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Character Shaming - Jaris Edition

I miss playing Jaris sometimes, but not so much Aion, and haven’t looked back since quitting almost seven years ago. Unfortunately since I was unable to login to my account during the server merge (thanks, NCSoft, for your reliably shitty installers) he has since been lost to the void, and deleted forever.

Though were I to play him now, there’s so much I’d do differently the second time around.

… For a start, he’d be even more of a shameless manwhore.

Aion © NCSoft
Artwork and Characters © Shamine Athena King
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It’s Actually You (Part 2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Words: 2129

Warnings: insults to the reader, if this can trigger something please don’t read it

Request: You know that bit in CACW, where Bucky and Sam are in the car, and Steve kisses Sharon? Could you write something where the reader is in the car too, and whilst Steve is chatting to Sharon outside, the reader is chatting to Bucky and Sam, and they’re both saying she should tell Steve how she feels. And the reader is getting nervous, but she’s really happy, and feels so excited to tell him. But then she sees him kiss Sharon, and her whole world crumbles? With loads of angst, and Sharon being a b*tch to the reader. One part where possibly a party, or event happens, and Sharon and the reader happen to cross paths in the bathroom, and Sharon totally ruins the reader? Points out all her flaws, including her weight, and her legs. Don’t know why I’m asking for this. But I’m hormonal, and I feel like hardcore heartbreak. Fluff at the end, or no fluff, don’t mind. If you like, maybe a series? Thanks darling;) - for anon

A/N: guys!! I’m SO happy that you liked the first part!! This one is longer and I like it more than the other. I’m kind of proud of this one so I hope you like it

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“I said I’m fine,” you said for the millionth time. You were tired of Bucky and Sam bugging you about Steve. It’s not that you were actually fine, it was that you had more pressing matters than this.

“We wanted to check,” Bucky explained. He was worried about you. He was confused as to why Steve had kissed that agent. Bucky had seen how Steve looked at you. Even after so long, Steve was still his best friend and he knew the Captain like the palm of his hand. “That’s all, doll.”

“You know how much we care for you, y/n,” Sam added, putting a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“And I thank you for your concern, but right now we need to prepare our mission not our feelings,” you said smiling at them. You really were thankful. You grabbed one arm of each of the ginormous men and led them to the room where Steve was breaking his brain trying to figure out a tangible and doable plan. It was harder than it seemed.

So much dangers. Your faces where all over the news. You were criminals, for god’s sake. He was planning an undercover mission for the team to gather information about this Zemo guy you found out was messing with Bucky’s head.

“Hey, Stevie,” you greeted with a smile. You brought the men to face him and help plan your mission.

“Hey, y/n. I need your help here, you’re much better at this spy stuff than me,” Steve said. He placed a hand on your back and guided you through all the papers stuck on the wall.

They were people, places and events, product of hours of work and investigation without stopping. Steve explained how he found out Zemo was meeting a source in a private party in Germany. He’d be vulnerable, unaware and unprepared for an intrusion. It was perfect. All you had to do was gather enough information about him.

The only problem was you had to find people who you looked alike to be unnoticed by the guards and guests. It was going to require expensive clothes, tons of make-up and new shoes. This wasn’t a simple mission you happened to be sent to. This was Bucky’s life you were fighting for and, even if you’d known him for only a few weeks, you’d do anything for the man.

After hours of work and too much coffee for it to be healthy, you were ready.

“The party’s being hosted by Herman Scheider, a German business man. Incredibly rich and powerful,” you began explaining. You had a file about the man in your hand. It was only the information you could gather from internet and a few hacked government websites, but it was better than nothing. “He’s suspected of running an illegal business as almost all the guests of this party.”

“Bucky, you’ll have to stay here,” Steve announced sighting sadly. “We’re sorry, but too many people have seen your face in the news. It’s not safe for you to be out there.” He was looking at his best friend with worried eyes.

Bucky nodded shortly. He understood why this was the right call.

“However, Bucky, you’ll be our eyes and ears,” you got near him, “we’ll be planting micro cameras, courtesy of Sharon, during our stay and you’ll monitor them from here.”

Bucky smiled briefly. He didn’t feel useless anymore, he could actually help someone after all these years destroying people. You knew this meant a lot to Bucky, so you have insisted Steve to let him help.

“Sam, you’ll be Falk Holbein. He’s Austrian, rich, owns a few yachts, and his business is incredibly illegal,” you stated. “Holbein has friends up high in the government so play it cool if they come talking to you about politics.”

“Copy that, y/n.” Sam replied, taking the file you were handing him and studying it more carefully.

“Together with Sharon we’re gonna be Albert and Daeva Kügler, a rich married German couple. They’re suspected of running a drug cartel associated with Holbein,” the Captain proceeded with the explanation of the plan.

You weren’t a hundred percent supportive of Sharon tagging along, but you had to agree nonetheless. The team needed all the help available and she was probably the only one in the agency to support you all. You knew Sam and Bucky would look at you with sympathetic gazes, so you ignored them and began searching for the Küglers’ file.

“Y/n’ll come with us, right?” you heard Sam ask.

“Yes, she will. She’ll be Jenell Schmit, another ridiculously rich woman that has some illegal business going around in Germany with a base in Berlin,” Steve replied. He handed you your file, which you began rereading.

Sharon had appeared an hour later. You were getting ready at that moment, so Steve explained how the mission should go by himself. Not that either of them minded. While they were chatting, you prepared yourself.

Red lips, black smokey eyes, striking eyeliner. Everything was going smoothly with the process. After you finished, you went to your ‘room’ to get changed. As you entered, a long delicate burgundy dress stared at you from its hang. It was so beautiful and so eager to be used. 

However, your admiring time was over when you heard hard knocks on the door and Steve’s voice saying: “Y/n, are you ready? We need to leave now.”

“Almost!” you answered. You got dressed rapidly and put on a pair of black heels in only 3 minutes. You stared at yourself at the small mirror hanging from the wall and when you decided you were happy with your appearance, you opened the door.

Everyone was waiting for you outside your 'room’. Bucky, Sam, and specially Steve were looking at you in awe. You looked incredibly beautiful and all three men were well aware. Sharon, on the other hand, looked… jealous? No, that couldn’t be. But it was. She was beautiful too, but there was no match for you in the men’s eyes, which she knew. You had to say, both soldiers were looking good in their black tuxedos.

“Lookin’ good, doll,” Bucky said smirking flirtishly.

“Why, thank you, Barns,” you answered in a fake posh voice.

“May I accompany you to the door, m'lady,” Sam asked offering his arm.

“That is incredibly kind of you, sir,” you answered. When you couldn’t contain the laughter anymore, the four of you exploded in laughter. Sharon, of course, was too busy envying your friendship with the soldiers.

“S-seriously, though, you look great, y/n,” Steve complimented.

“Thanks, Steve. You’re not bad yourself.”

“And what about me? I’m stunning?” Sam joked.

Between laughs, you answered. “You’re absolutely stunning, Sam.“

This mission was going better than you expected and it hadn’t even started yet. Surely, things could get complicated later, but you’d burn that bridge when you got there. When you got to Scheider’s mansion, all four of you were ready. You pretended you didn’t know you knew each other and passed through the front doors with nervously.

"I’ve got eyes on Scheider,” you heard Sam’s voice in the communicator in your ear after walking around for ten minutes trying to find any familiar face. “I’ll plant a camera near him, someone cover me.”

“I’ll go,” you answered.

You went to the living room and walked towards the man. He looked expensive. You needn’t get too close, as the man approached you himself with an easy smile.

“Hey, there, pretty,” Scheider said with a heavy German accent.

“Hi, you’re Mr. Scheider, right?” you faked confusion.

“In the flesh,” he answered grinning. “And call me Herman, please.” Scheider winked at you.

“Oh, my friend’s been talking my ear off about you,” you joked. Scheider laughed, but didn’t interrupt you, so you kept talking. “I don’t think she was wrong about you at all,” you added seductively.

“Good things, I hope,” he answered with the same flirtish tone as yours.

“All good things, Herman.”

“Nice, y/n,” you heard Bucky’s voice in your ear. You could even hear his smirk.

Right after this, Sam announced he had finished placing the micro camera.

“Would you mind getting me a drink?” you asked at the man in front of you.

“Wouldn’t mind at all. When I get back, I’ll want to hear your name, beautiful,” he answered and faded into crowd.

You took this chance to go and look for Zemo. It was hard between all this people. Some came to talk to you about business opportunities, which you accepted kindly.

“I have visual on Zemo,” you said suddenly recognizing his face.

“Hold on, y/n,” Steve said through your communicators. “Where is he?”

“In the living room, surrounded by… escorts,” you answered with a disgusted grimace. “Sam will fit better there. He’s alone so he can bend easily and start a conversation with the bastard.”

“Good idea, y/n,” Steve answered. “Sam, you heard that?”

“Sounds like a plan, guys,” Sam answered. “Y/n, place a micro camera near him when I get there. I want all of this recorded.”

“Copy that.”

You saw Sam come into the room. He blended quite easily and began chatting with Zemo. You looked for a place to put the micro camera and hid it when you found the right one. As you turned around, you heard a familiar voice talking.

“I thought I’d lost you,” Scheider appeared from the blurry crowd with an expensive smile and two martinis.

“My fault. Some people offered me a business deal I couldn’t decline,” you lied accepting the drink he was giving you. “When I came back you weren’t there.”

“I understand that. When business calls, there’s no way of saying no,” Scheider answered, his German accent emphasized in every ‘r’.

You continued talking about business sitting on the bar. The amount of information he was giving you was enormous and you couldn’t feel more motivated. The mission was going smoothly. Besides, the man had his charisma so the conversation wasn’t dull.

“I need to go to the bathroom, Harem,” you said standing up.

The man placed a hand on your waist softly and lowered his head to whisper in your ear. “We’ll finish this, beautiful.”

You stepped back and smirked flirtishly at him.


You turned around and headed to the bathroom. It was elegant and isolated from the loud music and the crowd full of possible criminals. You looked at yourself in the mirror and touched up your make-up. You heard a toilet flush and when you turned around, you saw none other than Sharon.

“Hi,” you said nicely. You decided to give her a chance. If she was going to stick with you often, you should at least fake being nice.

She glared back. You shrugged it off and continued with what you were doing.

“You know what, y/n?” Sharon faced you with a raged expression. “You aren’t nearly as perfect as you think you are. You think everyone likes you? Guess what? You’re wrong.”

Your eyes widened in response of the abrupt insults flowing off her tongue. What was going on? “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You think you’re so pretty in that dress, but it’s not even close. Look at you. Your legs, your waist, that’s no way of wearing such a dress, y/n. And your make-up? Did you smudge it all on purpose? You’re pathetic, really,” Sharon kept on going about your flaws but you weren’t paying attention anymore.

Your breathing started getting more and more difficult and tears were forming up on the edge of your eyes, but your anger was stronger. “Why would you be so mean to me? I get it, I’m your competition or something you invented, right? If this is because of Steve, then you should know he likes you, not me,” you said angrily. He shouldn’t, but he did, you thought.

“You’re so pathetic. I knew there was a reason for Steve not to like you back,” she said stepping menacingly towards you. “You aren’t strong enough to be a part of this team. You aren’t good enough. You’re worthless, y/n.”

That was the last drop. A single tear ran down your cheek and taking it as your queue, you left. You went straight to a small deck in the back of the house. It was deserted, so no one would bother you.

Were you really all those things?

Why did Sharon begin insulting you out of the blue?

Were you really worthless?

All these questions and many more popped in your head. Your mind was running a million miles an hour. Your questions and doubts were interrupted by someone. Steve. He had seen you go there in a hurry and now, he looked at you with a concerned expression.

“Y/n? What happened?”

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why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco

i haven’t written one of these posts in forever but let’s gooooo!! here are some reasons why you should read the bone witch by rin chupeco (which releases today, march 7!)

  • look,,, this is easily one of my favorite reads of the year okay we’re only 3 months in but i’m calling it
  • so in this world, people literally wear their hearts on display!! they’re called heartsglass and they turn different colors depending on what mood you’re in
  • if they’re silver, it means that you can draw runes, which is code for “do magic/summon elements” tbh
  • the runes are fire, water, earth, forest, metal, wind, and dark
  • the women who can draw these runes train to become asha
  • asha are kind of like geishas, because they are trained to entertain people with dancing, singing, playing music, etc.
  • but also!! they can fight, and they can be bodyguards
  • sooo basically, asha are both highly “feminine” but also kickass
  • anyway the protagonist, tea, discovers she’s a dark asha (or bone witch, but that’s considered derogatory) when she raises her brother, fox, from the dead!!
  • luckily there’s another dark asha in the area, lady mykaela, who takes tea (and by extension, fox) under her wing
  • (also dark asha raise these things called daeva, which are basically demons, and they kill them so that they can take the bezoars from them)
  • she takes them to the willows so that tea can train to be an asha
  • on the way there, they meet the crown prince of one of the countries, prince kance, who tea develops a crush on
  • later, she meets his cousin, kalen, who is a deathseeker
  • deathseekers are the males whose heartsglass are silver; they’re forced to serve in the army and aren’t allowed to train to be asha (more on this later)
  • lowkey,,,,,there’s an implied love triangle,,,,but,,,i love both guys so
  • anyway we get to see a lot of tea’s training which is so cool and well thought out!!
  • also tea befriends a boy named likh, who has a silver heartsglass but doesn’t want to be a deathseeker
  • however, he can’t become an asha bc men can’t be feminine blah blah blah
  • they work together so that he can get the chance to train
  • sooo the whole book is a flashback, and between every chapter (the italicized parts) is the present, but told from the pov of someone who meets tea now, after she’s done something to get her exiled (like 2-3 years later)
  • it’s really interesting to see tea’s beginning and her future
  • but it’s agonizing not knowing what happens in between!!!
  • anyway time for quotes!!:
  • “if women are encouraged to fight and draw runes and strive to be a man’s equal in those regard, then why can’t a man be encouraged to sing and dance and entertain as we do?”
  • “perhaps we should carve a world one day where the strength lies in who you are rather than in what they expect you to be.”
  • or when fox discovered tea’s crush on prince kance: “how did the first date go? has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, or should we have stayed longer?”

that got way too long i’m sorry i’m just so passionate about this book okay read it!! exquisite worldbuilding!! moreover, diversity in fantasy (bc yeah, even in other worlds, not everyone is white!!) amazing characters!! antiheroine main character!! great sibling relationships!! questioning of the boundaries of femininity and masculinity!! magic-wielding, geisha-like asha!! also, 5 confirmed lgbtq+ characters within this book and the sequel!! read the bone witch by rin chupeco!!

Don't like unclean vocals but want to get into metal?

No problem. Here’s a small and incomplete list off the top of my head of bands you might like. A lot of these bands fall within Power Metal, Doom Metal, or Gothic Metal umbrellas.

Type O Negative (the album Bloody Kisses is 👌🏻)
Paradise Lost
Blind Guardian
Nine Inch Nails (highly recommend the album Pretty Hate Machine)
Primordial (VERY similar to Behemoth in aesthetic & over all sound, but vocals are less harsh)
Ereb Altor
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Aesma Daeva
A Pale Horse Named Death

Edit; please feel free to add more, vouch for, or contest any of the bands on this list.

So Tenka Hana’s having a repeat wedding event for the second batch and they have this gacha where you can get stories of the NPC. I was lucky to get story of Ibano Hiromasa.

He is Shigezane’s guardian/castellan/butler who raised him since his parents died when he was young, and WE GOT TERUMUNE (Masamune’s late dad) AND KAGECHIKA (Kojuro’s perv uncle) IN HIS STORY! OMG OMG OMG

I swear these three are the handsomest oyaji club in the game.

Lol, I love how their personalities differ from their young uns. Hiromasa is the responsible uptight one, Terumune is the kind and approachable one and Kagechika is the laidback, fun-loving type.

So the story opens with Hiromasa reminiscing about the time he caught Terumune sneaking out with Kagechika. Terumune sheepishly trying to diffuse the situation, Kagechika was unrepentant.

Then another scene in the verandah.

Kagechika: Come on, drink!

Hiromasa: Maybe just one cup…

Terumune: Oh, you two are drinking here!

Hiromasa: Oh, Terumune-sama, forgive me! This is inexcusable…

Kagechika: How about joining us, Terumune-sama?

Terumune: Yes, I think I’ll drink with you for a bit…

Hiromasa: If Terumune-sama says so…

Kagechika: By the way, Shigeane has grown so big - I haven’t seen him for a while.

Hiromasa: Yes, not only his body but his mind too. Young Master is learning a lot together with Masamune-sama.

Terumune: Yes, both Shigezane and Masamune are growing fast.

Hiromasa: By the way, I’ve heard of your nephew’s brilliance. What’s his name? Kojuro?

Kagechika: Yep. Kita has him under her tutelage.

Hiromasa: If it’s Kita-dono, you can have a peace of mind, he’ll be alright. I was worried about you being a bad influence on him.

Kagechika: Kojuro looks up to me.

Hiromasa: Liar!

Terumune: If Kagechika says so it might be a good time to have him meet Masamune soon. If they could be the next generation of us, it would be great.

Hiromasa: That’s right.

Back to the present, Shigezane was calling Hiromasa outside of his room. \

Shigezane: Jiya, I’m coming in.

Hiromasa (oh, was I daydreaming?)

Shigezane: Are you alright? You look a little pale.

Hiromasa: I’m sorry I was distracted. 

Shigezane: Don’t push yourself too much. 

Hiromasa: Yes, Thank you.

Then Hiromasa watches Shigezane, smiling. Thinking about how the three young charges have grown into capable gentlemen. Days spent with Terumune-sama are surely irreplaceable, but his duty now is to be by Shigezane’s side. Oshu once more has three good men guarding it. 


ahem, if I had a minor quip, it is Kojuro’s name, he should be referred to as Kagetsuna here… or even other name, his childhood name. Ahhhh but THANK YOU VOLTAGE!

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 22) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Roadtrip, Part II”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, maybe no cursing for once, maybe a littttttle, who actually knows.

Summary: Y/n and Stiles are driving across the country to get back to Beacon Hills to help with whatever has been killing it’s population. They stop in Illinois to go to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago to see if it could lead anymore clues about what might be terrorizing Beacon Hills.

Chapter Twenty-One - Chapter Twenty-Two - Chapter Twenty-Three

Originally posted by disneyandthefamilybusiness

“What’s this?” Stiles pointed to a small clay tablet covered in Cuneiform writing. “It says ’Šurpu, Middle Babylonian Period’. What’s a Šurpu?”

“I don’t know but take a picture of it, we might need it later.” You roamed around the room full of ancient Mesopotamian artifacts. You kept being drawn towards a large statue of a human and animal hybrid.

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How long has it been since I’ve done a speedy job on requests haha ha ha ha . .
aNYWAY, above is my tumblr header, which I’ve been using since last year! The wallpaper size is a bit big [640x1136] so the lords look tiny as heck and makes ur head a bit dizzy lbr but this is the real resolution if you zoom in 100%. If you want to make them look a bit bigger, just adjust or crop from your own phone. If you want to make them a tumblr header just use 16:9 ratio, which works the best in my opinion. I also make some yasu, hanzo, kakki and saizo because my friends like them. Hope you enjoy the lords and polkadots wallpaper, nonnie!

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Tfw u try to make ur own flower crown so u can impress ur trendy son but u give up two seconds in so u just throw a bunch of wild flowers on ur head and u end up getting Mad @ yourself

Inspired from:

Backgrounds from Pic Collage

Okay I didn’t think I would like Fuma this much but I DOOOOO!!! He’s so funny, hahahaha, you’re right @daeva-agas! And he took that Lover’s Guide to the heart!!!

And there’s a precious moment when Fuma was hugging his knees on the roof, pondering about his feelings when Kiyohiro passed by and just gave him a side eye, then when it was sunset and Fuma was still there, Kiyohiro passed by again and basically said, “Jeez, get a grip.”

Yep, definitely not expected that but I like Fuma’s epi better than Hotaru’s. I’d recommend it!

“Cradled in the heart of Gridania lies a haven known to adventurers and wandering warriors alike. The Dragon’s Crown tavern has become a place of respite for thrill-seekers yearning for the warmth of a hearth and good spirits–applicable to both its staff and liquor selection. Diverse in its meal selection, from baked tilapia to marinated aldgoat, the cook of the Dragon’s Crown prepares dishes with the effort and adoration of an Ishgardian chef. Patrons can expect to be served by staff as charming as they are competent, making good work on their promise of a good experience at the tavern. Now utilized as a base of operations by the Black Crown mercenaries, security comes in no small measure.”

The Goblet: Ward 6, South Subdivision: Plot 55
4:30PM PT | 7:30PM ET | SUNDAY

In thanks to the repeated success and the charitable donations from satisfied customers, the Dragon’s Crown tavern has officially upgraded its venue to a medium house! But make no mistake, the Dragon’s Crown has not lost sight of the importance in the staff familiarizing themselves with those who come to its server RP openings.

♢ Run by: @aelorellevallancourt @alrik-dotharl @thesilentlotus

♢ Once you’re inside, you may stay until the closing hour! (7:30PM PT || 10:30PM ET)

♢ If your character is a belligerent drunk, please be sure you and the writer of the character you intend to engage are on the same page. OOC arguments will see you quickly banned from the residence.

♢ We lock the door once we’ve accumulated a certain amount of customers as a courtesy to keep text from becoming unreadable. Once space has been freed up, you will be quickly notified. Whisper one of the following: Aelorelle Vallancourt, C’iana Ichati, Daeva Jayanti, Kanko Cinderkin, or Midori Imaeda.

Shadows and Demon Politics

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Drinking

Request: Reader and Dean are drunk while on a hunt

Notes: I enjoyed writing this so much. I’ve been trying to use more detail in my imagines so please bear with me. 

(Credit to GIF owner)

Sam had absent absentmindedly left you and Dean alone in the hotel room to do ‘research’ on whatever it was that you were hunting. Two minutes in to flicking through pages of the Lore, Dean looked up at you with bored eyes.

“There’s a bar down the street,” he mumbled.

You snapped your computer closed and stood on your feet, tucking your phone inside your pocket.

“Let’s go,” you murmured. You couldn’t take another minute of trying to find something that didn’t want to be found. Sam had taken the Impala which meant you and Dean were taking a joyous walk to go drown your worries in sweet alcohol.

“It’s a shadow, Y/N. How are we suppose to hunt a shadow?” Dean groaned, referring to the creature that you were currently trying to catch. You nodded your head, thinking about every ‘crime’ scene you’ve been to. Each one showed little to no evidence of anything supernatural. The one thing you managed to wrap your hands around was a surveillance camera that showed nothing but an eerie looking shadow that moved along the parking lot. The local police officer described it as a jet, or a tree, but nothing under your realm of destruction.

Dean held the bar door open for you. As soon as you stepped in, the bittersweet smell of alcohol filled your nostrils. You strode right up to the bartender, taking a seat on one of the chairs.

“Whiskey,” you said. Dean followed up behind, plopping down next to you.

“What she said,” he mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

You turned to face Dean as the bartender plopped down to glasses filled with the heart warming liquid. You picked up your glass, cradling it carefully in your fingers.

“Here’s to a night of drinking,” you proposed. Dean clinked his glass against yours.

“Huzzah,” he muttered and began to down the whiskey.


“Dean Winchester…” you cooed as you set down your sixth glass, the world began to swirl before your eyes, “You don’t play around do you?”

Dean slammed his glass down, his body remained stonelike as the bitter liquid slithered down his throat, “Go big or go home, sweetheart,” he smiled. You nodded your head, a smile crawling across your face.

“Hey! Can we get another round!” Dean shouted to the suddenly busy bartender. You and Dean rolled your eyes, knowing very well that you devoted time to this sport compared to the newcomers that were just entering the bar.

“So.. the shadow,” Dean announces as the bartender sets down your seventh round of whiskey.

“Or the jet,” you input, taking the glass in your hands.

Dean takes a swig of the whiskey, which was filled up a little more than usual. You smiled, the bartender knew you two weren’t fooling around.

“It’s not a jet. Jet’s are big and make noise. That… that thing wasn’t a jet,” Dean cursed. He downed the rest of his whiskey, “It had to be a human, I mean it wasn’t that small but still.”

You nodded your head, “Fun size. Like a candy bar,” you muttered.

“Yeah, fun size….” his voice trails off, “I really want a candy bar now…”.

“Focus Dean, we need to figure out what this thing is,” you bickered as you downed the glass of whiskey still in your hand. You cringed at the distasteful liquid.

“Y/N we have nothing except three witnesses that all said the same thing. It was relatively large and hazardous,” the words spill out of Dean’s mouth in a heap. His sentences were becoming harder and harder to decipher.

“Ok..” you mumbled, trying think despite the fact that you were utterly wasted, “What’s relatively large and likes to terrorize people?” you asked, rubbing your temples with you fingers.

“Lucifer,” Dean slurs. The bartender who is currently serving the people next to shoots a look over towards Dean. Dean pays no mind.

“Dean, I don’t think we’re hunting Lucifer,” you protested. The bartender walks over to fill the glasses but instead, Dean holds his hand out. The bartender nods his head and proceeded to put the whiskey back on the shelf.

“How do you know that? Lucifer loves to terrorize people!” Dean announces.

You rolled your head back, “This isn’t ‘Spot Satan’ ok, Dean? We’re not hunting Lucifer. Plus, don’t you think Lucifer would amount to something bigger like ending the entire world?” The bartender continued to stare over towards you and Dean. The couple that was sitting next to you stood up from their seats and walked over to the pool tables.

“I don’t know. Maybe he’s playing hooky from ending the world,” Dean nagged. You tapped your fingers on the marble bar, taking a peak around you. By now, everyone in the bar stood a steady three feet away from you and Dean.

You looked back towards your drunk mess of a partner, “I don’t think this is the best place to discuss demon politics, Dean,” you whispered.

“Demon politics!” Dean announced, everyone turned to look at him, “Do you think that’s a real thing?” he said in a much quieter voice. You laughed and traced your finger around the brim of your glass.

“I certainly hope not.”

The roar of the Impala grew closer to the bar until it’s headlights were shining through the glass windows. You and Dean turned to see the lanky Sam Winchester step out of Impala, still dressed in his ‘Fed’ suit.

Dean shot a look at you, “Do you think he went to the hotel first?” he asked. You snort.

“I highly doubt it,” you retaliate.

Sam opens the door to the bar and strides over to you and Dean, his lips pressed into a thin line. He looked down foolishly on you and Dean.

“Have you two done anything useful at all since I left?” Sam huffed.

“We got wasted…” Dean slurred as he tapped on his empty glass, “Is that useful?” he teased.

Sam took a seat next you to leaning his arms on the bar.

“I talked to two more witnesses. They said that the thing they saw was a moving shadow. However, the shadow didn’t go near any light and looked as if it was being controlled by something,” Sam explained despite the fact that he knew you and Dean were on a whole other planet.

Dean pretended to listen intently, “How did they know it was being controlled?” he asked as he tapped on the brim of his glass. The bartender rushed over with more whiskey but Sam instantly stopped him. Dean pouted.

“I don’t know.. choppy movements, unfinished jobs, confusion. Plus, it hates light,” Sam mumbles.

“A Daevas,” you blurt out.

Sam furrows his eyebrows, “What?” he asks.

“We’re hunting a daeves. Think about it, it’s a type of demon that only appears in shadow form. Usually, their used to serve higher demons who are to lazy to do the job and they hate bright light,” you mumble, recalling the page in the Lore you had read on demons.

Sam and Dean both looked at you in awe, “I think you’re right, Y/N,” Sam uttered.

Dean nodded his head, “That’s my girl.”


As you are well aware (probably by now). I am SO MAD at SLPB’s current battle event rules, especially this one:

Okay, basically this rules only enables you to rank in ONE CLAN ONLY.
You can still collect the loyalty prize chibi, but you can only collect ONE SET OF RANKING CHIBI, and YOU MUST BE ON THAT CLAN AT THE END OF THE EVENT.

Okay, I have to rewind back a bit. This special 6-clan battle happened every 3 months in Tenka. The usual 2 clan battle is called Koi Ran battle whereas this one called Ai Ran.

Technically SLBP has already experienced two Ai Ran battles (the paired battle chibi and the wedding proposal chibi) but in both occasion SLBP decided just to have two clans, but with character ranking chibi. I LOVE this format because I think it’s fair and it gives a chance for players to get ranking chibis for their favourite lords (LORDS, PLURAL).

Now this format of 6 battle teams does follow Tenka’s format. I HATE this format. Because say you only want Kojuro’s ranking chibi, hooray, you only have to rank top 300 right? Whereas Masa’s fans have a tougher job to rank top100. Right?

WRONG, you know what’s gonna happen? Those top 300 could probably be all the fans who are gunning for Masa’s ranking chibi, and they got Kojuro’s chibi as bonus or as consolation prize for not getting T100 (but painfully close enough). THIS IS SO UNFAIR!

Not mentioning those who want to rank on multiple clans, because we have prepared the resources to do so, I mean WTF with the decision to take out our rank if we earn it with our items?

Also, what if we want the castle background prize but we want ranking chibis from the losing three clans? That’s saying that fans of three losing teams won’t have ranking chibis and the night castle, what a bull, so unfair!


Sure, but they forgot ONE IMPORTANT THING. Before Tsuki’s release, after every Ai Ran battles, Tenka gave out not only avatar costumes and make up and hair, but also special tickets – Red and Green.

Red tickets you could exchange for ANY RANKING CHIBIS. Green tickets you could exchange with RANDOM ranking chibis.  What did this mean? That meant if you were zealous enough to collect all of the loyalty prizes of multiple characters, you could accumulate points to rank globally (not in any specific clans) and then you would get tickets then exchange them for the RANKING CHIBIS, because you earned it! 

If I remember correctly, rank 1-100 Globally gets 10 red tickets and 10 green tickets so they can have 20 paired chibis, 10 by chose and 10 random, out of the 24 pairs up for grabs, neat huh (edited, this is for the Christmast Ai Ran Battle, not this one)

Below is the screenshot of the prize package of the global 101-400 ranks for the same battle in Tenka:

(Thanks for the screenshot @daeva-agas, mwah), you see, even when you can’t rank in a specific clan, if you rank globally you can have a few Ranking Chibis! A FEW! AGH!

That’s what they gave you if you spend bajilion pearls to cook for battle items. With this format, both players who allocate all their resources to one clan and those who collects loyalty prizes from multiple clans got rewarded!

That won’t happen in current Ai Ran battle in SLBP – no matter how hardcore you play you won’t be able to get more than two pairs of ranking chibi, and in doing so you might get one pair that you don’t necessarily want but you got anyway, while many many fans of that characters were disappointed because they couldn’t rank at all, even though their favourite lord is the second tier prize.

Voltage, you need to sort this out because as it is I won’t bother spending or buying more pearls if the system forbid me from collecting the ranking chibis anyway, I might use this money to play other otome game. eyeing Ikesen