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Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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minjoon moment….ft. hobi^^

This counts right? ;v; 😝

The guys gave the fan who was at the microphone a smile; they could tell she was nervous by her laughter. “Hi, my name’s Jane. How’re you guys doing?” She asked into the mic.

“Hi Jane, I’m Jensen, this is Jared, and we are both doing very well today. You having fun?” Jensen answered her with a grin.

Jane chuckled into the microphone, “I’m doing fantastic. So um, I know this is your guys first time in the city and I was wondering how you’re liking it?”

“Oh we’re loving it!” Jared happily replied, “We came down two days early because Y/N, Jensen’s little sister goes to school here. She showed us around and it’s just been a lot of fun.”

Jensen nodded his head, “I’ve actually been here before.” Jensen said with a smile, “I’ve helped Y/N when it comes to moving time every year for school and she forces me to visit her every now and then. It’s a really cool city; I can see why my sister loves it here.”

“Do you have any stories to share?” Someone in the audience shouted out.

The boys shared a look before Jared brought his mic back up to his mouth, “Well since we’re talking about Y/N already, I think we should tell them about last night.”

Jensen instantly broke out into laughter as he brought the mic up, “She’s out shopping with Danneel so I think now is the only safe time to share it.” Jensen said while Jared began to laugh again.

“Okay, so as some of you guys know I have a little sister, Y/N. I like to, I keep the lives of my family private so you guys don’t know too much about her, but she’s a giant nerd. Ridiculously smart, prefers to hangout at home reading, but she’s crazy beautiful.” Jensen spoke about you with fondness in his voice.

“So we dragged her out last night and brought her to bar.” Jared cut in, laughter still evident in his voice

“She was so ticked.” Jensen said chuckling, “While we were at the bar a guy came up to her and asked her to dance. I didn’t want her to-”

“Jensen is very protective of Y/N-” Jared cut in.

“She’s my baby sister!” Jensen replied with mock offense, “Anyways, Danneel forced Y/N to give the guy a chance-”

“While I made Jay stay seated.” Jared said laughing.

“But my sister starts dancing with this guy, it’s obvious she doesn’t wanna be there, so she starts dancing like this.” Jensen tells the story while beginning to reenact your dance move. Next to him Jared was cracking up before he joined Jensen in dancing in their seats. “She was looking around too and I could just imagine her inner dialogue.”

“Oh my god I hate my brother. He made me go out, now I’m dancing with this guys and oh my god they all keep staring.” Jared said in a high pitched voice while Jensen and him continued to be you.

“Jared, I will kill you!” Your voice sounded from behind the stage.

“Oh shit, she’s here!”

Let’s Dance

Happy Birthday @avengerofyourheart 🌟You are one of the hardest working, kindest, and amazing people that I know! I’m so glad to be able to call you my friend! ❤️

It was three in the morning when you heard the music. You had been up getting some water when it stopped you in your tracks. It sounded like it was coming from Steve’s room.

You grabbed your water bottle and decided to go see what he was doing. His door had been cracked open. Peeking inside, you saw that he was dancing.

Well, trying to.

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Dating Ron Weasley Would Include:

  • Staying up late on hot summer nights in his room, talking and kissing 
  • Being Hermione’s best friend (I can’t live with myself with Hermione not being happy) 
  • Beating him in Quidditch, and when he gets upset, but smiles as soon as you kiss him. 
  • Getting incredibly red anytime you kiss him, even on the cheek. Especially on the nose. 
  • He has the best morning voice and it just adorable when he wakes up. 
  • Dancing with him at Fleur and Bills wedding, in a matching purple dress. 
  • Being very enthusiastic and always loving being at the loud burrow with him. 
  • Molly embarrassing him in front of you. 
  • Stealing his sweater 
  • Both of you have amazing habits of swearing like crazy 
  • “(Y/N)! What the fuck?! Wears my sweater?…..fuck, it looks cute on you.” 
  • “Ron! Stop eating all the fucking food! Merlins saggy left nut, I need to eat too!” 
  • Setting up a tent in the backyard and staying up as late as you could until finally you fell asleep in each others arm. 
  • Going to the pub with him and getting a little too crazy, with alcohol or not. 
  • He always joins you in the shower, you have to make sure he doesn’t fall back asleep. 
  • He loves it when you fall asleep on top of you, he’ll hold you as tight as he can and drift asleep. 
  • Gets incredibly embarrassed when you walk in on him naked, even though you’ve seen him naked a million times before. 
  • Molly knitting you a sweater.
  • Kissing every one of his freckles. 
  • He kisses every part of your body and tells you how much he loves you. 
  • Molly walking in on you while you two were trying to get it on. “Oh! Goodness sakes!” “MUUUUUMMMMMM!” “Honestly, Ronald!” “PISS OFF” *throws pillow* “RONALD WEASLEY!” 
  • Loving his tummy and biggish arms. 

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I am dancing around my house like an idiot, and I don’t care!! Loving all my shipsters today!!👫😍😙❤❤❤❤

Requested: Imagine being married to K

It was a Sunday morning, you were wearing a long t-shirt that just covered the top of your bum. Your hair was down, long, curly and a little frizzy from sleeping. The sunlight was beaming through your curtains which were partly open and your bedroom door was closed over. You both usually slept with the door open, at least a little bit because your daughter’s room was across the hall and she sometimes had nightmares. Still sleepy, you rolled over to the left side of the bed expecting to see him still asleep but he wasn’t there. Come to think of it, the house was rather quiet. You were usually woken up to the sound of (Y/D/N) crying, K playing his guitar or the EST boys coming in drunk. You stretched for your phone which was on your bedside table to check the time. 9:25am. You got out of your four poster bed and walked over to the mirror; fixing your hair slightly, you sighed. K always said he loved you first thing in the morning, where your hair was a little messy and you had no makeup on.
“That’s when you’re the most beautiful” he would always say, but you never listened.

You walked to the en-suite bathroom expecting to see him showering or something, he still wasn’t there. You walked out of your bedroom and across to your daughter’s room. It was about time that she was waking up now or you’d have one cranky baby later tonight! She wasn’t in there, neither was Kells. Her bedroom was tidy for once too, there were no dolls or toys lying around and the maid never usually comes on a Sunday. What is going on?

You were just at the top of your stairs when from a distance you could hear the sound the pots and pans being clattered together, and then the smell of breakfast flooded your nostrils. You quietly creeped down the stairs and peeked through the kitchen door which was open ajar.

There they both were, Kells was standing making breakfast. On the kitchen side was a huge tray full of your favorite food. He had (Y/D/N) in his arms whilst cooking. His hair was a little messy, he was shirtless and wearing grey sweatpants. You stood for a moment just watching the amazing bond they have together. They were smiling and laughing and it warmed your heart.

“Mommy’s gonna love this!”

“She is! She’s been working so hard and daddy has been busy a lot lately. She deserves this, don’t she?”

“Yeah but maybe, do you think she will let me share her pancakes daddy?” she said shyly as she looked up at K.

“I think she might” he replied as he kissed her nose.

You smiled to yourself. You were so lucky. In that moment you realized just how thankful you were. You couldn’t be happier. You get to wake up every morning in a beautiful home, with a family that you built with the love of your life.

The kitchen floorboard creaked and K and (Y/D/N) looked up shocked. They spotted you peeking through the kitchen door.

“No mommy, it was a surprise!” shouted your daughter who had her hands over her mouth. K cracked a little smile and began walking over to you, still holding (Y/D/N). His eyes were dancing all over you and then he bit his bottom lip. It was almost like he became weak around you. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked.

“Morning my babies” you said as you kissed your daughter on the cheek. You then looked up at Kells who was towering over you. He put his free arm around you and rested it on your bum.  He kissed you, holding you tightly.

“Did you sleep well, baby?” he asked, still holding you tightly.

“Yeah, I missed waking up to you though” you said pulling him in for another kiss.

“Ewww!” (Y/D/N) screamed as she buried her head into K’s shoulder.

“Shh, what do I smell? Have you cooked for me (Y/D/N)?” you said taking her from K’s arms so you could have your morning cuddle and he could carry on cooking.

“We made breakfast mommy!” She sounded so pleased with herself

“Here we go girls, it’s ready. Why don’t you go back to bed and I’ll bring it up?” he said dishing the food onto the plates”

You carried your daughter upstairs and got back into your big four poster bed with her. Kells soon followed with the tray of food.

“Breakfast is served, my little princess” handing a small plate to (Y/D/N)

“Breakfast is served, my queen” handing another plate to you and kissing you.

All three of you laid in bed, full from breakfast your daughter had fallen asleep between you. He turned to look at you and reached his arm around you and pulled you closer.

“I love you, baby” he smiled

“I love you, K.”

“For a few minutes nothing happened and I had time to notice all the little things around us. The ants walking over a branch beside me, a snail nibbling on a leaf. Different birds who sang different songs, mosquitoes dancing up and down near the water surface. The mist in the air from the waterfall. How the bridge made the fall look like something straight out of one of Tolkien’s elven villages. The wind in the treetops, making them whisper, filling the air with the smell of pine needles and something I could only describe as green.”

The gif is by wonderful czechthecount, who was so kind and allowed me to use it for my traveling blog. The original can be found here and you should all go and check out his blog; he is a truly gifted photographer and an awesome guy in general :)

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Here it is. The gif to end all gifs. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the video of where this dance comes from here it is. Harry smanging is the thing I didn’t know I needed. But even if you don’t like the video, then just enjoy that Harry could possibly be dancing like this. Let’s make Harry smang. All my love and affection to the next fan who meets him and makes him to do this dance. 

so the mc just told them numbers about their success and this is how they reacted:

- rapmon is impressed and can’t really believe it (hence the shaking of this head)

- jimin probably doesn’t really know what’s going on but he still smiles politely

- jin’s like “hell yeah i know we’re great, we don’t need a reminder for that”

- jungkook is being an adorable puppy about it and applauding for his hyungs and himself

- hobi - being the dance pro he is - busts a move as a sign of affection and thankfulness

- yoongi is probably really flustered and rubs the back of his head because all of this is so much more than he’s ever imagined or his head is just itchy idk

- and v. well v my precious bun is too lazy to take out his hands so he just stomps while looking astonished to make some noise

i love them so much, i don’t understand

Chapter Two:Unexpected kiss

It’s been three days since Kells has been back in Cleveland. We’ve done absolutely nothing apart from laze around in ours sweats. However, we have watched everything on Netflix and smoked hella weed in those three days, so that’s quite an achievement! It was 10am when I woke up, Kells was still asleep. He looked so peaceful, one arm raised and under his head, his blonde hair covering his face and his mouth slightly open. I didn’t want to wake him so I carefully crept out of the bed and in to see my sister.

“Morning (Y/N)” she mumbled as soon as I opened the door. She was laying in her bed playing on her phone, probably hungover from being out last night with her girls.

“Morning (Y/S/N) happy birthday!” I leant over, kissed her head and handed her a little gift box along with a card.

“Aww thanks! Are you and K coming tonight? We’re going to that cute cocktail bar downtown.” She sat up in the bed and yawned. She definitely went out drinking last night, I could still smell the alcohol on her and let’s face it, she didn’t look great!                                                                                                                                                            

“Sure” I sat down on the side of her bed. “I definitely will, I dunno about Kells though. I’ll ask him when he wakes up.”

“Did he stay here again?!” she asked, I knew exactly what she was gonna say next so I breathed in deeply to brace myself for it… “You two need to hurry up and get together already, jeez.” She laid back down in the bed and sighed.

“Shut up (Y/S/N), he’s my best friend.” I raised my eyebrows like I was disgusted.

“We all know you like him, I think you’re the only one who hasn’t figured it out yet!” she rolled her eyes at me.

“He could legit have any girl he wanted… no, he does get any girl he wants. He’s not gonna settle for me, he doesn’t like me in that way anyway”

“I guess we’ll just find out tonight!” She smiled at me.

“Find out what tonight?!”

“You’ll find out” She rolled over and obviously didn’t want to talk anymore, so I went back to my room to see if K was up yet.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, you are awake” You joked.

“Morning” He sat up in the bed and stretched; his black vest rising up, revealing the ‘V’ line I’d always been attracted to and the XXX tattoo on his lower stomach. His voice always sounded so raspy in the morning, it was sexy. I found myself staring at him for a couple seconds, I was beginning to look at him in a different way. I didn’t realize how beautiful he was.


I was ready to go to the cocktail bar with (Y/S/N) and her friends. I wore a black crop top that revealed my left tattoo sleeve and navel piercing, a pair of black, ripped jeans and a red plaid shirt tied around my waist. I thought I would just go casual, plus I never really was a high-heels and glitter sort of girl. I was just doing some last minute makeup touch-ups in the mirror, when Kells came down the stairs. He put both hands on my shoulders while peering over me looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He smelled so good, he always did. He almost took as long as I did to get ready though! He was wearing black, ripped jeans also, with a white t-shirt, leather jacket and of course an EST bandana wrapped around his head.

“Fuck (Y/N)!“ He said, his mouth dropped open.

“What? Should I change?” I looked down at myself, I started to become anxious and paranoid. “It’s too casual isn’t it?”

I could see his eyes dancing around my body and he took a few seconds to respond. “No, you look amazing, seriously! You ready to go?” I had seen him bite his bottom lip out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t mention anything.

“Sure” I replied.

In the taxi on the way to the bar, he was telling me about his day. He had a daddy/daughter date with Casie, they went to the zoo and painted pictures together. He then met up with his boys and chilled. When we pulled up outside the bar, Kells got out of the cab and walked around to my side and opened the door.

“Thank-you sir!” I joked and he held out his arm as if I was to cross arms with him.

When we got to the bar, (Y/S/N) and all her friends were in a VIP booth. We walked over linking arms, both of us holding a drink. “How are you in the VIP section?” I asked my sister. I was a bit confused, you had to be a ‘somebody’ to get into those. But when I looked over to Kells, he was smirking as if he had something to do with it. “You did this!” I playfully punched him in the arm “Great, boost her ego even more!” I laughed sarcastically.

“Fuck it, it’s her birthday… and you’re only 22 once, right? Let’s get fucked up!” He raised a glass of whisky and everyone cheered.

As the night went on, the drinks were going down easier and so much quicker. I was really drunk by this point. K hadn’t left my side most of the night and I felt myself becoming more attached and attracted to him. He kept catching me staring at him, but when we caught eye contact I would quickly look away. We kept exchanging contact and flirty comments here and there.
I was on the dancefloor with my sister when Kells came over with a drink for me and then grabbed me by my free hand and took me outside. He was sticking two fingers up at me signaling we were going for a joint. We went across the road and sat on a wall while he skinned up.

“You having a good night?” he pulled his weed and rolling papers from his pockets.

“Yeah, are you? (Y/S/N) is too, she’s wasted!” I replied, swaying whilst sitting on the wall.

“Good! It’s her birthday. And yeah, especially now I can get a breather with my girl, it’s so hot in there!” He took off his leather jacket and put it around my shoulders.

“Your girl?” I looked at him confused.

“Yeah, you’re my best friend right?” He was still rolling and didn’t look up from what he was doing.

“Oh” I fake laughed, how embarrassing… ”Yeah, right.” I felt my face blush slightly but was thankful he was concentrating on rolling and he didn’t see it.

“I mean, I spoke to (Y/S/N) earlier and she told me that you were into me?” He questioned. “But you didn’t want to ruin our friendship. That true?” My eyes instantly widened. “I mean I always thought we had something between us, but I didn’t wanna lose you either. Y’know?” He laughed and sparked up the joint, still not connecting his eyes with mine. He actually seemed shy and I’ve never seen him like this.

I sat on the wall speechless, why would (Y/S/N) tell K this? For one, I never said that to her and two, he just told me he’s into me?! What the fuck?!

“Can I just see something, real quick?” He asked.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” K pulled me up off of the wall and set his joint down.

We were now standing in front of each other. He was towering over me with his arms around me, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with mine so I just put them on his waist. I felt warm and safe. I felt like I’d been waiting for this moment all night. He leaned down to kiss me… “What are you doing?” I asked and jolted my head back.

“Shh.” He put his index finger over my mouth, then moved it and rested his hand on my cheek. He just held me like this for a few seconds. His eyes dancing all over my face like he had done earlier and like he’d been doing all night. He then focused on my mouth, biting his own lip first for the second time tonight. Before I knew it, his lips had crashed against mine. I put my hands on his chest, my brain was telling me to push him away, but my heart was telling me to pull him in closer. It actually felt right. I had this rush of excitement throughout my body and my legs became weak at his touch. We continued kissing for a few minutes longer, his jacket fell from my shoulders which startled him to break away. He had smudged my lipstick so he gently wiped it away with his thumb. Still holding my face, he looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

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Ever since that anon asked me what dances the Underswap crew would dance, I had this idea where there would be this cool dance-off between Pap and Napstabot. I just had to do it!! This was supposed to be a drawing only, but it escalated huhuhu ;v; (youtube)

Underswap: @popcornpr1nce
Dancetale: me!

August 2004

I had barely been in LA for three months when I ran into him. Jensen was twenty-six, and I was eighteen. I had grown up with Jensen in Texas. I’d grown up running around with Mackenzie. We’d been best friends since we were five despite the fact that she was three years older than me. 

He said that he remembered what it was like to be young and alone in a big city. He remembered leaving home like it was yesterday. He had offered to take me under his wing, show me the ropes, introduce me to the right people. “You’ll be my protege, Y/N,” he smiled throwing his arm over my shoulder with that stupid, sexy, cocky smile he had always had growing up. The one that had always managed to make me weak in the knees even though I could never breath a word to Mac about what I really thought about her brother. She would have gagged on her whole fist and then never let me live it down.

 Jensen assured me that if I stuck with him, that I’d be working in no time. 

“You’re beautiful, gorgeous, amazingly talented, and hilarious,” he said one night before an audition. He had landed me an audition on a show that he was currently on. It was small, but it was a start. “God, if they figure out that you can sing. Y/N, I’m telling you. That voice is going to take you places. Stop keeping that a secret,” he winked, nudging me in the side. “And did I mention you’re gorgeous?” he repeated, his hand coming to rest under my chin, tilting my head up to look at him. I landed the role on Smallville

December 2004

Jensen and I spent all of our time together, both on and off set. The holidays were quickly approaching. We talked about the winter hiatus for the show that was approaching and what going home was going to be like. 

“Well, about that,” Jensen breathed, his voice catching in his throat a little as he stopped mid-stride, my arm slipping away from being tucked into his elbow. He looked down at the ground, his tongue dancing behind his teeth, his lips barely parted, as he contemplated his words. His green eyes met mine, and he took a deep breath, a hand coming to rest on my hip, pulling me into him. 

“Will you be my girlfriend? You’re incredible. I’ve always been drawn to you. And I…” he trailed off as his eyes darting back and forth, looking at me, trying to gauge my reaction. 

“Really? Jensen. I’m eighteen. There are so many women,” I emphasized, “that would throw themselves at you. Why would you want me when you could have,” just then a gorgeous woman passed the two of us. “That,” I pointed. 

Instead of an answer, Jensen hesitantly closed the gap between us. His lips brushed mine, our noses bumping, electricity sparking between us. There had always been a spark, and it was as if someone had set the spark on fire. The minute our lips connected, I knew my lips would never kiss another man. I knew my heart belonged to Jensen. From that moment on, I was a goner. 

“Because I want you,” he breathed, his chest rising and falling, his eyes locked with mine not daring to let go me on that crowded LA street in December.

December 2016

I could still remember that night in LA when Jensen asked me to be his girlfriend. He was almost nine years older than me. So many women wanted him, and he wanted the girl from home. He wanted his sister’s best friend. He wanted me. I sighed at the memory, thankful that I had taken the leap, the chance, and left Texas. I never would have gotten where I was now if I hadn’t. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” Jensen mumbled, sliding behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as I stood on the back patio of San Jac Saloon, our friends and family inside. We were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. After dating for two years, Jensen had made sure I’d be his forever back in December of 2006. “What are you doing out here by yourself?” he asked, kissing my neck, his chin resting on my shoulder. 

“Thinking about you. About twelve years ago. About us,” I smiled, running my hands along his arms before turning around to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “I love you, Jen,” I whispered, stretching up on my toes and kissing him deeply. 

“Why do you think I married you, woman?” he chuckled, squeezing me tight. “Let’s get back in there and show all those loons just how much we love each other, hmmm?” he murmured in my ear, nipping at it gently. 

I interlaced my fingers with his, leading him back into the bar. “Here’s to thirty more,” I smiled. 

“Here’s to fifty more, babe,” he smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist and squeezing me tight. “I’m never gonna stop chasing you,” he whispered. 

“You better not, Ackles,” I giggled as we were greeted by friends and family. Fifty more years with Jensen Ackles would never be enough. I could only be so lucky. 

 ~ @avasmommy224 I don’t know where the hell this came from. I hope you like it. I don’t feel like this is any good. *steps back and stares at the train wreck.* ~

Imagine Chris freaking out after you get injured on set.

Chris sat in the corner on his phone as quietly and as non-distractive as possible while you and Sebastian worked with the body doubles and Max, the stunt coordinator. The same stunt coordinator that told Captain America to either “sit in the corner with your mouth shut and your hands to yourself” or “wait in your trailer until we’re done”; Chris chose the former.

The two of you had the reputation of being extremely disruptive and distracted when together, it was like a nightmare for most directors and stunt coordinators; it didn’t help that the two of you were married now. The only reason you were constantly being casted as co-stars was because of the chemistry and connection you and Chris effortlessly produced; it was absolute magic that no director could recreate with two strangers. Sure, it was a little annoying and slightly exhausting to repeatedly tell the two of you to concentrate but at the end of the day, the two of you would always execute the job to perfection with maximum effort; it made up for the fits of laughter and pranks you’d pull on each other and the rest of the cast.

Speaking of the rest of the cast, everyone had finished their rehearsals for the day and were now either resting in their trailers or back at the hotel. Your loving husband, however, was giving up his much needed down time to shower you with moral support. It was the same in every movie you were in together, he stayed behind for you and you stayed behind for him; the perks of being with someone in the same industry.

Though moral support wasn’t the only reason he was staying behind- especially while you were working on a MCU movie- he was more than a little worried about you getting hurt. You’d gotten hurt before just sliding across a row of tables being the adorable clumsy dork you were, and now that you were working on a fight sequence, with Sebastian of all people- the guy who wasn’t good at pulling his punches- Chris thought it’d be better if he stayed and watched. Sebastian accidentally punched Chris once- a matter that was easily dropped- but God help Sebastian if he accidentally punched you.

Now that you thought about it, Chris probably wasn’t the best person to have around considering he was the person to distract you about eighty percent of the time. It was no wonder Max gave him the ultimatum he did. You just hope the two of you had enough self-control to finish the rehearsal without your usual shenanigans; you really didn’t want to take a hit or get injured even before the filming started.

Chris looked up from his phone and watched you and Sebastian follow Max’s instructions to the tee. It was the key to staying unharmed while performing your own stunts, something you had decided to take more seriously after your last injury; the bruise on your hip lasted for at least a week. Chris smiled proudly when he saw you nail the sequence, his wife was one badass and he felt the need to say it out loud completely forgetting the instructions Max had left him with.

“My wife’s a badass,” Chris whooped just as you were about to duck Sebastian’s punch, distracting you for a split second and causing you to fall out of the rhythm. “Oh, shit!” He scrambled to his feet and ran over when Sebastian’s fist clipped your jaw, sending you on your ass.

“Oh my God,” Sebastian gasped and quickly rushed to your side, dropping to his knees. “Y/N, I am so so so sorry.” He rambled as his hands hovered over you, unsure if he should help you up or leave you alone considering he just punched you in the face.

“Ow,” you half chuckled, half whimpered as you rubbed your jaw.

“Y/N,” Chris ran and dropped to his knees, sliding across the mat to you. “Oh my God, that’s-” He covered his mouth with his hand, looking slightly horrified at what his little whoop did. “Fuck, that’s my bad. I’m so sorry, I completely forgot that-” He looked up at Max and Max shook his head at him with furrowed brows. “I am so sorry,” he held his hands up in surrender.

“Don’t apologize to me,” Max beckoned his head at you. “Your wife is the one who just took a hit from a two hundred pound man.” Chris and Sebastian both winced at that. “I’ll go get you some ice, Y/N.” He said and you nodded with a grateful smile.

“I am so sorry,” Sebastian said again and you chuckled softly, shaking your head because it wasn’t his fault. “I honestly didn’t mean to hit you, I’ve been trying to pull my punches and I thought that we’ve been doing-”

“Seb, it’s fine,” you laughed. “It really doesn’t hurt that much,” you lied because it stung like a bitch. “Plus it’s not your fault, it’s mine and-” you shot Chris a dirty look and he chuckled. “My stupid dork of a husband. If this is about me getting the last Snickers bar yesterday, man up and punch me yourself. Don’t get your best friend to do it for you,” you joked and the two men laughed.

“I’m so sorry,” Chris gently caressed your face in his hands. “I didn’t think, I was just watching you be this crazy badass and I kind of felt the need to tell people you’re my wife but everyone already knows that and-” He cut his rambling short with a soft chuckle, “I’m really sorry, sweetheart.”

“Prove it,” you bit playfully.

“In front of Seb?” Chris whispered with widened eyes. “Can’t we just wait-” You cut him off with a shake of your head and he heaved a sigh. “Fine,” he released your face and rose to his feet. Sebastian watched Chris with a raised brow whereas you just pressed your lips together to suppress your laughter. “This is the last time I stay behind with you,” he told you, trying not to smile as he got into position.

“Just do it,” you chuckled.

“Under the sea,
Under the sea,
Darling it’s better,
Down where it’s wetter,
Take it from me.” Chris sang as he did his own choreographed dance that never once failed to make you laugh. It was possibly the dorkiest thing he could ever do and you were always the only one to witness it, but now Sebastian was too.

“Oh my God,” Sebastian laughed.

“Up on the shore they work all day,
Out in the sun they slave away,
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the seaaaa.” He finished and bowed as you and Sebastian clapped, laughing hysterically. Yes, it was embarrassing but he loved you enough to do things like that. “Are we square now?” He asked when he helped you to your feet.

“Depends,” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“On what?” He narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“If this bruises,” you smirked, “I’m going to need you to perform ‘Be Our Guest’.”