that is not how you draw a black eye

black riddler is so good y’all just the aesthetic, sharp green eyes that are almost glowing would be such a nice contrast against black skin especially a darker skinned guy. green or purple sweater vest. green undershirt with the sleeves rolled up. bowtie. always smirks at you and has a way of making you feel inferior without even having to say anything. he’s a skinny guy but he can go from flirting and quizzing you with riddles to bashing your head in with his question mark cane so fast.

First of all, thank you! Second, pls ignore any mistakes, English isn’t my native language (as you know …or maybe not)

Well, I… the answer may be disappointing bc I don’t have a certain system, I don’t use swatches and I rarely use references (i.e mostly when I paint some complicated lighting hell). When I draw simple pics/comics/whatever and I need a simple colouring I just pick skintones I find pleasing for an eye while sticking to the main colouring rules (warm light -> cold shadow, no shading with black/the same colour but only a bit darker (same as using the burn tool in Ps OMG DON’T USE IT FOR SHADING CRIES) etc). And by the pleasing basic colours I mean smth like these

There are tons of great skin palettes and refs on the web, you can easily find those you’ll enjoy.

Now, how I do this. I practice. A LOT. The main purpose of this practice is to learn how a different light (its temperature, intensity etc) changes colours (including skintones). Long story short:

And, as I said before, I don’t use swatches. Why: bc after like a week I completely forget why I saved them. Are these for skin? For hair? For some unfinished painting? Will I regret deleting those? ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿??????

But I DO like collecting palettes. Especially the wild ones ahaah….. So I just save them like regular sketches and keep them simple (I don’t use this creepy face, it’s just an example for u laughs):

And since you mentioned depth I think this is the part where I tell you you can take the most incredible skin palette but it won’t give you any depth if you don’t know what you’re doing. When I draw a thing I always try to imagine it as a 3D object (not just a bunch of lines) and to keep in mind where the light is coming from.

Ok here is a fragment of a painting I made a long time ago, not too good but anyways

The point is you can take ANY colours (that don’t even resemble skintones ..but, well, won’t kill your own eyes) and create depth, if you know how an object you draw works. Yes, colouring is a very important part of the art process, but there is no point in searching for the “right” colours if you don’t understand how to apply them.

Ahh I hope this will help… somehow…..

The end xP


I created a small “Ciel’s eyes chart”. It was supposed to help me figure out how to draw his eyes when looking at him from below, sraight into the eyes, and from above.


How Got7 would react to their girlfriend wearing lingerie

Mark: As soon as you step into the bedroom in your white lacy lingerie Mark would lick his lips in lust staring at your every move just wanting you instantly. He wouldn’t say anything but he’d draw you in with the hungry look in his eyes.

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JB: As soon as he sees you in your black lingerie he’d look you up and down. “Come here” he’d order and you’d have no choice but to obey as he’d pull you into his arms and do everything he wants with you.

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Jackson: Jackson’s dominant side would take over when he sees you. He would walk straight to you pushing you against a wall and attaching his lips to yours,

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Junior: “Wow you’re so gorgeous” he’d whispered as he stared at you in awe. You’d chuckle and pull him in for a kiss to break him from his trance.

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Youngjae: He’d start to blush instantly as he saw you but he’d try to hide it. “How do I look?” you’d ask. “Breathtaking” he’d whisper still blushing like crazy as you made your way over to him.

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Bambam: “You look fucking sexy baby.” he would whisper looking at you sexily. “Now come deal with this.” he would say motioning to his boner.

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Yugyeom: As soon as he sees you he would stare nervously. “What are you wearing babe?” he’d ask. “You don’t like it?” you’d question as you straddle his lap feeling his boner beneath you, you’d smirk. “Oh I think you like it a lot.” you’d whisper. 

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Unwavering [Part Two]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Void x Pack


Word Count: 2795

A/N: Here is Part One. This is the last part of this story.

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           The first thing I notice is the cold, and how absolutely unbearable it is. But it’s more than just cold, it’s a damp chill that you can feel seeping into your bones and settling into your soul. The kind of cold that makes you crave the release of just curling into a ball and fading away.

            I open my eyes slowly, blinking a few times to shake the black haze from the edges of my vision. The room is dark, and the dull, aching, soreness of my arms draws my attention to the cold, heavy, chains binding me the metal pipe running along parallel to the ceiling. I pull at the chains slightly, and it feels like my shoulder is being torn out of its socket. I bite my lip to silence my cry of pain, quickly deciding that any attempt to free my arms will be completely futile.

            I drag in a deep breath through my nose to calm myself, but almost gag on the inescapable smell of death and decay that seems to fill the room.

            “Honestly, I’m disappointed,” A cold voice says from the corner and I flinch slightly, the sharp movement jerks the chains and a small whimper escapes my mouth before I’m able to clamp my lips shut again, “I thought you would have at least tried a little harder to get out. Especially considering how if you die you’ll just wake up right back in the same place and can try again.”

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Face studies part 2, this time featuring Kisame

Like with Zabuza I have serious trouble with drawing Kisame. The worst part is that Kisame is the character with the least consistent facial features in Naruto. I’m serious. If you’re asking questions like “what shape are his eyes” or “which gill is the biggest” you can get two very different answers in between two sequential panels. Also are his eyelids black? I don’t know! Even after this exercise I’m still not 100% happy with how my Kisames look. I have this ferocious sharkman in my head that I can’t quite get right and I at least partially blame Lpilz for it. Unlike Zabuza I prefer using Kisame’s Part 2 manga self as a reference. It’s the… least inconsistent.

Observations (what IS consistent):

  • He has a jaw like a brick and a chin like a brick. You can narrow his chin but the jaw needs to be bold
  • His eyebrows are thin and generally in a straight line.
  • His gills are diagonally away from his eyes. Not behind them, not directly below them, diagonal. 
  • His nose is wide set and triangular with a very slight curve to the slope of it. It’s one of his sharklike features that I really like.
  • Unlike Zabuza his hair is simple: it’s just your average fauxhawk.


  • As long as you get Kisame’s eyes and gills right, you can pretty much do whatever you want for the rest of his face and it’ll still “read’ as Kisame.
  • I don’t like drawing fauxhawks.

Next up is my favorite character that no one else likes, Raiga.



summary: four times it was just a kiss, and the one time it was more
pairing: gerald x reader (second person ofc)
rating: pg-13 (first chapter)
a/n: just as kind of a heads up, I know a lot of second person fic uses the ‘insert your name/eye color/preferences’ here thing and that’s cool but I can’t write that way. while the narration is still from the reader’s pov, I still have to write a character to draw from and that might be (understandably) confusing for some people at first. this makes it more fic than imagine but I still prefer writing second person.
read more: all my other g eazy fics here

chapter one: first

make my world go black,
hit me like a heart attack,
knock me flat on my back,
I don’t know how long that I can last

It’s 2010 and you have no idea who’s show you’re at. All you know is the venue is packed, body heat and smoke making it difficult to breathe. The room is like a hot box and even though the second hand high feels good, your lungs (and your brain) have hit their limit. You need some damn air.

Outside, the LA night is still warm but a relief from the crowd downstairs. Leaning back against the brick of the alley wall, you push your hair back out of your face and drag in a few lungfuls of oxygen. You like a good night out but this is just stressful. Maybe I should just book and see about that party in the Hills that MJ invited me to…

But you promised Rachelle you’d stay through his set…whoever this guy is she keeps raving about. G…Easy? Something white boy and unoriginal like that. With a sigh, you’re about to force yourself to head back in. But across the alley, a flame sparks to life in the shadows and you freeze. For a moment, there’s only the sound of his lighter being closed and pocketed. But after a deep drag that makes the cigarette glow bright, the light reflecting in his eyes, whoever is over there speaks up.

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Can erron black be my valentine (please don't feel pressured and don't stay up too late on it though, feel free to skip it)

He will take off his mask for you, he will wash up for you, he will take off eye black grase for you but never gonna take his cowboy hat off.

I don’t know, guys, I make him TOO young. How do I make him older?

Also, thank you for caring! c: I didn’t think for a second of skipping this request, especially when you are being so nice, worry not!
And since I’ve made it all today, I have time for trying to draw Kotal Kahn and Mileena Valentine requests! <: Just wish me luck… 

But now for real, I will do Kotal and Mileena and any character requested from now on for Valentine, I will do after I finish other requests for people. (Such as Liu Kang match against Raiden or Ermac and Kenshi as close buds, so stay tuned, guy!)

R76 drabble - Remember

Listening to: Kaleo - I Can’t Go On Without You

“You’ve changed, Jack.”

These words were met with a snicker, as though what Gabriel had said was a ridiculous joke.

He remembers the farmboy who he met in the army, the young man who had a spark in his beautiful blue eyes, wanting to do some good for the world.

That man is gone now, replaced by a man who is blinded by the ideal of justice, rather than seeing beyond it.

“If there really were spies in Overwatch, wouldn’t it be more likely for them slip in through Blackwatch? You’re the one picking up criminals on the street, Overwatch agents are all honest folks.”

Drawing in a quick breath, Gabriel kept his composure despite the insult.

“Is this really how you see the world? Just as black and white?”

“No, I see people based on their own actions, Reyes.”

With the realisation that he could not get through to Jack, Gabriel walked away with an ache in his heart.

He remembers the first time he showed his interest in Jack, he gave a flower to him, the young man was flustered, asking him is this really appropriate.

“We’re soldiers, every day on the field could be our last, and I don’t want to die with any regrets.”

That night, Jack entered Gabriel’s room, held the man against a wall and kissed him like his life depended on it.

It became their routine, argue and bicker in the day, have sex in the night.

Gabriel always gives in to Jack despite how angry he had been with him, hungry for any bit of affection he could get from him.

This is the only time when he could tell himself Jack still loved him, that the disagreements were only their due to their profession and work, that there is still something else beyond that, a life of their own.

But every morning when he wakes up to an empty bed, he was met with the harsh reality.

Jack says it was because he did not want the rest to gossip, that their relationship becoming public could affect their work negatively.

It made sense, but that does not mean it does not hurt.

It was their anniversary, and Gabriel quietly gave Jack a flower, the same kind he gave to Jack way back when they were still in the army.

Jack was surprised, and for the first time, Gabriel saw a hint of emotions other than stern professionalism from him during the day.

A small smile was all he needed, it brought warmth to him the entire day.

Thinking back to that moment, it even brings warmth to him when he was floating as a puff of black smoke, drifting in the darkness, hunting down the man he used to love, and probably still do.

Soldier:76 stopped in a dark alley, in front of a small flower growing out of a crack on the wall.

It was not particular anything out of the ordinary in an urban city, but it was a rare sight on the battlefield.

He remembers seeing Gabriel carefully taking it out of his pocket, and handing it to him.

They were both younger, more foolish, but things were simpler, with a lot fewer complications.

“Is… Is this appropriate?”

Being young and stupid, this was the only thing he could say.

Gabriel smiled, his smile was warm and kind like it could light up the whole world.

“We’re soldiers, every day on the field could be our last, and I don’t want to die with any regrets.”

Jack wished he had taken this advice, as he picks the flower off from the wall, and carefully put it into his pocket, feeling the hollowness in his heart.

He wonders if he would have changed anything in the past if he had known where it would have led them.

He remembers the day it all went down, Gabriel shouting at him angrily with tears in his eyes.

“You don’t care! You just sit on your throne as commander and look down at the rest of us like dirt, you and your perfect Overwatch could never be corrupted, not under your leadership, so the problem must have been me! Must have been this group of ragtag criminals who’s doing all your dirty work!”

Then the explosion happened before Jack could respond, the building was falling apart, smoke engulfed them.

He tried to find Gabriel, to bring him out, but he was nowhere to be seen amongst the debris.

He got out alone before the fire took away his own life, assuming the man he loved was dead, and he lived on alone with countless regrets.

“They left me to suffer…" 

Gabriel’s voice had changed, as though someone had drained out all his life away from him.

He could have killed Jack, he had every chance to, but instead, all he did was drift away like a puff of smoke.

Jack knew he should be used to it by now, that every confrontation they have had in the past ends with Gabriel walking away in exasperation.

He used to think that was okay, that he could always just go to Gabriel’s room at night and make things up, they always do.

But things were different now, he could no longer hold onto Gabriel’s arm to stop him from leaving, something he should have done long ago.

He thinks back to the day of their anniversary, the day Gabriel gave him the very same flower he gave to him the first time he let Jack knew he liked him a little more than others.

He remembers the smile on Gabriel’s face, a smile he would be willing to die for if he could see again.

"I love you,” Gabriel whispered in the softest, most gentle voice.

Nobody else heard it, Gabriel always respected his wish to keep their professional and private life completely separate.

Jack wanted to say it back, but before he could, an Overwatch agent called for his attention.

He had to walk away from Gabriel and when he looked back again, the smile Gabriel had now has a hint of sadness in it.

He thought it was okay, that he will always be able to make up for it later.

He was young and foolish, naive to the core, to think he had all the time in the world to make up for it.

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Hi! Your poly relationship headcanons are totally awesome, so could I request poly headcanons with Agni and Soma? Thanks!! <3

  • Soma and their lover tattooing Agni’s back with henna because he doesn’t move when he sleeps.
  • Drawing contests with Soma and having Agni as a judge.
  • Soma being annoyed at Agni and their lover if they win, and Soma being annoying about him winning them if he wins.
  • Agni and their lover catching Soma doing friendship bracelets while you two were sleeping.
  • Agni and their lover crying over how cute Soma is, and laughing because they are so stupid they cry over his cuteness.
  • Agni sleeping between you both because if he doesn’t, either you, Soma, or both, end up making him fall from the bed.
  • “Why do you have a black eye?” “Soma punched me while sleeping” “Oh I see”.
  • “Agni, why do you have so many bruises?” “I think you guys are trying to kill me while we sleep”.
  • AU headcanon: best and funniest selfies.

- Admin Mika


1.) A small halo appears in every photograph of you. It shines, but it doesn’t draw your eye.

2.) Your teeth - too sharp. They don’t seem entirely white. When you smile - I shiver. 

3.) Your irises have crystallized, they catch the light. I think of how people have died for diamonds, and how I never understood that until now.

4.) If I blink quickly, and I often do, I see your horns. They curl so delicately, they seem less of bone, and more of ice.

5.) Your fingertips are black, as though you’ve dipped them in voided ichor. Who’s blood have you spilt? How did it taste, dripping from your mouth?

6.) You have two long scars down your shoulder blades, shiny and sleek. Someone took your wings, I’m sure, and you’ve been grounded here, frozen in this foreign world.

7.) I knew you were divine when you took me to your bed. You touched me, and I thought a century could pass in this plane of ours, and when we left, nothing would be the same. I would turn this land into a wasteland and you, you would let me.

—  (A.V.P)

Another incredible quote by @internal-acceptance-movement

[A drawing of red, purple, orange and pink rose petals surrounding black text that reads:  “You don’t have to swallow your tears. You don’t have to hide how you feel or ignore your pain. You have to give yourself a hug, look yourself in the eyes, and say, “I’m sad and I’m angry and I’m hurting. And you know what? That’s okay. My feelings are valid. I’m not broken or crazy. I’m wounded. But I can heal. And I’m going to be okay.” -Daniell Koepke]

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In your last post, how do you use those pens? Like, I have the same ink pens for art but I don't know how to use them;;;

I’m not sure I can be of any help since I rarely use these pens myself, but I’ll try to explain how I use them ^^

I have a set of different sizes.

The one I use the most is the 01 for almost everything. An example is the lining. All of these lines were done using the 01.

But to add depth to your drawings, you can combine them! I use 005 for small details and 08 to make a thicker border for better effects! Is more pleasing to the eyes that way~

To fill in some spaces with black, I use a regular cheap black marker since it is less expensive than the sakura pens.

I’m not very good at traditional, but I hope this can help you~!

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omg the ask box is open? can i have a match up w/ hamilton?my name is kei, im 5'1, and have shoulder length black (or a really dark brown?) hair. I wear glasses, (black or again really really dark brown eyes), and um... i wear hoodies a lot? (I don't know how I should describe myself I'm sorry)As you can tell I'm pretty shy (introverted?) and quiet - but when you get to know me, and im more comfortable, im much louder and silly. I like having fun, and drawing is my passion! thank you so much!!!

I ship you with James Madison!!

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Reasons why:

  • So James love love loves your glasses!!
  • He thinks you look beautiful in them
  • He also knows your love for sweatshirts is real
  • He is A-Okay with you stealing any sweatshirt he owns
  • He can be a bit shy so it works
  • For example, when you first met he was a stuttering mess
  • Because oh my god you’re beautiful
  • He thinks your art is amazing
  • Like he thinks you’re a genius (I mean you are but he’s amazed)
  • He thinks your drawings should be in an art museum

(this is my personal opinion, it may be different to other people!)


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Summary: Prompt #1.

Baekhyun looked at his thigh as a drawing of a butterfly appeared on his skin. He admired the simpleness of it. He knew it was his soulmate and began wondering who it was. He began daydreaming about them and ignored the world around him. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Kyungsoo pushed him off his chair. He glared up at him but stopped when Soo just glared back even more intensely. He got back on his chair and looked back at this thigh once again ignoring their teasing.

You stared at your new drawing making sure everything was how you wanted it before adding small details. After finishing you proudly looked at it. Your eyes widened as the butterfly was covered by black scribbles. You screamed in frustration and anger grabbing a pen and writing words on your skin. “What the hell man?!?! Is this how you treat your soulmate?”

In seconds a response came. “It was my friends! I thought your butterfly was beautiful. I am so sor-” More scribbles covered his words and you rolled your eyes. It was a mess, you had scribble marks all over your thigh. “If they don’t stop I will never meet you. This is a total mess.”

“I am sorry please forgive me it wont happen anymore.”

“So, tell me about yourself.”

He went on to talk about his job and some of his friends. You found out his name was Baekhyun. It wasn’t until he told you were he was that you got excited. He was only 10 minutes away from you, you jumped in excitement and told him to meet you at shop near him.

Baekhyun saw a pen come into view and cover the butterfly in black ink. He yelled and pushed Jongdae off him but Chanyeol started marking it as well. Baekhyun stopped them and saw the words appearing on his skin. He apologized and began talking to them. He felt a wave of excitement when he was invited to a shop not far. He announced his leaving to the boys and began for the shop.

He walked in and found a seat. He looked around having been told what they looked like. 5 minutes went by and he saw no sign of them. He didn’t give up though and waited longer. He put his head in his arms thinking they skipped out on him. He sat up when the ring of the was heard. He saw them looking around and quickly waved them over.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see a hand moving and looked seeing who you were sure was Baekhyun. You smiled and made your way over to him. He greeted you with a wide smile and a cheerful voice.

“Hello~ You are (y/n) right?” He said already knowing the answer.

“Yup! And you must be Baekhyun.” You giggled.

You sat on the chair and started a conversation. He told you that his job was actually an entertainer, singer specifically. He gave you a small sample of one of his songs, which you recognized, and he had such an amazing voice.

“The song sounds like one my friend showed me. Wait, are you one of their singers?”

“Yep~ Do you like it?”

“I think it’s wonderful, Baek. Oh, do you mind me calling you that?”

“I love it. Only if I get to call you my butterfly~”

You continued to ask and answer questions. He had such an amazing personality and the brightest smile you’d ever seen. You didn’t expect to leave the shop with your hands intertwined but you did. He was the love you’d been waiting for and there he was, holding your hand, and smiling like an idiot. He was undeniably adorable and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with the ball of sunshine that you now know as Byun Baekhyun.

Prompt requests are closed!


How To Take Notes Like A Champ (Especially If They’re Graded!)

Easy-To-Learn Techniques

Choose one side of the paper to write on. Do not write on the other side.

  • this allows you to spread out your materials so you can study
  • you will never have to flip through pages because you can just slide them off of one another

Color-Coding is Your Friend:

  • draws your eye to important things
  • provides organization without indentation
  • I like to do vocab words in a bright color + definitions in pencil
  • do headings in a different color, underline them, + then do general info in pencil
  • you can highlight the important things or use a black pen to show a key term or an important phrase

Use Indents to Indicate Subtopics/Related Information:

  • by indenting this information, I make it clear that it’s related to the words above it

Don’t type your notes

  • you will remember the information better by writing it, I promise you that

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