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How would you go about trying to make friends with someone online? There are so many people (you included) that I want to talk to but I get so fuckin nervous... And, while its my own issue, I tend to not message/reply for weeks sometimes and I fuckin hate it... Sometimes I feel like its better if I just don't interact w people one on one. Hell, I prefer talking in a public space.. But its just so... I don't know man sorry for the ask love ya. You keep doing your thing.

eh this might just be me but i rly dont click well with people who are specifically ‘trying to be friends’, if that makes sense. like im always open to chatting w people who hit me up (well usually. im not keen on it w people like 16 and under just cuz it makes me uncomfortable) and if we talk regularly thats just how it ends up

but when someone says like “can we be friends?” or tries to awkwardly force conversation (like “hey!” “how are you” “what are you up to” all the time even when im non responsive) i usually just kinda drop contact eventually. it feels disingenuous and its easy to tell when it’s only bc im Scotch™ cuz like, no way would someone care that much about pushing a “friendship” along with anyone else who seemed disinterested. it rubs me the wrong way.

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poetry to read. languages to learn. people to love. hair to grow. It doesn't end here for you. You know it doesn't. I'd be lying if i said life gets better, human beings have nothing to live for. No reason we're here and no reason to stay. You have to choose to live for the little things you love. Death isn't better or worse it's just nothing. Live for the warm sun, violins, baking, dogs, and books that are so old you can't touch them. Please consider reaching out to someone you trust. Anybody.

Fuck. This hit me hard.

Here’s the thing about body-shaming: you can’t do it on an individual basis. You can never body-shame only one person. If you make fun of a physical feature of someone you hate, it’s going to affect everyone who shares that feature, regardless of whether they share the trait that made you want to mock them in the first place. 

If you make fun of a racist actress’s lips, you are implying that that feature is bad, and then anyone who shares that physical feature is going to be hit by that, regardless of whether they are racist themselves.

If you make fun of an evil politician’s body type, anyone who shares that body type will be hit by that. 

When you body-shame, you are tying personality traits or evil actions to physical traits. You are tying racism to fatness. You are tying misogyny to big noses. You’re taking morally neutral traits–physical ones–and attaching unnecessary moral weight to them. Attractiveness is not synonymous with goodness. Unattractiveness is not synonymous with evil. 

Suddenly being fat isn’t just a physical trait–it’s an indicator of moral worth. 

It doesn’t matter if someone “deserves” to be body-shamed or not. There is no way to mock their appearance without it also hurting innocent people who happen to share features with that person. 

When people say, for example, “stop fat-shaming Donald Trump” they’re not saying “you’re being so mean to Trump and he doesn’t deserve it.” They’re saying “you are inadvertently hurting people other than Trump, including some people who are already hurt by Trump himself.”

Alignment Asks

for Akrona

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  1. Would you allow a disarmed enemy to pick up his weapon in a fight?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  2. Would you report illegal and immoral actions to the authorities?
    of course / perhaps / no way
    (it really depends on the context of who and what)
  3. Would you take a hit or get shot for someone else?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  4. Would you attack an unarmed or obviously inferior opponent?
    of course / perhaps / no way
    (might retaliate, but would never attack first)
  5. Would you deliver a death blow to a helpless opponent?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  6. Would you surrender in a fight or flee if you were outmatched?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  7. Would you take a bribe?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  8. Would you pay off an extortionist?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  9. Would you taunt an enemy into fighting?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  10. Would you walk away from a challenge or a fight with an equal opponent?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  11. Would you save the life of another at great risk to yourself?
    of course* / perhaps / no way
    (only applicable to those she loves lol)
  12. Would you take prisoners?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  13. Would you fight dirty?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  14. Would you perpetrate a humiliating prank on an enemy?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  15. Would you stand up for the honor of your family/clan/close friends?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  16. Would you gloat over a victory after defeating an opponent?
    of course / perhaps / no way
    (very unlikely tho)
  17. Would you commit a crime?
    of course / perhaps / no way
    (again, depends on the context and situation lol)
  18. Would you kill a host who has provided you food or shelter?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  19. Would you desecrate an enemy’s corpse?
    of course / perhaps / no way
  20. Would you commit treason?
    of course / perhaps / no way
Another “Miku”

So I’m still streaming and people were roleplaying in my stream chat and like, not paying attention to what’s going on and that hurt my feelings so I added a new rule that says “No roleplaying, please!”

And someone said “Why you gotta ruin the fun?” and I responded with “ It’s my stream, I can ruin the fun if I want.”

Then they proceeded to say;

“I’m outta here…” 


then they had the guts to tell me


I thought I was numb today and that hit me hard and I’m trying not to react and give in and let my depression strike me again but it’s really hard…

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9 + silverflint

9. things you said when i was crying

(I know I kind of promised you crying!Silver which I delivered, but angst kinda got sidetracked and mostly landed on James. Ooops?)

He’s not sure if he ever fell asleep. He was so exhausted everything in him ached, but he still felt slightly unreal, almost floating.

And every time he closed his eyes he saw Miranda’s forehead exploding with blood.

Heard her body hitting the floor.

And his heart sized again like it did then. Shock hitting before the grief or rage.

It’s fascinating how well he knows it can take a split of a second to kill someone and yet still be surprised how quick it can be when it’s someone so close.

It’s almost been two days now part of him is still waiting for an explanation, for anything to make sense again.

He lays on the bed in the Captain’s cabin on the Spanish Man of War and his body is trying to rest while his mind is not yet able to. He floats between consciousness and the haze of dreams when he hears the quiet sobs. At first, he’s sure they’re his and he tries to fight it down, reminds himself he’s not alone, that he can’t afford such a show of weakness now, that Silver…

He realizes the small, wet gasps for come from the windowsill where Silver lays.

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I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but the fact that you could be Muslim (because you're wearing hijab) makes me happyyyy???? I'm not a hijabi but if you truly are practicing the teachings, I can relate a lil more to you~~~<3333 ;w;

I am yeah! Lol and I feel you anon ^^ I’m always open to talk if you need someone who can relate. 💕 this blog is a safe space for anyone of any religion, race, gender, etc so yeah feel free to hit me up if you wanna talk or need anything! My inbox is always open 💕

Do not forget that Florida isn’t the only one getting hit by Irma. Puerto Rico and the other islands are going to be hit. This hurricane is huge. It is going to practically cover Puerto Rico. It’s bigger than Ohio.

Don’t be quiet about Puerto Rico and the other islands. These people will need help as well. Not a single part of Puerto Rico will be untouched from the hurricane.

UPDATE 9/6/2017:

Barbuda was just hit and nearly 100% of the country’s structures and vehicles were destroyed. 60% of the population is homeless. So far there are 2 dead but it is going to go up. If you are in the path, please evacuate if you can. Help each other out. If you know someone who cannot get shelter, help them out. We need each other more than ever.

some quick handy advice from someone who has been on the Front Lines when a peaceful protest has turned violent:

  • milk is really good for soothing pepper spray. water is more convenient but if possible rinse with milk to ease the stinging. keep your eyes closed though, as it’s not quite water, and be sure to rinse it all off properly because no one wants spoiled milk on their face
  • there are always “easy” targets in groups that police/aggressors will go for. close ranks around them and make sure they’re in the middle of the group. if you’re white, keep a barrier between the police/aggressors and poc, for example.
  • lining up and linking arms is actually an incredibly strong barrier. if everyone is doing it it’s very difficult to break through. double for multiple layers of people doing this.
  • know your exit routes. if you need to get out fast (and you might) know where you’re going and have multiple routes if you can. never run alone; it’s always best to have at least two other people running the same route.
  • change of clothes in your bag man. new t-shirt, a hoodie, a different jacket, anything to alter your appearance. even changing the colour you’re wearing could throw police off, especially if they’re looking for dozens of people.
  • always know the number of people in your group and have a safe place to fall back on after you’ve escaped. headcount. raise the alarm if someone isn’t there or can’t be contacted.
  • even minor head injuries from thrown projectiles can be serious. if you can, get it checked out.

and saving the most important til last:

  • water cannons/fire hoses are not a ‘soft’ option. it’s high pressure water that can blast off skin, break bones, throw you clean across a road, and even kill. I have seen someone get hit by a water cannon and die. the force of the water threw him down so hard his neck was snapped. if they bring out the water, get out of its range.

its been said before but this is a daily reminder that mental illness does not excuse toxic behavior

it can offer an explanation, but you cannot treat someone with cruelty and then just like “well sorry it’s my mental illness i can’t help it”

i don’t have a solution, because i know that mental illness by nature can be difficult or impossible to control, but do not let a friend or partner or parent or anyone be a dick to you and say that you have to put up with it because that’s just how they are

or even worse, guilt trip you about being upset with them

i am saying this as someone with a diagnosed mental illness that im on medication for:

mental illness does NOT give anyone the right to treat you badly

and if someone tries to excuse their toxic behavior by claiming it’s mental illness and they cannot help it, that’s a red fucking flag

V Route Email Answers (UPDATE: COMPLETE)

Hey all -

I’ve seen some people asking for the answers for the guest emails, so I’ve been writing some down as I go.

I don’t know how spoilery this is, so putting it under a cut for those who haven’t had a chance to play the route yet, just in case!

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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

Risking it all in a glance

“Draco… Draco.” 

His father’s voice sounded strained, almost like a scared whisper. He hesitantly stretched out his arm, his hand balled into a fist. Draco swallowed hard as several heads turned towards him, watched him. He was sure they all expected him to walk across the courtyard without hesitation. It was where he belonged after all.

All these years he had done as his father had said. He hadn’t defied him once. But now, everything in him screamed to stay where he was, not to go to his father. It came too late. What was the point in defying him now?

Harry Potter was dead. There was no hope left.


Draco’s eyes darted to his mother. Her voice rang through him and immediately found its way to his heart, squeezing it violently. She took a step forward, smiling at him almost sadly.


Hesitating only a second longer, Draco started moving, his head bowed. He didn’t dare to look anyone in the eye.

Harry Potter was dead. What was the point in fighting?

Draco’s body went rigid when the Dark Lord enveloped him in his arms.

“Well done, Draco,” he whispered into his ear. Draco thought he was going to be sick. Silently, he made his way to his parents, avoiding his father’s waiting arms and grasping his mother’s hand instead.

He tried to suppress a sob when his eyes fell on Potter’s lifeless body, held tight by the half-giant. It made him want to scream, to sink to his knees and beg the heavens to return him. What were they supposed to do without Potter now? What was Draco supposed to do without him?

For the rest of his life, he would be haunted by the knowledge that the last time he had seen Harry Potter alive, the Gryffindor had saved his life, had saved him from the Fiendfyre. And what had Draco done? He had simply grabbed his wand when it had fallen out of Potter’s hand and had made a run for it.

His hand tightened around the wood, making his knuckles go white. It didn’t even feel like his wand anymore. It only reminded him of what he had done. It disgusted him.

He could barely listen as Longbottom stepped forward and told them it didn’t matter that Potter was dead. His heart gave another violent squeeze. He wished he could go back in time. Draco doubted it was in his power to save Potter, but he should have at least told him that he… that he…

Draco saw something sparkly out of the corner of his eyes when suddenly chaos erupted. Longbottom was holding something; it looked like a sword. Draco looked around, taking in the shocked faces of the Death Eaters. That’s when he finally saw it; Potter, jumping out of the half-giant’s arms. In this mere second, Draco’s whole world shifted. It was as if time was standing still. Potter was crouching on the ground, his face full of determination.

Draco’s mind was completely blank. He didn’t think, he didn’t question it when his feet started moving of their own accord.

“Potter!” His voice was choked, desperate. The feeling only intensified when their eyes met. Draco hadn’t thought he’d ever see those eyes again. It made him shiver. He didn’t think about repercussions, about what his parents would say, what the Dark Lord might do to him. How could he, when Harry Potter was alive?

Without a moment’s hesitation, he lifted his arm above his head and threw his wand with all his might. His heart hammered wildly against his chest as he watched Potter catch it mid-air.

They were saved. He was saved.

Even though relief flooded through him, at this point, Draco really didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He had experienced what it meant to lose  nearly everything.

Harry Potter was alive and that was all that mattered.

So, quick intermission because there’s this song you could listen to real quick. Yes, this was indeed inspired by a song originally sung by the Backstreet Boys lol. BUT can you honestly listen to it and tell me this is not one of the most drarry songs you’ve ever heard? I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed before! So, with that in mind, the story continues…

It was quick, fleeting, but it made Harry stop dead, the air completely knocked out of his lungs. Grey eyes, hesitant, sad, locked with his.

Someone bumped into him, breaking the eye contact. Harry whirled around, the shopping bag in his hand hitting the wizard beside him in the back.

“Sorry,” Harry mumbled. He quickly turned his head back down Diagon Alley, searching for grey eyes but there were just too many people.

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Keeping up with the Batfamily.


Bruce: Hey look someone sent us a free memberships.

Damian: *sarcasticly* thank god, you would’ve never been able to afford that.

Tim: *spits out coffee*


Tim: *closes the door in Jason’s face.*

Jason: *stops the door from closing and takes off his leather jacket.* Don’t be fucking rude. *Starts to hit Tim with it.*

Dick: Are you kidding me!? Oh my gosh.

Tim: stoooopp!


Bruce: did you guys know I’m, like, the number one google search last week?

Damian: do you also know that you’re number two on the dumbest people.


Dick: *starts jogging*

Barbara: your ass is so large I don’t know how you can even run.


Random Questions - Send Me Numbers!

Here is yet another set of random questions for people to ask you in order to get to know you better. Please reblog!

1. What is your middle name?
2. Do you have any nicknames?
3. Do you have any allergies?
4. What is the longest your hair has ever been?
5. Apple or PC?
6. Favorite flavor?
7. Have you ever been on a blind date?
8. Are you friends with any of your exes?
9. What kind of car do you drive?
10. How grammatically correct are you when you text?
11. What foreign country would you most like to visit and why?
12. Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
13. Favorite food to pig out on?
14. DC or Marvel?
15. Disney or Nickelodeon?
16. Do you have any stickers on your laptop computer?
17. Name/author of the last book you read cover to cover. Do you recommend it?
18. Do you read any magazines?
19. Coffee or tea?
20. What is your go-to Starbucks drink?
21. How many things can do with your weaker hand?
22. Last show you binge watched?
23. Dogs or cats?
24. Favorite Disney princess?
25. Do you like fast food?
26. Favorite thing to cook for yourself?
27. Favorite song to sing in the shower?
28. Have you ever butt dialed anyone?
29. iPhone/iPad or Android?
30. Any styles of music you do not like?
31. Have you ever kissed anyone of the same gender? If so, did you like it?
32. Have you ever gotten a ticket while driving?
33. Favorite emoji?
34. Showers or baths?
35. Is there anything you regret buying?
36. Are you fluent in more than one language?
37. Any movie(s) you can watch over and over again and enjoy just as much every time?
38. What is the heaviest you have ever weighed?
39. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and where?
40. Have you ever uttered a spoken hashtag?
41. Favorite school subject?
42. Favorite non-chocolate candy?
43. Name one celebrity you dislike.
44. If you could have one superpower, which one would you most like to have?
45. From 1-10, rate your singing ability.
46. From 1-10, rate your dancing ability.
47. From 1-10, rate your cooking ability.
48. From 1-10, rate your driving ability.
49. Are you religious?
50. Do you drink soda? If so, which one is your favorite?
51. Have you ever locked your keys in your car?
52. Spring or autumn?
53. Do you play any sports?
54. Can you play any musical instruments?
55. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
56. How easily do you cry?
57. Last musical artist you saw live?
58. Favorite YouTube channel?
59. Star Wars or Star Trek?
60. How long have you known your best friend?
61. Have you ever voted for a reality show?
62. Last CD you bought?
63. Have you ever ended a romantic relationship?
64. Have you ever been broken up with?
65. Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show?
66. How long was your longest relationship? Are you still with that person?
67. Have you seen any Broadway plays or musicals?
68. Have you ever acted in a play or a musical?
69. How flexible are you?
70. Have you ever sexted?
71. Do you own any clothes from garage sales or thrift stores?
72. Real or fake Christmas trees?
73. How many pillows do you sleep with?
74. How well can you write in cursive?
75. What is your political affiliation?
76. Do you like any boy bands?
77. Have you ever broken any bones?
78. Have you ever gotten any stitches?
79. Do you have any piercings in places other than your ears?
80. What is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear and how old is it?
81. Do you like wearing hats?
82. Have you ever dyed your hair?
83. From 1-10, how competitive are you?
84. How long have you been at your current job?
85. Have you ever studied abroad?
86. Phrase you say the most?
87. Have you ever quit a job?
88. Have you ever gotten fired from a job?
89. Have you ever won a trophy? If so, what for?
90. Have you ever been a Boy/Girl Scout?
91. Last thing that made you laugh?
92. Do you eat meat?
93. Are you more of a morning or a night person?
94. Worst habit?
95. Deepest fear?
96. Do you believe in ghosts?
97. If you could take home any animal from the zoo, what animal would you take?
98. Do you consider rapping singing?
99. Favorite costume you wore for Halloween? How old were you?
100. Favorite store to shop at?
101. Have you ever given anyone CPR?
102. Favorite Pokémon?
103. Do you own any homemade clothing?
104. Do you drink alcohol at all? If so, what is your drink of choice?
105. Have you ever skinny dipped?
106. Favorite type of cookie?
107. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
108. Biggest pet peeve?
109. Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
110. Favorite literary character?
111. Are your birth parents still together?
112. Do you wear or have your ever worn glasses?
113. How many of your Facebook friends do you actually hang out with?
114. Have you ever been the victim of a prank?
115. Do you belong to a fraternity or a sorority?
116. Have you ever taken a nude selfie?
117. Are you adopted?
118. Favorite fandom?
119. Oldest memory?
120. Have you ever snorted when you laughed?
121. Can you drive stick?
122. Favorite Disney song?
123. Random boy’s name.
124. Random girls’ name.
125. How often do you eat out at a nice restaurant?
126. How many people are in your nuclear family?
127. What accent do you consider the most attractive?
128. What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
129. What is your astrological sign?
130. Biggest regret?
131. What type of shoes do you wear the most?
132. Do you like any soap operas?
133. Do you listen to talk radio?
134. What sports team(s) do you root for?
135. Describe your sense of humor.
136. Have you ever been hit on by someone of the same gender?
137. Favorite video game?
138. Name a moment in your life when you were pleasantly surprised.
139. Do you believe in serendipity?
140. Have you ever left a movie theater before the movie was done?
141. Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong period of history?
142. Is sex before marriage wrong?
143. Have you ever gotten a song you dislike stuck in your head?
144. Can you handle spicy food?
145. Have you ever called a non-lover a term such as darling, honey, babe, or dear?
146. Do you like MTV?
147. Where on your body are you the most ticklish?
148. TV show or movie you quote/reference the most?
149. Have you ever lived with a roommate you didn’t get along with?
150. Where do you think is the best place to meet a new lover?
151. Have you ever successfully been on a diet?
152. Favorite thing to do outside?
153. Where did you go on your last vacation?
154. Do you say “y'all” at all?
155. Have you ever lived on a farm?
156. Do you believe in evolution?
157. What TV channel do you watch the most?
158. Favorite Beatles song?
159. Have you ever been on TV?
160. Have you ever been to Disney World or Disneyland?
161. Do you like horror movies?
162. Do you like to go fishing?
163. Have you ever been hunting?
164. Do you take medication for anything?
165. Name one item from your bucket list.
166. From 1-10, how much do you like children?
167. Have you ever thought about your wedding?
168. Have you ever been bungee jumping or skydiving?
169. Favorite flower?
170. Do you collect anything?
171. Who was the last person you told a lie to?
172. Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?
173. Have you ever had a fortune cookie fortune come true?
174. What was your favorite toy to play with when you were a child?
175. How good are you at math?
176. Have you ever learned anything from a how-to YouTube video?
177. Have you ever participated in a science fair?
178. Have you ever wished you were born the opposite gender?
179. Have you ever participated in a public protest?
180. Do you have a pool at your house?
181. Have you ever hosted a wild party?
182. Do you like karaoke?
183. Have you ever written a love letter?
184. Have you ever ran a marathon?
185. How often do you get mad at yourself?
186. Any guilty pleasures?
187. Fruits or vegetables?
188. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
189. The countryside or the suburbs?
190. Worst job you’ve ever had?
191. Do you hang out with any of your co-workers?
192. Were you ever voted homecoming/prom king or queen?
193. Were you voted a “best” or “most likely to” in high school?
194. Have you ever gotten detention?
195. Have you ever babysat?
196. Have you ever taken a road trip just for the fun of it?
197. How many drinks get you tipsy?
198. Were you a part of any academic clubs in high school or college?
199. Have you ever given a public speech, aside from your schooling?
200. How long have you been on tumblr?

We all know John is protective of Sherlock. We know the chief called him a weirdo and John punched him in the nose without a second thought. But can you imagine how much even more that’ll show once they’re together, like

They’re walking in a tube station and someone shoves past Sherlock and John just yells “Hey! Watch it!” Or they’re on a walk in the park and somebody throws a ball that nearly hits Sherlock in the head but not before John can intercept it and calls out to them, “D'you mind?” Just motioning from the ball to Sherlock with a look of disbelief as if they’d been aiming for some expensive artifact

Listen I’m just trying to highlight that John loves his boyfriend and wants to take good care of him