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Vigilante (J2 RPF)

AO3 Link: Here
Written for: @kinktober2017​ , @thebunkerofletters​ inktober challenge day 16
Prompt(s) Filled(Kink|Ink): masks | superhero fantasy
Ship: J2
Rating: Explicit
Content Warning: cop!jensen, vigilante!jared, bottom!jared, rimming, top!jensen, rough sex, fluff, smut
Summary: The local vigilante ends up having a very close connection with the police force.
Word Count: 1052
A/N: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
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Jared swore under his breath at the click of the pistol. He stopped, putting his hands up.

“Turn around slow,” a familiar voice called.

His shoulders sagged. “You gotta know I’m not the bad guy,” he said, praying his husband would t recognize his voice, muffled by the mask over his face.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I hope this doesn't seem rude but I love seeing the photos you post of yourself because we seem to have a similar body type. I see a ton of very skinny and thin trans men and it rly bums me out bc of how soft and kinda chubby I am. My mother and therapist are constantly telling me I need to work out and get toned or else I won't even be able to get top surgery. But you're soft too! And it's so validating seeing a post op man look like me! I hope you have a good day, sorry for the ramble,,

No don’t be sorry! Being told stuff like this really means a lot to me, and it’s something I do think about a lot. The kinds of trans guys who usually get positive exposure are thin and muscular and pretty conventionally masculine/attractive. And there’s nothing wrong with the guys themselves being that way! They deserve all the happiness and love in the world. But other trans guys deserve that too. Fat, chubby, curvy, soft, round…with stretch marks and acne and love handles. All different body types in our community should be accepted and valued. They’re as diverse as the men they belong to, and we need to remember that diversity is a good thing

And I won’t lie, I’ve dealt with a lot of self confidence issues in my life. I couldn’t look in the mirror for years without wanting to punch the glass. I’ve struggled with eating disorders and such intense self-hatred that seeing pictures of myself was triggering. It was bad. Really bad

But I’m learning to love myself now. I’m learning to love and care for the body I’m in, and actually smile when I see myself because the person I see looking back is a good one, and he deserves to know that. And I want to spread that positivity. I want more messages like this! If someone else can look at me and see themselves there and feel comforted and validated, then I couldn’t be happier. I want you to love yourself anon, because you deserve it. Everyone does

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¿any new or old very-well written smut?

i just listed some iconic smuts tbh

Helpless: a/b/o dynamics, alpha!yoongi, omega!jimin

*the way i fuck him (you’d think i loves this–): smut, pwp, barebacking

all this devotion rushing out to me: mild dom/sub, bondage, pwp

glad you came: overstimulation, pwp

I Can Your Vibes, Baby: office au, bottom!yoongi, top!jimin

my coffee’s cold because of you: barebacking, established relationship

A Sinful Saturday Snuggle: first times, slice of life, fluff

Flash Flood: mild dom/sub, succubi & incubi, smut

What Do You Like?: stockholm syndrome, mob boss!yoongi, implied drug use

By trial and error: 3+1, sexual experimentation, friends with benefits, firsts

let me show you how proud i am to be yours: smut, daddy kink, baby boy kink, light bdsm

Honey’s secret: hyung, please: sex shop au, porn with feelings

Get Your Mouth Open (You Know You’re Mine): established relationship, fluff and smut

*my favorite, iconic

hey guys um quick question

my cat’s gotten sick and he requires a month-long therapy and a special vet diet food and more bloodwork done on a regular basis. the vet told me he should be kept on the diet food for at least a month but she also said to be ready for it to take a lot longer. it’s some sort of liver inflammation/dysfunction, and treating it is a very slow process.

between all the vet expenses and my own antidepressants and therapy bills (the state free-of-charge therapy centre got shut down so now I remain with my therapist but have to pay full price) AND being a broke-ass artist on top of all that I find that I’m struggling yet again.

so. would any of you be interested in buying and/or signal boosting for me if I come up with a cheap sort of kitty ceramic pendant to help my cat get healthy again? it’d be like $10 plus shipping and imma try to keep it as low as possible, too.

I haven’t actually made anything yet just wanted to check with you guys first, so please tell me what you think? either here in replies or reblogs or DMs or asks - whatever you feel like. I’m not asking for money but making sales will help me a great deal and I won’t be able to do it without your suport <3

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Top 5 Glenn moments? :)

Thank you!

1. Season one. His very first line. Before we even saw him. That’s when I knew he was gonna be my fave. Had me smiling within 5 seconds of being on the show. When I first fell in love with him ❤️


3. The scene where he checks Maggie for scratches! It defines him in so many ways even though it’s like a 30 second scene. My kind hearted baby.

4. When he comes crawling out from under the trash after two weeks of thinking he was “dead.” Not only was I crying tears of joy, but my knees were weak because how good he looked all dirty and bloody? Boy had me shook!

5. When he tells the group they bury their people and don’t burn them. That was a huge pavement for the rest of the show. Like when we see them burying their people now all I think about is how Glenn made that happen. If it wasn’t for him setting that rule, they would be burning them. The heart of the show.

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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Hey! I’m going to Costa Rica for a spanish school trip and I was wondering if there were any particular quirks about the Spanish/ dialect they speak there? Like how Spain uses vosotros, etc. Anything you could think of off the top of your head would be awesome! Thanks so much! (Ps love your blog, really keeps me motivated to continue learning Spanish)

Nothing quite as major as some of the regional variations. To the best of my knowledge, Costa Rican Spanish adheres to a lot of Latin American Spanish in terms of words like manejar “to drive”, or extrañar a alguien for “to miss someone”.

In my very limited experience, slang is the most important thing to know. Like knowing tico/a is “Costa Rican”, mae is “bro/dude/guy”, and tuanis is “awesome”. You might be able to find more by searching for modismos ticos

After that I’m really not a good person to ask so you might have better luck with a native speaker.


I made a travel altar out of an altoids tin!! There’s no particular theme to it since I only kind of have a random mishmash of items available to me, but obviously I really like the color pink, hahaha, so maybe it’s a little bit themed around love?! Process and content details under the cut!

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Serious Issues

FINALLY….. I can’t believe I have to bring this up but lord this has caused massive issues on my end. So without further ado….


Yes, I realize I act like a goofy kid when I’m on here and I do this to blow off steam from having to juggle some very serious issues in my life where I’m expected to act like an adult. But, I realize now that these goofy actions may have sent mixed messages to many people including younger viewers. 

So for you younger peeps in the audience (under 18).

- Stop trying to ask about my everyday activities

- Stop thinking I’m just another kid

- and for gods sake stop thinking you can get close to me. 


— I’ve already had to deal with an underage person who tried to express feelings for me. And I had to tell them to stop immediately since I know it’s ILLEGAL and morally wrong.  

That talk most likely left the user hurt and sad even though it was necessary for me to stop her from continuing. But it also destroyed my motivation to continue working since I’m terrified of running into situations like this again especially with more people visiting this blog now. 


So a note for everyone, I’m going to limit  communication with users based on age.

This is not me being a mean old adult.

This is to protect younger users from getting the wrong idea and to prevent future issues from arising. 

Besides, it’s probably better for me to start acting my age since, hell, I’m kinda a professional artist now. :/ And while I know next to nothing about comics, animation or really any facet of the art business I feel like I’d learn a lot more if I started acting like an adult and less like a goofball kid. 

So yeah, please enjoy the future content. Mind you I’ll be taking a break since this has still been really bothering me and made me hesitant to interact with anyone. But I’ll be back to normal soon.

And please be safe everyone. There are some very bad people out there who will take advantage of you if you let them and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone. 

Alright, that’s it from me.
-Wraith out. 

I walked through the street where I was hit by a bike one and a half years ago.

For the very first time without having a panic attack and the feeling of suffocating on my own fear.

//Filed under: Things I’m really happy about right now that I wanna shout from the roof-top but wouldn’t know who even to tell because my best friend is the only person who knew that just going along that street gives me panic attacks. So, there ya go.

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As much as I love how Taylor is liking all these posts about Rep being the best thing ever etc I feel like she shouldn't bc what if it's not someone's fave. Like I know it will be for me but other people maybe not

i think that she should feel like rep is her best work and that it’s normal and natural for it to be presented that way especially because she takes improvement very seriously and wants to top herself each time

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Sex on the ceiling :3 Soukoko sex on the ceiling <3 I will love you forever and ever if you could please do that. That is the one thing I've been wanting to see from this pairing since the very moment I learned what Chuuya's power is. So pretty please with cherry on top? ^^

The smug look on Chuuya’s face is absolutely maddening, made worse by the fact that Dazai is helpless, unable to do anything that would wipe the expression away. He feebly tugs at the cuffs keeping his hands together, pinned above his head, preventing him from reaching for Chuuya and ending the evening in disaster. For the first time, Dazai regrets the expanse of bandages that prevent his ability from activating inadvertently.

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anonymous asked:

mmm,,, i've been feeling really bad and that no one will want to date me or love me more than friends because i'm trans, on top of the fact that i'm gay but been questioning being aroace for so long,,, i just feel bad about too many things i guess idk

I think that’s something that’s very common. But please know you can find love as a trans person, including however you identify in terms of your sexuality.
Love will come to you -Matt

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Yuzu in V-neck shirts makes me very much uncomfortable

I know how you feel, t-shirts don’t always go well for him depending on how it sits on his shoulders and waist.

He has a long neck so he needs tops that detracts from his neckline, or covers it up like loose turtlenecks or a nice collar shirt. 

V-neck tees tend to emphasis a person’s neck and collar bone, so it works against him (though I guess it could be personal preferences as well, cause there are some who like seeing his neck.)

But yeah, He doesn’t think fashionably so….
He kind of just wears whatever is comfortable or his mom gets him, hahahaha.

But sometimes, the v-neck is fine:

When he wears a shirt that’s slightly looser, the looseness makes his neck look normal due to the proportioning. 

recently got a uni assignment involving remodelling the Heavy from TF2 and it reminded me of my female team, the subject of my very first ever tumblr blog!

sure they weren’t the most genius redesigns on earth and the blog was full of goofy writing and terrible fonetik aksents, but i have so so many fond memories of these lil shits and the stuff they got up to

someday i wanna maybe revive them, but idk how to get back into things

anyway, without further ado, from left-right top-bottom, its

Frieda, Babe-Ruth, Magdalina, Louisa, Esmée, Cathy, Mumbles, Sally and Alice!


The lounge is amazing. It’s on a rooftop over looking the city. When I got there,I met the owner…

Lenox Dash: Excuse me? Are you Mr. Knox?

Lance: Please,call me Lance! You must be Lenox?

Lenox Dash: Yes,

Lance: *chuckles* No need to be nervous,son. I’ve seen your resume and you have some very impressive qualifications! Top of your class at the culinary school,experience at a restaurant…and at such a young age too.

Lenox Dash: *smiles* Thank you,that means a lot to me.

Lance: Of course,of course. So,I’m not even going to bother with making you do a trial run like I normally would…when can you start?

Lenox Dash: As soon as you need me to.

Lance: Perfect! Then you start tonight! Come here,let me introduce you to Candi.

holdsteady  asked:

top 5 skeletwinz moments

i’m sure you appreciate how impossible this is to actually do bc you’re my best friend and every time we hang out is a new top moment but here are a couple

  1. doorway cat
  2. collectively every time we’ve gone off the deep-end swapping very specific HCs or writing together or planning our fic
  3. watching josie and the pussycats w you (every time but especially the first time)
  4. the night lis bts came out and you lost your damn mind trying to get your pc hooked up to The Big TV to play it
  5. tie between that time you won $500 gambling and singing soco together at that brand new show

ask me my top 5/top 10 anything

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Top 5 blogs?

Do you mean, here on Tumblr?
My dear friend has an amazing blog - @infj-overthinking, I’m surprised she haven’t unfollowed me yet tbh. :D ❤
@seeingeverything and @purplefairydragon7 are very nice people and their moodboards are just stunning! :)
@don-uty is a very talented young artist and such sweet girl, I love that she’s passionate about many current problems on her blog, too! :)
@netifesi has an interesting psychology related blog, I always find there information I need about MBTI, Enneagram, or even instinctual variants! :)

I could go on and on with this list, blogs on Tumblr are just amazing! ❤