Mars in the horoscope is where you expend the greatest energy .

Jupiter  ♃

Rules: Sagittarius ♐
Sub-rules: Pisces ♓
Exaltation: Cancer ♋
Detriment: Gemini ♊
Fall: Capricorn ♑
Glyph: First letter of the Greek spelling for the god Zeus
Represents: Benevolent, protective urge 
Keyword: Expansion
Anatomy: Arterial blood circulation, the liver, thighs, hips, feet, right ear, upper forehead, glycogen and fatty tissues, pancreas

Takes about 12 years for one cycle (about one sign per year)

Rules wealth, leisure time, big business, the higher mind, optimism, height, growth, morality, prosperity and indulgence . Also higher education, philosophic reasoning, aspirations, sports, luck, long-distance travel, hunting and fondness for animals . Jupiter is the judge, the lawmaker and the helper . In earlier times Jupiter was known as the greater benefic . Jupiter’s action is orderly and promotes health and growth . Where you find Jupiter in the horoscope is where you often have good fortune and like to spend your leisure time .

Saturn ♄

Rules: Capricorn ♑
Sub-rules: Aquarius ♒
Exaltation: Libra ♎
Detriment: Cancer ♋
Fall: Aries ♈
Glyph: Sickle of Chronos, the god of time
Represents: Urge for security and safety
Keyword: The teacher
Anatomy: The skin, the skeletal system (including the teeth), ligaments, knees, left ear and auditory organs, gall bladder, parathyroid glands, body protein

Takes 28-30 years for one cycle

Rules form, discipline, responsibility, organization, ambition, capacity for a career, limitations, sorrows and delays . Saturn rules theories and scientific law, older persons, depth, patience, timing, tradition, conventionality, orthodoxy and productive use of time . Saturn represents the principles of truth, of contraction, of solidification, of wisdom and of aging . Its action is slow and lasting . Saturn is the taskmaster of the horoscope . In earlier times it was known as the greater malefic . Where you find Saturn in the horoscope is where you feel least secure and tend to overcompensate .

Uranus ♅  ⛢

Rules: Aquarius ♒
Exaltation: Scorpio ♏
Detriment: Leo ♌
Fall: Taurus ♉
Glyph: Derivation of letter “H” for its discoverer, Herschel, in 1781. The second astronomical symbol for Uranus is a circle with a dot at its center, with a spear pointing off the top. This symbol for Uranus is actually combination of the symbol for the Sun mixed with the symbol for Mars. In Greek mythology, Uranus represented heaven, and represents the combined power of the Sun and spear of Mars.
Represents: Freedom urge (”divine discontent”)
Keyword: The awakener
Anatomy: The higher nervous system, body electricity, the ankles

Takes 84 years for one cycle

Rules inventions, originality, science, electricity, magic, the occult, light, astrology, psychology, x-rays, airplanes and insight into nature’s laws . It is futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual, eccentric, bohemian, egotistical and utopian . It also governs creative will, sudden change, revolution and dictators, individualism, ingenuity, rebellions and autonomy . Its action is sudden, unexpected and often violent . Uranus is a breaker of traditions . It is neutral and sexless and considered by many to be the upper octave of Mercury and the first of the transcendental planets . Recent research also associates Uranus with natural disasters, particularly earthquakes . Where you find Uranus in the horoscope is where you tend to do the most unusual .

Neptune ♆

Rules: Pisces ♓
Exaltation: N/A
Detriment: Virgo ♍
Fall: N/A
Glyph: Trident of Poseidon, the sea god
Represents: Spiritual or escapist urge
Keyword: Intuition
Anatomy: The spinal column, nerve fibers, feet, pineal gland, telepathic functions, white corpuscles of the blood, kinesthetic functions

Takes 165 years for one cycle 

Rules maritime matters, liquids, music, movies, stage and television, glamour, dreams, illusion, delusion, spirituality, ideals, mystique, hunches and the things we take deeply for granted in life without questioning . Rules fog, petroleum, mystery, anesthetics, flattery, intangibles, fragrances, second sight, love of poetry, color and dancing . Neptune governs drugs and drug addiction, alcoholism, hypochondria, sleep-walking, trances, hypnosis, immateriality and abnormality .Neptune’s action is subtle, gradual and sometimes insidious . It is the higher octave of Venus . Where you find Neptune in the chart is where you tend to deceive yourself and/or others; it is also where you seek the ideal .

Pluto ♇ 

Rules: Scorpio ♏
Exaltation: N/A
Detriment: Taurus ♉
Fall: N/A
Glyph: One is derived from the letters “PL” for its discoverer, Percival Lowell, in 1930; the other represents the cross of matter topped by the crescent moon and above hovers circle of infinity
Represents: Destroying or reforming urge, fusion
Keyword: Transformation
Anatomy: The eliminative and reproductive systems, pituitary glad, abnormal growths (warts, tumors, birthmarks, moles, etc.)

Takes 248 years for one cycle (estimates)

Pluto traditionally rules the underworld and that which is hidden from view (including the unknown worlds within you, your submerges or subconscious self) . Also represents all replication processes like conception and printing . Pluto governs the masses, waste, subversion, atomic power and crime . It rules phobias and obsessions, slow growth, group factors, transmutation, beginnings and endings, birth and death, isolation, coercion, disappearance, kidnapping, anonymity, bacteria and viruses . Represents generation, regeneration and degeneration . It exposes that which has been developed secretly or undercover . It governs vacancy, plumbing, dictatorships, unpopular causes and the exclusive . Pluto’s action is slow, ponderous and inevitable . It is considered a higher octave of Mars . Where you find Pluto in the chart you’ll find complexity; it is where you’ll have to solve problems alone and unaided .


Rules: Taurus ♉ (tentative)
Detriment: Scorpio ♏ (tentative)
Keyword: Reality

Earth is always the exact opposite of the Sun by sign, degree and house placement . It shows how and where you meet the world . It related to the physical plane and mundane matters . It represents your mission in life .

Team WTCH (plus Emerald and Mercury)

Okay, we’ve only seen Salem’s full team in Volume 4, Chapter 1.  We know that it consists of Watts, Tyrian, Cinder, and Hazel (plus Cinder’s “posse” that is Emerald and Mercury).  But the only ones that we really know a lot about are Emerald and Mercury.  We don’t even know much about Cinder’s past, her reasons for joining Salem or any of the other people’s reasons for joining.  So I’m going to try my best to break down what kinds of people Team WTCH are, and why Salem chose them to help her in her plan.

Let’s start with Watts.  He goes by his last name.  Usually, people that choose to be addressed by their last names are people that consider themselves high on the authority list, and Watts did mention that he’s not particularly fond of failure.  My guess is that he’s some kind of scientist, since his name hints at electricity. And according to Salem, he has a doctorate in something.  So I think it’s safe to say that Watts is “the smart one.” I imagine that he’s kind of like Ironwood, except he’s in charge of some kind of underground mechanic/science network that is based in Mistral, which is where Salem sends him in “The Next Step”.  I think that if the name “Watts” was ever mentioned to people like Ironwood, Papa Schnee, Glynda, or maybe even Winter, they would know exactly who he is.  Salem wants him for information about military and business.

I think it was obvious from the moment Tyrian appeared in Volume 4 that he was supposed to be a wild card.  He gave off a maniacal vibe from the moment he spoke, and the way that he moves is erratic and fast.  He’s completely unpredictable, and he throws the audience for a loop several times.  If it weren’t for Salem, I’d think that it would be impossible to control him.  But that’s another thing: he’s completely loyal to Salem, even going so far as to call her a goddess in Episode 6.  To Salem, Tyrian is a weapon that she can throw into the mix to make things even messier.  Plus there is the fact that he’s an Arachnid faunus, a type of faunus that we haven’t seen until Tyrian’s introduction, so it’s safe to assume that Arachnid fauna are rare and/or endangered.  Until Salem orders him after Ruby, Tyrian’s job was to hunt down the Spring Maiden.  So we can assume that Tyrian (aside from just being there to wreak havoc) is Salem’s personal assassin.

Cinder is probably going to be the easiest, since we thought that she was the main villain until Salem’s reveal at the end of Volume 3.   I can guess that Cinder was chosen specifically by Salem to become the Fall Maiden because of her already impressive usage of Dust.  When Cinder only managed to take half of Amber’s power, Salem sent her to handle affairs in Mistral and Vale while she searched for the rest of Amber’s power.  So, long story short, Cinder is supposed to be the voice of Salem in Remnant.  I have a head-canon that Salem can’t leave that dark Grimm place, so she sent Cinder to be her eyes and ears in Remnant, particularly Mistral and Vale, where the Fall Maiden was and where the White Fang was stirring up trouble.  Cinder was on a long leash, and was allowed to have several soldiers of her own: Neo, Roman, Adam, Emerald, and Mercury.  Now that she’s been weakened by Ruby, I don’t know what Salem has in store for her…but I still think that she’s Salem’s favorite at this time, which is why she’s allowed to “keep” Emerald and Mercury.  The duo has proven to be very useful, especially Emerald.  I imagine Salem will make use of them soon.

Which brings us to Hazel.  We really don’t have much to go off of here, since we only have what he said and how he looks.  I posted a small theory here about how Ghira Belledona and Hazel might be related, but other than that, I don’t think I can figure out much of his past.  What I am certain of is that Hazel, in place of Cinder, controls Salem’s affiliations with the White Fang.  Which leads me to believe that Hazel, like Tyrian, is a faunus as well.  He also seems to have the most knowledge about the silver-eyed warriors and Salem would want to keep someone like that around.

But that’s all I’ve got.  Tell me what you guys think of Team WTCH.  Though Tyrian specifically has become a favorite in Volume 4, I’m very curious about the other two.  What do you think?

Manga for Sale

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edgarallanrose  asked:

Yoooo in that picture of your yoi haul, is that the season 1 DVD?? Is that available for purchase now?

Sooo, yeah, this is a YOI Blu Ray, which is available from CD Japan among others.  It’s GLORIOUS looking, especially if you’ve been trying to use the CrunchyRoll TV app (which kinda sucks dude).

HOWEVER, there’s some stuff you gotta know, which is:

**This is only VOLUME 1, and literally has only episode 1-2.  The entire season (which is not all released yet) is gonna be 6 volumes.

**Nooooo English subtitles (though you probs have memorized it already)


**Costs in the range of $60.  Yeah, that’s 60 smackers for just two episodes.  Making it ruinously expensive and probs not one of our more sterling life decisions.

Owari no Seraph Light Novel Vampire Michaela’s Story Volume 2

Now, don’t we have some awesome shit going on~ This is long but I do recommend you read ALL of it *wink wink*, otherwise you will miss out some interesting details~

Tell me what you think!

This time it’s a text-heavy volume with only 1 illustration.

I finished the novel two days ago so I might have forgotten some parts, sorry.

The novel starts with young Mika and Yuu still living as livestock at the vampire city and they see a 12 year old girl about to get raped by 16 year old boys. They comment that since the world ended these 16-year olds are the oldest people on earth now so they are the strongest. They save the girl but get beaten up. Yuu screams that humans should be fighting not between themselves but against the vampires. Boys laugh and say it’s futile. As they start beatin up Mika, Mika says that he’s one of Ferid’s favourites so they should know their place if they want to live. Boys get scared and run away. Yuu didn’t hear that, fortunately.

Then the story goes back to Ferid (At that time), he was drawing a map. The narration comments that this map is part of the plan that had been created within several hundreds years. Obviously, Ferid is drawing the vampire city map for Mika to find it and try to escape. Crowley sees it and asks why does Ferid bother drawing it himself (Crowley doesn’t know what Ferid’s doing) and Ferid says that it’s more entertaining this way - doing things himself. Crowley doesn’t have interest in it. The only thing he seems ot have interest in is blood since he came while he was hungry to Ferid’s place as they promised in the first volume of the novel.

Then the story of Crowley and Ferid’s past continues.

So Sibert is dead (Was his name Sibert in English?), the main knight. Roy, one of Crowley’s former partners comes to Crowley’s house and tells him rather forcefully to come back to the knights and go to Sibert’s funeral but Crowley refuses. The actual reason is that he’s waiting for Ferid who promised to come in the afternoon for him to go the place just outisde the town to the man who made that silver needle they found in one of the prostitue’s bodies in volume 1. (they already knew the name of the man, apparently). So Crowley thought that if he returned to the knights guild the search for Silbert’s murderer would be postponed, so he chose to search for him instead of attending the funeral.

But Ferid comes late, he come in the evening in his carriage. So it takes them 1-2 days to get to their destination but when they come they see that everyone’s dead. The whole small town is dead (over 30 people). And the majority of them have sword cuts across the back which look like there all running. Some of the inhabitants are hung upside down and have their blood drained, men, women, kids - everyone is dead. Ferid enters one of the houses and lies down on the bed and tries to sleep asking Crowley to wait until night since Ferid hates the sun. Apparently his sun-protecting ring is not working. But then the 6 year old boy runs from underneath the bed with a knife. But Crowley catches him and says he’s one of the knights’ guild. He doesn’t want to let the boy outside since his parents are hanging upside down there but Ferid’s ring starts working, and he tells Crowley that he can explain everything now so Crowley shoudl ask the boy to go outside. Crowley tells the boy about his dead parents and tells him to run to the carriage. The boy does as told.
So the thing is that Ferid says he has an idea who the culprit is, and that he’s not alone, and asks Crowley to use his head. So Crowley realizes that so many people couldn’t be killed by just one person, and that it wasn’t a vampire, because he wouldn’t use a sword. So Crowley gets angry at Ferid, since the traces are pretty fresh, and they would’ve met the culprits if Ferid wasn’t late.

BUT Ferid reveals that the culprit is the upper echelon of the knights’ guild. Making such a needle that they found would require a lot of time and money (So the worker would have to refuse other orders for a while), so only a noble could order such a thing. And the guy that did was the one that fought in a squad different from Crowley’s - Nard Bine. He’s a noble from a noble family but he got excluded from the guild because after they returned from the crusade he got nuts saying that he saw a blood-sucking monster on the battlefield and kept on blabbering that one would be immortal if one drank blood. So he killed animals, even the servants of his own house to drink their blood, and so on. So basically, if I remember correct, the guild made it the way as if he was the one that made the order for that needle to frame him as the “vampire” for the murders later to execute him, and also to frame him for Sibert’s murder. Then Crowley realzies that Roy and Crowley himself will be killed too (I don’t remember the connection here). Ferid says yeah, if Crowley arrived to thos town earlier or if he went to the funeral he would be dead. However, Roy will 100% die (And it’s implied that he dies). However, Ferid “As a true friend” came to pick up Crowley on purpose and decided on that exact day to go to this town on purpose to protect him. Crowley says that he never asked for that protection. So they return to the city. Some time later (I think 1 month? later), the whole city is in fear since more people died, especially noble knights like Roy and so on, so everyone’s scared to go outside so it’s quiet at night, he could only hear the laughing voices of the upper echelon of the knights guild men. So he kills everyone there at night. Some of the tremble and fall t othe ground in fear and tell him that they did it all for the sake of the guild and honor and Crowley had to blame anyone for this whole thing then there are over a hundred people involved. Crowley kills them all. Ferid comes to pick him up.
So the kid Crowley saved from the the small town called Maren started living with him, since he was too young to do anything on his own. Thank to him the whole house was always super clean. Crowley would continue earning his living by teaching swordship to youngsters and Maren. Jose and Maren got along vey well. One day Ferid came to Crowley’s place and told him that (Well, one thing le to another) that Nard Bine would be executed two days from now, so if they want to see him and talk about the monster he saw (if he was the same thing Crowley saw) today was the day. Ferid says that he found that out from someone of a very high position. They go to the Bine mansion in the late in the evening. The whole thing looks haunted, it stinks.
They find Bine in one of the rooms, he’s very thin and looks insane. There’s a big barrel of blood in the middle of the room, and Bine is sitting near it sucking with loud sounds blood out of a dead woman. Ferid disappears. Crowley starts talking to Bine. Bine’s insane but he tells Crowley that the monster he saw at the battlefield had red eyes, and long silver hair. At that moment Ferid appears from behind Bine (Crowley narrates that he didn’t even notice how that happened), and slices Bine’s neck. Crowley connects the facts, and realizes that it was Ferid whom Bine saw there, and realizes that it was Ferid who killed his comrades. Then Crowley hears from outside that the knights of the guild came and they yell that it’s time for Bine’s execution, and he realizes that Ferid lied to him, and the execution was today. Crowley says that Ferid can have his life and begs Ferid to keep those knights alive. Ferid says that Crowley’s like Sibert who said the same thing when Ferid killed him and sucked his blood. When Crowley realizes that Ferid killed Sibert he launches attack at Ferid, but of course he’s not match for him. His arms broken, and lots of injuries Crowley realizes he’s going to die without having protected anyone. Ferid says that he’s going to kill everyone dear to him. Then he says that he’ll give Crowley a present, and pours some liquid into Crowley mouth. Then Crowley loses consciousness.
When Crowley comes to his senses he sees that Ferid indeed killed all the knights. He also notices that he can see at night just fine and also that the nature, everything about this world looks so incredibly beautiful now… but he doesn’t feel anything about it now, he doesn’t care. The only feeling he has now is thirst. Thirst for something. Oh and also all his organs and heart stopped working, the blood doesn’t flow inside his body anymore. All injuries are cured. At lightning speed he runs to his house only to find it empty. Then he runs to ferid’s mansion and sees that Jose  is lying on the dining table sleeping. Ferid enters the room as he finishes drinking Maren’s blood, and says the blood that you drink just before a human dies is the most delicious (=Maren’s dead). Then he offers Crowley to help himself and rink Jose’s blood. Crowley tries to fight Ferid but even having become a vampire now he’s no match for Ferid at this moment. Ferid tells him that vampires have no goals in living for they live eternally, and the only way to a vampire is a silver bullet or cut his head from the body, for example, and never let them stick back together. So Ferid says he will give a goal to Crowley’s existance - think only of Ferid and of his revenge. At that moment Jose wakes up and sees Crowley. Unbearably thirsty, scared and ashamed to let Jose see him like this Crowley runs away.
Crowley leaves the city. Dozens of years go by (I believe around 50 years?). He travels around the world and realizes that there’s quite a number vampires living in this world. He keeps on searching for Ferid who disappeared from that very city back then. Crowley confronts the 11th progenitor about where Ferid is. Somehow it turns into a fight and Crowley thinks the progenitor’s too weak. He easily cuts off his head and takes his sword that becomes stronger when it drink’s its owner’s blood. The progenitor yells that Crowley seems younger than him but who’s his master (who turned him into a vampire), and who the hell is he since he’s super strong. Crowley doesn’t know what to reply. He continues wandering around the world. One day he wanders into a battlefield full of dead bodies. Seeing knights with crosses on their necks he realizes that it’s a religious war once again. Then he sees a man with a white beard holding onto his cross and dying on the ground. He realizes it’s Jose. Jose recognizes him immediately. Jose asks if he’s seeing a dream for he sees Crowley who disppeared long ago, and he still looks the same. Jose says that he continued with his sword training like Crowley instructed him, sometimes he played hooky but he tried his best. Crowley thinks at this moment that all his training doesn’t even matter for people still die like this. As his last dying words Jose asks if he had become a splendid knight in the end, and dies. Crowley closes Jose’s eyes and murmurs that “At least you died on the battlefield. You’re a far more splendid knight that the me that can’t even die anymore. So you can be at ease and sleep now, Jose.”
Some time later after that he accidentally heard that there was a public house who’s owner was a weirdo pervert that collected boys and girls. The moment Crowley went to that weirdo’s mansion he realized it was Ferid because no matter how much people, fashion and country changed, Ferid’s tastes and style were still the same (=over the top). A young girl greets him and asks if he’s Crowley Eusford and says that Ferid’s waiting for him. As Ferid looks at the girl he realizes that Ferid’s words that he never lied his hands on any of his children was true (because vampires have no interest in anything but blood, even in sex). He enters Ferid’s office. Ferid playfully asks who he is for he doesn’t remember. Crowley doesn’t buy it and says that the kid obviously knew his name and Ferid was waiting for him. Ferid asks what Crowley came for. Crowley says revenge. Ferid asks for whom. Crowley says for his friends. Ferid asks if he remembers his names. Crowley does. But does he remember their faces? Crowley realizes he doesn’t anymore. It’s implied that too much time has passed already, so Crowley gives up on revenge. He complains in his usual tone that he got tired searching for Ferid but Ferid says that he still gave him a goal to make his life more interesting. Crowley realizes Ferid’s right. Ferid says that vampires are forgotten and hated by God, being a vampire is a curse - never being able to die while the humans that you love die, and as time passes, you forget you love for them, as well you forget their names, faces - everything. Living as a vampire is difficult. Crowley asks why did Ferid give this curse to him then. Ferid says (again, he used to say it before but Crowley never believed him) that he wanted a friend. Because Crowley will understand soon that leading an immortal life and being alone is incredibly difficult. Crowley asks if Ferid gave him his own blood but Ferid says he gave him blood of his master because if Ferid gave Crowley his own blood Crowley would be weaker in a lot of aspects than Ferid and Ferid found that stupid and boring. Ferid’s “master” and the one that turned him into the vampire and who’s blood Crowley drank is the Second Progenitor. Crowley asks where he is now. Ferid says he doesn’t know but he heard rumors that he got involved with some human organization and goes by the name “Saitou” now (those who read Guren’s novels got really excited now, ne ne NE??????). So Ferid says the official version would be that Crowley’s master is Ferid so that would make him the 13th Progenitor although in reality of course he’s stronger. Crowley asks why. Ferid says it’s banned to use the other noble’s blood to turn human into a vampire. If other vampires knew, Ferid and Crowley would be put into stone and left like that forever - worst punishment for the vampires. Crowley asks if that means he’s as strong as Ferid now. They have a short fight and Ferid easily overpowers Crowley. Ferid says that vampires naturally become stronger with age. “So dear Crowley-kun, live longer, become stronger”. Crowley also notices that Ferid’s swordsmanship is the result of strict training and wonders what kind of weird style it is.
Ferid also reveals that there’s more than just one noble at each position. For example, there are 12 vampires who are the 12th progenitors, 11 vampires who are 11th progenitors and so on. So Crowley counts and realizes there are around 210 nobles all in all, and that’s not many if you think they’re scattered all over the world. Crowley asks if Ferid needs Crowley’s help in getting his own revenge for the loved ones (I don’t remember the reason Crowley named). Ferid doesn’t reply but he tells him to live long and become stronger before he’ll be able to be of any help to him. By the way, somewhere in the beginning of this conversation Ferid laughs at how Crowley’s humanity was ruined since since becoming vampire Crowley has had to eat=drink blood which meant injuring and killing tons of people. Crowley (in his thoughts) admits that at first he couldn’t do it. But later he would eat once every 3 days because otherwise he would turn into an uncotrollable demon, and of course because it was once every 3 days he would kill a human because of his thirst. At first he felt remorse for that but then he stopped counting and feeling anything at all. I guess he started looking at people the same way he looked at food.
At the end of the story Ferid offers Crowley to to travel for around 200 years together but before that let’s have some food, and asks what Crowley would like since he used to like meat, fish and wine back then. Crowley laughs and asks to drink blood. End of Ferid and Crowley’s story in this volume.

The next chapter starts with Ferid’s thoughts. In fact, narration here is from his point of view. So he narrates that Krul knew about Owari no Seraph experiments and he found out about the fact that she kept those kids from Hyakuya orphanage that were experimented on. But Krul thought Ferid only wanted more power so he turn her back on whatever he did. Although she was mistaken. Ferid narrates that this plan was thought of hundreds and hundreds years earlier, and the time to accomplish this plan has come now. The plan for Yuu to escape was true all along, since there was his ‘aquiantance’ who would take care of Yuu. So the little performance he did when Mika, Yuu and other kids tried to run was only acting all along. To him kids’ moves were too slow. He injured Mika on purpose to lure out Krul because it was not a plan for him to die. He also decided to take the bullet from Yuu’s gun into his brain even though he knew he’d lose consciousness for a while because he thought that doing things like that and knowing what’s going to happen next was more interesting. So when he gain consciousness Krul came and saved Mika. Ferid always that Mika’s blood was the most delicious and had to keep himself in check even though the whole place was reeking of Mika’s blood. Ferid also narrates that no wonder Krul also had interest in Mikaela, because a child with a Mikaela factor/gene was super rare and difficult to find (no explanation here). As Krul and Ferid talk Ferid keeps on speakin gin his playful manner saying that he likes Krul and all. Krul says that he only likes her status. Ferid jokes about it but his thoughts are serious as he thinks that she couldn’t be more wrong, and he couldn’t care less about that. The thing he had just started doing is picking a fight with the vampire council, and it’s  on a whole different level, and it’s a good thing Krul is so naive, naive and kind. Because as they talk Ferid thinks that in this situation Krul, as the queen, has to kill Ferid for what he’s done because she knows he let these kids go on purpose. She must have done so, and this thought excites Ferid. But she doesn’t, so Ferid thinks she’s too naive and too kind. Krul leaves with Mikaela. As she walk away, Ferid thinks that she will definitely save him and turn him into a vampire, and so there will be one more monster. Another sad cursed story of a vampire will start.

The last chapter is kinda like an epilogue, and is narrated through Mika’s eyes. Two years since he became a vampire. He hasn’t drank human blood yet, only Krul’s. He’s surrounded with hated vampires so he has no one to talk to. “Since having become a vampire… the world has become so beautiful. But I have no interest in anything but blood. It’s a life of despair”. (By the way, Crowley and Ferid say the same thing). But there’s still something human left in him. Mika thinks he wants to meet Yuu. Just once is enough. Not for blood, not for food but because he’s family, he wants to save him. Then Mika picks a fight with a vampire. But Crowley stops the fight (“Oi, stop right there. Your enemy are humans. Don’t waste time on stupid quarrels in such strong rain”) and Mika narrates that he’s going on a mission and Ferid and Crowley are in command. Mika narrates that there are quite a few noble coming. Then Ferid standing behind Crowley asks if everyone’s ready for they are going to kill ALL the human conducting the “Owari no Seraph” experiment. Mika thinks that he hates Ferid. Ferid comes up to Mika and asks how he’s doing and if he’s gotten used to being a vampire. Then he invites Mika to his mansion and he would tell him about his past. But Mika says he has no interest in it. Ferid chuckles and says that his story would be of great interest to Mika, but yeah, let’s finish the mission at first. Mika narrates that they went to destroy a human organization in Europe. And he says that since that day he witnessed human’s stupidity, the horror of those experiments. Two years passed by, he never drank human blood so he didn’t stop growing. “So it’s a 14 year old vampire Mikaela’s story”.

The next volume is due in fall 2016. “The nightmare that Mikaela encountered since becoming a vampire, and Ferid’s past. As one thing is revealed after another, "Their (these men’s) truth!” “He too is one of Fate (written in katakana - Mikaela’s)’s imprisoners”.

By the way, when Crowley was still human he asked when Ferid gained interest in Crowley, and Ferid replies that it was 100 or 200 years ago, and it’s not a joke, so it means all was planned long before Crowley was born. And it’s also implied that Ferid was born before year 1000.

Also, as the end of Ferid’s narration he says that even though Krul’s weak and naive (although, of course, stronger than him) she must have her own darkness and secrets he doesn’t know. And maybe she even has her own plan. Because (it’s Ferid’s guess), Krul’s devotion (apparently to the council and vampires) died when her older brother, the FIRST progenitor Ashera It’s not a typo, the book says “Ashera”) Tepes disappeared.

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Imagine yourself in Seoul, when it suddenly starts raining. You run to take shelter somewhere and find this alley, behind a modest building. But when you get closer, you can hear deep bass coming from inside. If you listen closely, you can hear voices rapping along… and damn are they good

My new rehearsal version for @yoongisbf !! A present from your now-not-so-secret santa ♡ (psst it’s only pt 1) 

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