that is my graphic for the day

This is probably the prettiest thing I have ever made in my life

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here’s my post-season NCAA thought of the day: the sec network really changed the broadcasting game with their uneven bars handstand protractor and split leap measure and vault height graphics, and its so simple and seems so obvious as far as ways to help new fans discern the Good Gymnastics from the bad ??? like why didnt nbc think of this years ago???? instead of that stupid fucking stoplight system?????? anyway, long story short SEC coverage > NBC coverage and also NBC please fire trautwig and hire kathy johnson clarke ok thank u *steps down from soapbox*

23.4.2017. // 10:17am

I’m in that weird “I want to leave Tumblr” mood again. 😅 It’s my only social media account so probably no, no leaving. Not to mention all the time I’ve spent on the blog…

I should try to post more personal posts, really. Or at least make more graphics and stuff. Then again, I’m busy with life so it’s not exactly a priority. Oh well…

The plan for today;
🌹 clean up my messy room
🌹 iron ALL of the laundry that is left
🌹 get my stuff for tomorrow ready
🌹 long ass shower
🌹 study for an hour
🌹 and work on my language skills for at least half an hour
🌹 yoga
🌹 read a bit + music and tea to end the day

“In 1986, Prince and the Revolution completed the still unreleased album, The Dream Factory. At our home on Galpin Avenue, the Installation of the recording studio had been completed. So, now Prince could record at anytime, day or night. No lost opportunities to get his ideas down on tape. We had a game room off the studio that at that time I was painting and drawing a mural on. As referenced in the lengthy, epic Crystal Ball, "my baby draws pictures of sex, all over in graphic detail, sex”. Prince wanted me to come up with some ideas for The Dream Factory album art work . So I never finished my mural but I did get three ideas done for the artwork. He’d only asked that the title be written somewhere on the piece. It was originally The Flesh/ Dream Factory. He chose my third attempt. It was the fantasy and thrill he agreed and chose. This version, has me opening the door to his dream world.. or as it will be forever known “The Dream Factory.” - Susannah Melvoin, 2017

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Zodiac: sagittarius
Height: 5'7

Last thing I googled: program for еngineering graphics (errr should finish some stuff)

Favorite music artist: I love lots of, but now mostly listening to Twenty one pilots, glass animals, MondoPony and TheLivingTombstone

Song stuck in my head: “Meant to be yours” from Heathers musical

Last movie I watched: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” we’ve watched during psychology lessons

What I am wearing: my favorite x2 bigger than me different colors checkered shirt I found one day in second hand and grey pajama pants

Why did I choose my URL: because I like bow-ties and wanna buy myself one :)

Do I have any other blogs?: yes, I have side blog for reblogs, anatomy stuff etc. By the way, for some reason, tags aren’t working on it. Pretty uncomfortable.

What did my last relationship teach me: wasn’t have any, sorry :>

Religious or spiritual: spiritual

Favorite color: lots of, but I really like blue and purple.

Average hours of sleep: 4-5

Lucky number: dunno

Favorite characters: ohh… Well, I’m not sure I have absolute favorites ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 1

Dream job: I don’t know, but I wish I’d like job I’m studying for? (theater technical worker). Or well, psychologist / freelance artist? (planning to study on 1st extra after finishing college; should work really A LOT for second)

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It’s a popular belief each brain hemisphere provides a different set of functions, behaviors and controls. The right hemisphere is considered the “creative” side, while the left is called the “logical” side. Geniuses are said to use both hemispheres equally.