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I learned how to accurately forge my mom's signature when I was like 11, and I never actively tried to hide anything from her, but since I'm a forgetful bitch it was really helpful throughout my middle and high school career. She knew about it too and wasn't really bothered.

i did the same thing with my orchestra practice logs and my mom just kinda Knew

one time i told the pizza hut to send their cutest delivery guy and the guy looked me up on facebook from my signature and tried to add me

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I've seen your art on instagram? If you've not given anyone permission, you might want to check on that

Some people did ask permission to post on other social media sites including instagram, but I’m sure that reposts without credit exist (sadly T_T). Honestly, by this point I’m just hoping they don’t cut off the signature so people can find my tumblr/deviantart if they like the artwork.

i was tagged by @bcrebonecredence. thank u andy ily

  • Nickname: Clark
  • Star sign:

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  • Height: 5’ 2″
  • time right now: 7:19
  • last thing I googled: tomodachi gay?
  • fave musical artist: The Devil Makes Three
  • song stuck in your head: Mother by Danzig (im listening to it rn so its stuck in my head)
  • Last movie I watched: me and ferris watched MST3K cover Werewolf the other night. i think that was the last movie i watched.
  • Last show I watched: Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • What are you wearing: some jeans and a big red hoodie… my Signature Look
  • When did you create your blog: mm the end of december
  • What kind of things do you post: goofs, fallout, mcelroy products and dean win/chester.
  • other blogs: none rn
  • gender: boy guy man
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin
  • pokemon team: The yellow one… instinct i think?
  • MBTI: INFP. amelie from the movie amelie is also one of those.
  • moral alignment: chaotic evil
  • fave color: mm red
  • fave characters:Dean Winch/ester, Jesse Mc/Cree, Gabriel Rey/es, Preston Garv/ey, Deacon, like. plenty more tbh
  • dream job:a video game designer or like? tbh a singer… or a cop. i kind of really want to be a cop…

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i also have a fraud story for u: a did a VET subject in high school so we were marked by a different system and it contributed nothing to our ATAR. anyways im a master lazy dude so i did about 20% but faked my teachers signature on the tasks and the task list so it says i did 100%. i even wrote in my own grades so long story short, i passed a subject that i didnt really do with a 97% grade and my teacher never bothered to double check anything.

holy fuck