that is just one section of my room

pages 259 261 and 262 - sometimes, I like to pretend I’m not attached to floor with a chain and the dungeon I’m in isn’t just a room with a single door set high up on the wall. I like to pretend I am free to walk around and explore, and one day while pushing my fingers between two rocks something gives and a section of stone pulls away to reveal the entrance to a hidden labyrinth. I would walk down the dark path heedless of danger, thinking anything is better than sitting in one spot for eternity. Carefully making my way through the maze I would eventually find the end and my just reward. This one says money, but I’m thinking maybe a shower and sunlight and/or freedom. And if there’s a case of mineral and vitamin rich health shakes that will stop my body from disintegrating, all the better.

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Warm, she thought. Warm, soft. Thought was groggy and slow to come to her, roused out of recharge not by alarm or panic but by her own systems finally having enough rest for once. For once. Which is why she feels so stupidly happy and warm and comfortable as her systems online one by one-

Of course, the second her sensory suite finishes activating she sits upright, hasty.

Oh my god.

Staring, wide-optic’d.

Ohhhh gods.

Part of her immediately screams internally- how do you get into these situations? and some sardonic section of self-loathing internally reminds her that Gosh, Saddleback, I don’t know, maybe it’s because you willfully pick out the biggest, meanest looking motherfraggers from every room to go after? Of course this would happen!

He’s still in recharge, though, or certainly looks like- maybe she can just…detangle herself from heavy arms and slip away, faceplates burning with mortification. She wants to snuggle back in, go back to sleep in the warmth, just rest…but right now? It’s time to make a graceful exit.

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OH!!! so i ran out of room but i also wanted to do ome of those game things for sleepover saturdays so how bout some fmk: 1. scoups, woozi, and hoshi 2. jin, hobi, and yoongi (tho i feel like i mignt already know the answer) 3. Mamamoo (i couldnt just kick one out of this so maybe put 2 in one section???) 4. Shinee (i couldnt not include the group with the reason for the namesake of this wonderful blog) anyway love ya mama โค๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–คโฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’

Bless you Ry, you’re like my guardian angel of asks~~

1. I know very little about Seventeen, so I’m gonna go on some superficial impressions!

  • F: SCoups
  • M: Woozi
  • K: Hoshi (I’m so sorry you precious bean!!!)

2. BTS…………..I can’t believe what I’m about to do

  • F: Seokjin
  • M: Yoongi
  • K: ……………….no, invalid, he ran away as I tried to kill him

3. Mamamoo

  • F: Wheein
  • M: Solar + Moonbyul
  • K: Hwasa…I am…forever sorry…but you probably were threatening my life with your beauty

4. SHINee

  • F: Key + Taemin
  • M: Minho
  • K: Onew + Jonghyun – I hate the person this game has made me become D:

~Sleepover Saturday~

really important message to every Sonic fans. Please Read!

Am I the only one who actually shows her love for Sonic even at school without being insulted?? There is only one time when a dude answered when I said “All my room is decorated of Sonic.” “What the fuck…Wow that’s childish..” and I answered “Wait dude… It’s not childish at all. What most of people don’t know is that 80% and more of Sonic fans are older than us so just shut up.” no one has the right to disrespect my sawnik XD

When I was 13 years old, I even did an oral presentation about Sonic and people were really captivated and I had to do a powerpoint about me this year and I did a section about Sonic while saying “ I know this will create a big awkward moment but I don’t care at all, I really love Sonic the Hedgehog!” and I made the moment funny and I talked about him and nobody laughed at me and some people even told me “Hey you like Sonic? He’s freaking awesome!” ( which always makes my day when someone tells me this. :3 )
HEY I EVEN SAW A BOY WITH A SONIC SHIRT AT THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOLAND I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIIIIM !  At total, there are 3 people who wore a Sonic shirt at my school ( and they all have my respect XD) 
plus there is my bestfriend yellowsky-1720 and myself. heck yea

Sometimes ( I don’t wear it every day because I don’t want to stain it)
I wear my wonderful Sonic vest and around 10 people( I count it XD ) told me “Woow! I love your vest Naomie!!” and “Awww, it’s so cute” and I was like “Daamn, thank yoouu :‘3 ”

Here’s some picture of my vest x) 

I LOVE IT SOO MUCCH !! I received this of Christmas from my mom :3 It cost 100$  :X a big thanks to her <3 hey, even my mother is a Sonic fan xD

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Sonic fans here saying that they get bullied because they love Sonic and/or they are shy to show their love for him in front of their friends…. It makes me feel so sad for those, like really. 
Nobody should hide what they love because of the fear of not being liked! 

I have an advice for you and it really works,believe me ;

Like whatever you like and you don’t have to hide it ! If there is somebody who laughs at you just ignore him or show him(or her) that you don’t even care about what they think. Laugh with them, do whatever that will show that you don’t give a damn about what they say. I swear, one day they will stop and you will win all their respect because they will see that what they say doesn’t affect you and this is what they try to do when they insult you. 
Don’t give up in what you like for assholes like them 
Maybe one day you’ll find another Sonic fan who was in the same situation as you, hiding his love for the blue blur, and will rule the world together. who knows? 

I know how this feeling, when I was younger I was always being bullied but since I do what I said in my advice, NOBODY is unrespectful with me

Be proud of what you like, no matter what it is ! Who cares about what other people think !? Caring about what others say will just make you unhappy and we don’t want this. Show them that Sonic fans are cool af and can beat asses with our super power of teamwork.

“What the heck.. you wasted money for this piece of shit? Between, he sucks now’' 
’'Lool! Yeah, why not bro? If I love this ’'piece of shit” and I enjoy playing games that “sucks” , it’s my problem and not yours dear. :D “ 

in my pictures I look like an ass but hey, who cares!? x)

You are really talented at drawing Sonic characters and it’s one of your passion? It’s AMAZING ! Show people your talent, what are you waiting for?? 
Maybe you don’t even know but some people in your entourage will find this beautiful and will support you ! 
Don’t be afraid to show who you really are 

’'We gotta Live Life to the fullest in the time we have”, we don’t have time for these stupids, right!??! 
I love you ALL , I know you can all do this <3 “Just Smile” and “everything will be okay” <3 x) 

sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors

One of my favorite sections from Neo Romance Festa 9~

This is a really old event but I never get tired of watching it every now and then. One of the reasons is probably this part. When the event was over, the seiyuu went on stage in random pairs and groups. They all did random poses and such but, for me, this one stole the show!

True, I posted some screenshots of this but I thought the actual video would be better, lol. Not to mention just watching this puts a smile on my face, XD.

***Sidenote*** NamiDai carried Hirarin at this event in Dec 2009, after the Love Revo radio series with these two had happened, for those wondering.

when i get my own room im gonna get new rats to celebrate
and since i usually end up leaving one behind when i get 2 im gonna get 3
gonna name them fred, george (weasley twins yknow), and junkrat
also each paycheck for the next 4 paychecks im gonna try to get each rat i have rn checked out cause they be sneezing and if they sick imma separate each one i take care of until they are all better eyy

Thank you so much @positivelypinkie!!!She sent me her old pink mini tree because she was getting a new white one and I am so excited!!! This is the first year I have decorated for any holiday in my room. And even though it’s just a little tree, it warms my heart! On it I put silver beaded garland, pink ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and Palace Pet & My Little Pony blind bag figures! The little skirt is actually from the toddler’s dress up section at Hobby Lobby and is a tutu! I stole the idea to put a big hairbow on top from @positivelypinkie so she gets full credit for inspiring me there!
Definitely not everyone’s taste/style but it’s all just an explosion of pink sparkliness and I LOVE IT!!!

Soooooo Zendaya is 19(20 in a few more days) and she has this gorgeous ass, huge ass, beautiful ass, house. She has a gorgeous ass car. She has just about gorgeous ass everything. (She could potentially have a gorgeous ass man if they stop playing 🤔😏)

My ass is 22 and has a section of house that I’m lucky enough to call my room that has one window, and one plug where I can plug up a tv. No license or a car. No money of my own. Can’t even get a text back.

Fml 😂😂😂😂

Things Sound Good Right Now (2)

Stefan is sprawled out on the couch, feet perched on the makeshift ottoman of a folding chair, idly twirling a drumstick in his hand. Missy sits on the opposite end of the room, restringing her bass, with an unlit cigarette dangling from her lips. Caroline and Jeff are somewhere giving interviews, while the two of them kill time in the green room, their designated preshow ritual because no one cares about the rhythm section.

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I am so ridiculously and stupidly excited about this valance.  I NEVER shop at Walmart.  Ever.  But, yesterday my Mom asked if Elaine and I wanted to tag along because I guess they had a really great deal on pop and she needed over a dozen 2 liters for our Easter dinner on Sunday and for a going-away party she’s throwing for a co-worker today.  Since we we’re moving in just over a week (eight days, yippee!!) I thought, sure, why not.  We grabbed all of her drinks and then started to explore the clearance section.  I couldn’t believe it when I dug this out.  It’s a little damaged in one spot, but nothing that I can’t quickly fix, but for $2.60?  I couldn’t care less!  We’ve been redoing Elaine’s room (and by we I mean my Husband since he’s the only one in Florida currently) in a Disney Princess/How to Train your Dragon sort of theme, since they are her favorite things ever.  Every Princess is easy to find things for except Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana.  Tiana is Elaine’s favorite, hands down.  I managed to find a blanket that has her with Aurora and Cinderella on it, but besides that I’ve come up empty handed.  I did find a few things online, but they were all waaaay over priced, most likely because of their scarcity, and with all these new expenses with the house, we can’t afford that.  Elaine is going to be soooo thrilled that Tiana is making an appearance in her room.  Like, beyond thrilled.  She’s always so bummed when we go to Target or Joann fabrics and she finds tons of Anna and Elsa but no Tiana.  We love all the Princesses, but come on Disney, please represent your princesses equally. 


And here comes the most beautiful exhibition room QAQ

The exhibition room is separated into sections, one for each game, where they put in so much effort in the interior design, making it inclusive of the world design of each game and AND AND ANDDDDD they have a SPECIAL R18 ROOM - Secret Garden, no photography allowed and it’s filled with all the H cut scenes and MOST IMPORTANTLY-  THE R18 AOBA FIGURINEEEEEEEEEE

I completely stopped breathing when I saw that masterpiece, just — its justtttt


—-Exhibition Hall 2 spazzing part 4——–

This is what my textbooks look like.
I do like to own hardcopies of my textbooks, but my “working copy” so to speak is always a comb-bound PDF, duplexed and the size adjusted for maximum margin room. I hate not having my textbooks set up like this so much that I bought a hardcopy of my Diff Eq II textbook and then spent four hours scanning the relevant sections for the semester so I could have it like this.
It’s really great for making frankentextbooks: take the relevant chapters from your assigned text and one or two others that you like/prefer and bind them together. A lot of the time, I’ll have just one frankentextbook of the chapters we’re on in each of my classes so I only have to carry one “textbook.”

Basically, binding your own textbooks is the shit and I don’t know how other people live without doing this.

Dear Transboys.
  • <p> <b></b> If you want to go to bath and body works and get some of the new sprays and lotion and even some feminine body wash. DO IT! No one will stop you. Becouse hey! Guess what? They can't! Just today my mom, my sis, and I went there to get some sick deals. And I went to get my normal shit at the guys section and after I got every thing I fuckin needed my mom came up to me and asked if this smelled good. And holy shit it smelled like fuckin heven. And I was like I need myself some of that, I have a messy room and a stinky cat and shit like that and my skin is like fucking sand paper. So fuck ya.<p/><b></b> But my mom decided to look at me and ask why I was getting girls stuff. And I just looked at her and was like this the best shit I've ever smelled. So I fuckin got it. And sure I got some weird looks but who gives a shit.<p/><b></b> Just do what ever you want.<p/></p>
  • So it was brought to my attention that some people thought I was talking about mtf girls/woman. I guess it could be directed to either gender but when I was writing this I was talking about ftm boys/men. I hope that clears up everything.

How is summer going? Mine has been pretty lame until now, since I’ve been stucked at home, except for a couple of good concerts and tons of movie on my hard disks (the best stuff I’ve seen lately? Probably Green Room, Stranger Things, The Land, King Jack, The Brand New testament, and some decent horror flicks, just ask if you want to known more). The “good” part is that I’ve had the time to complete a few writings I’ve posted here. 

So now in the top left menu, on my homepage, you’ll find the “Interviews” section, where you can find all the interviews I’ve posted, in case you’ve missed one. More interviews will be posted pretty soon…

There is also a link to the “Tattoo Styles” post, cause it’s something people keep ask about. i will probably change it into page with links for all the writings, like the one about first tattoo advices etc.

I’m planning to write more, what would you like the next pieces to be focused about?

Oh and thanks for all the comics advices, I’ve just read Full Metal Alchemist and it was pretty good. Saga will be next, but any advice would still be really appreciated.

(Full Metal Alchemist tattoo from Adam Perjatel)

Life is strange episode 5: my opinion

Okay, I just wanted to share my opinion about the episode. Did I like it? I don’t know. But here’s the things that I did like or did not like at all, together with some unsolved questions I still have.

Things I liked

- The dark room section. Yes it was dark an horrible for Max, but I liked how they portrayed Jefferson. It was super creepy, just the way it was supposed to be.

- Travelling between alternate realities a lot and changing tiny bits.

- Chloe being saved, and Jefferson being captured in at least one reality.

- Talking to Kate and hugging her.

- Max’s speech to Victoria.

- Max wins the everyday heroes contest.

- David saves you. It was kinda predictable but still, it was heroic and awesome.

- Being able to kill Jefferson.

- The way David reacted when Max tells him Chloe died. It was heartbreaking.

- Nathan’s voice mail. I cried. I also loved that it was totally believable.

- The storm part. It felt like I was in a disaster movie and I loved that I could save a lot of people.  

- Being able to talk to Joyce and Frank.

- Finally telling Warren about time travel.

- Finally kissing Warren! (or at least hug him).

- The nightmare section was terrifying. I thought that Max either had died, or had survived and had become crazy. 

- The texts and messages around you were very funny and weird. 

- The backwards part was really cool, especially reversing the song. 

- The things the characters tell you during the hiding part were terrifying and it felt like you were really going crazy.

- When Chloe kisses Warren and Victoria and the conversation with Nathan were so funny. 

- While it was confusing as fuck, the part in the diner showed us what Max thought about the tornado. 

- All the memories with Chloe repeated just felt like a way so you would choose the sacrifice arcadia bay ending.

Things I disliked

- Not being able to talk to Victoria at all during the episode, but mainly while they were in the dark room.

- You can’t save Victoria out of the dark room, she’ll die no matter what. 

- I was pretty pissed when Victoria was in the dark room despite Max being able to convince her to watch out. BUT I understand why this happened as you warned her for Nathan and not for Jefferson, who no one suspected so.

- When Max is in San Francisco, it felt like she forgot about the tornado.

- Also when in SF, she didn’t really check on Chloe (who freaking died).

- Why can’t you tell Joyce about Chloe’s death?

- The nightmare section felt like it was just meant to make the length of the episode longer. 

- In the loop hallway section, why did you play as Victoria? Why not all the characters then? 

- The hiding part felt unnecessary. And what was with the bottles? I get that that section wasn’t fun during the game but it wasn’t a nightmare.

- I didn’t understand the part in the two wales diner.  

- The sacrifice arcadia bay ending: I don’t understand why you would choose this ending. I guess you would if you so desperately wanted a Pricefield ending. But how can you kill everyone in AB? Max’s friends? Warren, Kate, Dana, Juliet,… And Chloe’s mom and step-dad? She should have been furious when Max tore the picture! Chloe said it herself before, she didn’t want Joyce or David to die like this. Why the hell is she happy when they do? It just bothers me so much, Chloe first tells you how you should not save her, but if you do she just forgets everything she says. This ending is so selfish. Also since everybody’s dead, all of your choices didn’t matter. 

- The sacrifice Chloe ending: This was such a hard choice to make, even I doubted for a second. But I just hated the fact that because nothing ever happened, your choices didn’t matter! None of them! 

- Why weren’t there more endings that changed depending on you freaking choices? 

- Why was Rachel Amber not important anymore? The whole game you’re investigating her, and in the final episode all she gets is an optional mention to Frank? 

Questions that remain

- How did Max get her powers in the first place and why? 

- When you sacrifice Chloe, does Max still have her powers? 

- What happened next after Max sacrifices Chloe? And with everyone else? 

- How can Max, no matter what ending, live with all she has seen and done? She must be traumatized as fuck.


I liked a lot about the episode, but it did disappoint me. How can it be that a game resolving around your choices has endings where your choices don’t even matter? And so many things (especially the ending) were so predictable. Also the episode was too short. Anyways, Life is strange is (mainly because of the other episodes) still one of my favorite games ever. 

Earlier I was asked by my sweet friend Sharon @alexsharon2000 to share my Living room for #SmittenWithSpring - I just added our white linen cover to our PB sectional - one of the reasons why I love this piece- Removable slip covers 👏👏- Thank you too Tamara @citrineliving for asking me #widn - just finished dinner with my family and about to get ready to catch up with some tv shows 😉 - I have to say I’m so appreciative to having these 2 sweet ladies here - one day I hope to meet them both 😘😘👆👆 Have a wonderful evening Friends 😘💕 by myhouseoffour


So for 7 years now, taylorswift has been the sunshine in my life. She’s been with me for everything, EVERYTHING. She’s my best friend. She was there when I had no one. She is everything, the world to me. I finally got tickets for June 12th, the first night in Philadelphia. To be in the same room as her is such a miracle, I can’t even explain it. I just want to tell her I love her and thank her for saving my life. It would absolutely mean the world to me to meet my world… I know it’s a long shot but this is my only chance. Taylor, I love you more than life. Thank you. I’m sitting

in section 119, row 3.
7/27/16 - The GazettE - Namba Hatch

Okay so I don’t have a setlist my bad. Also I owe some other live reports and shit so also my bad. This is also going to be vague as fuck because I’m fucking tired and half writing some of this now because I don’t want to forget anything however I just want to say starting off that this was probably legit the most fun I’ve had at a Gazette live so far I was so happy okay. So here’s some highlights:

- @tawananna and I scored side rail by Aoi, like ten rows back maybe? Totally worth there ended up being so much room there I was throwing myself all around all night and it was perfect.

- Okay ngl my number one highlight was probably during Ruki’s MC where he was pumping up the crowd, like doing the thing where he calls on different sections of the crowd to get them to cheer. He started with Uruha’s side and moved over. So okay he finally points to my section and I’m ready and I just ROAR and… No one else did :’D Whooops. Ruki legit stared at me, laughed at me, and then didn’t even bother calling on my section to yell after that ORZ. LEGIT I had a friend there ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VENUE and she was just like ‘that was you???’ lmfao

- Then later during another MC it was basically me and two other people yelling at one point and he just looks at my section with this dumb grin and goes 'anata…’ ORZ pt.II

- Ruki was also just generally super cute tonight I can’t even his MC was so cute and I could actually follow most of it, he was like wow this venue is so wide and a bunch of people were like NO WAY IT’S NARROW. Ruki was flabbergasted and just like 'narrow???? What kind of big bands are you guys seeing???’ and then compared it to Fukuoka Logos which is like half the size. Then he started asking who was from Osaka and who had traveled there and this one girl from the second floor shouted down KOBE and he interacted with her a little and it was super cute.

- During the first encore when everyone came back out and Kai was just starting to pump everyone up, suddenly a girl near the front passed out. Everyone around her flagged staff over and Kai legit stopped immediately and was like 'is she okay???’ and then once she was out he was like 'guys this is fun but please don’t push yourselves too hard okay??’ and then the show carried on it was so sweet.

- At one point Aoi was kind of half hiding at the edge of the stage. I didn’t really think anything would come of it so I peeked around and threw devil horns at him. He pointed at himself with this stupid grin like 'me???’ and I pointed at him like 'yes, you you doof’ and then this went back and forth a few times. I kind of really didn’t think it was necessarily at me but then @tawananna said no one else had their hand up so uhm hey.

- I was actually kind of concerned about Aoi at some point tonight since he stopped playing for a minute like, rubbing at his hand like he was both worried and pained? He went back to playing after a minute so it was probably fine but I was like don’t even tell me he hurt his hand again.

- Reituki moment plus Ruki and Uruha moment in the same song yaaaaas

- The whole band was so interactive with the audience tonight ugh the energy levels were so high it was just amazing I can’t even I was so into it if the Tokyo shows can be like this I’ll be so happy

- Also this is less about Gazette but as we were leaving Revine was in the subway handing out fliers. I just saw them the other day for an in-store and I was just like 'yo, 久しぶり!!!’ and they remembered me and I got a high five from Zero and I was just really excited to see them again.