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Yoongi Scenario: Dust And Gold.

Request: Royal!AU Yoongi fluff/angst based on Beauty and the Beast? XD

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Once upon a time there was a beast who lived in the castle up the hill.

You had heard of him, the cursed prince in the castle. At first you thought it was nothing but gossip from the people, stories for children to go to bed, for young girls to stay within curfew. But then you came to realize children stories were only invented if they had happy endings, that princess and brave warriors were the most true only in the books you so loved. But the beast was real, and as you heard the sound of the church’s bell you felt yourself trembling a little. They were coming, the heralds of the beast.

-I want to see them- you heard a voice say making you come down from your thoughts. You saw your sister watching around, seeing if she could catch a glimpse of one of the six horses.

-You don’t know what you are saying, let’s go- you pushed her making her walk faster although feeling her resistance.

-But I do sister, they say they are handsome-

-They also say they are monsters-

-Y/N- she said. -Would you let me live someday? Everybody in this town just talks about you, about what you do- Jiyeon, your sister, looked at you with resentment, it hurt coming from her. -They talk more about you than of the so called beast, so would you let me be? Perhaps you are the one who needs to hide, not me-

You put your lips in a thin line trying to think what was the best thing to say to her. Jiyeon was right, you weren’t well loved in your little town, not anymore at least, but at the moment the most pushing reason was the already nearing sounds of the those six horses.

The heralds of the beast. Six armored knights who came mounting six black horses. They were a grim sight as they were beautiful as the six were known to be of great appearance, or at least that was what the story told. You had heard them, you had heard the screams of the families as they interrogated a lady. In another occasion the prince would have been the dream for any lady or young maid, but this prince was different, this prince was cursed. None of the ladies that were sent there stayed, some of them didn’t even return.

-Let’s go- you said puling your sister’s hand but as you strode away you realized it was too late. The ground beneath you shook and then you saw them, six black charges and six armored knights who stopped just at your feet.

You tried to make a sharp turn to get away from them but as two of them dismounted you knew it was futile. Jiyeon had her head turned and was staring and then you felt her hand grasp yours strongly, with so much force it made you look at her and when you did you only saw fear in her face, her eyes fixed on the true figures approaching, both of them looked like young men, but then there was a dangerous air about them, it was pure survival instinct, one that said to get away as fast as possible.

-Evening ladies-

The one who spoke was incredibly tall, with full lips and tan skin, he wasn’t beautiful, but he had the handsome look of a soldier, if he wasn’t so incredibly scary. He towered over both of you and soon was followed by his companion, leaner, and with a smile that was more spooky than it was amiable.

-Are the both of you alone?-

You were standing still without saying anything, not knowing what to say but then you inhaled and frowned. -No, and we don’t wish to talk to you-

-Is this young lady Jiyeon?- the taller one asked and you felt your sister tense. -You have not to be afraid my ladies, we are here for…-

-No- you rushed to say. -Whatever might be, the answer is no-

-Miss Jiyeon is to come with us-

-No- you decided and your sister held to your hand tighter. -Go away, she’s not going anywhere-

The tall one frowned a little while the other look at you curiously to then speak. -But she herself said she wanted to come, we received a letter from her- You didn’t want to believe that but when you turned to see her face you saw the truth. -It will be a nice dinner party, nothing ill- A dinner party, only that she would probably would be the main course. -She is to come with us, it is courtesy-

-She was mistaken, she can’t go- you said nervously trying to think how to get out of this.

-You can’t say no to your prince- one said still on top of his horse. -He’s waiting, and he doesn’t like to wait-

There was a little ruckus after he said that, they started to argue with each other but you couldn’t really hear and you were trying to think of a way to scape or at least make Jiyeon safe. You stared at her, this dumb girl, she was right about you, the town spoke about you behind your back and lately even when you were present. You wondered how long would it take to be casted aside.

You looked at the knights before you, you didn’t have many choices, a direct offense to a royal was a crime, one that you knew well the ghost of a crown of your land wouldn’t hesitate to punish. Your foolish little sister, you loved her and you were going to do this for her, but in your mind you knew you did it a bit for yourself as well.

-I’ll be going with you-

The knights stared at you curiously and Jiyeon gasped. -No, Y/N, don’t leave, you can’t-

-I’ll be fine, ok? I could use some retiring remember?-

-I didn’t mean that…-

You smiled and kissed her forehead before turning to the knights who were speaking in whispered voices between them. The heralds of the beast, you had never imagined you’d be offering yourself to them.

-We accept- the tall one said getting closer to you. -We must leave now-

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Oath | Character Profile

A/N: This is something that I should’ve written a long time ago, but somehow always left aside. I hope it will help to get a better understanding of the story and the motives behind the characters’ decisions. If you have any questions regarding any of the characters, please ask me. I left the reader character out because I think you got a clearer picture of her. I will add more things later if I omitted any. 

Black Tiger

Originally posted by lordhuarrache

  • Original character        
  • Jungkook’s father        
  • Leader of the most influential gang in the city
  • Used to work alongside Yoongi’s father, but betrayed him and started his own group. He ended up killing Yoongi’s whole family, main reason why Yoongi is so keen on bringing him down.
  • Selfish, greedy, doesn’t care who needs to die to get what he wants; treasures bloodline, but not more than he treasures his own kingdom; knows no mercy, will kill you if you take a wrong step;     
  • At one point looked at Yoongi like he would at his own son      
  • Was always against Jungkook going to college and living a normal life; saw in him a future leader and pushed the idea into the child’s brain;
  • Was highly disappointed and disgusted when Jungkook said he wanted to leave his group
  • Considers human relationships and feelings a great weakness·        knows no kindness, shows no love   
  • Is feared by most of his men, partly why nobody ever leaves·        
  • Usually prefers to order people to do his dirty work·        
  • Has a superiority issue        
  • Was once very skilled in gun shooting and fighting, but with age they faded        
  • Wants to get rid of Yoongi, but has a trace of respect for him       
  • Kept Namjoon by his side and trained him to become his heir, just in case Jungkook bailed (which he did)        
  • Is now proud to see his son came back to his senses, and know his greatest weakness       
  • His way of treating people could bring his downfall

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • raised by the most powerful family at the time
  • always looked up to his father
  • had a younger sister he treasured a lot
  • lost all of his loved ones in a single night at the hands of Black Tiger
  • his father committed suicide to keep them safe
  • he only survived because he was out of the house with some friends, came back to nothing but ashes
  • always had a feeling Black Tiger was not to be trusted, especially after he left his father’s group
  • believed his father’s kindness was his greatest weakness
  • swore not to make the same mistake
  • hates betrayers more than anything
  • is a good strategist and magnificent leader
  • is respected by his men, and he never lets them down
  • is skilled with guns and computers
  • is great at making connections and deals (family trait)
  • would go to great lengths to avenge his men
  • was raised and trained by his father’s most loyal man
  • his training partner had been Hoseok ever since they were kids
  • came to trust Hoseok the most out of his group
  • doesn’t like to share much information about his life
  • can be ruthless, but never to the same extent as Black Tiger
  • has moments in which he sees his little sister in Y/N
  • has gained power on his own, but his father’s name always followed
  • always puts his group’s safety and well being before everything else
  • didn’t feel nor believe in love ever since his family was murdered
  • hardly ever smiled
  • is always aware of his whereabouts and has a plan B for everything
  • doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses
  • his father would be proud of him

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • was the kid of Mr. Min’s most trusted man
  • grew alongside Yoongi and trained together
  • was always meant to be part of the group, even before that tragic night
  • dreamed of being the best shooter and eventually became one
  • is skilled with pistols and shotguns
  • knows how to make all sorts of drugs
  • is the group’s most trusted doctor
  • can use his skills for torture as well
  • knows how to get answers out of people
  • finds pleasure in inducing pain
  • shows no mercy as a trainer (and not only)
  • can be very cold and aggressive
  • is Yoongi’s confidant
  • the only one whose opinion and ideas Yoongi listens to
  • didn’t quite trust you at first but came to admire your dedication
  • is the only member in the group without much drama in his past

Park Jimin

Originally posted by sugaglos

  • was an orphan turned delinquent before Yoongi took him into the group
  • was always fascinated by gangs and guns
  • never met his parents and had no intention
  • is a womanizer and proud of it
  • very skilled sniper
  • loves the power that comes with the shot
  • he was added to the group before Taehyung, but they always trained together
  • owns a nightclub that he usually visits when he’s bored
  • loves gambling, but never when he’s on the losing side
  • runs some gun and drug smuggling businesses
  • never went against Yoongi’s words
  • would probably kill you if you messed with his people
  • is usually the one to stop Taehyung from doing stupid stuff
  • he watches your every move with doubt ever since Taehyung fell for you, afraid you would stab them in the back once you regained your memories
  • he can be your best friend and worst enemy in the same day
  • is more on the chill side, but with deep darkness in his heart

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by missbaptan

  •  was abandoned by his mom on the side of the road when he was 6
  • lived in the lowest conditions for most of his childhood
  • became involved in gangs as a teen, but always got in trouble and was kicked out of them
  • ended up being added to the group two years after Jimin, after he stumbled across Hoseok (he needed money at the time and planned on attacking the first person that came his way, not knowing who he was up against)
  • was close to death so many times he became immune to the fear that came with it
  • the only thing he actually fears and detests is abandonment
  • has major trust issues
  • became really attached to Jungkook while they worked together, but his betrayal turned them into enemies
  • he put locks to his emotions every time he got hurt
  • at first he only wanted you as a form of revenge, but then he actually fell for you
  • was denying falling in love with you because he was too afraid of the feeling
  • turned from sweet angel to possessive demon after your memories of Jungkook came back
  • would go to great lengths to keep you by his side
  • his love is genuine, but his demons change it into something else
  • never wants to hurt you, but always ends up doing so
  • doesn’t like making promises because he knows he can’t keep them;  and also considers them like chains around his ankles
  • loves freedom and venturing into the night
  • his rage outbursts are no joke
  • would not want him as your enemy
  • loves torturing and playing with his victims
  • feels no remorse
  • is skilled in several martial arts and very good with guns
  • owns a hotel where he wears the mask of a respected CEO
  • mood swings are not foreign
  • has a strong aura and his mysterious, always changing attitude fuels his power of attraction
  • would never back away from a fight
  • is blinded by his feelings for you at times
  • is the one Yoongi’s most worried about
  • would most likely not listen to any advice or opinion that comes against his way of thinking
  • his smile could go from sweet to creepy in one second
  • 80% of the time your worst nightmare
  • sweet, sweet poison

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by sugageek

  • came from a poor family, but after gaining the attention of Black Tiger for his remarkable intellect, he became a member of the group
  • was always on the second position of a possible leader -after Jungkook- and hated that
  • trained twice as hard to gain recognition, but somehow Jungkook always ended up getting the praise
  • swore to do anything it takes to get the leader’s position
  • was offered a smaller leading position under Black Tiger; had to manage a smaller group within the gang
  • ruthless just like his role model
  • doesn’t care who dies to get what he wants
  • is close only to Jin, his friend since the moment he stepped into the group
  • hates anyone that brings dirt to his image
  • loves power more than anything
  • has good strategies, but he 9/10 times falls behind Yoongi
  • when angry, he makes the sloppiest plans
  • only hates Yoongi because of the competition, but inside he’d want Jungkook dead more than him due to personal traumas
  • wants Black Tiger to notice him and lowkey hates him for not doing so
  • would use you against Jungkook any given time
  • master of covering his tracks (think back to how he planned to kill Jungkook without anyone knowing, then played the hero)
  • would most likely have the same fate as Black Tiger
  • his greatest weakness is himself
  • owns a few buildings, one of them being a hotel

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by yoongichii

  • one of the best med student in his school
  • son of a renowned doctor, good friend of Black Tiger’s
  • was somehow forced into the group by his father
  • the doctor of the group
  • Namjoon’s sole confidant and friend
  • is still afraid of Namjoon (especially when he’s angry)
  • actually has a heart
  • will never take part in torturing the victims, but would provide the necessary things
  • knows his drugs
  • heard of Hoseok and admired his work
  • has no desire for power whatsoever
  • always ends up cleaning after Namjoon
  • never wanted any of this, but it doesn’t bother him either
  • would fight for that is right (from his point of his view)

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by 7bboys

  • son of Black Tiger and inheritor of the group
  • always hated the mafia but never had a way out
  • feared his father for most of his life
  • born shooter, excellent fighter
  • fast learner
  • different from his father in all aspects
  • never had the love of a mother (she died shortly after giving birth to him)
  • always wanted to lead a normal life, go to school, make friends, go to college, get a job, die of old age
  • isn’t afraid of running in front of a bullet
  • has a strong body (considering all the beatings he took)
  • his gentleness contrasts his rough upbringing
  • found the love of his life when death was just around the corner
  • found the courage to go against his father (and almost died, again)
  • is ready to give up everything for you any given moment
  • finds shelter only in your arms
  • never knew the meaning of ‘home’ until he met you
  • you smile gave him life
  • has no problems in doing house chores, even though he handled guns more than vacuum cleaners  
  • hates Taehyung for hurting you, but is also grateful for all he did for you
  • wouldn’t be able to kill any of Yoongi’s men even if he often says it
  • felt more comfortable working for Yoongi
  • found friendship and family within that group
  • always blamed himself for “the incident”, for betraying them
  • had to lie to you to keep you away from danger
  • is good at negotiating and knows when and how to make a deal
  • would never let you down
  • his heart is capable of the purest love
  • thinks of Yoongi as his role model
  • most of Black Tiger’s men respect him and would rather have him as their leader
  • is haunted by the thought of you being part of the mafia world now
  • his only weakness is you
  • doesn’t have any buildings under his name, but would inherit everything from his father

The Reader aka Y/N

Originally posted by half-an-alien

  • was raised only by her mother
  • never knew her father, nor the reason why he left them
  • hardworking, helped her mother a lot as a kid
  • never had lots of friends
  • studying came first
  • lost her mother -to a disease- while she was in high school
  • had to move to a smaller apartment which she could afford with the little money she made 
  • had a boyfriend that left her with deep scars; never quite had any interest in dating after that
  • introvert 90% of the time
  • kind, always there to help, fast learner
  • very sensitive, but tough whenever the situation asks for it
  • on the defensive side rather that the offensive one
  • very down to earth
  • chill, but will punch you in the face if you cross the line
  • jeans over dresses
  • no strong makeup
  • clubs aren’t her thing
  • found it hard to trust Jungkook at first, but then poured all her love over him
  • always knew Jungkook was keeping something from her, but decided it was best to let him decide when the time is right to tell her
  • has moments of -crazy- bravery
  • her knowledge in psychology let her see behind the mask of everyone around her
  • felt pure hatred towards Namjoon when she woke up, even without knowing exactly the reason why
  • was allured by Taehyung’s aura, felt protected around him, sincerely fell for him
  • started to question her feelings as memories came back to her
  • always felt a stronger love towards Jungkook without even remembering him
  • is torn between burning romance, and sweet love
  • before regaining her memories, she had more questions than answers
  • low-key hated Jungkook for having to part ways again
  • wants to end Black Tiger only to bring Jungkook back to her again
  • fears Hoseok more than Yoongi
  • got along really well with Jimin before he started threatening her not to fall for Taehyung
  • adapted well to the mafia life
  • started to doubt everything around her after regaining her lost memories
  • has an inner love for cars, speed, the adrenaline rush
  • hates hurting people, but will do it for the ones she loves
  • can be easy to manipulate at times
  • won’t break easily
  • hates to give up
  • her strong love -for both men- is her biggest weakness 
Mr. J

Revving of an engine and screeching of wheels. I had never drove against a road so fast in my life.

No doubt in my mind told me that I had gone over the speed limit, and only proving this thought as I was hastily found glancing over the bike at the speed meter, noticing that I had just began approaching 100 miles per hour.

I was practically flying down this highway just about going into the tunnel, surrounded by cars all going at least 40 miles slower. This was dangerous, I knew it deep inside me but at this very moment the only thing I felt was important was the fact that the love of my life was also racing down this street and I was quickly losing him.

He was a crazed, psychotic man. Literally crazy, and showcased this by the many rebellious acts of crime he has committed. Robbery, assault, treason, Drug trafficking….Murder.  

The list could go on if you really felt the need. In fact, It’d probably be easier to cross off the crimes he hasn’t committed. He was a man of insanity, and unfortunately enough for me, I was in love with the Psycho King. (Hes not a clown in this. Just lil ol Justin)

Back at the insane asylum - the place we had met - things began professional, normal to say the least. But It didn’t take long for that to escalate into something more. There was no kidding when people said the Joker was a manipulative man, and I guess he wouldn’t be as dangerous as everyone says if he wasn’t good at his job.

He played with my heart and twisted my mind until he had me right in the palms of his hand. Calling me beautiful and seducing me enough until I finally began allowing him out of his straitjacket during sessions.

Little by little, he began his heist into using me to get his way. Small things such as a few minutes of freedom from his jacket turned into a little more ‘pleasuring’ acts of 'comfort’. It was therapeutic he would say. And I wouldn’t have admitted then, but I knew I gave into his ridiculous request because I felt something for the psycho.

Our secret affairs slowly turned into feelings on my end which was exactly where Justin wanted me, right until the point I was head of heels for the joker. Once he had my heart he requested something ridiculous, but something he knew I wouldn’t refuse to give him due to my love for him.

“Anything Love.” I purred instantly in response to his words. 'I need something Kitten.’ he began. 'Something a little…insane.’

His usual sadistic, rather creepy smile fell slowly into one of a serious glare, gazing right into my big doe like eyes. He’d admit Y/N was a beautiful woman, but business was business, no time for pleasure, and especially girlfriends. The joker, A.K.A justin didn’t do love, which he was soon to tell her.

“I need a machine gun.” He suddenly spoke, slow and confident but also just the slightest bit desperate in order to capture my attention. Like I said, he was good at manipulation.

Inside, my instant reaction was a frozen, rather shocked face of horror. I knew what a dangerous man Mr J - as he prefered to be called - was. What on earth would he do with a machine gun? But on the outside I remained calm, showing nothing but the jerk of my head and a timid reply. “A machine gun?”

That’s when Justin crazy side kicked in once again and a large sadistic grin spread across his face, his head rocking and a breathy laugh escaping as he stared at me through squinty eyes.

The memory was soon pushed to the side as I suddenly remembered I was still speeding down a main road on a motorcycle, just merely dodging a car honking rather desperately for my attention considering I had somehow drifted on the wrong side of the road.

Getting back on track I sped the bike up, slowly and sadly recalling the events shortly after I had actually managed to give him a machine gun a few days after he had requested it.

That night Jay had escaped the asylum with a gang of fellow criminals, using the machine gun I had given him, only making me realise that I’d actually been used, and that he never truly cared about me at all.

But I refused to believe that. It just wasn’t right. The way he looked at me. Sure he was a good manipulator but there was no way he could be that good an actor. He’d had to feel something, right?

Which leads me to where I was now, the same night he had broken out of Toronto Asylum, flying down a highway in search for the love of my life.

And just on cue, his car came into veiw. It was pretty hard to miss his sparkling chrome lamborghini speeding just as well down the road. Except just not as fast as I had been going. Only creating an easy approach to his car. And as I drew near to his side window, I finally caught sight of his beautiful face.

He wasn’t in his usual Asylum attire, sweatpants and a straitjacket. Instead he wore an expensive suit. Black button down shirt, left open a few buttons at the top, along with a leather black jacket and dress pants to accompany the shirt.

He looked simply stunning and if any woman were to pass this man on the streets and not know his name, nor his absolutely psychotic personality, no doubt would they be falling to his feet for his attention.

As I approached his window, the buzzing of the bike engine had attracted his attention enough for him to twist and investigate the noise besides him, only proceeding to evidently roll his eyes at sight of me.

The action only left me buzzing in anger just the slightest bit more, my heart breaking however more it could after the earlier events. But I hadn’t left my job, possibly losing it, only to steal a bike and speed down a highway just to turn back at the sight of his distaste once seeing me.

No, my love for him was beginning to turn me psychotic, and there was no way I was leaving without at least saying what I came to say. So with a scowl on my face, I sped up just the bit more and sped far in front of him, overtaking his luxurious car along the way.

As the bike sped against the road and begin to tilt, I quickly realised I wasn’t going to make it very far on this vehicle any longer, and as it tilted and tipped, I quickly jumped against the side of it and held tight as it skidded on it’s side to a stop, leaving a trail of sparks in its leave.

Though this hadn’t stopped me, and as the bike came to a full stop, I was quick to jump off and stand in the middle of the road with an angered stance, growling as I watched the Jokers car beginning to approach at full speed, with no signs of slowing down.

The sudden block in the road had the joker growling in annoyance, rolling his eyes back at the woman’s actions. Contemplating his motives in his psychotic mind, he seriously thought about just continuing to drive in hopes that she’d move out of the way, maybe even just hit her if she refused, but not even he could bring himself to do it.

He hated to admit it but he did….like her. But the joker did not love. Nor did he like. But somehow she had made the 'like’ list, being the first and only person on it. And in a way, he hated the girl for that - changing the way he hated everyone. But he’d never admit his 'like’ for her.

Pulling a face of pure annoyance, he slammed the breaks, merely missing the girl by not even a meter in space, he smiled in a heap of sarcasm and annoyance, watching as she huffed in anger, the emotion boiling high and visible in her eyes.

“You.” He growled with a smile, merely loving but not admitting the idea that she’d done all this just for him.

Y/N’s crazy was beginning to surface, the time spent with Justin in the asylum being his therapist, and the feelings caught left her becoming crazy herself, slowly beginning to lose her mind just a little more with every encounter she had with the attractive man.

Y/N jolted forward, using all her strength and an insane tone of yelling to slam her hands against the bonnet of his car, yelling with a deranged but hurt gaze, “You’re not leaving me, YOU’RE NOT LEAVING ME!!”

If anyone else were to do what Y/N had just done - yelling at him was already a death sentence, let alone slamming your hands against his car - they’d likely not have teeth… nor a head. And the fact that Justin wasn’t on his way to put a bullet between her eyes for this was already a sign that she was different to him. She meant something.

The joker began to shake his just the slightest bit, muttering to himself in his crazy tone, “You, you, you, you’re a little pain in the ass.” But he’d not admit that the crazy side you showcased was definitely turning him on.

As a truck approached and pulled to a stop behind the joker’s car, Justin jumped out of the lamborghini lazily, and annoyedly swayed over to stand in front of Y/N as she spoke through tears to the man she loved.

“I have done everything you said!” She yelled in disparity, though the joker only rolled his eyes at her tone, pulling a shocked, near unbelieving face as he approached as if she were a child throwing a tantrum over nothing. “Every test, every trial, every initiation, I have proved I love you, just accept it!”

Justin raised his arms up at the girl, stopping her as he spoke without a sense of sympathy. “Got it, got it, got it.” He mumbled fast in boredom. “I, am not someone who is 'loved’.” Justin announced to Y/N, who had just let a tear escape her eye.

Suddenly clapping his arms together, only showcasing his insanity more as he smiled his creepy smirk. “I am an idea. A state of mind.”

The truck behind honked his horn, obviously becoming mad with the lack of movement. Though the joker ignored this and raised his voice, now circling the girl.

“I execute my will according to my plan and youuu, doctor,” He taunted stepping out in front of her again, just as Y/N took the opportunity to leap forward and grab his face in her hands. “Are not apart of my plan.” Justin finished.

The truck honked again, though Y/N payed no attention and stared lovingly but desperately into his eyes. “Just let me in.” She pleaded, watching as the joker swayed in his spot, mouth open showcasing his silver teeth. Justin always loved the expensive things.

At her words Justin sighed in annoyance, stepping back away, allowing her hands to fall to her sides. “I promise!” She became even more desperate then before realising she was slowly losing him. “Let me in! I promise I wont hurt you!”

Another honk. Now she was beginning to get mad.

Justin turned around with a sarcastic smile at her words, laughing slightly as he tauntingly said. “Promise? Promise?!” He began laughing slowly, but was interrupted by a man, presumingly the trucker now approaching.

“Hey dickface!” He called. “Mind screaming at your bitch somewhere else?!”

But it was all beginning to become too much for Y/N. The though of losing her Justin, the way her Justin was taunting her, the trucker now only continuing to irritate her even more. It was obvious Justin wasn’t taking her serious so she needed to take matters into her own hands.

It all happened so fast. Without hesitation, she reached into the joker’s suit, picking his gun from the pocket inside and instantly pointed it at the man. In the split second it all happened, the joker eye’s widened in shock and he began to speak with a taunting tone “I would-" but stopped in surprise shortly after a loud bang was let off. 

It was too late. The man was dead, and the deed was done. But the scariest part was that Y/N wasn’t shocked by her actions, nor guilty, she was slowly becoming as insane as the joker, maybe even more. Little did she know this the was the first of many kills with the joker.

Justin looked at the trucker now on the floor, then circled his head back to the girl slowly beginning to turn him on. God did he love bad girls. "I was going to say I wouldn’t do that If I were you.” He spoke, though Y/N didn’t care.

And was soon pointing the gun straight at the joker instead, his face showing the slightest bit of shock and for a reason he - for the life of himself couldn’t pinpoint the reason of - had an ache in his heart at the sight.

Suddenly realising the situation, he grew fearless fast. It wasn’t the first he’s been held at gunpoint and he certainly knew she wasn’t going to shoot him. He was crazy and wouldn’t admit his liking towards her and couldn’t bring himself to hurt her, there was no way she were going to bring herself to kill him.

“Ooh, don’t hurt me.” He taunted with a smile. “I’ll be your friend.” He laughed.

But he soon realised Y/N wasn’t playing any games by the intense gaze in her eyes. He growled, dropping his smile fast. “Do it.” He whispered. “Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.”

Her eyes were quick to tear up again. “My heart scared you and a gun dosen’t?”

But the last straw was pulled as the joker finally lent back and yelled. “DO IT!”

That’s when Y/N finally snapped and saw eye to eye with the man before her. If he wasn’t scared of losing his own life then he was scared of nothing right? But every man has a weakness, and if not being able to kill her - the only thing that pleasured him - was too hard, then it was obvious what his weakness was.

Suddenly jolting her actions the tables turned so fast that not even the joker, the genius he was, could comprehend what was happening. She were soon at gun point, the barrel being pressed against her own skull and her finger balancing over the trigger.

What was once a game to the man soon became a serious situation, and he’s face had never dropped so fast before.

“What’re you doing?” Justin spoke stunned, his golden brown locks falling flat against his forehead in the process..

“IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!” Y/N suddenly growled with a fire burning her tone, the man before her going rigid in his spot at her sudden change in heart. “IS IT?!”

“Y/N, put It down.”

“You obviously don’t want me here, why not put a bullet in my head and save you the hassle?!”

“Y/nick/N, Just put the gun down.”


And what scared Justin the most was that he knew she’d do it. she’d shot a man, and her state at the moment was only the beginning to signs of insanity. He’d remembered them clearly himself, and insanity meant no limits. Not to mention, it’d seem she’d do anything for him. Even kill.

“Put it down Y/N.” he’d warned. But Y/N only kept her rambling, slowly beginning to pull the trigger tighter.

“Put it down!!” Justin yelled louder, and just as he saw the slight jolt in the trigger he knew one little push and you were gone, he had a few seconds to act, and quick he was.

He’d never jumped forward and he’d never pushed someone so quick before. The gun went off and fell to the floor, just as justin lept forward and grabbed a hold of Y/N’s shaking body, merely missing the bullet by a millimeter, in fact, so close that the bullet had caught hold of her beautiful H/C hair, shaving a large lock to fall to the ground.

He’d never admit it, but he’d been so scared for your life. And he was in absolute shock at his current actions.

Usually he’d laugh and encourage the situation, man did he love a good death. But this time he’d saved a girl, pushed her away from the gun and out of harms way. He’d never done such a thing and was scared to say that he was glad he did it. He couldn’t bare the thought of not seeing her again.

“What is wrong with you?!” He growled against Y/N’s ear, stroking her slightly. Insane he was but bipolar was new, he seemed to be having crazy mood swings right now. Sweet and considerate was not in the joker’s vocabulary, though he seemed to be doing both right now.

“You were going to walk away.” Y/N, sniffled into his chest, holding onto the man with all her might. “I couldn’t let you do that. I couldn’t live like that. I needed to do something.”

The joker pulled his exaggerated lips into a large 'Shh’ position, shushing you as you spoke. “Now, now doll. Let’s not state facts.” Justin was honestly kind of guilty about what had occurred minutes ago.

Somehow in the time frame she had shot a man to the moment she put a gun to her head, his feelings had changed, and he was only coming to terms with the fact that he may, maybe, just, might really really like her.

But the thoughts, the growing crazed thoughts were beginning to swirl in Y/N’s mind, and soon she was found saying. “I wanna be with you. I wanna kill for you, I wanna make you happy. I wanna be your queen, Puddin’”

And in character, the joker smiled wide at your words, muttering up his own as he thought over what you’d just said. “You really want that pumpkin’?”

“More then anything.” She nodded.

“Well,” The man spoke, swiping his tongue over his silver plated teeth. “In that case, there’s this place I might need to take you. Kind of….an initiation ceremony I guess you can call it.” The joker smirked.

Y/N looked up at the man in question, watching as he glanced down with those big hazel eyes and that large, taunting smile. He took a strand of her hair up to meet her eyes, twirling the soft locks between his fingers. “How do you like platinum hair?” He laughed.  "Maybe a little blue and red?“

"Anything for you Mr J.” Y/N agreed. 

Finally, for the first time in his life, Justin felt content with something other then killing.

And maybe, just maybe, he would admit that he was falling for the girl. If only he knew that from that day on, this girl would become his partner in crime, never leaving his side.


I know this is something really different but I kind of enjoyed writing it. I made it really long too. 

You know, it’s actually quite ironic because the joker has his tattoos really similar to the way justin has his. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend searching it up, and comparing. The first thing i thought when I saw the jokers tattoo’s were, ‘Oh my god they look so much like justins.’

But anyways, I hope you guys like it though, even if it isn’t what ya’ll are used to.

aphdiamonddove  asked:

What do the 2ps have as punishments for their S/O?

(Don’t know wich 2ps , so I’ll do the Allies)

2p America: “You’ve been a bad little girl, dollface~”

 * This guy, oh you’re in hell now, he will mark you up everywhere, leaving hickeys and bruises in your thighs, neck, arms, anywhere, he just loves leaving marks, that’s to show them who they belong to and for everyone to see who (s/o) belongs to

* If they try to escape than that punishment can leave (s/o) screaming his name all night

* If they keep on pressing his buttons than he will have to break them until they realize who they belong to him

* If they ever do something like slapping them across the face, that will stay with him and shock him but one thing is that’ll you’ll regret it because when they turn around to look at you, they will realize the kind of person they can be if you want to get rough

2p England:

“Poppet why will you such a thing~”

* If you tried to escape from him then you better be sure your not afraid of the dark because he will be thrown downstairs in the basement, he won’t keep you for a long time that if you pass the line than you’ll be down there for 2 days

* If you try to fight him , he will grab you by the face as he gives one of his creepy smiles , he will stuff your mouth with his special cupcakes that have some of his drugs, not killing them there , he wouldn’t want to hurt his dear (s/o) , just to knock them out that much only

* If you wanna play the run and chase then you better be sure you have a good hiding place because when he finds you , he will make you know who you belong to

2p France:

“You wanna play rough then I’ll play rough~”

* He doesn’t want to handle you fighting, so I don’t think it’s a great idea to tick him off, he will get a bit violent if you keep fighting

* He would just grab your both arms as he just watches you struggle, how long you will last until you all tire up much

If you ever try to escape from him , don’t be complaining when you have burn marks because when he get’s you then he will leave some pretty harsh marks 

2p Canada: 

“Maple….you don’t want to see me mad~”

*He will be rough like Allen , he will leave bruises everywhere around (s/o) , hickey and hand prints of his grip , you can say he has a very strong grip 

*If you try to run away, you better run fast because he will hunt you down with Kuma chasing you down and when he finds you , oh he will be huffing with anger

*He will hug you as he will be mumbling nonsense, you really are pushing his limits

*If you try to fight , your screams and shouts won’t be nothing to him , he’ll be carrying you to his room and let’s just say that he will go rough on you, you won’t be able to walk for some days

2p China:

“I will make a mess out of you~”

* This guy won’t let you go , he will like to cuddle up , so he can be a bit closer to you , he can get a bit touchy but he knows and you should know too that no other person can touch you like he does

*Trying to run away, well then guess who will be chain up in their ankle to their bed 

*He would snap if you keep fighting, he gave you patience but that will decrease little by little and when you snap him then you better be good when he does as he will make mark you and after it , you won’t belong to no one than him 

2p Russia:

“I don’t want to get my hands dirty but if I hate to , I will.~”

* Don’t try him , he will make anything a living hell if you push his boundaries, as he will be a harsh on you , he will leave a lot of hand marks on you as he can get a bit grabby 

* He is really trying to do the best for you both , he wants you to be his only his but if you keep fighting than he needs to get rough on you

*Never.Try to run off from him , when he gets you , oh he will punish you by throwing you against the wall as he gives you a cold stare , he will mock you by your actions and we can say he will have his way  to break you , while you say his name loudly 

Break or Punishment?

Originally posted by baebsaes

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,372

A/N: In the fandom I know it’s popular for Namjoon to be very dom, but I think it would be possible for him to be one of those subs that is tough looking but not extremely dom at all. So, I wrote a whole sub!Rapmon fic for this! But in my own experience, you can’t judge anyone by their appearance. That’s also why I made the (dom) reader wear pink. I hope you guys like it!

The rain was pouring down hard that night as you brought your hard-working boyfriend Namjoon some green tea. After stretching, yawning, and pushing his hair back he took the tea from you. “Thanks babe.” He sleepily smiled at you.

You put down your tea and carefully sat on his lap and snuggled your head on his shoulder. “Y/N, I still have work to do…”

“It’s past midnight,” you began stroking, or more like poking his face, with one finger, getting in the way of his tea drinking. Ceasing the poking after poking his dimple, “Namjoon don’t you think you should take a break?”

The tea fogged up his glasses and he blinked sleepily behind the lens. You giggled at him.

“What?” he wrinkled his nose at you.

“You’re just so cute.” You suddenly grabbed his face and quickly kissed his lips then went back to leaning on his shoulder. He pretended like that didn’t happen because he was still thinking about work but as he continued slowly drinking his tea you noticed his arm tightening around you.

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(Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: When Tim introduces you to his brothers their reaction was not what you were expecting

Requested: yes, by a beautiful anon

Request: So I’ve been stalking your blog for a good two hours 😂🙈 honestly your imagines are so good! So I was wondering if you could write one where reader is tim’s gf and his brothers keep bugging him about having a beautiful gf so she removes his doubts and kisses him in front of them? Can you make his reaction surprised and blushing? Thank youuu

Warning/s: none

The first time you met the famous vigilantes was when you just wouldn’t stop bugging your boyfriend Tim to meet them. Big mistake on your part.

You first met Alfred Pennyworth, the good butler Tim spoke highly of. He was the best man you have ever met and you two got along pretty well.

Next up was the Batman himself, Bruce Wayne. Bruce was, in a word, stiff when he met you. But he soon warmed up to you and the thought of you dating Timmy.

Next it was his brothers turn to get to meet you. You thought you would meet them one by one but were actually greeted with three guys standing in the middle of the living room, smiling kinda creepy at you.

You recognized the one on the far left as Dick Grayson, the first adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the police officer of Blüdhaven and a mayor hunk, as told by your friends. The dark haired, blue eyed sex icon was very well know around Gotham and Blüdhaven by many media. Also he has an amazing ass.

The one standing in the middle and the tallest of the four brothers was Jason Todd. You’ve never actually seen him before but know what he looks like from Tim’s stories about him. He was a very handsome man with a white streak in his also dark hair and amazing blue eyes.

The one on the far right and the last brother of Tim was none other than the Gotham Prince himself. Damian Wayne. Now Tim told you that Damian is a complete copy of his father. Not only in his looks but also in his attitude. The little angry one had a nice combed hair and beautiful green eyes.

All four of them were wearing nice suits, probably ordered to wear them by Alfred.

“So, you’re Tim’s girlfriend?” Dick stepped out and asked you.

“I don’t buy it. He probably paid her to pretend to be his girlfriend.”

“I agree with Todd. There is no way that Drake has such a beautiful girl.”

The three of them continued to discuss the probability of you to actually date Tim. “Are they always like this?” You asked Tim. “Pretty much.” He sighed out. You knew he was feeling doubtful because of his brothers and their stupidity. 

“Hey guys!” You yelled which caught their attention, “You say there’s no way I’m Tim’s girlfriend. Well you’re wrong.” You said and turned to Tim giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. 

You two stayed like that for about ten seconds until you pulled away. You looked at Tim who was blushing furiously and surprised at your sudden action, much like his brothers who also had their mouth hanging open. 

“The dinner is ready.” Alfred said to the five of you.


                                            PART 2:

                      You were internally panicking. And you couldn’t exactly tell if this weirdly beautiful blonde girl could tell. All she did was stare at you with these bloody red eyes. As she led you down the confusingly twisted halls, and finally up to gigantic doors, you had learned that her name was Jane. You kept your distance, a bit, from her as you followed her, but she said nothing as you two walked. She smiled almost creepily as you stopped at these gigantic doors. Jane opened them, gesturing you inside. As you walked in through the doors, you noticed an office out to the side, just before you came in with a beautiful woman behind it, but she looked normal. Your eyes widen, as terror ran through your veins. As before you, was, strangely, was a huuuuggeee room with three chairs *cough* more like thrones. And on each of those “thrones” was an even stranger man sitting on them.

 All three men stared at you with the same blood red eyes as Jane’s and the same pale skin. You finally noticed, after a moment of reluctantly looking away from the three men, that other people were in the room. But those people, instead, almost reminded you as of guards or maybe even knights. It was as if they were protecting the three men on the thrones. You turned your attention, wearily, staring in horror at the three men.

 In the center, on the center throne, was a man, smiling with black long-ish hair. And another one sitting on the left of the center smiling man, was a man with brown hair, looking almost sad, but shocked. And the last man, the one on the right side of the center throne with the creepy smiling man, was one with blonde short-but-hair-past-the-ears hair and an almost unfeeling expression as he stared at you.

                                          "Welcome, (Y/N).“




Hero | 1

Pairing: Shownu x Reader

Word Count: 2,138 

Genre & Warnings: This series will have a little bit of everything, although nothing too heavy. Angst in later chapters. Shownu will be a bit of a soft dom. Fluffiness overload. Comedy because it’s Monsta X. 

“Do my lips taste like Doritos?”

That was his only warning before Shownu was rudely awakened by a pair of wet lips that did indeed taste like Doritos.

“Minhyuk, what the fuck?” Shownu shot up off the couch, wiping crumb residue off his lips. He glared at his friend, the answering grin not faltering in the slightest. 

“Time to get up Papa Bear. We have a guest.” Minhyuk nudges him and gestures towards the front door where a middle age woman looked at her surroundings and at the boys with distaste. She nods curtly to Shownu as he makes his way to her. 

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anonymous asked:

Important question, how /does/ Marvin find out that Whizzer just randomly takes pictures of him?

-I imagine they went out for coffee on a “study date,” and Whizzer takes a sneaky little picture of Marv to send to his streaks. 

-Marvin catches him while he’s decorating the photo and takes Whizzer’s phone from him. He goes through Whizzer’s memories and sees that pretty much?? all of them are of him.

-He flips through every photo individually, looking at the little captions and dates Whizzer’s put on them. A picture of him, eyebrows furrowed in frustration, with his textbook captioned gotta work!/ 10-25.

-There’s one of him sleeping–”Way to be creepy, huh?”–with a small smile on his face: fuckin’ beautiful/ 12-1

-And then one that seems to be Whizzer’s favorite. He saved it four times. Marvin is mid-laugh, staring right out of the camera’s line of focus, seemingly right on Whizzer’s eyes. There’s a little bit of red in Marvin’s cheeks, a little spark in his eyes.

-my heart/ always