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Monday mornings were always a drag, but the fact your bosses office sat only feet away from the erosion of yours and Taehyung’s relationship made the usual painfully slow morning drag agonisingly slower.

Sat in Mr Jeon’s office your mind reflected on the events of the weekend. Jimin had driven you to your friend and old flat mate Belle’s small two bedroomed apartment, where you’d stayed in your old room and ate your feelings for two days. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell Jimin about Yumi and Taehyung, you were a total wreck and couldn’t even forge a coherent sentence whilst you were in his car.

Scrolling through your phone you saw almost 400 missed calls from Tae, and 3 calls from your parents. You hadn’t told anybody other than Belle about what happened on Friday night, you didn’t know how. Everything you knew and loved and wanted, was a lie.

As the birds aimlessly flew by the big glass windows of the office you inhaled deeply and composed yourself into a calm mindset, ready to finalise exactly what you came into the office to do.


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Fluffy as cotton candy Aus (Part 2!)

because Mod Karissa is in a fluffy mood for once (just ask my friends usually it’s ANGST SET TO ELEVEN)

  • “Hey my landlord just decided that I can’t have animals at the place anymore can you watch them pleaseeee i’m begging you”

  • bonus points if it’s a really strange animal

  • bonus bonus points if the person agrees but then has to google how to take care of said strange animal

  • *person A with long hair* “aw shit my hairtie just broke” *person b with short hair* “here you go” Person A: ????? Person b: “What? I’m prepared for anything at this point”

  • “ok I need access to your makeup please don’t ask I just need it and you’re the person I know with the best/most/easiest access to a lot”

  • “Why are you crying?” “my laptop broke” “oh you big baby give it here i literally do this for a living”

  • having a chill sleepover but then when they both wake up person A starts making breakfast while humming/singing and person B gets a sudden realization of “oh shit. I’m in love with them”

  • *watching a movie and sees an ugly character* “that’s you” “bitch where??? all I see is you”

  • friendly teasing is just my jam, okay? it’s what makes me w e a k

  • “are you guys dating?” “what no-” “yea.” “ummm, since when??” “since we made out at the movies on a DATE dumbass” “……..oh”

  • “Are you single?” “I mean I guess technically-” *person B slides over* “Nope. not single. Hi.” person A: ??? “okay you literally said you hated me yesterday what the fu c k I cried for an hour” not really fluffy but still fun

  • “look my rent is due and I need some cash I promise I’ll pay you back when I get paid next week just help me out please?”

  • “My lease is up next month and my roommate is leaving and I need a place to stay. Can I crash on your couch for a week or two until I find a place? I’ll help pay rent”

And that’s it for part two! Have fun! :D
~Mod Karissa

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Loco (feat. Jay Park) - Thinking About You

Bobby - Lookin’ For Love

Dok2 (feat. Beenzino) - Boogie On & On (G-Mix)

Jay Park - Appetizer 

Jay Kidman - Reboot

Bangtan Boys - BTS Cypher pt. 2 Triptych

Zico - Attention

Zico, Ugly Duck & Crush - So Young

Dok2 (feat. Crush & Loco) - No More (G-Mix)

G-Dragon (feat. Tablo & Dok2) - Light It Up

Jay Park (feat. Dok2) - Level 1000

Zico (feat. Don Mills) - Tough Cookie

11 Questions

Thanks @lovebooks23 for tagging me :*

Relationship status: #4EVERALONE

Favourite colour: purple

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song you listened to: Oh NaNa by K.A.R.D (recently my jam ~~~)

Last movie you watched: Yesterday I glimpsed at Moana for a few seconds …but I doubt that this counts xD I seriously don´t remember,so I just write the last series I´ve watched…which is Man to man a Kdrama *cough Park Hae Jin cough <3*

Top 3 characters:Guess who´s #1  😏 My one & only Mr.Perfect Zero Kiryū (Vampire Knight) 😍❤️️❤️️❤️️ …my 2nd fav would be Yona because her character development is no joke #girlspower and Park Hyung-Sik´s character in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon would be my last one…he is such a boyfriend material #///#

Top 3 ships: Zero X Yuki / Zeki (Vampire Knight) is my life !!! Set aside all of the Kdrama ships I harbour I love Hak x Yona (Akatsuki no Yona) and Zelda x Link (The Legend of Zelda)<3

Books you’re currently reading: Truth to be said I don´t read books xD I prefer listening to audiobooks…I just started to listen to Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout ^^ .But I love reading Mangas…the last one I read was Akatsuki no Yona Volume 5 which was recenlty released in German.

Top 5 musicals:…..I don´t remember if I have ever watched a musical….I have seen the Blue Man Group in Berlin tho ~~~

I tag @zerolover66 ,@violet869 & @do-everything-with-meraki :)