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Bring It On, Winchester.

Written for @celticfire21​  for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,437

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, rough sex, squirting, overstimulation, edging, biting!kink, slight pain!kink, oral sex (male receiving), dom!Sam, dirty talk

Summary: The reader is a badass hunter that oys have run into many times over the years. There has always been a certain spark between her and Sam. While they flirt shamelessly nothing has ever come of it… until now.

Author’s Note: the biting kink thing is me dipping my toes in the water about writing a/b/o.

It had been a little over two years since you’d seen the Winchesters.

The last time you’d met up was on a witch case in Wisconsin, and that had only taken a couple days. You’d parted ways on a cold, stormy night, and since then you’d only spoken on the phone a few times, twice with Dean, once with Sam.

Now, there was a werewolf wreaking havoc in Hamden, Connecticut and the boys had called you to help out.

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Break or Punishment?

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,372

A/N: In the fandom I know it’s popular for Namjoon to be very dom, but I think it would be possible for him to be one of those subs that is tough looking but not extremely dom at all. So, I wrote a whole sub!Rapmon fic for this! But in my own experience, you can’t judge anyone by their appearance. That’s also why I made the (dom) reader wear pink. I hope you guys like it!

The rain was pouring down hard that night as you brought your hard-working boyfriend Namjoon some green tea. After stretching, yawning, and pushing his hair back he took the tea from you. “Thanks babe.” He sleepily smiled at you.

You put down your tea and carefully sat on his lap and snuggled your head on his shoulder. “Y/N, I still have work to do…”

“It’s past midnight,” you began stroking, or more like poking his face, with one finger, getting in the way of his tea drinking. Ceasing the poking after poking his dimple, “Namjoon don’t you think you should take a break?”

The tea fogged up his glasses and he blinked sleepily behind the lens. You giggled at him.

“What?” he wrinkled his nose at you.

“You’re just so cute.” You suddenly grabbed his face and quickly kissed his lips then went back to leaning on his shoulder. He pretended like that didn’t happen because he was still thinking about work but as he continued slowly drinking his tea you noticed his arm tightening around you.

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aphdiamonddove  asked:

What do the 2ps have as punishments for their S/O?

(Don’t know wich 2ps , so I’ll do the Allies)

2p America: “You’ve been a bad little girl, dollface~”

 * This guy, oh you’re in hell now, he will mark you up everywhere, leaving hickeys and bruises in your thighs, neck, arms, anywhere, he just loves leaving marks, that’s to show them who they belong to and for everyone to see who (s/o) belongs to

* If they try to escape than that punishment can leave (s/o) screaming his name all night

* If they keep on pressing his buttons than he will have to break them until they realize who they belong to him

* If they ever do something like slapping them across the face, that will stay with him and shock him but one thing is that’ll you’ll regret it because when they turn around to look at you, they will realize the kind of person they can be if you want to get rough

2p England:

“Poppet why will you such a thing~”

* If you tried to escape from him then you better be sure your not afraid of the dark because he will be thrown downstairs in the basement, he won’t keep you for a long time that if you pass the line than you’ll be down there for 2 days

* If you try to fight him , he will grab you by the face as he gives one of his creepy smiles , he will stuff your mouth with his special cupcakes that have some of his drugs, not killing them there , he wouldn’t want to hurt his dear (s/o) , just to knock them out that much only

* If you wanna play the run and chase then you better be sure you have a good hiding place because when he finds you , he will make you know who you belong to

2p France:

“You wanna play rough then I’ll play rough~”

* He doesn’t want to handle you fighting, so I don’t think it’s a great idea to tick him off, he will get a bit violent if you keep fighting

* He would just grab your both arms as he just watches you struggle, how long you will last until you all tire up much

If you ever try to escape from him , don’t be complaining when you have burn marks because when he get’s you then he will leave some pretty harsh marks 

2p Canada: 

“Maple….you don’t want to see me mad~”

*He will be rough like Allen , he will leave bruises everywhere around (s/o) , hickey and hand prints of his grip , you can say he has a very strong grip 

*If you try to run away, you better run fast because he will hunt you down with Kuma chasing you down and when he finds you , oh he will be huffing with anger

*He will hug you as he will be mumbling nonsense, you really are pushing his limits

*If you try to fight , your screams and shouts won’t be nothing to him , he’ll be carrying you to his room and let’s just say that he will go rough on you, you won’t be able to walk for some days

2p China:

“I will make a mess out of you~”

* This guy won’t let you go , he will like to cuddle up , so he can be a bit closer to you , he can get a bit touchy but he knows and you should know too that no other person can touch you like he does

*Trying to run away, well then guess who will be chain up in their ankle to their bed 

*He would snap if you keep fighting, he gave you patience but that will decrease little by little and when you snap him then you better be good when he does as he will make mark you and after it , you won’t belong to no one than him 

2p Russia:

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty but if I hate to , I will.~”

* Don’t try him , he will make anything a living hell if you push his boundaries, as he will be a harsh on you , he will leave a lot of hand marks on you as he can get a bit grabby 

* He is really trying to do the best for you both , he wants you to be his only his but if you keep fighting than he needs to get rough on you

*Never.Try to run off from him , when he gets you , oh he will punish you by throwing you against the wall as he gives you a cold stare , he will mock you by your actions and we can say he will have his way  to break you , while you say his name loudly 

Anti at PAX analysis!

The Anti part at Pax was way more aesthetically pleasing than last year at Halloween, the gliches and colours were way creepier AND prettier to look at. The close ups were beautiful!
Jack’s acting was definitely up a level, he seems a lot more comfortable acting in front of a camera, and the character development is incredible! Anti spoke more freely with us, and his body language was on point.
Also, the gliches were more teleport-y than on Halloween, which is a trait that the community attributed to him (and I even talked about it before here on my blog lol), that shows that Anti is all over the place and isn’t able to “spawn” at just one spot.
The black eyes, honestly, gave me goosebumps! And Jack’s creepy smile and facial expressions were amazing.
Oh, the voice! A really cool trait of Antisepticeye is that his voice is also all over the place, but leans onto the high sound. The voice was way better, part because of Jack of course, but Robin did it in a way that it’s way more understandable and the gliches didn’t ruin the sentences in a way that we couldn’t at all understand them (this kiiinda happened on Halloween, but if you watched the video more times you’d understand it all by yourself, so it’s not bad ^-^).
The play of the knife was a really good touch. We all know that the knife is Anti’s instrument, the cut in the neck and the knife are his markings, sort of speak. So the way he kept the knife in hand and played with it, was something that we all learn in theater classes: acknowledging the objects in a way that it makes part of the acting, the character, and the scene, giving the object a meaning in more depth.
In conclusion, Anti is better than ever, and always innovating with his appearances. Jack doesn’t even acknowledged there was something creepy going on this time, which helped with the surprise, and Anti now has an stronger relationship with the viewers, talking with more confidence (which is very disturbing, gee). So keep your eyes out, Anti is not a cliche character that only appears on Halloween…

He’s just always there.

Zero Point; Chapter 4

For starters I would like to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @nothingbutwordsstuff!! And secondly I’m sorry this took so long for me to post but I finally updated!! And I plan to update more frequently as well, including my other stories, A Twist of Fate, and Proceed With Caution! So be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with all these fantastic fics!

Natsu would’ve loved to say he went out in an epic blaze—that he valiantly stormed the tower, freed his wife, and faced off with Jellal like the hero he was supposed to be…or at least hoped to be. At the very least, the hero like everyone else wanted him to be.

Well, take it from him—fact of life; exploding yourself in space for the betterment of humanity does not make you unsusceptible to drugs, so if someone stabs you in the neck with a needle, fucking panic.

Now lo and behold, here Natsu was—waking up from a drug-induced coma, his butt numb from lying on the cold stone floor, and a raging headache ringing throughout his body that made it feel like someone was sounding a gong inside him. Times were not fun for Natsu Dragneel.

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holy hECK

edit: WTF ERIN TOO?!?!?!?!? THIS HAS TO BE A FLUKE??!?!?!

A dance you’ll never forget

Day two: Disney AU

Summary: Malec Cinderella AU: Alec is the prince of New York Institute and he tries to find the mystery gold-green eyed man who he had danced with a night before. He only remembers the eyes and have the shoe the man had lost on his way out.

Once upon a time there was a young prince who had the most strange love story…

Prince Alexander Gideon Lightwood, an eighteen year old, young man, the first in the line of succession to the throne of New York’s Institute Kingdom. He was a good young man, tall, black hair, blue eyes. A quite sight to behold. Many young women and men had fallen into his charms. But there wasn’t any man or woman, who would have captured his interest and heart for a longer.

Not until last night.

His parents organized a grand bal for his eighteenth birthday. Many young princes and princesses had come to join Alec in his celebration. His parents ensured that many of his guests were not betrothed yet, so Alec could pick a partner for himself. Despite Alec’s lately outcome to his parents and the world itself, that he likes men not women, his parents decided to introduce him to the fine ladies of Idris as well. They were beautiful, Alec had to admit, but they didn’t attract him.

Not like the mysterious man last night.

He was…Alec didn’t even know the precise word for it, even though he spoke fluently in three languages. The man was tall, taller than Alec. He wore a deep purple tuxedo, golden silk shirt. But his attire wasn’t what enchanted Alec the most. It was his eyes, gold-green cat-like eyes. They were incredible, fascinating. The young prince felt himself drowning in them, as they were dancing to the soft melody played by the orchestra.

He didn’t tell his name to Alec, nor he didn’t show his face. A mask covered him, but the eyes remained real. Alec couldn’t sleep because of the hunting, yet so pleasant memory of the man. He never felt like this before, but he loved the new sensation the man was giving him.

Yet, when midnight had come, the man disappeared like he was a ghost. For a moment, Alec believed him to be, until he found a black, shiny shoe lost in the stairs. Alec ran after him, passing his guest on the way, but, as much as he was fast, he wasn’t fast enough. The mystery man was nowhere to be seen.

This morning, when Alec woke up, he decided to look for the man. He needed to find him, if he wanted to feel this amazing again. His mother once said to him, that when he will find love, his heart will start beat differently. That was true. Since last night, his heart was beating faster, different, especially, when the cat-eyes popped up in his mind.

“Good morning, son, have you slept well? ” Maryse Lightwood, the Queen of the Institute asked, as Alec sat down next to his sister, Princess Isabelle.

“Not very well, mother.” She frowned at his response. “Mother, do we have a list of guests, who attended my bal?”

“Indeed.” She waved at the servant girl, and whispered something to her ear. The girl left the dining room and soon she was back with a roll of papyrus. “They were mostly from Idris and many of noble inhabitants of New York. Why?”

“May I take a look? ” She passed the paper to him. Alec scanned over the names of guests. He knew all of them from Idris, but the locals were unknown to him. This meant one thing. The mystery man was a local. His attire showed that he must have been from the noble family, otherwise he wouldn’t get an invitation to the bal.

“Is something wrong, brother? ” Isabelle asked, placing a hand over his arm.

“I need to…”

“Is this about this mysterious dancer you danced with last night? I’ve seen you, brother. You two were marvelous.” She commented. “So, who is he?”

“I do not know.” Both Maryse and Isabelle looked confused at Alec. “He didn’t tell his name. But I am sure he is not from Idris, I know all of guests from there, but I have no idea who he is.”

“Maybe he is from the locals? ” Maryse prompted, smiling softly at her son. “I could invite them again for the briefing and we can look for him.”

“I’d rather look for him myself, if you don’t mind, mother.” She nodded to his request. “Princess Isabelle, how do you feel for a little adventure in the city?”

She agreed immediately. With the list from their mother, both, Alec and Isabelle went to look for his mysterious man.

They rode from home to home, meeting with every single young man, with black hair and golden eyes. The looking wasn’t as easy as it sounded at first. There were many of such men, but none of them was his man yet. Alec had the shoe hidden in his carriage.

Their carter, Lucian Graymark, stopped before the house of Asmodeus Bane. The man himself was dead for three month already, but he used to be the owner of Edom, a small city near Idris itself. Yet, when the dark war came, Edom was destroyed, and Asmodeus with his son and new wife, Lilith, along with her two sons, came to live in New York. Yet, the death consumed him easily one day, giving his family a great grief. Alec knew Asmodeus once, he was the greatest strategist in the army of Idris.

“Prince Alexander, Princess Isabelle,” they were greeted by Lady Lilith, as they exited their carriage. “It is a great honor to have you both in our home. Welcome. Please meet, my both sons, Jonathan and Jace.”

“It’s a pleasure.” Alec eyed the blonde number two, Jace. He was a muscled young man with striking golden eyes. But not like the man of his dreams. “I believe you have heard that I am looking for a man from my bal.”

“Indeed, I am sure that he is one of my sons.” Her smile was creepy, if Alec could use such trivial word.

“I have something that was lost by the man last night.”

“It must be my handkerchief,” Jace said, batting his eyelashes at Alec. “I have lost it, when we danced, my prince.”

“Maybe, but I’d like both of you to try something on.” Alec called over for Luke. The man brought the shoe with himself and tried to put it on feet of Jace and his brother.

The shoe was falling from Jace’s foot, eliminating him from the competition. When it came to Jonathan, he fitted his whole foot, but there was something strange. Suddenly, Jonathan cried out in a pain and took out his foot. It was covered in blood on the toes, as they were scratched. The shoe was too small for Jonathan.

“Are there no other men here? ” Isabelle asked, looking hopefully. Bane household was the last one in the city they had to visit.

“No. Only my both sons and…” Suddenly a young man, wearing racks walked from around the corner of the house. His face was covered in dirt, and he held the stack of towels in his hands.

“Who are you? ” Alec asked. The man stiffened in his place for a second, before he bowed his head to Alec and Isabelle.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just my step-son, not important.” Lilith waved him off, but before the man could go, Alec walked to him and grabbed his arm.

“Please, wait. I’m Alec Lightwood.”

“I know who you are, prince Alexander.” The voice! It sounded so familiar, especially, when the man spoken his full name. Alec looked at him good. Despite the signs of dirt on his face, he was handsome. His deep brown eyes were filled with sadness and pain, but there was something enchanting in them. “I should go.”

“Try this on, please.” He kneeled before the man and rose his foot. Alec took of the broken boot the man had and slowly, carefully slid the other shoe on his foot.

The magic happened then. The shoe fitted perfectly, like it was made just for the man. Alec couldn’t stop looking at the sight for the moment. All these searchings and here he was. The man of his dreams. He stood up and and looked in the face of the man. When their eyes crossed, Alec could see, that the brown color is replacing itself with the gold-green.

“It’s you…” Alec whispered with a wide smile on his face. “It’s you.”

“What?!” both sons of Lilith were shocked by that. “Mother!”

“Magnus. You do not want to do anything against your family, do you? ” She warned him, making the man shake with fear.

“Do not listen to her, Magnus.” The name of the man sounded perfect on his tongue. “Magnus…”

“My full name is Magnus Bane, my prince.” He said shyly.

“You do not need to address me so properly. Call me Alec.” Alexander winked at him, taking his hand in his. He kissed Magnus’s knuckles and placed his hand upon his heart. “Magnus Bane, will you do me the honor and become my husband?”

Magnus bit down on his lip and  nodded to this.

A week later the whole New York and Idris were celebrating the new marriage union of prince Alexander Gideon Lightwood and Magnus Bane. And the young ones were the happiest people in the whole world, consumed in their beautiful love.


                                            PART 2:

                      You were internally panicking. And you couldn’t exactly tell if this weirdly beautiful blonde girl could tell. All she did was stare at you with these bloody red eyes. As she led you down the confusingly twisted halls, and finally up to gigantic doors, you had learned that her name was Jane. You kept your distance, a bit, from her as you followed her, but she said nothing as you two walked. She smiled almost creepily as you stopped at these gigantic doors. Jane opened them, gesturing you inside. As you walked in through the doors, you noticed an office out to the side, just before you came in with a beautiful woman behind it, but she looked normal. Your eyes widen, as terror ran through your veins. As before you, was, strangely, was a huuuuggeee room with three chairs *cough* more like thrones. And on each of those “thrones” was an even stranger man sitting on them.

 All three men stared at you with the same blood red eyes as Jane’s and the same pale skin. You finally noticed, after a moment of reluctantly looking away from the three men, that other people were in the room. But those people, instead, almost reminded you as of guards or maybe even knights. It was as if they were protecting the three men on the thrones. You turned your attention, wearily, staring in horror at the three men.

 In the center, on the center throne, was a man, smiling with black long-ish hair. And another one sitting on the left of the center smiling man, was a man with brown hair, looking almost sad, but shocked. And the last man, the one on the right side of the center throne with the creepy smiling man, was one with blonde short-but-hair-past-the-ears hair and an almost unfeeling expression as he stared at you.

                                          "Welcome, (Y/N).“




Damsel In Distress.

Request: Can you do Leo hearing a struggle and seeing a girl surrounded by a gang, and he tried to go to her aid but then feels stupid when she doesn’t need it because she is a total ninja and he’s so impressed but embarrassed at the same time???
Note: LIVINGGGG FOR EMBARRASSED LEO! I really hope you like this!! I wasn’t sure how to end it, so I ended up with this!!! Seriously, I had so much fun writing this one!! ahh please enjoy loves!

Leo’s POV;

His brothers decided to head home, however Leo thought it would be better to stay out a little longer. He needed a break from them, he was growing tired being with his brothers constantly. He loved them with all his heart, however he was sick of the arguments, sick of having his role as leader constantly questioned - making him feel like he wasn’t worthy, then again, maybe he wasn’t - he was then dragged out from his thoughts by yells - 

“Get Off of me!” He heard a female cry out, he didn’t hesitate as he went off in the direction of the yell. Hearing the laughter of a couple of men, he knew immediately they were going to be apart of the purple dragons. It made his stomach turn, anger flared. He never understood why people would pick on the weak. 

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mustachiomadness  asked:

so from the angsty recent one with dark all I can imagine is like the first pov (like a date with markiplier) and like he looks at you, walks towards you slowly, and is all "oh, you liked them? you shouldn't have. they're a lost cause anyway, I'M the only one you should care about" and then like gives that creepy smile of his and all and then like black out (I don't know but frick)

Oh my god??

“I told you I don’t like being… Replaced. It was pointless to think they’d last for long anyways.”

Maybe the camera lingers on their bodies for a moment before it flickers back to Dark, whose already moved on. If it’s like the 360 google video you could turn from Dark, who’s monologuing to the pile of ipliers


Like this ask is brilliant on it’s own, there isn’t much more I could add to make it better.

All I need is someone

Thinking about posting a part 2. What you think?

Jerome x reader

Summary: where the reader is Jerome’s therapist (Harley Quinn) and they develop feelings for each other.

(Y/n) POV:
I sit in the metal chair starring at the empty red couch. I check my watch and sigh. 5 minutes late. I huff my breath cause my hair to fly out if my face. I tap my pencil on my note pad till the sound of the rusty door opens. I look behind me and see two guards on either side of my new and very first professional patient.

One guard turns to me with a worried look. “Are you sure you don’t want him in bonds?” “Yes I’m sure.” The guard nods and they both walk out closing the door and leaving the two of us alone.

“Welcome Jerome. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I’m here just to talk is all. Would that be okay?” I ask in a light voice making sure to use my words carefully not wanting him to snap. He nods and sits on the couch. “Ohh. Comfy!” He bounces up and down a few times causing me to giggle at his child like behavior.

He looks up at me and smirks. “When they told me I was gonna be put in therapy I expected an old broad with rotting teeth…not a beautiful girl like yourself. Tell me how old are you? You seem young to be getting this position.”

I blush slightly and look at my pad. “How about we make a trade? Next two weeks we talk about you and then if you want you can ask me anything and I’ll answer. Deal?” I stick my hand out to him asking for agreement. He grasps it and brings it to his lips kissing my skin tenderly.

“So Jerome let’s start at the beginning.” Jerome told me about his mother and how she was abusive. He even went into exact detail about how he killed her. That’s information the cops don’t even have; so for me to have it I feel very privileged.

We had gone over his whole story and all his memories in just 8 days. Right now he sits in the couch constantly moving around bored. “Can we play a game?” Jerome asks looking at me. I tilt my head to the side and smile. “What type of game?” Jerome stands up and talks around me. “Well…more like role play actually. You be me and I’ll be you.” “Honestly Jerome I don’t think you could pull this skirt off.” I say smirking at him. “Oh you’d be surprised, but what do you say? It’ll be fun! We’re not exactly doing anything productive anyhow.” I sigh and look at this mad man. “You Mr. J are sure one of a kind.” I giggle and go sit on the couch.

Jerome picks up my pad of paper and pencil and sits straight up acting professional as possible. “Now (y/n) let’s start from the beginning.”

“Well my parents were nice people, good people, but my mother was killed in a car crash. After that my father started drinking and he soon became abusive. I stayed out as much as possible, but that didn’t work because when I came home he got upset and beat me. One day the neighbors heard my screaming and called the cops. I was taken away and into a safer home. That was when I was 10 and since then I’ve been missing something. In school I was always called weird just because I never fit in. I started home school when I was 16 and finished all my education earlier then all my school mates hence why I’m so young and have my job.” I breath deeply trying to hold in tears.

“You know the same pain as me. The one thing I need is someone to laugh with and just love me. Maybe even join me in my crime.” Jerome says as he writes something down on the pad. “Yes! Exactly!” I exclaim siting up. Jerome stares at me and smiles; his lips stretched wide and his teeth showing. “Who’s someone who makes you happy (Y'n)?” Jerome asks while staring at me with soft eyes. I know what you’re thinking. How unprofessional she is. Falling for her patient. Not to mention he’s a psychopath. You sure do know how to pick em! “Well I would have to say you J. We’ve become friends and you make me laugh and feel wanted I guess. I don’t have many friends so it’s nice.” Jerome smiles at my answer. “Well (y/n) you got one now.” He smiles once again but it’s not the menacing creepy smile he gives. It’s filled with actual happiness, and maybe some soft of affection.

“What’s your favorite holiday (y/n)?” I look at him strange confused by the sudden subject change. “Um Halloween actually. I always go to this once costume party with my one friend.” “How exciting! What do you dress as doll?” I blush looking down at my fingers. “Usually harlequin.” “The clown character? Huh. Interesting.” I raise my eyebrow at him. “Interesting how?” “Well if you just change up the letters slightly or miss say it you could get the name Harley Quinn. Ever thought of a name change (y/n)? It would suit you.” I ponder on the name. Harley Quinn. Not bad I must say.

Suddenly a beeping sound is heard meaning our time is up for today. “Ugh. Come on doll don’t send me back yet. We’re having fun!” Jerome sighs dramatically slumping in the old rusting chair. I giggle walking over to him and resting my fingers under his chin and pulling his eyes up to mine. “Same time tomorrow J. I promise.” I kiss his cheek quickly, but he holds my neck and pulls me back to him, and presses his lips against mine. He’s are cold, but surprisingly soft. Jerome pulls back to my dismay. “Same time tomorrow doll.” He winks and walk to the door for the guards to come and escort him back.

I walk home and unlock the door to my appartment turning the light on making my surroundings known. Especially the unknown man sitting on my couch. I gasp and quickly pull out my gun from my vase by the door. “Who are you?” “Nice response time. Could use that.”

I walk closer with my gun pointed right at his head. “Who are you?” I ask once more. “Theo Galavan. I’m here to help you.” “Help me? I don’t need any help.” “No? Not even with a certain inmate at Arkham?” I lower my gun slightly but still keep my guard. “What do you mean by that?” “Oh drop your act Ms.(Y/l/n). It’s not hard to see you have feelings for Jerome, but seeing as his current placement it’d be hard to grow any type of romantic side. I can help get him out.” I lower my gun fully and stare at the man. “What’d you have in mind?” Galavan smirks and pats the seat next to him.

Overprotective El Diablo x Reader

A/n: sorry for not posting this sooner , with school in hardly had any time to write . And i used Google translate for the very last part so sorry if it’s not correct

Warning : guns , angry J

Pairing : (El Diablo ) Chato Santana x Reader

Plot : the reader is Jokers sister and she’s dating El Diablo.


Have you ever wanted an overprotective psychotic big brother? 

Well then your in luck. 

Joker was never seen as a time to be a bid brother none the less to be a caring and overprotective big brother.  Yes you heard me . You are the only family he has left and you accept him fully,  even if he is a psycho. 

To everyone’s surprise you , his little baby sister,  were the only person who he actually,  genuinely cared for . You could get away with so many things others would be dead for .

But this time you were dead for sure .

You have been dating Chato Santana aka El Diablo for almost 6 months now and you still didn’t have the guts to tell him that you are Jokers little sister , nor did J knew about Chato . He would kill him on the spot for even touching you .

Oh so how did Joker found out ?

Note to self : KILL HARLEY LATER .

Yeah she walked in on you and Chato having a hot (literally) make out sessions. So of course she ran to tell J .

“Shit . Fuck . God damn it.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? !” you kept swearing while pacing around the room around , Chato , seems not bothered at all at the fact that the most dangerous man was on his way to kill him . How do you know . J sent you a text : i will kill both of you in all the ways in know you fear .

Now you knew you were fucked up. 

“Mi amor just calm down,  what’s the worst he can do?  ” he said looking at you slightly worried.  You never usually get so worked up over things .

“Chato.  Sweetheart.  This is my psychotic brother we’re talking about.  He will literally skin us and make a rug out of us ” you saw in a serious tone while trying to keep calm . Inside you were about to : a) burst into  tears b) melt in to your carpet c) explode all together . Probably the last one .

“Amor …” Chato started before you two heard a loud knock on your front door.  Your heart dropped to your stomach.  He was here .


That was the last thing you said before the door went flying of its hinges and landed on the floor 5 feet away .

You saw your big brother with a surprisingly sweet smile on his face as he walked to you . “Good to see you my dear sister.  How have you been doing? ” he asked the same smile on his face. Ok this was one : creepy as fuck and two : super uncharacteristic for him . You saw him look at Chato and he clicked his fingers . Suddenly there where like 20 men around you 3 . All pointing guns at Chato , who stood there without a single idea how to react . J slightly chuckled and looked at him with a dark and threatening expression.

“I will only say this once lighter boy . Hurt my darling baby sister and I will make sure to find you , torture you , brake you , hurt you in all the ways you fear . Show you real hell . And then kill you , slowly and painfully.  Got it ?” He threatened with a growl in the end .

You never seen your fire boy this intimidated and he has a skull tattood on his face .

“Yes sir .” Was the only thing he said . At this Joker smiled again “great ! Glad we have an agreement!  Now boys time to go home ” he said leaving the apparent “ill see you soon  (Y/n) ” he said before leaving.

It was now 15 minutes after he left and the two of you still stood in the same places.

“Mi amor ? ”

“Yes babe ?”

“Tu hermano es de miedo.”

“I know babe , I know ”


It’s impressive how I love this ship yet I never shared any headcannons of them so here you go!

-Daizai loves to lay down and be petted. He would tease Atsuhi about being a cat, but he is the one that when he wants attention, rest his head on Atsushi’s lap and demands him to pet him like a house cat. Atsushi complies, though, because Dazai’s hair is soft and it relaxes him.

-Dazai is in charge of Atsushi’s wardrobe, don’t fight with me on this one. All the clothes we have seen in the official arts? All Dazai’s doing. He loved the yukatas. Because yukatas are easy to untie (if you know what I mean). But his favorite one is the tiger hoodie.

-Also: “Atsushi-kun, Did you know that, when you accept clothes from somebody, you are giving them permission to remove said clothes?” “EHHHHHH!?!?!?!” Kunikida punched him so hard.

-I’m a big fan of the “Boyfriend T-shirt trope” and so is Dazai. Whenever Atsushi is in his apartment all his clothes magically disappear and Dazai makes him use his . Atsushi looks adorable in his oversized shirts and he plays with the sleeves when he thinks nobody is looking, but Dazai is and is taking photos.

-Also Dazai has like thousand of photos of Atsushi on his mobile phone and shows them gladly to anybody even if they didn’t ask. He and Kyouka trade them constantly.

-Speaking of clothes, you can’t convince me that Dazai hasn’t wrapped that big coat around Atsushi while he is wearing it. Just imagine him hugging Atsushi from behind and hiding him in the coat when it’s cold. At first Atsushi was embarrassed, but it became a routine and now you can see them out in the streets wrapped around each other.

-Dazai spoils Atsushi rotten, but because this boy are a cinnamon roll, it’s so easy to make him happy. Atsushi wants to try a new restaurant? Dazai’s treat. Atsushi is interested in something he saw in a shop? It’s in front of his door next day. Atsushi is feeling down and wants to cuddle, but is too shy to ask? Dazai would stop whatever he is doing and cuddle him to death. But even so Dazai gets frustrated because Atsushi demands so little, like LET ME SPOIL YOU GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!

-Their line of  work is dangerous and injuries are a normal thing, so are Atsushi and Akutagawa’s arguments and insults, but Dazai can tolerate that. They are expected and necessary to create a bond between the new soukoku. But if somebody else insults or makes Atsushi feel worthless, oh boy prepare to be mindfucked and destroyed.

-INTESIVE BODY WORDSHIPING SESSIONS!!!! And not only in the sexual way. I mean full on sessions of softly kissing scars, tracing their bodies, testing boundaries, like how comfortable is Dazai with showing whatever is under those bandages and Atsushi showing his scars and sharing their history. Just hours and hours of soft, gentle, warm touches (take me now).

-Dazai likes to watch Atsushi sleep. He is the last one to fall asleep and hearing Atsushi’s breath and watching his calm face lulls him to sleep. When he wakes up before Atsuhi he does the same.

-Dazai is not a jealous guy, but sure is possessive, just not in the suffocating style because he doesn’t want to scare Atsushi away. He marks his territory pretty damn well. He would use that creepy smile he has (you know which one), redirect the situation and take Atsushi away from whatever idiot that tried to flirt with him, scaring them enough so they won’t try ever again. After that he will demand attention all day long. I headcanon Atsushi being really popular, but oblivious of it so Dazai has a lot of work to do.

-When time passes and Atsushi grows more confident, he learns how to deal with Dazai. I can imagine a twenty something Atsushi stopping Dazai in his tracks like it’s nothing, saying NO to any stupid idea Dazai proposes and Dazai, surprising to others, obeys. Also, Atsushi uses the “I’m  blatantly ignoring you until you mature” tactic, because not receiving attention from Atsushi drives Dazai crazy. Kunikida is secretly so proud of Atsushi.