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Super Star (Part 1)

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Request: Can I please request one where Jensen is a huge movie star? He’s out one night by himself and starts to get mobbed by fans/paparazzi. So he runs and hides in a shop that belongs to the reader. She doesn’t see it happen so she closes up the store with him inside. Then Jensen pops out from his hiding place and freaks her out lol. Maybe she doesn’t recognize him?

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So this went different than I planned. Whoops…

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@heartthrobbiest (on Twitter) is watching The Flash filming right now. He just tweeted that Iris was fighting "a ninja guy" (one of the Samuroids) but then he deleted it. He has some pics and videos up though and it looks like it could be Candice.

Thanks for pointing out that it’s a Samuroid! And yes, it’s definitely Iris/Candice.

Same anon… Okay, it’s definitely her, someone even posted a clear close up shot of her. That’s my girl! The Samuroids can fly right? It looks like he’s taking her and flying away in one of the videos.

Yes, they have jet packs and can fly. My guess is either Iris has a plan that involves him taking her away, or her getting kidnapped is what makes Barry leave the Speedforce. Can’t decide which one I want more lol.

I don’t really want it to be the second option. As much as I love my WA I feel it would taint Barry’s sacrifice at he end of last season. Wouldn’t Barry undoing his sacrifice show he hasn’t really learned his lesson?

Only if he left without the Speedforce’s consent. My version would be more like Terminal Velocity, in which the Speedforce sees that Wally wants to be with Linda so bad (not that he’s actively trying to escape) and is like, “Oh alright, go be with your lightning rod.”

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Miraculous LadyBug Bodysuit Tutorial - Part 4:Spots On!

I’m alive I promise.

Sorry guys, I’ve been either very busy or very sick. And I’m finally free enough and well enough to make the end of this thing! Also oh my gosh my tutorial has 268 notes all together so far?! And I’ve also seen some progress pictures and I just AHHH I’m so glad you all like it! Enough talking for now, lets get to it!

Reference Images I Used:

Front View

Side/Front/Full View

Back View 

And One more, but I couldn’t find it without getting a gif which I tried to avoid but there is one gif, so sorry if its yours! There are many ways you can get the dots on there, but I prefer sewing them on, you can do whatever you’d like though I would suggest still following along with the pattern I made for this! I stayed as canon as possible with them.

Now we get to use all that black fabric! So fold the fabric in half once                 -whichever way floats your boat- use some chalk or a fabric marker and something to make circles-try not to make them too big or small! (Ft. help from my friend Vyolet) We used an empty wet wipes container our art teacher didn’t need anymore, but you can use whatever you’d like, as long as its a circle of course! 

As you see, I’ve made smaller/larger dots(pus since you folded it that means more dots) DO NOT throw away the scrapes !!! You might need them in case you need to make more dots! 

Side note: use the smaller dots at first, as you see its about the size of my palm (I have smol hands so)

Now time to trace out the collar! As you see I had to do it a few times before I traced it onto a FOLDED piece of the black fabric! I traced the ends o the shirt and when from there.

Now you have two pieces cut out! Now pin and  sew it onto the collar!

Tadaaaa! Now onto the hell fun part!

Now lets start nice and easy so its not so overwhelming. We start with the chest! As you see it looks kind of like a cross, not a diamond shape. Like I said you can use a no stitch method or any you’d like but I myself sewed all of them by hand!

I stuck a writing board that I usually use to bare down on to do stuff on! Use anything were it can’t poke through the back, like cardboard or something! Then you can pin and sew it down. I also added the other three dots, as you see it makes a pattern in a way. A center dot at top&bottom of your chest, stomach,hands&feet, then go on from that. Make sure its all even before pinning it down! I took this at a weird angle so sorry heh ;-;

Now all you have to do is sew them in circles, make sure whatever you have inside the suit isn’t easy to poke into and has support! It might seem like a long time, but it’s easier done than said and can go by pretty fast! Now if you want- and I suggest-you can take the parts day by day like I did, section it off like so: front torso. arms, legs, and back. 

Now don’t forget the sides! It should really only take 2-4 dots, depending on the size.

Now what I did was kind of stupid, but what I suggest is cutting a piece of cardboard long enough for the arm and then pinning it down. I was just making sure the dots were in the right place before pinning them. I basically placed the dots on the fabric and it stuck pretty okay, I then slowly took it off my arm and pinned them, or had help pinning them when they were on my arm. The choice is yours. The arms were probably the hardest part because I was basically going in a circle, so just try it on every few dots and always look at reference pictures! And please, do not hesitate to send me an ask if you need help on this part!!(well any part really, but this is the hardest)

Okay, at this point you are about 50% done! Yay!! Now for the lovely legs.The pegs are like the torso, so it can go in a zig-zag form. I took the board out (do that for the arms too duh) and cute two medium sized pieces of cardboard for them and stuck them into the legs. After that, pin them down, you know the pattern by now kids. Go for the front and back first.

Just a few extra pictures on that, side note: I did two at a time! 

Do like the torso and sew dots onto the sides, and then you should be done! Now would be a good check point and look at your reference pictures to make sure everything is right.

You’re 75% done now! Yay! But back to business, It’s time for the back. As you see I chose a green zipper(I am ladynoir trash rip)but you can totally pick a red one, I in fact recommend it! I just did it because it reminded me of Chat lol, but if you want to follow in my path with that, I will also be showing on how to cover it up for pictures and such! As you see, I’ve pinned down the dots, and stick the board back in. It’s basically like the front, but with dots in the middle. Also The two dots at the bottom of her bottom (heh I’m punny) that as you see make a triangle like shape!

These are some close up shots of what I did for the back. As you can hopefully see, I set two dots on the zipper and cut them close enough to cover the zipper. After that, sewing time! With the ones in the middle I sewed it just close enough to the zipper, but gave myself room to be able to zip/unzip the suit.

Sooo close to being done! Now onto the hands and feet. I did like I did with the sleeves, but since I only sewed half way so I can take them off if needed (you do not have to do that, that is just an extra step!) so I easily pinned it down, just stick a piece of cardboard in if you don’t want to do that though.

It was pretty easy to pin down on the feet, all I had to do was pinch the part I was pinning, and made sure not to stick myself. There’s one on the front, and two on the ankles. Side note # 2 or 3: I made it to wear it’s covering the stitch some. You know the deal by now, sew it on down!

Now what I did to have a solid and safer feeling on the feet was I ripped out the soles of some old shoes. It was a little hard, but all I did was rip out some of the missing pieces and glued them in place with hot glue. Thankfully, I only had to do that for one. I then just simply stuck them to the bottom of the suit, and tried it on to make sure they were on the right way.

And here’s the final product!

(Ugh gross my face) Some extra/ close up shot, I hope this tutorial helped you and please feel free to message me or ask me any questions if you need any extra advice! :) Have a miraculous day/night!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Did you like the premiere?!?

YES! It was so good. One of the stronger premieres imo. We touched on every storyline. The dialogue was engaging and interesting. I loved all of it. Parts with Arya, Winterfell squad, The Hound, and Dany stuck out the most though. 

And yes, I loved the Ed Sheeran bit. I was wondering how they’d make him fit in, but it worked for me. GoT has had singing before, and his voice is soft enough to blend with the tone of the scene. The close up shot was a little obvious, but I adored the scene. It was a perfect contrast to Arya’s earlier scene. It humanized her arc, especially because those were Lannister soldiers. Very different compared to past run ins with soldiers, and you could see her eyeing the weapons and stuff. It was actually a pretty important scene for her when you think past Ed Sheeran lol. 

9/10 episode because I know that there will be grander ones to come this season. But definitely a 10/10 as far as season premieres go. 

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Hiya! I was hoping you might write an Isaac one shot with he and y/n being close friends, and she ends up getting dragged along to some party, and she's never really drank before, but she was having a rough day and randomly decides to try drinking alcohol when she finds herself on her own at the party. Later, Isaac finds her completely wasted and is like 'wtf are you drunk?!'etc. but she's totally out of it lol. So he ends up looking after (1)

(2)her ridiculous drunk self, who at some point of the night blurts out her secret feelings for him before carrying on like she didn’t say anything. And then the next day he helps her to deal with her first hangover, while mocking her for being such an idiot the night before, and trying to figure out when he should bring up what she said. :3 xoxo

Musical Inspiration: “Wild Things”- Alessia Cara, “Fools” - Lauren Aquilina

Warnings: underage drinking (at least, in America it is.)

You look around and can’t believe you let Malia talk you into coming here. Parties are so not your thing. Crowds typically make you uneasy and you don’t even really know many of these people.

“Here,” Malia appears at your side, offering you a drink in a red Solo cup. “It’ll relax you.”

You take a deep breath as you consider. On the one hand, you don’t really drink but on the other, you’ve had a really bad day. You’re flunking Honors Chemistry II and it’s too late to drop the class, one of your best friends isn’t talking to you, and your car is going to cost $387 that you don’t have to get it running again.

You take the drink and chug half of it before Malia can blink.

“Woah!” She says, pulling the cup away from your lips. “Slow it down, drunkie.”

You huff out a breath. “You told me—

“I said to drink it,” Malia says with a laugh. “Not inhale it.” She hands your drink back and pats your shoulder. “You alright?” She asks. Something’s obviously wrong if you’re already trying to drown your sorrows.

“Yeah,” you play it off. “I’ll be fine.”


Isaac finds you an hour later, drunk and feeling pleasantly free of worries.

“ISAAC!” You yell when you see him, wrapping your arms around his neck and nearly knocking him over with your momentum.

He catches you firmly, hands on your hips to keep the both of you from falling. “What the fuck, (Y/n)? Are you drunk?” He asks disbelieving. He knows you don’t usually drink. The two of you are pretty close and he knows how you worry.  Drinking could not only lead to you putting yourself in a bad situation but could also hurt the pack should you let something slip from your alcohol-loosened lips.

“Oh my goodness,” you slur a bit. “Why didn’t you tell me it was so nice?” You ask letting go of him with wide, wonder-filled eyes.

“Because I’ve never been drunk before?” Isaac answers, thinking you look so cute like this, happy and free from doubts and anxiety. “Alcohol doesn’t really work on me.”

“Oh,” you whisper. “Right. Because the…” You make a face that’s supposed to indicate fangs and curl your hands into some semblance of claws.

Isaac laughs, not even a little worried about someone catching on to your conversation. You look more like a drunk kitten than a fearsome wolf. “Yeah, because of that.”

“Hey! We should dance!” You decide when a song starts playing that you like. It seems fitting that Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things” would start playing when Isaac arrives. He is a wild thing, he makes your heart start beating like a wild thing in your chest… There are plenty of parallels you could draw, especially in your current state.

Isaac shakes his head but you think it’s more fond exasperation (try saying that five times fast) than a refusal so you pull him to a clear spot in the room and start to dance. He doesn’t dance but lets you dance around him, keeping his eyes on you the whole time.

“Loosen up, Isaac,” you encourage, grabbing his hands and making his arms sway.

“Oh, (Y/n),” he says with a smirk, shaking his head at you. “You’re going to regret whatever you drank in the morning.”

“Maybe,” you agree with a smile. “But I’m having fun now.”


A little while later and you’re not having so much fun anymore. Your stomach is queasy as Isaac drives you home and you have to keep your eyes closed so that the swiftly moving world outside your window doesn’t make it worse.

“Hold on, okay?” Isaac soothes, putting his right hand on your knee while he holds the steering wheel with his left. “We’re almost there.”

You groan in reply. “Why didn’t you tell me it would be this awful?”

Isaac chuckles at you. “Werewolf, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” you frown. Your brain really isn’t firing on all cylinders right now.

Isaac basically carries you once you arrive at your house, moving quietly through the dark so your parents don’t wake up and ground you for life. Once the two of you are in your room, he lays you on your bed and slips away to get you a glass of water.

You sip from the glass when he brings it back to you and feel like you can breathe a little easier right away. There’s still a churning in your belly but if you don’t make any sudden movements you should be alright.

“Thank you,” you tell Isaac as he puts the glass on your bedside table.

“It’s not a problem,” he tells you taking a step back. “I’m going to get out of your hair now.”

“Wait,” you stall him, reaching for his hand. “Please stay. Just until I go to sleep if you want but, you just have this way of making me feel better.”

Isaac doesn’t say anything but he sits next to you on the bed, allowing you to lay your head on his shoulder. 

“I’m glad you came to the party tonight,” you tell him feeling a little more honest than you usually are. “I don’t know where I’d be right now if you weren’t there.”

“When I heard that Malia was taking you, I figured someone should be there to look out for you,” He says, playing casually with your hair. “She’s been by herself a little too long to remember what it’s like to have someone else’s back.”

You lift your head to look into Isaac’s eyes and find him staring back at you. Without a thought you lift your face and kiss the corner of his lips. “I can always count on you, can’t I?”

When you follow your question up with a yawn, Isaac starts rearranging the both of you. “We should lie down,” He explains, pulling you up the bed with him. He wraps his arm around you, keeping your head resting on his shoulder while he lies on your pillow.

“Isaac?” You ask, slow and sleepy as the night wears on you.

“Yeah?” He replies, looking down at you as you snuggle closer.

It takes you a few seconds to remember what you were planning on saying as you start to drift off to sleep. “I love you.”

Isaac opens his mouth to speak but you keep talking.

“Isaac?” You ask again, eyelids heavy, sleep pulling you under.

“What?” He asks again, voice soft, tone quiet.

“Do you think… maybe one day…?” You drift off a little but wake a second later remembering that you haven’t finished your question. “Do you think you could love me back?”

Your words are a bit slurred but Isaac hears them. He doesn’t get the chance to answer though because you’re snoring lightly into his neck almost as soon as the words are out. He kisses the top of your head affectionately and turns to stare at the ceiling until sleep claims him as well.


Your first act upon waking up is to lament waking up. Your head is already killing you and the sun trying to be all bright and cheerful through your curtains is not fucking helping. Stupid sun.

“Here,” Isaac says, startling you a bit because where the hell did he come from?

You look at him to find him staring at you with a glass of water in one hand and a bottle of Tylenol in the other.

“Kind of happy to be a werewolf right now.” He says, grinning.

“Oh yeah. Rub it in,” you snark, accepting the pills and water. You unscrew the lid on the bottle of Tylenol, holding the glass of water with your thighs. “When did you get here, anyway?”

The grin falls from Isaac’s face. “You don’t remember? I brought you home last night. I was going to leave but you asked me to stay?”

Your head aches as you concentrate on remembering just what you got up to last night so you swallow down a couple of pills with your water as you think. You know you went to a party with Malia. You remember accepting a drink from her and kind of blurrily recall several more afterwards. The bright spot of your night was when Isaac arrived. You remember the happiness bubbling in your stomach, ruffling the butterflies that have made themselves at home in there. You remember dancing together until you started to feel a little sick but after that it’s just a bunch of blurry images, like pictures that were overexposed.

“I don’t even remember getting home,” You say with a shrug leaning over to hug him. “Thank you, though. You’re such a good friend.”

“Is that all I am?” He asks and you freeze in his arms. You can feel his warm breath on your neck and it’s sending shivers down your spine.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You question carefully, not daring to move.

“You said some things last night,” he tells you and you close your eyes and pray that you weren’t as stupid as you think you might have been as he continues. “Things about… loving me.”

Oh god. You rest your forehead on his shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I was so drunk last night, Isaac,” you steamroll over whatever else he was planning on saying. “Can we just pretend this never happened?”

“That depends,” Isaac says gently, pulling back from you to look in your eyes. “Are you telling me you didn’t mean it?”

You blink back as you consider how to answer, knowing he’ll hear the lie if you say yes. Instead, you shake your head slowly. “No.”

“Then I’d rather not forget it, if that’s alright with you,” Isaac smiles shyly.

Actually, that’s more than alright with you.

Having a Space jamming time

*** Do you guys even read these lol, I’m gonna write it anyways. Thank you to the anon that requested this request, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE Peter Quill!! Please ignore any spelling errors or weird words, i didn’t feel like editing it this morning lol.***

Prompt: “Hello! :) could you write a one shot where the reader is like really close with Peter Quill but is staying at the avengers tower and everyone is giving her space themed nicknames and stuff and she always tells all these amazing stories about space and one day peter shows up for some reason?? And everyone starts shipping them but really her and steve have a secret relationship (sorry if its complicated)”

You grip your bags tightly as you look up at the tall tower, “so this it it, huh?” you say to you long term friend Peter. He trys to block the sun out of his eyes while looking up, “Stark sure knows how to live in styles, doesn’t he?” Soon a man comes out the front door and starts to take your bags inside, you thank him quietly.

You turn to peter and sigh, “So this’ll be the last time i see you until 5 months right?” you say to him. He looks down at the ground and darts to kick the gravel. Something he always seemed to do whenever he was upset or uncomfortable.

“uh, yeah.” 

You nod slightly, “you know I’m gonna miss you dork.” you say to him while slightly punching his right arm. He steps back rubbing his arm with a fake pained expression on his face, “ouch y/n, why you gotta do me like that?” 

You both start to laugh, it’s time like this that’ll you miss with Peter; but you knew it was for the best. He had people to help, and a job to do. But it hurts to watch your best friend leave and possibly never come back. 

Peter stops laughing and steps towards you, “But in all seriousness, I’m going to miss you too goofball.” he says while ruffling your hair, something he did that you hated, but at this moment it didn’t matter to you. 

Peter gives you a small smile before walking away from you, he only stops to turn around slightly and look at you one last time;

“See you on the other side of the moon.”


“Good morning astro girl, would you like pancakes or eggs fro breakfast?” Tony asks while taking a sip of his coffee. You take a seat next to him at the table and decide, “Pancakes please.”

Tony nods approvingly, “FRIDAY make three batches of pancakes,” he then looks at you and winks; “In case we get more hungry.”

Steve walked in through hallway to the kitchen and glanced at you then smiled , you returned the favor. Every morning was the same; tony drinking coffee, you eating tons and tons of pancakes, and Steve giving you a special smile.

Steve fixes his cup of coffee and sits down at the table with the two of you, He nods at you two, “good morning.” He says with pep.

Tony sets his coffee down and groans, “Its too early for your enthusiasm cap.”

You giggle at Tonys comment which causes Steve to smile and look down at the table, “Sorry for looking on the bright side, i forgot you like to be a Debby Downer.” Which earned another giggle to come from you.

Its been about 2 months since you first joined living with the Avengers, they took you in with open arms. They all seemed to love Peter which was kind of shocking to you because Peter never once mentioned being friends with the Avengers. 

At first everyone was quiet and polite. Even Tony would behave, He’d over you a seat and he’d always make sure you were comfortable around the house. But then after two weeks that when it all started to change. Thats when they all realized that they a Martian in their house.

Which then began the teasing. 

Jokes, nicknames, constantly placing space jam, you name it they did it.

But after a while the teasing settled down, of course the nicknames still stuck; they soon realized that with you being from space that you had some epic stories to tell. 

You didn’t mind at first, you absolutely loved telling stories. Most  of your stories you told were about Peter; which made your heart ache. 

Every story you ever lived you lived with him.

But after a while you ran out Stories to tell, after all you were a pretty boring person.

So whenever they’d ask you to tell story you’d do what you’ve been doing the last few times they asked.

You’d make it up.

No one ever noticed, and no harm was done. You didn’t want them to know that you came from space, but you don’t have a cool life.

That’d just be sad and pathetic.

“oh space girl is up! goodie! please tell us a story, oh please!” Wanda exclaims while running to the table, her brother following. You take a sip of your water and nod your head, “um ok i guess.”

It was as if everyone was waiting for you to say yes because right after you said it Nat, Clint, and Bruce all ran into the kitchen to sit at the table. 

You smile and let out a exhausted yawn, and then you began your story.


It was about 12 at night whenever you heard the faint knock on your door, you sit up in bed smiling. 

It was that time of night.

Your door slowly opens, the person behind it fearing it’ll creak. Once the person entered they slowly closed the door and turned around to you. 

Steve smiled at you while you smiled at him, “They’re all fast asleep, I made sure this time.” You pulled a side of the covers away motioning for him to join you. An offer that he gladly accepts.

 He climbed it bed with you and pulled you slightly on his chest. You nuzzled yourself into him. He kissed the top of your head softly, “mhm, y/n. You don’t know how bad i wanted to kiss you this whole day.” Steve mumbled into your hair. 

You lift your head and look at him slowly, 

“Well here i am.” 

He propped himself up on one elbow, and grabbed the back of your neck with his other hand. You rest one of you hands on his chest and the other on his cheek. 

He slowly leans in and kisses you swiftly, he pulls away but then he leans back in and kisses you rougher than the last time.

 Soon you were getting more into the kiss, becoming more rougher with each other. You switched positions so that you are straddling him and stroking his hair. 

You made your way down to his neck, and you started leaving open mouthed kisses, Steve closed his eyes left his head fall to the side a little, He moaned at your kisses. 

You quickly pull away and cover his mouth. You look at him disapprovingly and sit up just a little. Steve opens his eyes and realization dawned on him, he gave you a apologetic side shrug. 

You roll your eyes at him while moving yourself off him. He frowns at your action but he turns on his side to look at you. You frown at him,

“you know, if were going to go behind their backs and do this then you have to be quiet.” you say with a hint of bitter in your tone.

 Steve looks down at the covers and starts to pick at the fabric, “Steve, baby, i love you and you know that; and you love me and i know that. But our friends don’t know that, and this is something they should know. Its two months already,” you softly say while reaching up to play with his hair; “don’t you think we should tell them?” 

Steve grabs your hand thats running through his hand and starts to play with it. “y/n you know I’m not ready for that.” He says with a frown. 

You sit yourself up a little knocking your hand out of his reach, “yeah well you said that a month ago. when Steve, when are you going to be ready?” You say with your voice raising. 

You code your eyes to calm yourself down, theres no way you were going to risk yelling and waking everyone up.

 Steve grabs your face and gently forces you to look at him, “look y/n I’m sorry. Im terrible at stuff light this. But i promise it’ll be soon.” He says to you while softly stroking your cheek.

You lean into his touch,


“i love you y/n.”

“i love you too Steve.”


Early in the morning everyone was woken up by FRDAY speaking throughout out the house, “There is a young man at the door wishing to gain access in, shall i let him?” 

Tony stumbles into the living room hitting his toe on the bottom of the couch, “Damn it, yeah go ahead. let him in.” Tony states while waving his hand nonchalantly in the air. You walk into the living room about the same time as Steve does, “So are we just letting strangers in the house now?” he calls out to Tony

You take a seat in one of the chairs and look up at steve who is in front of Tony. Tony was about to answer whenever the door to the tower opens and in walks the stranger. 

But it actually wasn’t a stranger. 

It was Peter. 

He walked into the living room and stood at a distance from everyone, everybody was staring at him in shock. 

It was all quiet until peter turned to look at you and smiled, 

“I’m back from the other side of the moon.”

You laugh with joy and run to him. He lifts you up and spins you around, when he sits you down you two form into embrace. 

“what are you doing here! You weren’t suppose to come back for a long time! oh my god I’ve missed you so much!” You cry to him looking in his eyes.

 Peter scoffs and backs up from you, “mission ended early, ao i thought id come to see you. By the way i brought you something.” You says while picking up his bag and shuffling through it. 

You turn to look at everyone else who is in the room; everyone was staring in awe at peter, or they were smiling at the scene in front of them.

 Well Steve wasn’t doing either of those.

 In fact he was fuming. 

You turn your attention back Peter finally stopped shuffling in his bag and held out a beautiful emerald bracelet. He grabbed your hand and puts it on you slowly.

“its for you. To show you that I’ve missed you.”

And that sent Steve over the roof.

He stood up from his stop on the couch fuming, “Alright that’s enough, what is this a Hallmark special!” He yells at the two of you.

Tony covers his mouth to contain his laughter while everyone else turned wide eyed. Peter who looking at Steve with amusement in his eyes, while you on the other hand was glaring holes into Steve. 

Peter puts on a smile and looks at Steve putting his arms out in front of him, “whoa relax Cap, its not like were dating.” He chuckled. 

Steve walked over to stand in front on Peter, you protectively get closer beside Peter. Steve lets out a bitter, forced laugh; “oh trust me i know you aren’t.” He says while shooting daggers at you, but you say the pained expression in his eyes.

You softened up a bit realizing that it probably looked to Steve that you liked Peter and was just using him.

Tony grunts behind you guys, “awh dang it! man i wish you were, you two are cute together.” he says while raising his beer in the air. Steve whips around and glares at Tony, while Natasha and Clint agree. 

Wanda raises her hand and nods excitedly, “I agree with Mr. Stark, you two would be lovely together.” Pietro smirks at you and slightly raises his eyebrow.

 You could tell Steve was about to blow, this was all too much for him. 

Peter looked at you and nodded towards Steve with a look of “what’s his problem?”

You sheepishly smile and shrug. 

Steve turns to you and gives you a jealous look; the he walks in front of you and turns to face everybody.

“Alright everybody listen up! Y/n and Peter are not dating, and they never will because,” he pauses and then turns around to face you. 

He moves you two around so that you’re facing everybody, and he grabs your face and brings you up for a long kiss. 

When you to finally pull apart everybody in the room is staring at you two with wide eyes.

Tony takes another sip of his beer and raises his eyebrows, “Prick.”


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So I'm a cocktail waitress at one of the bars Louis went to while he was in Chicago. TBH there isn't much for me to do really late at night--most people get their drinks from the bar by that point-- so I was just gonna standing around, waiting for my last table to close out so I could get the fuck home lol. This honestly isn't that interesting of a receipt, but I just read the anon going around about how Louis got a ton of Coronas from some girl, helped her open them, and then tipped awesome (1)

so I felt like I should share that I can 100% corroborate this story omg. According to one of the girls working the bar, at one point him and some guy (his friend I’m assuming?) went up and ordered three Ass Shots (ass shots are when you just mix together whatever left over booze there is in any of the nearly empty bottles, add a tiny bit of some random flavor, and yeah. That’s it. (2)

They’re nasty lmao but people usually order them because it’s funny.) Anyways so Ass Shots only cost like $4 each because they are literal shit so his bill was $12. She offered to start a tab, he said nah, handed her his card, wrote down the tip, and walked away with shots and friend. He. Tipped. Her. Eighty Eight Dollars. That’s a 700% tip my friends. (3)

Like I said, I didn’t have much to do at that point so I was kinda just creepy watching him and his friends for a while, wishing that I could take a pic, but also feeling bad because (as we know) EVERYONE was asking for pics. (4)

He seemed pretty drunk (I mean it was like 3 AM lol) but not sloppy by any means. Anyways I just thought this was funny because ass shots to commemorate the ass tat? And damn a 700% tip. N*ceeee. (5) 


You know I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmm until I read the ass shots part because that is totally a Louis thing. Bless this man.

But We're Broken Up (Kaylor One-Shot)

Karlie was getting ready for the Chanel event this evening with Cara and Jourdan when Cara suddenly asked her, “You know Taylor’s going to be there, right?”

“What? Why?” Karlie asked, clearly startled and border lining nervousness.

“Because she’s famous and famous people attend fashion events…?” Cara asked, clearly not sure how to answer the question.

“Is it too late for me to like not attend?”

“Karlie, Karl personally invited us. He’ll be so disappointed if you don’t attend.” Said Jourdan.

“Ugh…” Karlie disgruntledly groaned, “Yeah, okay. Let’s just get this over with.”


Just to Karlie’s luck, her, Cara, and Jourdan were seated at the same table as the one and only: Taylor Swift. Also present at their table was Selena Gomez, Lily Aldridge, and Joan Smalls.

Karlie shifted uncomfortably, noticing Taylor stealing glances of her every now and then.

Every one at the table was well aware of the two’s past. After all, they did date for eight months. The others couldn’t help but shift their eyes between the two noticing the tension between them. No one wanted it to be awkward so they still conversed normally with one another just occasionally still casting glances between Karlie and Taylor.

Karlie took one large gulp of her glass of wine before excusing herself to go use the restroom.

Right as Karlie left, the food came out. The servers were placing the steaks down in front of each person when the server serving Taylor happened to be a clumsy one and tilted the plate causing the juice of the steak to drip onto Taylor’s silver dress.

Everyone gasped. It was obviously a very big deal for someone with such a high status to have a stain on them at a social event not to mention a fashion event.

“Oh my God! Miss Swift, I am so so sorry!” The server exclaimed, clearly astounded and at a lost.

Taylor, not being one of animosity, said it was okay before proceeding to the restroom.

“Ugh…” Taylor groaned as entered the restroom causing the person washing their hands at the sink to look up, and it was none other than Karlie Kloss.

“Hey…” Taylor said softly, not wanting it to be so awkward between them.

“Hey,” Karlie responded, not wanting to be rude. Just then, she noticed the stain on Taylor, “what happened?”

“Clumsy server.”

Karlie nodded in acknowledgement.

“So, how’ve you been? I haven’t heard from you in a while…” Taylor started the small talk as she tried to clean her stain.

“Two months,” Karlie said, “and I’ve been better.”

Taylor glanced up at her with soft eyes, “me too.”

“You look gorgeous, by the way.” Taylor added.

Karlie chuckled, “You don’t look half bad yourself, stain included.”

Taylor laughed, “Uh, yeah. I might just leave now. There’s no salvaging it.”

“Let me take a look.” Karlie said then proceed to bend down to dab at the stain.

“I miss you.” Taylor said making Karlie stop her dabbing on the dress and stood up straight again.

Karlie stared straight into Taylor’s eyes before she pulled Taylor’s face close to hers in a lip-crushing kiss. 

Taylor responded equally as eager as she pushed Karlie against the wall.

“I –“

Karlie shushed her before taking a rough bite at her bottom lip. Taylor let out a painful yet pleasurable moan at the same time.

Karlie let go of Taylor’s lips from between her teeth and grabbed Taylor’s hand to lead her to one of the stalls.

Karlie pushed Taylor against the locked bathroom stall and wasted no time to roll up Taylor’s dress to shove two fingers into her center.

“Ahhh,” Taylor groaned.

“You are so wet,” Karlie said in between kisses placed on Taylor’s neck.

“You were expecting this, weren’t you?” Karlie asked, continuing to pump her lengthy fingers in and out of Taylor’s womanhood.

“Wouldn’t be the first time we hooked up again after breaking up, Karls.” Taylor said followed by a chuckle.

“Touché,” Karlie said before crashing her lips onto Taylor’s again for a teeth-clashing kiss.


“You know, they’ve been in there for an awfully long time. We should check on them.” Selena spoke up.

Cara laughed, “Well, you’ll either find them pressed against one another or two dead bodies in the bathroom.”

The others couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“You’re so horrible, Cara!” Jourdan said.

“I’m just speaking the truth! They are the worst broken up couple on this Earth.”

The others nodded, clearly aware of the two’s “relationship” considering they’re all either close to Taylor or Karlie there.

“I honestly have no idea why they don’t just get back together.” Selena said.

“That’s what I’m saying!” Cara seconded the statement followed by approving nods from the others.

“But we should really check on them.” Lily said.

“Let’s go, Sel.” Cara said and the shorter girl followed.


Just as Taylor was about to cum, the two heard the rumbling of the doorknob and halted their motions. Karlie was quick to slide her free hand over Taylor’s mouth.

“Where the hell are they?” Selena questioned.

Cara, clearly too familiar with the situation mouthed, “Stalls.”

Selena nodded in acknowledgement.

“I guess Taylor’s stain must’ve been really bothering her so she left and Karlie wasn’t feeling well before this anyways.” Cara said, not wanting it to be awkward for the two.

“Well, let’s go back, Sel.”

After they heard the door closing, Karlie removed her hand from Taylor’s mouth.

“You think they know?” Asked Taylor.

“They so know.” Karlie said as she continued to pump her fingers within Taylor.

“Still broken up?”

“Still broken up – for now.” Karlie said with a small smile as she planted her lips on Taylor’s for one last firm kiss.

A/N: Thank you for reading! This is my first Kaylor work so I hope it wasn’t too bad. It was rather plotless, actually, lol. Please leave a comment or a like. It’s all very appreaciated! :) 

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Ooh! Could you write a one shot where Lucas admits to maya that he likes her from Maya's POV?

Again, I shall try! Lol these prompts are giving me all the feels!


‘Done.’ Maya said, dropping her pen. After three hours, the physics experiment and subsequent write up were finished.

'Done.’ Lucas agreed, closing his laptop. His eyes slid over to her in that that he’d been doing a lot lately. That way that seemed to make the good conversation and banter disappear, and awkwardness set in, the air thick.

'I think we did pretty well. High five, huckleberry,’ she said, determined to continue as if nothing was happening.

She knew it was because of what Riley said in Texas. That now that he knew that she liked him, he was constantly checking his behaviour, and the mood. It was stupid, because although she wasn’t over it, she was certainly over the idea that it was ever going to happen. You can’t dump a smoothie on a guy and keep him interested. Not that he ever was.

'Yeah.’ Lucas said, lifting his arm up to put his palm against Maya’s.

The second their hands touched, maya felt a jolt. Not a clichéd “oh god this is love” jolt, but something that actually made her fingers jump backwards.

'Ouch!’ She squeaked, clenching her hand in a fist. 'What was that?’

'Static. You’re still a little, um, fuzzy from the experiment.’

'Great. Just stick a balloon on my head now.’ Maya said. It didn’t bother her nearly as much as the way that Lucas moved his leg away when his knee touched hers for literally a nanosecond. 'That fucking-’

'Maya,’ the sound of Ms. Friar’s voice made her jump. 'Nice to see you again, honey. How are you? You still painting up a storm?’

'Uh, yeah. I mean, I paint. Sometimes. And I’m good. How are you?’ And how do you know I paint?

'Oh I’m great. Are you staying for dinner?’ She asked, brandishing the grocery store bags she was holding.

Yeah, like your son wants that. He can’t even stick it out a couple of hours with me without getting weird.

'I can’t. My mom’s…uh…friend is coming over,’ she said. That wasn’t technically a lie, because Shawn really was coming for dinner. Tomorrow.

'Oh, yeah. The writer, right?’ Ms. Friar said easily, only to glance at her son and stop talking. 'Well, I’ll let you get back to it. Maya, honey, don’t be a stranger,’ and she disappeared back down the hall.

'Sorry,’ said Lucas, shrugging. 'Shes like that.’ Lucas loved his mom. He never used to be embarrassed of her. On the rare occasions maya had come over to work on school projects, Lucas and his mom had talked easily and worked in tandem to get maya to relax around their southern manners. Not anymore, apparently.

Maya frowned. 'It’s fine, Lucas. I like your mom. You, I’m not so keen on right now.’ She said, pushing her books into her bag with more force than she needed.

'You’re mad at me?’

'No. Yes. Ugh, Lucas I don’t know. Why do you care?’

'What do you mean? Of course I care.’ Lucas protested, getting up. He really did look confused. About as confused as Maya felt.

'Why? You never used to. You used to laugh it off and make jokes. Now you…care. You used to…back when things were normal.’ She said, shaking her head as he looked at her, no longer bewildered, now understanding, and really nervous.

Suddenly, she was back to where she started, in seventh grade. Not able or wanting to be anywhere near Lucas Friar.

She tore out of the house, shouting a quick goodbye to Ms.Friar, and onto the street. It was snowing, so she trudged as slowly as she could down the tree lined street, wondering what she would do if she feel in her heels and broke her ankle. Riley was too far away, and Lucas…ugh Lucas. She supposed she’d call Farkle. He’d come, with a driver.

'Maya! Wait!’ Called a familiar voice behind her. Maya rolled her eyes as she heard him jog up and fall into step beside her. 'You can’t walk home alone in those shoes. What if you fell?’

'Look for another girl who can’t walk down the street alone, sundance, I’ve been walking home alone since before you were riding sheep. Which I think is kinda cruel, by the way.’

'Maya, stop.’ Lucas said, his hand finding her wrist so easily in the dark.

She stopped walking and looked at him. The way his eyes looked without creases because he was smiling. The way his cheeks were pink from the cold he wasn’t used to. The way his lips were parted, as if something painful was on the tip of his tongue.

'What did you mean in there?’ He asked her. 'About me, about-’

'About how you treat me like a fungal disease now?’

'I don’t-’

'You do. You go out of your way not to accidentally touch me. You avoid me when no one else is around but you’re always talking to me when we’re in a group. You asked me to come over and work on this project and spend the whole time watching the clock and don’t want me to talk to your mom. So what gives?’

Lucas blanched, as if he didn’t realize his behaviour was so obvious. 'Maya,’ he said, sighing so that his breath came out as a puff of white air.

'I know my name, Lucas. Why are acting like this?’ She pressed. 'Is it because of what Riley said in Texas? Because I don’t expect you to change or be my boyfriend just because you got me a smoothie, or because Riley-’

'Its not about what Riley said in Texas.’ Lucas said, taking a deep breath. 'Its about what I felt in Texas.’

'I’m listening.’ Said maya, her thoughts a mess of campfires and hope and hurricane picnics.

'You remember when we wrote down our impossible things?’

'Sure.’ Maya said, frowning at the memory of her hand curling around the name she could never say out loud. 'What does your bull riding dream have to do with-’

'It was you.’


'My impossible thing. It was you.’

Maya felt herself fall apart. The glue sticking her insides together was melting and she was coming undone. She could actually feel it.

'You don’t believe me?’ Asked Lucas, guessing at her silence. 'Ask Mr. Matthews. I think he still has them. Ask him to see mine.’

'If it is true,’ ventured maya, a pool of butterflies and sludge gathering in her stomach, 'why did you…’ She knew what she meant to say. She meant to ask about every missed moment. Every opportunity to tell her or say something or just make a move, that Lucas hadn’t taken.

'Because I was scared.’ He admitted. He really did sound ashamed of it.

'Scared of what? Of hurting-’

'No.’ Lucas said adamantly. 'Of you. From the day I met you on the subway you have terrified me.’ This was news to her. Lucas friar, afraid of a five foot nothing teenage girl. 'You were confident, at an age when people our age just aren’t. And you’re beautiful. And you were secure enough to write “broken” on your forehead when I was too scared to write “violent” on mine. And you asked me out, you just marched over and did it like you didn’t give a damn if I said yes, even though I wanted you to. And you said you’d never speak to me again like you meant it. And I swear that was the second scariest moment of my life. The first being the moment Riley said you liked me. Because it turns out that as much time as we spend wishing for it, when the impossible becomes possible, we don’t really know what to do. Or at least, I don’t.’

'And when we came back from Texas?’ She asked. Maya was too shocked to think about what this really meant. So she did what she did best, she put everything in front of it to keep it out, just like she has kept Riley out of Lucas’ window. Before he pushed through it all anyway. 'You could’ve-’

'When? When Riley sent us on dates? I couldn’t even talk to Riley on our date and I didn’t feel anywhere near as clueless as I do around you. When you had your bay window meetings? When everyone spent a week talking about me instead of to me? Or when you started acting like none of it ever happened? Like you were over it. When was a good time to tell you that I wasn’t? That I’m not,’ he said.

Maya felt his words brush her cheeks. Somewhere between ranting and confessing he’s moved closer to her. So close that she was craning her neck meet his eyes. So close that when she finally answered him, she whispered.

'Now.’ She said, shivering, but not because of the cold. 'Now is a good time. And I guess now is a good time to tell you that I’m not over-’

She was cut off by his lips on hers. Warm, even in the cold New York air. His hands on her cheeks pressed snowflakes into droplets on her skin. He moved a hand to the back of her neck when she didn’t pull away, but maya stayed completely still. Because maybe of she didn’t move, this moment wouldn’t ever end. Maybe she could just kiss Lucas Friar forever.

When he finally pulled away, slowly, his eyes still half closed, he only left a few inches between them.

'So,’ he said, a slight smile playing on his lips, 'can I walk you home now?’

Maya smiled, stepping behind Lucas. 'No,’ she said, readying herself. She launched herself onto his back, sure that he’d catch her knees, even as she wrapped her leather clad legs around his waist. 'But you can carry me.’

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ok i trust you, i am so confused what is eliza sayin in the elycia blooper, part of me thinks shes sayin "oh your army" but i feel like she would have laughed because she didnt say it in her 'clarke' voice and another part of me thinks shes saying "oh your'e on me", as in the camera guy,, im so confused this is such a dilemma

Thanks to @heda4life25 she looked at the closed captioning for this scene was on the DVD. Unfortunately the English subtitles weren’t working so she had to use the spanish ones and use translator: 

On the DVD it says that it is ‘your army’, however, we know how captions can be wrong. Also it was up to what the closed captioner heard when they made the translation. Who knows, maybe in the script Eliza was supposed to say softly “your army” as they looked at the massacre, however she zoned out and thought they got the shot and started to play with her reins. lol. Maybe that is why the closed captioner made that translation. Maybe that is why Alycia turned her head, waiting for Eliza to look at her and say the line as they were both shocked and horrified at the scene in from of them. Now on the flip side, Eliza could have said, “oh you’re on me!” meaning that she thought it was Lexa’s close up in this shot and having them together. I do personally think it is the first scenario that Eliza zoned out and forgot her line, then the realization hit her “oh! your army.” lol.