that is nonsense

the most silly, random things always seems to be regarded as stronger “evidence” to a theory in my mind than anything actually trying to convince me via rational arguments. Like, I can read a very well-reasoned and understandable theory and get it but not believe it and have all these rationed arguments against it, but the thing that casts doubt on my convictions even a tiny bit is always something small and silly, like a one-liner joke or something

Like, the newest Crewniverse zine, which is mostly just silly and fun drawings. And there’s this one page with a drawing of Pearl and Boba Fett and my immediate first thought was “bounty hunters!” and then I was like “but Pearl isn’t a bounty hunter” and then I was like “wait a minute… maybe Pearl is a bounty hunter of sorts and she did shatter Pink Diamond :0!”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still not behind the theory and it’s hardly compelling evidence, but like that silly drawing does more to make me contemplate the theory than any 20 page theory on it I’ve read on it. Like it’s gonna haunt me every time I think about it just like “yeah it doesn’t make enough sense to me to believe” and the doubt’s just gonna be “sure, but what about Boba Fett?” and I’ll be like “dang, got me there”

Dad was asking for gift ideas ‘cause my bday is coming up and I said I kinda like those subscription box things, where you get a themed package every month or whatever.

And having no context for what they’re normally like, my dad asked if there are ‘self protection’ themed boxes

and I’m just dying because honestly if there’s a ‘pepper spray of the month club’ out there he’s almost certainly going to sign me up and I will be 0% surprised.

What the Health - Conclusion

Well, I watched the film and *drum roll please*

I am NOT going to go vegan!

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As a few people have pointed out, there is some SERIOUSLY flawed logic in that documentary - it also seems to have several ongoing issues throughout that never seem to “gel” together and as for the people in the film who got better after 2 weeks of eating a plant based diet? What did they eat before? What do they eat now? How often? etc… Anyone can improve after a few weeks of eating better - that proves nothing!

It did bring some interesting points into perspective though. I have been on the fence a bit recently about eating meat and what have, so I reckon I will at least try to cut down on it a bit and just have some veggies and salad instead, but I am not giving up my butter! Or my steak just yet….

I think in conclusion - I am taking away 3 things from this film -

1. Eating lots of meat is probably bad for you - but so is ANYTHING that you consume a lot of, so moderation is ok.

2. Knowing that fat does not make you fat is a good thing and so a lot of the so called “science” in this film is not 100% reliable, so I will continue to draw my own opinions and carry on without too much fear of what meat is doing to me.

3. I get trying to push the vegan agenda - I really do - but at the end of the day, animals eat other animals and that is just in nature. So don’t make people feel bad because they have a different lifestyle than you do.

What the Health? More like a comedy if you know a bit about how the human body works…. and it was also quite scary that those doctors did not…..

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Dazatsu Week 2017, Day 2
“A good book is always good, no matter how many times you’ve already read it.”

Where Dazai dies young and Atsushi keeps living and treasures Dazai’s favorite book for years on end.

If they say

Who cares if one more light goes out
In the sky of a million stars

Who cares when someone’s time runs out
If a moment is all we are

Well I do 

  • Me: I'd like the tower of poo, please.
  • Staff: This is a bookshop, sir.
  • Me: That's right. Do you have the tower of poo?
  • Staff: [shows me a copy of 'The Tao of Pooh'] Do you mean this?
  • Me: Ah. Mmmmm. Ah-ha.
  • Me: [clears throat]
  • Me: Well, good day. [leaves shop]