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DUUUDE JAX did you see the New 'IT' Trailer it looks like its gonna be really scary and since you're the Horror dude I wanted to know your thoughts?

You know 6 people have messaged me

“Hey jax you seen the new IT trailer”

“Hey Jax you’re a Horror fan see the New IT”

“OMG JAX you gotta update your Halloween Contingencies for the New IT”

“Jax look at the clown”

“Jax Clown”



IF F*CKIN Harley Quinn gives me the GODDAMN creeps why the Hell would I want to watch this?

Real talk I hate clowns with such a passion and while I Love Harley as a character & I would smash, she still gives me the F*ckin creeps

And as many friends can tell you from their past bruises I am not one to scare as I dont run. I Rapid Fire PUNCH as Hard as Possible while screaming !

For example back in 2009 a bunch of My friends tried to scare me by dressing as the Jokers from BatmanBeyond 
Them: Jump Out & start ackin Cray Cray
Me: *Reflexes do the work*

They all regretted that night and so I make it clear I don’t like Clowns and No I’m not interested in this new film x’D

updated ages of the members of the waverider

  • sara lance: [jan 2016 age] - [14 months dead] + [2 years stranded] + [1 year doomworld] + [time on waverider] + [however long it took to corrupt the villagers of salem]
  • ray palmer: [jan 2016 age] + [2 years stranded] + [1 year doomworld] + [time on waverider] + [however long it took to piss off gertrude]
  • mick rory:  [jan 2016 age] + [lifetimes as chronos] + [74 years underwater] + [1 year doomworld] + [time on waverider]
  • everyone else just has + [1 year doomworld] +  [time on waverider]
    • kendra and carter have 207 lifetimes + resurrection laws i don’t want to think about how that works
    • jax’s phone was still alive in 2x01, so he and stein really don’t get any extra time there
    • who even knows for leonard i sure don’t

Legends family headcanons I have after 2x13: 

  • Rip does not know Nate’s name. Like, at all. Logically you can’t even blame him, because he was gone when Nate joined and then was brainwashed and probably wasn’t all too interested in knowing who Nate was, especially when Nate wasn’t really all that memorable in history.
    • He feels bad about not knowing but feels even worse asking so day after day goes by without Rip asking Nate’s name because he just feels so awkward and he’d rather go “hey…you…” rather than admitting he just doesn’t know. 
    • When he asks Jax & Sara they give him the wrong name and Nate ends up being too embarrassed to ever correct Rip so long story short Rip just calls Nate “Mark” for a year while Nate smiles and everyone else snickers in the background. 
  • Amaya is called the Dinosaur Whisperer after Nate and Ray tell everyone what she did with Gertrude. 
  • Gideon casually mentions that she and Rip made out in his mind. 
    • Mick: “I’ve thought about it.” 
    • Martin: “What?” 
    • Ray, Amaya, and Nate: “……………………” 
    • Jax and Sara are totally fine with it because they’ve seen Gideon and would 100% do the same - if anything, they’re confused about the fact that Mick hasn’t seen her and still wants to make out with an AI. 
    • Rip wants to crawl into the floor and die. 
      • “Gideon p l e a s e” 
  • Martin is super emotional about the fact that Jax will be left alone one day so Jax is forced to feel slightly sad and hear Martin sniffle whenever they’re in a room together. 
    • Whenever he looks up annoyed, Martin looks away really quickly and starts mumbling about allergies. 
  • Ray 100% keeps the dolls he made. They’re right next to his and Kendra’s lucky vase (which has definitely been glued down so they won’t break when the next ship crash happens). 
    • He also has a picture of Len’s cold gun (bc Mick def took it back when Ray got his suit back). He’s working on what he can have that reminds him of Nate & Amaya. 
  • Nate doesn’t know who Kendra is, and Ray denied dating Sara, and considering the first few things he said in that scene was about Ray trying to charm him? Yeah he definitely thinks Ray is bi now. 
    • He even mentions Sara being bi to lowkey feel out if Ray is bi or pan as well, and when Ray says he hasn’t dated Sara, Nate is convinced that Ray is bi too but just doesn’t want to expand on it. 
    • He respects Ray’s avoidance so he doesn’t ask but he wonders about it constantly
      • “He gave Mick a present at Christmas…but then again, he also gave Jax one…but I haven’t seen him around Rip…god I hope it’s not Stein….” poor guy keeps switching his answer every week. 

what is with all the anon hate in the fandom recently? i mean, these anons are going onto mainly minors’ blogs, and telling them they arent good enough? its not constructive or helpful, its just downright… mean!

we, as a community, should be better than this.
anons, you know thomas wouldnt want this hate to be going around. so why do you do it? if you really dont like the way someone writes or draws or cosplays or does anything, you can just unfollow them. or block them if you have to! but the hate is just unacceptable.

i love this community so much, and i love all the creators in it. all the writers and artists and cosplayers, know that everything in fandom is supposed to be fun. you at not obligated to write anyone anything. you do not owe anyone your creations. im here if you need me. i love yall.

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Legends of Tomorrow AU, where Mick - having reassembled the time scattered legends in early season two - decides that he's had enough of this hero thing and goes home.

1 - someone gets their face ripped off in the zombie episode. Who was it that was about to die and then Mick smashed the attacking zombie with a rock? Was it Ray? Stein? Jax? I think it was Jax, sad to say. Stein probably blows up shortly thereafter because Jax isn’t around.

2 - they get ambushed by ninjas during the Shogun episode because Mick isn’t there to fight them off single-handedly. God only knows how badly that goes. Probably we lose Nate because he doesn’t control his powers yet.

3 - Ray blows himself up in the white house. The other Legends have to scramble to stop a massive incident regardless of the fact nobody dies. Chances of them succeeding once an aberration like that has been created? Not high.

4 - The going-back-to-the-past thing in Invasion never happens because they don’t have enough people, so Cisco never forgives Barry.

5 - Sara definitely dies in Turncoat. Gideon’s ability to save her is kind of dependent, eventually, on SOMEONE saving George Washington successfully. Without Mick, the team resources would have had to be apportioned differently and they wouldn’t have gotten back in time.

6 - they never cure Rip because they never learn about cognitive intrusion. He continues to sabotage the ship. If they’re not dead already, they’re definitely going to be dead soon: see Season 1, episode 7 “Marooned" in which Rip spaces every other person aboard the ship by virtue of having the controls without blinking an eye. And that was GOOD Rip.

7 - everybody is totally dead without Mick okay?

8 - Mick is noodling around at home, grieving, and then Barry finds out why in his epic quest of “we need to CHANGE HISTORY to keep Iris from dying!” and decides that he and Wally will go rescue Len so that Len and Mick will be on their side in the final battle against Savitar and therefore history will be different. Mick is indifferent to their reasons; he’s just happy to have a very shaken Len back.

Already Occupied

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where reader is Chibs’ niece and she really likes Jax even though he’s with Tara. Includes Tig x Reader friendship too :)

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“Do you think he’ll ever see me as more than just a kid?” You sip your glass of whiskey as you sit cross legged on Tig’s bed, one of your late night chats taking place.

Tig was one, maybe the only one, who knew of your gigantic crush on Jax. You could tell your best friend anything, and he knew you too well to be able to miss your feelings for the blonde biker. But all you seemed to be to Jax was Chibs’ kid niece, young and childish.

“I don’t know, sweetheart.” Tig says honestly as he leans against the head board, his legs outstretched as he nurses his own glass. “What I do know, though, is that you’ll never get your answer unless you tell him how you feel.”

You smile warmly in response, the gesture not meeting your eyes. Sighing deeply, you shake your head, taking a gulp of the amber liquid. “No point, Tiger. He’s loved Tara all his life.”

“Maybe, but the cracks are showing baby girl, and now is your time to shine if there was ever one.” You deliberate the statement in your mind as you’ve done many times before, even though deep down, you know you’ll never tell Jax how you feel.

The door to Tig’s room gets thrown open, the action catching you off guard as you jump. Your eyes widen as you see Tara standing there, the look on her face telling you she’s heard the whole conversation.

“I fucking knew it.” she seethes, you pushing yourself to stand up, ready just incase she tries to attack. She storms towards you, your empty glass dropping onto the bed. “I’ve been trying to warn him about you for months, but he just can’t see it.”

“Are you for real right now? If there’s anyone he needs to warned about its you.” You see Tig get up out of your peripheral vision, giving you space to stand up for yourself but also ready to stop the two of you from clawing each other to pieces.

Her anger turns to humour as she laughs in your face, the cocky smile on her lips something you’re just itching to scratch off. “I’m only gonna tell you once, so listen up. Jax is mine, he loves me. You’re just a desperate, worthless bitch.”

You don’t even realise you’ve slapped her until you feel the sting on your palm, her hand flying to her cheek to cradle her reddened skin. Your eyes flicker to Tig, a proud look on his face as he winks at you.

You can’t rest for long before Tara delivers a slap of her own, you swinging a punch in return as she falls to the floor. Before you know it, you’re both on the floor, the two of you shouting in anger as you fight.

You’re too busy seeing red to notice Tig come behind you, only realising he’s there when he drags you off of Tara, Jax pulling her roughly off the floor as you both try to escape from your captors. “What the fuck is going on?!”

You stop resisting Tig as Jax shouts, a stressed and confused expression on his face as he looks between you and your opponent. You place your hand on top of Tig’s as it rests on your waist, knowing you’re going to need his support before Tara even speaks.

“She’s fucking obsessed with you, that’s what!” Tara shouts, shoving Jax away from her. You feel like you might puke as you stand there, your big secret out in the open. “I questioned her about it and she attacked me!”

“I wouldn’t say calling me a worthless bitch is questioning me, but whatever floats your boat.” you spit sarcastically, ignoring Jax’s burning gaze. She lunges for you again, your clenching fist unneeded as Jax grabs her swiftly, yanking her backwards.

“Out, now!” he orders, leaving no room for refusal. Tara stares at him in shock, unable to comprehend that he’s talking to her. She scoffs, shrugging his grip on her away.

“Fuck you, Jax. I’m too good for this shit.” You look down at your feet at her words, feeling guilty for being partly to blame for their argument.

“Give us a minute, Tig.” You swallow nervously at Jax’s request, Tig removing himself from you. He looks at you for reassurance, not wanting to leave unless you’re okay with it. “I’m not mad, (Y/N).”

Relief floods you, your attention flickering to Jax’s pleading eyes before you nod at Tig, squeezing his arm as thanks before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Is it true?” Jax asks, breaking the tense silence. You stare at your feet as you nod in confirmation, a sigh leaving Jax’s lips. You watch as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hands running over his face as he tries to take in the new found information.

You shuffle on your feet awkwardly as he stares at the wall, brow furrowed as he thinks deeply. He shuffles over, tapping the space next to him, you complying as you shuffle over and sit down.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You roll your eyes, chuckling humourlessly as you pick a loose thread on your jeans.

“What would’ve been the point?” you ask quietly, not being able to look at Jax as he sits so closely, his eyes watching you as he waits for you to continue. “All I am to you is Chibs’ niece. Plus, you have Tara.”

“Had. I had Tara. I ended it just before you went all Jackie Chan.” he teases, nudging your body with his. You smile, shaking your head as you nudge him back, enjoying the closeness.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to say that I’m sorry to hear that. No offence but I kinda hate her.” Jax laughs at your honesty, his sparkling eyes meeting yours, your lungs feeling empty at the little distance between the two of you.

You force yourself to be realistic, smiling sadly at the biker. “Don’t worry, you can save the whole ‘I wanna be friends’ speech. I wasn’t expecting you to return my feelings.”

You stand up quickly, walking over to Tig’s chair and retrieving your jacket, tears prickling at your eyes as you try to resist breaking down. “I should be going anyway.”

You spin around, your eyes wide in shock as you see Jax lean down, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you. You don’t respond at first, not sure whether you’re dreaming, until you realise this is real life and oh my god Jax Teller is kissing you.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him back, his lips feeling nothing short of incredible as they move against your own. Your jacket is forgotten as you drop it to the floor, your hands moving to grip his biceps as his tongue slips into your mouth, your core tingling at the feeling.

Only when you’re completely breathless do you pull away, Jax resting his forehead against yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You grip his shirt between your fingers, not wanting him to move and ruin the moment.

“We should do that more often.” you say, Jax smirking before he places his lips to your forehead, his arms wrapping around you as he hugs you.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

A/N - Wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!!! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated ❤

Okay  honestly I know Legends has been awesome in providing crack episodes to us but really they’re missing out on some great stuff: 

  • It’s great and all that they’re traveling to different places but when are they gonna travel to ancient Greece? Or Rome???? GIVE IT TO ME. 
  • Forget space pirates give me pirates pirates. 
    • You KNOW there’d be a badass lady pirate and Sara def is into her.
    • Mick is probably made captain of a pirate ship somehow. 
  • Seriously. I just - cannot believe that they put the historical periods into a montage (besides Camelot). Just give me ALL the historical periods and “Sometimes I Remember I’m A Historian” Nate going “mmm….not historically accurate.” 
  • What’s that? Them going into space and fighting/being friends with aliens? 
    • Ik we kind of went into it in Invasion but like, let’s make it more explicit this time. 
  • @hedgiwithapen has de-aged headcanons like??? Imagine teen Martin comforting 3 year old Jax and then they merge by accident and now you have a 3 year old Firestorm lighting shit on fire while teenage Mick finds more stuff for them to blow up. 
    • Good god I’d watch a WHOLE episode of toddlers running the Waverider and ykw?? It probably wouldn’t be that different. 
    • Fine okay so this REALLY only works with Firestorm, Nate, and Amaya but it’d be fun, or if the team somehow found themselves with each other’s weapons I’d start laughing. 
      • Amaya and Sara can now merge which is great. 
      • Ray is left alone on the ship and is like “OH SWEET I GET TO BE CAPTAIN AGAIN”. 
      • Jax has Mick’s heat gun and Mick has the steel powers and both are thriving. 
      • Nate gets Amaya’s powers but for some reason can’t figure it out and ends up running away from danger half the time. 
      • Stein grabs the atom suit and for all his knowledge can’t figure out how to use it, and ends up destroying it. 
        • Mick laughs because he remembers Ray told him an idiot could use it.
  • Where. Is. My. Bodyswap. Episode. 
    • As per @calmandcalculating Mick and Sara swap bodies and have the same stance. 
    • Jax and Rip probably swap and they’re like “………….great”. 
      • “If you damage my body I’m killing you Rip.” “No worries, Mr. Jackson.” 
    • Nate and Ray swap but they’re pretty much the same person so does it even make a difference lmfao. 
    • Somehow Stein/Amaya/Gideon all swap and now Gideon is in Amaya’s body, Amaya is in Stein’s body, and Stein is an AI and he’s startled but now keeps annoying people by popping up with his unwanted opinions all the time
    • It all starts when Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood, Horror White Boys ™ bring a Ouija board on the ship. 
      • Ray thinks it’s ridiculous and Nate just laughs because he doesn’t believe in it so both are down to play it. 
      • Sara doesn’t know if she believes or not but honestly she thinks she can kick a demon’s ass so it’s okay. 
      • Stein and Mick probably end up possessed. 
      • Actually tbh maybe this wouldn’t happen because Jax is smart and would break the board. 
        • He probably does this every time Ray & Nate bring something stupid on board. “Oh a tape that kills you if you watch it? Yeah okay HOW ABOUT NO”.
        • Oh you went to an antique shop and found this creepy puppet??? “Nope, nope, nope, not today. Hell no, you two are out of your minds, get that shit away from me, nOOOOPEEEEEE-”
I have given thought to a Legends of Flarrow-Superhero/Villain high school au

I have decided what cliques everyone would be in. 

Team Arrow: Cool jocks. (Felicity is the cutesy nerd girl that dates the team captain, Oliver Queen; also to be found hanging with Team Flash)

Team Flash: Nerds. (Like, the adorable nerds that always sit in the front row and have study groups in the library and are in the science club. Felicity and Ray are both honorary members)

Team Legends: Those kids that skip class and smoke weed behind the gym (I don’t know what that’s called, but we all knew those people in high school. Leonard flirts with Barry Allen, both to copy his homework and because he’s a cutie and his cheeks turn an adorable shade of red when he blushes; Jax is the freshman that somehow gets dragged into their shenanigans, but secretly likes it; Amaya is the hall monitor that judges them, but never turns them in; Ray is the adorkable nerd that reminds them they should be in class, but is silenced when Mick shoves a joint in his face and tells him to shut up; Stein is the teacher that catches them, but trades his silence for one of their joints while explaining theoretical physics to them) 

Feel free to add any headcanons, thoughts, etc! (I really love this AU) 

You know I might be reading into this picture too much, but I believe that this was a “foreshadowing” of events to happen.

Here we see at the top Clay preparing to punch Tig with his right arm. This signified Tig once being his right hand, his Sargeant-at-Arms, but no longer as he has his fists raised to him. Tig is leaning back and away, which could also signify the distance that grew between them.

Then there is Bobby who is in the middle of “the fight” trying to break it up, but not being able to. This could very well signify his role in trying to stop everything that happened during the series but being unable to do so. His hair is also spread out as if he would be laying on the ground (his death) because honestly why else would his hair be spread out in a standing up right position such as that.

Then down below them, we have Jax, Tara, Gemma, and Juice.

We can see that Jax is of course in the middle of Tara and Gemma, trying to stop them from each other (he was a constant go between in the show, even more so toward the end) and we can see Gemma clinging to Jax as he is trying to keep her away from Tara in an angry like manner. Trying to “keep her safe” if you’d say from his own mother.

But then we see Tara clearly clinging onto Gemma’s arm which might show that she was trying to hang on in the end. Something that Gemma caused, Tara was trying to hang in there. And then the way Tara’s face is turned it looks like she’s been attacked in some way (punched, smacked, stabbed maybe?) And her eyes are closed (death) all while trying to hold onto Gemma.

Not to mention that Jax, Tara and Gemma’s eyes are all closed which could have meant that the three of them caused each other’s deaths. Because they are the only ones with their eyes closed. (Bobby is looking down, but they’re not closed)

Now Juice. Being below Jax and yet his arm is between both Jax and Gemma, almost as if trying to pull Jax away from Gemma (protecting her). This could be showing that Juice (being on the bottom of the club) was going to be dropped by them, that they’d no longer care about him. And being below Jax showing that Jax was “above Juice” or “using him” in said manner.

And now Chibs, being in the top left corner being above everyone else, this could have signified his place as president at the end of the series. And what’s even more odd is the placement. Looking at the picture all three men who were once or is now president form a line down slightly sideways with their bodies.

Tig, also being to Chibs’s left could have meant that he was to become his VP (since the VP sits on the left of the Prez)

As far as Happy, Opie and Piney being in the picture, it could have meant that Piney and Opie were already dead. As far as Happy goes he wasn’t really an “important role” to the future events. Not saying that he isn’t important, but thinking about how this picture was taken and drawn up – Happy isn’t important here.

And as far as the black a deep white picture goes. Death, destruction, loss of hope, take your pick. It’s just as plain as day in black and white as the saying goes.

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s just something that caught my attention. The more I looked at this picture the more I came to see.


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Request: Imagine your Jax’s best friend and your back in town and he begs you to stay.

I decided to make this long instead of breaking it into parts, its 10,000+ words, let me know what you all think!

 Sorry I’m not writing as often,but please be patient and I’ll get there. Thank you for all your support. I hope you enjoy this. xx


“Jackson Nathaniel Teller get your ass back here right now!”
Jax froze midstep and hung his head whilst you fought to keep the smug smile off your face as you slowly crept forwards.
“You too, (Y/F/N), (Y/L/N)!”
A groan left your lips and slowly in sync, both of you turned to face the wrath of Gemma Teller.
She stood in the doorway of her house, hands on her hips, elbows out, and an angry flint in her eyes.
Jax sighed and nudged you with his elbow.
You exchanged a dreaded glance with him and together you walked towards his mother.
“Either of you little shits wanna tell me why i have three missed calls from the principal?”
Gemma said, her voice stern and her eyes burnt through the both of you.
Even on a good day, you knew better than to mess with Gemma, and today was definitely not a good day.
“It was nothing, Gem.” You said and fluttered your eyelashes pleadingly, hoping that your puppy-dog effect might rub off on her. Of course it didn’t work. This was Gemma Teller, after all.
Gemma raised her eyebrows at you and her gaze lingered on you before she glanced at her son.
Jax sighed and rubbed his hand through his thick blonde hair.
“It was nothing Ma. Just some kids getting smart. We handled it.”
Gemma stared him down with pursed lips till he looked at his feet and Gemma leant against the door frame, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Who threw the first punch?” She asked.
You looked at Jax and he met your eye before his infamous smirk spread across his lips.
“She did.” Jax said and nodded towards you.
His mother glanced you over and reached her hands towards you.
She grasped her hands either side of your face and leant close before pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Good girl.” She said.
You grinned and Jax laughed beside you.
“Now get your ass home before I have your parents calling me too.”
You nodded and waved goodbye to Gemma.
Jax threw his arm over your shoulder and walked along side you as you walked down the driveway., the afternoon sun shining down on you between the trees.
“I told you she wouldn’t be mad.” Jax said and you scoffed and laughed.
“You think I was worried? You shoulda seen your face!” You teased and Jax laughed too.
Both of you walked along the pavement as the sun shined down on you, teasing each other and laughing as he walked you home.
Eventually you stopped outside your house and you could both see your father, peering out at you through the gap in the curtains.
You rolled your eyes and turned to Jax.
“See you tomorrow?”
“Me and Ope will pick you up.” He confirmed.
You nodded and smiled at your best friend and he smiled back, the same smile that made your heart swoon.
And you walked into your house, leaving a sixteen year old Jax Teller on the street, watching after you and hoping that maybe one day his best friend would be his old lady.

You had grown up in Charming, born and raised and you loved the little town and all its unique quirks.
The sun was always shining, the weather was always warm and the towns people were always smiling. Well, almost always..
It was the roar of motorcycles flooding down Main Street that changed their faces from happy and content smiles to disapproving frowns and glares.
The Sons of Anarchy had always done their part in Charming, helping out at fundraisers and the town knew they could rely on the club when times got tough. Yet they often seemed to forget that, and seemed to focus on the danger that emitted from them.
Your father was one of those people, and he had been furious the first day he saw Jax Teller and Opie Winston walk you home from school.
He had warned you your whole life to stay away from ‘boys like that’, and he had lived his whole life in fear of the Sons of Anarchy.
They were gunrunners, criminals, outlaws and killers and he didn’t want his precious daughter to be mixed up with such horrid people.
But when you were seven years old and the boys in your class had stolen your backpack and had been tossing it to each other while you cried, it had been Jax and Opie that had stopped them and made sure no one ever messed with you again.
And from that day on the three of you had been your own little gang.
Your father still didn’t approve and you weren’t sure he ever would, but you didn’t care.
Because when you were with them you didn’t feel like a little girl that couldn’t defend herself.
When you were with them you weren’t afraid of anything.
And you had grown to be tough and strong, after Gemma took you under her wing.
You didn’t have a motherly figure in your life after your mom had passed away and your father had never even dreamt of being with another woman. But Gemma showed you how to be a girl that no one would mess with and you would be eternally grateful to her for transforming you from an innocent lamb into a lioness.
It was only inevitable that you’d fall in love with Jax at some point.
He was carefree, the prince of Charming, and anywhere he walked he left a trail of chaos and girls practically drooling over him.
He was charming and funny, smart, caring, ridiculously handsome and confident and he was fiercely loyal.
You were close with Opie too, of course, but it was Jax that made your heart skip a beat and when he was around somehow you struggled to find words, as the thoughts of him filled your mind.
He was your best friend, the love of your life, the prince of Charming. And you, you were the Girl Next Door. Well, technically you lived down the street, but you knew you would never be good enough for him, that you’d never be his princess.


Your cheeks were stiff from dried tears and you stared at the sky, watching the sun slowly fade into the horizon.
Opie passed the joint to you and you took a long drag before passing it to Jax, who sat on the other side of you.
The three of you sat in silence, unsure of the right words to say.
Honestly you didn’t want them to say anything. You didn’t want anyone to say anything.
Nothing anyone said could change what had happened.
Your father was dead. You had been the one to find him, seated at the kitchen table, gun in his hand and a bullet hole through his head.
He had never really recovered after losing your mother and he had struggled raising you alone. Still, you never thought he would leave you. At least not like that anyway.
The smoke filled your lungs but your body remained numb.
And so the three of you sat in silence, on the concrete ledge of the roof of the funeral home, dressed all in black as you mourned the loss of your father.
Jax hadn’t left your side since you’d found your father, dead in the kitchen and you knew both himself and Opie had been uncomfortable, attending the funeral of your father, a man who had disapproved, no, hated them.
But they had decided to attend, to support their best friend.
Jax knew what it was like to lose a father and you were eternally grateful for his support.
They had stood either side of you as you read the passage in front of your fathers friends and family, and they had sat beside you while you sobbed over the freshly covered grave.
But now your tears had dried out and the reality was sinking in.
Your mother was gone, your father was gone, and you had no family left.
At least not in Charming.
That was why your Aunty was shipping you off, forcing you to move across the country to live with her.
“When do you leave?” Jax asked quietly, his voice breaking the silence.
You glanced at him and met his gaze, his blue eyes filled with sorrow.
“Tomorrow.” You whispered, your voice cracking slightly.
Jax nodded and wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you rested your head on his shoulder.
Opie squeezed your hand gently before standing and heading downstairs to find a drink, leaving the two of you alone.
For a while you sat in silence, his arm around you as you stared out at the horizon.
Everything seemed so fragile, so small. Every moment was fleeting, passing by and you weren’t sure if any of it really mattered anymore.
“I love you, (y/n).” Jax whispered.
A sad smile formed on your lips and you nodded against him.
“I know.” You whispered.
You knew he loved you, as a friend.
But even now, as you sat at your fathers funeral, the only thing you wanted was Jax. For him to love you as more than a friend.
But you were leaving.
And he was staying here.
The rest of the night you stayed on the roof, until the early morning and at some point you had fallen asleep, wrapped in each others arms. A perfect way to spend your last night in Charming, wrapped in the arms of the boy were hopelessly in love with.


“Back in black! I hit the sack, Ive been too long Im glad to be back.”
You sung at the top of your lungs as the music poured out of the speakers and your car sped along the familiar roads.
It was only fitting to play such a song as you drove, heading for the town you’d left so many years ago.
You never had made it back to Charming after you had left that morning so many years ago.
Something had always stopped you. Maybe the emptiness that filled your heart every time you thought of your father and the way he had passed, or the heartache you felt when you thought of Jax, imagining him with random girls.
You had no right to be jealous really, it had been eight years since you’d left and you’d kept in contact at first, but eventually you had drifted apart.
The last you heard was that Jax and Opie were prospecting, but it had been years since you’d heard from either of them and you wondered if they’d still be around,or  if they’d even remember you.
You thought about them often, remembering the mischief the three of you used to get up to. the nights you would spend staring up at the sky, or the afternoons you’d spend on the back of their bikes, speeding along the streets with the wind blowing in your hair.
But you had a new life now, a good job, a good apartment. You didn’t have a boyfriend but you didn’t particularly want one.
You were fiercely independent and you did well on your own. There was even talk of a promotion coming up and you knew you were in the perfect position for it.
It had taken you by surprise when you’d received the phone call from the council in Charming, informing you that the tenants of your fathers house had left it in a mess.
He had left you the house in his will and you had become the official owner when you turned 21, but back then the thought of returning to your hometown had been too painful, so you’re Aunt had helped you hire an agency and rent the property out.
But it was time to sell it. There was no point in leaving it with strangers when you could benefit from selling it. You could even use the money to buy your own house in the city, or open your very own business. It was time to move on.
And as you drove a mixture of emotions flooded through you.
Nerves, excitement, fear.
You didn’t know what to expect and one part of you was praying you would run into Jax, and reunite just like old times while the other part of you prayed you wouldn’t.
You knew he would have an old lady by now and you weren’t sure how you felt about it.
He would always be the one that got away, and you don’t think you could truly ever be over the feelings you had for Jackson Teller.
You car sped along the road and before you knew it you passed the familiar ‘Welcome to Charming’ sign.
The town hadn’t changed much and you drove through Main Street, eyeing the familiar shop fronts and the new ones too.
Charming certainly had a certain ‘charm’ about it and no matter where in the world you went, it would always be home.
You knew you couldn’t put it off much longer and you finally turned into the street on which you had lived so many years ago.
You drove past the picket fences and the perfectly trimmed hedges, the front lawns with kids playing outside, under the sprinklers as they laughed in the sun.
Your heart leapt into your throat as you drove past the Teller house and you couldn’t help but glance at the half dozen bikes parked out front.
You gulped and gripped the steering wheel til your knuckles turned white and you drove on and eventually you turned into the driveway of your fathers house.

Birds chirped outside the window and you groaned.
You never had been a morning person but last night you had gotten barely any sleep.
It was hard for you, to be back in this house and the memories had haunted you all night long. It still smelt the same. At least you thought it did and waves of nostalgia kept hitting you, desperate for a time when this was your home.
You sighed and rolled out of bed and rubbed your eyes before yawning and stretching your arms.
Of course, you hadn’t thought about bringing any home appliances with you.
You had only packed a few bags of clothes, unsure of how long you were intending to stay for.
But you’d forgotten that the house was empty, including no furniture, no cutlery, and no fucking coffee.
You rummaged through one of your bags and yanked out a towel and headed for the shower.
The local diner used to make the best coffee in town and you hoped that that was one thing that hadn’t changed over the years.
After a quick shower you tugged on your ripped skinny jeans and pulled an old band t-shirt over your head before shaking out your damp hair and letting it fall down your back.
There was no time for makeup, you needed coffee desperately so you grabbed your sunglasses and your keys and headed for your car.


The diner had kept its word; it still had the best coffee in town.
But honestly, it could have been the worst, you were too tired to notice. You only craved the hit caffeine.
The old woman behind the counter had remembered you and had insisted on feeding you a full breakfast, the Charming Classic, complete with two eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon, sausages, and grilled tomatoes.
By the time you’d finished your plate you could barely more, you were that full and you slid out of the booth before paying for your meal at the counter.
By now the sun was out and the heat hit you in the face as you walked out of the diner, the bell on the door chiming behind you.
The street was already alive with the hustle and bustle of the morning.
You glanced around the street and smiled to yourself as you looked over the hanging flowers and the store fronts. It was good to be home.
Across the street Jax pulled off his gloves and stuffed them into his pockets.
He lifted his hands, littered with rings and removed his helmet.
The wind blew his blonde hair and he slicked it back.
Chibs and Tig were to his left and Juice was to his right and they too removed their helmets and placed them on their bikes.
Main Street was already buzzing with people and Jax ignored the nervous yet curious looks coming from the locals.
He scanned the street, looking for Hale, when a girl caught his eye.
For a moment, his breath caught in his throat as he looked at her.
Her back was facing him and her hair hung loosely down her back. There was something about her, he felt like he knew her, but he needed her to turn around.
“Jax! Let’s go, brother.” Chibs called and Jax snapped back to attention.
“Yeah.” Jax said and stood straight.
He followed his brothers up the street but he couldn’t help but look back.
And as he did, the girl turned flashing her face only for a moment and Jax froze in place.
But almost as quickly as he saw her, she was gone, turning a corner into a store.
“You okay man? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Juice asked with an eyebrow arched.
Jax swallowed and nodded slowly.
“Something like that.”


Ever since you were young you had always had a habit of twiddling your thumbs when you were nervous. That, and blinking your eyelashes like an idiot.
And right now your thumbs were going wild and you were practically chewing your bottom lip off. To say you were nervous was an understatement and you wanted to start your car, turn around and drive away from here.
But you couldn’t put it off any longer.
You knew deep down you wanted to see him, needed to see him.
But you were filled with dread, knowing that a man like Jackson Teller wasn’t going to be single.
You wanted desperately to see that smile once more but you weren’t sure if you could face his girlfriend. Or worse, his old lady.
You sighed and pulled the keys out of the ignition.
It was now or never.
Before you could change your mind you stepped out of your car and closed the door behind you.
Teller Morrow hadn’t changed much from what you remembered and you glanced around the lot, taking in the sight of it.
Several bikes were lined up and you gulped as you looked at them warily.
It wasn’t too late to turn around.
There weren’t any members outside, and no one had seen you yet.
You could just turn around and walk right out of here.
You were debating your options in your head and you barely noticed when a car pulled in behind you. It was only when the door slammed shut that you turned around.
Your heart leapt into your throat and you stared wide eyed at Gemma Teller.
She stood in her class in ensemble: jeans and a black low cut top, flashing her cleavage and her scar. Her dark hair framed her face and she wore her usual large sunglasses.
You watched her as she shifted her hand bag on to her shoulder. She hadn’t seen you yet, or recognised you at least and your heart was beating rapidly.
“Hey Gem.” You said.
You cursed yourself, knowing how nervous your voice sounded.
Gemma glanced at you and lifted her glasses on top of her head.
“Well well, long time no see.”
You smiled and Gemma walked towards you, arms open wide and you embraced her hug. She had always been the closest thing you had to a motherly figure after your mom died and you hadn’t realised quite how much you had missed her after all these years.
She smelt the same as she used to, perfume and cigarettes and you hugged her tightly.
“What are you doing here, sweetheart?” She asked you as you parted and she placed her hands on her hips.
You ran your hand through your hair and glanced around the lot.
“I’m selling dads house, so I’m back in town for a while.” You told her truthfully.
You hadn’t intended to stay more than a week, but you had missed this town and the more time you were spending here the less rush you were in to leave.
Gemma nodded as her eyes ran over you.
You were just a teenager when you left, awkward and rebellious. But now you were a fully grown woman and your body had definitely filled out. You had curves now, in all the right places and you looked a hell of a lot different to when you left. But your eyes were the same, always sparkling and you still had the familiar traits Gemma remembered.
You had broken her sons heart when you left and she knew you probably had no idea of the hurt you had caused that boy.
“Well lets go inside. I, for one, could use a drink.” She winked at you and you grinned back.
Gemma linked her arm through yours and together you walked towards the clubhouse.
You had seen the number of bikes outside and your heart was beating rapidly in your chest.
You weren’t sure what type of welcome to expect.
Gemma must have sensed your nerves and she squeezed your arm gently before pushing open the door.

The smell hit you almost instantly and you felt a wave of nostalgia wash over you.
Alcohol, ciggarettes, and cheap perfume were the essence of the Clubhouses very own signature fragrance and you breathed it in deeply.
Your eyes scanned the room, taking in sight the empty table and sofas and the empty bar.
“They’re in Church.” Gemma told you and you nodded.
You were thankful you weren’t walking into a room full of Sons but now your nerves were back, knowing it was only those wooden doors that separated you from Jax. This was his territory, his home, and you were invading it. You weren’t sure if he’d even want to see you, let alone have you in his clubhouse.
“You wanna beer?” Gemma asked you.
“Please.” You nodded and smiled, following her to the bar.
Your eyes continued to scan the room and you looked the wall of framed mugshots, standing proud.
A smile formed on your lips as you ran your eyes over the familiar faces, and the unfamiliar ones.
You saw Opie’s and you smiled, looking at the man he had grown into.
The other faces passed you by as you looked at each of the frames and you gulped once you found Jax’s photo, sitting proud beneath the wooden SAMCRO sign.
He hadn’t changed much at all really, although you weren’t sure how old this photo was.
But his hair was still long, and blond, and those blue eyes of his pierced through you. You could recognise those eyes anywhere.
“How longs it been?”
Gemma broke your thoughts and you turned back to her, accepting the beer she was holding out.
“Eight years.” You said.
“Lot of shits changed in eight years.” Gemma said.
You smiled and nodded.
“I know.” You told her. Gemma had always had a way with words and you couldn’t help but feel there was a famous Gemma Teller lecture on the way.
But instead, she surprised you.
“He misses you.”
You looked at her, her dark eyes watching you closely and you knew she wasn’t lying.
But before you could speak you heard a door open and you turned almost instantly.
You didn’t recognise the first man that entered the room, and surely if you had known him you would recognise that mohawk. But his soft face was unfamiliar and  you only recognised the kutte on his shoulders.
He nodded towards Gemma and looked at you curiously before moving into the room, the rest of the club filing in behind him.
“Holy shit!”
Opie practically ran across the room, nearly bowling his old man over in the process and you  moved towards him, unable to keep a grin off your face.
He wrapped his arms around you and swept you off your feet into a tight bear hug.
You laughed as he squeezed you and eventually he placed you back on the ground, where he towered over you.
“Look at you, Ope! Your huge!” You said teasingly and squeezed his large biceps.
He laughed loudly and nudged you.
“Never thought I’d see your face round here again.” Opie said, his tone still light yet the both of you knew how much he meant his words.
You shrugged his comment off and grinned up at your old friend.
It had been years since you’d seen Opie and except the beard he hadn’t seemed to change all that much. His eyes seemed tired, and you could tell he had seen pain but there was still that light that had been there so many years ago.
Silence fell between you but it wasn’t uncomfortable.
Eventually more men filled the room and you glanced around,  the butterflies simultaneously returning to your stomach.
And then you saw him.
He walked out of the clubhouse, his head hung low as he blew out a cloud of smoke and passed a joint back to one of his Brothers. He walked with the same kind of swag he walked with as a teen and your heart was almost beating out of your chest when he glanced up and met your gaze.
Blue eyes pierced through you and he froze for a moment, his mouth dropping open as he took in the sight of you.
The rest of the room could have been on fire and you wouldn’t have noticed, the only thing you were focused on was Jax.
Slowly, he began to move towards you, his eyes never leaving yours and you gulped.
Opie glanced between the two of you, sensing the nervous tension in the air and he chuckled lightly before shaking his head and walking to the bar, leaving you to reunite with Jax.

Your voice was brittle, nervous but just that one word echoed through him.
For years he had dreamt of this day, dreamt  that one day you would return, and you would stand in this club house once more.
But it had always been just a dream. Jax knew you would have no intention of coming back to this town that haunted you with memories and as you stood before him he fought desperately with his mind, begging for it not to be playing a trick on him.
Begging for this to be real.
He moved closer and his eyes only left yours to glance over your body quickly.
You but your lip nervously and you fluttered your eyelashes. Not in a flirtatious way, but in a way that you had always done when you were nervous.
“You gonna just stare at her?” Opies voice boomed from across the room, followed by laughter.
You laughed too and suddenly Jax knew he wasn’t dreaming.
A grin broke across his cheeks and suddenly his arms were around you, engulfing you entirely into his body.
He lifted you off the floor and squeezed you and you buried your face in his neck, letting his scent fill your lungs and you breathed him in.
Eventually he placed you back on the floor and he stepped back to look at you once more.
His grin never left his face and you stared into his eyes.
“Your back.” He spoke.
You nodded, your eyes never failing to leave his gaze.
“Ye ganna introduce the lass, Jackie?” A voice called from across the room and both of you glanced towards the man who spoke, his wide grin almost distracting you from the scars across his cheeks.
Jax laughed and threw his arm over your shoulder.
Together you walked towards the men.
Their faces were friendly yet curious to see what kind of girl could get both Opie and Jax to react like that.
Jax introduced you to his club, firing off a list of names you would have to ask him to repeat later on.
“And this is (y/n), an old friend.” Jax beamed and nudged you.
You couldn’t help a blush rising to your cheeks as you nodded to the smiling faces.
They welcomed you with cheers as they raised their beers in your direction.
“Come on, let me get you a drink.” Jax said and you followed him to the bar.
Gemma still sat, watching you with an amused look on her face and as Jax approached she stood, smoothing down her shirt and her jeans before pressing a kiss to her sons cheek.
“I’ll leave you two kids to it.” She said with a wink before sauntering off outside.
Jax chuckled and shook his head before passing you a beer and gesturing for you to sit.
You obliged and slid onto one of the barstools before taking a sip.
“So what brings you back here?” Jax asked, his haze falling bak onto you and he looked at you with furrowed brows.
You licked your lips as you placed your beer on the counter and swiped a loose strand of hair out of your face.
“I had some trouble with the tenants in dads old place, so I thought it was probably time to sell it on.” You said.
Jax nodded and took a swig of his beer.
“So your not staying?” He asked.
You shook your head and smiled sadly.
“I don’t think I could.” You said.
Jax studied you closely and he sensed the pain in your voice.
It was still a struggle for you, even after all these years to be back in a town that held such painful memories and that was clear to him. Yet he still couldn’t help feeling disappointed.
It didn’t seem fair that you would leave again, after only just coming back into his life after so many years.
But he nodded understandingly.
“How are you anyway? Couldn’t help but notice your kutte.” You said.
Jax laughed and glanced down at the Vice President patch on his leather and nodded.
“Yeah, its a new addition.” He said proudly.
You sat at the bar for a while, reminiscing on the old times with Jax and Opie joined you for a while before heading home to see his family.
Eventually though it was time for you to head home and you stood and smoothed down your hair.
Jax walked you out and neither of you spoke as you headed for your car.
The night air was crisp and cool and you shivered slightly in the breeze.
Jax noticed and put his arm around your waist, pulling you into his warmth as you walked.
“When do you leave?” Jax asked quietly.
You stopped in front of tour car and looked at him with a shrug.
“Im not sure. Maybe a couple of weeks.” You answered.
Jax nodded and leant against the car as you opened the door.
“You should come by the club tomorrow night. We’re having a party.” Jax said.
You smiled at him and nodded.
“I’ll try to make an appearance.” You winked and Jax smirked back at you.
“It was really good to see you, (y/n).” Jax said quietly.
“It was good to see you too, Jax.” You smiled back.
From the conversations you’d had with him tonight it seemed he was single, no old lady.
But you hadn’t exactly asked outright so you didn’t want tog et your hopes up. Yet you couldn’t help the feeling of hope that crept into your mind.
It was silly, of course. You were leaving. But you couldn’t help but want Jax to feel the same way, and you wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch him.
But you didn’t.
Instead, you slid into the seat of your car, waved goodbye to Jax and drove away.
And just like he had all this years ago, Jax watched you drive off. Only this time he felt something had changed.


It was past 9pm by the time you got home the next day and after fumbling with your keys and flicking the lights on you dumped the load of paperwork onto the floor.
Who knew selling a house would be such a pain in the ass.
You had spent all day with a real estate agent, going over the property and discussing the market.
You had been grumpy all day, after getting barely any sleep yet again, and the last thing you wanted to do was get dressed and go to a SAMCRO party.
You walked around the living room and drew the curtains before sitting on the floor in the middle of the room and opening the carton of chinese food you had bought in the way home.
It probably wasn’t a good idea for you to go to the party anyway, you thought to yourself.
You were only in town to sell this damned house and it would only be a couple of weeks before you left again. It had been nice, seeing Jax again after yearning for him for so long.
But who were you kidding?
He wouldn’t feel the same way, especially not after so many years. And you were leaving.
There was no point in getting attached when it would just hurt more when you had to say goodbye again.
No, you would stay home. On the floor of an empty house eating chinese food.
You’d also bought a bottle of wine and you left the food on the floor as you walked to your bag and rummaged through it to find the bottle.
You pulled it out proudly, almost as if it was a newborn child, and you didn’t bother looking for glasses. You knew there was none.
So you opened the bottle and took a long gulp of wine.
Tonight you would enjoy your own miserable company.

You woke to a loud pounding on the door and you groaned as the room focused in front of you.
It was dark and you rubbed your eyes.
After drinking the bottle of wine and finishing your chinese, at some point you had passed out on the floor of the living room.
The pounding continued and you stumbled to your feet.
“Im coming!” You yelled. What time was it? The sun wasn’t up so it must be late, you thought.
Eventually you made your way to the front door and you swung it open.
Jax stood in the door way, the dark night illuminated by the moon shining down behind him.
“Good morning.” He said with a coy smirk on his face, as he glanced over your rumpled skirt and messy hair.
“What the fuck Jax? What time is it?” You asked and stifled a yawn.
“3.15.” He answered.
You groaned and leant against the doorway and wrapped your arms around yourself.
“What are you doing here?” You asked.
Gradually you began to wake up more and you suddenly felt self conscious under his gaze.
You were still dressed in your business skirt and shirt and your hair was a mess.
“You didn’t come to the party.” Jax answered. He glanced behind you, into the empty  house and noticed the bottle of wine and the empty food carton on the floor.
“Yeah, sorry Jax. I got home late.” You explained.
He nodded.
“Wanna go for a ride?”
“Its three in the morning Jax.” You groaned.
Hr laughed loudly and looked at you through his eye lashes as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette.
“Never stopped you before,” He winked.
You sighed and stood straight.
“Let me get changed.” You said before shutting the door ad leaving him in the night as you walked to your bedroom.
What were you doing? You thought to yourself. You had not gone to that party to stay away from Jax. You didn’t want to complicate things. And here he was, on your doorstep in the middle of the night.
You pulled off your skirt and tugged on a pair of jeans before ripping iff your blouse and rummaging through your bags for a sweater.
Its just one ride. You told yourself, desperately trying to convince yourself that this wasn’t a bad idea.
Quickly you tugged on some socks and your boots before walking back to the front door.
You knelt by your bag and pulled out your keys before walking tot he front door, opening and closing it behind you.
The night was crisp and the faint smell of tobacco filled the air as Jax leant against his bike, puffing on  his cigarette.
The moonlight shone down on him and even in this light he was ridiculously handsome.
You locked the door and slid the keys into your pocket and as you approached him Jax tossed his cigarette to the ground.
He held out a helmet and you took it before tugging it down onto your head and buckling the strap.
You watched as he swung his leg over and sat on his bike before looking back at you, a mischievous spark in his eyes.
You couldn’t help the grin spreading over your face as you placed your hands on his shoulders and swung your leg over the bike and sinking down behind him.
You shifted your hands to bis waist and you clutched at the leather as he brought the bike to life, the loud roar ripping through the quiet night.
Jax turned back to you and you nodded, reassuring him.
Slowly you rolled out of your driveway and you wrapped your arms tighter around his waist and pressed your face against his back, leaning your body with his as he turned the corner.
Gradually his speed increased as you moved through your street and into the open roads and you let the scent of his leather fill your lungs.
The streets blurred past you as the bike roared through the night and you held on toJax tightly.
Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

After an hour or so Jax pulled into a wooded area and rode slowly through the trees.
The track was familiar to you; it was where he used to bring you when you were young.
The area was surrounded by looming trees but it cleared out into a small opening and you had spent countless nights here, getting drunk with Opie and Jax, or simply lying on the ground and staring up at the stars.
The trees began to clear and Jax pulled the bike to a stop before killing the engine.
You swung your leg over first and lifted the helmet from your head before shaking your hair out and handing it back to Jax.
“This place hasn’t changed.” You said quietly. Your voice sounded delicate in the quiet of the night.
You couldn’t hear the roads from here, and the only sounds were the distant noises of animals and the light wind rustling through the leaves.
Jax followed you as you stepped over the grass and moved into the middle of the clearing, looking up through the opening in the trees and looking at the stars.
It was just as beautiful as you remembered.
You sat on the ground and Jax sat next to you.
Neither of you spoke for a while. You sat content in each others silent company.
“Why did you never come back?”
His words broke the silence and you struggled with your answer.
You glanced down at your hands in your lap and twiddled your thumbs.
“I couldnt.” Was all you said.
Jax nodded slowly and you sighed.
“It was too hard for me. After dad died I just couldn’t bare to bring myself back here.” You told him truthfully. “I was scared.”
You looked back up at the stars and admired their beauty.
“Did you want to? Come back?” Jax asked.
You turned to him and he met your gaze. Even in the dark light his blue eyes shone brightly and you smiled sadly.
“Everyday.” You whispered.
Jax studied you closely.
He reached his hand out and squeezed yours gently. The moment his hand touched yours you felt sparks shooting through your body.
His eyes locked on yours and he moved closer slightly. You weren’t sure if your heart had ever beat faster than it did in this moment.
As your heads slowly moved closer together you noticed everything about him. You noticed the slight speck of green in his blue eyes, barely big enough to notice. You noticed the small scar on his cheek and for a moment you wondered how he got it. You wanted to know everything about his life since you left,you wanted to know everything about this man that was right in front of you. But more than anything you wanted to feel his lips on yours.
Gradually his head moved closer to yours and you could feel the heat of his breath on your lips. You licked you lips nervously and glanced at his before looking back into his eyes.
Just as the loaning became almost unbearable Jax’s lips pressed against yours and the warmth of his mouth sent currents running through your body.
Your hands reached out and held either side of his face as his wrapped around your body and you whimpered slightly as his mouth moved in sync with yours.
Your lips moved in harmony with his and you ran your fingers through his thick hair, desperately clinging to him.
His mouth grew hungrier and he kissed you more fiercely now,exploring your mouth with his tongue. You could taste the cigarette and whiskey on his lips.
He gently pulled your body down till you were lying and he hovered his body over yours.
You opened your legs and Jax lay between them, his groin pressing against yours and you moaned softly at the weight of him on top of you.
Both of your breathing became more rapid as you made out on the grass like a couple of horny teenagers.
His fingers traced down your body and he gently slid them beneath your shirt and you whimpered softly as the coolness of his rings mixed with the warmth of your skin.
For a moment your lips parted and Jax smirked down at you before tracing his lips down your neck.
You arched your neck for him, allowing him to suck gently at your soft skin and you moaned once more.
His fingers traced further up your body and he cupped your breasts through the fabric of your bra.
You moaned and squirmed beneath him and Jax smirked as he lifted to his knees and tugged your shirt over your head.
Your hair splayed out around you messily and you looked at him through thick eye lashes.
A blush rose to your cheeks as he admired your body and gingerly you sat up and reached behind you to unclip your bra.
You met his gaze as you let the fabric fall from your skin and you tossed it onto the ground beside you before leaning back onto your eyebrows.
Jax licked his lips as his eyes explored your bare chest, and he was amazed that you could be covered in dirt and sweat and still smell and look like the best thing he’d ever seen, and he didn’t waste much time before leaning back over you.
He pressed a kiss to your lips once more before trailing them down your neck and across your chest.
Hr sucked gently as he moved, leaving a faint trail of bruises from your collarbone to your nipple.
You moaned as his tongue licked around your nipple and he sucked gently.
Jax growled at the sound of your whimpering beneath him and an urgency came over him.
His lips sucked rougher around your nipple now and his fingers fumbled with the button of your jeans.
Your fingers were in his hair, tugging at the strands gently.
Once he got your jeans unbuttoned he tugged them down your thighs quickly followed by your panties. He wasted no time in removing his own clothes and he hovered over you once more, his lips exploring your with an urgent hunger.
Your lips moved with his and you felt his fingers stroke through your wet folds and you opened your legs slightly wider, enjoying the feel of his hard cock on your inner thigh.
He works you with his fingers expertly, knowing just how to make you shudder and moan his name into the night.
He moves his fingers against you til your on the verge of your release when he stops and slides himself inside you, his hands moving to hold you by the hips gently.
He fills you slowly and you both moan as you stretch around him.
Slowly he rocks his hips against yours and it doesn’t take long til your begging for more.
His thrusts became rougher and harder and with each move he leaves you breathless.
The night is filled with the sound of your moans and his growls and his skin slapping against yours.
When you cum you scream his name as your walls clench around him and Jax growls as he finds his release, his hot seed filling you.
He slows his movements and gently slides out of you before collapsing to the ground beside you.
Both of you are panting heavily and he reaches for your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours as you both catch your breath and stare up at the stars.

You pressed your cheek to his leather as he rode through the night, your fingers clutching at the leather around his waist.
You couldn’t quite explain the mixture of emotions that ran through your body as you rode.
Making love with Jax had been everything and more than you could have ever imagined and you were still coming down from that high.
You had both laid beneath the stars for a while, lying naked on the grass.
Jax had helped you dress yourself and plucked leaves from your ruffled hair.
Neither of you had spoken much, but it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable.
And as you drove closer back into town the reality of what had happened began to hit you in waves.
As the wind swept your hair out behind you a tear rolled down your cheek and you didn’t bother to wipe it away.


“Are you sure about this, (y/n)?” Your real estate agent asked you.
You rolled your eyes and smiled at him from across the desk.
“For the millionth time, I’m sure.” You told him.
“We could get more for the property if you wait til the report comes back. It wont take more than a week.” He told you, a hint of concern in his voice.
“I know, Jeremy. But I need the house sold, like now.”
“Alright, whatever you say (y/n).” Jeremy said and shuffled the papers on the desk.
“I’ll get the ads up and the paperwork sent off right away.”
You smiled and stood, smoothing down your skirt.
“Thank you.”
Jeremy stood too and walked towards the door of his office before opening it for you.
You lifted your handbag off the chair next to you and swung it on to your shoulder.
“I’ll be round this afternoon to put the ‘For Sale’ signs up.” Jeremy told you.
You smiled and thanked him before walking past him and out of the office.
As you walked you felt your handbag vibrate and you sighed as you pulled out your cell phone.
He was trying to call you, again.
You hit ignore.
That makes it eight missed calls from him. Since you’d woken.
You’d lost count of the amount of times you’d hit ‘ignore’ to Jax’s calls in the last few days.
The last thing you needed was to hear his ‘we’re better off as friends’ speech.
So you saved him the bother and you’d been ignoring his calls ever since he’d left your house that night.
The next morning you’d woken and headed straight to the office,determined to get the house sold, and get the hell out of Charming.
You tossed your phone back into your bag and continued walking to your car.
You fumbled with the keys and eventually unlocked your door.
After sliding in and sticking the keys in the ignition you wound down the windows and turned the radio on, letting the music fill the air.
Your car pulled out of its park and you drove along the street before stopping at a red light.
Seconds past and thats when you heard it.
You could always hear them before you saw them and you gulped and gripped the wheel.
In a matter of seconds a dozen bikes sped past you and you recognised each member that passed.
None of them saw you, however and you were glad.
But that still didnt stop your heart almost beating out of your chest as Jax sped past you followed by his brothers.
Finally the light turned green and you drove on.
You needed to get out of this town, and quick.

The rest of the day passed quickly.
You had spent your time doing touch-ups on the property after you had bought some paint down town, and a camp chair too, so now at least you had something to sit on.
Paint splatters covers your grey tank and speckled your cheeks but you didn’t care. The only person you were seeing today was Jeremy, and he had just left after erecting the ‘For Sale’ sign on the front lawn.
You were lucky he put up with you, really. He had your best intentions at heart and wanted you to get the best price for your fathers property.
But money was the last of your concerns. You just wanted it sold.
So you had argued and argued and finally he had agreed to put the ads out at a generously reduced price.
The house was a steal.
It wasn’t in the greatest of conditions but for the price you were asking for, you knew the buyer wouldn’t care.
A bargain.
You heard a knock on the door faintly over the blasting noise of your music.
A frown came to your lips and you knelt, resting your pain brush on top of the bucket.
You hadn’t heard any bikes pull up yet you still didn’t feel completely relieved.
Its probably just Jeremy. You told yourself as you walked through the house.
You quickly turned the volume down on your portable speakers and walked to the door.
As you reached for the handle you wiped your hair out of your face and swung it open.
It wasn’t Jeremy.
It was Gemma fucking Teller.
She stood leaning against the wall, her oversized sunglasses framing her face.
You sighed when your saw her pursed lips and you crossed your arms over your chest.
“What do you want, Gemma?” You asked.
She would have to be deaf to not hear the attitude in your voice and she raised her eye brows at you.
She paused before speaking, taking in your messy bun and your paint splattered face and clothes.
“That how you answer the door to all your visitors?” She asked coolly.
“Only the ones I don’t wanna see on my doorstep.” You bit back.
You had no right to be so catty, really. Gemma had done nothing wrong, and neither had Jax. It was you that had cut all contact yet you still felt irritated having her turn up like this and you knew she was about to give you one of her famous lectures.
She smirked slightly at your words and lifted her sunglasses, letting them sit on her head.
“There a reason you’ve been avoiding phone calls?” She asked you, her dark eyes watching you closely.
“Been busy.” You shrugged.
Gemma sighed and stepped closer.
“Listen here, missy. I don’t know what happened between you and Jackson. But you have no right to turn up in this town after all these years and break his heart all over again.”
You glared at her but she didn’t budge.
“You owe him an explanation at least. Dint you dare leave town without telling him exactly why you came back just to rip his heart out.”
Her words cut through you like ice but you didn’t let her see it.
Instead you sighed and rolled your eyes.
“Get off my porch, Gemma.”
She looked you over once more before pushing off the wall and turning her back.
She took two steps before she stopped.
“He loves you. Remember that.” She said over her shoulder before walking down the steps towards her car.
You closed the door quickly and pressed your back against it, looking around the empty room.
Fucking Gemma Teller and her fucking lectures.


Two days had passed since Gemma had turned up at your front door, and it had been a week since that night with Jackson.
You sat alone in the diner, staring at the plate of food in front of you, poking it gingerly with your fork.
The phone calls had become less frequent but they hadn’t stopped, yet you still hadn’t found the courage to answer any of them. Not even Opies calls.
“Something wrong with the food, darlin?”
You glanced up and saw the waitress standing by the booth, a look of her concern on her face as she looked at the plate of food in front of you, untouched.
“Not at all. Just not as hungry as I thought.” You told her and smiled warmly.
She smiled back at you and left you to your own misery.
You sighed and left the fork on the table, resting your chin in your hand and your elbow on the table and you glanced into the street.
Even at night time Chamring still had a certain spark about it.
The streets, illuminated with street lights and neon signs in windows, the smell of fried food filling the streets.
Gemma was right, of course. You knew you couldn’t leave with out talking to him.
You didn’t even really know why you were ignoring him at all.
Someone had placed an offer on the house today and Jeremy had called you excitedly, knowing your be glad to hear of the progress. But you hadn’t been.
The offer was more than you were asking for yet you couldn’t bring yourself to go down to the office and sign off on the papers.
There was something you had to do first.
You sighed and slid out of the booth and after tossing a twenty dollar tip on the table you left the diner.
You had driven down but you didn’t head to your car.
It was only a short walk to TM,and you could use the time to figure out exactly what you were going to say.

The walk had been a good idea, giving you a chance to clear your mind and as you walked into the TM lot a wave of confidence washed over you.
You saw the row of bikes lined up and the light filling the lot from the open doors of the garage.
Music pumped through the walls of the clubhouse,but it wasn’t loud enough to signify a SAMCRO party, which you were relieved about.
As you walked silently into the lot you could hear the faint banter and smell of weed and almost instantly the nerves returned.
No one had seen you yet, and you knew it wasn’t to late to turn around.
But you couldn’t bring yourself to stop your feet from moving and gradually you turned the corner to the picnic table.
Jax sat with his back facing you, but you could recognise his blond hair anywhere.
Opie sat beside him and opposite them sat Juice and Tig.
All of them talking amongst themselves, puffing on cigarettes and joints and sipping on beers ad whiskey.
You fumbled with your fingers.
Juice spotted you out of the corner of his eye and he turned to you, smiling warmly.
Eventually they all saw Juice looking at something and all of them turned.
You felt so small, so fragile when those blue eyes fell on you and for a moment you forgot you weren’t alone.
Silence fell and Jax closed his mouth tightly.
The rest of the men stood and Juice and Tig headed inside, nodding to Jax.
Opie walked to you and kissed your cheek before heading inside, leaving you alone with Jax.
He turned his back to you and took a long swig of his beer.
You forced your feet to move and you slowly walked towards the table before sliding onto the bench opposite him.
Jax took a long drag of his cigarette, and you watched him blow it out.
He still didn’t look at you or say anything and you twiddled your thumbs in your lap.
“How are you?” You asked quietly.
Almost instantly you regretted saying anything at all.
Jax glanced at you with a raised brow.
“How am I?” He repeated.
You blushed and gulped, unsure of how to respond.
Jax scoffed and rubbed his hand across his face.
“Jesus Christ, (y/n). What are you doing here?” He asked you. There was a coldness to his tone and you shuddered slightly.
“I.. I thought we should talk.” You said quietly.
“Now you wanna talk? I tried calling you. A million fucking times. But now you wanna talk?” Jax snarled now and you could definitely sense the anger radiating off him.
You stood and dropped your hands.
“This was a mistake.” You said.
“Typical. You cant keep running forever, (y/n).” Jax said.
You had only taken a few steps when he spoke and you stopped.
“I shouldn’t have come back.” You said and Jax spun in his seat.
His nostrils were flared and you knew he was angry.
“So why did you?” He asked and he stood.
“You know why.” You told him and you felt tears rising behind your eyes.
“No. I don’t know. You could have sold the house from the city. We both know that. So why’d you come back? Why now?” He stepped closer to you, narrowing the gap between you and you stepped back.
You didn’t know how to answer him.
“It doesn’t matter why, Jax. The house sold. Im leaving again, so you can just pretend this never happened.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. You had an offer on the house, all you had to do was sign it over.
Jax scoffed and shook his head before looking at you once more.
His blue eyes were filled with fire and you shuddered under his gaze.
“So thats it, huh? Your just gonna forget about me and you?!” Jax snarled, his voice rising.
You stepped back once more and your back hit the wall.
“I could never forget about you, Jackson.” You spat back.
He smirked evilly and moved closer, placing his hands on the wall either side of your head.
“So what, you just wanna fuck me and leave, huh?”
You gulped and glared at him.
“Atleast you got what you wanted.” Jax snarled and turned, walking away from you.
You clenched your fists.
“Fuck you!” You screamed. God, it made you angry that he was right. You had treated him like shit all these years, and especially this week.
Jax shook his head and continued walking.
“You wanna know why it took me so long to comeback?” You yelled.
Finally he turned back to face you and you stepped closer to him, your body shaking with emotion.
“Because I fucking love you, you idiot!” You yelled. “I was so fucking terrified that if I came back you would have moved on, that you’d have an old lady. And i knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that. And yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have fucked you the other night. But i thought id do you the favour of ending things with me. We both know I cant stay here!”
Jax stared at you, his mouth slightly open.
You breathed heavily, and you had never felt more vulnerable that you did right in that moment.
“What did you say?” Jax asked slowly.
You scoffed ad turned around.
“Forget it Jax. I’ll be out of town by the end of the week.”
Your footsteps were rapid as you walked away from him and you didn’t hear him call after you.
Suddenly though, you heard heavy footsteps behind you and before you could react he grabbed your wrist and spun your body to face him.
His hand gripped your face and he crashed his lips against yours.
For a moment you let him in, let him kiss you so desperately.
But you quickly came to your senses and you shoved him away from you with all your force.
“I love you.” He said quietly.
You froze, only your eyes moving to meet his.
“What?” You whispered.
“God, (y/n), I love you. I have since you left.” Jax said.
A tear escaped your eye and you let it roll gently down your cheek.
“It broke my heart when you left. And Ive been with other women, lots of them. But every women I have ever been with, I have seen you. Its always been you.”
His words echoed in your ears and you stared at him as tears rolled down your cheeks.
You stepped closer to him and he reached his hand out, letting his finger gently wipe away the tears.
“I cant lose you again.” Jax whispered.
His blue eyes glistened with his own tears and you gulped before you stepped closer and reached up to kiss his lips.
“The house didn’t sell. I only got an offer.” You told him truthfully.
Jax grinned and shook his head slightly. He reached his hand out and swept your hair behind your ear before holding your face gently, his thumb stroking your cheek.
“Dont sell it.” He told you. “Stay here, in Charming.”
“Ive got a job Jax, and an apartment-“
“So quit. We’ll find you work here. Please, (y/n), I cant lose you again.”
You looked into his eyes and saw the hurt you had caused him all these years, the begging.
Slowly, you nodded.
Jax grinned and pressed his lips against yours.
“I love you, (y/n).  I really love you.”
You grinned back at your best friend, the love of your life.
“I love you too, Jax.”


Sorry if theres any grammar or spelling mistakes, i can never be bothered editing and my phone loves to auto correct so if it doesn’t make sense i apologise.

Hope you liked this!

mockingbird-22  asked:

We know what happened to Stein when Ronnie died and that he needed the other half of firestorm to basically live but what do you think would happen to Jax if Stein left? Would it work differently as Firestorm uses Jax's body and not just his mind like Martin? I can't remember if they've gone into this in detail or not.

They’ve never talked about it explicitly, no.

However, I feel that it’s implied that Jax would be fine without Martin to fuse with / the occasional Firestorm fusion to stabilize him. Part of why I think that is Henry Hewitt? He was a-okay not fusing, even though he was genetically compatible and has powers (although he didn’t need to fuse to use them so idk). Jax was a-okay until he met and fused with Martin too, implied that in whatever nuclear way Firestorm works, Jax is fine unfused. Fusing with Martin shouldn’t have changed his very genetic makeup, not any more than it already was from the particle accelerator blast.

At least… that’s what I think? I’ve also heard the theory that they’re going to replace Martin Stein with Lily to be the other half of Firestorm if they write out Martin, but we’ll see.

Princess of SAMCRO (Juice x Reader)

AN: So there’s a wordcount of over 10,000 words here, i hope you enjoy. In here Wendy is with Jax, and Abel is the only kid bc as all of you know i hate Tara and since there’s no Tara there’s no Thomas sadly.

Warnings: (First time writing)-Smut, Drinking, metions of death, sibling arguments, some fluff.

“Jaxy!” You whine from the leather black couch in the living room of your mother’s house.

You’re Jax’s sister, Gemma’s only daughter and the princess of the SAMCRO. Gemma has been raising you after her own heart, teaching you not to take any shit from anyone, especially the boys in the club. You’re about 4 years younger than Jax, which meant you barely got to know your father, John Teller. He still haunts your memories, his bike crashing into the semi when you were a little girl. You were 12 when he passed, and he was even coming to get you from school. It was a special day for you since you almost never got to ride with dad on his bike. It was when Opie’s dad Piney came up on his bike, you knew something was wrong. You could see Piney holding back tears as he dropped down on one knee, opening his arms welcoming you in. He was the one who broke the news to you. You were heartbroken and all you wanted was your mom and Jaxy. Now, you’re 26 and have Jax wrapped around your little finger, and you keep that boy in line as best as you can

“What do you want princess?” He exasperated, crossing his arms, looking down at you with a warm smile. You were the princess, and everyone treated you like one.  

“Can we go for a ride of your bike?” You looked up and him a big smile on your face. You begged Jax to let you get your own bike, he just repeats every time “I won’t let you taint such a pretty thing with pink like we all know you will”, you wanted to be apart of the club, but the whole no girls rule held you back from it, and Jax would never let you go in the line of danger.

“Alright I guess.” He says, defeat in his voice. He could never say no to you. You were his weak spot in the metal armour, he always kept you heavily protected, always made sure at least one person was with you at all times. It usually consisted of Opie, Happy, Tig, Juice, or Chibs. Jax wouldn’t trust anyone else with his baby sister.

“Yay!” You jumped up into his arms. “And Jaxy?” You take his hands into yours with a pouty face. “Can I please get my own bike?” You looked up at him with a puppy dog face, just begging him to let you fit in a little bit with the guys. “That’s up to mom Y/N.” He shook his head at how ridiculous his sister was acting.

You smiled, letting go of Jax’s hands before heading to the garage to get your helmet. Jax bought you one since you’ve been begging him to take you around so much.

“Oh!” A lightbulb just went off in your head. “We should go visit the club!” You said with a grin and you picked up your helmet, turning around to face your brother.

“If you say so.” Jax ruffles your hair before exiting the garage. That made you grumpy and you tried to fix your hair without a mirror. Jax just threw his leg over his bike laughing at how vain his sister is. God is she beautiful. He thought to himself, see his mother in her. Jax neglected to put his own helmet on, and Gemma Teller was on top of it.

“You better put your helmet on boy.” She hollered at him from the from door as she leaned into the door jam. Jax shook his head smiling as he reached behind him to get him helmet. “I’m 30 mom, I think I got this.” He says with a shit eaten grin on his face as he strapped in on underneath his chin. Gemma went back inside, but not before blowing a kiss to her daughter.

“Bye mom!” You yelled into the house. You walked over to Jax who was on his bike. You strapped your helmet on just as Jax started the bike, revving the engine. You throw your leg over the bike, feeling the vibrations go through your bones which gets your adrenaline pumping. You grab onto Jax’s leather kutte loosely, loving the freeing feeling.

-Something happens at around 92 miles an hour - thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart’s rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you’re not on the road, you’re in it. A part of it. Traffic, scenery, cops - just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you past. Sometimes I forget the rush of that.-

Jax pulled up to the club, backing into the first spot in the rows of bikes. You take your helmet off, leaping off the bike before Jax even turns it off. The boys just got back home from a very long run, to Las Vegas, and you missed all of your boy.! “Ope!” You beamed as you leaped into the big bears arms. He’s basically a second brother to you, and you loved him and his kids were amazing. “Hey there shorty.” Opie smiled.

Jax stayed back, lighting up one of his cancer sticks that you hate. You wished that he would just stop smoking. You still want a brother in 20 years, but he can’t get that through his thick skull.

You said your hellos to everyone else, having drinks with everyone catching up and laughing like you haven’t seen each other in 10 years.

The last one was Juice, who you didn’t see in the clubhouse. He must be in his dorm. “I gotta go pee.” You blurt out before hopping off of the bar counter and down the long hallway that holds all the dorms. At the very end, you even have your own dorm. Because when it comes to lockdowns, you’re the first one to be brought here.

The third door on the left. You repeat in your head. Being one of Jax’s watchdogs, Juice and you have become very, fond, of each other. Even though it breaks one of Jax’s forsaken rules, you’ve started to fall for Juicey.

You give a light knock on the door before slowly opening it. “Juice?” Your voice is barely a whisper. You’re so nervous, and you can’t place why. “Hey, Y/N.” Juice greets you and he appears from the bathroom, a towel around his waist and hot water dripping all over his built chest. You close the door behind you, locking it.

You rush over to Juice pressing your lips to his. Juice melts into the kiss, his hands resting on your waist. You press your forehead to his with a big smile spread across your face.

He’s made you the happiest girl ever, even if your relationship is kept a secret, and Juice could tell. “I missed you baby.” He whispers before kissing your nose. “I missed you too Juicey.” You wrapped your arms around his neck.  

“What was your excuse this time?” He asks you looking into your eyes. You giggled thinking about it. “I just kinda.. Blurted out that I had to pee.” You giggled out. Juice started laughing at you. “You might be the most blunt girl I’ve ever met.” He says and kisses behind your ear which is your sweet spot. You bite your lip smiling.

“I actually do have to pee, but then I should get back out there before someone starts getting suspicious.” You softly kiss his lips one more time before going into his bathroom shutting the door, sitting down on the toilet to pee.

Once you finished doing your thing, washed your hands and walked out. Juice now had a pair of jeans on but no shirt. You make your way over to him, kissing his forehead.

“You should go out first, then I’ll come out in a minute or two.” Juice gives you a big hug and a final kiss behind the ear. You nod, sighing. You honestly hate keeping this a secret. But you knew that if Jax found out that he would probably kill Juice. You looked down at his back chest, finger tracing over his tattoos before unlocking the door and walking back towards the boys.

You sit down next to Chibs, laying your head on his shoulder. “You need to let yer brother know lass.” He says, with lots of consideration in his voice. You just nod, trying to get yourself back into the mood. You took one of the shots that was sitting on the table and down it, the alcohol burning your throats but you love it anyways.

Juice comes out, with a plain black shirt on and his leather kutte lying on top. You don’t know how, but over time, Chibs eventually found out about your secret relationship with Juice, but you both knew he would never spill the beans about it, that was your job, not his.

You all sat and drank, some of you playing pool, for a few hours before Jax cleared his throat to speak. “Well, as fun as this is I think I should be heading home. I need to tuck Abel  in. And Wendy would hate me if I came home late again with nothing going on.” Jax stated, looking over to you.

“I think I can get a ride home from one of the guys. Please? I miss them!” You begged and pleaded. Jax became father-like to you whenever Gemma wasn’t around, it didn’t matter if you were 26 fricking years old.  

“Alright I guess, don’t stay out too late.” He mumbled with one of those stupid cigarettes in his mouth. Tig and some of the other boys started laughing. “Boy, she has you whipped, wrapped around her little finger.” Happy grinned over at him with a whiskey in his hand. Jax flipped all of the boys off shaking his head. “Your helmet will be on Chibs’ bike.” Jax told you. You nod, giving him a sweet smile in thanks.

Jax walked over to you, placing a kiss on your head before walking out toward the bikes. All you heard was the rumbling as he started it, before it faded into the distance.

6 hours later

For the most part all the boys cleared out, either had to get back to their ol’ ladies or needed to sleep the alcohol off. It seemed that whenever you came to the club, drunkenness always followed. Ope was about to head out, he grabbed his kutte from the back of the chair he was sitting on. “Do you need a ride?” He asks you. You shake your head before placing it on the table. You were sleepy, and you thought about just crashing here.

“I think I’m gonna stay here. I’m too drunk to move.” You groaned before letting out a cute, high pitched hiccup. Ope shook his head at you.

“Alright, you should give Jax a call, he’d probably want to know.” Ope says before heading toward his pickup truck, starting it up and going home to Donna and his kids. Chibs sighed, crossing his arms as he looked at you. “Yer gonna stay here with Juice aren’t ye lass?” He raised his eyebrow at you.

“I never get to spend time with him, and I’m wasted. My luck I’d fall off the back of a bike.” You giggle at the thought of that one. You’re a very clumsy being. You trip on flat ground, hit you elbow or hipbone or toe on furniture all the time, you walk in to walls. Not a good sight, and it gets even worse when you’re tipsy, and when you’re drunk that’s a whole other story.

“If ye say so love. Just be careful, ye don’t want Jacky finding out on his own. Yew should be the one to tell him.” Chibs gives you yet another one of his lectures.

You nod. “I’ll talk to Juice, maybe we’ll tell him tomorrow.” You looked down at your hands as you spun your thumbs around in circles. “Alright lass, I’m gonna head home. I probably have an impatient Jarry waiting on what’s taking me so long.” You both laughed at that.

You got up, stumbling down the hall. “Juiceyy!” You whined, holding yourself up against the wall. You press you back against the wall as a mean of support as you take off your heeled boots. Juice steps out of his dorm, leaving his door open.

“Hey, what’s up?” He asks rubbing his face with his hand. You clearly just either woke him up, or stopped him from trying to sleep. You extend your arms after you get your boots off trying to get him to bring you to his room.

Juice walks up to you and picks you up. You immediately wrap your legs around his waist. He could smell the alcohol radiating off your skin but he didn’t care. This wasn’t the first time he got to spend the night with you, but it was the first time with you this drunk.

“Hey, hey. Lay down babe.” He cooed in you ear as he laid you down before going back into the hall the grab your boots. He came back, setting your boots by the door.

You unbuttoned your white jeans and tugged them off. Juice went into his drawer and pulled out one of his white SAMCRO shirts for you to sleep in. You tossed your jeans by your boots, or as close as you could get them before lifting up your turquoise crop top and tossing it by your jeans. You happily took the shirt from Juice and slipped it on.

“Thank you.” You whispered looking up at Juice. He gently took your face into his large, calloused hands before kissing your lips. You kissed him back placing your hand right on top of his “son” and “shine” tattoos that are on his chest. Juice pulls back and looks into your eyes. “There’s no need to thank me Y/N, I’d do this for you any day. Now cmon, lets lay down” Juice pulls you back onto the bed so you’re laying down.

You both get under the sheets before snuggling into each other. Juice didn’t want to take advantage of you tonight, you were too far gone. So he just cared for you and let you stay in his bed. Soon enough both of you drifted to sleep.

The Next Morning

The light shined into the room. You grunted as you sat up, your head pounding like a bitch. Blinking and looking around you realized you weren’t in Juice’s room, you were in your own. He must’ve carried you into the room this morning, he’s always been an early riser.

Some knocks on your door and it makes you groan. “Come in.” You barely manage to get out. God you drank way too much last night. Jax walks in with his arms crossed, looking at you with a disappointing look on his face. You pull the comforter higher up to cover Juice’s shirt that you were planning on keeping hostage.

“Mom said you didn’t come home last night. And you didn’t leave either of us a phone call, nuthin’.” Jax explains to you. You nod. “I stayed here. I figured I was way to drunk to sit on the back of a bike and I even have my own bed so why not?” You say looking down.

“Hey, hey. I’m not mad darlin’. I just wish you left us a message. Mom was worried.” Jax rests his hand on your leg. You nod. “I was wayy too wasted for that Jaxy.” You giggled. He smiled laughing at the thought of the message you would have left either of them.

“Alright, well I gotta take the boys to school. But I just wanted to stop in and check in on you.” Jax says patting your leg before exiting your room.

You lay in your bed thinking to yourself. Maybe it’s time I move out and get settled in my own place, maybe even get a job. You gross yourself out at the thought of that, but you wanted to become more independent. You’re 26 still living with mom. But then again, your situation isn’t exactly the same situation as normal girls. You were the princess of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club for Christ sake.

You sigh to yourself. You know you need to get out of bed eventually. You toss the covers off and walk over to your closet, rummaging through the clothes you have there. You pull on a pair of black activewear shorts and leave Juice’s shirt on.

Peaking down the hall, you make sure the coast is clear before top-toeing down the hallway in case any of the prospects or the other guys are still in their dorms. The wooden flooring beneath you creaks, and you bolt. Going into Juice’s room. You know what door that was, Happy’s, and you know if he found out about you and Juice he would feel obligated to tell Jax. And you couldn’t have any of that today. Not unless you were the one to spill it.

“Easy there tiger.” Juice laughed. You just sigh sprawling yourself out on his bed. Juice was wearing his boxers and nothing else, you caught him in the middle of changing. But you didn’t care, all you cared about was the conversation you needed to have with him.

“So, I don’t know if you know. But Chibs somehow knows about us.” You started. You sat up, propping yourself up on your elbows. “We were talking last night. And it’s kind of fuzzy, but I still do remember a little bit. He thinks we should tell Jax.” You finished you sentence looking up at him.

He puts his jeans on before sitting down next to you. “Is that what you want?” He asks. “And I mean you. Not Chibs. And not me. You.” He clarified.

You looked over at him. “Yes. I don’t want this to be a secret anymore. It’s been going on for 4 years Juicey. I just want to be able to be in the same room as you and everyone else, not worrying about showing too much feeling towards you. I’m sick of the croweaters being all over you, And I don’t want someone else spilling the beans either, he’d disown me.” All you can do is choke up at the thought of that.

“Don’t think like that baby. I’m perfectly fine with it.” He looked down at you, wrapping his arms around you pulling you against his chest. You kiss his jaw lightly before standing up.  

“Thank you babe.” You thanked him, running your hand over his freshly shaven mohawk. Juice gently pushed your head up and pressed his lips to yours. His kisses were so soft and sweet, it warmed your heart. You kissed him back, moving onto his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing yourself closer to him.

You hear the roar of a single motorcycle from outside Juice’s window, Jax must be back. You hop of Juice’s lap. “I need to change my shirt so he doesn’t flip his shit right off the bat.” You smiled, blowing a kiss to Juice before rushing down the hallway into your room. You grab the closet thing you can find which happens to be a white tank top. It’ll have to do.

You walk out of your dorm, down the long hallway into the clubhouse. Jax walks in just as you do. You look over at him before walking over to him. “Hey Jax, can I talk to you for a minute?” You ask him trying to mask just how scared you are.

“Yeah of course you can sis, what’s up?” He drapes an arm around your shoulder as you walk back outside to sit on the picnic table. Your heart is racing, about to beat out of your chest. Jax sits down, his back facing the door to the clubhouse and you sit on the other side of him.

You look behind Jax to see Juice, now fully clothed, leaning against the doorframe. Chibs comes behind him, patting him on the shoulder. “How’d you find out?” Juice asks him. “She’s always sneaking away while you’re gone. And it doesn’t take 20 minutes to take a piss last time I checked lad.” Chibs grinned chuckling at how stupid you two must think he is.

“So, Jax. I don’t really know how to put this. I want to start off with please don’t get upset with me.” You start off, looking down at your hands. “For the past 4 years- I’ve been.. I’ve been kinda seeing Juice secretly. And, I really like him Jaxy..” You trail off, not knowing what else to say. Hesitantly, you look up into Jax’s eyes not knowing what to expect. Anger? Sadness?

“I had one rule Y/N. Don’t date a patch.” Jax’s voice was barely a whisper. You nod, looking down again. You began to feel disappointed in yourself.

“I’m sorry Jaxy. You just don’t understand..” You tried to explain. You couldn’t form the right words anymore. You were so close to breaking down right there.

“What do you mean I don’t understand?!” He starts raising his voice. “Having someone watching you 24/7? Always having someone right there behind you. Shit I can’t even go to a store to get personal shit on my own Jackson! You would never understand that!” By the end of your sentence you were crying, the dam broke and you couldn’t handle it anymore.

All that was left to do was walk away and let Jax take it all in. You slipped out from the picnic table and went to go back inside, but Jax grabbed your arm stopping you from doing so. “Don’t you understand? All I wanted to do was keep you safe! You know the risks that come with this shit.” He was still yelling at you, but not for the same reason anymore. Now, he was hurt. You could see the sadness in his pretty blue eyes.

“I know you wanted to keep me safe Jaxy. But you have to let me be a big girl. I love Juice.” You looked over at Juice, who was in the same spot you saw him in last. He knew this was hard for you, but he also knew this had to happen.

Jax let go of your arm and sighed pushing his hair back. “I need to ride and clear my head.” He says walking over to his bike.

You go over to Juice and Chibs. “He probably hates me now.” You sighed out as you wiped your eyes of the tears. “I doubt he could ever hate ye lass.” Chibs rubs your shoulder, trying to let you know that he’s here for you. You just shrug, it’s been a really emotional day for you and it’s only noon. Well, now that your relationship with Juice is out in the open, you don’t have to hold back. And that feels great.

Juice wraps his arms around you, hugging you. You hugged him back pressing your face into his chest. Tig walks in with a raised eyebrow looking over at you two and then Chibs, who took the hint and walked away. Tig leaned against the bar looking at the two lovebirds. “And what the hell did I miss?” He asks Chibs pointing over at you guys.

“They’ve been together for years, they just broke the news to Jax who didn’t take it so well. I had to keep Juice from interfering. Y/N and Jax needed to yell it out which turned into riding it out and in Y/N’s case, cry it out.” Chibs explained to Tig. Tig nodded, understanding the situation.

“I never want to leave your arms.” Your voice was muffled by Juices white shirt, which now was stained with tears. Juice guides you back down the hallway into his dorm, knowing you don’t want an audience to watch you have a breakdown.

You sit on Juice’s bed, with your back pressed up against the headboard. “Do you want me to get you a change of clothes from your room babe?” He asks sitting in front of your curled up legs, rubbing your bare leg. You nod wiping your eyes of the tears. “Just get me a pair of grey sweatpants, and a set of bra and panties if you would.” You ask him sniffling. He nods before heading out of his dorm to head down to yours.

You go through his top drawer and find your favourite long sleeve SAMCRO black shirt of his. It smelled like him, and you loved it. Juice comes back in with exactly what you asked for and his shirt that you tried, and obviously failed, to hide from him. You just want one shirt of his, but now that everything is out in the open he might not have an issue with it.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower, if you don’t mind.” You put down the shirt of Juice’s on his desk chair. You walk into the bathroom, nudging the door shut with your foot which in turn meant it didn’t shut all the way. You start to strip, taking your tank and shorts off, followed by your bra and panties.

You grab your kimono that you have behind the door and put it on tying it around your waist. Juice had always let you leave little things in his dorm. Like your kimono so you can take a bath or a shower, a toothbrush, a brush and shampoo and conditioner since he damn well doesn’t have any hair. Just small things.

You turn the shower on, letting it warm up before you get in. Juice sneaks up behind you without any warning and puts his hands on your waist, which scares the shit out of you. You jump, turning around and smiling realizing it was the one and only.

“Don’t do that!” You scold him and slap him shoulder. He laughs a little before kissing your lips. His arms go from around your waist to gripping your ass. Your bodies pressed so close together you can feel his bulge start to grow. He moves one hand up your back, his fingers leaving a trail up your spine before he settles on the back of your neck. He uses it to pull you into a deep kiss, biting your lower lip softly. You pull his shirt over his head and toss it out of the bathroom and you place kisses down his neck and chest before sinking to your knees. You undo his belt, and unzip his jeans tugging them down a little.

You pull down his boxers and his member is proudly protruding in your face and lick the tip of his cock. You suck on the tip, teasing him with it. Looking up you see Juice biting his lip and throwing his head back. You take the base of his cock into your hand, pumping slowly. Taking in more of his dick is when he began to moan, putting a hand on the back of your head. You hollowed your cheeks as you took in more of him, with his hand holding you there. As you came up, you dragged your tongue along the underside of his cock, which always turns him on.

“Fuck Y/N.” Juice was barely able to get that out. You went back down, taking his entire, very large, length into your mouth with hollowed cheeks and keeping it there with the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat .”Jesus Christ.” He moans louder. Juice can’t  help but grab ahold of your hair, he does that when he’s close. That’s when he takes control.

He begins to fuck your mouth, thrusting in at his own rhythm each time his tip hitting the back of your throat before his letting his hot seed shoot to the back of your throat. Juice slowly stopped, before pulling you up and kissing your lips. He untied your kimono, leaving it on the floor as he grabbed your boob. He took your other boob into his mouth, his tongue swirling around your nipple.

You moaned loudly, grabbing the back of Juice’s neck. He pinched you nipple as he bit your other nipple, causing a gasp to escape from your lips. You took Juice’s face into your hands bringing him up and kissing his lips.

“So how about that shower?” You ask Juice with a wink. He couldn’t get his pants the rest of the way off quicker. You get get into the shower first, letting the hot water wash over you. Juice gets in behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He pushes your hair out of the way before kissing your shoulder. You put your hands on top of his, moving your head to the side for easier access.

Juice turned you around, pressing your back against the cool tiles which makes you arch your back. He grabs his own dick, pumping himself a few times before lifting one of your legs with his free hand and slowly inserting himself into you.

Juice starts a slow and steady pace, stretching and filling you perfectly. You grab him face and give him a sloppy kiss, which make him increase him speed. You moan against his lips, biting down on his lower lip and tugging. “You’re so tight baby.” He moaned into your ear.

You dug you nails into his shoulder blades in pleasure as you ached your back, pressing your chest closer to his as the hot water flowed between the two of your bodies.  Juice groaned as his thrusts became faster. You dragged your nails down his back, leaving red scratches all over. His hands grabbed your waist as he brought you down one last time, both of you reaching your climax.

Juice comes inside you, his pace slowing down but not stopping as he helps you ride out your orgasm. He presses a soft kiss to your lips, so warm and gentle.

“I love you Juicey.” You mumble against his lips. A big, goofy smile spreads across his face. “I love you too Y/N.” He whispers. Juice pulls himself out of you, letting your leg fall back down to the bottom of the shower.

The hot water continues to run over you both. Juice grabs the body wash and starts to bathe you, letting the suds form around your whole body. He takes his sweet time, enjoying every part of this. You grab your shampoo and wash your own hair as Juice caresses your breasts. You take what’s left of the shampoo on your hands and rub it through Juice’s mohawk.

You finish up bathing each other before getting out, wrapping yourselves in towels heading back into the room. Drying yourself off, you slip into your panties that Juice brought, which are his favourite pink lace ones with the matching pink lace bra to match it.

Juice sits on the bed with his black boxer briefs on watching you get dressed. You slipped on his shirt before going over to him, straddling his waist. You give him a sweet tender kiss on the lips before you’re rudely interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Jax is back.” Tig gave you both a heads up just before you could hear his boots walking off in the distance. You toss your head back grunting. “My brother has to ruin everything.” You say sliding off of Juice’s lap getting your sweats on.

“He’s just being protective of you, and I can understand why.” Juice says from behind you as he gets his jeans and boots on before putting on a fresh new white shirt. Your subconscious was telling you that you shouldn’t wear this shirt, that it would upset Jax, but you didn’t care. It gave you comfort.

After you were both dressed, you lead the way down the hall to see a still rather pissed Jax standing there with his arms crossed, waiting for you. Everyone cleared out, except for Chibs who sat at on a bar stool. And you stand in front of Jax with Juice behind you waiting for whatever is going to happen.

“I understand that you have feelings for each other. But, I just can’t handle my baby sister dating one of the patches.” They’re my brothers Y/N. Jax explained to you with a raspy voice.

“I’m not a baby Jackson! I’m 26 years old, I think I can make my own choices, and Juice is my choice. Take it or leave it.” You barely stood your ground, your voice had a slight quiver to it. But you didn’t cry.

“I’m gonna leave it then. For now at least. I can’t handle it but I’m not gonna make you two break up because of it.” Jax turned around and walked back out. Chibs got down and followed him out and you could tell he was upset with Jax.

You turn to Juice, truly saddened by everything that went down today. “It’s gonna be okay baby.” Juice stepped forward taking him into your arms.

Chibs jogged over to Jax, who was sitting on his bike smoking a cigarette. “So what? Yer just gonna disown yer own sister? She’s in dere heartbroken because of ye.” The scot scolded Jax for his behavior today.  

“She’ll survive. She’s just like her mother. And she brought this on herself.” Jax spat taking a drag of his cigarette, the smoke filling his lungs. Chibs wanted to smack him for that.

“Ye know son, keep talkin’ like that and yer gonna get yerself a beating one of these days.” Chibs finished before walking away towards T.M. Jax didn’t know what to do anymore. He should’ve known this was going to happen, but he was oblivious to the fact.

Juice sat on the roof with your head in his lap, your body stretched across the couch. “I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore Juicey.” You sniffled. You hadn’t been crying in a little bit, but you always had the sniffles after you cried.

“Come stay at my apartment. Get away from Jax and Gemma for a little bit.” Juice suggested as he stroked his long fingers through your hair. You shifted your body so you were now laying on your back and looked up at Juice.

“Really?” You asked him. He nodded. “You’re always welcome at my place Y/N, you know that. You need a break from family for a little bit. I can see it in your eyes.” Juice told you. He was amazing. You sat up and kissed his lips and he kissed you back.

He pulled away and stood up offering his hand out to you. You take it and let Juice pull you up. You both walk over to the latter that leads back down to the hallway. Juice went down first and then you followed after him. Juice got a nice look at your ass as you carefully climbed down. As you walked down the hall he slapped your ass, which you turned around and gave him a glare for.

“Babe, do you have a bag that I can pack stuff in? I don’t have anything here and I don’t wanna go to moms house. She asks too many questions.” You asked Juice as you both walked into your room.

“Yeah, I have my backpack that we use for runs. I’ll go grab it for you.” Juice offered, grinning from cheek to cheek. You’ve never stayed at his place, yeah you’ve hung out there with him but you’ve never spent the night there before. This was a big leap for you two, and you were as happy as you could be about it.

Rummaging through your clothes, grabbing only the bare necessities knowing you could come back for more. Juice walked in, with the black backpack that had the Sons patch right on top in hand. “This should do.” He tosses it on your bed before sitting on the edge.

You finish packing, putting a pair of black sneakers on. “I’m ready Juicey.” You smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Both of you head out, walking down the hallway. Juice lead, with you following but your hands laced together. You had Juice’s backpack on your back, which caught some glances. “What was Y/N doing with a Juice’s backpack on her back?” Was the thought going through everyone’s heads. But some knew. They heard everything that went down today, it’s kind of hard not to when two siblings are screaming in each other’s faces.

You both ignored the stares and the whispers. Your secret was out, and you didn’t want to waste any more time hiding your love for your Juicey.

You did catch one particular persons eye. Jax, who still sat on his bike pissed at the whole situation. And now what? Juice was taking his sister to live with him now too? That angered Jax even more, as he took a final drag of his cigarette. He threw it on the ground, crushing it with his foot.

“I’ll go get your helmet off of Chibs’ bike. Just go wait by my bike.” Juice nods over to his Harley before walking over to the bike that just had to be next to Jax’s.

“If you hurt my sister I swear to god-“ Jax had full blown anger in his voice, but was cut off by Juice. “Looks like you’ve already hurt her enough.” Juice told him, looking dead into his eyes. Jax curled his hands up into fists, snarling, before reaching up and knocking Juice in the face sending him back a couple feet.

You drop the backpack next to Juice’s bike before running over to Juice, as Jax just punched a second time. Juice socked Jax in the face right as you got there. You stood between them, trying to keep them from ripping each others heads off.

Tig and Happy came rushing over to see what the commotion was, noticing a bloody Jax and Juice. “Enough both of you!” You snapped.

They looked at you with disbelief. You shook your head in disgust at your brother, whose hair was a mess. Grabbing Juice’s arm you yanked him away from the group of guys and back to his bike leaving Jax to get cleaned up by Chibs most likely. “Will you be okay to ride?” You ask him sighing at how childish he was acting.

“I’m fine baby.” He smiled looking down. He had a cut on his eyebrow and one on his lip. He was most likely going to have a black eye. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll clean you up when we get to your place.” You whisper placing a kiss on his nose lightly careful not to hurt him.

Juice got on his bike, starting it up. You put his backpack on your back, and grabbed your helmet, latching it on tightly under your chin. You throw your leg over the bike, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing your head to his back as he pulled out. The roar of the bike filled your ears, as Juice drove away.


Juice pulled up to his apartment, the rumble of his bike softening and he kicked out the kickstand letting his bike stand up on his own. You got off the bike and unstrapped the helmet still letting it sit on your head. Juice also got off and grabbed the keys of his bike which also had his house keys on it

You both walked up the stairs before getting to his apartment. “Home sweet home.” He smiled before opening the door. You set your helmet on the table and the backpack right next to the door.

“Lets go get you cleaned up.” You tell him, looking up at his face which had blood running down it. Grabbing his arm, you dragged Juice into the bathroom. “Sit.” You command.

“Love a girl who can take control.” He mused with a grin spread across his face as he sat on the toilet seat. You rolled your eyes at the comment.

You went back into the hallway of his apartment and into the small closet to grab a rag. Going back into the bathroom you wet the rag begin to lightly dab the blood off of his face. When is he going to stop getting beat up? Is all you thought yourself as you cleaned up your beaten boyfriend.

The head wound now has a bandaid on it, which is good enough, and there wasn’t anything you could really do for the cut on the lip. So you just lightly kiss it better.

“Do you want something to eat?” He asks you, changing the subject off of him and onto you, nothing new for him.

“I’m not really that hungry, do you wanna play video games?” You offered as an exchange. He smiled standing up as both of you walked out of the room and over to the couch. You were a girl of his own heart.

Juice turned on his PlayStation and put in Mortal Kombat for you two to play before walking back to the couch and sitting. You loved playing with Juice, you both were very competitive with your video games. The princess never liked to lose, and Juice didn’t believe in letting people win. Juice had one leg on the couch with the other on the ground, bent sitting comfortably. You sat down in front of him with your legs crossed and your back pressed to his chest. This is how you two always sat while playing video games, until one of you were on a winning streak and the other thought you were cheating so they moved to the floor.

After hours of kicking each other’s asses, with you both having small winning steaks, you yawned loudly starting to get tired. You paused your current match and turned your body around so you were facing Juice.

“I’m tired, can we watch movie or something?” You asked resting your head on his shoulder.”Of course baby.” He kissed your cheek before slipping out from underneath your body to go glance at the movies.

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Juice asks you. You didn’t even have to think twice about it. “Star Wars!” You giggled reaching in front of you to get a sip of water. He smiles to himself as he puts the new Star Wars movie into the DVD player.

Juice walks back to the couch. “God I love you.” He said with a smile reaching his eyes. “I know.” You said back. It was a cheesy quote, but you knew Juice would love it, and he did. He bent down and gave you a kiss on the lips.

You get up, letting Juice spread out on the couch so you can lay on top of him. The movie started and both of your eyes glued to the screen. You both were huge nerds, something you had in common. Jax always made fun of you for it growing up.

As the movie went on, you found it hard to keep your eyes open, your eyelids feeling heavy. You finally stop fighting it and close your eyes, snuggling closer into Juice’s side.Juice had his arm around your waist, rubbing small circles into your lower back. He grabbed the remote and turned the movie off. Carefully, he picked you up and you instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist as he carried you to his bedroom.

“Y/N, baby. Let go and lay down sweetheart.” He cooed in your ear. He gently lowered you onto his queen sized bed. You took your sweats off, tossing them by the wall and took your shirt off doing the same. Juice took his pants and shirt off, leaving both of you in your underwear. You got under the covers, you might have struggled being half asleep but you managed, and Juice did the same

He spooned you, wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you as close as possible to him. You shoved your cold feet in between his legs, startling him slightly but he let you keep them there. Eventually, you both slowly drifted off to sleep.

Your eyes flutter open at the sound of birds chirping outside of the window. Juice’s arm is still locked around your waist, with his warm breaths on the back of your neck. You turn around so your facing him, his eyes still closed. “It’s rude to stare yknow.” Juice mumbles, his voice heavy from sleep. You smile and placing a kiss on his nose.

“How’s your head?” You question quietly, gently grazing your finger over the bandaid on his eyebrow. A light shade of purple started forming under Juice’s left eye. You sigh typo your spelt in disbelief. Why did they have to fight? You thought to yourself

“It hurts, but I’ll be okay baby.” He reassures you, placing a kiss to your forehead. “Do you want me to make breakfast?” You ask him looking up into his eyes.

“That’d be great babe.” He agreed and slid out of the covers. You take in his body, like you do every time you see him with his shirt and pants off. You bite your bite smiling as you watch him get dressed. “Enjoying the show?” He walked over to your side of the bed and leaned over you, kissing your lips.

“You bet I am Juicey.” You grin as you get out of bed yourself. Juice playfully slaps your ass as you walk by him. You turn around and blow him a kiss before walking out, heading towards the kitchen, not bothering to get dressed.

Juice knew what you were playing at. He knew you were trying to drive him nuts walking around in only a lace bra and matching thong. And god was it working.  

He followed you out of the room and into the kitchen sitting down at the dining table to observe you as you cooked. You went into the fridge to see what you had to deal with. Juice kept a fully packed fridge, full of healthy and fresh food. Everything in his house was spotless, all organized perfectly. Juice’s phone rigging from the coffee table takes his attention away from you, and sends a wave of confusion over you.

Juice walks into the living room grabbing his burner phone. “Hello?—“ He asks. The answer he got caused him to furrow his brows. “Hang on.—“ You can hear the seriousness in his voice and it worries you. Juice walks into back into the bedroom and grabs his kutte, coming back out and stepping outside to have the conversation in peace.

You begin to hyperventilate at the thoughts running through your mind. Did something happen to Jax? Or your mom? Or Abel? You try and shake the thoughts out of your head as you walk into the bedroom grabbing one of Juice’s shirts. Putting it on, you take a inhale deeply into the soft fabric. It may not be him, but it always stopped a panic attack in its steps.

“Alright.— I’ll get us there as soon as possible.—“ Juice’s voice came back into the house as you heard the door close behind him. With the click of his phone, footsteps came towards the room. You turned to him waiting to see what he has to say.

“What’s going on Juan? Who was that?” You start to panic. He walks over to you, making shushing sounds as he takes your hands into his. “Shh, babe calm down.” He runs a hand through your hair.

He knows your triggers, you have always had issues with anxiety. After you two got together though, his OCD tamed down and your anxiety did the same. But you still had your flair ups, like you were having right now.

“The clubs in some deep shit with the Irish. We’re going on lockdown. That was Tig on the phone and Jax told him that he wants you there right now. He’s pissed about a bunch of shit right now.” Juice finally explained to you what was happening.

Juice wrapped his arms around you, seeing that everything he just said made everything worse for you. “We shouldn’t have told Jax, this probably just made stuff worse for him.” You mumbled. You were feeling so weak right now. If your mother saw you, she would be disappointed. She raised you better than to cry at everything that came your way.

“It’s gonna be okay babe. Everything is gonna be okay.” Juice whispered, his words covered in love and kindness. He slowly slid down onto the floor bringing you down with him. He pressed your back to his chest, with you sitting in-between his legs. His arms were tightly wrapped around you as you brought your legs up to your chest. This is how you got your anxiety to pass, and it almost always worked.

Your breathing started to regulate after what felt like hours of being curled in a ball hyperventilating, and your heart rate slowed to its regular pace too. “You okay now baby?” Juice place a soft kiss on the back of your neck. You nod getting up and taking one last deep breath. “Do you think it’s gonna be a long lockdown? I don’t know how long I can take of an enclosed space with my mother.” You offer Juice a hand to help him up, trying to be kind even though you both know if you really had to do that he’d pull you down before you’d pull him up.

He takes it, and pushes himself up while using your hand to pull you into a hug. “It’ll be okay Y/N, you’re always able to get through it. You sigh in defeat, nodding as you pack up what small bag you had. “You might want to get some pants on though, everyone is gonna be at the clubhouse.” Juice winks at you.

You just roll your eyes. Yeah like I’m gonna go there like this. You thought. You pulled out a pair of black jean shorts, putting them on and putting the backpack on your back. “Let’s go back to see the wrath of my brother.” You grumbled as you walked out of the house, both of you hand in hand.

Juice pulled up to the clubhouse and the prospects had to open the gates. Slowly pulling in, you see the loved ones of all the bikers gathering in and around the club. He parks his Dyna and you get off, placing your helmet on the back of the bike.

You see Jax leaning against your mom’s office door, smoking a cigarette. Should I go over there or wait for him to come to me? You were repeating your options in your head. Juice snakes an arm around your waist which brings you out of thought. “They’re probably going to be calling us to church soon.” He warns you as you both walk up to the crowd of people.  

“I know.” You say placing a kiss to his cheek. Before walking off to say hi to the old ladies that you’re going to be stuck with for who knows how long. Juice and yourself parted ways as Juice went to go talk with Chibs and Bobby about club stuff most likely.

You did however catch the eye of Gemma who came over to you, bumping into people along the way. “And where the hell have you been, sweetheart?” Your mother demands, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. You give her a grunt at her actions. “Didn’t Jax tell you?” You answered her question with another question. She just shook her head and grabbed your arm pulling you outside of the club so you could have a private conversation.

“Tell me what?” She raised her eyebrow at you. You sighed. Of course he didn’t tell her, you had to. “I was with Juice.. At his place.” Your voice trailed off as your rubbed your arm uncomfortably. How was she going to take it? Was she going to be like Jax? Or was she going to be like Chibs?

A grin spread across her face. “So you two finally came out, huh?” She said smugly. You let out an uneasy laugh, it seemed almost awkward. “Y-yeah. Jax didn’t take it so well.” You stammered over your words.

“Of course he didn’t baby, you gotta give him some time. You press him too hard and you both will end up more hurt than where you started.” You nodded at her response before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

You walked back into the club to see the boys make their way into church. Juice looks over his shoulder at you and you give him a wink before going to see where your little nephew got into.

You see Wendy sitting at the table with Abel on her lap coloring in his superhero coloring book. You sit down across from them with a smile on your face. “Hey there little man, whatcha doin’?” You ask him as you peer over his crayon.

“Just coloring, why were you with Juice Aunty?” He asks you as he switches out colours. Your smile widened at his question. You loved Abel to death, you were there when he was born and you helped her get clean after that. You even helped the two stay together. Not only for Abel, but because you knew how much they loved each other. You were both of their sound boards when they had a thought day, and they’d talk about each other nonstop but refused to say it to the other’s face. So you made them, and look where that got them? The two of them a happy family with Abel.

“He’s Aunty’s boyfriend.” You looked down at Juice’s shirt as you said that. It’s the first time you’ve called him your boyfriend out loud, and you loved it. Wendy looked at you with happiness across her face and in her face.

“So Y/N finally found someone.” She giggles out. You couldn’t help but laugh with her. She was happy for you because she knew how much of a pain your brother was, how he scared off anyone you dated growing up. Hell, he even got Ope and Happy to join in sometimes.

“I did. And I’m gonna go grab a beer, do you want one?” You offered her as you stood up. “Sure hun.” Wendy ran her hands through her sons hair as she answered you. You nodded as you walked over to the bar. Phil the prospect was standing behind the bar serving the drinks out to the old ladies that had to stay here for the next few days or weeks.

“Hey there Phil,” you start with a smile. “Two beers please love.” You asked him as you took a seat in the booth. Phil was one of the prospects that they called in when they made Half-Sack a full-patch. He gave a short nod before going into the fridge behind him, and handing you two cold beers that are already opened. He never did talk much, he still was shy even though he’s been a prospect for almost a year, so you always tried to be as sweet as can be with him.

“Thank you.” You thanked him before walking back over to Wendy and handing her a beer. You both took a sip out of your beer before all of the guys walked out of church with Jax proudly leading the pack.

“Alright everyone. We’re sorry to inconvenience you, but if you’re here you probably know why. You’re important friends and family to the club and we don’t want you getting hurt.” Jax explained to everyone in the clubhouse, he says the spiel every time we go on lockdown. “Bad stuff is going down right now, and we have a target on all of our backs. So we ask you to be patient while we sort this out, but we don’t know how long this will take.” He finished before walking off to do god knows what before the club goes out to risk their lives.

5 hours later

This was always the hardest part of lockdowns for you. When the boys, who you considered either brothers, best friends, or father figures, went out to do who the hell knows what, killing who knows how many people, for who knows how long. Within the past for years on lockdowns you only got to say goodbye to Jax and the rest, maybe a vague goodbye to Juice and every time it killed you.

What if he got killed? And you didn’t get to give him a kiss goodbye. Just a good luck and a pat on the back. You two were extra cautious, never wanting to show too much emotion. Your anxiety always skyrocketed when your boys left. You often ended up locking yourself up in your room with a bottle or two of booze waiting for them to get back to you safely.

You were in Juice’s room, strapping on his bulletproof vest with your heart about to beat out of your chest. “Promise me you’ll be safe, I can’t lose you.” You mumble as you strap the last piece of velcro to the vest.

Juice turns around and takes your face into his hands. “I promise baby.” He places a kiss on your lips. You kissed him back and placed your hands on top of his vest. “I love you.” He whispers against your lips. “I love you too.” You place another light kiss to his lips.

A loud knock on the door interrupts the two of you, starling you at the same time. “Alright lovebirds, hope you have your clothes on.” Tig jokes as he opens the door with his hand dramatically covering his eyes.

“You’re all good Tiggy.” You laugh. “Well sorry to take your boyfriend away from you doll, but the guys are going to start heading out.” Tig says. You give Juice one last hug, before going over to Tig and hugging him. “C’mon babe, let’s get you back home as soon as possible.” You beckon for Juice putting your hand out for him. He takes it interlacing his fingers as he leads the way out into the clubhouse.

You see all of the guys saying there goodbyes, before your eyes land on the one you were looking for. Jax. Who is saying goodbye to Abel and Wendy

You slowly make your way over there, hugging everyone goodbye as you get over there. You finally reach him. “Hey, can I talk to you?” You ask Jax. He places a kiss on Abel’s head before stepping aside with you.

“Look, I’m sorry for everything that happened yesterday. But can we put both of our thick skulls aside for a moment so I can make sure you don’t run off and get yourself killed because of everything that’s going on. I love you Jaxy.” You wrap your arms around his neck bringing him down for a hug.

Jax gripped you tight and you couldn’t help but smile. “I couldn’t have said it better. I love you too Princess.” He whispers in your ear.

Juice and Gemma stand across the room watching the two siblings make up. “If you hurt my daughter I’ll cut you. But I don’t think I have to worry about that, you two seem to make each other very happy.” Gemma warned Juice. He nodded, looking down at his feet with a smile.

Gemma didn’t know just how happy Y/N made him. She quieted the voices in his head. Her smile made him forget about a stressful day at the club. Her hug made him feel like he wasn’t alone anymore. She made him feel like he was worth something. And he loved her with everything he had. She is what made him get through these life-threatening situations, she made him want to survive. He saw a future with her, finally someone wasn’t going to leave because he’s too clingy. She loved how clingy he was.

“I promise to love her with everything I have Gem, trust me.” Juice said before he was distracted from the conversation. Jax was calling the guys to their Harley’s, to go put an end to the Irish threats.

You gave Jax a final kiss on the cheek before shooing him off. All of the guys parted from their Ol’ ladies or their kids and walked out of the club. You, Gemma, Wendy, and Lyla were all standing right outside the club blowing a kiss to whichever biker had their heart. In your case, you had two. A brother and a boyfriend.


It was nearly 4 in the morning when the boys got back. Juice quietly opened the door to his dorm, not knowing if you crashed in here or in your own room. As he walked in, he saw you on his side of the bed, hugging his pillow. He also spotted bottles in front of the bed, from wine to beer to whiskey, you drank when you got worried.  

Juice got undressed as quietly as possible, leaving himself only in his boxers as he got into bed. Even though you were on his side, he made do. He pulled the comforter over himself and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you closer.

Damaged People

Pairing: Reader X Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Prompt: Gemma finds you on the side of the road after you have been attacked by a rival MC. Not knowing who you are or what you might have on your rap sheet she decides to bring you back to the Redwood Originals Clubhouse and let Jax and the rest of the MC figure out what to do with you.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of violence and criminal activity

A/N: Sorry that this is kinda crappily written, I had started it a few nights ago and then finished it today and I never seem to write as good when there is a long break in between starting and finishing the imagine. Hope you still like it though!!

It was the sounds of various male voices that brought you out of the state of unconsciousness you had been put into from the blow to the back of your head. The voices were unknown to you and once you let your eyes groggily open you realized the place that you were in was unknown to you as well.

“Hey, she’s comin’ to.” one man’s voice spoke. His observation made all the other voices around him stop. You could tell all eyes had fallen on you, the only question was whose eyes were they. 

You pushed your body up weakly onto your elbows before looking around at the mysterious location and mysterious faces that surrounded you. It had been too dark when you were attacked to remember the faces of the men whose guts you now hated, however you could tell that the large figures that surrounded you weren’t them. Your attackers, whoever they were, had wanted you dead. There was no way in hell that the same people that had left you to die on the sidewalk would’ve brought you back to their place, patched you up, and given you a comfortable sofa to rest on. 

You glanced down at your blood stained clothing, the dried blood causing the fabric to lay stiff on your now bruised skin. Your head was pounding, your body was aching, your cuts were stinging, and all you wanted was a cigarette and to figure out where the hell you were.

“Someone get Jax.” you heard a different man’s voice speak. This time your eyes followed the voice to observe who was talking. It was larger man with a long frizzy mess of hair. He was wearing a mysteriously stained shirt and a black cut. 

“What’s your name sweetheart?” another voice asked, causing your eyes to travel to a man with a leathery face and black curly hair. 

“How about you tell me where I am first.” you spoke back, an eyebrow raised. You were trying to hide the fact that you felt threatened by the situation at hand. You hated feeling over powered and considering that you were smack dab in the center of a circle of testosterone you figured establishing yourself as a dominant force would be a good call. However the man just chuckled at you as if you were a little kid.

“You’re in Charming.” he responded, folding his arms over one another before leaning back against the pool table that sat in the room. “More specifically Teller Morrow Mechanics also known as the SAMCRO MC Clubhouse.” he added proudly. “Now what’s your name?”

“(Y/N).” you responded flatly after a few silent seconds of just looking at the man. Before the man could open his mouth to ask another question however, a new figure appeared in the circle.

“Guys, give the girl and me some time alone please.” the tall blonde spoke in a raspy voice, his eyes glued to you the moment he stepped into the group. The men all nodded their heads before lingering off in different directions, the one you had been talking to being the last one to leave. 

You swallowed hard as the man sat down in the chair across from the sofa you were laying on, his blue eyes still not separating from your bruised face. Once he was situated comfortably in front of you he pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

“You smoke?” he asked, finally breaking eye contact with you to look down at the pack and open it. 

“Yeah.” you responded more timidly than you meant to. 

You watched as his nimble fingers pulled two cigarettes from the pack. He placed them both in his mouth before reaching into his pocket and grabbing a lighter. He brought the small flame up to the ends of both the cigarettes. Once they both had burning embers on the end he took one of them out of his mouth and handed it to you, a puff of smoke escaping his lips as you took it. 

“I’ll tell ya, you’re quite the fighter.” the man chuckled slightly, watching as you brought the butt of the cigarette to your lips and inhaled. “We thought you were dead when Gemma brought you in.” his voice trailed off at the end of the sentence. The two of you looked at each other in silence for a brief moment, smoke filling the air before he spoke again. “You’re names (Y/N) right?” he asked.

“Yeah.” you nodded. “What’s yours?”

“Jax Teller.” he responded before the two of you were plunged back into silence for a few moments. “What’s a group of thugs want with a girl like you?” his voice spoke, breaking the quiet.

“Let’s just say I’ve made some mistakes and gotten into trouble in the past.” you responded, a small chuckle lacing your voice as you remembered all the shoot outs and heists you had found yourself in. You had never felt more alive than in those memories. “Whatever ‘group of thugs’ attacked me last night want me dead, they think I’m dangerous.” your voice trailed off as you took another puff of smoke into your throat.

“Why do they think you’re dangerous?” Jax asked. 

Most people would tense at the words you had just spoken, however he remained relaxed. Not because he knew he could overpower you, which he could, and not because he out numbered you, which he did if you counted all his friends scattered around the room whispering to one another. He was relaxed because of your eyes. The way they looked at him, the way your pupils dilated, the feeling he got when yours met his. Something in his mind told him that you were not a hazard. At least not to him.

“Because I’m damaged I guess.” you chuckled lightly, letting your eyes fall to the ground. “And damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive anything that gets thrown their way.” 

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The two of you sat in silence for several more minutes before Jax opened his mouth to speak.

“You aren’t like most girls are you?” he asked, leaning in and lowering his voice as if he only wanted his words to be shared between the two of you. You glanced up at him, your eyes locking.

“Depends what most girls you’ve met are like.” you responded. You couldn’t help your eyes flickering down to look at his lips briefly. Something about his entire face was satisfying to look at.

You could tell in that moment that even after the MC dropped you back off at your apartment, this sure as hell would not be the last time you would see them. And this certainly wouldn’t be the last time you would see Jax Teller. 

What the hell is wrong with LoT writers??

In s1 they made Jax have one episode crush on Kendra, just to get her with Ray, just to have her abandon him for Carter.
Then they made Captain Canary canon (Hallelujah) just to kill Snart of in the very same episode.
In s2 they gave Mick and Amaya this beautiful friendship/partnership with possibility of envolving into something more (and Mick of all people really deserves love), just to put Amaya with Nate, who I love, but they have literally nothing in common except for both knowing Nate’s granddad.
And then there are Time Parents (I mean Time Canary). Rip and Sara have one of most complex and developed relationships in whole show. And writers keep messing with us, tiny fandom of this ship, always giving them those perfect interactions and then pretending like nothing happened.

WHAT THE HELL WRITERS? The show is perfect, but can’t you ship propertly.

Oil Stains and Sandwiches

Request: 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. 10. I dare you. 26. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. With Opie

Opie Winston was a big man. A very big, but cut man. A man of which you loved. You loved everything about him, from the top of his head down to his toes. And let him know every day. In some way, whether it be verbally or physically, you showed your love for him. And it never failed to make him smile.

One day he was outside in the garage with Kenny, showing him somethings about Opie’s bike. You and Ellie were in the house working on her homework. It was around noon when the boys made their way in the house after being outside for a couple of hours, demanding lunch be made loudly. You laughed as you stood up, staring at your Old Man as you did so. He had his shirt off, sweating profusely.

You looked to Ellie and Kenny, “Go ahead and watch some TV while I make lunch, okay?”

They nodded as they made their way to the living room as you busied around the kitchen, pulling somethings out to make sandwiches. You didn’t look as you heard Opie opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water out.

“How was working on the bike?” You asked as you went on making the sandwiches.

“Good, he likes it. I hope he takes on the legacy.” Opie said.

“That’s good, babe.”

Opie walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and gripped your hips. “Come here, baby. Let me see you.” He whispered into your ear.

“Awww, come one! You’re all sweaty.” You whined playfully to him even though you didn’t really struggle in his grip.

You felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring earlier.”

You turned in his grip as you laughed at him. You placed your hands on his chest as you looked him in the eyes. “Okay, I admit. I love seeing you shirtless. There is a saying I think of whenever I see you without a shirt.”

“Oh, yeah?” You nodded. “And what’s that?”

“No shoes, no shirt, no problem.” He laughed loudly as his eyes crinkled with joy.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one.”

You smiled as you turned and reached for two of the plates with sandwiches and handed it to him. “Here, take this to the kids and I’ll be just behind you with ours.”

Time Skip

Later that day, after the boys worked some more on the bike, they made their way into the house with an added guest. Jax was walked in behind them as they all laughed. You were in the kitchen as they walked in through the sliding doors, making you turn your head to them.

You laughed at the boys as you noticed that they were covered in oil. “And what happened there?”

“Just giving Kenny as lesson in changing the oil on the bike.” Opie said as he leaned his elbows on the bar. Jax made his way to you.

“Hey, Y/N” He leaned in and placed a kiss on your cheek as you did the same.

“Hey there, Jax.” You turned to Kenny as he stood next to his father. “Go ahead and get cleaned up, we got awhile before the food is done.”

“Okay,” He said as he came and kissed your cheek before heading out of the kitchen to go clean up.

You then turned to your husband. “You too, mister.”

“What?” He stood up straight before a look of mirth came into his eyes. He slowly made his way around the bar. “What if I wanna show my woman some loving?” He teased.

You watched him with squinted eyes. “I don’t think so. You better go wash up before you even think about touching me.”

Jax laughed. “OOOHHHH. You better not, man.”

Opie smirked at you as he kept making his way towards you. You grabbed the spatula off the counter and pointed it at Opie. “I dare you.” You teased.

He chuckled as he stopped moving and held his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I give.”

Not a second later he jumped at you and trapped you in his arms as you squealed. He rubbed all of you making oil stains appear on your clothes and face. “Really?!? Harry Winston!”

Jax busted out laughing at the scene. “Man, she used your full name! You better run!” He choked out between laughs.

Opie let you go and took off out of the kitchen and into the bedroom to clean up, leaving you yelling at him and him laughing.