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DeanCas Coda: 13x06

Castiel is still staring at the table when Dean goes looking for him, four hours later. He’s got that look on his face, the lost, devastated one, where his eyes get all big and blue and mouth turns down in a subconscious pout.

Jesus, the last time Dean saw that look, it’d followed the words you can’t stay.

Cas’s here now, though. Alive. He’s… flesh, and blood, and he–he’s warm. All the shit that’s gone down in the past 48 hours and Dean remembers, vividly, that he’s warm. The thought causes his heart to skip a beat, sweaty palms rubbing against his the softness of his boxers as he pads up to the table. Of course, he’s worried about the kid, too. He’s just—he’s processing. Everything.

But especially Cas.

Fuck, he was such a fuckin’ goob in that goddamn motel room. Even now, he feels his cheeks heat at the manic way he’d bounced from picture to picture, mouth running a-mile-a-minute with useless facts. And it’s not that he’s embarrassed that he likes cowboys—Lord knows Castiel had been well aware of that before he’d kicked it—it’s… well…

Where do they go from here?

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Book worm girlfriend was a huge success for blurb night so here’s an Imagine about it. 

They’ve been stopped at this Laundromat for two hours. It’s late, gotta be getting closer to one in the morning and it’s completely empty. 

He’s been trying to find something to entertain himself. He checked everything on his phone, read through a few magazines, but now he’s ready to be entertained. 

She’s just over there, reading a book, looking cute as shit. 

“Babe.” He says, voice low, almost as if he has to whisper because of how quiet it is in the place.

“Hmm?” She asks, not looking up from her book.

“Babe.” He says again, moving closer to her.

“What?” She asks, still not looking up, too lost in the world that she’s in. 

“Babe.” He whines, looking at her with puppy dog eyes.

“What Shawn?” She asks finally looking up at him.

“Can you talk to me or something?”

“What?” She giggles at his question.

“I’m bored.” He whines.

“I’m sorry, I told you to bring your guitar.” She says shrugging, looking back at her book. 

He just watches her, watches as her eyes dance from side to side as she reads each line. How her eyes light up, and she smirks at what’s shes reading. He’s not done bugging her though. Would never be done bugging her.

He takes the book from her hands and she gasps. 

“Wait Shawn.” She protests as he walks away from her. “Shawn!” She’s annoyed now.

“Hmm?” He mocks her.

“Give me my book back!” 

“Why? You should be just as bored as I am.” He says turning to face her. She stops short, eyeing the book in his hand. She’s trying to come up with a plan so she can get her book back from him. But he watches her, watches how her eyebrows come together, her lips seal together in a tight line. 

The washer their using beeps, and they both look over.

“Shawn I promise I won’t read anymore, I’ll talk to you. Can you just give me my book back.”

“No can do Babe.”

“Shawn, I don’t even know what page I’m on.” She whines, reaching for her book but he holds it above her head.

“That just means you get to read it again.” He shrugs. She glares at him, a warning, but he doesn’t listen to it. He shuts her book and puts it on top of on of the washer.

“SHAWN!” She says voice high pitched and he can’t help but snicker as he watches her eyes blaze with anger. 

He know’s better than to mess with one of her books, those are sacred like how his guitars are. But he wants to push his limits, wants to get under her skin. Get her all worked up, hot and angry. It’s a turn on. 

“Fuck you.” She mumbles as she goes to the beeping washer, opening the door in a huff. She’s a lot angrier than he expected her to be. She moves the clothes to a dryer and then grabs her basket and throws her clothes that are left to be washed in the washer.

“Here.” He says, taking his shirt off. “Can you wash that too.” 

“You are seriously going to sit hers shirtless, what if someone comes in.”

“It’s like one in the morning Babe, who’s coming in here?” 

“I don’t know, a couple that has been traveling around the world for his world tour?” She shrugs, taking his shirt and putting that in the wash too.

“A cute couple,” He grins, walking behind her. He kisses at her cheek and frowns as she moves away from him. “Hey, come back.”

“Don’t feel like being kissed.” She grumbles.


“You just lost my fucking page Shawn.” She says looking at him over her shoulder.

“Still on that.” 

“Yes I’m still on that, that’d be like if you were in the middle of writing a song and then I took your guitar away so you couldn’t finish.” She says crossing her arms. 

“I’m sorry, I was just joking around.” He says slowly moving closer to her. 

“It wasn’t funny.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” He says touching her softly, pulling her into him slowly. “It’s just really hot when you get mad like this.” He grins. She whips her body around and glares at him.

“How dare you.” She points at him, he smiles and leans down connecting their lips.

All her anger melts away, lips following in the rhythm he’s created. Their in sync with each other, he’s pushing her up against the wall. She smells of fabric softener, and he grins against her lips remembering how he chased her around throwing it at her like they were snow balls. 

“Babe how many do you put in here.” He asks opening the box of fabric softener. 

“One will do.” She says looking up from her book. 

“Are you gonna put that book down?” He asks.

“I did my job, started my load.” She shrugs. He glares at her, but then looks back down and smirks at his idea. He takes four fabric sheets and wads them up into a sad looking ball but uses it anyway. He tosses it over and it hits her in the face and then lands in her lap. 

“Hey.” She says looking up. He laughs and throws another ball. This hits her in the face again and she gets up, holding her thumb to keep her place in her book. She runs away as he continues to throw fabric softener at her. “Stop Shawn.” She giggles, hiding behind the dryers. 

“Put the book down.” 

“Shawn.” She whines. 

“I need to start this load.” She says between kisses. 

“It can wait.” He responds.

“No it can’t.” She pulls away. 

“Yeah it can.” He says pushing her back against the wall, moving between her legs. 


“What about your bra? That needed to be washed right?” He says kissing her jaw as his hands slide up her shirt. She shivers at his touch and nods, swallowing thickly. He undoes the hooks in the back, and it pops open. She reaches around him and pulls the strap off under her sleeve. She does that to the other side and he catches the bra as it falls off her body. 

Their still kissing as he holds her bra in one hand. He lets his other hand rest on the small of her back. She pulls away, pushing him away. 

“We have to start um the next load.” She says trying to regain her balance. Her head is spinning, and she feels uneasy as she stands on her own, him no longer holding her up. 

 He watches her with a shit eating grin on his face, knowing he’s done that to her. 

She puts her bra in the washer, starting the load. Shawn picks her up, sets her on a dryer and stands between her thighs. 

“You can have more kisses when I get my book.” She bargains with him.

“Hm, but I was just gonna talk.” He hums, smirking at her. She rolls her eyes and looks over his shoulder at her poor book sitting on top of the washer. It’s too high for her to reach and he know’s it, why he put it up there.

“What are we talking about?” 


Their kissing again, talking didn’t last long. Not when he was staring at her lips, licking and biting his. He’s getting handsy again, but she’s not stopping him. Not stopping him from slipping his fingers under her shirt, sliding up to her boobs. Well she wasn’t stopping him until someone came into the laundromat. They jump apart as someone clears their throat. 

Geoff. Geoff stands there, arms crossed, glaring at the blushing couple.

“Are you finished with the clothes?” He asks, voice booming. 

“Yeah.” Shawn says looking over at the washer and dryer they were using. 

They both work together to quickly throw all the now clean clothes from the dryers into the to go hamper bag they have. 

Being caught, they both are blushing a deep red. Geoff just watches them as they grab the clothes. She grabs her bra some the pile that Shawn grabbed and runs off the bathroom to go put it back on. Shawn grabs a shirt and puts it on over his head and then slipping his arms in. 

 He looks over at Geoff and raises his eyebrows.

“What the fuck?” 

“We need to leave.” Geoff says angry.

“Then fucking call me.” Shawn says slamming the dryer door shut. “No need to be a fucking cock block.” 

“That’s what I am?”

“Yeah, so thanks.” Shawn sneers. She comes running back out and takes Shawn’s hand as they walk back to the bus. 

Three blocks and a right turn, right back to the bus that houses The Shawn Mendes as he tours the world. Goes from show to show.

They are climbing back on the bus, giggling now at the fact that they got caught. The bus takes off and she looks up at him in horror.


“My book.”

And sure enough, sitting on top of the 6th washer in the 24 hour laundromat is her book. The corner of page 237 sloppily folded over in a sad attempt of a boyfriend trying to save the page of his girls book. 

Resolving Issues -- Steve Harrington

Written by: @strangerhennig

Requests: “Imagine idea: Being Dustin’s sister and initially thinking Steve’s an asshole but falling in love with him through out all the events with the kids (let’s imagine she’s with them the whole time).” “can u do steve harrington smut ? can it also be like you two “”hate”” each other but obviously have feelings but are too hard headed to admit it please and thank u” "Can you do a Steve imagine where you’ve always liked him but he always liked Nancy and when all the stuff with the kids happen your there and he realizes he likes you”

Warnings: Smut!!! (16+) cursing, oral sex (male and female receiving), spanking

Pairing: Steve Harrington x female!reader

Summary: You and Steve are constantly bickering in the tunnels of the Upside Down, but once the two of you are out, so are your true feelings, which leads to a lot of frustrations to be released.

Word Count: 3,336

Listen To: Methyl Ethel - Ubu

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So, um... Hawker... I'm kind of curious: how do you decide which asks to include in ADV? I'm sure other people are curious, too. -Jason the Anon

it’s randomly, and it also depends if it can make it for a good post or a way to follow up the “story”. Another good thing tok get an ask featured is NEVER begging for it

hiii we hit 1.7k yesterday (tysm??) and i just wanted to do something for that so i’m doing aesthetic blogrates for the first time ever yikes because i always find them so fun myself ! it truly means the world to me to have you people interacting with me and my blog, i honestly don’t know how to thank u enough. i can only hope my blog gives you as much joy as it does for me!

(you can blacklist #jennadoesblogrates if u want + thanks @cityofdan​ for insp. ilu)

here’s how u can get a blograte:


  • mbf me  💛
  • rb this post (so more people can see it)
  • send me an ask specifying it’s for a blograte (if u want it for a sb, mention this in your ask)
  • plz don’t let this flop thanks u

format under the cut:

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If you’re still doing the prompt list: “Don’t cry. Everything’s going to be okay.” Ladrien (because Ladrien is best ship) ✨

Ladrien is such a beautiful ship. It is the sweet, blushy ship and I love it. <3

“Don’t cry,” Adrien said, hands waving over Ladybug’s hunched form helplessly. “Everything’s going to be okay.”

She sniffled and wiped at her nose with a disgusted sigh. “I’m sorry. I don’t usually get like this. Today has just really sucked.”

“Everyone has bad days.”

“Even handsome models?”

Adrien blushed and Ladybug covered her face. “I can’t believe I just said that,” she groaned.

He laughed, pulling her hands away. Her skin was mottled and her eyes red from crying. “Even big dorks,” he amended.

“You aren’t a dork,” she pouted.

He laughed again and it was a warm sound that filled Ladybug’s heart. “I’m a huge dork but it can be our little secret.”

She smiled. “I won’t tell anyone, promise.”

“Good,” he nodded, face serious. “That’s important information that can’t get out.”

Ladybug giggled and primly wiped at her nose with a tissue. 

“See? That’s better,” Adrien smiled. “Why don’t you tell me what happened to make today suck so much?”

“There wasn’t even one big thing,” she huffed, throwing her hand up. “It was just a lot of little sucky things that culminated into one big sucky feeling and bleh.”

“Very eloquent,” he teased. “What can I do to make today less sucky?” He glanced at the clock on his bedroom wall. “Well, what’s left of today anyway.”

“It’s late. You probably want to get back to sleep.” Ladybug tried to stand but Adrien gently grabbed her hand.

“I’d love it if you stayed a bit longer, if you’re up to it, that is,” he said, face hopeful.

“How could anyone say no to you?” She sat back down on the couch beside him.

“It actually happens quite a bit,” he replied with a wry smile. “Now what can I do to make today less sucky?”

“You’ve already done it,” Ladybug said softly, glancing down at their joined hands. 

Adrien’s gaze followed hers and his cheeks warmed. “I’m so glad you came by.”

“I am too.”

“I kinda had a sucky day too,” he admitted, “but now that’s not what I’m going to remember about today.”

Ladybug felt her breath catch in her chest. “It isn’t?”

“No,” he replied, voice quiet as he rubbed his thumb across the back of her gloved hand. “I’m going to remember today as a very good day.”

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❄️christmas time❄️

it’s almost christmas, guys! just because i don’t talk to everyone i follow/follows me here, doesn’t mean i don’t want to give y’all a lil somethin’, somethin’/a gift. :)

 sooooooo, @spider-boi and i came up with a very, merry chariss-mas i’m totally joking, it’ll just be ‘christmas with char & bea’. 

we will be: 

  • making digital christmas cards 
  • including a little something extra/special for each individual card

something extra may include:

  • moodboard
  • playlist (either you + a boy, or just for you)
  • blurb
  • something else we haven’t thought of yet*

*these are not things you can request, what you get is randomly selected by us

how to enter: 

  • like OR reblog this post (you don’t have to reblog, likes are fine)
  • since this is for our followers, it would be nice if you were following us, but it’s christmas, so we just want to spread the joy xoxo
  • inbox me OR bea ( @spider-boi ) (one thing per person, if you inbox me, don’t inbox bea or vice versa please) the phrase “for christmas” (please do not send us a private message, messages sometimes don’t work when we receive too many of them, so there isn’t a guarantee that we’ll see it)! 
  • you have to send an ask to us OFF anon, so we know who we’re sending the card/extra gift to.
  • this is open to anyone, don’t feel because we don’t talk you can’t send us one.
  • this is also open to our friends who don’t feel comfortable sharing their address with us!

THE DEADLINE is going to be december 1st (the last day you can send in an ask). we will begin sending them on december 11th all the way until the lead up to christmas!

idk where this fandom gets off on somehow being above requesting harry’s songs or voting for awards but it ain’t cute

harry can do all the promo in the world but it still won’t matter unless people actually stream/buy/request the songs?? didn’t we all beg for kiwi to be released as a single? and yet no one wants to do anything to help it climb the radio charts??? 

go check out twitters like stylespromoteam harryonradio stylezpromo to see how you can request kiwi by either tweeting, texting or using mediabase

or you can go here and fill in your name + follow the one simple instruction at the top to request kiwi at all the top 40 mediabase places 



y’all didn’t think i was done celebrating 1000, did you? while i’m gonna get started on the blog rates tomorrowwwww, i’d thought i’d do a little follow forever to call out some of my very favorite people on here <3 this post is gonna be a little jank because i do not know how to do cute little formatting but here we go! 

to start, here’s a little more personal things for my absolute faves:

@eggo-wheeler oliver, p sure you were my first close mutual on here and ily so much, for always supporting my shitposts and answering my ridiculous questions and overall just putting up with me <3

@richietozivr ashlee ily even though i suck at conversation and i love seeing you in my notifications

@steves-ego LESLIE you’re the gal i went to screaming about my first date and the one i can talk to about steve in leg warmers god I LOVE YA


@clericwill you a rat but u cool ig (ilysm bree)

and here are some of my fave blogs, in no order! ily all!!

@willbylers @mikebyler @reddieinthestars @stilinski-martin @januaryemberss @eddiesangels @eddiesfear @hidingincastlebyers @dadhopper @alltoowheeler @metaphoric-blast @stevesbi @billbenbev @trashys @achulexi @scorpiojoyce @whheeler @lesbianmayfield @upsidesdown @rememberingtozier @softie-eddie @oheds @milliesbobby @themikehanlon @eunoiafinn @darcemontgomery @80smikewheeler @kaspbrck @stenbrhoe @mouthbreathingwastoid @steve-harringtwin @zaldrizess 


(if i forgot anyone i’m so sorry)

shikitoga  asked:

Just curious how did you choose the name Jelloapocalypse?

I get asked this one a lot.

Back in my early internet days I used to follow an animator named LegendaryFrog. Really liked his stuff. I wanted a name that had the same kind of rhythm that his did. Around that time a friend and I had played the game “think of the dumbest way the world could end”, and mine was “Giant Jello molds raining down from the sky and crushing everyone. That’d be pretty stupid.”

No more depth to it than that, really.

If I could change it now, I’d probably swap my username to FullTimeBurden (which is a Sly Cooper reference) just because it sounds better to me as a brand, though I do really like the nickname “Jello.”

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"You seem happy.. it's good to see you smile." Sam knows. Sam SO knows. They did a whole scene just to show how totally Sam knows. Sam's so smart and supportive (and done with them.) I love it. :)

OF COURSE Sam knows!!!! It took this emotional journey for him to really Get It, but he saw how Dean’s grief operated and it was different from his own. This caused some friction between them in the earlier episodes, but he’s figured out what that difference MEANS by now. He’s on board. He gets it. He got hit by the clue bat.

I’m glad that little scene worked its way in there.

ok im gonna spill… i dont think you guys are fully grasping the whole heiman situation. and im not saying it’s like. obvious or whatever (to me it is bc ive been in a relationship like that before) but like. people are starting to hate heidi as a chara now bc of how shes acting. and you have to understand she doesnt Want to willingly be like that. she doesnt want to be eric. she wants to be herself. but with eric manipulating her at almost every second, and her friends constantly shitting on her All the time, and everyone just telling her “your bf sucks” “what is wrong with you” its stressful. also. Shes fucking 10. like seriously. she has no idea. shes oblivious. shes going along with what eric does because she loves him. she thinks he knows whats best. in the beginning of their relationship he often took lead, telling her “youre smart and funny” things like that. and she believed it! and now that eric is whispering all these little lies to her and conforming her into practically, Himself, she has no other instinct other than to follow. its an abusive relationship and thats what trey is trying to represent. i also read an eric analysis the other day kind of saying he destroyed his relationship bc he couldnt believe someone could love him. because he was. Himself. you know. he thought heidi was lying. (not necessarily what butters told him, bc remember he tried to deny it) i think this plays into how the relationship is going now, where eric is making her, Him. then, maybe, he can finally get himself to believe someone would love him (i mean, if someone is as shitty as cartman, why wouldn’t they love him?) and im not saying this excuses her actions, you know being a bitch and all. but its not her fault and you shouldnt be blaming her for it. Anyway. Thanks

as requested by anonymous, here are are a few words/phrases for giving directions in german!

rechts - right
links - left
zu deiner/Ihrer Rechten/Linken - to your left/right
auf der rechten/linken Seite - on the right/left side
geradeaus - straight ahead
gegenüber (von) (+ Dat.) - opposite (of)
neben (+ Dat.) - next to
an (+ Dat.) vorbei - past 
vor (+ Dat.) - in front of 
an der Ecke - at the corner
da vorne - over there

die Straße - street/road
die Kreuzung - intersection, crossroad
der Kreisel - roundabout
die Ampel - traffic light
die Unterführung - underpass
die Überführung - overpass
der Zebrastreifen - zebra crossing

der Straße folgen - follow the street
die Straße entlang - down the street
am Ende der Straße - at the end of the street
rechts/links abbiegen - turn right/left
nach x Metern - after x meters
die (erste/zweite/…) Straße rechts/links* - the (first/second/…) street to the right/left
die andere Straßenseite - the other side of the street
die Straße überqueren - to cross the street

Entschuldigung, könnten Sie mir bitte sagen, wie ich zu A komme? - Excuse me, could you please tell me how to get to A?
Entschuldigung, könnten Sie mir bitte sagen, wo A ist? - Excuse me, could you please tell me where A is?

*) colloquially, you might hear someone leave out the “Straße” in there and just say “die zweite links” (the second to your left) 

ladydarklink  asked:

I just wanted to ask how you can be so talented and awesome? XD I check every day to see if you've posted another update and every single one of them are gold!

*nods head* Hmm hmm. Well, I’m awesome from birth, and “talented” because I work at it ;D. No but seriously I don’t work nearly as much as I should to get to where I want to be, so I just gotta keep at it. Thanks for following my stuff!

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for someone who wants to expand their audience when it comes to fic writing? I have a small following and I find it rather difficult to get my work across to people. It would be a great help! Thank you.

hmmm so i don’t know how helpful i can be, but here’s what i’d recommend.

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destinymonay  asked:

How can you follow your dreams if you don’t have the right tools, meaning, financially struggling, not the right connections and just struggling with not being able to put your dreams first?

Good question. If you don’t have the finances, creativity is most important. When I got my first my restaurant I always spent too much money, but with the second one I was smarter with my funds. The best thing for someone to do is to look into the most cost effective way to get your dream up. Get the attention – if your product is good then you’re going to get someone’s attention. Keep working and believing in yourself. 

So due to something going down in my old fandom today, I want to bring something up.

I’m 23. Which is kinda on the older side of the age spectrum in this fandom. A lot of the lovely people I see posting content and the people I follow are younger than me, so I want to speak to you guys directly.

If, at any point, I or another older fan, make you, a minor, feel uncomfortable in any way because I’m older, you have EVERY RIGHT to end the relationship and keep yourself safe.

If anyone on this site who is an adult, no matter how old they are, ever tries to push you to write something explicit or draw something explicit or god forbid engage in explicit conversation with them, please, PLEASE, get away from them. Do not do anything you are uncomfy with. You have no obligation to just because a person seems like a cool older friend or whatever. Your safety comes first. End of story.

This sounds random to most of you I’m sure, but in a previous fandom I was a part of there’s some really horrific allegations going around about something that happened between a grown adult person and a child on the site. I want nothing more than for my followers and friends to be safe, so i wanted to make this post to assure you all that 1) I will never be angry if my age makes you uncomfortable and you want to not talk or have me not follow you and 2) that i will always do what I can to help you younger kiddos on this site stay safe.

Please be safe my friends. I love you all.

it actually bums me out that somewhere in the slew of SH adaptations we got in the last decade (adaptations which thankfully postdated my ravenous interest in the original literature as a kid) not ONCE did we get an adaptation that wasn’t about holmes as a character having to go through a character arc where watson like, shows him how to be a human being. it’s like writers these days have no idea that you can locate pathos in that character without making him an asshole genius with a heart of gold. and I would say this was all those adaptations being derivative of each other but even all the cultural knockoffs that are loosely based in the holmes canon follow that formula. do you know how much time in the original stories is devoted to watson spoonfeeding holmes the broad strokes of like, human empathy? the answer is “basically none, and also holmes solves quite a few mysteries by being well-versed in the complexities of desire and the chaos of emotion” 

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You know how fanfics where they have no wives are popular with writers, cos it's hard to integrate them into all the gay shenanigans you actually wana write about? Rhett and Link thought the same thing, apparently, when they wrote their fanfic.

NONNY. This is a spectacular observation, and I am going to settle into it and take a good long nap in its warmth because I love it that much.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the Mythical Wives. Probably too much. But I also just really love the idea of RandL following fic-writing principles in the writing of Buddy System. It’s so meta and so rhinky.