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This is going to be so difficult I’m a very boring person lol

Name: someone called me kitsnz in an ask the other day which I thought was cute. So, let’s go with that.

Pronouns: she/her 

Country of origin: straya

Sexuality: I guess straight. I’ve only been with my bf lol

Star sign: scorpio 

First language spoken: english

Other languages spoken: not enough worth noting haha


  1. jumpers. I’m constantly buying them. I would wear jumpers every day if I could. Why do I live in australia? I need to live somewhere cold lol
  2. sweet and salty popcorn (I’m always snacking on it)
  3. rain very very very very very much
  4. console games (specifically ps4, 3ds & psvita) 
  5. character reference sheets. I love seeing how they look from different angles lol
  6. fluid/smooth animation? The opening of YOI gives me an eyegasm everytime.
  7. cartoons. I can’t help it. 
  8. gossip/drama. I’m the worst. I love hearing it, I don’t like being in it lol.
  9. coffee.. but I can’t drink it because it gives me anxiety. So I drink herbal tea lol
  10. listening to podcasts/letsplays/music while I draw
  11. pineapple on pizza (I’m being controversial)

9 dislikes

  1. sleeping (what a waste of time amirite?)
  2. australian netflix… it has nothing (we tried to proxy but they keep blocking us lmao it’s so shit)
  3. satin/silk… the feeling of my nails catching on it makes my skin crawl
  4. how slow I draw
  5. obnoxious/rude people
  6. raw tomato… no thanks
  7. when I procrastinate. srsly the day goes by too fast
  8. jumpscares. They used to give me panic attacks lmao
  9. buying shoes. I’m really picky so it’s a headache.

Other Facts:

  • I caught chicken pox for the first time at 23
  • and I was really mad because I got ONE small pockmark and it’s on my face (above my eyebrow) and I tried so hard to not scratch my face in particular..
  • I’m left-handed
  • I get distracted easily
  • my only hobbies are drawing/gaming and they both take so much time, if I do one I get so absorbed I can’t do the other lmao
  • my current favourite song is ‘something just like this’ by the chainsmokers
  • I was obsessed with two songs and played them all the time while I was drawing a bunch of yoi stuff so now they remind me of yuuri and viktor whenever they play lmao
  • My yuuri song is ‘emotional-virtual riot remix’ by Flux pavillion, Max Koma
  • My Viktor song is ‘Adore’ by Amy Shark (who is an australian singer and this song is great so check it out if you want)

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My new meds make my skin throw a fit. It’s not terribly bad, just a few things here and there, but it’s bumming me out because I’ve never really had too many run-ins with acne.

My four-year-old sister, however, is under the impression that it’s just “3D freckles”, and that they look very, very pretty. She wants all of my freckles to “pop out”, especially the ones across my nose; they’re her favourite.

And it puts me in this weird position where I can’t say, “No, this is acne, and it’s bad,” because I don’t want to teach her that it’s a bad to have unclear skin, you know? I tried to tell her that my skin was sick because of the new medicine, but she was having none of it. She didn’t think they were any different than all of my literal, actual freckles, despite my efforts to delicately tell her otherwise.

Kids are weird.

The more I think about interactions I have with children, the more I realise that children will consistently compliment “flaws” until they’ve been taught not to.

Like, a kid at the library, whose sister has vitiligo, saw my scars once and suggested that his sister and I should be cats for Halloween, since I have “tabby skin” and she has “calico skin”. “I can be a black cat,” he immediately added. “It’s not AS cool, but they’re the spookiest.”

When I started losing weight, my little brother immediately demanded that I gain it back, because I wasn’t as comfortable to cuddle with anymore.

And my other little sister always wants to wear her paint-stained clothes to school so that “everyone can tell [she’s] an artist”.

I don’t know. I guess talking to little kids just reminds me that all of this superficial shit we worry about really is 100% made up.

PSA regarding used 3DS systems

something i haven’t seen talked about yet about the recent 3ds bans because of sun/moon pirates -

be VERY careful purchasing a used 3ds right now. there are two things going on:

one, the bans that went out are both NNID and console-based. the banned users have lost access to online functionality on their NNID entirely, but the consoles they were using when they were banned are potentially incapable of being used online ever again. if someone trades in or sells their banned 3ds and you purchase it, you will be in a position of not being able to go online and nintendo will not help you. that’s almost a complete certainty.

two, and this is EXTREMELY TROUBLING–the methods that people are using to unban themselves more or less depend on transplanting a console unique ID from an unbanned system to a banned one. doing so will allow the banned system to bypass the console ban. HOWEVER, the donor system and the recipient system now have the same identifier, and it’s very possible (and likely) that nintendo will notice two consoles with the same ID connecting at the same time. it’s unknown what nintendo will do here, but it’s definitely possible that BOTH systems will be banned on principle. if nothing else, if either console receives a ban at this point, both will be hit by it.

the issue here is that there are a nonzero amount of terrible people who are admitting to buying systems, ripping that console’s unique ID to unban themselves, and returning it. this means that a seemingly unbanned 3ds might suddenly end up banned weeks or months down the line. at this point, any console could be a risky purchase.

as far as what you can do: avoid used 3ds purchases right now if possible. if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. if you MUST buy a used system, do two things: verify that online functionality works (you can do this by attempting to link or create an NNID). if it does, try to find out its history. if you’re at a store, try to find out if they can tell you if the system was purchased and shortly returned. i’m not sure i would trust craigslist sales right now at all, honestly. if you can, buy new, unopened systems.

i recognize that it’s approaching christmas, so please be careful buying gifts for your friends and loved ones. it’d be awful if you ended up with a system you can’t actually use to play together.

it is unknown at the moment if the bans are 15 day bans or permanent ones, but it is always best to err on the side of caution here. be vigilant.

ive owned Splatoon since the minute it released, played it to a pulp, drawn fifty billion squids, and never drew Marie until now


The highest honor @therealjacksepticeye is capable of bestowing

…………..maybe I’ll do one of these for each of the advanced classes as I get them, if I like how they look or they aren’t very difficult…? I don’t want to have to keep the 3DS on while drawing ;;

…….probably will be an amazing waste of time if i ever get the actual design sheets ahahahaahaahhhhhhhhhhhh why am i doing this

next one should be GreatKnight!Silas but

yeahhhhhhhhh no no no not even going to try


Here’s a very sloppy animation I did made from one of Kellen Goff’s post on Twitter.

I hope he likes it.