that is literally my only emotion right now

is there anyone you can call? have you got nobody left at all? your back’s against the wall. is there no place else you’d rather be? did you give it all up just for me?

All right, who do I complain to about the lack of canon Bart childhood information?

Bonus simple transparent running Bart for all your shenanigan needs:

ok I think I know why. I think I know why I’m getting super emotional over Michael Phelps’ retirement. because it makes me think of my own swimming career and all the memories I’ve made and everything I’ve accomplished and all the people I’ve met. the swammer life is right around the corner for me and I can only imagine how he’s feeling because literally I can make myself cry just thinking about it now. swimming has been my whole life and as excited as I am for my future after college I can’t help but wonder what I’ll do without the racing and the cheering, the big laughs and bigger memories… the team, the team, the team.

- tl;dr -
lol don’t mind me I’m just prematurely (and emotionally) living out my own retirement through Michael Phelps’

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OH MAN OH MAN I’M SO SORRY YOU MUST BE GOING THROUGH EMOTIONAL TURMOIL RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THAT ENDING lol but really!! I hope you liked it!! You can totally message me if you want to talk about it because as you’ve probably seen, I’m literally obsessed with it right now