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hi ship! do you think it's possible for me to befriend the murder of crows that settles on my block of flats' roof?

Definitely… but be careful what you wish for. If it’s a large flock and you get in real good with them, they may spend more time on top of and around your house than you really want them to. They can be very noisy in the mornings.

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Regarding the Top Ten Most Liked Photos/Videos by Phichit, number 7 just cracked me up!! lol! Do they take part in prank wars very often? And what kinds of pranks do you think Yuuri would come up with to take revenge on Phichit? That's certainly something worthy of going viral!

They take part in prank wars all the time and only stopped because Yuuri ended up dangerously close to having to compete at Worlds with bleach blond hair and Celestino staged an intervention!

Here’s a fun little tidbit for the Molon Labe crowd. 

The Spartans, those whacky oiled washboards that said that to the Persians, we actually the bad guys. 

Stick with me, my story gets better. Spartan society was based upon a pyramid system with Soldiers at the top and slaves underneath them. All “free” men were required to be Soldiers and just about everyone under them were slaves except for farmers but even then many farmers were slaves. Persia, an empire that only had slaves in very minimal circumstances (such as nobles owning a few because they were rich and treating them pretty well instead of the Roman system of owning many for all sorts of work) was coming to expand it’s influence over an area that was anything but unified. They also had a standard army of recruits that were not slaves. Greece as we know it did not really exist. The people shared a common language somewhat and that was about the extent of it. The Spartans pushed off the Persians on land and the Athenians pushed them off at Sea but lost Athens. Then the “Greeks” pushed back and knocked the Persians back a bit but three years after the fall of Athens the Spartans stopped fighting and stayed in Sparta. Athens and her allies were doing pretty well holding their own and a few decades later Sparta, the people whom had fought against Persia, joined Persia to fight against Athens. Athens fell. Few decades after that Macedonia rose to power and crushed Sparta, took over Greece, crushed Persia and used Persian methods of government and trade to expand it’s influence all the way to India. Then Alexander died and it fell apart but the Romans adopted Alexandrian methods which were in fact Persian methods. 

So, when I see Molon Labe it kinda makes me laugh. 

Met With A Zap, Chapter 9

TITLE: Met With A Zap


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Darcy and Loki meeting for the first time. They instantly dislike each other and are constantly at one another’s throats in arguments. Darcy even ends up using her taser on him at one point. Others around them get fed up of being stuck in the middle of their pranks and arguments. But eventually, Loki finds himself falling for her sassy mouth.


Things were not good at all with Loki after that night. He didn’t give me any more training so I had to just work on what he had already showed me. His pranks were more mean than anything as well now. He had poured a large bucket of ice cold water over the top of me. Which was just absolutely horrible. He was also very mean with what he said to me in general. 

I have to admit, I was snappy with him too and gave back just as good as I got in the pranks department. Well, tried to. Most of the time it got in the others way and they were not too happy about that. At all.

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*palpy voice* top 5 cuddliest imperials?

Ooh, I like this one. :)

1. Well, Piett is my favorite, so he goes here. :D He’s small enough I could actually get my arms around him but still definitely taller than me. Probably very respectful of boundaries.

2. General Veers would be VERY nice to cuddle. There’s lots of him TO cuddle, and he’s got big strong arms to hold you with. :) And he’s probably the type to say nice, sweet things to you too.

3. Needa. I think he’s generally pretty sweet and would be a very nice cuddle buddy.

4. Agent Kallus, though given recent events I don’t know that he can really still be classified as an Imperial, but hey. Though he’s not allowed to tickle me with those sideburns. But I do think he needs a good hug and a relaxing cuddle on a couch to just watch some holovids and eat some ice cream.

5. Thrawn. Also tall with nice, strong arms that would make the physical part of cuddling very nice, but I think he’s far less inclined to say nice things and is probably actually rather emotionally cold, which would make it less enjoyable.


Bonnie places Kai in a prison world– listening to music he hates for all eternity and reveals Katherine Pierce in the most campy way ever.

The myth.

The Legend.

The baddest bitch of all.


It’s Damon’s over the top reaction that finally sent me laughing. This show, I swear.

(Also for people who really dislike Mon fake name El, this is a very satisfying scene. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing him chained in a prison world listening to a song he hates forever! Watch up to1:21 then skip to 2:54)

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I’m well aware of the recent tab, it’s mainly what I use. It was still broken at that time where it seemed to shuffle a lot of stuff in the tag. I normally resolve it by searching here on desktop instead. It seems to be alright these days though. “Top” is still borked a bit but recent seems to be normal. There are however times that I’ll go to the recent on mobile and desktop and find stuff in either than don’t show up in the other. Very weird

Well, that really sucks, I wish I could do something abbout it, but I can’t of course.

therealjacksepticeye replied to your postFirst of all, here’s a disclaimer: I’m not…

Thanks for the help though :)

Trust me, the pleasure is mine uwu

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top 5 william's body parts

I have a shitpost answer and a serious answer so here’s the serious one:

1) eyes - have u seen them beuatiful glorious 10/10 would recommend dying to see
2) hands - choke me daddy
3) shoulders - have u seen that one of him in the tank top bc mmmmmmmMmM
4) leg - he has skinny leg but also nice leg that i want to run my hands over
5) hair - that shit is glorious regardless of whether it’s done or not it is beautiful would very much like to touch if given chance

Happy Shrove Sunday, y´all!

Don´t know what you all are stuffing your faces with on this fine Sunday day, but me? Imma get down and dirty with this little bad boy aka a traditional Shrove Bun.

Sure it looks very plain and boring to begin with, just your basic wheat bun - but when you carve out the top and fill it with as much jam and whipped cream as your conscience allows…

… you get something with more calories than should be lawful I think. 😄

Mmmmm… 😋👅👌

It´s seriously so good, I´m surprised the EU hasn´t banned it already.

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top 5 spooky professions for remus j. lupin

omg. thank you….. this was fun

  1. researcher studying the effects of weapons development and testing among magical creatures in the american southwest 
  2. cryptid consultant hired by assorted units of magical governance to investigate beings that may or may not exist
  3. freelance ghost liaison (for memorials / monuments demarcating sites where atrocities were committed, for magical contractors surveying new land, for seances, etc) 
  4. substitute teacher who will sell you pot / reluctant defense consultant at a very isolated school of magic 
  5. lighthouse keeper in a realm half real and half metaphysical

ask me my top 5 anything!

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A couple of people in my school hated on me for liking got7. They said they just a bunch of small d*ck boys who eat dogs. Imy heart literally broke cuz I was so upset. They do this everyday even when I'm just alone listening to my music. And minding my own business they make fun of me

😪😓😔😞 I’m sorry that you have to deal with these close minded immature and ignorant racist bullies😤 My advice to you is you just have to try to ignore them darling it’s the best thing you can do they want to get a rise out of you and since they are so close minded and ignorant they can not understand the concept of you enjoying anything other then a American top 40 hits so rather then trying to understand the must belittle it and it’s a shame. you know very well that non of the nonsense that comes out of their mouths is true or have any base and are just being said to hurt you and make you feel ashamed you can’t let it because if you do they win the best way to fight back sometimes is not to fight back at all your just minding you business enjoying yourself and your music and it’s not like your listening to the music with their ears so at the end of the day they are the ones out here looking foolish for being so bothered with what you do with your time my darling! Don’t be ashamed and stand proud in you love for got7 and their music okay bullies hate that and frankly you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of okay!! I know it hurts to hear those ugly things everyday but you gotta just ignore it and though it’s hard try to be unbothered and be proud you are soon enough they’ll stop!! Again I’m sorry you have to deal with that my love and I hope that it soon stops❤️

((Sorry if my posts haven’t been very frequent on here or on @hyperioninternsuggestion, I’ve been kinda stressed with school and ppl misgendering me lately cuz I don’t feel safe with telling anyone my pronouns esp since I came out to someone I really trusted and she gave me the whole grammar excuse for not using my “they/them” pronouns. It just rlly upset me and on top of it all I’ve just been rlly hating my body lately cuz my curves are too noticeable for me to be “androgynous enough”))

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playlist: harold finch pines™

FUNNILY ENOUGH i don’t have very many songs that fit that i can think of off the top of my head sooo i’m gonna do

songs that make me think of harold finch:

the national - mistaken for strangers
you have to do it running but you do everything that they ask you to
‘cause you don’t mind seeing yourself in a picture
as long as you look far away
as long as you look removed

you get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citibank lights

oh, you wouldn’t want an angel watching over, surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t wanna watch
another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

metric - blindness
find us a trap door, find us a plane
tell the survivors help is on the way

i was a blindfold never complained
all the survivors singing in the rain
i was the one with the world at my feet
got us a battle, leave it up to me

what it is and where it stops nobody knows
you gave me a life i never chose

i wanna leave but the world won’t let me go
i wanna leave but the world won’t let me go

john reese’s sad pining playlist:

the national - brainy
i’ve been dragging around from the end of your coat for two weeks
everywhere you go is swirling, everything you say has water under it
you know i keep your fingerprints in a pink folder in the middle of my table
you’re the tall kingdom i surround, think i better follow you around

you might need me more than you think you will
come home in the car you love, brainy, brainy, brainy

i’ve been dragging around from the end of your coat for two weeks
you keep changing your fancy, fancy mind every time i decide to let it go
i was up all night again, boning up and reading the american dictionary
you’ll never believe me what i found, think i better follow you around

the antlers - putting the dog to sleep
well my trust in you is a dog with a broken leg
tendons too torn to beg for you to let me back in

you said, “i can’t prove to you you’re not gonna die alone
but trust me to take you home
to clean up that blood all over your paws.

you can’t keep running out
kicking yourself off the bed
kicking yourself in the head
because you’re kicking me too.”

the decemberists - of angels and angles
there are angels in your angles
there’s a low moon caught in your tangles
there’s a ticking at the sill
there’s a purr of a pigeon to break the still of day

as on we go drowning
down we go away

the national - you were a kindness
i was in a fog, i didn’t notice everything everything
was coming all apart inside of me
there wasn’t anyway for anyone to settle in
you made a slow disaster out of me

there’s a radiant darkness upon us
but i don’t want you to worry
i was careful but nothing is harmless
baby you better hurry

you were a kindness when i was a stranger
but i wouldn’t ask for what i didn’t need
everything’s weird and we’re always in danger
why would you shatter somebody like me

it doesn’t work that way
wanting not to want you won’t make it so
it doesn’t work that way
don’t leave me here alone

i’ll do what i can to be a confident wreck
can’t feel this way forever i mean
there wasn’t anyway for anyone to settle in
you made a slow disaster out of me