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This fandom is reflective of the Skam environment. Sana walks through the courtyard with the focus being on everyone else including Even and Isak while she remains invisible.

And surprise surprise, the fandom continues to completely erase Sana in her own season and completely overlooks the actual struggle of a main character and her experience with racism and Islamophobia for Evak.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy them but honestly the way this fandom carries on it feels more like we’re still in season 3 not season 4. None of you are here to learn about anyone else’s struggles but your own and the whole point of the show is to highlight the struggles of every person whether it’s an insecure teenage girl or a Muslim girl or a gay person struggling to come out. And the way y'all defend yourselves it’s highly evident you honestly believe that your struggle is the only one worth talking about in the sphere of this tv show.

just saw a perfectly reasonable callout post for an adult repeatedly pursuing minors for sexual RP online and it’s like, why can’t all the callout posts be like that? why must I instead go to the trouble of focusing my eyes onto walls of text that boil down to “has since apologized for posting fanart I didn’t like”

No You’re Not! … You’re ‘Angry’.

You don’t like something you heard or saw.

You have a Right to Dislike something you Heard or Saw.  But if you don’t have the Courage to Discuss it:

  1. You’ll never be able to educate others on your perspective, 
  2. You’ll never be able to determine if you misunderstood what you heard or saw.

It is only those who love you who have any responsibility to protect you from your own vulnerabilities.  So Grow Up and work them through.


What’s with this bullshit stereotype that since I’m feminine, I’d only date a butch? Bitch, don’t assume anything with me. I like women that are even girlier than me.

Wondering where this stereotypical crap is coming from… It’s not the first time. When I was single and I wanted to date a woman, my friends would always find me butch ones cos they thought that’s what I liked.

Lol, was I being put on an “assumption list” cos I like high heels and make-up? Don’t get me wrong, butch girls are awesome and I’ve dated some, but don’t assume that my appearance makes me have only them as a type.

One friend told me she thought I liked them to feel “protected” which had me laugh my ass off cos I protect myself by training. I don’t need anyone to feel “protected” and I don’t have to have a relationship or choose a “type” to do so.

Sometimes I wonder if I just have to change friends. You know, find some that aren't​ so rude and think I’m some lame damsel in distress just cos I like looking good for myself.

Yes I take care of my appearance for myself!

What a concept, right?

Unbelievable that someone would do that to just say, “dang I would totally bang myself”.


Ok, so I met this dude on friday. Lemme tell u a story… So, I was walking home and I saw this lil boy swimming. I thought he was cool, so I went to photograph him. He was swimming there while ppl walked past, all good, all good, but then, immediately when I got closer he swam outta the pond and just stood next to it. I was like, ok u done swimmin thats cool bro, I gave him an approving smile and I just walked away w my few pics. I was happy w em, he doesnt need to pose for me if he done right ?
But then after a lil walking, I turned around to give a last wave to my boy before I leave, AND THAT ASSHAT WAS ALRDY ON HIS WAY BACK TO THE DAMN POND LIKE BITCH TF

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Hello, that one apologizing anon again! My ask was the one w/ the boys accidentally finding out about their s/o's pregnancy! Maybe it got eaten up as you said... If I may, I could send the request in once more when the ask box is open again.

It’s still in the drafts! I just haven’t gotten to that one just yet.

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