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32 & 30, please

30. You put us both in danger.

32. You’re just asking for it.

“Y/N, don’t pay any attention to them. Just keep driving.”

Y/N was too focused on the black van that was following the young couple in efforts of snapping pictures of them on their day off together. Harry knew he should have drove instead, knowing how heated Y/N became when instances like this occurred. He couldn’t blame her though, the paparazzi had a tendency to always put their lives in danger.

The paparazzi were now tail gaiting the young couple which caused Y/N to increase her speed drastically in order to get rid of them. Obviously, that plan didn’t work as the black van behind them mimicked the same action.

“Love, you’re just asking for it,” Harry brought his hand up to brush his hair back, “driving recklessly isn’t going to solve anything.”

“You’re right.”

Harry flashed Y/N a small smile before he realized the speed of the car slowly coming to a stop, “Love? Wai- no don-”

Y/N rolled her window down as the paparazzi pulled up beside her in the next lane over at the stop sign. Luckily, there were no cars behind them.

“Hey guys, please stop following us. You guys were driving pretty close to our car. There’s just an accident waiting to happen.” Y/N tried to reason politely with them.

Harry leaned forward to look at both men sitting in the van as Y/N spoke.

“Love,” Harry whispered, “they’re recording.” he warned.

Y/N glanced at Harry and gave him a reassuring smile, “It’s okay. I’m calm, I won’t yell.” Harry found her smile to be contagious, as he found himself smiling back at her in a matter of seconds. He leaned forward for the paparazzi to get a better look at him, “we would really appreciate it if you two would stop following us. You put us both in danger, could’ve been a car accident waiting to happen mate” he stated calmly.

“Can we just have one picture of you two? Then we will leave.”

“Please understand that we just want to get home safely. You’re already getting a video of us, I think that’s good enough” Y/N looked untroubled as she spoke.

Both men stared at each other intensely for a few seconds before turning back to Y/N and Harry nodding at their request.

Y/N and Harry smiled and thanked them before she sped off.

just a note to anyone reading the buffy comics for the first time…… season 8 is a mess. you will read it and you will probably think, ‘this is a mess. what am i reading?’ however! it gets better. eventually, the writers kind of find their stride wrt figuring out how to tell buffy stories in 2 dimensions. this doesn’t actually happen til the following season, but! still!

angel & faith season 9 and buffy season 10-11 are the most cohesive seasons wrt storytelling, and are all drawn by rebekah isaacs, who - imo - is the Absolute Best and really captures the likenesses & personalities of the characters you already know & love. please keep reading? <3

tl;dr: send me fic recs! im going to start doing reviews!
send me the title, author and where it’s posted!
-emily (EDIT: I DONT KNOW HOW TO CUT ON MOBILE??) it’s been a hot minute since ive been here last! a ton of stuff has been happening in my personal life (new job! family stuff! excitement!) and now i have a 1.5+ hour commute! im filling that void with fanfic and hamilton, so send it in. im going to do well written (at least a paragraph) of why i would reccomend the fic and what i really enjoyed about it. it’s a practice for me to get better at describing things and a chance for you to get your fanfic reviewed and shown to 9k+ followers!

1000 Follower Lingerie!Tony Fic/Update

I’m feeling better, so posting part one of my lingerie!tony fic today! It got s little out of control, I honestly don’t know how long it’s going to be because I’m having the most fun writing it???

Also, will have chapter Three of Storms up closer to tonight. Trying to edit this fic pretty heavily since it deals with things that are triggers for a lot of people.

Should be posting a new video if I get the time, talking about the “right time to come out” because with it being Pride Month, I’ve received a lot of asks about that sort of thing!

Anyway, excited to post things for you today! Love all my readers/followers!!!!

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i just wanted to mention some good stuff about your blog because i feel like you need some love! <3 i do think you were the first proper bts blog i followed (not counting friend that turned into fans) and even though i am not always active on here, i always love checking up on your account and seeing your content :D i love everything about it from the theme, your gifs (teach me your ways) and how nice you are! i'm not brave enough to get of anon so cx but i hope this makes you smile <3

omg yes this definitely made me smile thank you so much. ladkfjls you are so nice for writing this and it makes me so happy that you think these things. thank you again <33

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈<3


I love talking about myself but somehow simultaneously hate it idk I’m confused on more level than one, sO HERE WE GO

1. I love my sense of humor. I’m goofy and silly and theres nothing that makes me happier than making people laugh. I’m usually the first one to crack a joke at work or home or with friends to ease a tense situation or uplift someone when they feel sad.

2. I am an endless giver of love and help. If you need something, I fuckin’ got you. You need cash? If I have some to spare, it’s yours. You need a shoulder to cry on? Watch me drop what I’m doing to help. Sometimes I get very caught up in the feelings I have for other people that I forget myself, as a co-dependent that grew up in a house full of addicts. But, with age, I’m learning to be a little more selfish, to not always bottle up my feelings for the sake of others. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep the giving part of me that I love so much. Making people feel good makes me feel good. Till the day I die, I want to be a helper. 

3. I’m not always super satisfied with the way I look, but one thing that never changes is my love for my eyes. Green, blue, yellow. I’m truly expressive, but even superficially they’re pretty.

4. I take pride in my work. Sure, I’m a great receptionist, but I absolutely shine as a veterinary technician. I have so much knowledge after years of hard, hands-on learning. I assist in surgery, I draw blood, administer medication, place catheters, I calm nerves and quell concerns of pet owners. As many nurses are, I am the heart of the hospital and my knowledge is powerful, but so is my empathy. 

5. I love my strength. I have, honestly, been through so much shit it’s fucking insane. Growing up in a house full of addicts as child, having your needs neglected, being a parent to your parents, no one hearing your cries for help. It is no fucking joke, and I suffered for the majority of my life. Lived in absolute poverty, struggled to find food and hopped from house to house just to get away from it all. I could have given up at any time and followed in my parents path of destruction, but I persevered and moved out as soon as I turned 18. My struggles definitely didn’t stop there, yet I persevered. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I battle toxic thoughts and struggle with my codependency, but I’m alive and that alone is enough reason to rejoice. I have come a long way, and I know I will become greater.

thanks for asking, bb ;3;

just some thoughts

so…I don’t really talk about personal stuff on here often, but something in my life has been weighing on me lately and I just felt the need to share, and to express my gratitude for how wonderful all of you, my followers, are, and how much I appreciate you. you’ve helped me in ways you don’t even know, and I thought you should know. this is gonna be long and rambly but…i need to ramble.

when I was 14, I thought I had breast cancer. I was in the shower and I noticed a weird…inconsistency in my left breast. not enough to be a visible lump, but enough to be off. So I touched it. and I felt a lump, not a small one either, just under the skin. didn’t hurt. kinda rubbery, like silly putty, but retaining shape. I didn’t know what to think, exactly, but you know how sometimes you get a kind of gut feeling that something is just…wrong? yeah. that’s what I felt then. 

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So it was on my mind for some time now and I decided to share my thoughts with you. We all love when our posts get noticed, when we see how many hearts and comments we received. We appreciate every single follower we have, right? Right. But there is something that bothers me. Not so long ago I saw a post where it was shown a reaction after receiving a like from “popular” blog, like it was the best thing ever, an honor. Sure, we like being noticed by “bigger” blogs but we wouldn’t be here without “smaller” blogs that are our true supporters. Of course “bigger” blogs can be supporters too, not denying that. My point is to treat every follower equally. We all create this community, we are equally important. Every like we receive is amazing. In the end, every blog is the “bigger” one. Love you all! ❤

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prompt lost #2!!

I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?

“Wait, wait, what happened!?” Shawn asked, following you into your bedroom. “I’m sorry, you said what to your teacher?” He asked, sitting on your bed.

You looked at your boyfriend in the reflection of your vanity mirror, and rolled your eyes. “He was going off on how male, teenage celebrities only wanted to get into people’s pants,” you saw Shawn’s jaw tighten, but he didn’t say anything. “So I just said that my boyfriend of four years totally just wants to get in my pants.”

Shawn choked, and stood up, walking over to you. “That’s just a bonus.” He said, smirking.

(wow i actually hate this, but send in some requests!)

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Yandere TFP Arcee?


- She has lost so much in her life, but the moment you had met, Arcee had sworn she would never lose you. Not Ariachnid, not Optimus, not even Megatron can take you away from her. Arcee has found the love she needed in the worst of places.

- You’re the light of her life; something she’s adapted to being unable to live without. She’ll follow you home from school/work/etc to make sure you get home safe, but always makes sure to call you anyway. Can’t be too careful, after all. She’s a shameless stalker, and will blatantly follow you around whenever you’re in the base.

- Despite that, she seems regular. Never acting too creeper-ish to you; the only thing that offputs you is how she follows you around. Eventually you assume she’s just being protective.

- You eventually give her a nickname. “Mamma bear”. For more reasons than one, she’s definitely endeared by this; you care about her enough to give her a nickname, as well as one that basically means “protector”. Due to this, she coincidentally becomes more protective. The stalking game went from a 10 to 100 r e a l q u i c k. 

- She starts courting you 4 months or so into her little “obsession”. Flowers, gifts, poetry; anything she thinks you’ll love. If there’s someone bothering you? She’ll kill them, and use their blood to write you a love letter.

(yes, i went there)

- Eventually, once she does get you to fall in love, you’ve become inseparable. She adores you, and you adore her. There’s nothing else she could want in life than your love. (even if you will only last 60 or so years.)

How the turtles react to their s/o volunteering with kids:


Requested by: Anonymous

So, I volunteer with a bunch of kids and whenever I walk in they get super excited and yell Ms. (Name)! And they swarm me. So, how would the fellas act if they followed their s/o to a daycare or classroom and saw this?

“Thanks Casey!” You call over your shoulder, carefully slamming the door shut as you make towards the brightly lit building in front of you. 

It was an evening daycare that you volunteered at several evenings a week. It wasn’t because you, necessarily, felt any obligation to do so, but more you felt the kids deserved someone that wanted to be there, rather than some preppy cheerleader looking for something that would look good on a college application, rather than something they cared about. Like you.

Casey had been giving you lifts to work because A) you can’t drive, nor is anyone you know old enough or capable to, and B) because the turtles don’t know, nor do you want them to. They would no doubt tease you to no end, and that wasn’t really something you were in the mood to endure, not after an arduous couple hours playing with toys and toddlers. You understood you’d have to tell them eventually, but that time was hopefully a long way off.

“Hi kids!” You chime, walking into the colourful room you’d become so acquainted with. And there they were, about 15 kids, of all ages, smiling like neon signs as you entered the room.

“MS Y/N!” They all scream and cheer, those that are able to walk began to crowd over to you excitably, while those that could not climb to their feet so enthusiastically on the comfortable mats, clapping eagerly. It was a nice feeling, children being so happy to see you, and desperate to gauge your attention and get you to play with them. No matter how tiresome it was after a couple hours, it was still a good feeling nonetheless. 

When you finally got back to the lair, you were tired and coloured in paint. You’d have lied to the turtles that you were babysitting for a friend, except they didn’t give you half the chance.

“MS Y/N!” They screamed upon you entering the dojo, before bursting into raging fits of laughter. 

Rolling your eyes, you dump your bag, irritably, beside the door, and fold your arms. “Ha ha, very funny.” And though you played announce, it was pretty humorous, and for once it was a nice to not come home and have to lie about where you’d been - no matter how embarrassed the boys would make you feel, having discovered your whereabouts. 

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tbh it'll either be worse than season 2 or better than season 1, I feel (but the last preview gives off the season 1 vibes so I hope...)

i think season 3 will be different because there’s gonna be a lot of shake-ups and new characters. we get to see the paladins dealing with a new villain who seems more dynamic than zarkon (willing to chase them and/or face them more directly instead of staying in his ship all the time), the paladins struggling with the loss of their leader and being therefore forced to switch lions and the inevitable conflicts that will follow, keith dealing with the new leader position, what happened to shiro, allura stepping up to be a paladin etc etc. i don’t know about you but i’m very excited to see how it all plays out. now, i might be completely wrong and everything we’ve seen so far is a giant mislead and shiro’s disappearance is solved in like the span of 2 episodes, but for now i’m judging things from what we got and they seem promising.

I followed something like 100 people in the last 36 hours many of which I’m pretty sure aren’t mutuals (which isn’t something I particularly care about, but appears? to affect how some people interact–but I don’t pay attention to it really so I just. say shit)

anyway, I’m riley I like liam/scott and I sometimes reply to every text post I see hope you like it here

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Hey! I don't know if your other non-usa followers who wanted to see newsies know but someone managed to get the whole thing on youtube at "Newsies: The Broadway Musical (Full Live Performance, 2017)" I remembered that you were trying to share it so I thought you could pass it on??

Thanks Anon! ❤︎

UK and International Fansies: Newsies is available for Pre-Order apparently! Please try and purchase it when you can!

By purchasing your own copy, you’re supporting the possibility of filming future broadway musicals and showing how important these recordings are to people across the globe. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and purchase it when you’re able. It could really be a turning point for the potential accessibility of future shows! ❤︎

"You are my reason" || Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N – hey, so the other could be up tonight, maybe tomorrow, it depends how late I stay up, but I promise it’ll be up tomorrow if not tonight. Honestly guys, I can’t thank you all enough for over 40 followers already! You are all amazing! I’m sorry this one is only small, but I hope I did ok anyway!

- E x

— Y/N’s POV —

A year ago today I got married to the only person I’ve ever loved, Jack Maynard.

We’ve been together for 7 years and married for one, which is mad. No one ever thought he’d get married at twenty one, no one ever thought I’d get married at twenty.

No one ever thought I’d be pregnant at twenty one.

We were in the living room in our new apartment, dancing away to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, talking about what it would be like to be parents in another two months.

Being seven months pregnant was hard, really hard. But with Jack, it was ok. He understood when I was moody, bought be food when I was craving it, hugged me when I cried. He was amazing, and he was going to be the best dad ever. And he couldn’t wait.

“And when it arrives, I’ll get up in the night, you’ll need to sleep. You’ll have just given birth, I’ll do it.” He says, again going into his train of thought about this child.

“You can’t get up all the time though, we should share it… It’ll be hard.” I say, placing my hands on his shoulders softly whilst still swaying to the music.

“I know, I mean. We are young, like everyone says but we are settling down, for gods sake we’re married now!” He excitedly whispers to me, flashing his perfect teeth at me and leaning down to rest his forehead on mine, before kissing it lightly.

This man, was called a player, 'the guy who will never settle down’, things like that. And out of all of his friends (the 'Buttercream Squad’) he was the first to settle down, even the first to get a permanent girlfriend. He tells me all the time that I toned him down, made him realise that it’s not all about partying and getting drunk.

“When she arrives, a little you, everything will be perfect. The rooms all painted, the cots set up, we have clothes. Everything. It’s going to be amazing.” He says, looking down and my stomach as his eyes that used to be full of lust, are now full of love.

When I told him I was pregnant, he cried. Yep, Jack, the supposed player, got me pregnant and cried. In happiness, obviously. It was a few months after we had gotten married, and I’d found out. It wasn’t planned, but we also didn’t want to get rid of it. We had a conversation about what was best, because we are very young, but we were excited, we had the money to support it and the space. So we started our family.

“Yes, everything will be absolutely amazing, Jack.” I say, as the song starts to end and I get kicking pains.

Jack helps me lay down on the couch with my head on his lap, placing his hands on my belly.

“Hey little lady. Everything’s ready for you, a couple more months and you can come see us in person, and everything is going to be brilliant. We’ll watch you grow up, say your first word, start walking, go through school, get your first boyfriend - which, I’ll make sure he’s a gooden, because if he hurts you I’ll eat him!” He whispers, adding a funny voice on the end, earning a giggle from me.

“Eat him?” I say, falling into a state of uncontrollable laughter at the fact he’s just threatened to eat someone.

“Hey, it’s the first thing I could think of!. So yeah, little girl. It’s daddy, and no one will hurt you. Me and mummy will make sure of that.” He says, leaning down and placing a small kiss on my stomach.

“You never did need a reason to be weird.” I say, looking up at him, feeling full of love.

“You, are my reason.”

well then.

100+ followers. How the fuck did I even get that much-

anyway, I’ll doing a group picture based off of this: 

sorry that it’s limited to 5 people to be in this group picture (I’m taking the 6th one), so first come, first serve. Just reblog this post if you want to be in this group picture. However, you need to at least have one pokemon muse (or something) that you’re using, own an ask-*insert pokemon here*, daily-*insert pokemon here*, or anything similar to that, and…..that’s it. You don’t need to follow this blog. When you reblog this post, leave a reference of your pokemon muse and choose which….uh…person in the picture you want to be I guess? 

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I'm sorry some people act entitled about your blog content, those are always the worst. This isn't your job, you post what you like! If people enjoy like 99% of your content, that's great, but it doesn't entitle them to yell at you about your 1% or heck, any part of it.

Thank you! I appreciate that. 

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I suppose it’s all part of running a page that gets a lot of daily traffic. Not all people see eye to eye on everything - which is fine - but I will not be capitulating to anyone on how I run my page. I don’t ask people to follow me, they are free to leave if they please. I would rather a following of a few who genuinely appreciate the things I appreciate than a huge mass of people who I feel the need to pander to. 



Anyways, thank you so much! Remember that my ask is always open. Anon is always on, so no matter how shy, you can ask me anything. I love getting messages from you!

From Muse and Mod, thank you. To the next 100!

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Thank you!
*Just a small warning, this’ll probably be a long post*
I reached 2000 followers and I’m really surprised how big my blog has gotten!
I started about a year and a half ish ago just because i saw that nobody posted about HCS new girl reveals, so I just started posting HP art and HCS reveals for fun. I even got a laptop just to buy huniepop, (which I have 100 hours in) and watched streams of the HCS artist drawing outfits and just being genuinely excited for Huniecam
And I started getting followers and I really appreciate all of you!
Especially big fans of my blog who like every post! (Thank you Rawberry and lapis-likes-pancakes!)
I’ve met great people and imma shout them out real quick
First off, @shipping-nonsense and @dokidokiluna for making incredible art! everyone should follow them!
@theeldritchprince who has commissioned some other artists some cool hunie pics and @lovehinadude28 who’s doing a little story for hunie, I’ve really enjoyed it so far!
@xenethis-chimera , a friend who I talk to, and being cool when I forget to text back all the time 😭
@theskykid for being really sweet! They’ve done a little Audrey cosplay and other stuff too!
@leanbox-skies , who has a lot of the same hobbies and interests and listens to me ramble about everything
@flyingthroughthemoonlight for being one of the first followers and talks to me about hunie headcanons and just being a great person
And lastly, my bestfriend @squeaky-pickle ! He’s another one of the first followers and we talk everyday and I can’t imagine a day without him! Thank you man!
*And huniedev cause ya know, this blog wouldn’t exist without him, he’s really chill and funny*
If I didn’t make this blog I probably wouldn’t have met all these amazing people, and I know this post was cliche and very oscar award speech-y but I dunno, I’m cliche af ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Definitely follow all of those people! some are nsfw so proceed with caution
Thank you for reading, sorry it was so long and not being so active, but eventually I’ll pick it up!