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Bum’s backstory was always going to be horrific but I think the real tragedy behind this chapter was the fact that he could have had a normal, happy life. Despite the fact all the information came from his uncle I think it’s clear Bum’s father would’ve had a good job, had been raised with affection and I get the feeling he probably loved his wife. If Bum’s uncle’s behaviour this chapter was anything to go by, he probably beat Bum’s mother and that’s why she ran off with his brother. I mean Bum would probably have still had BPD but he wouldn’t have been beaten, starved and sexually abused and I get the vibe his parents were probably decent people.

Another interesting trope Koogi has used this chapter is the idea of the sins of the father. Over the course of the chapter we discover Bum’s beatings are in part due to the fact of who his parents were. Though Bum’s uncle claims his father was the favourite son I’m guessing his own fell out of favour when he married his brother’s girlfriend. At the moment, I’m fairly confident Bum resembles his mother and that’s why his uncle has this overwhelming urge to punish him. Whether Bum’s Grandma ignores her sons actions due to guilt over having a favourite or because she can’t deal with Bum’s criminal record is unclear. I mean she calls him a wicked child so I think it’s a mixture of both, making out that almost everything that happens to Bum is his fault because he doesn’t learn from his uncle’s actions. After hearing the story I wouldn’t be shocked if Sangwoo takes her as a victim as well.

Finally I want to talk about a Sangwoo - after the small snippet we’ve seen of him I feel fairly confident that my prediction he was going to be the one person to react to Bum’s story with sympathy/a need to protect is right. Koogi shows us the minute he snaps. Sangwoo is smart and I think he can read Bum’s subtext pretty well in this situation which is why rather than flying off the handle at being lied too he tries to coax the truth out of him instead. Honestly the screen shot I’ve used of Sangwoo for this post is one of my favourites because it’s so obvious his switch has been flipped but he doesn’t lash out at Bum. The need to protect his property is stronger than his desire to hurt something in that moment which just shows how much their dynamic has developed since the beginning. I also think he looks a little concerned/worried about what exactly Bum is going to tell him so I’m excited to see whether Bum’s story triggers anything about Sangwoo’s
own backstory next chapter.

Person: why are you so bitter?
Me, a mess of trauma and childhood abuse: haha I dunno man

excuse me while I d i e ❤❤❤

(lil bb davo taking even his imaginary hockey games so seriously why does this not surprise me)

So like this is an unpopular opinion, but after yesterday, I finally have a sense of what is going on and what I think they are trying to do.

This is about the boys growing and learning (like I said from the very beginning :)))) ). I’m honestly here for it. Looking back…I can actually see myself enjoying this sl if I were to watch it again.

Does there need to be a baby? No, I really don’t think so. So there are def things that could have not been done or been done better. But that’s really moot at this point.

I really think that Robert has been extremely consistent and in character this whole time. I’ve been drawing a lot of parallels between Aaron/Chrissie and Aaron/Rebecca. Are they the same? No, not at all!! Robert is actually very much in love with Aaron, just for Aaron. He is the love of Roberts life. But that doesn’t mean he is just magically going to treat this relationship completely different from every. single. other one he has ever had.

Robert has really made efforts to change, and in a lot of ways he did. I think both Robert and Aaron thought, like us, that Aaron was the complete exception and that Robert would never do to Aaron what he has done to other people. Well, clearly, that’s not the case.

And it would make zero sense if it was, imo. Being with someone you truly love does not all of a sudden change who you are, how you deal with things, or the things that are so deep and ingrained within you. Robert has ended up doing things to Aaron he has done to everyone else, and for the FIRST TIME EVER he is taking a look at that and saying, “why?” And, “I thought I’ve changed, but did I really?”

These are such important questions to ask. I mean, to me, his change for Aaron was rather drastic and I liked it so I never complained. But this makes much more sense to me, and makes it more about Roberts growth as a person than Roberts growth just for Aaron. If that makes sense.

He is having his mistakes and flaws thrown into his face in HD. He isn’t being allowed to just ignore it like before because he actually loves Aaron and really does want to change.

I don’t know, this post is a mess. But I’m really, really enjoying seeing Robert question himself and who he has become. I’m loving seeing his growth and I love seeing that he didn’t become this just completely different character just because he is with Aaron. That just wouldn’t make any damn sense.


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Spider-Man: Homecoming - International Trailer #3

But, like

what if the season ends with an emphasis on true friendship? Like one that’s intersectional and based on learning more about each other and where you stand. We’re starting to see where Even and the balloon boys went wrong, and even how Sana and Jamilla differentiate in their interactions with non-muslims. I think Sana’s season will end with her finding a balance. Yeah, she’ll have Muslim friends but she’ll still have non-Muslim friends too (just not bad ones). Yousana may not be endgame, but Sana could end up with a whole group of people that’ll stand by her and her religious rights (her family, Noora, Isak, Even) and isn’t that a bit more important that some boy? You can have your ‘happy ending’ w/o being in a romantic relationship…

Breaking down the trailer

The facts:
1. Sana knows Noora’s email address and the password to her account. Let’s be real who can forget that exper5 mess.
2. Sana knows that Isak has messages with Sara where she trashes members of the girl squad (along with other Russ girls in their year).
3. Sana was the one to trip Noora in the season trailer.
4. Sana is currently on the outskirts of her squad, and as we have seen several times over the course of the season her friends tend to overlook the things she says. (Especially when it comes to Sara, who they all seem to trust.)

My theory:
I think there is a good chance Sana is going to use Noora’s account to expose Sara. It would make a lot of sense with everything that’s happened so far, and it would set off the chain. A pearl necklace is often a symbol of status, and the breaking of the necklace could represent both the shattering of the image she’s built up in her head of her relationship with the Pepsi Max girls and the loss of status that will occur when that image is broken.

This might be cheesy,

But I would really love to hear about Even’s dreams and plans for the future. Like at the very last episode, when he is finally done with his 3rd year, I want someone to ask him what his plans are now. I want to hear him talk about what passion and dreams he wants to follow. What’s next in line for him. Will he go to uni? Art school? Film school? Start his own thing? Take a year off?

I would really love to hear that. Because knowing everything he has been through, how he at some point didn’t even want a future. How sometimes even the next day seems like too much to think about. How getting through high school has not been fucking easy. It would just make me so happy to hear him gush about his dreams. To hear him be positive and excited about life and what’s to come.

And while he tells us all this, I want Isak to just look at him with so much pride and admiration. And I will cry.

for those who didn’t understand isak’s newest ig post: 

today is what in norwegian is called kristi himmelfartsdag (in english: feast of the ascension/ascension thursday/holy thursday/ascension day), which is celebrated on a thursday which falls 40 days after easter, and marks jesus ascending to heaven

basically it’s a biblical holiday 

despite norway not being particularly religious, we get this day off from school and work. no-one (perhaps apart from really religious/orthodox people) really celebrates it in any way, so here in norway it’s basically just a random day off to most people. 

isak’s ig depicted jesus “ascending” to heaven by giving him a ‘rocket blast’, and in the caption he told jesus to thank his dad (i.e. God) for the day off.