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170704 | Dragon TV Weibo: “#极限挑战#餐厅服务员们,似乎总闲不下来,却总看不见疲态。他们是餐桌间穿梭的超人,一万句“欢迎光临”、一万次点头微笑,努力为你奉上每一道佳肴。下次点菜,不如也给他们点个赞!” - [Eng Sub]

Translation [Dailyixing]: “#GoFighting# The waiters and waitresses at restaurants seem to never have free time, but they never appear to be tired. They are superheroes who travel between dining tables, one hundred thousand welcomes, one hundred thousand nods and smiles, working hard to serve every tasty dish to you. Next time you order a dish, give your kudos to them too!”

ZMD1 - Secret Lovers

OR: The One Where Sokka Doesn’t Find Out

Rating: T

Word Count: 1023

If there was a mystery that couldn’t be solved, Sokka had never found it. Something lost that couldn’t be found, he’d never encountered it. A secret that he wasn’t able to find out, didn’t exist. At least, this is what he often told himself.

Which accounted for his current state of utter frustration. He’d been at it all day, and now he and his friends rivals were having a civil dinner at the Fire Lord’s palace. Sokka wanted to throw one of the less tasty dishes at someone. Instinct told him Katara, and (a suprising amount of) sense told him not Suki or Toph. Even if this was all their fault in the first place.

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honesty hour! how do you feel about pineapple on pizza? //lololol

  • ask && receive || p r o m p t || honesty is the best policy.

   “ — It belongs in the trash alongside any bastardization of Italian food” she hisses, nearly seething at the thought of such a travesty. There was once a time she also saw pasta ON TOP of pizza, true horrors. “ —You need to take your time, prep with love, and for godsake use the right damn ingredients. Pizza is art, not something we terrorize by putting pineapple on” by now she looks ready to slap down anyone who tries and say this dish is tasty, if there is one thing Alex cannot stand it is desecrating pizza like this.

          “ — If you put pineapple on pizza and enjoy it, you may as well just give up!”

Dinner is served!

If your mom or dad is always in the kitchen, why not take a load off one night and treat them to this tasty dish? You’ll be surprised at how quick and easy this chicken is to make. Pair it with some steamed veggies and rice, or slice after baking and put it on top of your favorite pasta.

Just make sure to talk to your doctor first, so you can find out if this recipe fits your nutritional needs.