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Thoughts that Linger…

Disclaimer: No need to leave hate if you disagree with me. Just move on. I do not think Sam and Cait have bad intentions or are bad people but that they have made, consciously or subconsciously, bad decisions that reverberates beyond their personal and professional lives. I see BOTH Sam and Cait as playing a part in this drama; Cait is as guilty as Sam is.

It does not seem like 3 years of loving two people together should come to this day but I guess this day has been in the making for the past year. Am I sad? Yes. Disappointed? You bet. Angry? Almost there.  Have I lost faith in love and humanity? Not yet.

The Ship: I ship S/C. I do so because of what they have shown us and what I have seen. Even after IFH, their actions spoke louder than words. So I remained on board. Now I honestly don’t think I can ship them anymore knowing they have other SOs. People ship differently, so only love and respect for those still on board. Sail on, ladies. I am not leaving but hanging around on shore.

The Circle: I am thankful for the women I have come to know on this ship. They are phenomenal; astute, snarky, funny, and caring. I never forgot the support I received in my bleakest moments and will forever be grateful for that.

The Play Book: Outlander would have been a hit with stellar casting and production. While maybe there was a need to “sell” S/C in the beginning, it should be fairly clear that their chemistry and acting chops sold the show. So I rather not think that Sam and Cait ramped it up for the sake of the show and their fame but that the imbrication of their chemistry, closeness, and trust resulted in the love fest that we have all come to admire and adore. Maybe they can’t help themselves when they are together BUT that it should have been toned down after IFH and after dropping their SOs on us. That’s on them. They should have owned their truth and maintained their integrity. I would have respected them much more for that.

The Wedding: In my 32 years of experiencing life, a wedding is not an event that one is casually invited to; this drowns out the possibility that Sam is just there as a friend. He attended the wedding of the brother of the girl he is supposed to be dating. Why? For kicks? For her? For himself? Who knows. What I know is that if his attendance is supposed to be a “reveal” it is immature and inconsiderate; to do it at someone’s wedding is just borderline pathetic.

The Girl and The Guy: Sam seems to go all out to disassociate from the girl that he is seeing, which for me relates to the way he treats women. We know Sam as the chivalrous sweet, and affectionate man. At least, that is the projected image. How do we explain Shitner and fan bullying? Is it that far fetched to believe that Sam sat on the sidelines and behaved in a passive aggressive manner about the bullying when he is doing it with his personal life as well? Letting the girl he is supposed to be dating take crap for them possibly being together? Moving forward I hope he shows her the respect that he shows Cait. And the same goes for Cait; if the guy who shows up with you is your SO, please treat him with more respect and dignity. Stop acting sexed and loved up with your co-star in front of him. At the very least stop treating your guy like a leper. Sure, you and Sam might have a different standard of reality and morality as actors but open your eyes from time to time and see what we see when we see you (S/C) together.

I am thankful to be a book reader and that lead me to the show. I can always count on the love, loyalty, and magic that is Jamie and Claire. And thank you Sam and Cait for embodying those characters well. Here’s to hoping you live your lives with uncompromising integrity and renewed consciousness, and that you continue to find success in your professional and personal lives. 

(( OOC: So I had to pick my car up from the garage straight after filming. And instead of explaining to the mechanic why I had purple eyebrows, I chose to completely ignore the situation. Until, of course, he asked me.

But instead of trying to make up a relatively normal-sounding excuse (photo shoot, makeup experiment, ANYTHING) … I said I had an accident with some hair dye??

So let’s hope my car never breaks down because I cannot show my face there ever again. ))