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(( final request is done!!! @thetrashierpanda requested the batfamily cosplaying a different cartoon so I picked gravity falls since it’s one of my favorites :00 also look I finally remembered to draw Alfred’s glasses how about that

again,, thank you guys so so much for 1000+ followers!!! I’m over 1100 now which is honestly completely unreal and I can’t thank u guys enough for being so great,,, these requests were really fun to do and tomorrow I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled asks!! ^^ ))

i reached 2k followers yesterday and i honestly have no idea what to say… THANK YOU SO MUCH. i’ve never thought this would happen. i hope you’re enjoying your daily dose of harry on your dash :D

so to say thank you, i’m doing follow forever and i’ve tried to include as many people as possible because i really love all my mutuals

(also idk how to make banners so just have a beautiful face of harry)

firstly, a big shoutout to these amazing people. i love you so much and i’m so happy i’ve had a chance to get to know you and talk with you ❤

@magnuslightswood - where do i even start :D our conversations are like 90% harry thirst and sharing our love for this perfect human being. you are the nicest person i’ve had a chance to meet here and i’m so happy we started talking because of your harry gifset that basically killed me haha and all your gifs kill me because they are amazing and so are you ^_^ love you lots ❤

@thirstyalec - you are absolutely the sweetest and by the sweetest i obviously mean the most thirsty haha i love how we always expose each other because apparently we have a reputation haha i love talking to you and i still have no idea how you put up with me haha i’ve said it many times but i love you a lot ❤

@daemonya - ahhh, you are my biggest motivation to continue writing my fic and i have no idea what i’d do without you. i love our talks about others fics because you always have the best recs. and i love talking about literally anything with you because we can never run out of topics :D bonding over healthy relationships is the best way to become friends ^_^ looove you! ❤

@lightwoodclan - MOTHER! should i be worried that my mother is younger than me? :P our convos are sometimes so wild haha but i love you and i love talking to you ❤ even when you’re trying to pretend that you’re innocent haha we know better lmao

@jacehvrondale - i have this huge urge to just send like 5 million hearts because i love you so much ❤ you’re such a sweet and cute person and i’m just so happy that we’re friends. you’re one of the best people i have ever had a chance to get to know

@mrspotterblack05 - it feels like we’ve been mutuals forever and i just love you a lot? ❤ i love talking to you about sh, freaking about literally anything. when something happens, i always go to you because we can analyse literally everything and anything haha you’re always so nice (or salty when there’s a reason :P). i’m so so happy we’re friends ❤

@magnusandalexander - you enjoy way too much exposing me all the time haha but i love youuuuu ❤ you’re so smart and funny. you’re sweet but also super salty (but it’s always justified :P). i have no idea how you put up with me lmao also, your gifs give me life ngl aaaand writing our smut fest was amazing so we should probably go back to it at some point :P

@malecisright - i love writing with you! i love exchanging those cute (or smutty :P) prompts with you. (not so) casually screaming at each other when magnus or alec did something and we just needed to write a short story because we always need more and more :D you’re one of the best people and i love you ❤

@magnusfray - you’re such a sweet person and i love our conversations ❤ your edits are so cute and i’m always in love with them. i even reblog clace for you because they’re just that good haha

@jacelghtwood - bonding over the magicians even though we’re sh blogs? sure, why not :D i love analysing every episode with you ❤ especially when we both can’t stop talking about how amazing eliot is :P i’m so happy i replied to your post that one time because we started talking because of it and it was definitely one of the best decisions :D

my other lovely mutuals who i love so so much (absolute faves are bolded)

a - b
@acoupleofcows@ahrtsyfray @alecgaywoods@alecismyfuture@aleclightwoodlovesmagnusbane@aleclightwqqd@alecmalec @alecsaldertree @alecsplushpillow@alexanderbaens@alexanderbanes@alexander-l1ghtwood-bane@alexanderswarlock @alishawainnwright@alishawanwright@arosendes@alxanderlightwood @baneftglitter@banelights@banesarcher @baneseelie@bee-fabulous@boyfriendsmalec

c - g
@canislytherinthings@caringmagnus@clarystele@clizzyjimon@daddarioll@daddariyos@deamaia@damnmalec@darling-magnus@dimshums@eternal-malec@evak-malec @february22 @ffsmagnusbane@flammenmeer@flirtymagnus@fraywoodbane @gayizzys@glitternsass@gretelsmaias

h - l
@harry-daddario @harryshumjjr@hufflepufflightwood@hoteldumorts@ifellforfandoms@isaaccock @izzybabewoods@jaceslewis@jezthemadficster @justalexanderlightwood@katisith@kitkatmcnamara@kklainesmalec@laurenkmyers @lesbianmaureen@lightwoody @lookingforalicante@loonydru

@magicalmagnus@magnass-babe@magnificentbane @magnificentmalec@magnusandraphael@magnusbae-ne@magnusbaneheart@magnus-banes@magnusizzy@magnuslights@magswoods@magunsbane@maiagarroway@mammafairchild@matthewbane @matthewdaddarino@mattlightwood@mcgnus-bane@meliourn@mgnusbaene@morbidwarlock@mrsblackthorne@mundanelion

n - s
@nephilimagnus@nightfallgoddess@omgharryshumjr@patronuass@patronusmagnus@phildrawsfanart@piesdean@prettylightwoodinspires@pure-magnus@sapphiclydia@shadowstele@shinymalec@simonlevvis@softbimagnus@softdaddario@softmagnusbane@softmags @softpinkjace@softsimon @soulisthirsty@spn-all-around@swishyclang

t - w
@takemystrengthtoo@that-bookish-nephilim@thecassinator@thedownworld@the-host-in-the-pit@thelushfiles@the-magnus-effect@transautisticalec@victaj@vvarlockbane @warlocksarcher@whatwouldmagnusdo@whipsandredlips@winteralec

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I read Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and absolutely LOVED it!! Are there any books you suggest that are like it?

We’ve got a few WICKED READS you might be interested in…

The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Mean girls meets Stephen King in this teen horror. Sofia Flores is just trying to fit in at a new school, but the Devil has other plans. Drawn in by her new friends, she quickly finds herself in over her head in this haunting horror that will keep you up all night…and all the nights to follow. 

Fear factor: high 😱 😱 😱

Skin and Other Stories by Roald Dahl

How would you get rid of a murder weapon without causing suspicion? What if you found out the tattoo on your back was worth over a million dollars? Explore the answers to these questions and more in Roald Dahl’s darkly funny (and lightly spooky) short story collection.

Fear factor: low 🎃 

See our whole list of “2 Spoopy 4 Me” reads here!

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Youre the reason why jikook is so fucking annoying to see now get the fuck out with that shit already with the jikook bullshit im so fucking done lmao it isnt fucking real

With all these different flavors and you still choosed to be pathetically salty :/
Let me clear it :
1- i post jikook moments i don’t invente them so how am i the reason of anything duh
2- i have over 10k people following me do you think because of you im going to stop LMAOOO
3- Sadly to break your heart but no i have no single intention to stop posting and your kind of msg only motivate me to post even more sooo good luck with that :* Even if i really can understand your anger since jikook is sailing af and ended all the ships :’D

Space Ace Stickers! (+ other stickers!)

EDIT: I can’t get the links to work on this post for whatever reason, but I made a new post specifically with only the links to everything in here, so if you search the tag links on my blog, it should pop up! I’ll leave this in the comments as well, so people can see this even if it’s been reblogged~ Thank you!

So if you’re wondering why you were tagged here, you probably reblogged —> this 
And I felt obligated to gather all of you together to update everyone on how you can now officially get these, since so many of you/your followers liked them and left such sweet comments 💜  SO, getting right into it! 

 • Yeah, these are stickers and not buttons. YET! The (short) post explaining why is —> here

 • Once I have another $265 to buy a button maker for 1" buttons, I promise, they’ll be buttons~! In fact, once they’re buttons, they probably won’t be available as stickers anymore. I just decided to make the Space Ace into stickers because they got so popular, and the rest as fill-ins until I design more, better, stickers • Most of these are Space Ace buttons, but the other buttons (Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Wander over Yonder, and Black Butler)  available can be seen —> here and here

 • I’m gonna be honest, the edges on this first batch (excluding the Black Butler stickers) are horrible, and I’m so sorry about that 🙃  I need to do some very simple and quick edits to the PS file before I print out any more, but this is my first time making stickers, so forgive the Learning-By-Trial-And-Error stage just starting out. As I space them better, and save up to buy a circle Matt cutter, the quality will improve~! 

 • They will probably be available through most, if not all, of the summer months, and the remaining spring months, as that’ll be the time I finish up my animation class, and make more things to sell over summer break~ 

 • S+H will be added to the price after they’re sent, because I’m still learning how the heck you figure out adding that stuff into the charge before sending them, but unless you live outside the US, that should be under $10 (also if anyone that does this all the time wants to teach me how to figure that out, you’d be such a blessing, cause I’m horrible at math, and don’t even know what to look for/where to start looking for it to learn :’ ) ) 

 • I do plan to make more stickers/buttons for the LGBT+ community like the Ace ones I made (even if they don’t match the theme), but I have to be very careful, as I’m closeted to the family I live with currently, and still a little ways away from moving out (tho hopefully getting closer to doing that~), so it may be quite a while before I make more, sorry about that :’ ) If you’re not a big fan of the original art I do/fan art I draw for (Yurio on Ice, Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, Star vs, Black Butler, Hamilton, Heathers, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc.), but you want me to tag you whenever I do, at last, make more of those, leave me a CHAT message and I’ll be more than happy to~! 

 • Sameless Advertising below
My YouTube
My Instagram
(all tags under the cut~!)

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How do you get your followers to talk to you? I'm so lonely D:






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team-indigo  asked:

Hello, I hope I'm not being a bother by asking this but, do you have any advice for starting an askblog/dailyblog for the first time? I don't really have any RP experience so I'm not sure where to start. Don't worry about it if you're busy, but thank you for your time!

No problem! I’m happy to help! ovo

Overall you can get a great idea of how to start a successful daily/askblog just by looking through your favorite blogs themselves, but here are some main pointers!

  1. Make your blog a main blog, not a side blog. If your blog is a side blog you won’t be able to directly follow or send asks, which are both huge parts of askblogging/dailying! It’s not a gamechanger but it does make things WAY simpler. 
  2. Pick a Pokemon species that YOU like and that YOU can see yourself being able to draw… a lot. Don’t worry about a species being overused or overrated. Who cares! Just do what you want to do! 
  3. Tag your posts! Personally I tag my stuff after the species, the general pokemon tag and then all my organization tags (#doodle for art, #ooc for out of character posts etc) to keep things easy to sort through and visible, too!
  4. Start simple. You can always add a story later if you want once you have more experience, but it’s always better to work with something simple and fun first to get into the groove of things. 
  5. Send asks and get to know your fellow blogs! 99% of the people in the community will be happy to interact with you, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Streams are a GREAT place to get to know other mods, so I recommend them!
  6. Have fun! And try not to worry about numbers! Generally all blogs start slowly, so don’t get discouraged by note or follower count. Instead work towards content that you can be proud of, and will help you develop your art skills! 

Hopefully this helps! And let me know when/if you start your blog! OvO I’ll be happy to follow you and interact with you!!

//Not quite sure how it happened, but somehow, in just a few short months, I have managed to reach 500 followers?? To be honest…I never expected this! It took me nearly 3 years to reach that many on another blog, not to mention that this blog was started on a whim and I had no clue I’d be here this long! In these past months, life for me, away from the screen, has been a rollercoaster. But developing this blog, this character - getting to interact with all of you - has really given me something to fall back on. The stories we tell, relationships we build, and fun we have is truly an inspiration for me; I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future!

While I am grateful for every last one of you, there are a few I would like to give a personal shout-out, individuals who carry on multiple threads with me and continue to interact despite my inconsistent replies! Not only does Touzoku share a special attachment with their muses, but they are incredible writers who I also consider to be terrific people. ♡ 

@snowflakeryo , @rycubakura , @pxzzlepieces , @monochromaticoccultist , @hostofthering , @thekingofdoorsbitch​ , @lavendereyes​ , @shxdowmonarch​ , @godxofxegypt​ , @xltruistic , @multifxrious​ , @askakefia​ , @showmethehotpods​ , @flossinspector​ , @nose-nippin-fun​ , @corruptedlandlord​ , @chained-by-darkness​ , @hiddenknxves​ , @tongueofmercury

I feel that there’s other people I wanted to add that I’m forgetting so I apologize xwx

Anyway, a biiiiiiiiig thank you to all of my mutuals! You’re all hella rad! Even those who I haven’t interacted with yet, the friends yet to be made that might be on the next milestone post!!

Thanks to everyone who got me this far, it’s been a real pleasure being part of this fandom. ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Happy writing!


Today, a woman insisted that you can’t use regular glitter with resin. You have to use polyester glitter. She then asked me if she was getting the right resin for her project, followed by a number of ridiculous questions on how to use it and literally how to do the project that she wanted to do. 

But sure. You can only use the one kind of glitter with resin. 

It’s not like that’s a medium I work in or anything. 

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Hi Jen, I just wanted to ask you about original work. Like, I want to stop doing mainly fan art, but most of my following is because of it. And whenever I do original stuff no one really notices. I don't ever tell anyone my idea much because I feel annoying, like they don't care. I've been wanting to study animation and actually base my career around my story, but I don't know where to start or how to get people interested. Thank you, love your art, blog, and you! <3

Try and keep a good mix! Like post Fanart still but also like post your own thing too like ‘hey here’s my little idea for this :)’. That way people can still see FANART they fallowed for but also your own stuff gets to be seen. But also like if it’s your PERSONAL blog and not a FANDOM blog then just go for it, it’s you blog ya know?

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hope u werent asked this b4 but i want to learn to make gifs so i can make stimboards for myself but ive tried many ways that other ppl recommended (like ezgif, instagiffer, etc) but im kinda slow n its hard for me to do things w/o a visual guide i dunno why but also w/ tumblr's size limit n framing (whatever that means) it's hard for me to understand how to get the gif right. do u or ur followers know of any guides or anythings? thx!

I looked around but I couldn’t really find a visual guide anywhere? And the ones that I found on google are for programs I’m not familiar with, so I wouldn’t be able to explain it very well! So I made one that describes the way that I do it! ^^ It’s long bc of the pictures, so I’ll put it under a readmore!

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Possible Hiatus- help please

I am generally a positive person and I try to encourage others to be positive and be themselves… but I’ve gotten to the point where I am just tired.

I honestly just don’t know what to do anymore. I love drawing and making people happy with my art, but recently I’ve just felt like no one cares. I put so much effort into my art and I know I still have a long way to go and not everyone likes my stuff and that’s fine, but when I see someones messy doodles/sketches getting thousands of notes while my art struggles to get 50 notes (when I have over 400 followers across both blogs) it really hurts. 

All I’ve been getting lately are a bunch of likes, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them, but its telling me people like my art but it’s not good enough to share with the world. 

So, unless you can tell me what I’m doing wrong, tell me how I can improve so you will reblog my art or the next couple of uploads suddenly get more then a few notes then I will be going on hiatus.

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Why do some people say Apollo and others use Apollon? Or Athena/Athene?

Apollon, Athene, Ira, Haides….those are the transliterations of the Greek names of the some of the Theoi. Transliterate means to transcribe (a word, etc, in one alphabet) into corresponding letters of another alphabet, and it’s slightly different from a translation. As an example, the Greek, transliteration, and translation of Apollon are as follows:

Απολλων- Apollôn- Apollo

There are plenty of different reasons for using either one, and it’s important to remember that neither one is wrong. I try to use the transliteration whenever possible because

  1. it’s closer to the Greek
  2. when I search tumblr for stuff about that Theos I’m less likely to get pjo stuff since they use the translation of the Theoi’s names in pop culture
  3. I just prefer how the transliteration looks

If you’re interested in seeing some of the other transliterations I have a post >over here< that I’ve been working on

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Pal, do you how to make them put my account in their list too? :))))) or can I just send them an ask to kindly put me in their list lmao?

Step 1. Make gifset/fanart/fanic of mon-el getting a lead pipe shoved up his ass (bonus points if it’s Kara doing the shoving)

Step 2. Tag with the following: karamel, mon-el, kara x mon-el, kara danvers/ mon-el, just a cute karamel moment

Step 3: Sit back and relax and let them bait themselves into a fury

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i’m not sure how many greek ovw fans are out there, but here you go fam! some translated junkrat lines (it should be pretty obvious which ones) + a couple of bonuses

sometimes i catch myself hoping we get a greek version of overwatch one day, but then i remember how likely it is to follow the same fate as certain other games that got greek versions, where there’s basically only two voice actors voicing the entire cast andddd

yeah, i just regret even thinking about it x(

the-witch-of-alberta  asked:

What is your favourite part about the witchcraft community? What is your least favourite part? Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your phone!! 😢Hope you can get a new one asap, hon!! 💕

I think I love and hate some of the same things! I love the community of it, how loving and helpful people can be with each other. If someone comes to my inbox and I don’t have an answer for them, the question can get sometimes hundreds of notes of people helping out and giving their opinions and their little wisdoms to help out! 

On the other hand, sometimes it can be such a catty, shady place! I see a LOT of content theft and that makes me so sick honestly! I see a loooot of cultural appropriation also, which if you follow me, you know how crazy it drives me!! And then there are a lot of people who just exist to tear others down and criticize everything. 

It can be a toxic place as much as it can be a wonderful place of growth. You really have to be careful who you befriend, who you trust and take advice from! 

But at the end of the day, I really realllly love this community and I hope that it comes off that way! I spend probably 40-60 hours a week trying to be active, trying to help, trying to put out helpful content, etc for it and I hope that comes across with all the love I intend it to!! 

It’s such a wild community, full of so many different kinds of people who all bring such neat ideas and thoughts to this giant group discussion we have here! It’s amazing, I really do love my tumblr witches. <3

(also no problem ahahah, it could have been something much worse!)