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Real Talk: Star Wars Kissy Kissy Time

Alright, hear us out. There are totally serious and important matters to discuss: kissy kissy time predictions.

Traditionally in Star Wars trilogies we have observed the following pattern:

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The first movie of each trilogy has the family kiss on the cheek or forehead:

Episode I:

Episode IV:

Episode VII:

The second installment of the trilogy has the sexual tension kiss between the eventual canon couple:

Episode II:

Episode V:

Ergo, Episode VIII:

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In conclusion: 

  • REYLO.
  • Familial FinnRey is best FinnRey.
  • There will totally be a sexy kiss in episode 8, and since Rian “two halves of a whole” “I was interested in their fascinating dynamic in TFA” Johnson is a total Reylo the odds are definitely in our favor

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I mean, why mess with a proven formula? It’s science. It’s math.  it’s tradition. u_u

Updated: we removed a gif of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker that was used in the first version of this post at the creator’s request. We apologize for any offense. ✌️