that is not even an imperial


“Any claims of a direct North Korean threat to the United States is ludicrous bullshit. They have no weapons capable of reaching anywhere within thousands of miles of the United States, and are years away from developing it, at best. Even if they reach that goal — which their very uneven history of missile tests indicates will be very difficult — they would still have thousands of fewer weapons than we do.

Any launch of that sort would represent an act of mortal desperation — again, it would be totally delusional to launch it offensively. Cable news is a much bigger threat to U.S. security than North Korea ever will be.

So if North Korea’s military threat is totally derived from their desire to preclude a US attack why not negotiate a peace between our country and theirs? If they had that sort of assurance we could both back away from the brink and perhaps even provide space for an opening in North Korean society.

Conventional wisdom answers that the North Koreans have reneged on every agreement ever made with them. But if the “crazy” claims are an example of gaslighting, this answer is a textbook case of projection. It’s not the North Koreans who have betrayed past agreements, but the United States. To cover this up we repeat the same racist logic we used against Native Americans — we broke the treaties, but they were the “Indian givers.””

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September 25, 1917 - British Political and Military Leaders Meet in Boulougne to Discuss Strategy; Continue Ypres Offensive or Send Reinforcements to Italy 

Pictured - A British howitzer crew in Italy. British and French troops went to strengthen the Italian lines. On the other side German soldiers joined the Austro-Hungarians in preparation of a strong offensive.

“Easterners” vs “Westerners” clashed again as Britain’s leaders argued over their strategy for the rest of 1917. Prime Minister Lloyd George visited the Fifth Army in Ypres and made no secret that he wanted to abandon the offensive in Belgium, telling Chief of the Imperial Staff William “Wully” Robertson that supporting Haig was “backing the wrong horse.”

Lloyd George was particularly angry because Italian Chief of Staff Luigi Cadorna had just written to say Italy needed reinforcements or it could not make any more offensives. After the paltry gains and bloody combat of the Tenth Isonzo Battle, Cadorna asked for British and French troops and guns. Lloyd George wanted to send them, Robertson had to stop an even more ambitious plan to strip Haig of ten divisions and make a landing in Turkey.

Haig on the other hand was furious at the Prime Minister’s political meddling. He claimed that the German divisions at Ypres were “broken,” and that enemy prisoners were so weak and scrawny that the whole German army must be about to buckle from starvation. Lloyd George for his part no longer believed a word coming from BEF headquarters in France. He would have liked to sack Haig, but realized it would look very bad to Parliament and the public. Haig continued his battle, which he meant to escalate again on September 26 with an attack on Polygon Wood. 

anonymous asked:

I have seen pictures of the family sitting at tea. I was wondering if you could say what a typical family tea menu would consist of?

I am going to quite Anna Vyrubova and her memoirs here:

“Tea was a meal in which there was never the slightest variation. Always appeared the same little white-draped table with its silver service, the glasses in their silver standards, and for the rest simply plates of hot bread and butter and a few English biscuits. Never anything new, never any surprises in the way of cakes or sweetmeats. The only difference in the Imperial tea table came in Lent, when butter and even bread made with butter disappeared, and a small dish or two of nuts was substituted. The Empress often used gently to complain, saying that other people had much more interesting teas, but she who was supposed to have almost unlimited power, was in reality quite unable to change a single deadly detail of the routine of the Russian Court, where things had been going on almost exactly the same for generations.”
North Korea says U.S. 'declared war,' warns it could shoot down U.S. bombers
North Korea's foreign minister said on Monday that President Donald Trump had declared war on North Korea and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down U.S. bombers even if they are not in its air space.

“The whole world should clearly remember it was the U.S. who first declared war on our country,” Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told reporters in New York.

“Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to make countermeasures, including the right to shoot down United States strategic bombers even when they are not inside the airspace border of our country,” Ri said.

“The question of who won’t be around much longer will be answered then,” Ri said in a direct reference to a Twitter post by Trump on Saturday.

dasakuryo  asked:

You know what, I am going to fucking say it. I hate it when USAmericans mock our pain and suffering, pain and suffering the US and more than one USAmerican government administration are responsible for. They think this is funny, a laughing matter, something to dismiss and crack jokes about? Our people DIED, our people were MURDERED, our people were TORTURED, our countries are still bleeding decades later, and USA interventionism and imperialism hasn't stopped and yet keeps hurting us (cont)

in countless ways. Economically, politically, socially, the US grasp and choke-hold on Latin American countries is both overt and covert, I mean, do these people even know what imperialism and interventionism mean? Do these people even know the atrocities their country is responsible for abroad? Do they really know what US freedom means for 3rd world countries? I am sick of this. Our suffering is always dismissed, it’s always a condescending “it happened so long ago, get over it” (cont)

(I mean, the irony in that dismissive question, RIGHT?). Just to name a few examples but, I wonder if these people would have the guts to tell the families of los desaparecidos that their suffering doesn’t matter, if they can tell the families who have spent over 30 years looking for their loved ones that why do they need to know what happened to them why don’t they just “get over it” right? I wonder if these people could look at the people who were tortured by the militaries all throughout (cont)

Latin American countries and laugh in their faces at their pain and the suffering they had to endure. Like, I am really curious if they can do that, since apparently they can dismiss the pain our people went through and argue that US imperialism doesn’t exist, doesn’t hurt anyone and we Latin Americans are just bitter because we are poor and we will never be as great as the mighty and free-of-sin USA. Anyways, rant over. Me tienen re podrida.

It Is Not Yet Evening (11/?)

A/N: First things first, I am absolutely ecstatic to reveal the new cover art for this fic! I’m so grateful to @mrs-emma-swan-jones for taking time to make this wonderful artwork (I honestly can’t stop staring at it!!). Even if you don’t follow this story, everyone needs to send a lot of love her way :) Secondly, because I received this fantastic piece of inspiration, I went a bit overboard with this chapter and you’ll be getting a lot more bang for your buck. Enjoy! 

Summary: Historical AU. It is 1917, and with the Russian empire on the verge of collapse, Emma - a former maid for the Imperial family - means to escape the imminent revolution and start a new life in London. Desperately fleeing the Bolsheviks and armed with fake documents and a new identity, she sets out to find the mysterious man with the power to grant her her freedom. But the road to Moscow is a treacherous one, and a chance encounter with a wealthy British businessman may change her life forever.

Words: 54,454

AO3:  It Is Not Yet Evening

Tumblr: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Nikolayevsky Station; March 15th, 1917. 12:47pm.

He had wanted to speak to her about what had happened on the platform. It had seemed like she was nearing to kiss him, he was almost certain that she had been, but every time he looked at her now, all he saw was sadness. It was almost as though she could read his mind, see what had been meaning to ask her and pitied him for thinking that her motives were anything but innocent.

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History of Gay Rights in Germany

1794: The Kingdom of Prussia abolishes the death penalty for sodomy

August 29, 1867: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs becomes the first self-proclaimed homosexual to speak out for the repeal of anti-gay laws at the  Congress of German Jurists in Munich.

1869: The term “homosexuality” appears for the first time in a German-Hungarian pamphlet written by human rights campaigner Karl-Maria Kertbeny

1871: Homosexuality is criminalized by Paragraph 175 of the Reich Criminal Code.

1907: Adolf Brand, member of a gay rights organization, publishes a piece “outing” the imperial cancellor of Germany, Prince Bernhard von Bülow. He is sued for libel and is sentenced to 18 months in prison.

1907-1909: The Harden-Eulenburg affair. Even more people are called gay and sue for libel.

1919: Magnus Hirschfeld co-founds the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sex Research), a pioneer calling for the civil and social acceptance of gay and trans people.

1919: Anders als die Anderen (Different from the Others), one of the first explicitly gay films, premiers. Magnus Hirschfeld was a co-writer and funded its production.

October 16, 1929: A Reichstag Committee votes to repeal Paragraph 175. The Nazis’ rise to power prevents the implementation.

1931: Mädchen in Uniform, one of the first pro-lesbian films, is released.

1933: The Nazi party bans homosexual groups. Gay people are sent to concentration camps. Nazis burn the Institut für Sexualwissenschaften to the ground.

1937: First use of the pink triangle for gay men in concentration camps.

1945: After the liberation of concentration camps by the allied forces, gay people have to serve out the full term of there sentences under Paragraph 175.

1950: East Germany partially abolishes the Nazis’ emendations to Paragraph 175.

1968: East Germany decriminalizes homosexual acts for people over the age of 18.

1969: West Germany decriminalizes homosexual acts.

1974: General Gay Association, the second openly-LGBT rights organization in German history, is established.

1985: Herbert Rusche becomes the first openly-gay member of the Bundestag.

1987: Jutta Oesterle-Schwamm becomes the first lesbian member of the Bundestag.

1994: The Supreme Court rules that the age of consent for sex must be equalized.

2000: The Bundestag apologizes to gays and lesbians persecuted under the Nazi regime, and for “harm done to homosexual citizens up to 1969”.

2001: Same-Sex couples get the right to enter a civil partnership. Klaus Wowereit becomes the first openly-gay major of Berlin, making Berlin the largest city of the world with a gay major. Ole von Beust becomes the first openly-gay major of Hamburg.

2002: Same-sex stepchild adoption is legalized. Guido Westerwelle, leader of the FDP, becomes the first leader of a major party to come out as gay.

2009: Westerwelle becomes the first openly-gay member of the Federal Cabinet

2013: Barbara Hendricks becomes the first openly-lesbian member of the Federal Cabinet

March 22, 2017: The Bundestag votes in favor of rehabilitation for those presecuted under Paragraph 175.

June 30, 2017: Same-Sex marriage and adoption is legalized.

Can we talk about the person who Noctis left Regis’ protection to was the very same person that killed him?

Can we also talk about Regis at the last moment realized just who was going to kill him because his lightning burnt away the helmet hiding Titus’ face.

look at the way his eyes widen, the shake of his head he’s KNOWs that’s realization right here

That’s the look of betrayal of someone who you thought you trusted. The look of disbelief as if you don’t want to see what you are seeing.

White girls see racism done by white female characters as empowerment and I’m tired of it. White girls will literally go above and beyond to justify a racist/facist white woman’s actions and it’s disturbing. And it’s not just racism, but abuse as well.

A white female character who forces her culture on poc coded people, who colonizes non-whtie characters, who is racist/abusive toward them, etc..etc…is automarically backed up and stanned by white girls. And you cannot tell them anything. If you try to call out a white female characters racism/abuse/imperialism etc..etc…the white girls call you sexist.

And it’s hypocrtical; it’s these girls who will hate white male characters for doing the same. Hate white male characters for being racist/abusive but worship white female characters for doing the same thing…like that’s any better?

A white woman being racist isn’t empowering. A white woman being abusive isn’t empowering. ESPECIALLY if these actions are aimed towared people of color or less privielged people than said woman.

You can’t call out racism by white men but then worship white female characters who do the same thing, even if it is subtle. Like it surprises me how white girls will stan problematic female characters and call out sexism whenever someone dares to point out her racism/facism/imperialism/abuse…etc. Like I dread seeing white women in shows/movies because chances are if they’re racist or problematic white girls will act like they’re goddesses.

And yes white women/girls can and should reblog this.
  • Courier: why did you kill everyone in a vault and take it over?
  • Raider Boss That Leads A Drugged Out Gang Equipped With A Chainsaw You Can Sell Drugs To: Needed shelter for my people. Weird thing is they just let us in. They didn't even fight us.
  • Sole Survivor: why are you killing people and based out of an iron works factory?
  • Raider Boss That You Can't Meaningfully Interact With, Only Brutally Murder Or Spare Against All Logic: HAHAHAAH FIRE FIRE FIRE
  • Courier: Why is your Legion....Like This?
  • Caesar, an intellectual turned warlord: I used Imperial Rome as a model for my Legion precisely because it was so foreign, so alien. I had seen what happened to the attempts of the NCR to emulate Pre-War America. All its infighting, its corruption. In Rome I saw a template for a society equal to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world, a society that could prevent mankind from destroying itself.
  • Sole Survivor: Why should I help you guys?
  • Father, an "intellectual" and the figurehead leader of the Pre-War MIT Turned Into Mad Science, The Faction As Well As Your Own Fucking Son: It's too complicated for you to understand

Not to be all “read Settlers” but a lot of white leftists are going at some point, to need to wrangle with the fact that white supremacy does have a lot to offer poor whites (not just material benefits like being called before black people for a job offer, but the social benefit of having a people to which you belong, the emotional benefit of having someone to see yourself as better than and of ignoring that people with their boots on your neck look like you, the ability to leverage at least one thing when you have no other leverage) and the material reality that a lot of the standard of living in the West is the result of ongoing imperial domination and mineral/labor/resource exploitation of some countries by imperialist powers like the US, and that no socialist revolution could take place and encourage internationalism without wrangling with that/without eradicating that relationship. You can call it Third Worldist and turn your nose up at it but these are practical concerns, and you see in many organizing models around white supremacy in particular this absolute refusal to acknowledge that all white people do benefit from white supremacy, even the ones who don’t want to, even the ones harmed in other ways by capital, even the nice ones, not just rich white people. And frankly, I think the refusal to acknowledge that is racist. It doesn’t mean that building class consciousness isn’t useful, but it means acknowledging that a lot of the people all of us are advocating for still hate black and brown people and will need to be dealt with accordingly, not pitied as fools fallen to false consciousness. This whole “white supremacy doesn’t really benefit you if you’re poor” shit has got to go. I’m not saying we give people a racial politics test, line the ones who fail against a wall, and shoot them, but you can’t just ignore this.

I went to the anti G20 protest tonight in Hamburg. It was peaceful, we chilled, listening to Techno, had a beer. The march wasn’t allowed to start because the police stated that some protesters wete hooded and disguised. Not where I was standing, we were just wearing sunglasses because it was very sunny.

There was a black block somewhere in front of is, but even they stayed calm. Suddenly, the police went in, using pepper spray and truncheons. They wanted to arrest some people who were disguised. People started to flee in panic. It was a narrow street, so they could only escape by climbing over the harbour docks. Police went after them. We couldnt see much and stayed where we were, because we hadnt done anything, not even shouted insults. Suddenly, riot police was everywhere. We were pressed against a brick wall behind us, police in front of us. To our left, water canons started to shoot. We only escaped because next to us was a guy in a wheelchair. Police let him pass through their cordon and we ran after him, hands in the air. We ran until we reached a corner where some neighbours were gathering. Some girls intoned the imperial march every time police marched up and down the street. We talked to a kurdish family there who wanted to show their kids that one has to protest against dictators, and shared a beer with a queer female protester. After some time, we went up to Reeperbahn. Others we’re gathering there as well.

Eventually, after almost two hours, we were allowed to proceed and finally walk. It was totally peaceful, music was playing (I feel love and saturday night fever) and the worst shout I heard against the police was “Go away”. I think we were at least 10000 people.

In short, I was exercising my civil rights tonight, just being on the street, taking part in a peaceful demonstration, and was chased by a police force I pay with my tax money through the streets of my hometown, hands raised in the air, fearing at some point for my health and safety because of police violence.

This can’t be right.

Big List of Fantroll Facts from Hiveswap

This is all pulled straight from the game with 0 (or attempted 0) bias from me or @peckonthecheek

We have both played the game so I can verify several things on the list. Most of the information comes from @peckonthecheek​ who exhaustively did everything in the game and recorded useful information.

If you want to add to this post, feel free to screenshot what you want to add and send it to me!

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YOI Fan Rec Friday

I’m FINALLY back! Thank you to those who rec’d so many fics while I was away! If you don’t see your rec here, don’t worry! I send it in again for next week :) I randomly choose 30 fics for each week!

Rec’d by @bookwormpanda :
with these things i’ll never say by missmichellebelle, Gen, 1.8k
Yuuri has been Victor’s PA for well over a year now, but no matter how many times Victor has told him otherwise, he still leaves actual handwritten notes for Victor to find.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
I’ve Wanted This Before by undermyumbreon, Explicit, 3.3k
Yuuri is finding that it is becoming easier for him to be open about his desires with Victor. When he reveals that there’s a part of himself that he wants to explore, Victor offers a solution.

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Rec’d by @themosthappyambivalent :
Never Look Away by gabapple, mamodewberry, Mature, 152k (WIP)
Everything Viktor knows and loves is tangled up in the world of competitive skating- a world that, for him, is quickly coming to an end. Standing at the precipice of the inevitable, he must decide how his tale unfolds: should he retire into quiet obscurity? Allow himself to be eaten alive by the younger, more vicious competition? …Or risk it all on a struggling, but passionate, skater halfway across the world, who may prove to be the inspiration, life, and love that Viktor’s been missing all this time?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
against the dying of the light by the__magpie, Teen, 2.4k (WIP)
The facts were these: Yuuri Katsuki - twenty-four years, seventeen days, twenty-one hours, and three minutes old; pie maker by day and dead-waking private investigator also by day - has just brought Victor Nikiforov - Grand Prix Final winner; childhood best friend; first kiss - back to life, mostly on accident. Though they can never touch, or Victor will go back to being dead, they can team up to solve the mystery of Victor’s murder and, along the way, learn how to make this unexpected relationship work.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Inosculation by lazrbrain, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Viktor is motionless, life consisting of his shop and his dog. Yuuri is running, trapped by mistakes he cannot change. Both of them are desperate for more. They find it in each other.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
To the Moon by JMonCheri, Teen, 17k ***Major Character Death
Viktor Nikiforov’s last, literal dying wish is to get a gold medal. Yuri and Otabek figured it would be an easy goal to accomplish, until they figure out that Nikiforov was an Olympic figure skating champion with already a truck ton of other golden medals.

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Rec’d by anonymous, anonymous, and anonymous:
Pigeon Alley by DiAnna44, Teen, 31k
What’s meant to be will always find a way. Victor and Yuuri? They’re meant to be.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Tangle and Wind and Beguile by Mythmaker, Mature, 5.6k (WIP)
Lesson of the day: don’t let strange samovars into your apartment or doe-eyed Japanese boys might pop out and grant you wishes. …No wait.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
yuuri!!! on fire (the superhero au) by hinatella, Teen, 42k (WIP)
A detailed exposé of what working with an ex-villain is like, as told by a very distraught Yuuri Katsuki. (P.S.: it isn’t the fact that he’s an ex-villain that Yuuri is close to losing his mind.)

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Rec’d by @phoenixwaller :
Broken Vases by Aliferous_Sin, Explicit, 22k
Devastated after a performance, Viktor Nikiforov seeks isolation in a darkened closet to bear his loss alone again but discovers that something more than mops are witness to his pain. Will truth find victory in the dark or is pure honesty too much weight for love to thrive under?

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Rec’d by @faithsoprano :
Never Too Late by Soprano, Gen, 15k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov was not allowed to pursue skating as a child. In the end he still became a star, even if not quite the kind he had wanted to be. His dream, however, never truly died, and going into his 30s, he decided to enter the world of adult figure skating, with the help of his new coach, Katsuki Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
That’s What They Say (When We’re Together) by Lightningcatters (Phoeliac), Teen, 2.7k (WIP)
In the wake of her divorce from Yakov, Lilia ran off to Japan and became Yuuri’s coach alongside Minako. She returns to Russia with a challenge for Yakov, who’s become increasingly concerned about Victor’s lack of motivation.Victor and Yuuri ruin everybody’s plans by falling in love instead of becoming rivals.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Where the Cliff Greets the Sea by RobotSquid, Mature, 27k (WIP)
For years, Victor and his crew of pirates have been the bane of the coast, unmatched and elusive. With little left to satisfy him, he visits the small seaside town of Hasetsu, drawn by its simple charms. Yuuri lives a quiet life sewing and tailoring dresses with the unattainable dream of designing gowns of his own. Victor sees him working through the window of the dress shop, and decides to stay.

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Rec’d by @trenazlore :
Namaste by Katri Jardine (heyanapau), Teen, 10k
Phichit drags Yuuri to a yoga class, but when the instructor walks in Yuuri can’t imagine himself anywhere else.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
stalemate by silencedmockingjay, Teen, 3.4k (WIP)
When Viktor, famous Youtuber and gaming prodigy, gets beaten in a simple straightforward game of chess by someone who calls himself “Eros”, Viktor decides to find him to prove he’s better - and hopefully meet up with him in real life, because hey. Someone who can beat the person with the highest IQ in the world - so far - has to be hot, right?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
A Change of Paths by RoseusJaeger, Teen, 7.9k (WIP)
After losing in the first round of the Pokemon League and finding out his first pokemon from his childhood has died, Katsuki Yuuri announces his retirement from professional battling and retires to his family onsen/pokemon day care. What he doesn’t expect is for five-time Pokemon Contest ribbon winner, Victor Nikiforov, to show up and insist on becoming his coach in the world of contests in exchange for learning how to battle.

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Rec’d @slash-bae
I Need A Hero by malchikelf, MrMich, Teen, 17k
When Yuuri was a kid, all he ever wanted was to be a hero; but his Quirk wasn’t good enough for hero work, and even though he had friends and family encouraging him, he still gave up on his dream. Until one day, when the Iron Prince, the world’s number one pro hero, sees Yuuri save someone’s life and immediately drags him into the world of heroes - and unfortunately for Yuuri, Victor doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Savior of the Night by Captain_Winter, Teen, 22k (WIP)
A single Yuuri Katsuki gets an invitation to a childhood friend’s wedding. After pressure from his family to find someone, he may have accidentally told them that he has a long-term boyfriend that he’s going to bring to the wedding. Oops. Yuuri’s forced to do what he never thought he would do… hire someone from an escort service and hope for the best. Enter the most beautiful, suave person in the world, who Yuuri hires to pose as his boyfriend for the wedding. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but who would have thought that desperate measures would have brought him a savior?

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Rec’d by @nekoclair :
Open wounds, closed heart by nekoclair, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Sometimes it hurts. It’s not a physical pain, but the marks that they leave are real, too real, and it express itself in the most diverse forms. The heavy breathing, the sleepless nights, the bad habit of thinking too much about matters that should be trivial, and so many other symptoms chase after the young writer who, no longer enduring his own routine, decides to accept any help. Yuri Katsuki opens his arms and welcomes the opportunity to change, and to learn how to live with his worst and most insistent companion: his anxiety.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love In Times Of War And Peace by thegrimshapeofyoursmile, Teen, 5.7k (WIP)
It is the year 1904. In an attempt of de-escalating matters with Imperial Russia, translator Yuuri Katsuki accompanies his father to St. Petersburg in a diplomatic mission. However, he certainly did not expect to meet a man as stunning and peculiar as tsarevich Yuri Georgieviech’s bodyguard, Polkovnik Viktor Ivanovich Nikiforov - and even less he expected to fall in love when war is threatening the country.

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Rec’d by @nathanchcn :
Viktor Nikiforov Does NOT Have a Smurf Kink by FigureSgayts, Teen, 2.3k
Viktor loses a bet to Yuuri, leaving him at the mercy of his fiancé in a bathroom with hair dye.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Unknown Unknown by opalish, Teen, 7.4k
Yuuri never meant to become a supervillain. These things just happen to him.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
let’s go steal an ice rink by FullmetalChords, Mature, 35k (WIP)
Insurance investigator Victor Nikiforov has spent the last decade of his life working for ISU, a corporation that caters to the 1%. His work brings him into contact with several of the world’s most notorious thieves: hacker Phichit Chulanont, infiltration specialist Yuri Plisetsky, retrieval specialist Otabek Altin, and a master grifter and con man known as Katsuki Yuuri. Yuuri in particular catches his eye at a banquet in Geneva, kicking off a whirlwind romance between thief and investigator.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
cancel your reservations by renaissance, renaissance_moving, Teen, 5.4k
Yuuri is a college student conducting private fencing lessons for a handsome, rich, and mysterious student. Viktor is not learning to fence because he does medieval reenactments.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Your eyes could drown a city by Proserpineceres, Gen, 4.2k
“Ocean, beautiful, selfish Ocean, wrap me up in foam, I am your betrothed. You who returns to the earth only the boats and the men you want to give back, give me the gold of the sumptuous sinking vessels, give me their treasures, bring in my town handsome sailors that I shall gaze upon. But, oh, don’t be jealous, I’ll give them back to you, one after the other.”

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Rec’d by anonymous:
With All My Heart by Hevheia, Explicit, 40k (WIP)
Once upon a time there was a prince and if you stole his heart, you would live forever. But the prince would only have three days left.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Into the Deep by Ars_Matron, Mature, 74k (WIP)
For five years the mysterious pirate ship, the Eros, has tormented the eastern seas. The most heinous of their crimes, the abduction of omegas from their very homes. Some merely children.Viktor Nikiforov, captain of the Russian military’s fastest ship the Agape, has dedicated his life to finding the infamous pirate pack. Rescuing the omegas that he can, and avenging those beyond his reach.

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½ of me: i liked voltron season three because it exponentially expanded upon the show’s universe and the science and logic in it. it also gave an insight into the universe’s politics and dealt with some pretty heavy issues such as imperialism/indirect rule. also it showed a lot more interesting alien character design, and introduced several new interesting characters. the character themselves were also expanded upon in a realistic way (thought hunk, pidge, coran, and even shiro did get sidelined a bit) and the story telling was on point. i also appreciate how we got more backstory on voltron itself and its former paladins. it set up a lot of new possible storylines as well, and answered some questions fans have been asking.

the other ½ of me: i liked voltron season three because young king alfor was hot