that is just profiling

Scruff impersonator.

Hey guys, so someone is impersonating me on scruff right now. He’s on the most woofed page so feel free to go report and or troll him for me. I just created a profile to do just that. Thanks!!

djinnquinn  asked:

Hey I found an Instagram account that posts YOI fanart and only says "credit to the artist" for a majority of their posts, how do i report them?

you can only report as the content creator or someone representing the content creator, since you have to give personal information like address, full name, phone number, etc. (this information is used to verify your identity, not to contact you. I was uncomfortable giving my entire mailing address so I just wrote my street address and that seemed to work just fine) It’s important to realize some of this information, like full name and email address, will be shared with the user(s) you’re reporting when they receive a copy of the report. 

 Fill out this form, giving all the required information, and when asked to provide examples of infringing posts you should probably link them individually rather than just sending the entire profile–I’ve never just linked a profile so I don’t know whether or not that works. When asked to show examples of your work you can link your art tag or individual posts, either work. A few minutes after submitting you’ll receive a copy of your report, and you’ll likely receive feedback on Monday–I don’t believe instagram handles reports over the weekend.

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In ur ancient lams, could u draw Laurens in different angles? Don't get me wrong, ur profiles look great. I'm just curious

yeah, i was able to draw him in diff angles. it’s just,,, his profile looked a lot better in comparison lmao…..

Emily ALSO is the one to just snatch away his phone and spend half an hour setting profile photos on each contact, her own is something like her wearing sunglasses and striking a pose or making goofy faces, which Corvo is totally unaware of until she calls him for the first time and he absolitely loses his shit in public transport or something, he laughs so hard he cannot bring himself to slide and answer the goddamn call.

he’s also not really a selfie kind of person but once he realises frontal camera is a Thing he literally can’t stop taking selfies together with his family in front of those cardboard cutout posters at the movies and the like.

the battery thing though….welcome to Hell, Corvo, I hope you carry a big backpack which can fit 11 portable chargers of various colours.

it’s unexpectedly edgy for his usual hoodie dad aesthetics, but it’s been picked by those who truly know that steampunk is the love of his younger days.

i’ve had two people unfollow me since last night after i queue’d a bunch of girls kissing gifs from various shows (some i don’t even watch) and i’m just like… my url is LESdemonium. my profile says i’m a lesbian. it’s femslash february. what were you expecting???


tfw you report 300+ images over the weekend and people freak out and blame some third party member bc shes expressed not wanting her art reposted
in the past. 

Its almost like these SU instagrams went after @dement09 because they already know and hate that she’s tried to protect her work in the past, and these guys would rather bitch about it or block the artist and repost their art without them knowing than actually avoid posting it


ultimate dragon age meme: five mages (3/5)


“We will fight for a world where our children can be born mages and free. Ten years, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart.”

It’s said in the pamphlet that Kano has motion sickness and is just as scared of horror as Kido! 

And that though he always has that half-joke-half-real attitude, it is to hide his real self. Since he is sensitive to people’s feelings, he is scared that they will come to hate him.

Seto’s highlighted part: here.


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train